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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 19

Our discussion this week concerned spanking positions that you just wouldn't want to be in. Here are your responses.

*Bonnie*: Its funny, I have tried almost all of those positions and NOPE, haven't found one I don't like. As long as I'm getting spanked, I'll stand on my head if have to its all good to me.

Six of the best: Hermione, this is my view on spanking positions. I would NOT use the FACE UP position, because it does NOT turn me sexually or erotically on.

Simon: I can't think of a position that I wouldn't do. I'm getting older and a little infirm so there are some positions that I find difficult and others that cause a few aches and pains but none that I wouldn't try although I may not be able to hold them for long. I haven't tried Bonnie's suggestion of standing on my head, perhaps I should suggest that to my disciplinarian next time.

Dragon's Rose: My head can't be too low. It triggers a headache and kills the mood.

Sunny Girl: I don't like my head hanging down, other than that I'm good.

Reece Seever: Of all the positions that might not work, surprisingly, we just can't do OTK. She says she can't get enough force and momentum going, and it doesn't work well with larger, heavier implements like the paddle and bath brush.

Kenzie: We haven't done the "diaper position" and for some reason I think I'd hate it. I'd feel too vulnerable and just wouldn't be able to focus. Other than that, I think I'm fine with whatever he picks. :)

Minelle: I am not really sure. We are much more traditional in the positioning so I bet we would not try new positions.

Ricky: I prefer not to stand on my head, because then all the blood would go there, rather than to somewhere else.

Terpsichore: I'll try anything once...though there are many that physically might be difficult for me for any length of time or positions which may feel more vulnerable. Mostly we do over the knee or over the bed and I love those positions.

Kady: I don't think I could ever try the bent over holding ankles; I think I would topple over....or if it got too intense my feet might be tempted to start walking. I have a risk of a vertigo episode with anything that would have my head down. We are very traditional using mostly over the leg at the end of the bed, with my upper body supported by the bed. If I'm in serious trouble, it is occasionally over pillows on the bed, which I try to avoid at all cost!

Bob B: I like to spank in most positions but I do not think I would try the diaper position. It is a position that does not turn me on and it looks very uncomfortable for the spankee. Being spanked by me is probably uncomfortable enough.

Arched one: First let me say I love your Brunches. We both love to experiment with positions and have tried most. For me standing bent over with hands on knees or ankles does not work. Other than those two I'd present my bottom for spanking in any position she wants. Why? Because we are kinky and love to play!

Thank you!

NiNa: We have tried most of these positions, but somehow the one we favour most is over the knee.

Roz: My least favourite positions would be standing bent over and the diaper position. For us it is mostly over the knee or the bed.

Dr. Ken: I absolutely would not want to try and spank a lady using the so-called "diaper position". OTK is so much better for me as a spanker...

S: Before I met D, I had a boy friend who introduced me to erotic spanking. This was nice, until one day I was lying on the bed, and he suddenly pulled my hands up, and tied them to the bed rail; that felt exciting, but then he scooped up my legs right over and tied my ankles next to my hands. That was horrid; I was lying on my shoulders my bottom sticking straight up, gaping wide to expose the bits in the middle. He used a thin martinet; that did not produce the usual sexy smart, just left me very sore, with the tails straying into my middle bits, and then we had sex in that position ! As soon as he let me go, I dressed and left, and I never saw him again.

Fred: Call me old fashioned, or maybe because I am British, but it's either OTK or bent over a chair or similar, all the other positions don't do it for me at all.

morningstar: The one position I am not "into" so to speak is the old fashioned spanking benches - where one is stretched out over a type of saw horse (wider with padding) and has knee rests on each side.

The one time W put me on one (at a private play party) I faced sheer terror. I couldn't explain very well - but within seconds I was begging W tearfully to get me off. Afterwards - when I was calm and could think about it - I didn't like the feeling of total exposure.

Any other position is fine - but I do not like the old fashioned spanking benches (as I call them).

Ronnie: We've tried lots of positions. My least favourite are the diaper position and standing bent over. Also don't like my heading hanging down.

Baxter: My wife prefers me leaning over the bed, bent slightly over hanging on to a workbench and, my favorite, over a pile of pillows in the middle of the bed. She does not take me OTK as it hurts her hand and I don't know why. She prefers to have a wooden spoon, belt, paddle, or spatula to spank me with. I would try the diaper position as well as being tied down over a spanking bench or horse.

Tricia: I would like to think I would try any position he wanted me in. Not 100% sure on this though I'm sure he would encourage me along ;-) I'm OTB for a punishment spanking but however for a fun one!

Welcome, Tricia!

Quiet Sara: We have tried many of those spankings. I did not like the diaper position and hate that it is called that... although your chart refers to it as "face up." I also don't like anything with my head down as many others have stated. We used to do a lot of tying up for fun back in our early days but not anymore... there's a little playful smack here and there but mostly we use spanking for DD now so we stick to otb or otk positions.

Prefectdt: I'm not saying that I would not consider it but I have never tried and am not too keen on trying the "Wheelbarrow" position. As most of my spankings are and have been non sexual encounters, this position is just a bit too crotch to crotch and over personal for the kind of play that I usually enjoy. I think that I would be willing to have a go at it if I found a spanking partner that was also a sexual partner but as I do not deliberately look for this type of partner, the chances of this happening are slim.

Country Spanker: Diaper position is a no no for us. Horrible name and it hurts Mrs CS's back and she would prefer her bottom hurting.

Houston Switch: I like any position where my back/chest is supported. Hanging down over side of bed is ok for short periods. Like diaper position but have to protect private parts.

Bonnie: We've tried most of these, I think. I have favorites (OTK Bed) and least favorites (Face up / Diaper), but none of these are an absolute limit.

What I would not consider is being suspended by my ankles, standing on my head, or doing a handstand. We've never tried these and I'm fairly certain we never will.

Respecting Mistress: Having to bend over and grab my ankles. I'd last two seconds in that position due to my age and inflexibility! I'd hate the diaper position but only because it seems like it exposes the sit spot more and would sting like hell!

Hermione: I'm willing to try any position that Ron suggests, but the one thing I would be really frightened of trying is being spanked while suspended in mid-air.  Since neither of us has any interest in rope bondage, that's not likely to happen.

Thank you to all who participated. Please join us again next weekend for another spirited discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

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