Monday, January 29, 2024

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 28

What effects has spanking had on your life?

Wendel: For us, spanking is the best kind of stress relief. There is a relaxing feeling of freedom when we spank each other out in the woods or the top of a mountain. All the stress of the daily grind goes away. I like to paddle The Misses before she starts work. It makes her relax more even though it is hard to sit. In turn The Misses will whip my bottom when I get home from work. She says it is to help relieve the stress of the day.
The other effect of our spanking practices is very sore bottoms. 

Sage Blum: I get the stress relief too. And my partner says I glow--I mean not just my red butt but my whole self. I feel lighter and more contented, and he says I look that way too. And I am able to have sex without using lube, which I didn't know would be possible. I am just beginning to be open about being a spanko, and getting my vanilla partner to spank me, and already all these things are changing in a good direction. It's awesome. Like I've discovered a secret.

Roz: Sage, firstly, I am so glad to hear you are seeing the benefits of being open with your partner. I think some of the things that changed for me were a greater awareness of my own body and acceptance of it (still work in progress!) And a deeper feeling of femininity. For us, introducing spanking has created a deeper level of connection and intimacy.

Jack: A stronger marriage, respect for the female, less stress, saving money. From the first spanking while dating, I knew this woman was what I needed, a take charge woman. This is a FLR and I'm totally satisfied. 

Mark: Good topic Sage. For me it is increased intimacy with my wife, we share something that the world does not (mostly) know about. It is a wonderful stress reliever, and I find it arousing. Mostly I think that she does too but I'm the only one spanked. Finally, the cane is available as the ultimate sanction for smoking - it is a clear deterrent to having the odd cigarette. It works, I don't.

Rosco: I had a singular powerful spanking experience at the tender age of 13, then not again until I was 24.

In the interim, I’d tried a couple of times, been rebuffed and was very hesitant to try again. It was a new thing for Irene when I mentioned it to her, but she and I gradually moved forward, incorporating related activities, and today have consistent super passionate sex within a femdom paradigm.

I do regret not being more confident in the intervening 11 years - some my girlfriends might have gotten into it but communication was not my strong suit.

I agree with others, that being spanked (and sometimes tied up, lectured, ordered around, serving corner time etc) is the ultimate form of relaxation. For whatever reason it’s something I crave and don’t think I’d be fulfilled if I hadn’t pursued this need.

A.J.: "What effects has spanking had on your life?"

On my life. Hmmmmm

I have to say it has had no effect. It's something I give and get on occasion, but it is not key to my life. It is just something I have fun with. Part of me, but not ME. And if I never spank and/or get spanked ever again? A damn shame, but that's OK, too.

Let me add one side note: I have met a lot of women and a few men who are into spanking, just like many here. What I came to realize one day - I liked everyone of them! ALL OF THEM were just nice people. And, I'm sure that includes everyone on this site.

Bonnie: That's a difficult question because Randy and I have been at this for decades. I'm not sure how a life without spanking would be. Less fun I imagine. Less connected, I'm pretty sure. I hope we never find out!

Chronic Excessive Manliness: Being that it is just part of my nature...trying to define or quantify "benefit" or effect, would be rather challenging...and wordy. :) 

KDPierre: I guess it's given me the balance I would not otherwise have without it. And as others have said, explaining the levels and nuances of that balance would take pages. But I do believe that besides keeping me on an even keel, that same balance has helped make me a better person and partner. And on the flip side, I believe it has helped the spankers in my life as giving them a quick viable outlet to deal with whatever they would otherwise find frustrating in me, and so rather than just harboring grudges or not be friends anymore, they just get their frustrations out on my butt, and afterwards everything is resolved and things are good.

Hermione: Spanking has validated who I am. As Chronic above said, it's just part of my nature.

Luvinhub: Unfortunately, spankings do not happen now but I am hopeful for the future. Therefore, I can't say that it is effecting current life. However, in the past spankings were punishment or maintenance and they helped to "clear the slate" of my wrong doings. They also helped me to be a better man and husband. The intimacy and closeness between my wife and I was definitely increased. While I have a love/hate relations with being punished I do miss the closeness it gave us.

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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #524

Welcome, one and all! I hope you have had a productive week and are ready for some spanking fun. Today's topic was suggested by Sage Blum, one of our newest brunch guests. She is just starting out on her spanko journey, and is eager to learn all about it from more experienced people.

What effects has spanking had on your life? 

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

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Friday, January 26, 2024

Over the Desk is back


After a long hiatus. Over the Desk spanking stories is back. A few stories have been migrated from the old site, with more to come soon. There are some new stories as well, so be sure to drop by and say hello to Kenny.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Your Butt is Perfect

With Valentine's Day coming up, this might be the perfect gift to give to your spanko partner. This site allows you to design a personalized mug for that certain someone who makes your butt tingle.

Thank you to Boru for discovering an amazing site.

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Monday, January 22, 2024

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 21

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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #523

How the week has flown by! It's time to relax and enjoy a pleasant discussion about that thing we do. Today's topic isn't about an actual spanking, but what follows.

What is your favourite form of aftercare?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation. Thank you, Bonnie, for the topic.

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Monday, January 15, 2024

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 14

We had a lot to discuss about punishment, funishment, and the DD lifestyle.

Rosco: Irene and I don’t do punishment. If she’s really angry with me, she may express it or she may ignore me. Spanking me is the last thing she’d do.

Roleplay, however, does get pretty intense sometimes. She likes to make it hurt and I like to have my limits truly tested. Yesterday, for example, after spanking my bottom she tied me to the bed face up. Before mounting my face, Irene slapped the tops and insides of my thighs hard with her leather strap. She’ll also slap my balls - something I never would have thought I’d like. But it hurts like crazy.

All the while she’ll be lecturing me and may say it’s punishment. But it’s not serious so not punishment in the real sense.

Bonnie: I get the message when my husband brings out a serious spanking implement and delivers it forcefully and repeatedly. At those moments, it does not matter what label we apply, it sure feels like punishment to me.

Sage Blum: Thanks, Hermione, for starting discussions on these subjects. I am new to this and not into punishment spanking--just fun in bed--and am lucky to have a vanilla partner who's totally compatible. I am learning a lot from reading your blog and comments.

I have a question. I only get erotic spankings or fun spankings. And I am compatible that way with my vanilla partner who is fine with doing anything I want for foreplay. I was wondering: If a spanko bottom is only into erotic or fun spankings, aren't they more compatible with vanilla partners than with spanko tops? It seems that would be so, if all spanko tops want to inflict pain. But perhaps some spanko tops are into giving erotic pleasure through spankings? Or not? I am new to all this so it's a mystery to me. My relationship is also egalitarian so doms, subs etc. are beyond my relationship experience too.  

Welcome,Sage. I hope someone can answer your question here.

Roz: Such great questions! We have recently re-kindled our dynamic which includes both punishment and fun spankings. A punishment spanking occurs after a discussion (yes, an actual discussion) on why it is happening etc with me kneeling. Another thing that separates the two is his tone, word, general demeanor etc and the emotions present.

We also used to have spankings purely to reinforce our dynamic and roles. We haven't done that again yet, but whatever the reason for the spanking, it is always clear and I am in no doubt that he is serious. Aftercare after a punishment spanking further reinforces this.

Jack: It really started to be made clear that spankings were for punishment when my wife told me I would call her Mommy, the reason was Mommies spank naughty little boys. It was made very clear all spankings would be on the bare bottom over her lap, wall facing time, and to drive the point home when I was spanked with my mother-in-law present. It must be made clear my life is better, it is all because my wife/mommy knows what is best for me. The bath brush she started using makes it very clear she means business when it is applied to my bare bottom.

Luvinhub: When my wife and I were still in our WLM it was all punishment or maintenance spankings. I was told why I was being spanked and there was no question once she started spanking that I was being disciplined. 

Prefectdt: I think I'll opt out of this one, as I have nothing relevant to say. But I am interested in seeing other people's answers.

Barrel: My wife will tell me of an action on my part will result in “x” with the cane, either bad language or poor judgment. The punishment is rarely carried out promptly, but tends to wait until we schedule a session. Sessions are scheduled, then discussed periodically for 3 to 5 days in advance of the actual event, often times including a lunch or appetizers at a bar or restaurant where she will openly discuss what she has planned. It is scary to hear her talk about whipping or caning me with occupied tables nearby or as the server approaches our table.

I know it will be severe when she directs me to set up the bench, restraints and lay out what implements she intends to wield. As she guides me to the bench and secures me in place, she will begin to remind me why she is doing this and how much I need a serious thrashing. I usually get some warm ups with her favorite strap before she graduates to the riding crop, tawse and finally two delrin canes. As she switches implements, she lectures me on how my actions earned such stern punishment. I know it is punishment when she begins to swing the cane with all her strength. I just breathe, let the sensations in, listen to her lectures and try to answer if she asks a question how the punishment will bring out an improvement in my behavior. Usually I am asked if I have had enough, but she has trained me to always ask for more. When she is done, she hugs me and reminds me how much I needed it.

Good question this week. 

Lizzie and Walton: We (Walton & Lizzie) just discovered the blog and would like to comment on the last blog entry.  All the spankings in our relationship are "punishment" spankings tied to an issue or issues... but then they are likely not real punishment spankings as there is no serious pain.  Plenty of ritual, etc., etc.  And when one of us is really upset, the spankings are longer, hurt more, a belt of hairbrush may be used.  But all spankings lead to making up, sex.  So to most couples who practice domestic discipline - our punishments would likely not qualify as true punishment spankings. 

Sage Blum: If I'm not into serious pain, but only erotic spankings, never related to an issue, am I not really a spanko? Seems that different venues attract different people. For example, when I buy implements on Amazon, almost everyone who posts a review there writes about fun in bed. A lot fewer people talk about punishments than on the spanking blogs. 

Yes, you are really a spanko.

Wendel: I guess we do both. The Misses and I occasionally spank each other for things that the other does but it is for fun not discipline. 

Hermione: We do not do punishment spankings. As Rosco said, the last thing Ron would do to punish is spank me. I enjoy it too much:)

Thank you all for participating, and please keep the conversation going, as Sage Blum does have a couple of questions that need to be answered.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

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Sunday, January 14, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #522

It's been a busy week, and I'm delighted to see so many of you here to relax with me and enjoy some lively conversation. This week's topic came from our good friend KDPierre, and it's actually a three-parter, so no one will be left out. The subject is punishment spanking.

For those who do it, what is something your dominant partner does, says, or has made a policy that for you makes you know your lifestyle is not a game?

If you do both play and discipline, what separates the two? If you're the dominant partner, what do you do to make your partner know you're serious?"

If you don't do punishment, but only roleplay or funishment or erotic spankings, do you have any questions for those of us that do to explain aspects that seem strange or alien to you?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

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Friday, January 12, 2024

Friday FAIL

I've been busy in the kitchen lately, packaging our leftover ham and turkey into meal-size portions to store in the freezer for future enjoyment. I found some pictures that suit the mood of my day.


Spellcheck in the bakery - a must!

Ramen after four minutes on high :(


A perfect spankwich

Very naughty fruit

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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

This is Strange

I received an email from Google telling me that my post of yesterday (the brunch recap) had been put behind a warning because it contained sensitive material. Well, yes. This is a blog about spanking so I suppose that's true. But the whole blog is behind an adult content warning, so why the double wall? 

At least they didn't unpublish the post, which is what happened last May when many of the brunch recaps were changed to draft because they violated Google's terms. So there's a silver lining:)

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Monday, January 8, 2024

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 7

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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #521

The holidays are almost over, but this is your chance to try a slice of king cake while we discuss this week's topic.

Do you and your partner have a secret phrase that only you know refers to spanking?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation. Thank you, Bonnie, for the topic.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 31

Tell us about your special storage place for spanking toys.

Jack: The bath brush hangs in the kitchen, if asked my wife/mommy will say she uses it to spank me.

Roz: The classic wooden spoon is in the kitchen and the rest live in the bed side drawer and wardrobe. Fun question!

Rob: Most are in a drawer in the bedroom. The ones that double as actual kitchen utensils are in the kitchen. Some are in storage.

Bonnie: Our special place has evolved over time. First, it was a drawer in the bedroom. Slowly our collection grew to occupy an entire chest of drawers in our walk-in closet. Now even that is no longer sufficient. Since the pandemic, our weapons of ass destruction have migrated throughout the house. There are canes in the basement, spoons in the kitchen, paddles in the living room, and brushes in the bedroom. And that chest of drawers is still full. I don't know where it all originates, but the destination is always the same.

Norse Cavalier: I keep all of my implements and other items in a briefcase, so it's easy to bring with me to parties. Not sure what I'm going to do once the collection outgrows the briefcase - only bring my favourites, and find a drawer to stash the rest, I suppose.

Mary: My wife uses her belt on me and her sister, her husband and one other couple we know. When they are visiting and she is wearing it, they know why I am on my best behavior.

Ronnie: No special place. Our toys are all around the house. Wooden spoons in the kitchen, bath brush in the bathroom. We have paddles under the mattress and canes in our little office.

Wendel: Happy New Year Hermione. Thanks for a great year of brunch, pix and stories.

The paddle hangs partially hidden in the pantry closet. Family and friends visiting would not notice. Unless I am wearing the belt it and the remaining implements are in the bedroom.

The paddle hangs proudly for all to see in the kitchen of our Irish home. If anyone asks they are told it is for spanking when the Misses is naughty. 

Rosco: People stay at our house from time to time. Adult children come to visit. Small children run around when they visit. So we need to be careful.

A handful of paddles, straps and whips lives in a lockable file box in our closet. Also in the box are two pair of leather cuffs, some restraints and a bit of kinky clothing. Other less obvious items of kinky clothing hang in the closet. There’s a riding crop that doesn’t fit in the box under my t-shirts on a shelf in the closet.

There are things online that look like they might be fun. A spanking bench or a Facesitting chair. But they’d be tough to hide.

Barrel: LOL, yes. As we travel between two homes seasonally, our toys travel too. Most of them are in a long, triangular FedEx box used for shipping plans. It is perfect. The canes and small riding bat rest on the bottom of the box and the tawse, leather strap and riding crop hang by their handles on one of the cardboard tabs used to close the box. We have hairbrushes at both homes so no need for those to travel. Our other kinky toys travel in a cardboard shipping box.

Thank you for another great year. Be safe and have a Happy New Year.

Anon: I have all of my spanking implements in a long tool bag in my wood shop. I sometimes wonder what people would think if they open the bag and found all my secret spanky things. Hopefully, I will be long gone before that happens.

A.J.: Hide? I just put my hands in my pockets! (Love giving and receiving bare hand on bare bottom!).
Anything else I may use doesn’t need to be hid (belt, hairbrush; both RARELY used.)

Yes; boring…

Prefectdt: Yes, the “That's definitely something kinky” stuff lives in my big metal toy box, with a padlock on it. The pervertables are just around the house or in my camper van.

Graham: Virtually all in the bottom drawer of main dresser in bedroom. Over 2 dozen implements and room for more.

Bathbrush is in the shower, and no one would guess its alter use!

Hermione: There's a box under the bed for small things like hairbrushes and paddles. In the spare room there are two racks: one with pegs for the longer implements like crops and carpet beaters, and a vertical rack for smaller paddles to hang from. In the kitchen we have decorative spoons and cutting boards on the walls. We seldom have visitors, but when we do, the spare room door is shut and the implements are hidden in a drawer just in case someone wonders what is behind the closed door.

That started the new year of with a bang!

Slava Ukraini
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Monday, January 1, 2024

Another year over...

...a new one just begun.

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