Monday, July 7, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 6

Our topic this week was the number of spanking implements you own.

Annapurna: I prefer the hand, whether it hurts or not, because of the intimate feel. I like a hollow-core hair brush and a standard bath brush. I love the sensation of a good leather strap or a leather hand paddle.

Dan: I may be missing one or more, but I think we have about 13, not counting "pervertables" such as hairbrushes: two fraternity-style wooden paddles, one lexan paddle, one thin "ruler" style paddle, one paddle brush, three bath brushes, one leather punishment strap, one rubber strap, one prison strap, one loopy johnny, and one or more canes.

Downunder Don: I am embarrassed to say that the number is up around the 50 mark. Various paddles, all hand made of wood, lexan or leather, floggers, brushes, belts, crops and canes.

Despite all this the favorite is still the ever reliable hand.

Respecting Mistress: Hmm, we have rather too many I fear. There are seven canes, two of them Dragon canes and two Delrin. All four (which come from Quality Control) are horrible - especially as Mistress likes to use them full force. We have three wooden paddles, two leather tawses, a loopy Johnny and a three tailed whip with thongs made from plastic tube (from Cane-iac). Out of them all, I have a love/hate/love relationship with the thin Dragon. The hate bit is when it's being used on my bottom. The love bit is the intoxicating fear before and the satisfaction of having taken it afterwards.

Bonnie: I don't think I can answer this question. We have at least twenty items that anyone would identify as bottom beating implements - paddles, straps, crops, and so forth.

Beyond that, it's open season for my husband. He'll pick up a slipper, bungee, piece of wood from the garage, wooden cribbage board, kitchen tool, or whatever. Next thing I know, I'm bent over and wondering why he is spanking me with that thing and how it can hurt so much.

Sunny Girl: I think we have somewhere in the range of twenty or some, but like Bonnie, anything is possible.

Ricky: What are you going to do, eh? Have us all arrested?
Oh, excuse me, officer, I just wandered in here.

No, Ricky, this isn't meant to incriminate anyone. I won't tell the fuzz a thing.

Simcor: I own two objects: a hairbrush I bought myself, and a 50cm long ruler I got from my dad (I told him I need it to draw straight lines). Oh and I have an umbrella I bought many years ago, for spanking use.

Anon: We have all sorts of weapons, with several canes at the top of the scale, but I still prefer the hard male hand landing on the soft female bottom, and this is no easy option; a lengthy and vigorous hand spanking, can leave me howling and wriggling across his lap.

morningstar: I am not sure I can count that high. If W has a fetish it is for the next toy... the new creation...

We have 3 whips, at least 4 paddles, at least 8 floggers, numerous knives, (oh wait you said spanking implement so ignore the knives - though W has been known to whack me with them), we have 2 canes, 4 crops, about 5 different leather straps... le sigh.... and a kitchen drawer full of implements just for his pleasure (cooking??? you use THIS for cooking?!!)

Just managed to talk him out of purchasing a new flogger made from (of all things) seat belt material - out of the back of a car - I argued the legalities of buying anything out of the back of a car - even a car of someone we know - and won!!

But like I said more toys than I can count... it's his fetish not mine... I HATE toys (nodding nodding - yup yup that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!)

Baxter: As a confirmed spanko, there are many tools around the house that could be pressed into service. In the kitchen, we have four spatulas, one of which has been used effectively by my wife. In my model railroad room, there are dowels and strips of wood and a wire brush. One of the dowels was used by my wife one day and my butt was sore for a while. In her workshop, there are some wool combs that are laminated paddles that do a good job when my wife deals with me. Of course in the bedroom, there is a paddle, wooden spoon and a couple of leather belts, all of which have seen a lot of use. I think a spanko can see the potential use of almost anything as a spanking tool.

Ronnie: We have about 50 not counting P's hands:)

Nina: I don't think that we have ever counted, but it should be about 20+ implements. Several canes, crops, paddles, hairbrushes, wooden spoons, a belt and probably some which I forgot about.

Jackie: Not fair for me to comment I suppose. I have a dungeon upstairs and downstairs and lots of play parties in my house, so 100 or probably more toys. And rope and clamps and stocks and spanking bench and fisting sling and tit bar. But in our bedroom hangs the fearsome wooden paddle. Belt. Cane. Quirt and nipple clamps. The mean kind of day-to-day toys.

Hermione: We have a lot more than I thought! There are 20 medium and large implements hanging on a row of pegs on the wall or in a drawer in the cabinet below. That includes five that I bought on impulse but haven't dared show to Ron yet. Then there are 13 more small paddles and brushes in the box under the bed. Finally in another drawer there are seven wooden implements that have various vanilla purposes - like a wine bottle holder - that have never been used for their original intention. he walking sticks by the door and the bamboo canes in the garden are also used for the occasional swat, but aren't in regular use for spanking. We have a jar of wooden spoons, spatulas and so forth in the kitchen, but they are uses strictly for cooking so I can't count them.

That's quite a range in the number of toys! Have fun with them!
From Hermione's Heart

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