Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I've Been Converted!

I normally have no interest in televised sporting events, but Ron loves American football, and last Sunday was the big game for his team, the Minnesota Vikings. I was busy elsewhere - baking, reading blogs, answering emails, and photographing my culinary efforts for an upcoming blog post. Eventually I wandered down to the family room and joined Ron for a while to keep him company, although I have to admit I was there in body only, and was entertaining myself with Sudoku. I was only half listening to an interview with the quarterback, Brett Favre.

(Why do they all mispronounce his name? I'm as passionate about correct pronunciation as I am about good grammar. Everyone says "Farve" instead of "Fahvrrrre". Or if you're like me and can't roll your Rs, it's perfectly acceptable to drop the R and simply say "Fahve".
But I digress.)

The interview suddenly became very interesting when the Fox network's Pam Oliver asked Brett why he smacked butts so often. Then there was a quick succession of clips, with Brett's hand on a butt in each one. His response was that if someone is feeling down, that's his remedy. Favre shared the secret to his technique, explaining that "you don't want to cup it. You want to smack it."

Ron and I exchanged knowing grins, and after the interview was over he said, "He's a butt-whacker too, so I guess you'll be cheering for the Vikings."

Go, Buttwhackers! Er, I mean Vikings!

Here's the pertinent part of the interview.

From Hermione's Heart


Ann said...

Ron is a fellow Vikings fan? Yay! Glad to hear there are at least two of us in Canada!

Anonymous said...

Butt smacking has always occurred in sports. Doesn't do anything for me, but then I'm not a football fan.

However, I hope Ron and you enjoyed the game for whatever reason.

Who won anyway?

Cowgirl said...

haha, We were at Chase's friends house for the game... when Brett said that, I had to hold my tongue b/c we were in vanilla company. That was awesome. I think Favre is a spanko! Oh and I totally agree with you on the pronunciation of his last name.

Mick... the Saints won.

redxxx said...

Fun interview to post. Great timing on your part to arrive just in time for the interview. Surprising that Brett, being a gentleman, didn't offer to show Pam his technique.I am a fan of many NFL teams, and Minnesota has always been one of them! (I didn't always live in Florida)

ronnie said...

I don't know anything about American football Hermione but I think this Brett Favre sounds like he could be a spanko :)


Anonymous said...

And didn't Pam Oliver seem Awfully flustered after Bret made those comments?

I wonder what's on the cutting room floor?

Hermione said...

Ann - Three now, counting me, but I'm sure there are more.

Mick - I prefer watching English footballers do it. Those tiny shorts don't give much protection.

Cowgirl - I wonder how many other spankos held their breath at that moment?

Redxxx - Yes, my spanko senses must have tipped me off.

Ronnie - I don't know anything either, and have learned not to ask questions during a game.

Anonymous - I didn't notice, but perhaps some interesting things were cut, like redxxx's suggested demonstration.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less about football, but I certainly agree with you about the frustrating pronunciation of Favre's name. What's up with that, anyway? And while we're not that, why is Ralph Fiennes' name pronounced "Rafe"?

Anonymous said...

Oooops... forgot to sign the above. :-) -- Erica

Florida Dom said...

I think every spanko in the country smiled when Favre made those comments. And he pronounces it the way they pronounce it on TV. By the way, his wife is a celebrity and cancer survivor in her own right. She got him off booze when she threatened to leave him if he didn't so I doubt she's a spanko. LOL.

Hermione said...

Erica - Rafe is the Welsh pronunciation of Ralph, so that's okay. (Ralph Vaughn Williams is also a "Rafe".) "Farve" is simply sloppiness or lack of knowledge of basic phonetics.

FD - I didn't know about his wife. And as for pronouncing his own name that way, all I can say is, it's obvious he's not from Louisiana.


Anonymous said...

....but they all get to wear lots of padding; not really sporting?


Hermione said...

Recidavist - I'm sure they hardly feel a thing, and it hurts the swatter's hand more.

Florida Dom said...

Brett's from a small town called Kiln, Miss. He still lives there.


Hermione said...

FD - That explains it. If he was from LA, he would be familiar with French names.


Dave said...

You don't want to cup it ? you wan't to smack it? Lol...that is classic... :_))

Though I must say I hate watching football. Can't wait for baseball to begin. Soon.......

Keep up the awesome blogging,

Hermione said...

Dave - That's such a great line. He's gotta be a spanko.

Thank you for the kind words.