Sunday, March 25, 2012

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for March 25

This week's topic was names you use to refer to your spanking implements. Here's what you said:

Anon: Big Bertha for the big heavy strap.

Michael: Season and I don't have any pet names or nicknames for any of our implements unless you count when Season refers to an item as "That damn hairbrush!" or "The effin' paddle!" Only kidding about the cussing. :-)

But I do like the idea of having nicknames for implements and may start using them. It would be nice to tell Season to "Get the Stinger." and she knows right away I mean the riding crop.

Thanks for the suggestion, Hermione, as I do think Season and I will be naming some implements.

Dave: My wife has a wooden paddle she calls her "hearing paddle". When I don't listen she says she uses it to clean out my ears! Trust me it never gets near my ears but it sure does improve my hearing! ;(

Joey: I do not have a name for any of my implements, but many of my friends have named their favorite paddle or strap. I just bought a tawse and I think I may give it a name.

Thank you for hosting the brunch Hermione.

It's always a joy to have folks over for a chat and some snacks.

Ana: This question made me giggle! D and I don't have nicknames for any implements, but I certainly call them LOTS of names! Lots and lots. None of which I ever dare to say in her presence. :)

Simon: I don't have any nicknames for any of the implements that my Mistress uses on me. I think it's a good idea though, at the moment there can be some confusion when she says "hand me the strap" and I reply "erm which one Mistress?". If all the implements had names it would be a lot simpler. The only problem is that she has a lot of straps and canes and thinking up names for all of them might be problematic.

Prefectdt: On the whole I do not go in for names for the occupants of my toy box but there is one exception.

I have a short white synthetic cane, that was originally sold under the name "White lightning". It is not the most painful toy in the box (though it does hurt a lot). This cane has an unusual sensation, it feels like it is cutting into the flesh on every stroke, although it has never actually broken my skin. Because of this it is no good for fun play and only ever gets used for serious disciplinary punishment (which I do not go in for very often). This one toy has the nickname "The Punishment Stick".

Tenth Muse Top: I like to think I have a 'friendly' hairbrush and a 'scary' one... the former being light and plastic and stingy and the latter is wooden and very effective... but then, since my lover managed to break the original friendly one with her marvellous buns... she might not agree! *vbg*

Ronnie: No we don't have nicknames for any of our implements. Just things like the stingy cane, the Christmas paddle or the lovely John's paddle. We did (or I did) name one once - a heavy belt and I called it "Black Mamba".

Todd and Suzy: Most of our implements do have names, though many times they're the names they came with (like the stuff we get from or they have really basic names (the "small hairbrush" or the "wood discipline paddle" are two good examples of that). Do have a couple we came up with though. One is 'The Ugly Stick' which is shaped a lot like a paint stirrer, but much-much thicker and heavier. It has glitter and what was probably supposed to be a pretty looking pattern... but, uh, yea... didn't exactly work that way. Plus, it can leave an ugly mark on the bare bottom. So, it's now the Ugly Stick! Can be fun calling it that too... lol.

Also have our Hawaiian Paddle. Simple name, but it makes sense given the wood is from a tree only found in Hawaii. That's probably our favorite hand picked name.

So overall we have named a few implements and have fun with that... but mostly it's either the name it came with or something that is descriptive (which helps when you have like 300 different things... lol).

Hobbes: We have a rubber hose called Mr. Weber. Long ago my father had a parochial grade school principal by the name of Mr. Weber and he kept a rubber hose in the desk for the eighth grade boys. About fifteen years back an auto mechanic left a length of black brake hose in the car after he finished putting in new brakes. That eighteen inch of pliable rubber hose is now called Mr. Weber and gets used often. We found it very quiet and with young children that was great; also terrific sting and nice thin parallel purple tram lines. Highly recommended! You can name yours for whomever you like . . . .

Make Mine Red: We haven't, other than the names our Cane-iac items came with, but it does sound like a fun idea! We may have to think on this & come up with some names. And after reading Hobbes' post I think we may need to get a piece of rubber hose :) Thanks for having us, Hermione~love the topic!

Rod: At school, the slipper had a silly name, quite unrelated to the pain it would bring.

When we starting out with the spanking thing at home, the canes soon got referred to as Klingon pain sticks, as my wife is a Trekkie. I have no interest in that TV franchise, but the name was a fun addition to our games.

OldFashionedGirl: We have a clothesbrush that stings like the blazes. It lives in the wardrobe and is known as Aunty Fanny. From time to time when we're out and I'm being a brat I get told that when I get home I'll be having a chat with Aunty. Which usually alters my attitude.

Sunnygirl: We don't have any names other than what they are.

Saiorse: No names to share except the usual: My Belt. The Crop. Fun to read, though, and thanks for a great topic.

Welcome, Saiorse!

Nici: I don't have names for any of them but I do really like personalized toys so I have a few with engraving/lettering on the wood or stamping in the leather. I am honored that Cane-iac named a leather paddle after me.

That's quite an honour, Nici!

A-non: We have no nicknames. Just "the paddle" or "your hairbrush". Working up to "my belt". I think the nicknames have to develop naturally, from experience with them. A name like "The Dreaded Paddle" might be given to an implement after a particularly painful spanking with the round leather paddle.

Disciplined Boyfriend: Most of our implements have nicknames and I could possibly manage a whole blog post on the subject. There's Lee (Lee Van Cleefe in Good, Bad and Ugly) for a bad strap, Michelle (Michelle Pfieffer in Bat Man as Catwoman) for the rubber Cat, Katie (Katie Price aka Jordon) for the leather slapper, Peter (Peter Andre) because of the unnatural orange colour of a leather strap.

Kiwigirliegirl: LOl great idea. We have Paddy for the wooden paddle, Two Tails for our home made green two tailed whippy thing and White Tail for the fibreglass rod which is the worst implement in the world, I assure you.

Lea: Does Mother F***er count? Lol. I don't have any particular names for implements besides "that thing I hate" which rotates by the week.

Hermione: We have the "Terrible Trio" of leather implements, called "Black Beauty", "Weed Whacker" and "Little Red". Then there are the two hairbrushes, "Ebony and Ivory", and a favourite paddle known as the "Big Bopper". Our first pervertable was a wooden paint stirrer that my husband sprayed with gold metallic paint and called "The Golden Paddle". Ron often makes up funny ways of referring to them on the spot, and those names change from day to day.

Thanks, Bonnie, for allowing me to host brunch this week. We all had a good time, but we missed you.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Ebony and Ivory:)

Thanks for hosting the brunch Hermione.


Kaelah said...

Wow, all those creative names are very funny! We usually don't have any special names for our toys, but since Ludwig's and my very first play was a Klingon initiation ceremony, I called the cane a Klingon pain stick on that occasion. So, I'm totally with Rod's wife on that one! :-)

Hermione said...

I always enjoy doing it, Ronnie.

Bonnie said...

Thank YOU, Hermione, for taking such good care of brunch.


Hermione said...

Bonnie, it was a lot of fun. I'm always happy to bake a few quiches anytime you need me to.