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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 27

Our topic this week was when we first realized our interest in spanking.

Simcor: Oh, I was very young. My first actual memory, I don't know, but I remember me that in a lot of fantasies I had people were spanked both in a school or judicial setting.

Annapurna: For some things, I’ve a good memory. Spanking is one of them.

I was two years old when I started. By the time I was four, I was into self-spanking, and soon started using a hairbrush or something similar.

My mother was to blame. I received only one punishment spanking from her on the bare bottom, and even then, it was no more than a dozen swats with her hand. I cried because I was young and felt violated and wrongly accused. Later, when I was twelve, she pulled me across her lap, this time I was fully clothed, and she tried to do the same thing. I’m not even sure what I had done, probably nothing. I didn’t feel anything; it was almost a joke and so out of place with reality.

However, that wasn’t the main issue between her and me. It was all the other times, and they were many. Whenever she hugged me, she slapped my bottom using her hand, firmly but playfully. It was a daily occurrence. No one seemed to notice, but me. That went on from birth up until I was eight years old.

You see, spanking runs in my family on my mother's side. Maybe it was also part of the culture at that time. When I was five, for example, a nurse slapped my bare bottom before I received a shot by the doctor. I guess the nurse couldn’t resist. Why is that?

What wasn’t part of the culture, however, was my mother’s habit of our getting dressed together in the bathroom. It was her idea, why, I don’t know. That went on for about a year until I was four. I still remember her standing naked in front of me before I became disassociated and blacked out.

Despite its early onset and plenty of time for me to grow accustomed to it, I still feel uncomfortable with spanking. While switchable, I like the burn of wood or leather and enjoy being taken, but being raped, beaten, or dehumanized is something else. I couldn’t live in a DD relationship either; I would simply break into pieces. Spanking is certainly arousing for me, but I’ve seen instances on the Internet that feel a little too violent, or the submissive appears to give away all of his or her will to the one in charge.

Dan: I don't recall having any interest in spanking at all until I was in my mid-30s. And, I can remember the precise event that changed things. I saw a segment of the HBO series Real Sex that involved spanking. I don't think I had ever even thought about spankings as a sexual activity, yet as I watched television that night I was just incredibly stimulated by the whole idea. It was maybe a year later than I stumbled on the concept of spanking as part of domestic discipline. The feeling was even more powerful, unlike anything I had experienced before. I've been hooked ever since.

Hobbes: The earliest I can remember having this fascination was about ten or eleven years old though it may have been there earlier and I do not remember. And I know now that I was not alone since a few of my male friends had as much or more interest in it as I did; we spent plenty of time talking about it and not in just a passing way. By the age of twelve I was a definite, committed spanko!

Roz: I know my fascination with spanking started as a young child. Not sure why as I was never spanked apart from the occasional slap on the leg.

Bob B: My First memory was when I was around 8 years old. I heard the neighbor shout at his daughter who was older than me, something like you are never to old for a spanking young lady. Even at that young age I was immediately aroused. My addiction has continually increased from that day.

Sir Wendel: Mom was a believer in spanking as punishment. She had an actual paddle that kept me from sitting on many occasions. Once in a great while she would use the belt. One summer day after I turned 13 Mom took me to my room and gave me a whipping on the bare bottom. When it was over she left closing the door behind her. I stood up and caught a glimpse of the woman next door through the windows. I secretly watched her change into her swim suit with my sore bottom still exposed. I have been fascinated with spanking ever since.

Arched one: I was not spanked as a child, but somehow I found that there were a lot of nerve endings on the cheeks and I began self spanking when I was about 8 using a fly swatter. I've been hooked since. My wife has been spanking me for the past 20 years and I love it.

Nina: I was never spanked as a child and I have only seen a few harmless spanking scenes on tv, which I found funny, but not more. Hubby was the one who introduced me to it while dating and courting and he made it veeerrrry exciting for me. The first spankings I experienced were on the very erotic side of life and not meant to discipline me. But the clever man had done that on purpose to introduce me to the real deal step by step. He was so good at spanking me that I think about spankings a lot lately, because I can't have them until our baby is there.

D: At school we had a game in which the loser had to bend over, and get whacked with a gym shoe by the winner. I enjoyed being the winner, but also got a thrill from being the loser.

It as not until my late teens, that I finally got a young lady across my knees, and was able to give her a good spanking across the seat of her skirt. I loved every moment of it, and I don't think the young lady minded too much either ! It wasn't much later that the skirt came up, and I spanked her white cotton panties, and finally, a while later, these came down, and I gave my first, and she got her first bare bottom spanking. I never looked back!

Baxter: My parents did not spank me and my sister hated that because she did get spanked. But it interested me probably starting around age 10 or so. I would grab a bread board from the kitchen and self spank my bare bottom. I would also enjoy reading stories in magazines about spanking and have been a spanko now for over 45 years.

Respecting Mistress: I was ten years old and a boy in my year at junior school - as it was called then - was sent to head for misbehaviour and the talk was he would be caned. I was horrified to think what that experience might be like - but also fascinated, even though I didn't understand why.

We moved house that same year and I went to a different junior school and I recall one teacher taking great delight in telling us how he got the strap and cane when he was a child.... Again I was horrified, but fascinated - and aroused.

I still didn't understand me feelings , but looking back, that was the foundation of my lifelong interest in CP, even though I was never caned at school or spanked at home.

River: My earliest memory of anything spanking related is when I was 5 years old, reading the Little House on The Prairie books. I was fascinated that there was a father involved and caring enough to discipline his daughter. That started a lifelong fascination with male power and responsibility. I didn't discover sexual spanking and Dd until after I was married :-)

Bogey: I was spanked at home and school from the first grade on. I spanked girlfriends from 14/15 on. But it was not until I was 19 that I got sexually excited by spanking and that was at first getting spanked.

I introduced Bacall to spanking before we married. But, it was over 10 years later until we discovered that I was doing it all wrong for her. Easy change.

Jenny: As a teenager, I remember that I was embarrassed and tried not to reveal my true interest in spanking scenes on TV and in movies (can't remember which ones - maybe Taps?). My first conscious memory of feeling a sexual response to spanking was when I browsed through some sociology reading materials in the college bookstore. Soon after that, I discovered Nancy Friday's books about women's sexual fantasy and my faves all involved spanking. Other themes did not interest me at all. That was the start of the path to where I am now.

Pecan Nutjob: I was spanked as a child, mostly by my mother, including on the bare. It was not very frequent, but let's say that if we did something really stupid or harmful, we could expect being dragged to some bedroom, then pants would come down.

So during childhood, spankings were associated with shame... especially because if I got a spanking it meant that I had done something really bad.

Some people say they dreaded spankings when they were children. I did not (my mom used moderate strength and no implement), but neither did I desire them, quite the contrary.

My interest with spanking arose later during teenage years, say age 15-18. I had fantasies of a governess of a loving but no-nonsense kind, who would not shy away from spanking me if needed or (oh the shame) from taking my temperature rectally (I had been anal-sensitive since early teenage years, perhaps as a result of getting suppositories during childhood) or other embarrassing treatments.

Needless to say, such fantasies were impossible to convey to my girlfriends from the time, and my early university attempts at hints that my bottom needed attention were unsuccessful.

Ronnie: I was never spanked as a child as as far as I know none of my friends were either so it wasn't until I was at high school when I heard about a boy being caned at the local grammar school. Then it wasn't until later when I met P that spanking actually came into play.

Hermione: I was around four years old when I first realized that spanking turned me on. My aunt and uncle had come for a visit with their son who was my age. During their stay I saw for the first time how little boys differed from little girls anatomically. I also saw my cousin being spanked by my aunt. She touched his bottom frequently as a sign of affection, and he tried to do the same to mine, probably because it was natural to do so in his family. The outcome of that summer was that I thought of spanking whenever I masturbated, and subsequently noticed (and saved) colour comics and cartoons of spankings, even though I was unable to read yet. The rest is history.

Thank you all for your recollections. Have a safe and productive week!
From Hermione's Heart

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