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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 12

Our discussion this week was whether a spankee keeps any clothing on. Here's what you said.

Ni Na: When I am spanked I have to undress completely. It is already part of the ritual that goes along with it, just like me fetching the cane or hairbrush and arnica. Usually, undressing for hubby is something nice, but as part of the preparation for the upcoming punishment, it is not. In such a moment it is a good way of making me humble and submissive. Probably because these preparations are also done silently, neither hubby nor I speak until I am bottom up over his knees and he starts lecturing.

Fred: There is quite a lot of naked in my life, living in a nudist club it tends to be like that.

But spanking takes place in different locations. If the spankee is dressed then the bottom gets bared for the spanking. Spanking is also a form of sex foreplay so it often ends up with all participants naked.

Joey: The spankee is never naked when I Top them. My play is platonic so my play partners always have panties or a thong. Usually, they are fully dressed when we begin and I pull up skirt. If they have pants on, I ask them to lower the pants before we begin.

Six of the best: First of all Hermione, I sure LOVE. that ice cream bar that pictured. Yammy Yammy. As for how I would like my SPANKEE, to be dressed. I like her to wear a dress or skirt, bra, panties, and garter-belt and stockings. Whereupon I can raise her outer clothing, to the waist, pull down her panties, and see that accented bare bottom of hers, to be spanked.

The tasty treat in the picture was a Nanaimo bar - a traditional Canadian delicacy.

Country Spanker: I don't think I have ever spanked Mrs CS totally naked. I like the ritual of spanking in layers first trousers then knickers and finishing on the bare.

Kim: Here at our house no, not always. It depends on time, where the kids are, what sort of spanking it's going to be. For punishment though yes, always naked at the end for sure! Sometimes removing the clothes of the spankee adds to the effect but so does having them prepare themselves and wait naked in a unladylike position. Whew I am warming just thinking about it!

K8: As a spankee: Often when I am spanked in public, at play parties, I will be naked (if the dungeon rules allow for it.) It adds something for me. However, my partner and I have a Daddy/lg type relationship, and part of this means our spankings at home tend to at least start off as skirt pulled up, panties pulled down, over the knee (I don't do this in public because it's a much more private type of play for me, far more private than getting naked, ironically!)

As a spanker: I generally only do this kind of topping in private, with women, and I generally have my bottom stripped naked first for inspection :)

Welcome, K8!

Baxter: My bottom is always bare for my wife to spank. It helps her know exactly where my bottom is and helps her target where the paddle, spoon or belt will hit. It also helps her determine which part of my butt has not been spanked.

morningstar: As we generally spank downstairs in the family room - and it is generally cooler downstairs - I am allowed to leave my socks on, and my top (though frequently the top will - as some point - be pulled up over my head exposing my back.)

If/when we play publicly I am never naked - always have a thong and bra on.

I like to feel the implements (especially his bare hands) on my bare skin :) He likes to see my ass to judge the hits and watch the welts appear :)

Dan: I am always naked for a spanking. In fact, over many years of this, I do not think she has ever given me the option of being spanked with a stitch of clothes on.

*Bonnie* - I am not always naked when I get spanked but I do always get spanked on a bare bottom. For me its such a naughty feeling to be spanked with my panties bunched around my thighs.

Catherine: I always am spanked bare bottom. We are working on obedience and submission and now my hubby is starting to have me take my jeans off to indicate I will be submitting, he will spank a bit and then he will lower my panties to show me he is in control of the entire process. Humbling for sure and effective.

Dragon's Rose: Not always. I have been spanked fully dressed, pants and panties down and nude. It depends...

Measha: I am typically not naked during a spanking, at least not at the beginning. If his target is only to be my bottom then only my bottom is exposed. Now, if we are playing a bit more than just spanking then I might be nude so that he can access my back and breasts...but that's more of a flogging than a spanking.

The choice is never mine.

 Abby: Most often I am naked from the start. If my undies catch His eye they might stay on a bit longer.

Roz: For us this really depends what he decides at the time. Sometimes only my bottom is bared, sometimes fully naked and others naked from the waist. For role affirmation spankings, I am more often than not naked.

Anon: It entirely depends on the session. Sometimes my pants are pulled down to start out with and then my panties pulled down halfway through, but if I'm already half undressed from previous...activities...the rest of my clothes will come off first.

Minelle: For us it varies. If he throws me across his knee for 'something' cheeky..then it is over clothes and depending on if adult kids are home- will pull my pants and panties down.

If we are in the bedroom often I will have a t-shirt and panties to begin, panties are pulled after a while and then we 'move on' to other things!

Fiona: For us, spankings are administered at various times and with various amounts of clothing. There are times that I'm spanked over jeans, spanked with pants pulled down, pants and panties pulled down, where I'm completely naked. Just depends on the circumstances leading to the spanking and where we are, whose around and how much time we are afforded.

 Arched one: In this house the spankee (me) is always nude and I'm not given an option. When I'm told a spanking is in order, I go to the bedroom and lay out all the implements. (she will decide what to use). I then strip down and put on my spanking panties. I go to her and tell her all is ready, I'm then taken to the bedroom, she pulls my panties down to my knees or off and then I'm told the position to assume.

Bob B: Generally in the bedroom B is always naked; sometimes I might start down stairs with her fully clothed and then see where it leads.

If I am playing it depends, if it is a scenario it would be within the role, if it is someone I know I might start them naked but generally they would be fully clothed and I would peel back the layers as the spanking progressed.

Respecting Mistress: Our ritual is that when I'm sent for the whip (it's a cane but Mistress loves to call it the whip for some reason) I also have to strip and put on my PVC punishment pants - horrible big baggy things that are quite humiliating to wear - and then report with the cane. Once I'm bent over the bench, Mistress pulls them down and then punishes me. The idea is the front of the pants stay in place to keep my genitals covered.

Paolo: As the majority of my spanking play is platonic, they would happen with the spankee fully clothed, however if it is the case that the lady and I have more than a platonic thing going on, the same fully clothed rules apply. I am aware of how beautiful the naked woman’s body is, but I prefer to be left in suspense before this beauty is revealed to me (if you follow me?). The more the lady is covered up, the more there is to be revealed, the longer the fun continues!

Just to add to this, I would like think there are many out there like me who enjoy the idea of ‘dressing up’ for play time. This dressing up was part of the escape from reality if you like with my very first spanking partner. C was not the skirt-wearing type of girl around the office where she worked, never too much femininity on show amongst her co-workers, but this changed for her meetings with me.

Dressing up allowed her to play with her own sexuality during those meetings. The meetings allowed her to completely escape from her everyday life for a few hours and be that ‘fantasy’ person she had seen in film or read about in books. She wore tight or short skirts, pantyhose, or stockings and suspenders, or even the classic white schoolgirl styled socks when she played out the school girl role in uniform …whatever the dress code she fantasised about, she wore it …and then the spanking would begin!

Bogey: We are old school. Dressed in attractive lingerie is the way we like it. Usually bra and panties. Sometimes skirt, slip, hose, heels and pearls.

Most of the spanking is done over her panties, but they come down in the end.

D: I think that spanking S when she is totally nude is rather clinical; it has happened occasionally, but that is when I have decided to spank her when she is already undressed. Let's face it: spanking is a sexual build-up for both of us, and what could be better than having a pretty, smartly dressed lady well bent over, waiting for her spanking. The thrill of tugging up her tight skirt, or tossing up her full one to reveal her nice bottom clad in sexy panties, often with stockings and suspenders, or taking down her clinging trousers, is fantastic. Spank those panties well before taking then down to her knees for the grand finale on her bare reddened bottom, sexily framed by lowered panties, frilly suspenders, and raised skirts. Even so, there is a lot to be said for spanking madam on the seat of her skin tight jeans or thin skirt, provided she is really well bent over, her bottom like a drum.

S: To add to my D's comment above, I know just how much he enjoys watching my curvy bottom, and giving it the frequent spankings it needs and craves, so I adorn it carefully, to present it at its best. What a thrill to be bent over his knee, or a chair, and after a spanking on skirt or jeans to feel his hands slowly uncovering my precious sit-upon, spanking it some more, before baring it for the bare bottom spanking it has been waiting for. I agree that nude spanking is too clinical.

Prefectdt: There being very little by way of Spanko culture here in Belgium, I do very often find myself playing with BDSMers and usually this means getting totally naked, which is something that I do not mind but tend to put up with, rather than desire.

Although I do like play to at least end up "Bare Bottomed", I prefer that only the relevant clothes have to come down for this. And, to start play, the varying sensations of being spanked, caned, etc, over different layers of clothing is an interesting range of physical feelings to experience.

DelFonte: I'm either fully dressed or naked there rarely is much in between.

Ronnie: Varies for us and down to what P decides. It can be a spanking over jeans/trousers, skirt pulled up, spanked over knickers and then knickers pulled down. Very rarely am I fully naked for a spanking.

Ronjon: My wife wants me naked and face down on the bed. I put a towel under me as we use a misting bottle to wet the buns, also to enhance the sting. we use leather all the time. I took some old belts and cut 1/4 " by 18" strips and bound them together. makes a hell of a whip. I also prefer a good 1/4" thick belt. She will stand on each side of the bed whipping one cheek at a time. This goes on until I am nice and red and sore.

Welcome Ronjon!

Terpsichore: All of the above...depends on many factors of time, place, whether one swat or more...all enjoyable to me.

Ricky: Bicycle shorts are fun, especially for a fun spanking. And besides, both partners get a good workout as well.

River Wild: Happy Brunch! I usually have to pull down my pants for my husband, I think he sees it as a sign of submission to what's about to happen. He sometimes will begin and then pull my panties down himself halfway through if he feels like it or thinks I need it. Or if I have chosen not to wear any underwear I get spanked bare but I have occasionally been spanked fresh out of the shower, so I was naked then :)

 Kiwigirliegirl: Sir prefers me naked. I don't like being naked as it makes it feel more of a sex game to me, which I don't want. I'd prefer to be clothed, with him taking the lower layers off a bit at a time during the spanking. as he is the boss, well it hardly ever happens how I'd prefer.

Hermione: Usually I take off my jeans and panties before a spanking begins. (Like morningstar, I prefer to keep my socks on, and they are usually colourfully patterned, which Ron does not approve of, so they give him an added incentive to spank me.) If he has something more intimate in mind he will request that I remove all my clothing.

Thank you all for joining me for this interesting discussion.  If you have a topic you would like to discuss, email me or leave it as a comment here.
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Our Bottoms Burn said...

So you wear colourfully patterned socks to enhance the spanking. LOL BTW, the English spelling of colourfully does not pass the Blogger spell check. Mark that down.

Why not go for broke and get some colourfully patterned leggings?

Aimless Rambling said...

The picture is Ray's favorite breakfast. I have socks like that too that I often wear. Ray calls them my munchkin socks.

Hermione said...

Bogey - Blogger uses the American spellchecker. I follow Canadian spelling conventions.

Leigh - It's one of Ron's favourite (Blogger doesn't like the way that's spelled either) breakfasts too.