Monday, October 31, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 30

Why do women spank?

Jack: Thank You for posting this, appreciate, and look forward to the comments. 

Roz: This is an interesting question. I am on the receiving end of a spanking so can't really comment much, except to say I have spanked Rick on the odd occasion in play. At times I did enjoy being on the other end (so to speak), but ultimately, not 100% comfortable.

Rosco: I’m a submissive man and will try to answer for my dominant wife, Irene.

At first, she spanked me because it was important to me. But she got totally into it after several years, escalating into other forms of discipline that push me to the limit. But spankings (with whip, strap or paddle) are a constant, and she’s more into it than me. We don’t take it seriously but she confesses she likes to make it hurt.

Prefectdt: Again, I am not in a position to give you a personal answer, but I have asked a lot of spankers this question over the years. And received a wide range of answers. Some examples are "Because I like getting paid for doing this", "Because it turns me on and my husband is not going to know why, but we are going to have a really special time, two minutes after I get through the door" and from an older first-timer, "I have wanted to do this my whole life and just can't suppress it any more". Not exact wordings, but you get the idea. I do hope that some spanking women take part in this weekend's brunch. I suspect there are as many different answers as there are female spankers in the world.

Nele: n the beginning I mostly did it because it was something that my husband needs to be happy. I wasn't really into it, but I also didn't mind doing it if it was something he wanted. He has done a lot of things he doesn't really care about to make me happy, so I was willing to give it a try when he opened up about it.

Making him happy is still a huge part of it, but over time it also became a way to vent my frustrations. Feels really great to let him have it, after he pissed me off with something or after a bad day at work. I struggled with this for while once I realized that is what was going on, but decided it's fine as long as I make sure not to be excessive and respect his limits. He also didn't seem to mind when I told him about it, he even admitted he kind of likes it when I'm a bit angry for a spanking because it makes the spanking feel more real.

Hermione: Since I am on the receiving end, I can't add much to the conversation. I can think of only one circumstance, and that is a professional dominatrix. I imagine they do it because they enjoy it      and are good at it and/or it's a way to earn money.

Nick N: Surely if my Mistress told me for what she is going to belt me, it would be much better. Moreover, if she kept telling me something like "You must obey me!" or "Don't forget about ever!", it would allow this simple idea to easily go to my brain because during the spanking my brain is busy with pain, so any simple idea said loudly can smoothly go to my mind and my subconsciousness. But my Mistress prefers me to count aloud the number of strokes. Well, really it's important, too.

Any other female spankers are more than welcome to add their opinions to his post. Happy Hallowe'en!

Glory to Ukraine

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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #459

Autumn is in full swing here, so I just might ask you for some help in raking leaves after we have had our discussion. Normally, our giant red oaks do not drop their leaves; they turn gold then brown, and cling on over the winter. But this year, for the first time, the leaves are falling off, and the back yard is covered with them. It must be climate change.

One of my most faithful brunch attendees is Jack, who provided this week's topic. I'll let him present it in his own words.

"As a male who wanted to be spanked, we have not heard from the females as to why they spank. I would like to hear from them, especially when a male is wanting to be spanked, or when the female knows that a spanking is needed."

What do you think? Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has offered their opinion, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

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Friday, October 28, 2022

More Laughter

It's time for another chance to laugh at a silly bottom-oriented gag from Just for Laughs Gags.

Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, October 24, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 23

Do you ever dress for distress?

Jack: I don't call it a special anything, when I've messed up big time, I must wait in the bedroom, have my pajamas on the bed. 'Mommy' takes her time coming, when she does, I'm told to undress. She scolds me, standing their naked, seeing the bathbrush. Once the spanking is done, I must put on my pajamas and get to the kitchen or frontroom and face the wall. She pulls down the bottoms, wanting to enjoy seeing my spanked bottom.

Roz: Not a special outfit as such, but Rick used to sometimes dictate that I wear a skirt rather than the usual jeans and/or a particular lingerie set, or colour. Since we began slowly bringing spanking back recently he has done this a couple of times.

KDPierre: Sometimes, but not often, Rosa will have me in pouch panties (women's thon-like frillies sewn with a male genitalia accommodating pouch in front) to add some subby flavor.

However, with Nickki a special outfit is always needed since something that covers my front is one of the rules of our arrangement. So, sometimes, it's an apron, sometimes a simple house-frock Nickki keeps for the occasion, or lately the very same frilly pouch panties previously described.

Fondles: I can't recall ever having a special outfit either for me or BIKSS. But if he has a plan to spank outdoors then he'll have me wear a skirt so that it makes for easier access :)

Anon 1: I agree that there is something about laying across my wife's skirt that makes the spanking more memorable. 

Rosco: Irene will often change clothes 2 or 3 times during our “dates”. Sometimes I’m blindfolded so I can only tell what she’s wearing by feel. Last such encounter, she spanked me then tied me up and blindfolded me while she went to ride the stationary bike. She came back, teased me by putting her sweaty bottom and pussy on my face, spanked me again, then took a shower. She put on a fancy dress, spanked me a third time and sat on my face for real.

I’m often instructed to wear panties or a frilly pink nightgown that she selected for me. It was only after 20 years of spankings that Irene started enjoying dressing me up in girly clothes. Sometimes she puts lipstick or makeup on me and makes me look at myself in the mirror.

Anon 2: I love to have my spankees wear full back white panties. I like the look and feel of them covering a nice bottom. Of course, I like to pull them down as well.
I really like my spankers to wear aprons. There is something about a beautiful woman in an apron that really does it for me.

Wendy: Never. Unless completely naked counts. My husband doesn’t require me to dress a certain way for a spanking. So, unless I decide to do it on my own, it doesn’t happen. I think we probably have different ideas about what would make a good special outfit (he’s more into sexy and I’m more interested in a school girl/teen vibe), so may it’s for the best.

Wendel: We like to dress up for Halloween, so it is always fun to spank the character we are portraying. Hoping the Misses goes with Black Widow this year. I always felt she deserved a hell of a spanking. The Misses was a schoolgirl a few years ago. She will wear it once in a while and present a bad report card which leads to a spanking.

Barrel: While not required for a casual spanking, we do usually dress up for a serious or session spanking. My wife might vary from casual attire to a corset. She expects me to wear something commensurate with the level of spanking. Our sessions vary in intensity, so her requirements vary as well. Last week, we had a long, planned session. I wore thigh-high stockings, a white thong and heels. I was spanked, strapped, cropped, whipped and caned, in an extended session, and still bear the marks a week thereafter. It was one of her best thrashings. Truly delightful. 

Hermione: From time to time Ron will ask me to dress up. That means a black, lacy corset with suspenders, and long black stockings. My bottom is bare for easy access. 

Graham: Suspenders and stockings always enhance the experience for me. On her, not me!

What an exciting array of spanking outfits!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #458

We've come to the end of a very busy week. I've had some volunteer work that's kept me away from the blogosphere, but I'm back now and the kettle is on. Have some yummy Aussie licorice (my favourite treat) and let's get started with a topic Barrel suggested. 

How often is a special outfit required of the spankee? Of the spanker? Or both?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to weigh in, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

An Interview with Erica

Erica Scott's blog is one of my favourites. She's witty, intelligent, and knows what she likes and doesn't like. She's kind of a role model for me; I admire her bravery and determination. I urge you to buy her book, Late Bloomer. It's a fascinating read. You'll find the link at the top of her blog.

At yesterday's brunch, many of you chose Erica Scott as a spanking model you would like to spank. I can't promise you that, but you can hear her thoughts here as she chats with Jillian Keenan.


You're never too old for a spanking. Am I right?

Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, October 17, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 16

Which spanking model (or vanilla actor) would you most like to have join you in spanking activities?

Bonnie: I would probably skip the guest spanking, but it would be great to meet some of the early pioneers of the spanko community.

Anon 1: I wish I could spank Erica Scott.

Dr. Ken: I made mention of this not too long ago on my blog, but easily one of my top favorite spanking models is Amber "Pixie" Wells, known primarily from the spanking site Punished Brats. And next on the list would be Lily Anna from the same site.

When it comes to stage and screen, my choices would be Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Emma Watson...I could compile quite a Top 10 list of ladies from movies and TV that I wish I could spank or see spanked. Or maybe a list of female bloggers that I'd like to have over my knee...? :-)

Fondles: Oh the first time spanking sparked a sexual response in me was when I watched Scott Baio either threaten to, or actually spank his ward on Charles in Charge! I can't remember the actual scene but I remember thinking he was really hot and wouldn't mind being spanked by him ;)

Roz: I wouldn't mind being spanked by Rob Lowe or Tom Cruise. Of course, there is also Christian Grey Jamie Dornan :)

Yorkie: For me it would be either Sarah Gregory or Amelia Jane Rutherford. Either to spank or be spanked. Preferably both and by/with both.

Anon 2: If only... spankees include the inimitable Erica Scott and Ariel Anderssen (Amelia Jane Rutherford).

Spankers include Pandora Blake and Sarah Gregory.

Prefectdt: I think that title has to go to my first teenage celebrity crush (from when I was about 13), Chrissie Hynde, lead singer and guitarist of The Pretenders. I could not tell my mates about that at the time, as while they were waxing lyrical about sticking bits of them into bits of Debbie Harry, Felicity Kendal and the like, I felt embarrassed about all the cruel and unusual things that the strict Ms Hynde was doing to me, in my overactive, teenage imagination. I still have a thing about women with killer fringes, I think that Ms Hynde is the cause of that.

Anon 3: With me on the receiving end LEDA lady Jodi Cline. If I were dishing it out Erica Scott and Audrey Knight.

Spanky53: Interesting...I'll jump on the Erica Scott bandwagon, with Pixie Wells and Lilly Anna and Claire Fonda as spanking models I would love to spank.

As for being spanked by...bucket list cross-offs: I've been spanked by Dana Specht, Cristine Justice and Stephanie Locke...but would welcome being spanked Claire Fonda and Miss Anna.

Barrel: Eva Green. I loved her in Casino Royale. And she has some provocative pics out there, so she might just be a lurking spanker. Diana Rigg is a close second.

Anon 4: Fun question, without a doubt, the spanking model I would most like to spank is Erica Scott. Did you see the photo of her rocking a bikini at a recent spanking party? She is seriously spankable. I would love to give her a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. Following tied at a distant second would be Christian Carter, Samantha Woodley, Pixie Wells, Chelsea and Kay Richards. I know she is not a spanking model, but I would also cherish the opportunity to spank Jillian Keenan. As for movie stars, I would also love to spank Rachael Welch, Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe.
As for being spanked by, I would love to go over the knees of Jillian Keenan, Chelsea, Dana S., Dana Kane, Clare Fonda, and Samantha Woodley. 

Alan: Very few of the many women who are portrayed as spankers on tape or photo do it for me. Part of this is that having a relationship with the spanker is very important. So simply being attractive or obviously a skillful spanker doesn’t make them someone I would submit to or want to spank me. In addition to the relationship being important, being “real” is also important in the sense they are not just models but very likely spanking in their real personal life. Among the few women who ring all those bells are “Joanne” from NU West, Audrey Knight (whose technique is superb) Dana Kane (who would be almost as interesting having a conversation with) and another “Joanne” who modeled, maybe for Strict Women years ago. (Her authenticity as “real” comes through almost every performance.)

A.J.: Oh, boy. What a topic.

1. One of my first EVER spanking sessions was a switch session with - Jennifer Brooks!
Right before she became "the" #1 spanking model at Nu-West!
I got to spank her and be spanked by her.
And she was a world of fun. You would have liked her the first minute after meeting her. We got together only one other time and that was about it (other than the occasional emails) her fame in the spanking world went through the roof.
Love to see her again, if only to talk.

2. They were soon to focus on things in their lives other than spanking by the time I met them, but I managed to get a double-switch session with both Pixie Wells and her BFF, Lilly Anna! So much fun and so interesting to talk to that we scheduled another double-switch session a few months later! During our breaks I learned a lot about the spanking video business. Like Brooks - meet them and you would like/love them right away!!

3. As a reader mention above, Abigail Whittaker. She is just spankably cute!!! Switch session? SURE!
She is right up there with - Samantha Woodley whom I think would also be fun.

4. Speaking of Nu-West - Debbie. The famous spankable blonde that (I think) 'made' Nu-West into the spanking powerhouse it became. To spank her - sure, but also to talk to her about all things spanking related.

5. Many might not know her but - Molly Mitsouko, the long-legged slender brunette.
She and I were scheduled to meet in NYC, but life got in the way and it never happened.
I still regret that. She later made a few videos with Kelley Payne and then I lost track of her. I think she either gave up "show business" completely or got interested in something other than spanking.

I'm going to skip the Hollywood amateurs or we'd be here all afternoon!

Rosco: There are oodles, but I’ll just mention Mary Ann and Ginger. I’ll be Gilligan and be caught peeping into their hut. They’ll have a bit of a contest seeing who can spank me harder.

Ronnie: For me maybe a spanking from Andy Garcia.

Hermione: My favourite spanking model is Erica, but since neither she nor I are Tops, I'll have to choose a movie actor. I would gladly go over the lap of anyone who played James Bond.

Wow! That was a popular topic. I tried to find links or the spanking models but most of their blogs seem to have vanished.

Glory to Ukraine

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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #457

Hello and welcome! It's beginning to look a lot like autumn here. There are fallen leaves everywhere, but lucky for us, the wind blows them away from our front yard and onto neighbouring lawns. 

A reader suggested this week's topic, and I think it's a fun one.

What spanking star/model, past or present, or other prominent person from stage or screen, would you like to spank or be spanked by?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has spoken, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Glory to Ukraine

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Another Reason to Laugh

This funny prank from Just for Laughs Gags will have you accidentally inhaling your morning beverage.


Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, October 10, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 9

Are you an obedient spankee?

Fred: It has never occurred to me to be anything other than obedient and contrite. Maybe it's time for a change?

Red: Mostly obedient, but occasionally a back problem preventing a spanking. Someone who likes being spanked (except during the spanking), could never be reluctant, no matter how severe it might be.

Graham: Obedient whether top or bottom unless we've agreed to some "special" scenario. :-) 

Anon 1: Obedient. I want to stay focused on the task at hand. 

Roz: Great question! I would say I ultimately comply. Although at times there may be token verbal resistance beforehand.

Simon: Whether giving or receiving punishment with me it's only done for fun so at heart anybody being spanked by me is essentially obedient and similarly I'm being a willing recipient. However it is always fun if a lady pretends to be unhappy about her punishment and vice versa it's fun to act as an unwilling spankee.

Prefectdt: I am very obedient... Except when I'm bratting. But bratting is like Topping, I only do it with the informed consent of the other party involved and I respect their hard limits on that.

Bonnie: For us, it depends upon the scene. I almost always want to be spanked, so I wouldn't want to miss out because my resistance was mistaken for disinterest or dislike. But there are some punishment scenarios where reluctant and delayed compliance fits.

Wendy: I am generally obedient now. When I was younger, I used to resist more, thinking that my husband should “force me” or make rules and enforce them, but he didn’t. So now I kind of enforce my own rules, like staying in position and calling him “sir.” The early resistance does mean that he’s only tried the diaper position on me once — I think that one requires a compliance that I wasn’t willing to give at the time.

Anon 2: For me it depends on what type of spanking it is but for the most part I like a little resistance from the spankee at first. It seems to spice things up and makes it that much sweeter when they are finally over my knee getting their bottom spanked.

Barrel: I agree with several others, it depends on the type of spanking. For the most part, I am submissive and compliant. But when the session will be severe, I am often hesitant and reluctant. My wife is very encouraging and supportive in helping me get mentally prepared and physically restrained. Thereafter, I am prepared for the duration. 

Wendel: We like spankings so there is not much resistance. The Misses will fuss occasionally in hopes of getting extra spanks which I am happy to oblige.

Rosco: Generally, our roleplay routine is that Irene scolds me for some transgression - peeking in the women’s locker room, peeking up skirts, sniffing panties - that sort of thing. Often someone has snitched on me. I deny it. Then I claim entrapment. As the spanking proceeds and intensifies, I break down, confess and apologize. But it’s too late.

Sometimes I’ll write the note for the aggrieved woman or women, sign their names, and leave it for Irene to find.

Hermione: Like many others, I am obedient because I want the spanking. Why protest when Ron will see through it immediately?

Thanks everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #456

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so have a slice of pumpkin pie and let's give thanks for the ability to discuss spanking in a comfortable environment. Our good friend Bonnie suggested this week's topic.

Spankers: Do you prefer an obedient spankee or one who resists before ultimately complying? 

Spankees: Are you obedient or do you try to resist?

Leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has spoken, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Glory to Ukraine

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Friday, October 7, 2022

Friday FAIL

As you all know by now, I am a grammar nut. When I used to work for the government, I would often grit my teeth when my co-workers mangled common expressions. For example, there was one guy who often said we should take another "kick at the cat" instead of "kick at the can". He had obviously never played in the streets as a child.

Then there was our librarian, who once told me there would be a great "human cry" if books got out of order.  Umm, Sylvia, that's "hue and cry".

I really hated the way no one seemed to know when to use "myself". "Send the report to Jack and myself." Aargh, just no! And what about starting every sentence with "So..."? Why? Just say it.

Then there's the double "is". "The problem with that approach is, is it's too tedious." Just one will do, thank you.

Finally, there was a manager who really irritated me by inserting the phrase "turn around" into every sentence. "Turn around and send me the numbers." "When we get together we will turn around and discuss the issues." "Turn around and I'll spank you." (No, not really. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention.) Once I counted "turn around" used 12 times in a 15 minute presentation. 


As Morningstar used to say, "Le sigh!"

Glory to Ukraine

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Laugh Again

Here's another prank from Just for Laughs Gags, and this one includes a very short bare-bottom spanking!


Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, October 3, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 2

Are there any implements displayed in plain sight in your home?

Fred: No actual real spanking implements.
Pervertibles: a big wooden spoon in the kitchen, a long shoehorn and a clothes brush in the hall plus a belt in the bedroom. 

Roz: No implements on display, we always make sure these are out of sight. The main pervertible would be the large wooden spoon and spatula in the kitchen.

 Barrel: We do not. Too many kids and grand kids in and out of our homes. That worries us too much to be that far out. Here is so much more comfortable.

Anon 1: No real spanking implements on display, but lots of pervertibles. In the kitchen there are wooden items that I have made over the years - spoons, spatulas, spurtles, cheese boards and a large charcuterie board that hangs on the wall that packs quite a wallop. In the bedroom there is a clothing brush on my dresser and a shoe horn in the closet. In the bathroom there is a bath brush and a couple of hairbrushes. In my shop I have a couple of razor straps. I also have a fanny paddle (novelty) that is a copy of one that hung in the TV room in my childhood home.

Prefectdt: Apart from the usual pervertables, around the house, including a new one, that I should be posting about on Wednesday, There is only one that is viewable. It is a German peeled rattan cane, that is too long to fit in the toy box. It is in the storage room, in a large bit of pipe that houses my reserve garden canes. You would only notice it if you were looking for it, there is no crook handle or anything like that. So it is visible, but hardly on display.

Wendy: Not really. We do have a rattan cane hanging in a closet that is semi- public, but I think the chance someone actually seeing it is somewhat remote.

Rosco: Our implements are locked in a box in our bedroom, except a riding crop that doesn’t fit. But we both have various dress up items that range from the questionable to the incriminating, if a visitor were to come across them. Not too many people wander about, but our adult children come by, we have a house cleaner and some intel’s friends or relatives stay when we’re out of town.

My sister-in-law found a riding crop once and made a comment. I wonder if she knew who used it on whom. And one of our neighbors complained a few times about the “noise” when she doing her at home massage business.

But we do try to be discreet.

Bonnie: I love this question! When Randy and I first lived together, we hung my wooden sorority paddle on the wall in our living room. Back then, it was borderline normal to display that token of sisterhood. It came off the wall more frequently than visitors would ever know.

We have at other times hung up various paddles. It's a visible signal that reminds me and anyone else who sees it that we spank. We just have to remember to ditch them before family or friends show up.

Right now, my favorite leather paddle is lying on our coffee table in the living room and a wooden hairbrush is on a bedside table. When I see them, I get a little shiver knowing these implements are there to be used on me.

Ronnie: We do have a bath brush in the bathroom and a wooden hairbrush on the dresser, but they don't come into play these days, so no real spanking implements on display.

Anon 2: Carpet beater hangs next to the front door, but looks like decoration in my cabin.

Wendel: My mother hung the paddle she used on us in the kitchen. It was not a sight I liked to see growing up so all the spanking stuff is kept out of site.

Anon 3: I've commented on this in one way another in the past. HoH wife and I are in open DD relationship and it's no secret to family and friends why there is a razor strop hanging on wall next basement door.

Hermione: We have a back scratcher hanging in the dining room, a long shoehorn in the front hall, a wooden pizza cutter, wooden spoons and a baguette breadboard in the kitchen, and a cane holder full of walking sticks near  the door; all quite innocent items. Our real spanking toys are well hidden.

Glory to Ukraine

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Sunday, October 2, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #455

I hope everyone has had a productive and satisfying week, or has enjoyed a relaxing one. As I was doing some housework this week, tidying and dusting, this topic came to mind.

Do you have any implements hanging or displayed in plain sight?

Please leave your response as a comment. After everyone has had a chance to join in, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart