Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 28

What part does clothing play in your spanking activity?

Alan: With my first disciplinarian I asked her to wear a pencil skirt, blouse and heels. She flatly refused, letting me know in no uncertain terms that I would be spanked when and where she decided and with her wearing whatever she was wearing at the time. I soon found out she meant exactly that and so I was spanked with her wearing everything from a formal gown (once) to her sweats and T-shirt (many times). By the time my wife took over the discipline chores I was so well trained I don’t think I even asked her to dress-up and she has shown no interest in doing so. Looking back I think my first disciplinarian got it right. A disciplinarian’s job (if it’s real) is to wean the spankee off the fantasy so she can provide real discipline her way. Dressing up would get in the way of that.

Qbuzz: We often dress up, from the basic stockings and heels to full-on uniforms. Nothing to get in the way of bare bottom cheeks though :D

Bonnie: I could write entire blog posts about dressing up for a spanking, and I have. Randy and I love role play and dressing up is a big part of that. Whether I'm a 50s housewife, a spandex superhero, a bouncy cheerleader, a sexy secretary, or just dancing around in lingerie, Randy demonstrates his appreciation in the best ways. It's fun to step out of one's daily persona and clothing is one good way to achieve that.

Rosco: Irene dresses up more in the bedroom than anywhere else. She often changes her clothes several times as she spanks me, ties me up, climbs aboard for reverse cowgirl cunnilingus then finally allows me inside.

I have a big panty fetish (for the right kind) but they have to come off at some point - except for a special crotchless pair. Some of her outfits are fairly normal - you would not think twice if you saw them on the street. Others, like her red lacy pantaloons and bustier or her drindl, are bedroom only stuff.

I am usually naked, but she is usually dressed. It's evolved that way to please me I think but she seems pretty happy about it all.

Wendel: Once in a while we like to dress up in costumes since Halloween is our favorite holiday. Nothing like spanking Cinderella's bare bottom. Other than that the clothes do not really matter since the bottom will be bare for the spanking.

Rich Person: No, the lack of clothing plays a part.

I suppose that's unduly flippant, so let me just give one instance where clothing did play a part.

I had a date with a very nice girl to take her to dinner. When I got to her place, I had her undress completely for me, and then picked clothing for her to wear. I told her she didn't have any suitable panties, so she'd have to go without any. We left in my car and made some stops before heading to the restaurant.

However, I got her some panties along the way. After heading to the restaurant, I told her that if she was good the rest of the way, I'd let her wear panties into the restaurant. She was shocked to find that I had a nice, new pair for her to wear.

She was a very good girl and got to wear them into the restaurant. But the spankings she got were still on the bare bottom.

Anon: I routinely lay on my tummy with nothing on but a light bathrobe, waiting for my wife to come into the bedroom to spank me. When she comes, she raises the bathrobe to expose my bottom, places a hand in the middle of my back and uses a wooden paddle to give me a pretty hard spanking. She will be in street clothes. A typical paddling comes to about six dozen strokes.

Roz: We don't routinely dress up. From memory I have worn a skirt and shirt akin to a school uniform once or twice. When I know spanking, and/or other activities are on the cards I do always ensure I wear sexy underwear.

Ronnie: We've been know to do role play. Riding student/riding instructor and schoolgirl/headmaster the main two. Real fun to do.

Minelle: I’d say that I always try to wear sexy lingerie when spanking is planned. We both love it!

Barrel: My wife regularly wears a bustier with garters and stockings for most of our moments, including regular spankings. When we have planned a session, she will wear seamed stockings, which I really like. It is a visual message to me that this will be more than just a spanking. Normally, I am just bare. But for the sessions, she will put me in hose or thigh high’s for the day to heighten the mental torment I go through, knowing what is coming. I think spanking and whipping through pantyhose increases the intensity, but they always come off when she gets down to serious business.

Yorkie: Yes! Yes, it does. Our Birthday suits!

Bob: My spanking soulmate loves dressing me in her panties when  I'm to be spanked. They never stay on that long...as soon as they're warmed properly, they're taken down and I'm spanked bare bottom over her knee with hand and sometimes brush. She has recently added having me wear a short 'schoolgirl' skirt, which when put over her knee, gets flipped up immediately as she spanks and scolds her little 'school girl'. The panties are a turn-on for me, and she has a wide variety of satin and lacy ones in every color imaginable - though she KNOWS I hate yellow - so those are used for special occasions when she is extremely upset with me.

Graham: Most of our spanking are for fun and extended foreplay even if they involve a disciplinary scenario. I love it when she wears suspenders/stockings, and she is usually happy to oblige.

Mind you, not every spanking requires such attire, but I know it's going to be a fun evening when she dresses like that.

To each his/her own, of course!

Hermione: Once in a while Ron will ask me to "dress up". That means putting on a short, silky nightie and little else. I also have a black garter belt and sheer black stockings that I reserve for special occasions.

Have a fine week and stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #337

Welcome back, dear friends. It hasn't been a good week here. Until yesterday, I thought our community had dodged the covid bullet and we were well on our way to getting back to some kind of normal. There hadn't been a case in over a month. Then it was announced that an irresponsible business owner had ignored health precautions and, as a result, over 200 people have been identified by the contact tracers as possibly being infected. Mask on!

Being at home most of the time means it doesn't really matter what I wear. But at spanking time, clothing can be significant.

Does clothing play a special part in your spanking rituals? Does the giver and/or receiver wear special clothing on a regular basis, or from time to time? How does this enhance the experience?

Please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday FUN

Each spring, a pair of mallard ducks comes to visit us. Until now, we have always considered them a nuisance because they settle into our backyard pond, thinking about nesting there. The pond isn't big enough for two ducks plus their brood, and there are goldfish that aren't meant to be duck sushi, so we usually frighten them away. They are very brave and not at all intimidated until we get very close, but they usually move along after several indications that they aren't wanted.

This year was no different, except that I had installed a bird feeder in the front yard. After being denied access to the pond, the ducks decided that the feeder was a good source of food, and visited regularly to snack and catch up on the latest gossip with the other patrons of the feeder: squirrels, bunnies and assorted birds.

Then one day the female arrived alone.
Mallards mate for life so we were quite concerned. What had happened to her handsome husband? Had he been hit by a car? Attacked by a fox? Flown off with some floozy? She returned each day but looked rather sad and didn't eat or chat with the other birds. I had hoped she would at least go and look after her babies, if she had any. Or maybe hubby was minding the brood while she had some girl time alone.

Whatever the reason for the male's disappearance, he finally reappeared at the feeder yesterday. There were no recriminations from Mrs. Duck, who simply seemed happy to have him back. They are there now, and I can see them both from the window as I write this.

Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Certificate of Correction

Here is an excerpt from a very early story by Rollin Hand called "Certificate of Correction".  The setting is sometime in future when certain crimes may be expiated by accepting corporal punishment - one of my favourite storylines. The male protagonist has a girlfriend, Karen, who is a newly minted corrections officer who needs to learn how to use the new tools of her trade.
When I awoke the next morning, Karen was already up. I could hear her rustling around in the kitchen. She heard me in the bathroom and called to me, telling me to come on down for breakfast. “And don’t bother to dress!” she admonished in a sing-song lilt. I staggered downstairs in my t-shirt and boxer shorts to find Karen in a flimsy nighty bouncing about in the kitchen. At her command I sat down and was treated to a hearty breakfast served by Karen in a black negligee that hid little. My penis gave a little twitch at the sight of those luscious breasts and her jouncy rear end. I noticed that her ass seemed yet a bit pink from the previous night’s festivities. Hmmm…. I was starting to get worked up again, all right. We sat down and ate. I was eying Karen as hungrily as the eggs, and I was famished.

“Are you done?” she said over our third cup of coffee. “Because if you are, I want to continue our experiment,” she said grinning.

Mmmm boy, I thought. You bet. I want to get my hands on those pneumatic buns of hers again.

“Are you sure you are up for this again?” I said with genuine concern. “Your fanny still looks pinkish.”

“Oh, you’re not going to smack MY bottom this morning, oh no,” she said giggling.

Then it dawned on me what I had forgotten.

“Wait a minute…you don’t mean to…”

“Oh yes I do! Come on Scott. You agreed to help me. I now know what a smacking with that spanker is like … thank you very much,” she said, lifting and giving her rear end a rub, “but I also need to know how to give one.”

I choked on the coffee. “You’ve got to be kidding. You want to smack ME with that thing?”

Karen huffed, “What’s the matter, are you chicken? To take a little spanking from a girl? A strong, brave guy like you?”

I was trapped and I knew it. I mumbled a surly okay. Karen broke into a big smile, and said, “Good boy,” pinching my cheek playfully. There was silence for a moment.

“Well… no time like the present for giving my brave boy his spanking. Come with me, young man,” she said with a mock serious tone.

We got up from the table and Karen took my arm and led me into the living room where the spanker lay on the coffee table. Karen sat down and crooked her finger, grinning all the while, beckoning me to her side. I sighed and shuffled to her side reluctantly. She patted her thighs and I draped myself across her lap. She leaned over, her breasts brushing against my back, and took up the spanker.

“Lift up Scott. This is the moment of truth for all naughty boys.” I obeyed and felt her fingers in the waistband of my shorts. She tugged my boxers to my knees fully baring my hind end. A cool breeze fanned my rear as she patted it with the spanker. She gave my fanny a few more tentative taps and said: “I am going to give you what I think they call a good SOUND spanking! Now don’t move. Be brave. After all, I took mine, so you should take yours.”

Then she started to smack. She was tentative at first, and the first few spanks were tingly and somewhat pleasant. Then she really got into it, putting some force behind the blows, and my bottom started to heat up. I felt solid hard slow smacks for about the first ten then she switched to a rapid cadence for the next ten. My bottom started to really sting as she laid on smack after smack, alternating one side at a time, sometimes right across the middle. I could imagine what she looked like, a determined look on her pretty face, arm flashing in the air, breasts heaving and then bringing the spanker down with a loud smack. My body gave a jerk with each sonorous smack that landed. I gasped and wriggled. My sit-spot was heating up and I knew my buns must be getting red by now.

“How (smack!) does this (smack!) feel (smack!) Scott? “( Smack! smack! smack!)

“Oww….it stings.” I was gritting my teeth. It really did smart.

“Good.(smack! smack!). You probably deserve it for all the stuff (smack! smack!) you got away with when you (smack!) were (smack!) a kid. (Smack! smack! smack!)”
“Yeowww…ouch … ow ….ouch. That’s enough… stop!” This was bad. My ass was on fire.

“No, not yet. Tell me, is it worse with slow even spanks like this? (smack!… smack!… smack!… smack!), or fast spanks—- all at once like this?” I felt a rapid fire volley of spanks.  It felt like angry bees attacking my ass.

“Ow! They’re both bad,” I yelped, “Now for god’s sake stop!”

“Just a few more good hard ones, Scott. I’m pretending you are a naughty 16 year old truant. This(smack!) will (smack!) teach(smack!) you(smack!) to get to school(Smack! whack! swat! spank! whap!)”

“Ouch!…Hey, Karen … stop now? ok?”

I imagine I looked pretty much like a 16 year old truant, lying over her knee with a beet red bottom and howling for mercy after a good licking from the truant officer. She stopped and I hopped up off her lap rubbing my flaming buns and doing a little dance as I ooh’ed and ahh’ed. As the fire subsided to a hot glow, amazingly, my cock began to rise. I contemplated Karen’s barely concealed charms in the little nighty. Karen reached out and took my throbbing member in her hand.

“Ohhh…is this for me? Maybe there is some benefit after all to a good old fashioned spanking for you, Scott. We may have to do this again. I know it turned me on.”

And with that she stood up and doffed the flimsy nighty to reveal her glorious nakedness. While I stood she knelt and took me in her mouth until I could stand no more. I pulled her up and flung her to the couch. She was more than ready and I slid right in. We commenced to fuck furiously, building quickly to a climax. We rested awhile in each other’s arms then started up again, this time very slowly. And so it went…

We made love all weekend, just friends no more. All too soon it became Monday morning.
I hope I can find the rest of this story so we can all find out about Monday.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 22, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 21

This week we discussed spanking technique.

Roz: That is a great question! Hmm, let me see. I can say Rick can deliver either a nice light fun spanking or a very effective one depending on the circumstances, mood etc. He has also used a few different techniques, such as the side swing rather than direct swing to good effect.

Wendel: I think after years of practice The Misses has honed her skills unique to my liking.

Jack: My wife spankings are the same, start with the hand, then apply the hairbrush.

Barrel: My wife has sufficiently honed her whipping skills to wield both the strap and riding crop from both sides with back hand strokes. During our last session, she really surprised me with many intense, back handed lashes. With the addition of our new tawse, and a little reading, she prefers to deliver blows in a more vertical fashion so the tails will wrap into the bottom crease of both cheeks.

Bonnie: I'm totally biased and I have no real world basis for comparison, but I think my husband is a world class spanker. His aim is excellent and he displays a wide range of techniques. He routinely varies the strike zone, intensity, pacing, and angle so I never know what is coming next. He covers my entire bottom but avoids straying too high, too low, or too far outside. I'm not sure about his backhand technique. I guess he does that too, but it's not as common.

As for special talents, I will stick to spanking and cite his wrist pop. He snaps a short paddle or hairbrush so as to maximize the sting upon impact with my bottom. This is a standard feature of our OTK spankings.

Baxter: My wife prefers to use either a long shoehorn (2.5 feet I think) and the riding crop. Her application of those implements is dead on my bottom and I can feel them for a long time and I appreciate them. My only wish is that she had done it earlier in our marriage, but here we are in our almost mid 60s.

Graham: Are you kidding?! She's perfect!

Hermione: Ron has a fun thing he does with the dogging bat, using quick wrist motions to make it flutter back and forth between cheeks very quickly. Other than that, I don't think he uses backhand at all. He's a straightforward kind of guy!

Thank you all for your contributions to our discussion. Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #336

Welcome one and all to our weekend discussion time. Once again, our topic is one that was inspired by a suggestion from our good friend Barrel.

How would you rate the technique of the spanker in your relationship? Does your spanker possess equal skill in delivering both fore and backhand strokes? Does the spanker have any special spanking talents?

Leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had the opportunity to weigh in, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 19, 2020

Friday FAIL

In spite of what the naysayers think, wearing a mask is not a political statement. It's common sense and shows respect for others. But as you know, masks are sometimes hard to come by, so improvisation is often necessary.

Creative? Yes. Effective? I don't know about that.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Open for Business

My city is starting to relax restrictions on social interactions. Many non-essential businesses are opening, and various health care providers are once more providing health care. Each medical profession is governed by a provincial body that sets the rules for how to handle patients during the covid-19 pandemic. Here's a sample of how procedures differ, based on my own personal experience and stories told by others.

Dentist: When you arrive, there's a sign on the door instructing you to telephone the office and say you've arrived. Then you wait in your car until the office phones you and tells you to come inside. (This was all very inconvenient for my neighbour, who arrived by cab and does not carry a cell phone!)

Chiropodist: When you arrive you wait in your car until someone comes out (they assume you have kept your appointment) and waves to you to come in. Only one client at a time may be in the clinic and you must wear a mask.

Medical doctor: Observing a nearby medical clinic, I saw clients lined up outside, admitted one by one but it seemed that there were several clients inside at a time.

Optometrist: If you arrive within 10 minutes of your appointment you may go inside. You may have someone with you to drive you home. Both must wear masks.

Veterinarian: No people may go inside the clinic. If you need drugs or food, it is handed to you at the door. For treatment, the cat or dog is passed to a technician at the door and you wait outside. If there are questions to be asked, the vet phones you. All payment is done through credit cards on file.

Quite a variation! But at least we can get medical help when needed.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 15, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 14

Do you spank on birthdays, or have a special memory of a celebratory spanking on an anniversary of some kind?

Rosco: We try to, but it only sometimes works out.

Our spanking&sex (pretty much indistinguishable) take place when we are both relaxed and have a bit of privacy. So often it seems like the best ever.

But planning in advance can be a challenge -something might come up or we might be tired or distracted.

Roz: We don't generally do spankings to celebrate birthdays etc. However, when we do, they are always of the sexy fun kind followed by other activities:)

Wendel: We spank each other on our birthdays. When it is time the birthday boy/girl strips to the birthday suit and receives the spanking either by hand or paddle. The one I remember the most was the year the Misses dressed in her sexy pirate captain costume. She wielded a paddle rather than a sword and had me bend over the back of the sofa. It took her almost an hour to administer the spanking. She gave my bottom a hard whack and then dance around for a bit to let the pain sink in.

Baxter: Our birthdays are two days apart ( we are one year apart in age) so we always have our birthday holiday. My wife is semi-vanilla but will let me spank her a few times, just to get things into the right mood. So not only do I get my spanking, she spanks me for her birthday as well, one spank per year. As we are approaching our mid-60s, you can imagine my bottom is red and sore after all that. Love birthdays.

Ronnie: I get a spanking on my birthday and one on P's birthday. My most memorable was being spanked with roses.

Prefectdt: I have never given or received a birthday spanking. Oh well you have to have something on the bucket list.

I like the coffee GIF by the way, subtle but effective.

Qbuzz: We've talked about me getting spanked with all of our implements on my birthday (with one-swat-per-year for each cheek) but nothing that organised has happened... yet

Barrel: I shared this with Hermione as I am turning 65 next month and want to make spanking memorable part of that milestone. I am hopeful to find inspiration from all of you. Should we start with six and a half minutes of OTK spanking beginning with her hand, then the brush and finally the plastic paddle? Going out for sushi at lunch, only to return to the bench where we celebrate with 65 strokes of the strap. Am I then up for 65 from the new tawse? Is the icing on the cake 65 strokes, split between my wife’s two canes?

Thanks for sharing your memorable birthdays and anniversaries.

Yorkie: We play when we can so I am happy with what I get, when I can get it. I’d love to though.

Hermione: We do not have a ritual for anniversaries or birthdays. At our age, we don't care to think of the large number of candles required on our cakes, or comparable number of swats in a birthday spanking!

Graham: Definitely! Only question is how many instruments -- the full count with each!

Barrel, I love your suggestion for your upcoming birthday. I say, go for it!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #335

It's the weekend, and that means it's time for another discussion. Today's topic was suggested by our good friend Barrel, who told me that he and his wife celebrate birthdays and anniversaries that end in 5 or 0 in a special way.

Do you celebrate birthdays or anniversaries with a special spanking? If so, might you share your most indelible spanking memory of a special day?

As usual, please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to participate.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 12, 2020

What a Milestone!

I can't believe it! My little corner of the blogosphere has been visited four million times. That's all down to you, dear readers. As long as you keep coming to visit, I'll keep on blogging.

Have some cake to celebrate with me.

Hmmm, that didn't turn out so well. Maybe a cookie instead?

Oops! Well, how about a nice cupcake?

Let's just stick to deviled eggs. You can't go wrong with them.

I'm not hungry anymore.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Out and About

I mentioned last week that I needed some things at Bulk Barn but was afraid to go there because it didn't sound very hygienic or safe during this time. Bulk bins of food possibly handled by anyone? No thanks. But Ron decided that the licorice I had been buying just wasn't the same, so I decided to give it a try.

When I arrived at the store, I waited briefly in line. When I got to the door, a staff member instructed me to clean my hands with hand sanitizer then join the line inside. I stood 6 feet away from the next person in line and we slowly moved forward. When I reached the end, there were plastic gloves to put on. I watched as another staff person wiped down the shopping cart handles. I was given a cart by a staff member, who then put his cart, full of clean metal scoops, in front of mine, so that we were at least six feet apart. His instructions to me were that I would tell him what I wanted and he would take me to that item and bag it for me. At no time would I touch anything.

So we progressed through the store, and I was glad I had a list! No browsing this time. I bought bread flour (not available at any grocery), dog biscuits, licorice and two kinds of chocolate-dipped cookies. The staff member was friendly and helpful and it was really quite enjoyable. He used a different metal scoop each time, and put the filled bags in my cart. I would hate to be the one to clean all those scoops! When I was done he took me to the cash, rang up my purchases, put them in a paper bag, and I paid by tapping my credit card. At the door I stopped, took off my gloves (which had not touched anything except the cart) and was free to go. I'll certainly go back again.

In other news, a few weeks ago I noticed a "funny" spot on our front lawn. Although it hadn't rained, the spot was damp and squishy. Ron and I discussed it for a while, then he said I'd better report it to the city. I did, and within an hour a city work crew arrived. They told me it was actually an emergency, a broken water main. They puttered around for a while, then more trucks and more crew arrived, along with some heavy machinery. For the next several hours they dug a massive hole, went down inside it, and did whatever they had to do to repair the leak. It was quite entertaining for all the dog walkers out for a stroll.

By nightfall the hole was gone, covered over with loads of gravel and soil. There were deep ruts where the backhoe had been. The foreman told me that a crew would come back to fix the lawn and reseed it, but not for a few weeks. He said to give it two weeks then phone and inquire where we were on the list. That might get someone back sooner.

So we waited two weeks, with Ron fussing that he couldn't mow the lawn properly with all that rock in the way. I said give it until the beginning of the week and they might put us on the schedule. On the following Monday I called, talked to a friendly man who was actually on a remote teleconference at the time but he put the others on mute and told me that we were on the list, but it would be a month before anyone could get to us. Oh. Ron was not best pleased.

Three hours later Ron called me to the window. "Look. Trucks!" There were indeed no fewer than four trucks of various sizes. Over the next three hours our front yard was transformed from a rocky moonscape to a freshly-seeded lawn. Yesterday for the first time Ron mowed our new grass sprouts.

Social isolation isn't boring at all!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 8, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 7

Tell us about your most awesome implement.

Alan: We have a full repertoire of tools including canes, straps, hairbrushes and various paddles. I have to give honorable mention to a hairbrush Aunt Kay sold on her site which is more than a half inch thick, hard wood and lethal. It took my wife some time to learn to use it effectively because it will "thud" if she does;t snap it just right. But now using it OTK she can set my bum on fire in a minute or less and I always shudder a little when I realize she is going to use it. But intimidating as that is ( and there is another large sauna brush almost as bad), nothing competes with her long handled bath -brush. I have a very healthy fear of it and almost always try to talk her out of using it ( which is never smart)When she uses it without any warmup, it literally takes my breath away. It also is the most likely to leave marks that take longer to fade.

Domhnall the Second: My Harley Davidson motorcycle. Whether I'm navigating the twists and turns in the mountains, or driving a long straight desert road listening to the low rumble of the exhaust, it holds my attention to the exclusion of all else.

Rosco: I bought Irene two leather ping pong paddles last Christmas. She loves them, so I do as well.

As all spankees know, there are different "flavors" that accompany various implements. Also, it is important that the level of intensity be right. Irene is smallish and though she is in good shape, she cannot inflict enough sting with some implements. Then again there are other implements (a carpet beater we once had for example) that is simply too intense for me.

Usually we have used leather as it is a little more forgiving than wood even if there is an errant blow now and then. Until we got the leather ping pong paddles, I had finally found her a two -tailed tawse with a round handle - the flat handled one kept flying out of her hand and across the room.

I did buy a delicious birch bundle, but it dried out.

Anyway, back to the leather ping pong paddles. Irene really likes them and relishes dishing out the discipline I seem to need - so they are my favorite as well.

Thanks for asking.

Graham: Hmmm...more than one way to interpret "awesome" I think! That said, I keep coming back to the cane. It is certainly the implement that occupies most of my fantasies and, in the hands of a woman who really knows how to wield one, it takes me over the top in a very good way!

Wendel: My hand is the best of all implements. It may not be the hardest hitting or leave long lasting marks but nothing beats directly feeling the impact on the Misses' soft bare bottom. I love feeling her bottom warm up as the spanking progresses.

KDPierre: To answer the question posed: "most awesome implement"? That would have to be a now very old and well-used "Ugly Stick" fishing rod. It is an amazing bit of technology, affording not only phenomenal casts, but incredible sensitivity to the lightest of nibbles when using a 'wacky rig', while also admirably durable when faced with a sturdy catch.......or a persistent weed snag.

As for spanking implements? I suppose our "go to" home made lucite paddle sees the most action. ;-)

Roz: We used to have a flogger, which was more of a novelty item than a 'real' flogger. It was such a diverse implement, capable of reaching many different places lol and either packed a mighty punch, or was lovely, depending on how it was being used.

Prefectdt: The most awesome implement that I have ever been on the receiving end of did not belong to me, it belonged to a professional German Mistress who's skills I had the fortune of experiencing a few times in the early part of this century.

It was a short (about 1.3 meters) single tailed whip. It was quite thick and of a woven construction that made it flexible but stiffer than most single tails. On the receiving end, it was very painful but in a good and tolerable sort of way and had the semi flexibility that put it between a cane and a softer whip. As in it gave an even pain stripe across the buttocks or back unlike the endy pain of a fully flexible whip, whilst not being as unrelentingly sharp as a rattan cane. And it had a wonderful balance between sting and thud.

Why did I not buy one of my own? Well I considered it but having heard the price of this hand crafted item (I forget precisely how much but I remember it was several hundreds of Euros) it became clear to me that it was an unjustifiable use of my budget when compared to the amount of use that it would get. Like Domhnall The second and KDPierre I have many interests and cannot devote every spare cent to spanking.

A.J.: I'm with Wendel - my hand.

"What gives it that special quality?"

Heh-heh-heh.... Properly applied it has some amazing talents!

Bonnie: As Graham observes, the word "awesome" has multiple interpretations. We have been collecting all sorts of spanking implements for decades. We now have almost too many. For the purposes of our brunch, I choose to define awesome as the implement that I want him to use most often.

Our awesome implement is a thick, semi-flexible brown leather paddle with a roundish blade. It's perfect for OTK. It provides the recipient with a nice sting and lots of toasty redness. Getting a spanking with this paddle hurts plenty while it's happening, but it fades fairly quickly. Then just when I think it's all over, I feel that little telltale twinge that reminds me, "Oh, yeah, I got spanked."

Hermione: The implement that is most effective in a good way for me is the dogging bat. Ron uses it in many different ways: rapid-fire flicks, gentle brushes, or solid swats. It would be my choice to take with me to a desert island.

Thank you all for a great conversation! Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #334

We have been busy with gardening activities all week. Ron has been mowing and weeding, while I repotted all of our pond plants; they grow so quickly with all that goldfish fertilizer! Yesterday we assembled a new windspinner to give our garden a much-needed lift. It took a while to assemble, disassemble, then reassemble correctly, but in the end it was worth it. The top rotors turn in one direction while the bottom ones turn the opposite way. It's quite mesmerizing, and an awesome decoration.

That leads us to today's topic:

What is the most awesome implement you now own, or have ever used or felt? What gives it that special quality?

Leave your response as a comment below, and I will publish an edited summary of our conversation on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, June 6, 2020

You Completed the Caption

KDPierre: After a round of her special brownies, Alice Toklas feels particularly inspired by Gertrude Stein reading aloud from "Tender Buttons" .

QBuzz: Scrawled on the back (as used to happen with old photos) in your grandfather's handwriting: 'My fiance and her sister shortly before their father whipped them for showing me their bare thighs'.

Weasel: "I don't need a manual on how to spank you. Just get those panties down and get over my knee now !! "

girl on left: Am I supposed to be on my knees on this bench for my spanking or over your knees?
girl on right: Gee I don't know, but maybe we should try both positions and then we can switch places.
girl on left: Goody o goody. I am so horny for a spanking.
girl on right: Me too.

Wendel: Dear Diary. Daddy whipped Magret this morning. I feel so jealous.

Bonnie: "Damned IKEA instructions!"

Bruno y Mia: I humbly offer you my blog with 100% real stories with my submissive girlfriend.

Anon 1:
Woman on left: I don't know how you can sit down after that spanking Thomas gave you.
Woman on right: My bottom hurts like crazy, but Thomas told me I had to sit here and write in my punishment diary while he goes to fetch the hairbrush. I can't believe William isn't making you sit and do the same thing.
Woman on left: I have a feeling that's coming later when we get home, but for now, he told me to kneel like this with my bottom at the ready for the paddling he's going to give me when he returns with the implements Thomas is going to lend him.
Woman on right: Now that we know our husbands will spank us in front of each other like this, do you think we'll be better behaved in the future?
Woman on left: Probably not.
Woman on right: Me either.

Ronnie: Yes. Look, it says it right here in the book this is the way you spank. Let's try it.

Prefectdt: Are you sure that you are reading those instructions right? Shouldn't we be using the mat with the coloured spots on? Why else would it be in the Twister game box?

Anon 2: You know I can't read French. Are you sure it says remove my skirt, bend over and put my bottom in the air"?

What kind of book is that anyway?

Kingspan: Our favorite rainy day activity was acting out the spanking scenes from Father's collection of Victorian erotica.

Please stay for brunch. It will be served in a few short hours.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Complete the Caption

Having a lot of spare time on my hands, I went searching the attic and found a box of old photos that  my grandfather saved. He sure made a lot of friends when he was young! Here's a snapshot of two of them.

What's so interesting in the book these two young ladies are reading? Is it encouraging them to have naughty thoughts?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Mrs. Mundinger’s Rose Bushes

Here is one of Rollin Hand's many F/M stories, written in 2016. I hope you enjoy it.
Chad awoke to the sound of pounding on his front door. Someone was banging on it.  He tried to ignore it, but the pounding would not go away. He covered his head with a pillow to blot out the sound. No go. Still the damn pounding. His head hurt, his mouth was dry as a bone, and he felt like death warmed over. The incessant bang—bang–bang finally roused him so he stumbled out of bed and made for the front door. On the way he chanced to see himself in the bedroom mirror. It wasn’t pretty. Bloodshot eyes, rumpled hair, pale skin. He was a mess. He’d slept in his clothes, apparently.

The memory of last night was vague, but it involved meeting up with his buddies at a downtown bar, followed by heavy pub crawling the rest of the night. He’d been three sheets to the wind by midnight. Somehow he made it home in his car after closing hour. Lucky for him no cops were about, or he’d have been in the drunk tank and charged with a DUI.

Good God! Stop the pounding! It was all he could think of as he prepared to open the door. When he flung it open he found himself face to face with his next door neighbor, Mrs. Mundinger, and she looked angry. He didn’t know her all that well. Her first name was Gerda or some Germanic sounding name. They had exchanged pleasantries when he moved in three months ago, and that was about it. What he knew was she came from eastern Europe somewhere, and had a thick accent. A large and stout blonde woman, she was the type you see in those German operas, the ones wearing helmets with horns. Big tits, big hips, thick legs. Nearly six feet tall, she towered over Chad by half a foot, and likely outweighed him by a good fifty pounds. She had a daughter, Anna, also big and tall, but considerably shapelier. Anna was hot, in fact.

Chad tried to clear his head and understand what she was going on about. Something about rose bushes.

“Yah, you see,” she said gesturing toward the driveway separating their property. “Your car. You crush my rose bushes, my prize roses.”

Chad peered out the door. What he saw gave him an awful sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. His car was not in his own driveway. Instead, it was in Mrs. Mundinger’s rose garden. Oh shit. No wonder she was upset. He must have run over the flowers the night before when he came in roaring drunk.

She stopped her tirade long enough to simply say, “I call police.”

“Whoa, whoa, now Mrs.Mundinger. Let’s hold on,” said Chad, raising his hands in supplication.

“No, you hold on, Mr. Chad Beachem. My roses are ruined by your car. You crash through them last night.” She stepped back and folded her arms across her ample chest. “Did you come home drunk, Mr. Chad Beachem?”

“I, uh, well…maybe I had a little,” he admitted.

“Don’t you lie. Don’t you lie to me.” She wagged a finger in his face like an angry schoolmistress.

“Okay, okay, I was a little drunk, I guess.”

“I thought so. I call police.” She turned abruptly and started to walk away.

“Wait. Stop. Don’t do that.” Chad could ill afford a DUI on his record. “I’m sorry. I’ll make it right. Really. No matter what it costs. I’ll see to fixing everything.” Chad was fully awake now, the adrenaline kicking in. This would be big trouble if the cops got involved.

She stopped walking and turned back around.

“So you fix? Get me new rose bushes? Plant them?”

“Yes, yes. Whatever,” said Chad, anxious to close this deal.

She stood with arms folded, frowning at him. She said nothing for a moment. It looked to Chad like she was considering his proposal.

“You will re-plant under my direction.”

A ray of hope. Chad said, “Yes, of course.”

She nodded. A good sign.

“But,” she said, frowning, “you must also be punished.”

What was this? Punished? He did not like the sound of that. He met her steel gray eyes staring intently at his face, looking for a reaction.

“You drive drunk. This calls for severe punishment. If I don’t call police, I must do it.”

Chad was confused. “Do what? What do you mean?”

“You will see. You come to my house at seven tonight. Don’t be late.”

Chad had all day to think about what she meant. He had had time to recuperate now. Some strong coffee, a few aspirin and a shower helped his physical sense of well-being, but could not quell the raging butterflies in his gut. What had he let himself in for? One thing he knew instinctively—he’d better not blow off this 7pm appointment next door. Mrs. Mundinger did not seem like the forgiving sort.

One thing he did know. He did not like the sound of it at all. At least she wasn’t calling the police or suing him or something like that. Still, all day his mind drifted, engaging in wild bouts of speculation as to what she planned to do. Chad didn’t know much about his neighbor, except that she seemed stern, rigid and controlling. Her nearly full grown daughter still lived with her. Chad had spoken her on a few occasions. She was hot, and Chad would have liked to know her better but she was always in the company of her mother, and the few times he saw her alone, it seemed she was almost afraid to talk to him without mother’s permission.

At the appointed hour he rang the next door doorbell. He was dressed casually, but not too much, in Bermuda shorts and a collared shirt. It wouldn’t do to appear ragged. Mrs. Mundinger’s daughter opened the door.

“Please come in. I am Anna. Mother is waiting for you in the parlor.” She smiled, but it was a thin smile, more like a smirk. What did she know that he did not?

Chad let her escort him to the parlor. It was an old fashioned sitting room with antique style furnishings, definitely early grandmother. Mrs. Mundinger was seated on the couch, leaning back comfortably, legs crossed, and eyeing him intently as he stepped through the doorway.

She didn’t greet him or say anything. Instead, she let Chad stand there shifting uncomfortably under her silent scrutiny. He finally broke the silence. “Uh, here I am, Mrs. Mundinger. I don’t know why you wanted me to come, really, so … why am I here? I said I’d fix your rose bushes.”

“Come here, Mr. Beachem,” she said crooking her finger.

Chad shuffled over closer. She sat up on the couch, pushing her solid torso forward until she perched on the edge. Then she commenced lecturing him like he was a schoolboy caught throwing spitballs.

“You are here to be punished,” she said wagging a finger at him. “You destroy my rose bushes like a little boy who does mischief.” She stood up and put her hands on her hips. Now she towered over him, and he had to look up to see her face. He gulped. This was intimidating.

“Go get me a chair, Mr. Beachem. Hurry.” She pointed at the dining room where six armless chairs were positioned about a formal dining table.

Chad was confused. What does she want a chair for? He selected one and brought it into the parlor.

“Put it right there,” she said, indicating a spot in the middle of the room.

He did and awaited further instructions, feeling like a complete fool. What in the hell was she going to do?

She sat in the chair and motioned him to her side.

“Now I ask you, Chad Beachem, when you were a little boy and you broke a vase or drew on the wall, what did your mother do?”

What kind of question was that?

“I uh…I guess she’d yell at me.”

“She did not punish you?”

Chad thought for a minute. “No. Not really.” He recalled a lot of scolding, but no real consequences for any childish misbehavior.

“And that,” said Mrs. Mundinger triumphantly, “is the problem.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You will, she said. “Please to let down your pants, Mr. Beachem.”

“What?” Let down his shorts? Was she crazy?

Then it all became clear.

“You are going over my knee, young man. I give you what you should have been given by your mother, a sound spanking on your bare hinder.”

Had he heard right? A spanking? Chad gasped. He was in shock. No way! “I—I…you can’t do that!” It came out like a croak.

Mrs. Mundinger wasn’t fazed in the least. “Then I call the police. You decide. A spanking or police.”

Chad realized he had no choice. Of all the dumb things. Jeez! This was embarrassing as hell. She wanted to give him a spanking, like some little kid, like in those comics. What was it, the Katzenjammer Kids? They were always getting spanked for something. This was ridiculous, but Chad realized the woman meant it, and he had little choice. He had to play along.

With a sickening feeling Chad fumbled with his belt buckle. He glanced at Anna. She grinned at his humiliation, obviously enjoying it at his expense. He wondered if Anna received the same treatment from this woman, and the thought gave him a hard-on. He instantly regretted that because now his stiff prick would betray him. Blushing ten shades of red, he let his pants drop. He stood next to Mrs. Mundinger in plain white briefs, his dick making the cotton stick out like a tent.

“What is this?” She said, looking daggers at the stiff appendage, her expression indignant that he would dare display sexual arousal at a time like this in front of two ladies.

“I—I can’t help it. Sorry.”

“Let down your underpants, Chad Beachem,” she said icily.

Chad groaned and slipped his underwear down. His dick hung on the elastic briefly then popped up, bobbing up and down.

Gerda Mundinger eyed the erection with disdain making a clucking sound with her tongue to voice her disgust. Then she did not waste any further time. “Get over my knee, young man. I will teach you a good lesson right here and now.”

She adjusted her skirt, pulling it up toward her waist. Chad got a glimpse of legs clad in nylon hose. She reached out and guided Chad over her lap, opening her legs slightly to accommodate his cock. He hissed at the contact with her muscular thighs. It was a fleshy platform, soft but with hardness underneath. He could feel the powerful rippling of her thighs as she adjusted him so he was well over, his bare bottom the highest point, his nose nearly touching the floor.

Chad felt her hand on his bottom. The flesh to flesh contact was electrifying. She patted, testing the surface. “You have a nice round hinder, young man. It will take a sound spanking.”

The pats were not gentle. She had a large roughened hand, maybe from all the gardening. Chad gritted his teeth, waiting. He didn’t wait long.

A sharp flurry of spanks exploded across his bare backside. The sensation of stinging heat was nearly instantaneous. His mouth flew open in disbelief that just her hand could sting so much, but it did. The effect was like he’d sat on a beehive.

“Yow! Ow!” he yelled as Mrs. Mundinger delivered smack after smack to his bare bottom. It lit a fire in his behind.

“This will show you, young man,” she intoned laying one hard spank after another on his bare bottom.

Chad squirmed helplessly. She had him pinned with an arm across his back. He reached back to shield his seat from the onslaught, but she grabbed his wrist and twisted it into a hammer lock high on his back.

“Oh, no you don’t,” she said. “I spank hard and I spank long and you going to get a good lesson here today.”

More slaps exploded across his buttocks. He could only buck and squirm.

“Ow! Ow!” This hurt more than he’d imagined. He figured it would be more embarrassing than painful. He was wrong. It was sheer agony! The woman had a hand like a stevedore. She spanked with short sharp strokes that traveled up both cheeks from his thighs to the small of his back until every inch of his prominently presented buttocks was inflamed.

“You will not come home again driving drunk will you, Chad Beachem?” She questioned him and at the same time peppered his bobbing fanny with hard smacks.

“Ow! Ow! No, I promise.” Frantic now, he couldn’t stand much more.

“I make your little fanny nice and red, Chad Beachem. Now you learn.” She changed tactics shifting away from the fast flurries, and spanked him with long sweeping downward strokes of her powerful arm, each one landing dead center on his buttocks and delivering a shock that made his teeth rattle.

“Ow Yow! Please stop!”

Chad was sobbing now, a thoroughly chastened little boy. The intensity of the spanking had been a complete surprise. Her hand was all she had used, and it felt like a wood paddle. He fluttered his legs as he dangled helplessly over her knee. His tears salted the parlor floor. It amounted to such total humiliation for Chad that he had broken down and cried like a child.

“Get up,” she said finally.

Chad managed to rise off her lap. The erection was long since gone. He rubbed his bottom ruefully, choking back more tears. This had been absolutely devastating.

“Anna,” said Mrs. Mundinger, “Go fetch the cane.”

What was that? Fetch the cane?

Anna came back a minute later carrying a thin yellow stick. Chad eyed it with trepidation. In response, Anna smiled and bent it in a semi-circle.

“Now wait a minute,” said Chad, holding out his hand as a stop signal.

“Did you think we were done?” said Gerda Mundinger. “Did you think a little hand spanking was the whole lesson?”

Yes, he had. That spanking had given him a blazing, throbbing behind that was probably glowing bright red.

Anna handed her the cane. She took it a swooshed it. Chad looked on in horror as it vibrated like an evil thing, whippy and vicious looking.

“Bend over the back of the chair,” she said. “Anna, hold his hands.”

“Yes, mother.”

Anna came around and seized Chad’s wrists. She held them down against the chair seat, forcing Chad to bend forward.

“You will take six strokes without moving.”

“Ahh—no,” gasped Chad, panicked as he looked over his shoulder to see Mrs. Mundinger, her cane raised to strike.

It was too late. The rod whipped through the air and landed, striping Chad’s inflamed seat with a blazing line of fire.

The pain was atrocious. Chad tried to raise up but two things prevented him from moving. His feet were tangled in his shorts and underpants, now pooled around his ankles, and Anna had gripped him in a bear hug, her arms locked around his middle, her breasts mashing into his back.

Held in this immobile posture, his bare bottom raised over the chair back, Chad had no choice but to endure the five remaining strokes from Gerda Mundinger’s whippy cane. He howled at each one.

“You will never drive the car after the drinking.” Whirrr…whip!

“Yow! Ow! Okay!”

“You will be careful in future!”

“Yes, yes!” Whirr…whip! The cane flexed as it sped through the arc of her swing. “Yahhh!” Chad wailed anew as the cane bit into his bottom like a hot wire.

The sequence of scolding, a stroke, and Chad’s anguished response continued for the next three agonizing strokes. When Anna released him, Chad shot up and hopped from foot to foot rubbing his striped bottom, oblivious to the almost comical display he presented.

Mother and daughter stood back and watched, Anna observing with her sardonic smile, her mother looking on with approval for a job well done.

“Now,” said Mrs. Mundinger, shaking the cane at Chad, “You will be here on Saturday at eight am sharp to replant my bushes. Anna will instruct you and she has my permission to punish you if you do not do what she commands.”

What was this? Anna would be in charge? Chad’s eyes shifted to Anna. Her face wore a wicked grin, and Chad’s insides churned. Once again he asked himself what had he gotten himself into?

What indeed? I'm afraid you will have to use your imagination.😏

Monday, June 1, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 31

What are you unable to indulge in during social isolation? Do you have plans for when we return to normal?

Fred Bloggs: I am looking forward to being allowed back at the nudist club. That may be soon with suitable social distancing. Eventually when it's safe to get up close to other people I plan to meet up with some spanko friends for a spanking session.

Roz: Not totally kinky, but we have missed our date nights where we get our fav takeaway, have a few drinks, listen to music....then there may be some kink lol. Fortunately though, with lockdown ended here we can again have our favourite takeaway.

CK: I'm never going to wear clothes again. Not at home, not at the beach, not at work. Ok, maybe at work. But when the nest is empty, it all comes off.

Prefectdt: Well not having a play partner to hand I am missing getting spanked or indulging in any kind of CP play. Due to dealing with a skin condition before lockdown, it had been a while since I had played anyway. I think it has been nearly a year now since my rear end was last reddened. My pain sluttyness gauge is reading red with steam coming out of the top.

As soon as it is possible, I will be arranging a long overdue rump roast.

Wendel: We miss eating out, going to the movies and shopping other than groceries and necessities. The occasional spanking before and after added to the enjoyment. Trying to sit comfortably and eat in a crowded restaurant with a sore bottom or knowing a spanking is coming as soon as you get home is quite exciting.

Rosco: My favorite burrito places are offering take out, but it’s far less convenient.

I did give my wife a 90 minute foot massage while she was on Zoom the other day - lying on the floor under the table safely out of view of the camera. That was very fun for both of us.

Bonnie: For us, it's evenings out at a restaurant before a live performance or movie. TTWD happily continues, but we miss the outside world.

Ronnie: We miss nights out in our favourite restaurants, going to the theatre and been able to go abroad.

Baxter: We are missing being able to go camping, but hope to during June. I started working from home on March 16 and then five weeks later, was laid off and it has become early retirement for me. I am in the kitchen a lot more and when needed, my wife grabs the bread board and spanks me as I stand, kneading dough for bread. Nothing like a good paddling to take one's mind off events. We are enjoying making food at home and it may be quite a while before we go to restaurants and concerts again.

Barrel: Yes, we miss the interlude in our sessions. Session for us are more spaced out, well scripted with a long build up to a serious whipping and caning. While our build up includes a plug, pantyhose for me with an initial hand spanking, our interlude includes going out for sushi, oysters, or a good lunch with great wine. That is what we really miss because it is where my wife openly describes the intense and extended thrashing that awaits after lunch. I hope we will add back as health allows but about to cross the 65 year old threshold brings the need to be wary and wise.

Dan: For me, it's really the simple human contacts. I miss having coffee, or a beer after work, sitting across a table with a live human being in a place that isn't my house.

Hermione: I really miss going to church and singing in the choir, although it may be some time before singing in large groups is permitted. We have three gift cards for restaurants and one for a bakery, and we are looking forward to being able to use them. Our kinky activities continue unabated.

Stay safe, everyone!
From Hermione's Heart