Monday, January 1, 2007

The Impact Zone

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Gerald's Game
Craft Time
In Case of Emergency
The Planets are Aligned

Thoroughly Topped
Special Treatment
Does he or Doesn't he?
Short but Sweet

The Belt Rondo
Knock, Knock
New Implement Month
White is All Right
Red Reward

Belt, Redux
How it all Began
Weather Wolf
The Proof of the Paddling
Spanking Backward

Second Thoughts about the Hairbrush
First Prize from Recidavist
Two for One Offer
Lost and Found
It Doesn't Take Much

A Birthday Milestone
We Heart Leather
Please, Sir, I want some more
Double your Pleasure
Ten to Two

Spanked to Tears
A Cracker of an Anniversary
Red and White... and Red
Pyramid of Spankings

Spanking for Dummies

A What on my Where?
Wet and Wild
A Spanking for Dessert
An Equestrian Event

Music of the Spheres
A Christmas Cracker
Sneak Attack

Lucky Thirteen
Colouring Outside the Lines
Elegant but Ineffective
The Wrong Colour
A Word about Wedgies

One Man Band
The First Cut
He Keeps Me Guessing
I Can't Move
Rules of Engagement 

Seat Slam
The Hourglass
My Own Naughty Spot
That Hit the Spot

Amuse, Abuse
Imagine Wood
The WOW Spot
Double Your Pleasure
Buried Treasure

In subspace no one can hear you scream
Spankus Interruptus
Meet the newest member of the team
Sticker Fun
Goodbye, Berber Beater

Better Late than Never
Speaking of Canes
A semi-permanent mark
Naughty, naughty
A Little Bratting

The Glove of Love
Wet and Wild
What spot is that?
Wet and Wild, Take 2
They don't make hairbrushes like they used to

Another Round of Gerald's Game
Let it Snow
Music of the Spheres
Spider of the Wall

Who Hears Us
Sting and Thud
Right on Target
Work Around

The Gods are Displeased
Musical Interlude

An Ill Wind

New Year, New Toys
The Assessment 

This list is updated regularly. Come back soon for more spankings!

From Hermione's Heart

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