Saturday, March 7, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Your captions were oh so suitable for the occasion.

Sir Wendel: I must look my best. Prince Charming will be spanking me at midnight.

DtBHC: Sir reminded me this morning that it was time for a maintenance spanking, do you think I have enough petticoats to protect my behind?

Leigh: Probably giving her pointers on how to get around all those clothes.

Katie: Sheesh! Back in the day, when fully clothed, there was probably no such thing as an immediate spanking. the spanker had to go in search of the bottom, I am guessing. Although I can imagine that for some spankers there was probably the satisfaction of "unwrapping" the gift!

Ami: But then, they didn't wear knickers in those days did they. I think the maid is saying that the pink dress will match her spanked bottom!

Blondie: This dress should hopefully cover your bottom if you end up getting spanked tonight

Young lady: Oh, my man is going to spank me tonight and I have a headache I shan't enjoy it.
Maid: Would you rather that I get the spanking tonight? You can watch and help spank me?
Young lady: What a wonderful idea. Yes, that is what we shall do. He and I will spank you and maybe my headache will go away and then he and I can, well you know, while you stand in the corner with your red bottom.
Maid: I will be happy to oblige.

Nina: Do you want to put on the dress before or after your spanking, Mylady?

Ronnie: So tell me again Aggie, will I have to take down my bloomers before my spanking or will he?

The maid to herself: (If she gets half the birching the Lord gave me last month for spilling the soup tureen, she won't be sitting like that for quite some time.)
What inquiring readers want to know is what the maid thought next: Was it:
a. the brute
b. lucky lady
c. but wasn't he fun afterwards
d. I wish it was me again
e. where did the chambermaid put the cold cream
f. now I know why the Butler brought the Lord fresh ginger - won't she be surprised

ricky: BEFORE
Should I go?
Go ahead!
How was it?
Don't ask!

Hermione: Yes, Milady, everything is in readiness. I have laid out the hairbrushes, placed the spanking bench beside the window, and prepared the soothing unguents. His Lordship will be pleased with the birthday celebration.

You are all cordially invited to stay for afternoon tea (formerly known as brunch), where finger sandwiches, teacakes and the best Assam will be served.
From Hermione's Heart


Minelle Labraun said...

All of these are great. Now I have a story in my head and a picture to go along!

Baxter said...

I love the creativity of us spankos. As Minelle says, there are stories here waiting to be written.


ricky said...

Never heard of it.
What is it, some kind of ham?

Hermione said...

Assam is black tea from the Assam region in India. I thought that because of the name, it would be more appropriate than Earl Grey.


ricky said...