Monday, June 2, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch for June 1

Our topic this week was describing a time when you should have been spanked but weren't. This is what you said:

Annapurna: That would be most every day, if I were to think about it. I have sass down to a science. Truthfully, though, the upside is I can sit much more comfortably. It makes writing that much easier.

Sunny Girl: Cheated is the answer to all those questions.

Dan: It happens fairly frequently. While my wife has good intentions, her follow through sometimes needs some work. It is fairly frequent that I do something stupid, like socializing a little too hard after work. Often, I not only know I deserve to be punished, but part of me knows I need it just for the boundaries and consequences it entails. When it doesn't happen, in the short-term I feel relief, but I know that in dodging the bullet I missed an opportunity to have some control imposed on me, and that control ultimately makes me feel better and more balanced. So, in avoid short-term pain I also sacrifice some long-term gain.

River: Wow, this hadn't happened in quite some time. Ash is ever vigilant these days, and I always tell on myself if he isn't present to witness my naughtiness :-) I don't recall a specific time, but I know that if I need a spanking and don't get one, I feel off for sure. If I need one for stress relief and don't get one, a meltdown may occur. If I did something wrong, the guilt is likely to keep harping at me.

Arched one: I can't remember when I deserved a spanking and didn't get one. There are times I crave a spanking and I give R one of our implements, she gets the hint and tells me what other implements she wants. There have been times when R just does not want to spank me and I'm left with an empty feeling, as being spanked makes me feel closer to her.

Simcor: Well, I procrastinate my studies too often and I never got spanked for that, but I should really be spanked for that.

Ronnie: Can't bring one particular naughty thing I did that I should have been spanked for.

Roz: Hmm, I can't bring one particular occasion to mind but frequently and usually it's usually my mouth running away on me!

Nina: Hi Hermione, I do crave spankings so much at the moment. But hubby wouldn’t do that until winter, when baby is there and no harm can be done. I dream of situations when I might get spanked, and this happens more often than ever. Now that I cannot have them, I learn how much I miss them.

Dee: Lol Sunny :)

I can't think of any offhand but know I've definitely been in all 3 situations :)

Respecting Mistress: There have been a couple of times recently when I've raised my voice (not shouted as such - but definitely got louder!) when taking a contrary view to Mistress.

Mistress can be a bit like like Dan - A disciplined Hubby's wife and not enforce some of the more pertinent issues. Both times I've mentioned something else has prevented immediate correction, and then the issues get forgotten.

For my part I feel that both of us would have benefitted if I'd been punished and I certainly bad that I'd 'got away' with breaking one of our golden, but unwritten rules about talking back.

Katie: Hmm... The other day I undermined Rob in front of our 16 year old. I totally thought it was a very bad choice to make. Rob did too but we talked about it and with kids around, there was no chance for a spanking. Rob is more of an "in the moment" kind of guy- minus the shopping troubles of past. I think. So I am pretty sure that there will be no spanking. He did say something about building credits. He chuckled though. And I felt bad anyway so I learned a thing or two. :) So there you have it! :)

Hermione: I often think I should be spanked for certain crimes of omission or commission, but Ron does not do punishment spankings. His take on it is that spanking is something I enjoy, so my punishment is to not be spanked. In my opinion, he misses many golden opportunities to spank me and bring us closer together.

Thank you all for contributing to this week's discussion. Have a safe, sane and consensual week!

From Hermione's Heart


ricky said...

I've asked this before about identifying your appetizers.
Let me guess on this one.
Dried out chicken balls on top of
an ashtray, right?

Hermione said...

Ricky - Close. They're zqueijos.


ricky said...

What's a zqueijo?

Go ahead, I deserve it!

- ricky

Hermione said...

Sorry, Ricky, that's queijos (without the 'z'). I think the picture is of some sort of deep-fried balls with cheese.