Saturday, November 30, 2019

You Completed the Caption

This picture came up when I Googled "pilgrims" but it seems they weren't actually guys who made it to the New World. Thank you, KDPierre, for setting me straight. But you got the idea anyway!

Prefectdt: The boss of the flat cap company suspected that the new range of hats was not so popular, as the queue at the complaints office grew larger with unhappy looking clients.

KDPierre: Guy #1: "Hey guys.....tomorrow is Thanksgiving.....a day North Americans celebrate the pilgrims with a big turkey dinner!"

Guy #2: "Hey, WE are pilgrims......why didn't WE get a special dinner?"

Guy #3: "Because, genius, it was YOUR idea to go to Jerusalem instead of Plymouth!"

Guy #4: "Let's not quibble. I'll tell you what. Let's celebrate OUR pilgrimage with a special feast too!

Guy #5: "Woo Hoo! Falafel, gefilte fish, and challah for EVERYONE!!!"

All: "Tsufridn Danken Tog!!!!"

Wendel: The Original Avengers.
Philippe “Forged Steal” de Stark, Cpt. Bertrand Amerigo, Bernard “Behemoth” de Montbard, Everard des Thor and Gilbert de Nocoolname.

Hermione: Let the Spanksgiving canings begin!

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Friday, November 29, 2019

Friday FAIL

It's Black Friday and there are bargains to be had in every store as well as online. But be careful! If the price is too good to be true, you might be buying a knock-off.

 A Festivus shirt from Seinfeld and friends.

 Garfield sure looks angry!

 Tastier than a Kit Kat bar.

 A Paw Patrol concentration camp? Those pups are getting agressive!

The name says it all - a Fony Sony. Step away.

Before you go away empty-handed, please complete the caption.
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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Complete the Caption

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. In honour of the occasion, I present to you a group of pilgrims.

This is one serious bunch of dudes. What makes them so glum? Maybe they hear someone singing. Perhaps the turkey was overcooked. I leave it up to you to determine what those canes are for.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will submit a compilation of your surmises once the Thanksgiving festivities are over.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

From the Top Shelf - Once Upon a Time, part 1

I found this story on an old, inactive blog that featured stories from British spanking magazines. This tale, told in three parts, is silly, but it's also quite humorous, and there's plenty of spanking. So relax and enjoy "Once Upon A Time" by Gerald Sinclair, originally published in Janus magazine.

Long ago, in the days of legend and magic, there was a King who had three beautiful daughters. Crystal was the eldest at 21, then came Miranda who was 18, and finally 16-year-old Lisette.

* * *

King Fedor's realm was a happy place on the whole, but problems did arise from time to time. There came a day when a panting messenger fell to one knee before the King and gasped out, 'Sire, a ferocious dragon is ravaging the western provinces!'

'Damn it!' frowned the King, irritably thumping the arm of his throne. 'They'll probably want a reduction of taxes as they did after the Ogre Invasion three years ago. The dragon's going through the usual routine, I take it?'

'Yes, Sire,' said the messenger. 'Killing all the men it can catch, reducing the crops and cottages to ashes with its fiery breath, carrying off beautiful maidens to meet a fate so bizarre –'

'Yes, yes, you needn't go into that,' said the King, uneasily aware of Queen Marguerite's formidable presence at his side. 'What are the local people doing about it, though? There were supposed to be some good dragon-slaying teams in the west. Gramarye United were near the top of the first division last year.'

'Alas, great king,' said the messenger. 'Gramarye United went forth to do battle against the monster a week ago. All we could find of them afterwards was a couple of broken spears and a scorched jockstrap. This dragon is really something special.'

'It's the enchanted variety I suppose,' said Queen Marguerite, impatiently. 'Protected by magic spells, immune to ordinary weapons. You'll have to consult the Court Magician, Fedor. It's time he did something to earn his keep apart from performing dubious conjuring tricks at the men-at-arms' stag parties.'

'Just what I was thinking, my dear,' said the King. 'Someone go and tell Master Erasmus he's wanted immediately.'

Shortly afterwards Master Erasmus stood before them clad in his bright and gaudy official robes; a plump, curly-haired fellow with dimpled cheeks and shifty eyes. The problem was explained to him and he went through the motions of his craft. He consulted ancient cobwebbed volumes, peered into a crystal ball, read teacups and burned peculiar-smelling herbs.

'The answer is not altogether clear,' he said, 'but it seems that the dragon can only be overthrown by a brave knight who has a lady's handkerchief tied to his spear. The handkerchief must be stained with the tears of a royal princess who has been soundly whipped.'

'What?' It was a simultaneous shriek from the King's three lovely daughters.

Queen Marguerite turned to look at the quaking, blushing princesses. 'Fortunately,' she said with a grim smile, 'that can easily be arranged.'

She pointed to Crystal, a long-legged, delightfully curved young lady with big blue eyes and long, gleaming golden hair. 'As the eldest, Crystal, you always take precedence over your sisters. We will now go to your bedroom and –'

'Oh, but Mother!' blurted out Crystal in dismay. 'I don't want – I'd rather not – isn't there some other way?'

'Your bedroom, Crystal!' was the Queen's only response as she arose and took a firm grip on her reluctant daughter's wrist. She led Crystal through the astonished and amused courtiers, out of the Throne Room and up the stairs. By which time, Crystal's cheeks were crimson with embarrassment.

'You can't be serious, Mother!' protested Crystal as they entered her bedroom. 'I – I haven't done anything to be punished for.'

'That has nothing to do with it,' said the Queen, opening a drawer and producing a formidable three-tailed leather tawse. 'Being a member of a Royal family means one must sometimes make sacrifices for the good of the people. Bend over!'

Taking up an all-too-familiar position over the end of the bed, Crystal grumbled, 'That's all very well – but it's my bum that's going to be sacrificed!'

'Don't whine, Crystal,' said her mother, briskly turning up the princess' skirts waist-high to reveal very shapely legs clad in the sheerest silk, and charmingly dainty white lace-trimmed knickers. 'You haven't had a real leathering for nearly six months, so you're overdue for one anyway.'

She deftly drew the knickers down to the stocking tops, feeling a maternal satisfaction at the sight of Crystal's plump, bare, cream-skinned bottom. 'I'm afraid I've been neglecting you, Crystal,' she said, giving an affectionate pat to those tempting curves. 'I'll try to make up for that.'

She stepped back, raised the tawse and brought it down hard.

'Ow!' yelled Crystal, with a convulsive jerk, as she felt the agonising sting of tough leather across her sensitive buttocks.

The tawse swung down again. 'Ooooh!' And again. And again.

'The handkerchief!' wailed Crystal, squirming wildly as her tender bottom burned. 'Let me wipe my eyes and then you can stop!'

'Master Erasmus did say soundly whipped,' said her mother somewhat breathlessly. 'I think another six should do it.'

'Oh no, Mother, please!'

'Oh yes, Crystal!' said the Queen.

Whack! 'Aaahoww!'

Below, in the Throne Room, the courtiers waited in attentive silence. Although the bedroom was some distance away the sound of Crystal's tearful lamentations reached them quite distinctly. Cautious glances of satisfaction were exchanged between those who had often found the Princess over-haughty and inclined to insist on the dignity of her exalted rank. Much tingling excitement was felt all round at the sounds of the tawse striking her bottom.

Eventually the Queen reappeared, holding a handkerchief which was not merely stained but saturated with Crystal's heartfelt tears. She handed it to her husband.

'Give this to Sir Bevis,' she suggested. 'He's supposed to be rather good with dragons and I'm tired of having him hanging round the palace and seducing the serving wenches.'

After Sir Bevis had ridden off on his big white charger with the handkerchief tied to his lance the courtiers, with a slight sense of anti-climax, settled down to wait for news. Princess Crystal emerged from her bedroom, very red about the eyes and unusually subdued, and sent a smirking page to hunt out the plumpest, softest cushion in the palace.

Will Sir Bevis slay the dragon. We'll find out next week.
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Monday, November 25, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 24

How long does the sting from a spanking last?

Simon: Over the 40+ years I've been receiving punishments I've noticed that not only has my tolerance improvedm but the time I feel the sting afterwards has decreased considerably. These days it has to be a very severe punishment for the sting to last any time at all which is a shame really. Basically for the sting to last more than an hour or so it has to be either a very long punishment or an exceptionally hard one. A heavy cane or paddle will do the trick At the moment I can feel the sting from recent punishments but that's only because I received 4 canings and 2 severe paddlings over two days.

Anon 1: Since my wife has started using a Bath Brush, the stinging last a long time. Still spanked over her lap, but that longer handle sure provides her with a harder spank. But the reason why I'm getting a spanking will determine how long it will last. I'm also louder than before.

 Wendel: The belt has a heck of a sting and the welts are quite painful. I am sore for a few hours. Still the longest lasting effects comes when the Misses paddles my backend before leaving for a girls night out evening. She paddles long and hard so that I behave while she is out. My bottom is still a little sore in the morning.

Roz: It depends on a number of factors, such as implements used, duration and intensity of the spanking. The wooden spoon and leather paddle definitely leave a lasting sting.

Yorkie: I find lately that the sting doesn’t last as long as it used to and I’m quite sure she is far more “effective” than she used to be, even though our play is far less frequent these days.

Barrel: My sting does relate to the implement used, with her hair brush, hard plastic paddle, strap, tawse and cane in increasing order of intensity. I feel the effects for several hours, however last week’s strapping I felt for two days. Interestingly, after an extended session, I usually have an itching that will last for three or four days. But her thin delrin cane will be felt for a week and seen for several.

Bonnie: As the others said, it really depends. I will differentiate sting, which is a sharp discomfort located at or near the surface of the skin, from ache, which is a deeper, duller, and longer lasting pain. The former can be generated by almost any implement while the latter is primarily attributable to heavy implements like a paddle or a solid brush.

With this distinction in mind, I find that genuine sting lasts only a short time, perhaps an hour or less. Ache, when it happens, is that subtle reminder I get when sitting the next day. "Ow, I got a spanking!" my mind exclaims as my hand involuntarily reaches for the source of the trouble. This ache often lasts longer than than any marks.

I have developed a decent level of tolerance thanks to my dear husband's punctual attention. I don't think the duration of the sting has changed much over the years.

Alan: It is a combination of instrument used,position ordered and duration of the spanking. Bent over the sink or over the bed for the bath-brush lasts longest and is the most punishing unless very brief. OTK with an ordinary hairbrush probably produces less sting or the memory lasts for a shorter period (although OTK can be very effective for other reasons). For me the physical impact of being spanked has increased overall, probably as a result of her growing confidence and skill - and the fact that the bath-brush has become her go to disciplinary tool.

Prefectdt: I'm might not be understanding the question correctly but what I would count as "Sting" will be gone in minutes. But muscle ache usually lasts a lot longer. The more severe the instrument used and how hard it is applies dictates how long this lasts. For examples the ache from a flogging can be gone before the hour is out where as the ache from a hard wood paddling can last for four or five days. I think it depends on how deep the muscle trauma goes.

Peter: My wife changes instruments often. A caning is always the most painful to me. We have a friend who is a dominant and from time to time she invites him in to give me a reminder. His sessions are always longer and harder. The last time  was about 10 weeks ago. He used both a leather strop and then followed it with a caning. I had a sore bottom for almost a week and bruises for longer.

Anon 2: My wife learned that a spanking is much more lasting if one does not have an erection. She will either address it herself, or I will. The spanking really stings and hurts longer than if I had kept the erection, even though it goes away. This as my wife states that spankings are not sexual.

Kiwigirliegirl: For me, it depends on duration, bare skin or clothed, implement or hand...but more importantly the length of time between spankings, and how I am feeling emotionally at the time. Belligerent, regretful, worried, annoyed, angered, accepting, guilty—different emotions can give me different results.

Hermione: When we first started spanking, I would often feel the ouch the next day, and maybe a day after that too. But as time went by, my bottom toughened and now I barely feel anything minutes after it is over. The exception is the dressage whip. I will feel the pain of the wrapping on my right hip the next day. My bottom usually stays red for at least 24 hours, no matter what implement is used.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #306

Black Friday is almost upon us. Are your credit cards ready for the shopping extravaganza? Be on the lookout for wooden spoons at discount prices, or a special buy one, get one free offer on leather belts. Thinking about spanking implements leads us nicely into today's discussion topic.

How long does the sting last after a spanking? Has the average length of time changed for you over the years? Do the after effects last longer when certain implements have been used?

Inquiring minds want to know, so please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has spoken.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

From the Top Shelf - Spanking Safari

Our friend and regular reader, Boru, sent me this story, and I was delighted with it. He describes a spanking that occurs in unusual circumstances. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I run a small safari company, based in the North of Botswana, catering to those visitors wanting something a little different to the normal packaged safaris. Rather than booking them into lodges and going to all the popular places, I try to get away from the other tourists and go into wilder places with no infrastructure. There are still plenty of places that are not proclaimed reserves, have very few inhabitants and still have all the same wildlife as the popular areas. Of course, this means we bush camp, carrying all our supplies with us, to be self sufficient. There’s no water, sewage, or electricity where we go.

We carry all the water and food we need for about a week, as well as beer, wine, soft drinks and other similar to taste. This varies, of course, depending on the visitors, I stock up with their preferences.

Since we bush camp, we are not restricted in where we go, or where we camp. We do not create new tracks though, as we are conscious of the environment and track pollution is one of the worst kind inflicted on our beautiful wild country. It does allow us to pick and choose our camp sites, but that also entails extra responsibility in leaving them as wild and clean as we found them. It also means that we never have fences around our camp, so the wildlife is free to roam where it likes, making for some interesting night time visitors on occasion!

Every day is a game drive, even getting from one place to another, the wildlife is so abundant. We often encounter elephants on the road, even the main tar roads.

I have a few favourite places, of course and an understanding with the local chief in each place, where I can camp and where we will be quite alone. Over the years, we have always left our camps as they should be left, so mutual trust has been established over time. We dig our own latrines, each covering over with a light topping of sand ready for the next needy user. When we leave, we fill it in completely, of course. All rubbish is kept inside the vehicle, so that hungry wildlife is not attracted to the camp, for our comfort, as well as those who follow after us. We take all rubbish back to the town for disposal at a municipal dump, of course.

We take enough water for washing up and making coffee, tea, etc., but also take enough for a brief shower now and then. In the very dry climate, you can do without a shower for a day or two, but then everyone needs the feeling of getting really clean, especially the girls. I have a portable shower unit, with a 12V electric pump, that I can hang on the back of the Land Rover, or a tree branch if there’s tall enough trees around. Plus a shower tent that I can erect around it for modesty, although it’s very cramped.

One trip, a couple of months ago turned a bit more interesting than normal, when I had a booking from a couple of girls that had been on a few other previous trips. One, Susan, was from England and the other, Lisa, is almost a local, coming from Durban. Now we normally only accept minimum groups of four people, as the costs do not justify going with smaller groups and this time, we had no other bookings for that month, so we would have to ask them to postpone to another time. However, these two girls both appealed to us to keep the bookings, as they had no other opportunity for a bush trip again for a few years and had difficulty arranging another date, due to work demands. They had become friends on previous trips and had kept in touch, carefully arranging everything so they could be on a trip at the same time. Neither wanted to book with strangers entirely and on their first trip, when they met, they had each been with boyfriends, but were currently without partners, so wanted the safety in numbers. Unknown to me, Pat, my office manager and trip cook, took pity on them and confirmed the trip was on, hoping, she told me later, to get another two or three people booked up before we were due to collect them all from the airport. I told her not to ask for the full payment, (they had already paid deposits) and to tell them the trip was off, with their deposits being valid for another trip, when they could arrange it.

Pat once again disobeyed me and accepted their final payments and processed the card transactions, without telling me. I found out in a routine review of deposits, as I was working out cash flow in a quiet month. I called Pat over and asked her what this was about. She stammered a bit and said she really felt sorry for them and they were such nice girls, we really ought to keep the trip on. I was very angry, as it meant a drain on our resources, an unprofitable trip and time away when we could be doing maintenance. I carried on in an angry voice for quite some time, as I got into my stride! Pat looked very repentant and was grimacing a bit, as well as fidgeting nervously. Since there were only three weeks to go, I told her that we would do the trip, as we could not possibly cancel it at this late stage, but that she had better find a couple more guests by the time we leave, or I’d make sure she could not sit comfortably in the Land Rover for the first few days.

Pat twitched and shivered as if I had dropped an ice cube down her back, whilst her eyebrows shot up and she went “Eeek!” and then “Oh no ! you wouldn’t really would you?” plaintively. “Oh yes I would!” Says I and “You’ll find out if we don’t get those extra bookings, won’t you?”

Pat squeaked again and ran back to her desk to get on with it. I had to smile, Pat often hurries, but never runs in the office. We had known each other for several years now and had happily shared my house, as well as various tents on trips. We even had a double sleeping bag, so we were definitely classified locally as common law husband and wife, even to the tax man. Being a small town, everyone else knew too. In that part of the world, wives do expect the husband to be very dominant and the odd bit of CP is heard about, never spoken about openly, but accepted practice. This made me think harder, as I had never thought Pat would want to be spanked as a normal part of her life, although I had once spanked her over my knee, on her bare bum. She had been quite vocal that time, calling me a brute, so I had let that go and never spanked her again, apart from an occasional swat that she giggled over. I had always wondered though, as she had never actually raised the subject again, but had certainly not held a grudge. She had been careful to avoid giving me a reason for a week or so after that spanking though. Ah well, we’re not telepathic. Her reaction that day had me wondering again though, the threat seemed to motivate her quite a lot and there had been no actual protest, just nervous acceptance that it would happen if she didn’t produce.

Three days before departure date and there were no more bookings for that trip. Plenty for subsequent trips, but this one was going to be a loss. Pat asked if I was really going to whack her and I told her, with a grin on my face, that she had better get a suitable strap for a girls’ bottom, from one of the local tradesmen. Pat is 38 years old, but girls are girls. She surprised me by, very nervously, telling me she had already bought one, knowing that more bookings were now highly unlikely! When questioned, she had, apparently, asked the woman who worked in a local shop what to do and had been told that men in this part of the world always have a strap or a cane, that she knew about from first hand experience ! She knew just where to get them and advised on the strap, as it doesn’t leave marks for so long. Pat couldn’t quite keep still, fidgeting with her hands behind her back and from one foot to the other.

I was very taken aback, clearly Pat knew she deserved it and was equally resigned to get it. “Right,” I said “if there’s still no more bookings by the close of business on the day before the trip, you get six of the best over my desk”. “Yes Sir” she said meekly. I dismissed her and found it very difficult to concentrate and avoid a huge grin.

The last day arrived and went quickly, with last minute arrangements and checks, loading the vehicles, etc. By 5 o’clock we were ready and I told Pat to lock up the office and we’d have a beer. Pat did all the usual checks and went over to our small bar and retrieved a couple of cold beers and glasses for us, bringing them over to the central table. I poured them and we clinked glasses taking a swallow. “Right Pat, any extra bookings?” Pat shook her head sadly and went over to her desk, retrieving her strap from the bottom drawer and brought it over, handing it to me quickly, eyes downcast.

It was simple, but appeared to be designed for the job, stiff leather, not heavy, about 600mm long and about 40mm wide. Just right for a bit of office discipline, I thought, not too harsh, but would be memorable and, I thought, fun, at least for me!

I put it down on the table and pulled Pat towards me, undoing her slacks and pulling them down. I told her to step out of them and she put them on the table, turning back to me, holding her hands away from her sides as I pulled her knickers down. She reached down and took them off, blushing mightily. I then told her to bend over my desk, feet apart to shoulder level, elbows on the desk and hold on to the other side, sticking her chest out and her bum up. She did so quickly, without a word.

Pat has marvelous legs and a very sexy bum and I was getting quite aroused by the sight and the immediate obedience. A new chapter in our life seemed about to begin.

I stood to one side and gently ran my hand over her delightfully smooth buttocks, as she tremored slightly, but didn’t move. I raised the strap, and brought it round sharply across the middle of her delightful bum. The sound was quite loud, a really sharp crack and I was worried that I had laid it on too hard. Pat jumped visibly, staying perfectly in position though, so I repeated the same. Pat didn’t jump as much this time, but her bum was already quite red. After the fourth whack, she let out a small squeak, but didn’t move. The last two produced the same little squeak and a slight shift of feet on the last one, but she stayed where she was.

I put down the strap and ran my hand gently both of her cheeks, then down the middle and between her legs, while she wiggled enthusiastically, but not moving out of position. She was definitely aroused! So, indeed, was I. Well that wasn’t the first time we’d ended up cavorting naked around the office and it won’t be the last either. Pat was insatiable and I remarked that a good whacking seemed to do her a lot of good. She grinned coquettishly, blushing and said “Brute!” with a pout. I grinned too and told her the beers were warm. That got me an old fashioned look, but also a cold beer fetched with alacrity, proving that freshly spanked girls are very eager to please too.
Thank you Boru. When is the next safari scheduled to leave?
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, November 18, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 17

What do women like about F/M stories?

Alan: While there are a minority of women hardwired toward F/M spanking (and that number is possibly increasing among younger women), my impression is that most women come to enjoy and even lust for it after being introduced by a male lover or spouse. In short if a woman is not introduced to F/M by a partner, trying it doesn't occur or appeal to most women. But the experience including the power exchange ( and behavior change where spanking is disciplinary) convinces many women ( not all by any means) that it is something they want to continue.In my first DD relationship my previously vanilla girlfriend often told me she could not be in a relationship with me without that "sanction" which was how she sometimes referred to spanking. My present DD relationship with my wife ( who had earlier been introduced to DD by a male) has followed the same lines with her becoming firmer with her commitment to DD as time goes on. If it appears more women are embracing F/M it is because more are being exposed to it

Roz: My preference is M/F in stories. I don't know why, but it seems sexier to me.

Windy: I am attracted to the husband spanking the wife, but I don't read much spanking fiction because it doesn't appeal to me, for the most part.

However, about once a week, I ask Storm if I can spank him because he makes me mad. (Laughing) His answer is always a big fat NO, as I fully expect. But, I don't truly want to spank him ever. It is M/F for us.

Bonnie: I'm not sure. M/F spanking is what appeals to us, whether in a story or in our own play.

Kanga: Definitely only M/F here, I'm afraid. Whether it's reading, writing or visual.
Glad there are F/M spanko's out there though for those men who need them in their life.

Anon: Maybe it’s a way for the woman to take out her frustrations/irritation/annoyance/anger on the man without going through argument/disagreement/sulking etc. How much simpler to “thrash” (joking) to her heart's content without justification/debate.

My wife says “go upstairs and put your things on (she knows I enjoy being a humiliated cross dresser while she “punishes”me). Ah the joy!

Ronnie: Can't really answer that one. Not sure.

KDPierre: As a male writer of predominantly F/m stories, I have to say that women are not the majority of my readership. Even the comments here tend to support that trend. Most women into TTWD tend to prefer M/f. In fact, I can't think of any mainstream F/m book that anyone has a big female fan base. The LSF is full of stories and has a huge readership of all genders and orientations but I can't say I've ever noticed a preponderance of female F/m fans.

Barrel: I’m not qualified to answer as I’m not a female. But I do know my wife is growing in her enjoyment of our F/m thrashings, partially based on her limited reading on line. She gets satisfaction over the tension I give her...I get emotional, mental and stress relief. Exactly the reason I encourage her for more frequent, longer and harder.

Ps: Sorry I missed LOL. But a year ago, y’all helped me accept who and why we are are the way we are...and now comfortable being a member of this family.

Prefectdt: There is no way that I would speak for women on this subject. I think that this is one for the female side of the population to answer.

Fondles: Not my area of expertise I'm afraid. I personally prefer M/f stories.

Hermione: The anonymous reader who asked what we "girls" like about F/M stories seemed incredulous that female readers were leaving positive comments about The English Governess. I read an excerpt from it many years ago, and finally got around to ordering the book online. I thought it was very hot, although it might not appeal to everyone.

What do I like about the story I published, or FM spanking stories in general? Why, the spanking, of course! Give me a story that includes a bare bottom, a lap and a paddle and I'm happy. The gender of the bottom (or the top) doesn't matter to me. I suppose it goes back to my childhood, when boys were punished physically at school while girls were not. We girls always wondered what went on behind the principal's closed office door.

My readership includes people with a multitude of preferences, and I try to publish a variety of stories that appeal to different subsets of our spanko family. I will continue to do so.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #305

Welcome one and all! I can't tell you how pleased I was to receive so many lovely comments from silent readers as well as regular commenters on Love our Lurkers days. Thanks you to everyone who left a comment. For those of you who were still too shy, don't wait until next year; jump in and participate in today's conversation.

Today's topic came from a question posed by a reader as a comment on one of my recent stories from the top shelf. I will leave it up to you to interpret it in any way you like.

Why do so many women enjoy F/M (female spanking male) stories?

Please leave your response as a comment below. If you haven't contributed to a brunch before, now's your chance! You may remain anonymous. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportuntiy to contribute.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, November 15, 2019

We Love our Lurkers

The day we've been waiting for has finally arrived! It's day one of our annual Love our Lurkers celebration. This is our 14th opportunity to encourage our lurkers out of the shadows.

If you are a silent reader who has never dared to leave a comment, now is your chance. We know you're out there, so don't be shy! You are among friends here. You may remain anonymous if you wish, or use a pen name. What should you say? That's entirely up to you.  "Hello" is fine. I would love to know what country you live in.

If you're a blogger and want to jump in and take part, please leave a comment below so I can link your blog too. It's never too late to join us.

Scroll down to see the list of blogs participating in this year's Love our Lurkers festivities. These bloggers all want to hear from you, so please pay them a visit.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

It's Almost Time!

Love our Lurkers days are almost here. It's the time when our silent readers are encouraged to come out of hiding and leave a comment. Are you ready? Some of you have already told me you will be joining in LoL days, but if you haven,t, then please let me know by comment or email, so I can add your blog to my LoL post.

Our good friend Enzo has provided two images (one at the top of this post and another at the bottom) that you are welcome to use on your LoL post, if you choose.

The details are:

What is it? Lurkers, anonymous readers, call them what you will. They are the people who read our blogs on a regular or occasional basis, but never leave a comment. On L0L days, we encourage those people to be brave and leave a comment. Most blogs allow commenters to remain anonymous, so they never have to reveal their real identity.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 10

Before we begin the recap, take two minutes to remember all those who have sacrificed their lives for freedom.

This week we discussed dominance and submission outside of spanking.

Roz: This is a great question! When we had an active dynamic I guess it did flow into other areas of life in the sense that I deferred the ultimate final decision making to Rick, and these decisions were nearly always around other areas of life. This may sound contradictory to my previous comment, but having an active dynamic also gave me more confidence in other areas of life.

In addition to the above, permissions were at one time required to do certain activities in the vanilla world.

Wendel: I don’t think we do anything different during the day as a result of spanking each other.

Yorkie: I can only think of the closeness, the feeling of connection and downright honesty that naturally flows on from our spanking activities. Because it is a desire of mine for her, and her alone, to spank me and share this desire with, there is nothing more to give, no other secret or layer to discover - it is me, all of me, everything.

Because of this, we love it when we can connect with deep, honest conversation. It enriches our physical relationship and the spanking and on it goes...

Jack: I feel it is a part of our life, does not carry over, it is our relationship.

Barrel: I find as I age and inch ever closer to retirement, I am growing more submissive to my wife. Maybe my alpha male gas tank is running out of gas? Yet I find not only enjoyment but comfort and contentment in where I am heading. Life is really good right now.

Bernie: I am totally submissive to my wife, when it comes to our spanking relationship. I find the submissiveness gives peace and joy. I also deeply appreciate the pain she inflicts out and the aftermath.

This doesn't extend to other parts of our relationship. We are quite the equals in the rest of our lives.

Joe: We are equals inmost aspects of our lives. My spankings are not punishment but by my request, sometimes very sensual sometimes very hard but always loving. Spanking for me is a great stress relief a big sign of her love that she is willing to do it for me.

Prefectdt: My submissiveness only seems to surface when I am playing. In vanilla life I am not submissive at all.

Anon: Virtually none. Maybe we're more attentive to each other because of the closeness that spanking brings out.

Rosco: I massage Irene’s feet, wash her lingerie and serve in whatever other ways she asks. But only for a few hours each week.

Most of the time we cooperate as equals and squabble a little.

I work in a political job that sometimes requires being more aggressive than I like, but I’m always respectful.

Hermione: While we both have our individual responsibilities and areas of expertise (Ron knows all about the furnace and air conditioner, while I am the computer expert) I generally submit to Ron's decisions. I get satisfaction from submitting to his requests, whether big or small. In other areas of my life I am naturally submissive too.I am uncomfortable in a leadership role.

Willie: Sorry I'm late to the party. We live a 24/7 D/s lifestyle ( well as close to it as we can at least) so perhaps we are different in that way compared to some. The erotic nature of spankings comes FROM the Dominance and Submission before and after the spanking. In essence the spankings, while useful as one of the most overt examples of D/s, is not the main event. Without feeling his dominance before the spankings feel hollow.

After a spanking, (ideally) I am feeling very submissive and if his dominance does not continue, or he has to leave for work, I feel like he has opened the door to my submission and I have no where to put it. So to sum it all up, it is VERY important and is a key factor in our lives.

Thank you all for this discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #304

It's time for brunch, and our topic for today comes from our dear friend Bonnie's archive.

To what degree does the submissiveness (or dominance) associated with spanking carry over into the rest of your life?

I'd love to hear from you, so please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has spoken, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

From the Top Shelf - Typecast

Today we revert to a traditional M/F spanking story that could be the inspiration for the movie Secretary. "Typecast" by Andrew Grantham is from an old issue of Janus magazine. I hope you like it.

I THOUGHT the spanking I gave you last time might have taught you a lesson,’ sniffed Colin Rodgers, the manager of the small insurance branch office.

Mandy, the 20-year-old on the receiving end of the lecture looked appropriately sheepish as she stood in front of the young boss’s desk. The blonde was just under medium height with a body that was very well put together, being shapely where shape was called for and flat where flatness was required.

She cocked her head to one side as the lecture continued. Her blue eyes, as big as saucers, inspected the young man behind the desk. Her heart lurched. Colin was dishy by any standard and, when it came to the male of the species, Mandy had very high standards indeed.

‘I know you don’t like Mr White at Head Office,’ grated the manager. ‘But to replace the ‘W’ of his name with an ‘S’ on the circular we produced was downright derogatory.’

Mandy had to force herself not to smile. She thought that what she had done had been an act of sheer genius. Mr White at Head Office was an absolute pig. So, too, was his colleague Mr Walker.

There are plenty more secretaries at the Job Centre, you know,’ Colin threatened.

The blonde wisely refrained from saying that all those girls at the Job Centre wouldn’t let their bosses smack their bottoms.

‘Perhaps another spanking might make you take more care in future,’ he suggested. Through the mirror on the wall directly behind his pretty secretary, Colin could see the bulge her young bottom made beneath her tight, navy blue skirt.

‘As long as you don’t give me the sack, Mr Rodgers,’ tweeted Mandy, knowing full well that the sack was the last thing she would get.

‘Not this time,’ he told her, getting up and locking the door of his office.

Behind his back, Mandy smiled smugly, feeling feverish shivers running up and down her body. She had been looking forward to this moment for days, ever since her deliberate ‘mistake’.

With the door closed, Colin Rodgers took off his jacket and hung it on the knob. He also removed his tie. Then he sat down on an upholstered couch against the back wall of the office.

‘Come here, Mandy!’ he ordered.

The dark-haired, firm-jawed young man watched with accelerating heart as the submissive girl took a few steps towards him. She really was deliciously pretty with small, high breasts and sturdy, finely curved legs. Her lovely posterior which he looked forward to baring for the second time might almost have been constructed to a specification set down by a dedicated spanker.

The flush on Mandy’s cheeks highlighted her basic sexuality as she stood in front of her boss and lowered her skirt to reveal a white, scallop-edged slip beneath. That came down and off came her wedge-heeled shoes.

‘Over my lap!’ he instructed, trying to sound as stern as possible. ‘Put your head on this side!’ He tapped the seat cushions to his left.

His secretary carried out his command, pretending not to be aware of the state of his arousal as she stretched herself across his lap. The tail of her blouse hid her bottom, but Colin soon pulled it above her trim waist to expose her black nylon covered sit-upon.

He used both hands to peel away the flimsy covering. The panties reached her knees and were turned inside out. Colin’s breathing quickened at the sight of Mandy’s perfectly rounded and neat little bottom.

The manager placed his left hand on the small of her back to hold her in position and he used the other to explore the silken surfaces of the magnolia globes completely at his disposal. They were meaty, deep-clefted and he knew from experience that they wobbled delightfully under impact.

Colin felt the girl go rigid and her bottom tensed up. Mandy pushed her face into the settee cushions. She wasn’t as brave as she had been just a short while earlier when she had positively looked forward to the hiding. The blonde realised she now had cold feet over a hot bottom.

His hand left her rear. There was a pause and she felt her bum-flesh sting suddenly as the first slap landed. It took away her nagging fear and doubt and an unseen smile came to her lips.

Colin raised his hand and repeated the smack, the afterburn causing the 20-year-old to wince. Already he was hitting far harder than he had done the last time and he had only just got started.

Colin began to pepper the girl’s derriere with hard, stinging slaps, first on one side of the crease and then on the other; but always overlapping slightly so as to maximise the existing hurt and to open up a new area at the same time.

Mandy jerked back her head and began to thrash it from side to side. Eventually she started to squeal and she flayed her legs about showing no regard at all for modesty. She humped her hot little bottom up and down as the blistering fire from her tormented nates engulfed her body.

Mandy knew she couldn’t complain; she had asked for it all down the line.

Colin paid her thighs some attention by way of a change. It was a painful change and the blonde clawed the fabric of the settee with her nails.

‘No more – please, Mr Rodgers,’ she panted.

Colin didn’t know whether she meant it or not, so he continued to rain blow after blow on the now-scarlet target which jiggled, contorted, rose and fell.

Mandy began to shriek and his left arm gripped her more tightly as she oscillated her hips and buttocks very fast indeed in reaction to the scalding hurt being inflicted upon her nether regions.

‘Please! Please! No more!’ she screamed, twisting her head to appeal to him with wide, wet eyes.

Colin stopped. He didn’t want things to go beyond a darned good spanking, highly tempting though the prospect was. It wasn’t what Mandy wanted at all.

* * *

‘Mr Walker from Head Office on the line for you, Mr Rodgers,’ trilled Mandy, putting the call through. ‘He sounds rather annoyed.’

She licked her lips and sat back in her swivel chair. Her beautiful body began to heave with excitement at the prospect of having her bare bottom smacked again over her boss’s lap. He might even go further this time. She would certainly encourage him, of course.

The blonde girl was smugly content. She thought that typing an ‘n’ instead of an ‘l’ in Mr Walker’s name on the circular that had gone out had been a stroke of sheer genius on her part.
Such a naughty secretary!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, November 4, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 3

How does illness or accident impact you with regard to spanking?

Xen: Does childbirth count? That plus post-partum depression took me out for quite a while.

Currently dealing with some more chronic stuff now which can be really frustrating. Having my head dangling is usually a problem, which counts out a lot of positions. Having my neck at a weird angle is a problem which counts out some more. I can’t stand or be still for long periods, and straining/tensing too much is an issue. So needless to say it can be tricky!

Baxter: Leading up to my total knee replacement and in the weeks after, I was in pain and did not need more, as enjoyable as spanking is. We did slowly get back into it. One of the supplies we bought in preparation was a shoe horn about 2.5 feet long. My wife spanks me with that now.

Roz: During times of illness and surgical procedures and spanking action has mostly been non-existent for a period followed by a slower, less intense re-introduction.

Wendel: Head colds and the flu stop spanking activities. When one of us gets sick the other soon follows so we will stop until both of us are better. Typically a week to ten days.

Windy: Illness sucks and I've had my fair share of chronic things. This puts an extra responsibility on Storm because he has to be aware of my health before he makes any kind of spanking plans. Communication and patience on both of our parts is key.

We've also gone many months and sometimes years without spanking. When that happens, we do miss it, but sometimes other icky things in life absolutely take precedence. We're grateful when everyone is healthy enough to be...well, naughty!

Anna: When I broke my wrist last winter, I recruited his sister, who was well aware of his need for
discipline to stand in for me. It was an interesting few weeks to observe what he reacted to and how.
He was never so relieved to have me back.

Ronnie: When P's back went we had to stop our spanking activities for a while. Also if either of us a bad bout of flu we postpone.

Prefectdt: Recently a bout of stress-related psoriasis spread to my rear end (first time I have had it there) and I had to make do with back flogging instead. The affected skin just kept splitting and bleeding, I was frightened that it would cause bad scarring. It's my second choice but back play is also enjoyable, when the bottom is a no-go area.

Rosco: Of course - Irene and I are in our sixties. My back and shoulder means some spanking positions are tricky, and she has to be careful when she ties me up. It’s no fun to have to discuss it at the time of course.

I finally found a two tailed tawse with a round handle - much easier for her to grip. And I put a hook in the ceiling so she could hold a rope and take weight off her knees during reverse cowgirl

A few adjustments have been necessary, but no complaints - passion is undiminished.

Hermione: For minor soreness due to arthritis or gout that comes and goes, we carry on as usual. When I had abdominal surgery, we resumed sexual activities within 10 days, but spanking took longer. We waited about a month until my incision healed.

Thank you all, and please stay well!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #303

Welcome, dear friends, to my humble blog. I hope you are all well. Ron and I are in good health at present, but accidents do happen, and illness can strike when we least expect it. That brings us to today's topic.

Have you or your partner ever suffered an illness or accident that interfered in some way with your spanking activity? How did you cope? Were you able to continue spanking by modifying your method or position in some way? Or were you forced to abstain for a period of time?

I'd love to hear how you adapted to the situation, so please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has spoken.
From Hermione's Heart