Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday FAIL

Some spelling FAILs in places you wouldn't expect them to be.

In the local discount store, where the "a"s are all sold out.

The McSpellchecker must be down again.

How to write a CV that will help you get the job.

Attention-getting! This one's probably tongue in cheek.

This one's for real. Argh!

Only in...wherever. I can't make out the state on the licence plate. Can you?

From Hermione's Heart


Stormy said...

Love the last one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hermione.

ronnie said...

Last one my favourite. Thanks Hermione.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Something wrong with being mery???

An east coast plate maybe.

Anonymous said...

Funny! I love stuff like this. :)

Roz said...

LoL Hermione, thanks for sharing, these are so funny.
Love the McDonald's one and the last one.


sunnygirl said...

The last one is very scary. I feel it's only going to get worse with the "texting" generation.

Terpsichore said...

Thanks for sharing... :-)

Cat said...

LOL Hermione...I agree with Sunny...seems even simple spelling is getting worse.

BTW...that license plate is Missouri. ;) Have a great weekend.


Clint said...

Always enjoy your Friday Fail posts, Hermione. I have to admit the "grammer" one has got me before. I always seem to add an "e" in the word "judgment", too. (i.e. judgEment)

Oh English..such a tricky language you are. Thanks for the chuckles. :)

-- Clint

Sir Wendel Jones said...

I blame the last one on Mississippi because that’s just how the cousins do things down there.

Sarah said...

These are priceless! I agree with Sunny.
Thanks for sharing.

George K said...

Thanks Hermione, my favorite is the McDonalds one!

Kenzie said...

Oh wow, those are great! Thanks for sharing.

Erica said...

My kind of post!

Earlier this week, someone ranted on FetLife about how women don't respond to him. His post was riddled with expletives and very badly written, including this gem: "I am a gentileman."

I wrote: "Perhaps they prefer Jewish men."

ricky said...

Oh, come on, now!
What's a little miss pelling,
from time to time,
eh, watt?
Oh, excuse me,
I think I broke a fuse.

Hermione said...

Stormy - Not a good way to start a marriage.

Joey - My pleasure.

Ronnie - Hope your weekend goes well too.

Bogey - East coast? A good guess.

Sara - So do I.

Roz - The McDonalds one took me a while to figure out.

Sunny - I think you're right about getting worse.

Terps - You're welcome.

Cat - Thanks for the plate ID.

Clint - Both spellings are correct.

Wendel - That would be my guess!

Sarah - Glad you liked them.

George - It was very clever.

Kenzie - You're most welcome.

Erica - Brilliant comeback!

Ricky - Time to switch off!