Monday, February 27, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 26

How much do you want your spanking to be 'not what you want'?

Jack: My spankings are what my wife/mommy decides they are you going to be.

Bonnie: I want to receive the spankings my husband wants to give me. What I want is secondary, but since you asked, I never want a spanking exactly as I imagine it. If I did, I could just crank the old Spank-o-Matic to level 6 and let it run. No, I wish that every spanking could be more frequent, more painful, longer duration, and more emotionally intense than I think I want at that moment.

I want Randy to shock me, make me think, earn my shriek, hurt my bottom, and cause me to discard any feeble notion of dignity or decorum. This event must feel feel like punishment.

But I don't reach the point of not liking it at all. I love feeling a paddle strike my exposed seat hard and often. In fact, I crave it. The pain can be unpleasant, but it's not unwelcome.

Dan: What Bonnie said. It describes what I think I need and want, at least during the time before and after a spanking. During it? I definitely reach a point where I am not liking it at all. Every time. And, in the moment, I'm definitely not craving it. I very much want it to end. But, if it wasn't hard or long "enough" to meet the need I have to feel like I was held accountable, I instantly wish it had been harder or longer.

Prefectdt: Part of the question was "Or do you want to not enjoy it all and prefer it to be genuinely unpleasant so that during it, you are not liking it at all?" I think that is a necessary experience that I get at the start of every spanking. Until the body chemicals start flowing, it just hurts and is very unpleasant. This is just something I expect to go through in order to enjoy the rest of the spanking.

Experiencing spankings from multiple partners, I very often express a preference for this or that before play starts. But mostly I like the spanker to go for it, in the style that they prefer, so I find it pleasant to experience play that is not as I imagined it and varies from one play time to another.

I would hate to totally dictate what happens during a spanking, vive la différence.

Midwest Reader: I've only gotten close once or twice, but my perfect spanking received would be for the spanker to know my general preferences and outline of the scene - and then to take control and spank in the manner, intensity, and duration she decides best. That would probably be more than I was anticipating/wanting but it would be the loss of control on my part that would provide the intensity. 

KDPierre: First, thank you for posting my question, Hermione.

Second, the responses thus far have already surprised me in sentiment percentage, but not when I consider the responders. Then the comments make perfect sense from what I feel I've come to learn about our "group".

While my spankings take on many rationales, from naughty but fairly asexual fun, to playful sexy fun, all the way to genuine discipline meant to hurt, punish, and therefore modify or address behavior, the one thing they all share is intensity. I tend to doubt that the various spankers I've had or have in my life have magically all been of a strict mindset  - at least from the start. Instead, I think while they have trained me in behavioral ways, I believe I in turn have trained them (subtly or overtly) to eschew any hesitation in spanking hard, even for fun.

I naturally expect my punishments to be unpleasant, but I learned very early on to like when what happened even for play, wasn't completely enjoyable in the moment. When I was 19 this bothered me a bit, but the person spanking me at that time was adamant that if this was what I wanted and 'asked for' that "a spanking is a spanking", which for her meant a s[anking should hurt and be unpleasant by definition regardless of the reason. That seemed to go against everything I seemed to want at the time and was even contradicted by the SS&C dicta where spankees seemed to all want warm-ups, safe words, and essentially a serious say in whatever they got just as if they were a paying customer, which for many was actually the case.

But over time I came to appreciate the opposite. Now, I might occasionally want something more in the way I want it, but it's so rare as to be practically non-existent. Instead, even in play situations I tend to do whatever I can to send a clear signal to "make it bad". Given such a green light, not too many people can resist cutting loose, and when they see the after effect on my mood and behavior -- again even when it's just play -- they become more adamant in that that's what ALL of my spankings are going to be like. 

Wendel: It is a spanking so it is going to hurt. We both love the sting of the hand, paddle or belt smacking the bare bottom. The unexpected is usually the choice of implement and the number of smacks. Above all for us it has to be enjoyable and fun.

Hermione: What Prefectdt said. Spankings always start off as being quite unpleasant and I wish it wasn't happening. Then I get into the groove and I wish it wouldn't end for a long time.

Rosco: I like it when I start to think about wanting Irene to stop. I wouldn’t want her to go too far with bruise etc. but I like to have my limits pushed.

I also likes it when she mixes up the whole scene, a different lecture, getting tied differently, being ordered to serve and spanking differently (Irene has recently gotten into slapping or whipping my balls - I never would have thought it’d be erotic but it is.)

Thank you all for participating in this lively discussion.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #476

My goodness! Mother Nature is being very unkind in areas usually warm and sunny. For those of you in Southern California, please be careful and stay off the roads. Our drivers here usually have accidents after the first snowfall of the winter, even though they are well-prepared for winter driving. 

Our topic today is one sent to me by our good friend and former blogger KDPierre. As you might expect, it is quite thought-provoking.

How much do you want your spanking to be 'not what you want'?  Do you want it to be exactly as you imagine and wish it to be in order to enjoy it? Do you want it mostly as you prefer, with maybe a bit of a pushing of boundaries near the end? Or do you want to not enjoy it all and prefer it to be genuinely unpleasant so that during it, you are not liking it at all?

When you get a chance, please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Glory to Ukraine

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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Winter has Returned

Two days ago it was relatively warm and sunny, and most of the snow had disappeared from the garden. I could see the goldfish in our little pond, snuggled under the heater. Then yesterday the temperature dropped, with the promise of much snow. This morning, the snow was up to my knees at the back door. Still in my pjs and bathrobe, I had to put on a hat, boots and mitts to shovel a path before the dogs could go out to do their business.


Oh, well, I'll try to make the best of it like these clever artists.


Thank you to Jean Marie for the last one.

Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, February 20, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 19

How would you rate mainstream acceptance and awareness of adult consensual spanking?

Midwest Reader: In terms of awareness that it is a thing that is out there, probably 8 post-50 Shades. In terms of something that ordinary vanilla people think they might like to try or do once in a while: among 39-and-youngers a 6; 40 and older a... 3 maybe?

20 years ago a spanking reference in a TV show, or a kinky character in a TV detective show, might have gone unnoticed by those not in the scene. Today almost everyone figures it out, although many are Not Amused ;-) 

Bonnie: My answer is 3-4 because while most adults are aware that some people are into consensual spanking, they have little personal interest or involvement.

Dan: I think you have to separate out awareness, acceptance, and personal interest. I agree with Midwest Reader regarding awareness. Regarding acceptance, among those who are aware of it, I'd guess the acceptance rate would be pretty high. Maybe a 7 or 8? I base that to some extent on the massive popularity of the 50 Shades books when they first came out. As for people who have an actual personal interest or involvement, I agree with Bonnie - probably a 3 or 4.

When it comes to a F/m dynamic, I think the above numbers drop by a lot, particularly when it comes to disciplinary spankings. My guess is that F/m disciplinary spankings get a 1 on awareness, acceptance, and interest. 

Roz: I would say in terms of awareness maybe a 6? I do think perhaps there is more awareness of spanking being a 'thing' nowadays. Acceptance however, I'm not sure, in the current social landscape where almost anything goes and seems to be accepted. I have a feeling however that few would still be public about having an interest or involvement in spanking. Perhaps a 5?

Rob Allen: Awareness is probably around 9 by now; acceptance is maybe a 6.

Jack: 4 to 5, I asked my wife, she feels most women prefer to keep it private, as for the males, well they could be more open. 

Prefectdt: Actual awareness that consensual adult spanking goes on must be pretty high, I would give it a 9. Awareness of what it is really like to be a spanko and what it entails, that is pretty low, perhaps a 2. I would compare it to the representations of our BDSM cousins, as in mainstream media is aware that it is going on a lot but are so uninformed about it, that whenever a Domme is portrayed, in a film or TV series, she will almost always be wearing a collar. Something that a real Domme would never do, indicating the low level of knowledge that mainstream producers have about this subject. I think that we can expect the same level of ignorance of detail.

Barrel: I suspect the awareness is 7-8. Acceptance is well below, so 4-5. Tolerance of our lifestyle is higher at 6. Regrettably, our circle of friends would subtract 2 to 3 points, making any cracking open of the closet door awkward. That’s why these brunches are a delicacy I like to share with all of you.

Graham: Awareness, high 9-ish. Acceptance of concept, probably about 7. Participation, would guess 2-ish. Curiosity, maybe closer to 4.

Talks about WAG's, who really knows?!!

Rosco: I’m going to say 8, pretty well accepted.

That doesn’t mean people talk about it. Irene doesn’t talk with her friends about oral sex air doggie style or what she wears to turn me on, just like she doesn’t talk about spanking me.

And I don’t share these things either.

Hermione: I think a 5 because while many people are somewhat aware of it, acceptance wouldn't be particularly high.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #475

Who's ready for brunch? I know I am. Our dear friend Bonnie has brought with her a thought-provoking question that will generate a lot of discussion amongst us.

On a scale ranging from completely mainstream (10) to an isolated niche (0), where would you rank adult consensual spanking's level of awareness/acceptance within the general population, and why?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion early next week.

Glory to Ukraine

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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Things that make you go "Hmmm"

Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, February 13, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 12

Write us a spanking poem.

Bonnie: Here are a couple more spanko limericks:

A spankee is someone who knows
Punishment without any clothes
Hard swats on bare ass
The high cost of sass
Delivered while touching her toes

I knew when he stared right at me
That I'd soon be over his knee
A spanking awaits
I tempted the fates
Now comes our percussive medley

Sore is More: Wow, thank you for the shoutout, Hermione! After such a compliment, that's quite a tall order, but, here we go, a brand spanking new poem, partially inspired by Erica's recent post, and I threw in some Valentine's vibes. Also with a mini-challenge to write an Ode to belt without mentioning the word.

Red thornless roses, petals drop
From sheer force of sweetest torture
The sting, the bite, old chestnut trope
So many other ways to scorch her

The whitest shirt with rolled up sleeves
The snaking through and buckle's sound
The darkest eyes that never leave
My face, my heart, once lost and found

Of all the things that turn me on
The doubled over all-time winner
Thick brown leather, thanks a ton
Turns us into eternal sinners

The watch is ticking on his wrist
As loud as my heart is leaping
Competing with the other beast
His arm will yield in nearing whipping

Of all the things that matter more
The only one that really matters
To clean the slate, to set the score
And chocolate for quiet after

Prefectdt: A bit short notice, but this is what I came up with over my Sunday morning coffee.

There was a young lady from Maine
Who was incredibly good with a cane
With a rod in her fist
She never has missed
leaving deep welts hot with pain

 JR: Fantasies

What e're may be your fantasy
You'll always have a man to see

On the bed, across a sofa
Anything you wish to go for

Secretary, nurse or teacher
Name the place and there I'll meet ya.

Silk or vinyl, fur or leather,
Or on a hillside midst the heather.

Upstairs, downstairs, by the sea.
Or from time to time, across my knee.

For thanks to you I've learnt the art
Of making naughty bottoms smart.

(For misbehaviour's soon amended,
When the naughty girl's upended!)

I trust this doesn't seem perverse
And you'll enjoy my little verse.

In front, behind, below, above...
What matters is, it's done with love!

So in dreams or in reality
You'll always be the girl for me.

Wendel: Violets are blue
Roses are red
Thoughts of spanking you
Dance in my head
We head to the kitchen
Where the chair does wait
You are getting a severe spanking
There is no debate
You flash me a frown
As you pull your pants down.
Over and over
As my hand smacks your bottom's skin
I know between the screams
Your face has a grin
And when it is over
And your bottom is quite sore
Know this to be true
Despite this spanking
I love you

And that is why I do not write poetry. Happy spankings to all.

Jean Marie: I like haiku poetry. Here are a couple to add to this brunch's faire.

#1. Spankings
My panties pulled down
Spanking's getting serious
A heaven of hurt

#2. Canings
Schoolgirl skirts are cute
I did not think wearing one
would earn me canings!

#3. Strappings
Love the razor strap
leatherings that sting so much
then warm and glow red

Rosco: Not exactly spanking (she’s the dominant one):

Irene of the feminine gender
From the front appears oh so slender
But turn her round and you’ll find
A most magnificent behind
That blossoms whenever you bend her

Reverse cowgirl cunnilingus
I’m her slave, she’s my Venus

Bonnie: OK, two more and then that's it.

Punished, red, embarrassed, and sore
Butt well paddled, waiting for more
I want it this way
Not just for today
It’s a joy I feel to my core

You ask why I love to get swats
When it feels like four hundred watts
It shocks me so good
When he lays the wood
More spanking you ask? I’ll take lots

This is fun. I should start a blog.

Now there's an idea!

Sore is More: One more, one more! I rushed to write a new one and completely forgot that I already HAD two spanking poems, one is called Never in Anger and the other one, Bottom Song, my very first post. You can find all the poems and limericks on the Poems page. But, Never in anger is very dear to me and although a few of you already saw it, I really wanted to add it here. Sorry, it's a bit long:

Never in anger
Never in fear
Feeding my hunger
Consciousness clear

Voice low and curt
Cue butterflies and shivers
Willing but hurt
Is the hesitant giver

Clear that slate
Wipe out that guilt
Never too late
To confess what I feel

Safer than ever
Sting of the cane
Lick of the leather
Consented and sane

Holding high court
Not allowed to veer
Belt folded short
Spells business and tears

Smack of the hand or
Stroke of the belt
Swish of a hanger
Doled out and dealt

Taut, bound, and sore
It's never a game
My body and soul are
Yours only to claim

Thud of the paddle
Whisk of the whip
Rise off the saddle
Taking the leap

Drowned in pain
Covered in snot
Naked and seen
Judged I'm not

Bye, dear fairies
Back on your lap
Humbled and bleary
Closing the gap

Seeking surrender
Crimson and over
Sinfully tender
Dutiful lover

Malleable rebel
Cherished and loved
By the guardian devil
Sent from above

Stilled, acquiesced
And knelt in the night
Thanks for the rescue
My fearless knight

Jean Marie: If we're doing multiple entries, I want to get on-board! Here's one of mine in rhyming alternate couplets that I like:

The Third Date

Weighed down and burdened by insatiable guilt,
I lay nude across the edge of the bed.
“Be hard on me,” I ask, looking only at the quilt,
humiliation, anticipation, and ‘rousal mixing with the dread.

The belt is unbuckled, withdrawn, and virginally used.
He strictly straps my fanny to a warm, burnished glow.
Though I cry real tears, I feel only loved, not abused,
and ache for a way to let my reciprocated love show.

He’s a man of few words, now does his talking only with the strap,
unlike that belt, that communicates through both bark and bite.
Then his fingers convey such love, tracing marks that resemble a road map,
that I must part my thighs, arch my back, and expose my sex to his sight.

Sweat glistens from bodies, we both labor for breath,
his cock springs from tight jeans, engorged like my clit.
Emily D. once wrote that she could count on love even after death.
Aloud I count the last strap-stroke/love-tap that won’t let me sit.

“You’re hard,” I exclaim, simultaneous with his, “You’re wet,”
confirming that we share the same appetite for kink,
thereby my sin and guilt, his retribution all seem like Kismet.
We are Siamese twins, joined in the same lascivious way we think.

He enters me from behind, hips slap where the strap just had.
We shared the best foreplay, and now sex that’s even better.
“I love it when you’re hard on me,” I groan, feeling wonderfully bad,
“And that you observe a law both in the spirit and to the letter.”

Just as I suspected, we are perfectly matched as sides of a coin,
E Pluribus Unum, Top and bottom, give and take, his head in my tail.
The discovery culminates in climaxes we simultaneously join.
“Promise me that you’ll always be hard on me, in me,” I softly wail.

“I promise,” he whispers minutes later, as we in afterglow bask,
still coupled like spoons put away in the drawer.
“Now, promise me your hand in marriage,” he’s unexpectedly moved to ask.
I answer, “If you’ll employ your hand by spanking me forevermore…”

Hermione: Ron has always been a big fan of iambic pentameter, so here's one for him.

A Confession

It has ever been my fond delight
From morning's early rays to darkest night
To drape you o'er my knees and hold you tight
And bare the double mounds, so pearly white,
Address them with my palm, now left, now right
With taps of sternest order, never light,  
To turn them brightest crimson, glowing bright,
Then behold, admire that joyous sight.

Wow! This is the longest brunch summary ever! Thank you all for your creative participation.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #474

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and how better to express one's love than with a poem? Our friend Sore is More gave me the inspiration with her spanko poetry here (scroll down for all of them). 

Write us a spanking poem. It can be a limerick, a sonnet, free verse, rhyming couplet, or anything that strikes your fancy.

Please leave your creation in the comments section below. Once everyone has had a chance to express themselves, I will publish our poetry for everyone to enjoy.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, February 10, 2023

Creativity II

It rained all day yesterday and washed away a lot of the snow, but there are signs that winter is still around.

Glory to Ukraine

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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

These will make you think

Are you ready for today's grammar lesson? Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit.

Thank you, Ron, for passing these along to me.

Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, February 6, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 5

Cornertime, anyone? 

 Roz: When we had a domestic discipline dynamic corner time was a feature occasionally. Mostly separately to a spanking but very rarely in conjunction with one. I was never usually that happy about it lol.

Dan: We have tried it and, given my personality (I tend to be a little ADD), one would think it might be a very effective punishment. But, I've meditated for many years, and anytime I've found myself facing the wall for corner time, I almost instantly drift into a meditative state. Therefore, for me, it doesn't serve much purpose.

Wendel: I sent the Misses to the corner once after a good spanking. It did not seem to add anything. I did enjoy seeing her bright red bottom every time I entered the room. 

Jean Marie: By far and away, most of the spankings in our household are for funishment. But after those rarer but still-regular punishments, cornertime is a standard feature. I do not like them; they delay the make-up time (sex). I think Wendel has hit upon the one key ingredient; my Top likes seeing my bottom burnished a bright crimson on display. (Perhaps my [unusual] silence is also a sought-after element.)

Rosco: Yes, in various forms. Sometimes standing. Sometimes tied to a chair with a hot bottom in Irene’s closet. Boring but erotic - go figure.

Barrel: Nope. As previously shared, we spank for fun…sometimes harder that seems like fun at the time, but it ends with mutual satisfaction. 

Rich Person: I've always included it after spanking for a couple reasons. One is to give my partner a chance to connect the behavior with the punishment. Another is because there were cases where the severity needed to go up, but I didn't feel comfortable applying that much pain. I could increase the amount of corner time to suit the behavior.

Also, as a dom, it gave me time to prepare things behind the scenes without my submissive partner standing their (or sitting if they could) watching me.

I did have one submissive who found no value in sitting things out, so to speak. In that case, it wasn't useful. It just depends on who I was with.

It's worked pretty well in most cases.

Ronnie: No, corner time has never really been our thing.

Bonnie: Yes, we do. Not every time, but often enough, and always immediately after the last swat falls. At that point, I'm typically woozy and a bit disoriented. I comply because in my freshly spanked state, it doesn't occur to me to do anything else.

We have a designated corner in our bedroom and even a short stool upon which I am sometimes instructed to sit. This places most of my weight on the two spots where I am already plenty sore. Ow!

I've never timed it, but corner time for me seldom lasts more than five to ten minutes. It's just long enough for me to regain my bearings and some semblance of composure. It gives Randy the opportunity to capture lots of photographic evidence of my punished condition. He also cleans up and puts away our toys and implements.

I think the worst part is being cold, not my bottom of course, but everywhere else. By the time he tells me I can get in bed, I am eager to do so. I may not enjoy corner time while it's happening, but I recognize and appreciate the positive effects of a complete punishment experience.

Sore is More: Limerick #6 - Corner time

Corner time is a heavy affair
Sighs, regrets, pouts, hiccups to spare
With red bum on display
It's the price one must pay
For the pleasure of poking the bear

And a snippet about corner time from my story called May I have another, You can read the full story on my blog.

"Too late," he withdraws. The belt buckle hits the floor with a loud clang. "Corner!"

“There are no corners in this room,” I protest. It’s so unfair! That question doesn’t have a right answer, whatever I say, he can turn it against me.

“Have no doubts, I’ll make one for you.” He promptly drags the heavy armchair out of the corner and taps the wall. I pull up my panties and head over. “I do not recall giving you a permission to put your panties back on.”

“Sorry, sir.” He is still there, standing by the corner. He wouldn’t move, and I have to squeeze in to get into my not so solitary destination.

“I'm not done with you, young lady,” he scowls, as he pulls the panties down himself.

Prefectdt: If the other party involved likes to use corner time in a play scene, I will go along with it, but it is not my favourite thing in the world. It is not so bad if I am getting a damn good talking to, whilst there, but I hate just being left in corner time, unattended. There is something about going from being the centre of someone's attention, to being abandoned and feeling alone, that gets to me big time. I have never cried liquid tears during a spanking, but corner time has seen me blubbing like a baby on several occasions.

Bernie: No corner time per se, but many a long wait standing waist-down naked, faced away from from the door to the hallway. I think I'll mention corner time afterwards and see about the reaction.

Happy spankings, all.

A.J.: "Is cornertime a part of your spanking ritual? ...If not, is it something you might consider incorporating?

No; and no.

Not my thing and I don't understand the fascination, nor do I do 'punishment" type of spanking when on either side of the lap. The spanking is both the goal and the reward.

I do love to have her lie on the bed after, her bare bottom up for me to admire, massage and provide TLC!!!

JJ Rose: I use corner time when appropriate, but my problem with it is that I get bored. I mean, the bottom is just standing there, either waiting to be spanked or just having been spanked. What am I supposed to do with myself, as a top?

When I was in long-distance spanking relationships, I used corner time a lot more often, and I had the bottoms do it on video so they had no choice but to stand there, hands on heads, bottom bared, for the required length of time.

KDPierre: We are too active to appreciate it. Instead we employ butt-baring chaps for me while I actually DO something (like make her coffee or breakfast, or whatever). It puts me on display for both her enjoyment and my embarrassment, while allowing me to remain productive so we can keep our day moving.

Hermione: Since our spankings are never for punishment, cornertime isn't an option for us. I would find it boring and an incredible waste of time. I can see how it might be useful as an add-on to punishment.

Jack: Corner Time is part of the punishment. It can be in the kitchen or the front room. If the spanking takes place in the front room, with others present or not, I put in the corner for at least an half hour if not more. Depending on how naughty I was, it will be with pants and underpants down, or if really very naughty then naked, with my pyjamas on the floor, since that it was I will be wearing the rest of the day.

That was very illuminating :)

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #473

Is everyone in the Northeast keeping warm? In a few months we'll be laughing about how cold it was, but until then, welcome, and have some hot chocolate. Here's a topic we haven't discussed in a few years.

Is cornertime a part of your spanking ritual? If so, please tell us about it. If not, is it something you might consider incorporating?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has shared their experience, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Watch Out

Last year Ron gave me a lovely watch for our anniversary because, as I have told you, I ran out of watches to wear. Together we adjusted the mesh band and I put it on. The clasp seemed a bit difficult to fasten, and the watch slipped off my arm a few times. I thought I hadn't fastened it properly but I thought I would get used to it.

Fast forward to the next day. I had been outside pulling weeds from a flower bed. When I came in, I took off my gardening gloves and realized I had lost the watch somewhere outside. I went back and carefully checked the area I had been weeding, but no luck. I was so sorry I had lost such a thoughtful gift.

The next day, a package arrived from Amazon. It was the same watch, but silver. "In case we find the other one," Ron explained. What a sweetheart he is, to replace the watch I so carelessly lost.

We adjusted the band to fit my wrist - this time with the aid of a video - and again I noticed the clasp was faulty. In the months that followed it fell off numerous times but I always managed to catch it. I never wore it on errands, only around the house.

Until last week. I wore it outside while shovelling snow. I thought it would be safe under my long-sleeved shirt and snug, wrist-high mittens. But no, when I was indoors afterwards, I pulled back my sleeve to check the time, and the watch was gone.

"Oh, no, not again," I wailed. Ron said he would look for it when he went out to finish clearing the snow, and in the meantime I had plenty of other watches now. Yes, I did, but mentally berated myself for wearing the watch outside. We checked the online reviews for the watch and sure enough, there were several complaints about the clasp.

Two days later Ron found my watch while clearing the driveway, so all's well that ends well. I now put a strip of transparent tape over the band and clasp when I wear the watch, and it hasn't fallen off again.

I know what you're all thinking. I should have been spanked for losing two watches.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Creativity I

See what fun we Canadians can have with our excess snow! Thank you to Ron for passing along these photos.


Rabbit! (It's the first of the month.)


More snow pictures (and snow!) coming soon.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart