Sunday, September 8, 2013

You Completed the Caption

The scholastic year has started out with a bang!

Underling: 'Oh, Mr Prendergast - what a predicament! First I spill glue on my skirt while mending these books, and then I collide with you while dashing to the ladies' room to wash it off, and now just look at us. Whatever will people think?'

Michael: "Professor Jenkins, I hope I can do some extracurricular activities to earn an "A" in your Human Sexuality class this semester."

Anon: She says, "This would be even more enjoyable if it was my back against the wall."

Six of the best: She. "Sir, I here you give naughty girls 'six of the best'.
He. "Yes, if they don't pass the test".

GaryNTboy: 'Why Mr. Jenkins, I do believe you are blushing'.
'Not as much as your bottom will young lady, after I have spanked you'.

Sunnygirl: What are you going to teach me now, Professor?

Bonnie:  "Biology will never be quite the same."

Mitch: Is the grading curve the same this semester, Professor? A bare bottom spanking over your knee guarantees an A for that quiz or exam?

Ricky: Every professor's dream on how to scratch that seven year itch.

Baxter: Her: Why professor, look at us? You really look like you could use a blowjob to relieve your stress, which I can feel pushing against me.
Him: That would be fine young lady after I spank your bare bottom.

Michael M: My final year, Sir. I really, really will try to be good Sir.

Vfrat25000: Young lady this behavior is totally unacceptable. I’ll give you 30 minutes to stop that.

Linga, are you sure this is how you say hello in Sweden

Miss Jones, I am old enough to be your father!
Then spank me! Who would let their daughter get away with this kind of behavior?

Today’s Chemistry Quiz: What happens when you combine an old professor and a hot 19 year old coed.
1) A professor has an unexplained heart attack
2) A 19 year old coed who can’t add 10 + 10 gets an “A” in Trigonometry
3) A well known math professor suddenly takes a new job as a fry cook at Harry’s Hamburger Emporium
4) All of the above

Betty Lou, you are going to have to find another way to pass this class. My husband Chuck wouldn’t approve.

Hi Professor Franklin,
Wow Michael…You changed a lot during the summer. Are you still Captain of the Football Team?

Hermione: Why no, I don't believe I do have a hall pass. I've been very naughty, haven't I, Sir?

A. Lurker: Miss Able was a trust fund coed whose only purpose in attending college was to obtain her MRS. 

Studying and good grades never mattered until she had the misfortune of taking one  of the exacting Professor Cane’s classes. Professor Cane was never one to tolerate poor grades. 

She soon developed a whole new respect for the handsome Mr. Cane and would do anything for him. But could she use her wiles to convince him to take their relationship further?

Would they become the next “Cane and Able”? Stay tuned for more Complete the Caption brought to you by Hermione !

Thank you all for the educational adventure. Have a productive week!

From Hermione's Heart

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