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From the Top Shelf - A Master of Discipline, part 11

It's time once again for another exciting chapter from Zoe Templeton's A Master of Discipline. It is now Ruth's turn to be the subject of a demonstration. Notice how the Reverend Mould plays with the reader as well as with his pupils.

The Reverend Mould began the second session of the afternoon in a quite informal, almost conversational, mode. "I think I am going to re-plan my lecture for the rest of the afternoon." He looked at Ruth intently. She sensed that she was being measured up for some role, as yet unrevealed, and shivered. What was this weird man dreaming up for her now?

She had watched Stephen's caning with growing anticipation, not to say trepidation. As soon as the afternoon session had got underway she had known that either she or Stephen would be caned. It was the logical progression, the obvious next step after hearing the crack of the tawse tenderising Amanda's exposed bottom. Once it became clear that the next victim was to be Stephen, she tried to guess what other, worse, punishment could be meted out when it came to her turn. She could only imagine that the Reverend intended to use a riding crop on her, and the anticipation of that only served to heighten her senses as Stephen was made to bend over the chair.

"I had intended that we should continue the theme begun with Mr. Langton's caning by demonstrating the power of a light riding crop."

Ruth felt her stomach tighten. Her guess had been spot on!

"Indeed, I have just the thing here."

The Reverend reached back and opened a drawer in his table. He produced a leather-braided riding crop with a flourish, as if he were a magician producing a rabbit.

"As you see, the general construction gives this implement qualities which are not unlike a cane. It is very supple, and the abrasive effects of the knots in the cane are more than made up for by the texture of the braiding which surrounds the core of the crop. Also the leather flap or 'popper' at the end makes a most delightful sound when it strikes a well-presented bottom."

Ruth experienced an electric sensation flicker through her body, radiating out from her loins. This was not just any 'bottom' they were talking about, it was her bottom, and it seemed that her intimate lower regions were becoming more hypersensitive by the second.

"However," continued the Reverend, staring at Ruth, "I think that we will keep the crop for, perhaps, another day. I have been thinking about running an advanced course for some time. Perhaps you ladies might like to attend?"

Despite their glee at Ruth's public humiliation, neither Amanda nor Vicky seemed in any hurry to take up that particular offer.

"No? Oh well, even if you currently lack the enthusiasm, I'm sure I can persuade your employers to change your minds later."
Drat! I was so hoping to see that lovely riding crop in use. Oh well, on with the story.
He smiled that cold, fish-eyed smile which made Ruth cringe every time she saw it.

"Very well, perhaps we should digress for a few moments on this matter of presentation. We have already discussed in some detail the importance of position with regard to ensuring that a punishment can be inflicted efficiently. We should also consider the psychological effects which we mentioned last night. The way in which the receiver of the chastisement is positioned also has a considerable bearing on this aspect."

He looked around to ensure that he held his audience's full attention. He certainly had Ruth's full attention. Nervously trembling, she was wondering just where this monologue was leading.

"As an example of what I mean, just look at this piece of apparatus."

The Reverend stepped from behind his table and gestured for the little group to join him. He was looking at the elaborate bench that they had all noticed previously, which stood at the back of the macabre displays which occupied the bulk of the hall.

"Does anyone know what it is?"

Ruth considered the apparatus carefully. Made of heavy wooden beams, it consisted of two long benches, their tops slightly below knee height and about five feet long. The benches were set parallel to one another and about two feet apart. From the inner edge of each bench, an A-shaped timber frame rose about eighteen inches above the bench top. A single cross beam, heavily padded, linked the apexes of the two A-frames. Further cross-members at floor level joined the benches at each end.

Given the setting in which they found themselves, it was fairly obvious how this was designed to work. The victim would kneel on the twin bench-tops and bend over the central padded cross-piece. In such a position, the buttocks and the backs of the victim's thighs would be presented in a very vulnerable position. However the apparatus was obviously quite old; the wood had a sort of antique patina which Ruth associated with junk shops. The Reverend was clearly looking for something more than just an assessment of the intended use of the object. None of the students had the confidence to break the silence.

"No one cares to hazard a guess? I am disappointed, but I suppose I had better enlighten you. It is a birching bench, as used in all the finest English Public Schools of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. I do not know for certain, but we might even suppose that this very bench was used at Eton, our premier establishment. It is certainly old enough, a genuine antique. Try to imagine the feelings of a young miscreant, hauled up before all his peers, and mounted on a piece of apparatus such as this. He would know, of course, that he was to receive a most savage punishment, far worse than we would ever contemplate today. He would be secured; both ankles and wrists would have to be strapped to the bench and it is possible that additional restraint would be required over the victim's waist, for a birching takes a much longer time to administer than most other forms of corporal punishment. You could not expect even the most hardened young villain to remain in place without restraint. But do you see my point? Not only is the punishment physically severe, but the manner of its giving, the ritual and the presentation, the humiliation of being restrained in such a submissive position, all contribute to the effectiveness of the deterrent."

Ruth put up her hand.

"Yes, Miss Jamieson?"

"You called it a birching bench, but could it - I mean, was it - used for other forms of punishment as well?"

"Why, certainly. I think you can see that it would hold the victim in a suitable position for the chastisement of the nether regions with just about any punishment implement," - Ruth's stomach muscles tightened suddenly - " however, it is not really practical to use such elaborate apparatus in these enlightened modern times, although it is perfectly possible to improvise."

He paused and stared hard at Ruth who began to redden visibly.

"And Miss Jamieson will now volunteer to assist me in a little demonstration. Shall we return to the classroom area?"

Ruth felt her legs turn to jelly. As if by pre-arranged signal, Amanda and Vicky fell into place, one on each side of her, and gently guided her back to the open area at the end of the hall.

"Not thinking of going anywhere, were you?" Amanda whispered gleefully in her ear. "Think of it as good experience. Just imagine what an essay you'll be able to write afterwards."

"Mr. Langton, would you be good enough to take two chairs and place them back to back, in front of my table? Thank you."

As ever, Reverend Mould spoke in cool, measured tones, the very absence of passion making Ruth feel all the more threatened. As Stephen did as he was asked, the steward, Kim, appeared, apparently unbidden, carrying a large pillow which he carefully placed across the backs of the two chairs, where the backs touched. It was clearly something he had done before and, as he stood back, he looked at Ruth. She was certain she detected a look of excitement in his eyes.

"Kneel on the chair, Miss Jamieson."

The Reverend pointed to the nearest seat and Ruth felt herself being propelled forward by her two escorts.

"Now if you two ladies would take your seats, I will ask Mr. Langton to complete our preparations. Take Miss Jamieson' s hands, if you will, Mr. Langton."

Ruth found herself looking into Stephen's eyes as he followed the Reverend's instructions. She hoped she would find some sympathy in them, but knew inwardly that all she would find was eager anticipation. Resignedly, she allowed herself to be drawn forward, right over the chairs until her hips were fully supported by the pillow. Raising her head sufficiently to look at Stephen became too uncomfortable, so she allowed herself to slump into a slightly less uncomfortable position as Stephen, following instructions, picked up a soft silken cord from the table and bound her wrists, one to each arm of the chair.

"Very good. Now take your seat with the rest of the class if you please, Mr. Langton." The Reverend was directly behind Ruth and out of her line of vision. She twisted her head to look at the rest of the class. Amanda and Vicky leered back at her, both relishing her plight. She felt the beginnings of tears pricking her eyes and prayed that she would be strong enough to withstand what was coming next, without making a complete fool of herself.

The Reverend cleared his throat, then began to speak.

"The common birch tree, Betula pubescens, to give it its correct botanical name, is of course native to this country, although a lot less common now than it once was . For this reason, it was the traditional instrument of punishment long before the cane came into common use, the rattan cane being, of course, an import. Although, as we shall shortly see, the birch is a very effective instrument indeed."

Ruth began to shiver at the implication of his statement.

"It's disadvantage, in situations where modesty is an issue, is it's lack of weight. Which means that it is essential to use it only on the bare flesh."

As he spoke, Ruth felt his hands at her waist. A small sound of protest, a half- formed word that came out as a strangled squeak, came to her lips, but she knew that resistance was hopeless.

"You said something, Miss Jamieson?" the Reverend enquired solicitously as Ruth's shorts slid down her legs. Her face felt boiling hot and she knew that it must be the same colour as the tiny triangle of silk which was all that stood between her and total nakedness from the waist down.

"N-No Sir." She surprised herself. It was the first time she had called him 'Sir' but it seemed so appropriate given the position she was in. Suddenly she stiffened as his hand returned to her waist. Oh dear God...No!! She half turned and managed a strangled 'nnnnggggg' as the Reverend cruelly paused in his dragging down of her tiny G-string.

"Ah, you are reacting, understandably, to the total loss of your modesty, Miss Jamieson. Well I'm afraid this demonstration requires the whole area of your bottom to be completely bare. Now just lift your legs, one at a time, please. I want to remove your clothing entirely."

Ruth felt her G-String rolled right down and reluctantly co-operated as both garments were pulled right off her outstretched legs. Her humiliation was complete as the Reverend bound her ankles and knees to the arms of the second chair, parting her legs so that she exposed her most private parts. Oh God, why doesn't he just get it over with? She wanted to scream. She wanted to run from this room and hide and never see these awful people again. She wanted to feel the lash across her bare buttocks. She wanted - Oh God, what was happening to her mind, what was she thinking?

"The Victorians, with their hypocritical prudery and a command of world trade which made it easy to import such things, introduced the cane as an implement of punishment which did not require the removal of clothing."

The Reverend's voice was still behind her but sounded as if he was a few paces further away from her. Ruth had actually listened to the technical details of the Reverend's previous lecture with some interest, relating, as it did, to her own experiences in caning Nicky Shaw. Now that the subject under discussion was herself, she could not break herself of the habit, nor quite make the mental connection that when the Reverend referred to the 'miscreant' or 'culprit' or any of the other euphemisms for 'victim', he meant her.

"It is a little ironic, therefore, that many Victorians continued to apply the cane to bare flesh, thereby causing greater suffering than if they had continued to use the birch, an implement we have since come to hold in some awe."

Ruth was taken completely by surprise as a hundred individual bee-stings lanced into her bottom. So softly had the Reverend approached behind her, she had no idea he was so close. The soft swish of the birch as it descended was quite unlike the harsh, even awe-inspiring, woosh of the cane, and there was no corresponding crack of wood on taut flesh - only this feeling that she had sat on a bed of nettles. The chairs creaked on the polished floor as she jerked her head upward and squealed, more in shock than pain.

"Come, come, Miss Jamieson, we have hardly started yet, it's far too early for you to be squealing already."

The sarcasm in his voice made Ruth feel even more humiliated. True enough, the blow had not hurt her that much, she realised it was more shock as she gathered her wits about her. There seemed to have been very little force applied and there was no great shock of impact as she had felt when Tony's heavy hand had pounded her bottom a week or two earlier. The sensation she now felt was quite different, confined to the surface of her skin rather than deeply penetrating, and a much sharper sting.

The Reverend Mould stepped into her view. He was holding a bunch of birch twigs similar to that which she had seen in the display cabinet, tightly bound at one end and splayed out into a fan of about three inches across at the other end. The difference between this bundle, no more than eighteen inches long, and the bundle on display, was that this one was still green and had been kept in water. The Reverend shook it in front of her as she watched, and a fine spray of water fell to the floor. Ruth could also feel a dampness on her bottom, increasing her discomfort. The initial sting seemed to be subsiding a little and she could now isolate and analyse the damage. The ends of the birch must have made contact with the centre of her right cheek, which was where most of the sting was centred; her left buttock was barely touched at all.

"How do you feel, Miss Jamieson? That wasn't so bad, now was it?" She knew that he was taunting her, that much worse was to come, but he seemed to be expecting some sort of an answer.

"You took me by surprise, that's all. It stings a bit, but it's not the way I expected."

"I am glad to hear it, this exactly confirms my point."

He continued to walk round her. Although she was more prepared, the second stroke, arriving as silently as the first, still took her by surprise. Again the chairs creaked as she jerked slightly, although she contained her reaction as much as she could and just drew her breath in sharply.

"It is not necessary to use great physical force when administering corporal punishment," the Reverend continued as if what was happening here was an everyday occurrence, "and though it may be difficult for you to appreciate this in your current position, Miss Jamieson, your friends will be able to confirm to you that I am using no great effort in applying the birch to your posterior."

The second stroke had hit her left cheek and balanced the effect of the first. Ruth's bottom was just beginning to relax when the Reverend punctuated his sentence with stroke three, lower and more central. She began to realise that lack of force did not equate to lack of effect. His mention of her 'friends' naturally made Ruth twist round towards the small audience.

All three of them seemed to be studying her with absolute concentration and she could guess all to clearly what must be going through their minds. She recalled only too well her own excitement as she had watched each in turn humiliated, taunted and tormented earlier that day. Vicky's eyes flickered a fraction before the next stroke caressed Ruth's lower bottom, partially overlapping a previous one. Ruth could not hold back a yelp this time as the sharp ends of the birch found their way deep into the cleavage of her buttocks, exploring places that she would much rather were left untouched. For the first time she appreciated the significance of 'completely bare'.

"You see, the great advantage of using such a lightweight implement as this," the Reverend's voice continued, apparently undisturbed by Ruth's audible reaction. "is that one can extend the punishment over a much longer period of time. When using a cane, one is constrained to about a dozen strokes, maximum."

Ruth yelped again as the twigs found a fresh mark.

"After that, the buttocks are usually so bruised as to be numbed, and further punishment becomes mere brutality. With the birch one can draw blood. But worry not, Miss Jamieson, that is not our objective - not today. One can safely apply the birch more frequently and over a much wider area. Miss Jamieson has now received six strokes."

Ruth's cry was more urgent now, blotting out the sound of 'six' as that stroke arrived.

"But as you can see, she is barely even distressed."

As the Reverend paused, Ruth hung her head, willing herself to relax. Barely distressed? She was very humiliatingly bare but if he didn't think she was at all distressed, then what torments would she have to endure to satisfy him? She could feel that he had now covered her whole bottom from the mid-portion of her cheeks down to the top of her thighs. Each blow had given her a sensation like myriad pinpricks all applied at once, and now the entire area had ceased to distinguish individual pain spots; it was just an area of acute sensitivity.

"As I said, with a cane it is traditional to measure punishments in groups of six, stopping at twelve," Reverend Mould blandly continued. "In the case of a good birching, the unit of measure is the dozen, with two dozen strokes being commonplace and three dozen by no means unheard of. For the sake of hygiene, however, one should change the implement fairly frequently, say after every six strokes. I thought I would let Miss Jamieson off lightly today, simply to make my point, and let her off with two dozen so I got Kim and Luc to make me up five switches, just in case one broke early. I think that's fair, don't you, Miss Jamieson?"

Ruth gritted her teeth. Two dozen? She would not beg. The worst was already over, she told herself. After all she had been stripped bare, her legs spread open and she had been tied down in the most undignified manner imaginable. There was nothing more he could do to shame her or make life worse.

She was wrong! She knew it as soon as the Reverend took a new switch and began to work on her thighs. He seemed, for once, to have run out of speeches but his strength and aim were unimpaired. Applying one stroke every fifteen to twenty seconds, he began striking just where he had left off, at the top of her thighs, and worked methodically down, covering the backs and inner surfaces of both legs with a series of silent, but devastatingly effective, cuts. Ruth began to wriggle violently and to cry out after every stroke. Not only was the flesh of her inner thighs much softer and less well protected than her bottom, but the birch twigs penetrated deeply between her legs, causing agonising darts of pain as the very tips of the buds flicked her labia.

Six strokes, carefully placed so that the affected zone just overlapped its predecessor, three to each leg, were just enough to take the pain to midway between Ruth's knees and her bottom.

It was also enough to break her resolve. She could not keep silent, she could not keep still, and she could not resist the messages her body sent to her. There was no doubt that each brush from those sharp twigs hurt, but the sensation was not a constant one, nor did it build to a peak in the way that every extra slap of Tony's spanking had added to the one that went before. This was a series of peaks and troughs and, if each peak was enough to make her squeal then so, equally, did each trough give her time to reflect.

Time for her mind to fully absorb what was being done to her; time to realise that she could hardly be more exposed. Her legs were spread wide so that anyone standing behind could see her anus, and the dark hair between her legs at the entrance to her pussy. Any observer must also have watched every twitch and jerk, seen her bottom squirming, her pussy lips moistening. The thought of what she must look like both shamed and excited her; pain and pleasure mingling until they were indistinguishable. Then the beating stopped. All that was left was the warmth spreading through her bottom and lower belly as she ground herself deeper into the supporting pillow.

"Mr. Langton, your turn to show us what you have learned, I believe." Ruth barely heard the words, but the noise of Stephen's chair scraping back and the movement as he stood up caught her attention.

"NO!" She struggled in her bonds as the protest was indignant, almost tearful. "No please, no more, not from him!" Her struggles were useless; both her arms and legs were far too tightly secured and her reaction simply made it appear that she had lost her courage, that she could not accept with good grace that which she had dished out happily, not so long before.

The reality was that she was frightened of the signals her body was sending out. She could not be sure she would not shame and debase herself completely. She knew she was already wet, and she continued to lubricate, her clitoris hardening against the pillow. The shame of Stephen discovering that was more than she could bear. She was desperate to avoid him knowing that she was approaching a sexual climax, desperate to prevent him realising how much she wanted that big cock, so clearly in evidence an hour ago, to plunge into the very depths of her, right here and now. The two conflicting emotions, desire and shame, were tearing her apart as Stephen took a fresh bunch of birch twigs from the bucket behind the big table.
Will Stephen be gentle? Will he be aroused? Will he visit Ruth in her room later? Will they both get their essays done in time? Find the answers to these and other questions next week.

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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 19

There must be a better, inlusinve term for "good girl" or "good boy" spankings. "Good person" just doesn't sound right. How about "good one"?

kdpierre: Yes we do. I think spanking is a multi-faceted activity (like most things) that can be done different ways for different reasons, and with different outcomes.

Downunder Don: All our spanks are good girl spanks; we do not do maintenance or punishments. Our main punishment has always been "If you keep doing that, then no spanks"; quite effective!

abby: Oh yes...I get spanked for a variety of reasons...and sometimes for no reason but he wants to...any excuse is a good excuse.

Roz: Spankings here were for a variety of reasons too, discipline and maintenence and, although we never thought of them as good girl spankings, there were plenty for fun or just because.

Ronnie: Yes, I get spanked for a variety of reasons too and P spanks for no reason at all just because he can.

Bogey: What Downunder Don said.

Leigh: When we indulged, they were all good girl or just because - no punishment or discipline.

Yorkie: All my spankings are "good boy" spankings as we don't do punishments or any type of role play. She spanks me because I ask her to because thwy feel so damn good.
Just like the one I got last night. Yum, yum.

Hermione: All of ours are good girl spankings, 'cause I am always very, very good!
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Spanko Brunch 2.0 #168

Welcome, dear friends, to our regular spanko brunch. Spring is just around the corner and that makes me feel good! And speaking of feeling good, that reminds me of the time when good girl spankings were often mentioned on other blogs. (Of course they could just as easily be called 'good boy spankings'.) I haven't heard about them recently.  They are spankings that are given out of love for the sheer joy of giving or receiving that very special kind of attention, or as a reward for good behaviour.

Do you and your partner ever engage in good girl (or good boy) spankings?  

Leave your reply as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
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You Completed the Caption

Yorkie: So, how long have you had this "Spankophilia"?

Simon: A predictive text nightmare, Sally had actually asked her builder to message her when the job was complete.

kdpierre: Already late for work, Derek looked EVERYWHERE for his missing car keys.

Leigh: Looking to see if he left any bruises from that last spanking.

Hands63: The rump rear looks good today, I'll take 3 pounds.

Baxter: Sally, having read the advertisement, when to the massage parlor to have her butt muscles poked and prodded to get ready for the spanking she knew her husband was going to give her for repeatedly getting speeding tickets with his Ferrari.

Anon: Man: So, after careful examination, I've come to the conclusion that it's going to take four to five spankings a day for the next two months to tone up your bottom and get it ready for bikini season.

Man: Are you sure you got this bruise from slipping on the ice and landing on your butt? This sure likes like the kind of bruise my wife gets when I spank her with a hairbrush.

Man, speaking to husband, who is standing behind the examine table: Okay, sir, I think I know why your wife keeps misbehaving despite all the spankings you've given her ... you're not using the right implements. As an experienced implement guru, I'd say, at the very least, you're going to need a sturdy bath brush or a thick paddle to make an impression on your wife's ample bottom. Anything less just doesn't have the heft to deliver the impact necessary to convey your message. If you'd like, I've got some samples you can try out right now to see which ones work the best.
Husband: Great!
Wife: Oh, noooooooooo!

Woman: Are you sure this is how a deep-tissue butt massage is supposed to be done? The last three massagers always put me across their laps and pounded my bottom with a big, round massage-board. I mean, it hurt like hell, and I had a lot of trouble sitting down for a couple of days, but I have to admit, it certainly was effective at getting rid of any tension I was feeling.
Man: Don't worry, I'm just trying to determine which pad..., er, massage-board, I need to use on this big, beautiful bottom of yours. Once I've done that, you're going to find yourself over my knee for a long, thorough session that will relieve any pent up tension you might be experiencing.

Ronnie: See, I told you I wouldn't leave any bruises.

Sweetspot: Jerry demonstrated to the world in 2012 how it's actually possible to spank in 3D down, UP, left, right, rearward, forward.

Joe's hand sank into the deep crevice and was never heard from again.

Jimmy know it was a big job - but by-golly! he realized someone had to do it!

Three hours into his sacred task and Johnny had made no more progress than if he had
just begun.

James was the first to prove that contrary to popular wisdom beauty is actually more than skin deep.

Dr. Ken: "Okay....wait a minute.....Yes! I found your contact lens!"

Hermione: Okay, I found your bum. Now, tell me again what you want me to do.
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Friday FAIL

It's St. Paddy's Day and the green beer is flowing.

Too much green beer being consumed in the kitchen. We didn't want those cupcakes anyway. More beer!

All cats are Irish on St. Paddy's Day!

A thrid religious sect has emerged in the land of the shamrock.

Come one, come all!

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Complete the Caption

This is an interesting candid photo. Do you think a spanking is imminent? Or will some other activity be commencing shortly? It's up to you.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your conjectures on Saturday.
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From the Top Shelf - A Master of Discipline, part 10a

Last week it was Stephen's turn to be the subject of a demonstration in correct caning technique. Ruth was asked to administer the final three strokes. Do you think she will do a good job?

"I see that we are convincing you of the validity of my lecture, Mr. Langton. I propose to give you just one more, then I shall invite Miss Jamieson to come up and administer the last three, making up your total of eight points. Will that arrangement be all right with you?"

He was playing with Stephen; the mockery in his voice giving him away. Stephen willed himself not to react and tightened his grip on the chair. Twisting his head away from the Reverend, he found himself looking at the three girls. Vicky and Amanda were enjoying every minute of his torment, of that he had no doubt. Their eyes were bright and they were almost salivating in their excitement. He looked at Ruth, made eye contact, and immediately wished he hadn't. He found some sympathy in her gaze, certainly, but there was also a fire in those eyes, a vitality which made her look devastatingly attractive, but also quite daunting. He knew instantly that he could not expect Ruth to give him an easy passage.

Unexpectedly, he felt the material of his shorts tighten as his penis stiffened at the thought of Ruth changing places with the Reverend. Oh God, what if she takes my shorts down, just as those two vicious minxes had done to each other that morning? His cock almost burst through the crotch of his shorts at the very thought of it, then he screamed aloud as the Reverend administered the hardest stroke so far, diagonally across the ridged welt which he knew must have formed after the first four.

Stephen remained bent over, grasping the chair, the fierce throbbing driving everything else from his mind. Dimly, as if the voice was in another room, he heard the Reverend invite Ruth Jamieson to step forward. Stephen turned to look at the class. Ruth was just getting out of her seat, while Vicky and Amanda leered at him, obviously relishing every second of his pain and humiliation. Now the Reverend was telling Ruth to take her place, and handing her the cane. She stepped behind him, out of his field of vision, and a few seconds later he felt her soft hands, cool and firm, grasping the waistband of his shorts.

"Oh God, no!" He almost stood up in revolt as his worst fears were realised. His shorts slid inexorably down. To his overwhelming embarrassment, Ruth had to use both hands to ease the garment over his bulging cock, which was scarcely contained by the jock strap he wore beneath his shorts.

"I see that you have decided not to spare your colleague's blushes, Miss Jamieson. So be it. Three strokes, if you please, and make them good ones. I want to see that you have learned something this afternoon."

Stephen hung his head, as if not looking in their direction would somehow make the exultant Vicky and Amanda disappear. He knew that Ruth, behind him, must have a full and uninterrupted view of his bare backside, and it could not be a pretty sight. The Reverend Mould clearly had a very strong right arm and had used it to devastating effect. He had placed nearly all his strokes squarely, and close together, only the last one crossing any of its predecessors. The result was a single broad, burning throbbing stripe which brought tears to his eyes.

"Now, remember what I said; make them good ones, and use your wrist to control the stroke."

The impact of Ruth's first stroke made Stephen gasp, but it was more a sigh of relief than pain. She had struck him at the base of his buttocks, with an upward motion, but there was little force behind the blow. Compared to the Reverend Mould's flogging, Ruth's effort was a mere bee sting.

"No! No! NO! If you cannot do better than that, Miss Jamieson, you will be shortly receiving some personal tuition! Now try again, only properly this time!"

The Reverend Mould really sounded very annoyed. Stephen cringed, waiting for Ruth to follow her instructions, beads of sweat springing out on his forehead. As he had feared, the impact of the next blow was much harder and he could not prevent himself from yelling out loud.

"I'm sorry, Stephen." The apology left Ruth's lips just as the cane lashed down for a third time. Sorry? I'll make you bloody sorry when it comes to my turn, he thought, in the split second before the heavy, liberally knotted rattan bit right into the crease of his bottom, just at the top of his thighs. Through the red mist which engulfed him, he heard himself shriek with pain.

"You may get up now, Mr. Langton." For the first time since the little group had arrived at Damocles Priory, there was a break in the calm of the Reverend's voice. Stephen slowly straightened up, grasping at his bottom as he did so.

"Bravely borne, if I may say so. I suggest that you might be better able to concentrate for the rest of the afternoon if you use the short break, which I propose we now take, to apply some Moon Balm." He paused and looked sternly at Ruth. "As for you, Miss Jamieson, I have to say that your performance was not to the high standard which I expect on such occasions. Your aim and lack of technique suggested that you had not been paying full attention to my lecture. And as for saying 'sorry' to a culprit under punishment, I have never heard of such a thing! What kind of respect will you command if you are constantly apologising to those you are chastising?"

Stephen bent down, the movement causing fresh shafts of pain to lance through his nether regions. Gingerly, he retrieved his shorts from around his ankles and eased them up over his roasting backside. Through the blur of the tears which he hoped were not visible to the eagerly watching girls, he saw that Ruth looked as cowed as he felt. Her shoulders sagged as the Reverend continued his tongue lashing.

"I'm sorry, Reverend Mould, but - well, I just found it difficult to get into the role. I really didn't want to hurt Stephen - Mr. Langton, I mean."

"My dear girl, I really don't think you can have been listening. In the first place, you should have divined by now that no serious harm is done to our students on this course. A short-term discomfiture is all that anyone ever undergoes, in the interests of learning. In the second place, in order for all concerned to gain the maximum educational benefit from this course, it is absolutely necessary that you should immerse yourself in the role assigned to you, as indeed all your colleagues have done."

"I'm terribly sorry." It was almost a whisper. Even in his present state, Stephen felt some sympathy for Ruth. He could certainly feel that her attempts had been more effective than the Reverend was suggesting. He could feel each individual cut, and her final one, in particular, stung like the devil. He suddenly realised how much he was looking forward to the opportunity, which would undoubtedly be presented to him soon, of seeing Ruth's shapely bottom squirming and wriggling as he took his revenge. Whether she would ever let him achieve any further ambitions after that experience, remained to be seen.

"Oh I'm sure you are!" The Reverend's reply was cold. "There is scant time to make amends on this part of the course. I can only hope that you take what little time is left very seriously. Also you had better make a particular effort in composing the essay which I require of you afterwards, or you may yet find yourself enjoying the "duffer's" prize which I reserve for the student who provides the least satisfactory work. Your colleagues would enjoy witnessing that event more than you would enjoy being the centre of attention, I can assure you."

Stephen had stood patiently, rubbing his bottom and thinking of what he would like to do to Ruth, while the Reverend was speaking. Now, taking advantage of the pause in the conversation, he mumbled an apology and made his escape, each step sending spears of pain through his backside. When he finally reached his room, he kicked the door shut behind him and lost no time in dragging his shorts off. The cool touch of the Moon Balm, scooped greedily from the pot by his bedside, brought a sigh of heartfelt relief.

In a matter of minutes, the searing pain subsided to a bearable ache and Stephen began to gather his thoughts. His shame at having had his bare bottom caned by a beautiful girl in front of two other very attractive young ladies, was tempered, to some extent, by the knowledge that the audience must have felt much the same sensations when they had been dealt with earlier that morning. As for Ruth, he blushed to the roots as he visualised the scene from her viewpoint. She could not have failed to notice his monumental erection, which had not subsided one iota in the intervening period. Hell! She had certainly made him pay for it.

He wondered what Reverend Mould had in mind for the finale of the day. It was pretty obvious that Ruth was in for a mighty stiff punishment; her points total was higher than any of the group. And he, Stephen Langton, was going to be instrumental in dishing it out. He trembled in anticipation. It was not that he wanted to really hurt her, although making her bottom smart in return for the stripes she had given him would be sweet revenge. It was more the thought of denuding her; of what he might see, and the sexual opportunities that might open up as a result of some hot and heavy action, which excited him.

Stephen suddenly realised that, if he was not careful, his excitement would make him lose control. He headed for the bathroom and quickly stripped off his T-shirt. He turned the shower on to full pressure with the control set to cold. Then he bravely stepped in. The icy jets of water effectively reduced the size of his immediate problem, but did nothing to reduce his tingling sense of anticipation. His body goose pimpled with excitement, he rapidly towelled himself down and grabbed his clothes. With truly indecent haste, he rushed back down the stairs, eager to discover what fate the Reverend had in store for Ruth.
I'm pretty eager too! But you and I will have to wait until next week to discover her fate.

The story so far:
Part 1
Part 2
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Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 12

How does bratting work for you?

Sir Wendel: Occasionally the misses will act up in the hopes of getting a spanking. The one that got her the butt turned the reddest was when she pretended she was drinking a big cup of hot coffee then spilled it on my lap. I was relieved to discover it was cold milk. She only gave me an “Opps” comment. I marched her to a kitchen chair, put her bare bottom over my lap and proceeded to give her a heck of a paddling. She couldn’t sit for over a day.

Roz: Hi Hermione, thank you for the tip. I will confess to intentional moments of naughtiness or brattiness on occasion when we had a dd dynamic. The results were mixed. Sometimes no response, sometimes a talking to and other times, a spanking.

Dr. Ken: When I did have a partner, she "earned" her spankings more from a sense of playfulness than real bratty behavior. If any lady now wants to brat me in order to get a spanking, I'm okay with it--as long as she knows when to stop!

Yorkie: Nothing of the sort required in our situation. Just an increasingly matter of fact discussion these days about when we play and then we do it. We were going to play tonight but both of us are really tired and she is not feeling well. Sigh. Maybe next week...

Bonnie: It's a question of nomenclature I think. Is it bratting when I stroll through the living room wearing a t-shirt and a pair of form fitting pale pink yoga pants while he's watching sports on TV? Or when I accidentally leave a leather paddle on his nightstand? If those constitute bratting, then I'm guilty and the penalty is, of course, a good bottom warming. He saves his best (hardest) spankings for those occasions when I ask, either verbally of non-verbally. As a result, I've learned to "Be careful what I ask for..." But I still ask sometimes.

Anon: My SO gets mouthy knowing that will work, as well as interfering in things that are not her business. That resulted in a very hard otk session Saturday. This morning, she surprised me by showing what she brought, a paddle inscribed "I think I deserve a spanking", so again today, she went otk. She just left an hour ago, still with a very colorful, marked bottom. No doubt, she will be bratty again, and each time receive a harsher reminder than the prior time.

Amy: I've tried to brat-it-up to get spanked and Eric purposely ignores it or goes in the opposite of what I'm looking for. Then, the next time it's a legit spanking, he'll add a few extra strokes for the prior behavior. His goal is to get me to "just say when you need a spanking" but sometimes the point is being "taken in hand".

Hermione: For me, bratting is the surest way not to get a spanking. Spankings are rewards for good behaviour.

Ronnie: Hermione, thanks for the tip. Seem to be getting quite a bit of spam lately.

I definitely can, and have been naughty and a bit of a brat and it nearly always ends up with me having a warm bottom.

And there you have it. So until next weekend, good night and good news.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #167

Welcome back to another brunch, where we discuss all things spanking. Before we begin, I must apologize for all the spam comments that seems to be slipping through the spam filters and are being published on my blog. I think I have removed them all.

If you receive a published spam comment, don't simply delete it from the list of comments. Instead, go to your dashboard (if you use Blogger) and click on Comments on the left. Then choose Published and mark the offending comments as Spam. Now choose Spam comments and delete them. This will train the spam filters and eventually the unwanted spam comments will be automatically sent to the Spam folder.

Now back to spanking and today's topic which is bratting.

Do you or your partner ever intentionally act in a naughty way in order to provoke a spanking? What is the usual result of this bratting? 

As usual, leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion after everyone has had a chance to contribute.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, March 11, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Simon: Sally's attempt to make a party dress out of a discard set of net curtains and some old fur trimming did not meet with her mothers approval.

Baxter: Girl - oh doctor yes bent over like this has made my dizziness go away and my back feels better.
Doctor - hold that position a while longer Miss, I do believe I need to examine your posterior. Hmmm yes, young lady, you have a fine bottom.
Girl - oh doctor, thank you, I do pride myself on the appearance of my bottom, especially when bare.
Doctor - Bare?
Girl - oh yes, my master demands that I have a plump bottom when he spanks me.
Doctor - your master has good taste.

Leigh: Is this how you want me?

Hands63: Is this how you want me?

kdpierre: Sometimes after a few drinks, Ethel would do her risqué impersonation of a Pacman ghost.

js666: Today in Women's History: Emeline Rosebottom, whose contributions to camouflage research would one day help the Allies win WWII, failed in one of her earliest attempts to make her father believe her bum was actually foliage.

Joe: She was badly advised on her camouflage, hiding from her lover's wife! 

Anon: I do hope this provocative outfit and pose will entice him to do something other than spank my bottom after he lifts my dress.

Well, I'm about to find out if this steel mesh dress provides my bottom with the protection from the cane that the manufacturer said it would.

I can't believe I let my girlfriends talk me into joining them in wearing these see-through dresses to the party. I knew Ralph would be upset with me for wearing such a risque outfit in public and that I'd probably get a spanking for it, but I figured he'd wait until we got home. But here I am, bent over this chair in the bedroom waiting for him to secure a paddle from our host so he can give me a good roasting. It's going to be so embarrassing to go back downstairs with my red bottom exposed and knowing everyone will be able to see that he just paddled me for being such a naughty girl. But, as bad as that's going to be, at least he isn't spanking me in public, which would have been absolutely humiliating. And, I can take solace in the fact that I won't be the only one sporting a crimson behind as all my girlfriends are currently ensconced in adjoining bedrooms waiting to receive the same treatment from their husbands. Ummmmm, I just wonder what we'll wear to the next party!

Sweetspot: Frank says he's going to spank me with a hairbrush until April 28th and then to celebrate Arbor Day he's going to cut a switch and use that.

Frank says he's going to spank me until Christmas. He says it will keep me so busy I won't be on the naughty list again this year - what a sweetheart!

Frank says he's going to spank me so hard that my snowy-white bottom will look like two shells that have been dipped in red Easter egg dye.

Frank says that to celebrate Valentine's Day he'll be using a heart shaped paddle for my spanking. He says it's a gift that won't help me put on weight or make me sneeze. - I appreciate his kindness!

Frank says he's not going to be spanking me from now until Thanksgiving after all. I hope he doesn't expect me to be thankful.

Frank says that next Independence Day. He going to be in charge of the fireworks and that I'll be supplying the waterworks. I wonder what he means by that?

Frank says that this New Years Eve is going to be MY Night To Howl! Will I think we all know what he means by that.

Frank says that this President's Day we'll be role-playing what happened to George Washington AFTER he told his father he cut down the cherry tree. As you've probably already guessed I'll be playing George.

Frank says this Halloween it's going to be all treat and no tricks. I think by now you can all guess just what Frank and I will be doing.

Sir Wendel: For your sheer spanking pleasure.

Hermione: But I spent hours putting on my makeup. Are you sure this is my most flattering angle?
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday FAIL

A random assortment of silliness.

Enjoy your Friday!
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Complete the Caption

The photographer caught this girl in an unfortunate pose. I suspect it wasn't planned...or was it? What will the poor maiden's fate be? What about the person behind the camera; accomplice or victim? You be the judge.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your submissions on Saturday.
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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

From the Top Shelf - A Master of Discipline, part 10

We resume our story during the lunch break. It has been a very educational morning, and the students are contemplating the afternoon with some trepidation.

Stephen waited until Vicky had taken the still-sniffling Amanda out of the dining-room, presumably to take her back to her own room for an application of Moon Balm to her undoubtedly needy posterior. Then, helping himself to a small portion of salad from the array which had been set out, he sat down beside Ruth. She was not eating much either, and Stephen was not surprised. It was hard to work up an appetite in the present circumstances.

"How do you feel?" he began, a little diffidently.

"About what?" Ruth's voice carried an edge, perhaps betraying her nervousness.

"Well, I mean, about this morning, this whole course." He hesitated and then decided to take the bull by the horns. "No, damn it, I really mean about this course, about you and me, and this afternoon. Look, Ruth, we don't know each other very well. We met only yesterday. That's part of the trouble really but, hell, I mean, you must have worked it out?"

He looked at her, exasperated that she was making this so difficult for him.

"This man, Mould, he said this morning that we would be working in pairs, and you've seen what happened with Amanda and Vicky. Well that must mean that this afternoon we will be...working together."

"Yes, I suppose you're right. In fact, on this morning's performance, I suppose that we must both expect to give a little and take a little."

"Exactly so, and I don't know about you, but I can't see any way round it. I was sent here for a reason and I value my job enough to put up with this psycho, even if it is pretty embarrassing. I can't just walk out of here, much as I'd like to, can you?"

"No, I suppose not."

"I thought so. So I guess we'll just have to grin and bear it, won't we?"

Ruth looked at him sternly. "Look, we're both adults, and we both know what this is partly about," she said firmly. "I know that you are going to have to smack my bottom, or worse, and I can guess what will be going through your mind while you are doing it. Just don't get any ideas beyond that though. OK?"

Her blunt remarks took Stephen's breath away. "Well, yes, I suppose so. I mean it's nice of you to take it that way, but I didn't mean..." His voice tailed off lamely.

"Oh yes you did, and we both know it, so let's try and be adult about this, shall we? Bizarre as it is, this is supposed to be a learning experience for both of us. We're here for a reason, so just do as the Reverend says, calmly and efficiently, just like he does it himself, and let's get it over as quickly, calmly and responsibly as possible. Agreed?"

"Agreed." As he spoke, Amanda and Vicky returned to the room, both looking rather happier than when they had left it.

"That Moon Balm is really the most amazing stuff," Vicky bubbled. "You should have seen Amanda's bottom. It was fire-engine red all over and it must have hurt like hell, but I rubbed some of that stuff well in and now she can hardly feel a thing. Can you, Mandy, love?"

"You don't have to be quite so explicit." Even the normally morose Amanda wryly acknowledged the amusement that Vicky's enthusiasm had generated at her expense. "Your own bum was a pretty livid colour as well, now you come to mention it."

"True. The Reverend has quite a hard hand, I can tell you! I can tell you something else as well," Vicky whispered in a conspiratorial manner, "it wasn't just his hand that was hard when he put me over his knee. I could feel it, poking right into my tummy!" Vicky grinned impishly, looking in Stephen's direction. "I'd guess you two are going to be in for it this afternoon. Don't worry, it won't kill you. It just feels like it will at the time."

Stephen had enjoyed seeing Vicky put across the Reverend Mould's knee, her plump little bottom had waggled so enticingly he had almost lost control, but right now he could have cheerfully strangled her. The fact of the matter was that he had become so wrapped up in the morning's events that he had almost forgotten why they were there and that he was a key part of it, not just a voyeur. Amanda's strapping had been pretty exciting, although he was not too taken with her spare, lean figure. Nonetheless her bottom had been naked and the punishment had sustained his excitement at fever pitch. The thought of seeing the beautiful Ruth, in similar circumstances, and even being part of the tableau himself, had been almost more than Stephen could stand. Vicky's timely reminder that, in all probability, he would have to expose himself, literally, to humiliating punishment in front of these three women hit him like a wet sponge in the face.

All too soon, it seemed, the Reverend was calling them back into the main hall. As they made their way down the centre aisle, Stephen's gaze was again drawn to the waxwork which formed the first tableau as they entered the room. He was beginning to develop a morbid fascination with the display. The schoolboy bent across the stool was incredibly life-like, his hands reaching low down on the legs of the stool to grasp the crossbar, his bottom raised and vulnerable to the master, whose cane was drawn back and about to strike. The unhappy boy was frozen at the moment when he looked over his shoulder and saw the dreaded implement about to descend on to his tightly-stretched shorts. The wax sculptor, whoever he or she may have been, must have taken this scene from a real event, thought Stephen. How else could they have so perfectly captured the expression of anguished anticipation the boy wore?

Stephen shivered and made haste to join the girls, who were already seated in front of the waiting Reverend Mould. "Late again, Mr. Langton? This really won't do, you know." The voice was chiding and Stephen knew that it would make little difference to the final outcome whatever he might do or say now.

"We now move on to the more serious side of our course; the cane and its use." The Reverend began his lecture, cool as a cucumber. He might have been addressing the local ladies flower arranging group for all the passion he displayed, thought Stephen.

"The cane is the traditional implement of choice, for punishment of both males and females, in the English school system. Canes may be made from a variety of materials, not all of them cane in the true sense of the word. Impromptu implements of punishment can be shaped very easily from switches cut from any hedgerow. Hazel, willow and young ash-plants are all suitable. However, rattan is the most popular and that, certainly, is a real cane. Other species used include malacca and bamboo. Neither of these possess the combination of light weight and extreme flexibility which rattan enjoys. Malacca is too knobbly and bamboo is liable to splinter, so neither is as good as the real thing."

He paused to ensure that his audience was listening.

Stephen was certainly paying attention. Brought up in the fourth quarter of the 20th century, he had not had to face the strict disciplinary code which was now, once again, the norm for young people. He had never felt so much as a slipper across his bottom as a lad, much less the cane. Now he was beginning to wish he had been more strictly dealt with as a boy. At least he would have been hardened to what he was sure would follow this little talk.

If he was aware of Stephen's discomfiture, the Reverend Mould did not show it. "The standard British school cane was, indeed still is, universally manufactured from rattan, and is typically supplied with one end already curled into a handle. Lengths vary from about two feet, which I do not think is effective unless given across the hands for minor offences, to about four feet."

From the rustle of movement as four pairs of hands were surreptitiously massaged, Stephen guessed that he was not the only one who imagined a tingle across the palm from the previous evening's introduction.

"Canes longer than about four feet will be difficult to control and aim properly. Beware of canes that are too long; it is better to use a slightly shorter weapon, and to strike slightly harder. The weight of a cane is the important thing. Rattan is a very light material. Anyone not appreciating that might choose their canes on the slender side, thinking they are being merciful. In fact, the opposite is true; a thin cane is far more likely to cut. Thicker canes spread the impact and are less liable to break the skin, a situation to be avoided if at all possible."

The Reverend paused and took a sip from a glass of water which had been placed on the table before the start of the lecture.

"The cane is, as I have said, a severe instrument, and should be used with respect. It is not necessary to insist that it is applied to the bare skin. A good caning will easily penetrate one layer of clothing. Six or twelve strokes applied with vigour to a tightly presented target will cause enough distress to expiate most offences. The advantages of applying the cane across the bare bottom are that one can observe the progress and effect of the punishment, and check one's aim. Even a light caning will leave visible weals, in addition to the usual blushing of the more generally affected area. If the strokes are administered at a slow pace, say, one stroke every ten seconds , there is time to observe these marks begin to develop, and correct one's aim accordingly. All strokes should be delivered into as narrow a band as possible, and that area should correspond with the plumpest and best padded part of the posterior." The Reverend took a longer pause, then fixed Stephen in his cold, fish-like, stare. "Mr. Langton, I believe that you admitted to having been awarded ten points?"

Stephen's mouth was so dry he could hardly get the words out. "It was eight, actually."

"Oh, I had quite thought it was ten. Never mind, I think it is time you joined in our little demonstration." Stephen slowly rose to his feet, still unsure, right to the last moment, whether he could, or should, go through with this.

"Come along now, Mr. Langton. With the examples of Miss Plum and Miss Price to inspire you, surely you are not afraid?" Stephen most certainly was, but the jibe got to his pride. He advanced on the Reverend, determined to get it over with.

"Would you please go to the cabinet from which Miss Price found the tawse this morning. Bring me the cane you will find there."

While Stephen went to fetch the implement, he heard the Reverend continue to lecture behind him. "Administering a caning is a matter of practice. You should use a minimum of real force. At the beginning of each stroke, the hand leads the tip of the cane. It continues to lead throughout the descent. Only at the last moment does the wrist flick forward , so that the business end of the cane catches up, striking at exactly the right angle to the posterior. Thank you, Mr. Langton." He took the cane which Stephen was holding out to him.

"Canings cannot be given in the positions you would use for a simple spanking, over the knee for example, due to the length of the weapon. They must be inflicted with the recipient bent over and, if necessary, held. For example, touching the toes, or across a chair or a desk. A culprit bending over, clasping his, or her, shins with the knees straight and feet together is presented at precisely the correct angle. Although, personally, I feel that to give a really good caning, it is necessary to provide some support; so that the victim does not tend to move about quite so much as would otherwise be the case. Today we will use a simple chair as a support. Take up your position please, Mr. Langton."

He motioned to the chair on which he had made Amanda kneel. "Just stand with your feet slightly apart and about so far back from the chair." He indicated a spot on the floor with the tip of the cane, about two feet from the chair legs. "Now just bend over and grasp the seat of the chair. Do not let go until I tell you that you may do so." Reluctantly, Stephen did as he was told, his face reddening. He did not really fear the pain, but he felt it was humiliating to be treated like this in front of the girls.

"Note that I am standing slightly to the left of the target. This ensures that the tip of the cane, which travels faster than the rest of the instrument during the latter part of the flight, strikes the far buttock at precisely the same instant and with the same force, as the rest of the cane makes contact with the near buttock. The result should be a perfect stripe across the broadest part of the bottom."

Without any warning, the cane swept round with a whoosh and landed across the seat of Stephen's shorts. The thin material gave him no protection at all, the shock of the blow made him jerk his body, lifting his head involuntarily. The chair legs scraped on the floor and Stephen bit his lip to avoid crying out at the very first stroke.

"This mark will immediately appear in white as you finish the stroke. Then it will fade, to reappear within less than a minute as a thin red weal."

The voice behind him carried on its monologue. The clinical description of what was happening to him only served to concentrate Stephen's mind on the narrow band of pain which was intensifying with every second that passed. He found himself longing for the second stroke; its arrival would at least deflect some of the pain to a fresh spot.

"The result of a sound caning should be a welted bottom, certainly, but not a scarified one. if the bottom is not vividly marked, then the punishment has been too mild and will be too rapidly forgotten. But there should not be so much as the merest pinprick of blood. That would be simple brutality."

Again the cane sliced through the air and Stephen felt as if his world was coming to an end. The stroke had landed almost precisely over the first and he was in agony, but somehow he held his tongue and maintained his position.

"The cane should hum or whistle in the stroke and fall across the target with a sharp snap, like a toy pistol. There should be a pause between strokes, a minimum of ten seconds. When a culprit is bending over in the conventional position, do not make the mistake of aiming your stroke downwards. The chances are that you may hit or graze the base of the spine, or the cane will fall at an awkward, grazing angle, or you may punish the upper half of the buttocks and leave the lower, more sensitive, portion unscathed. Take a horizontal, or even upward aim, draw the cane back slowly within the same arc, then whip the forearm and wrist smartly through from one side to the other, keeping your eyes on the exact spot you are aiming for."

This time, Stephen could not suppress a sharp yell of pain as the Reverend demonstrated his point with devastating precision.

"Do not look up from this spot until you have completed the stroke. If the buttocks have been bared beforehand, observe the mark and compare it to your point of aim. Then adjust the next stroke accordingly. An even greater error is to be over-harsh. The difference between the lightest cut that may reasonably be given and the severest is not large, and if greater severity is required it is safer to increase the number of strokes, or to apply some additional measure, such as baring the bottom, or administering the punishment in public..or, indeed, all three."

"Aaaaahhh!" Stephen could not restrain himself as the fourth stroke felt as if it had penetrated to the bone. So far all four strokes had been planted within an inch of each other and his entire being was now centred on the intense band of fire which seemed to be burning his backside in two.

"I see that we are convincing you of the validity of my lecture, Mr. Langton. I propose to give you just one more, then I shall invite Miss Jamieson to come up and administer the last three, making up your total of eight points. Will that arrangement be all right with you?"
That was an excellent tutorial on caning, don't you think? The attention to detail was exquisite. The Reverend M is quite an expert. But we aren't done yet. Next week, Stephen receives the balance of his 'instruction'.

The story so far:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8 
Part 9

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 5

My double birthday celebration—for both me and my blog—was lots of fun. Ron prepared my favourite breakfast, and there were cards, gifts, songs and spankings. There were no handmade implements among the presents, but we have plenty already. More than enough, I sometimes think. Are there any handmade toys in your homes?

Roz: Happy Birthday Hermione! Hope you have or had a wonderful day and weekend :) No homemade implements here.

Downunder Don: Have a very Happy Birthday, Hermione.
Yes, many of our toys are hand made. All the paddles are either made from wood or lexan. And Yes, they all work rather effectively.

Anon: I made a series of paddles to suit the situation. Short for touch up. Mid length for otk. Longer for leaning over while the spanker stands up. All of these are 1/2 inch by 1.5 inch furniture grade plywood rounded with a handle cut in for a good grip. Other implements include a lighter paddle made of oak that looks like a 5 gallon paint stirrer, but much prettier. It stings in a very different way. My wife determines what is appropriate in a given circumstance. All give me a good reason for a spankey dance at the end, and warm memories the next day or two.
Love what you do with your blog.

Sir Wendel: Never made anything unless you count the occasional switch. When we go hiking we usually end up making one each but do not keep them after the whippings are finished.

Lindy: Happy birthday Hermione, hope you have a fabulous celebration.
We don't exactly have hand made but Bear bought a beer paddle which is uses to spank me. I wish he would make something as he is very handy that way.

Jan: Happy Birthday Hermione, hope you have a lovely day. No handmade implements here, still got plenty to play with though.

arched one: Happy Birthday Hermione. We have two that I made for her to use on me. One is a whip I made with leather boot laces the second is a paddle that is on the small side so she can reach some unreachable places. Both do the job very well.

Dr. Ken: Happy birthday, Hermione, and many happy birthday spankings to you! You know I'd provide one if it was at all possible! :-)

I don't have any toys that I made myself, but I do have a nice little red leather strap that was made for me by a friend out East. It's just two pieces of red leather hot-glued together. It's about a foot long maybe two inches wide. It's just a little stinger, but quite nice!

Wilma: Happy Birthday!

Yes we have a few handmade implements. The most undesirable one could be described as a cat-o-nines made from rawhide strands (like what a dog would chew on but finer) that have been knotted every few inches. It doesn't really sting on impact but is sure burns after. Barney made that after talking to a 'friend'.
Mostly though I would say he has 'pervertables'. He does have rubber hoses and braided neoprene ropes in his 'goodie box', but no homemade paddles.

Baxter: We bought a piece of wood a few years ago for the express purpose of my making a paddle for her to use. This blog is a reminder to do that. Thanks. Happy Birthday Hermione - hope your birthday spanking is memorable.

Leigh: Yes, we have a handmade wooden paddle given to us by a friend. The rest have been purchased either expressly for or pervertables.

Rick: Wishing you a most happy birthday complete with a warm bottom!!

Ronnie: Happy Birthday Hermione. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

No toys that we've made ourselves. We do have a small handmade paddle given to us by our friend Bogey and Bacall which P loves and I hate. Also the rose paddle from John and the leather strap from the London Tanners, both are handmade.

Hobbes: Freuliche Geburtstag! We have one home made. An auto mechanic left an eighteen inch length of rubber brake hose in the car after fixing the brakes. Works really well. Very, very quiet; innocuous to carry when traveling; extremely effective. If you have young children about, live in an apartment, or want quiet but intense go to your local auto parts store and for a dollar or so you will get just what you need. This is a much softer, more pliable hose than plastic or hard rubber which I would NOT recommend. Think of your high school chem lab Bunsen burner...

Yorkie: I had a home made implement once. I dismantled a kids' toy broom so that all I had was the handle - a 60cm long 10mm diameter dowel rod that left some wicked marks. Wish I still had it but we broke it...

Hermione: The only homemade implement we have is a belt that I bought, cut to the right size, folded into a loop and added a handle out of vetwrap. It was too limp and floppy to make much of an impression. I like arched one's idea of a flogger from leather boot laces. I might give it a try,

Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #166

Welcome to today's very special brunch. As it happens, this weekend I celebrate my __th birthday. (Sorry, a lady never reveals her age.) Presents are fun to receive, and I always think that the very best gifts are the ones that are handmade with love. So that brings us to today's discussion topic.

Do you have any spanking toys that were handmade? Who is the implement craftsperson in your relationship? How did the homemade implement work out for you both?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, March 4, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Red: It seems the fireplace is not working to warm our bottoms, sweetie! Can you help, please?

Leigh: Wow, wouldn't it be terrific to really learn what as behind this picture?

Anon 1: From a woman's view, it seems one of them has a boyfriend that spanks her and she told her friend and so both are presenting their cute bottoms. I know my best friend and I did the same thing, only it was her boyfriend who like to spank and we both provoked him. Boy did it feel really good, lucky I have a husband who does a very good job at spanking my bare bottom.

Brunette: "See? I told you we were twins! You just can't tell by looking at our faces!"

Ronnie: Well come on, what are you waiting for?

Anon 2: The age of the picture that would be daring in those days. But it still looks like two wanting to be spanked, pulling the panties the rest of the way and spanking those bottoms, sure would be nice and fun.

Anon 3: Do you think we are covered enough to keep it from hurting?

First gal: Ooooh look at that paddle he has!
Second gal: The hell with the paddle, look at what else he has.
First gal: That will get better while he spanks us
Second gal: Oh yeaaaahhhhhh, wooooo yeah. Come on big boy, spank us, spank us.
First gal: Yes yes, paddle me, spank me.

Lindy: Two for the price of one. Come on fellas. make a girl happy!

Anon 4: Girl on the right: I'm thinking this wasn't such a good idea, after all.
Girl on the left: What do you mean? You said they'd think this was funny and that they'd just give us playful spankings.
Girl on the right: I'm not so sure about that now. Did you see the look on their faces? They didn't look amused.
Girl on the left: Oh, I'm sure that's just for show. They wouldn't give us real spankings, would they?
Girl on the right: I think the fact that they just fetched our hairbrushes says they would.
Girl on the left: What are we going to do?
Girl on the right: I think we're going to be two very, very sorry and sore girls.
Girl on the left: Oh, nooooooooooooooo!

Minelle: "The panties are stuck, can you help us pull them further?"

Sir Wendel: Mandy and Mindy prepared for their paddling from Mom and the dreaded hair brush.

Dr. Ken: He told them they were both going to get a good spanking, but he couldn't help feeling that Donna's reaction to the news was a bit...unusual.

Hermione: No, girls. You have those thongs on upside down.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday FAIL

We all know about the office thief who steals food from the common refrigerator. It makes me so glad I work from home now. For those of you who are still at risk from this unscrupulous kind of person, here's a hilarious exchange between a thief and the victim, with an intervention from a higher power.

I think a good spanking might be a fair alternative.
From Hermione's Heart