Wednesday, July 13, 2011


An article in the paper about the loudness of the noises some tennis players make began this way:

The pop of a ball hitting a raquet punctuated by a loud 'gnnuh!' has become a familiar sound at professional tennis matches.

What if that sentence were altered to read:

The pop of a paddle hitting a bottom punctuated by a loud 'gnnuh!' has become a familiar sound at professional spanking matches.

Sigh. If only...  but I digress. the article goes on to say:

Female tennis players are spoiling the game with their loud grunts.

Would the writer say that about female spankees? I think not. Vocalization is merely a way we show our appreciation for a bottom-warming.

Some statistics on the cries of various female tennis players:
Victoria Azarenka - 95 decibels
Monica Seles - 93.2
Maria Sharapova - 105

For the sake of comparison, a lion's roar is 110 decibels.

When you find yourself OTK, how does your volume compare to the ones above? Louder, softer, or about the same?

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I saw one of the Williams sisters at the US Open. I could hear her from the upper deck; but she could hit that ball hard. I am not loud and try to use words not grunts. Also, I do not comment after every swat. What would be really scary would be a Top who grunts after each swat like one of those Williams sisters hitting a tennis ball. LOL.

sixofthebest said...

I would love to spank the William sisters on their voluptous bare bottoms. Plus that rare beauty Sharapova. Yes, Bottoms Up, and Knicker's down for a 'spanking good time. And I am sure the painfull "Ouchs,", coming from their lips, will be sweet music to my ears.

Anonymous said...

I usually whimper unless it's particularly ouchy then I will actually start crying...the crying is rare for me.


P.S. Daddy spanked me last night with his bare hand...that's my favorite kind:)!

Red said...

Hermione: I love your change to the pop of the paddle... And a verbally responsive spankee adds to the enjoyment of the spanker, in my humble opinion.
Happy spankings

Erica said...

Hmmmm... at home, my volume is low due to necessity. I will often clamp my hands over my mouth or bury my face in a pillow.

But if I'm where making noise is OK, I can leave ears ringing. :-)

Loved your copy editing!

Meow said...

Lately, I've been pretty quiet, relishing the moment. Then the tears come and I get a lot louder!


It depends on the venue but from my point of view, the louder I can be made to go ARRG! the better.


Daisychain said...

I tend to complain more, on the lighter they get harder, I tend to go quieter...perhaps because I am concentrating on getting through the pain barrier rather than the sound barrier!!!!
Loved your comparison, Hermione! xxxxxx
(And, yes, I find the noisy tennis players very distracting to the enjoyment of a game.)

kiwigirliegirl said...

ohhh good question, it depends on the implement, and whether we are alone, and where he spanks me. HE can use the strap on my back and that makes me cry straight away - it feels like pure punishment being strapped on the back. Back of the thighs can yeild a loud ow from me too. If privacy is an issue then i bury my face i a pillow or bite down on the blanket and try to stifle my cries. I usually dont say anything straight away - or if he is using the cane i tend to suck in my breath with a bit of a hiss at the start and then it gets more and more painful I moan and whimper until im sobbing and trying to run away from it. If we are alone then i can get a bit loud and if i start to cry and we are alone i can sob quite loud too. It helps.
But as its been a while - a week since my last one and that wasnt intense - just play - who knows. My behind is now back to normal and will be quite sensative again. Ouch - oh and he never starts of lightly either - always straight to business :( owwwwwwwww

Lea said...

I doubt I ever compare to a lion's roar. I think I'm a bit more vocal with a playful spanking as far as the owws and ouches. With a more serious spanking, I'm fairly quiet. Been told I can be hard to read.

Anonymous said...

I think the noise they make is very bad sportspersonship (yuk). Sharapova in particular definitely upsets her opponents. The solution is clear, but I hate queues :P

Hermione said...

Joey - A top who grunts - eek! That would be scary.

Six - I'm sure both you and they would enjoy the experience.

Kitty - Ooh! Lucky you! Hands hurt so good.

Red - I agree, spankers like to know they are appreciated.

Erica - I'm low too, if the windows are open.

I'm glad you liked my changes. For impact, you see.

Meow - "relishing the moment" - I like that.

Prefectdt - I'd guess that would be about Bengal tiger volume.

Daisy - I think I react the same way. Lighter ones make me more vocal too.

Kiwi - On the back - OUCH!

We never start off lightly either - double OUCH.

Lea - Is there writing on your bottom? A label, perhaps?

Wordsmith - The noise is obviously a ploy, but unpleasant for everyone, not just the opponent.