Monday, February 26, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 25

Which do you prefer: the written word or pictures and videos?

abby: My preference is the written word...leaving lots to my imagination and my interpretation

Anon 1: Still pictures, I then add my own caption of communication. I find two pictures stimulate me the most, one is of the male naked between two females, one holding a ruler, his bottom red, there other younger in the kitchen. I always think of the male caught masturbating in the bathroom, the mother-in-law catches him and uses the ruler to spank him, then take him to the kitchen to tell his wife what he was doing. The other is the person naked over a older woman's lap, women sitting on the couch watching.

Baxter: I find the written word arouses me much more than the still picture. However a well done, erotic still picture can be arousing. can conjure arousal also. What I am getting at is that all three options can be arousing to different degrees. I enjoy reading stories on and anywhere else I can find them.

Anon 2: I have to admit that as a writer, my preference is the written word. There's nothing better than a well written story, be it about spanking or not, to keep me enthralled. I do have to admit that I also love spanking videos, though finding good ones is somewhat of a challenge. My pet peeve with both genres, however, is the fixation on schoolgirls and young women in their 20s and 30s, and the scarcity of stories and movies featuring mature women – women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older – being spanked. The maxim, "a woman is never too old to be spanked," is not reflected in much of what's available. In my opinion, there is nothing more erotic or stimulating than reading about or watching a mature woman draped over a gentleman's lap as he bares and spanks her squirming, ample bottom, all the while ignoring her protests that she's too old to be treated in such a manner.

Ripley: I prefer reading stories. As Abby said, this allows me to use my imagination and interpretation.

Sir Wendel: The misses prefers reading and using her imagination. I enjoy both written and visual. I like to imagine the scene I am reading and also create my own comments from the pictures.

Ricky: I'm sorry, I just can't get past those two pieces of well buttered toast; they look good enough to eat.
I know, I know, they're symbols, right? Now, if I could only figure out what they mean. Hmm....
Err, could you give me a hint?

Ricky, there is a subliminal image of a well-spanked bum somewhere in the picture.


Roz: I prefer reading, as some of the others said,it allows me to use my imagination. Also, there is often more build up and scene setting with the written word than with pictures.

Ronnie: I like both but the written word more. As others have said, it allows me to use my imagination and interpretation.

Bogey: I prefer illustrated stories. I abhor non-consensual spanking stories, even ones that are very well-crafted.

Anon 3: A picture speaks a thousand words, can be interrupted many ways. Single male, early 20's, desire to be spanked, and yet very careful in letting it be known. Have had some bad experiences. I find the old woman giving the spanking to a younger man I can think of so many ways to tell the story. It is when the picture and for no other way to put it, so sorry in advance, I get a hard on. I find myself looking at the picture, and sitting on the toilet, stroking away. I just wish one day I find a woman who understands.

Anon 4: Let your mind "show the story", looking at a picture, for me, an "Motherly" woman is a sure turn on. I've enjoyed many moments looking at a male being properly spanked and thinking of the reason why. Being led by the ear down the hall naked, laying across a woman's lap kicking and squirming, face the "corner" afterwards and being seen by a visitor, the best is being married, your mother-in-law wishes to have a "talk" with you and your wife watches the spanking, only to be given a spanking by her next. In this day and age, the talk on women being taken advantage of, it is safer to keep to oneself their sexual turn-on. It is blogs like this, that do us males who wish to be spanked a big favor, provide a safe place, provide the stories we build on. So saying Thank you is not enough, this male surely appreciates your blog and words don't do justice to say Thank You.

Anon 4, thank you for your very kind words. I'm delighted that my efforts are providing you with some satisfaction and companionship.

KDPierre: All I want is to feel a connection to what I'm seeing, reading, etc. I want something of quality and honesty. I want to feel like I'm looking at something that feels true...even if its fiction. If I could find this more easily in a video, I'd probably watch more videos. But videos are normally terrible, fake-looking, awkward, poorly-acted romps with absurd story-lines.

If I could find this in stories, I'd probably read more stories...but as it is, I can hardly find what I'm looking for anywhere. Most stories are: sub was bad, sub got caught, Top took charge and spanked sub, whack-whack-whack-whack,the end. >YAWN<

The closest thing to what I'm looking for is probably a good blog with real people participating and so I suppose that is my preferred medium...but even that is getting harder and harder as Tumblrs replace interactive blogs as popular destinations, and participation on blogs declines further and further.

Enzo: Despite being a truly visual person, I prefer the written word. My problem as I mention often is finding written stories to my apparently unique tastes. Opposite of what seems to be popular, I do not like the typical full-on consent in stories (these are fantasies remember) or stories where spanking is introduced to a non-willing participant and she instantly becomes an advocate after her first spanking. This is the reason I often write my own stories (as unpopular as they may be) because they mostly have scenarios I want to read about. The other element that I often find missing in erotic stories is the graphic depiction of the spankings themselves.

As much as I enjoy videos, I often watch them with the volume turned down. LOL. Honestly. The acting is often so bad it becomes distracting.

Lea: I definitely prefer videos. Though I am an avid reader, if I see a blog is posting a fictional story, 9 times out of 10 I skip that post. I can be very picky with writing style.

Amy: For me, the story line is as important as the spanking itself so I find reading does more for me than videos. However, the occasional video that builds in the offence, the lecture, the corner time; I'm hooked!

Hermione: I love to read a well-written spanking story. The beauty of it is that I make up images in my mind to go with the test, and I can replay those images over and over, any time, anywhere.

I'm very pleased that the topic went over so well and that so many of you participated. We heard several new voices today, and I hope they will return for more brunches. Everyone is always welcome here!
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Anonymous said...

Anon 4 - they are, I know one day I will find such a woman, but please keep doing what you are doing, I would be in so much trouble.

ricky said...

No kidding?
I guess I missed that. Son of a bum. I mean gun. Yes, my all means, Son of a bum/gun, . . . whatever.