Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birching - Lesson One

There's a tutorial on the Spanking Wiki that shows you step by step how to make a birch rod. The picture of the finished product above is from the tutorial.

I would love to hear from anyone who makes one.

From Hermione's Heart


The Headmaster said...

I have been known to, but my days of cutting fresh young stems and soaking them in brine are long gone. A whippy cane is so much easier!

ronnie said...

In the tutorial Hermione it doesn't see to mention anything about soaking them. P's made a couple and I know he soaked his. So, do you soak or not? I wonder?


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy D'artagnan's not a diy kinda guy! But we do have one that his grandma gave to me to give to him that was her dad's! I just thought it was a cute thin walking cane! I'm a little naive! But thanks to the good folks out here we figured it out! Now I'm wondering why she gave it to me... just kidding... I'm not THAT naive!

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about birches (except that they hurt like hell), but thought I'd share this giggle. When I first saw the title of your blog on Spanking Universe, out of the corner of my myopic eyes, I thought the title read: "Bitching -- Lesson One."

I thought to myself, well, there's one tutorial I don't need... :-) -- Erica


Soaking these is only going to be necessary with twigs that are not freshly cut, it should make no difference at all to any twigs cut that day. Contrary to popular belief, Winter cut twigs will not be more brittle than Summer cut twigs, as long as they come from a live tree. I have found that Betula jaquemontii (Himalayan Birch) makes a better spray birch than Betula pendula (weeping Birch) as the ends of the twigs of the later tend to be a bit weedy and break off too easily. I have never experienced Spray birches made from Betula Papyrifera, which is the Birch most commonly found in the North American continent, it would be nice to hear how this goes on in play.

That was a bit of a therapeutic comment, combing hortic and spanko knowledge :)


Hermione said...

Headmaster - That's a viable alternative.

Ronnie - Prefectdt answered your question much better than I could have.

FunKayLynn - Wasn't that sweet of her!

Erica - Thanks for the laugh. As the saying goes, you could bitch for England.

Prefectdt - That's valuable information. Our day jobs sometimes come in handy!


Daisychain said...

I must admit I am curious about these and yet I am sure the very first swat would be enough to assuage my curiosity!!!!
Hugs xxxxxxxxxx

nordic said...

Cut at any time of the year, birch twigs (like other switches) have an enormously sharper sting when they are fresh and carry the weight of natural moisture in the fabric of the cells. Dry birches can also sting, but they dont last many minutes when used.
A birch rod should have only 2-4 very straight twigs to cause most pain.
Here are some good ones: