Saturday, July 11, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Baxter: Off screen man: I told you to not take my truck off road. You better get all the mud and dead animals off my truck or this cold water spray will turn into a spanking.
Woman: actually I would rather a spanking than cleaning your stupid truck.

Six of the best: Splish, splash, I'll soon feel the lash. Of a cane, that will pain galore, my bottom made sore.

Renee Rose: And the next time you borrow my truck without asking, you'll lose your clothing privileges for a week!

Nina: Next time I'll have finished washing your car in time, so that I won't need this sort of reminder again. Thank you for the spanking, oooohh, and thank you for cooling my bottom, Sir.

Misty: "I'm disappointed in you, I expected it ALL to be clean. It's important to have clean should know this! Now, a little to the left!"

Ronnie: After you've finished washing the truck we'll see if what they say is true - that a spanking hurts more on a wet bottom.

Ray: "couldn't find my bathing suit."

Welcome, Ray!

ricky: Oh! Oh! Please don't stop!
Oh, aaah ... oooh....

(I know, I know--censored!--right?)

Michael M: I said spray the arch, dammit!

Victor: A cold shower outside here is one way to cool off a hot ass like hers. A hot shower inside her is a better way!

Vfrat25000: George, why is there a naked lady outside our house washing your truck?
That’s our new neighbor Michelle. She was sunbathing and asked if I needed any help washing the truck. I knew you wouldn’t mind. You are always telling me I need to be more social with our neighbors!

Jimmy…Your grown sister is NOT a mermaid
Is too!
Whenever she gets into the water she turns into a mermaid.
OK Let’s see what happens. Hand me that hose!
Oh WOW...That beats a mermaid all to heck!

You wash the truck and I’ll wash you!

It’s really amazing how helpful the neighbors get after you win the lottery

Dad, what does the term “birthday suit” mean?
It means you are running around without clothes on. Why do you ask?
Somebody said our next door neighbor is washing her truck in her birthday suit while her boyfriend sprays her with a hose.
Go to your room, George. Dad needs to check on this!

Leigh: Make sure to clean all the cracks.

Sir Wendel: You missed a spot.

King Span: That's one way to beat those workin' at the carwash blues.

Hermione: For the last time, John, tell me where you hid my clothes, or I'll key your new paint job.

From Hermione's Heart

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