Monday, June 11, 2012

From the Top Shelf - Men in Love

Nancy Friday enjoyed resounding success with My Secret Garden and Forbidden Flowers but she didn't forget than men have a fantasy life too. In 1980 her third book, Men in Love, was published. This extract isn't exactly a fantasy, but it describes the early adolescent stirrings and urges of a man named Chip.

My fantasies stem from the first significant sexual events in my life which occurred when I first entered puberty. My sexual apparatus had begun to mature and I was very proud of my sprouting pubic hair. I was also having a terrible time with unexpected and unbidden erections and was starting to look at girls in a new way.

Up the street a few houses from us lived a pretty girl named Jill who was about a year younger than I. Jill was petite with milk white skin, china blue eyes and dark brown hair that fell to her shoulders in fluffy curls. She was a nice friendly girl with a pleasant disposition but had started to make a pest of herself by wanting to follow me everywhere I went.

One day I discovered that Jill had followed me to a place about a mile from our neighbourhood that we called 'The Jungle'. This was a large wooded area with a lot of scrub growth and a rarely used freight track along one side of it. This was where we played all our childhood games, Cowboys and Indians, War etc. They all seemed to consist of imaginarily killing each other or taking prisoners.

I tried to scare Jill by telling her I would take her prisoner and spank her if she didn't go home. She just stuck out her tongue and dared me to, so I took some cord from my bike kit, tied her wrists behind her and marched her to the bunkhouse. Instead of being frightened, Jill seemed to relish the adventure, even when I told her I was going to spank her bare bottom. I had to go through with the dare then so I removed her halter top, shorts and little white panties. She was such a lovely sight with nothing on but her leather sandals that I could hardly control my excitement. I sat on a chair and put her in front of me, telling her that part of the punishment was to have to stand naked while I inspected her.

After enjoying the view, I put her over my lap face down and let my hand roam over her smooth back, her sassy round butt and smooth thighs and I didn't care if she could feel my hard on through my shorts. I ran my hand down the little crack between her thighs and she giggled and squirmed against it.

Then I began the spanking, gently at first and then harder until her ass was bucking and jerking. Every so often I would stop and put my hand down her crack. Jill told me to keep doing that: spank her some more and then put my hand there. Jill and I had discovered sexual spanking and, though neither of us then knew the word, I gave her several orgasms.

Jill and I continued that way with our own summer Olympics until her cousin Liz came to visit and soon I had two prisoners to play with. After a couple of years of this we moved house and Jill and I lost contact, but the pattern of my sex life and fantasies had been set.

From Hermione's Heart


Fondlers Anonymous said...

OH my... that WAS lovely to read...

Michael M said...

Great story for a wet Monday. brought back a discovery memory or two but not with spanking. That came later.

Emen said...

Great memories of this. Thanks.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

That was no fantasy. Her name was changed, but it happened in the woods near our homes. I think I blogged about it a few year ago.

Dragon's Rose said...

cute story. I have to admit that I loved playing cowboys and Indians with the boys. I always wanted to be the Indian so I could get tied up.

ronnie said...

Lovely little extract Hermione. Thanks for sharing.


Hermione said...

FA - Welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Michael - How nice to trigger good memories.

Emen - Me too.

OBB - I indicated at the top that it wasn't a fantasy. So you're "Chip"?

DR - I liked that game too, but I was always a cowboy.

Ronnie - It's fun to have insight into the adolescent male mind.


OldFashionedGirl said...

I loved those Nancy Friday books when I first discovered them. In the pre-internet days having a 'kink' was a bit of a lonely place to be - then I read 'Secret Garden' and realised what variety there was to people's sexuality. Great read, thanks for sharing.

Hermione said...

OFG - That's exactly how I felt when I first discovered the books.


Nick said...

Thanks Hermione. I liked reading the Nancy Friday books too. My Secret Garden has some good spanking fantasies.