Sunday, July 20, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 20

Our topic was spanking fantasies, and the response was enthusiastic.

Nick: Very simple. When my lovely Asian girlfriend figured out I loved spanking, she used it to control our lovemaking. The harder she wanted me the harder she spanked, while we coupled, missionary style.

Amber: Sir has helped me make many fantasies come true over the years. Some by surprise, some by me voicing them. One favorite was to finally be dominated and spanked by Him and another female at one time.

Welcome, Amber and Nick!

River: I am usually very vocal about my fantasies, but not always too specific. So Ash has gotten used to fulfilling them in surprising ways, which is perfect for a sub who doesn't want to be in charge of the details, or much else for that matter ;-)

Sir Wendel: My fantasy was always about a sexy maid in skimpy outfit. For one of our anniversary trips my misses bought a French maid costume. Every time we were in the hotel room she wore it and started cleaning the room. If she dropped or spilled something I would take her over my lap, pull her panties down and spank her. Since we didn't leave the room much her bottom remained red for the five days we were there.

Dr. Ken: For the longest time my fantasy was just spanking, hoping to find a lady to spank. I had no luck with girlfriends or finding anyone local. I finally answered a personal ad from a lady in Rhode Island, we hit it off, I flew out, and the fantasy finally became reality. And I've been going to spanking parties and meeting people for spanking ever since. So, fantasy fulfilled!

Still working on that cheerleader fantasy, though... :-)

Six of the best: Yes, my lady friend took on the role as a naughty school teacher, and I played the part of a school-boy. Since lateness to class was her error, I got to spank her. A beautiful fantasy came to life.

Underling: Great topic, Hermione, and already some lovely responses. I think this will end up a real feel-good thread - it's nice to hear about people's dreams being fulfilled :).

Like Dr. Ken, I had fantasies about spanking for a long time before I finally got to indulge them - first as a spankee, with a pro Domme, and later as a spanker.

I'm in the lucky position of having a spankee for a girlfriend - at one time I'd have thought that laughably unlikely, so that in itself is an overarching fantasy fulfilled. And because we already have that shared kinkiness as a foundation, we both find it really easy to open up about all the more specific little fantasies we have within it. I think I enjoy making hers come true at least as much as she does mine! :) 

Ronnie: Had all but one of my fantasies come true. Coincidence, that fantasy is my post for tomorrow.

Great minds think alike!

Respecting Mistress: My fantasy was to live with a Lady who believed in using old fashioned disciplinary methods to keep me in line. I can't believe I'm now living that fantasy...

Enzo: Yes, one in particular comes to mind. My partner took the hint and entire lead. She showed up and surprised me with a little gem; hidden up to that point in her purse. It was an old fashioned thermometer. For me to use on her.

Hermione: My fantasy while I was growing up was being spanked by a tall, dark, handsome man, and I was fortunate to find that man thirty years ago. Although my mind wanders to other fantasies from time to time, that's still my favourite.

Thank you to all who contributed. Coming up next - some exciting news. You'll never guess who's back!

From Hermione's Heart

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