Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Group of Us

What do you call a group of people who do that thing we do? How about:

A scold of spankers

A paddling of spankees

A smack of spankos

What would you call a collection of spankos, spankees, disciplinarians, tops, bottoms, doms, subs, mistresses, or any of the other names we go by?

You can find some helpful suggestions here, or try it on your own, without peeking. Be creative! Leave me a comment, and I'll post the results.

The winner gets to sample the brand new leather paddle I bought a few weeks ago. It's ouchy, but that's all I'll say about it for now.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can You Be More Specific?

Here's a definition of the part of the body that is the source of delight for us spankos, courtesy of St. John's County, Florida.

"Buttocks: The area at the rear of the human body which lies between two imaginary lines running parallel to the ground, when a person is standing, the first or top of such lines drawn at the top of the cleavage of the nates: (i.e., the prominence formed by the muscles running from the back of the hip to the back of the leg) and the second or bottom line drawn at the lowest visible point of this cleavage or the lowest point of the curvature of the fleshy protuberance, whichever is lower, and between two imaginary lines on each side of the body, which lines are perpendicular to the ground and to the horizontal lines described above, and which perpendicular lines are drawn through the point at which each nate meets the outer side of the leg."
Anti-nudity ordinance, St. John's County, Florida

Is that clear?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Craft Time Again

I thought this would be a fun way to display some instruments of correction. It's my project for the next rainy weekend.

The hanger came from one of my favourite thrift shops. I bought the
olive wood spoon at the same time; it's beautiful as well as effective. The hairbrush is advertised as one of the "ouchless" ones. Um, I don't think so. And the ruler was an impulse buy while I was picking up some printer cartridges at an office supply store. It has metric and imperial measurements.

If you look closely, you'll notice that the implements aren't actually connected to the hanger yet. I have to figure out a way to attach some tasteful loops out of leather thongs.

Come to think of it, these pervertibles are all pretty stingy. Do I really want them on display to give Ron ideas that I might be sorry for later? Maybe they should be for decoration only.

Where's my glue gun?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Time for Arnica

Recently I visited a small homeopathic remedy shop to buy another tube of arnica creme. I remember the first time I bought some there. The man behind the counter told me he sells a lot of it. Aha! Spankos in the neighbourhood.

I always rub arnica on my bottom cheeks after I have been spanked with a belt. Except for a couple of notable exceptions,* the only time I ever have marks is when the belt has been applied. It's probably because the belt reaches farther to the side of my right cheek than shorter implements do, and the flesh there is less used to being spanked.

Some of you incorporate rubbing lotion or arnica onto a sore bottom as part of aftercare. We don't. Ron has an aversion to anything he thinks is 'icky' and lotions and cremes fall into that category. (Honestly, I don't
know how he manages to force himself to apply sunblock every morning. Probably closes his eyes and thinks of England skin cancer.) So it's all up to me.

I'm really doing it for Ron's benefit, not mine. To him it is a sign that he has caused me harm. Marks don't bother me, but the thought that he might be less inclined to use one of my favourite implements on me does. Hence the precaution.

Right now, I have a small bruise from just such an encounter, and can feel a lump under the skin. I'm rubbing arnica on it three times daily, like the label says. It didn't actually prevent the mark, but I assume it will reduce the discolouration and healing time.

Arnica experts, is that correct?

*My first marks were five perfect finger prints. I was so proud of them!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Poll - Safewords

What's Your Safeword?
Some other word
We don't have one
What's a safeword?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

...So Good

Yesterday evening ended just as I had hoped it would. It was a little unusual, because I took control of the activities, and that's something I rarely do. But last night, I wanted to please my man in every possible way. And I did.

And if part of his pleasure came from spanking me, so much the better. We both had a great time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So Far....

Ron and I prepare dinner together every evening. We both enjoy cooking, and we look forward to this time to share the events of the day, make plans and basically reconnect with each other.

Depending on what's on the menu, one of us is the chef who prepares the entree and controls the operations. The other acts as sous chef and assists
with the preparations. We each have our own specialties and this arrangement works very well.

Tonight, Ron was in charge, and I had just finished doing the vegetables. I turned to him and put my arms around his neck for a hug. Doesn't everyone deserve a hug after peeling potatoes? He stopped what he was doing, put his hands on my waist, then slapped my bottom very hard several times, using both hands at once. Well! I wasn't expecting that!

"That's what you like, isn't it?" he asked.

"It sure is," I replied, and hugged him harder.

We then carried on with our work, chatted about this and that, and when it was ready, sat down together and enjoyed a delicious meal of roast chicken. When we had finished, I cleared the table while the animals milled around underfoot, hoping for handouts.

While I headed toward the sink with the plates, Ron picked up a round cork trivet from the counter, and whacked my bottom with it. I hardly felt it, but the loud CRACK caused pandemonium all around us. Fluffy and Fang scattered in different directions, and we had to peel Crookshanks off the ceiling.

If I know Ron, this was only a warmup for more spanking and fun later on. So what am I doing on the computer? Good question.

I'll see you all later.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Silly Signs

This one's the best, but there are more here.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Welcome to My World

Dedicated to those who struggle with technology, and those who struggle to help them.


Friday, May 16, 2008

The View From Here - How Often?

The Fantasy - every morning would be fun. A short bottom-warming to provide a nice stinginess to help me get through the day, as well as a promise of more good things to come at the end of the day. In the evening, a nice, slow spanking to help me relax and unwind.

The Reality - every weekend we have a regular date for a spanking and some very enjoyable aftercare. I love this arrangement. I have the pleasure of anticipating it all week, and then the dread that creeps in on the day itself. The day, and even the time, are never changed except for illness, dinner guests, football playoffs, or extreme exhaustion from excessive snow-shovelling.

One day, out of the blue, Ron asked,

"Would you like me to spank
you more often than once a week?"

"Oh, yes. I'd love it!"

"Well, I won't do it. I don't want to hurt you."

"But hurting me is the whole point. Spankings hurt. I need you to hurt me!"



I think what he was probably trying to say was that he didn't
want to cause me any harm. There's a difference between hurt and harm. The Hippocratic oath that physicians take cautions them first to do no harm. Yet many medical procedures hurt. I want to feel the pain of a spanking, it has to hurt, but I don't want to be harmed or my body to be damaged.

The best way for me to ensure that I don't get what I want is by arguing, whining or pleading. So I said no more, but bided my time. You'll be happy to know he got past that obstacle somehow, and spanking was reinstated into our spontaneous, unscheduled bedroom activities. Not every time, but often enough, and I always enjoy surprises and the unexpected. I never know what might happen, and usually quite a lot does!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Corrections Officer

Recently I received a job opportunity by e-mail from a magazine.
Joyful Magazine is currently looking for English Corrections Officer.
Corrections officers are what we call prison guards here; that couldn't be it. They must mean an English-speaking person to administer corrections, I assume. Reading on:
We currently need three english corrections officer, someone who can edit our customer service messages and correct errors in our english customer service messages.

Oh, I could do that too. Starting with the e-mail itself.

ounds like a pretty good job, though. They offer:

High earnings plus performance results bonus.
Weekly salary of $150
Monthly salary of $10,000 to $65, 000.

I hope they are also looking for a calculation corrections officer. I don't see how $150 a week translates into $10, 000 a month. Unless that's the performance bonus. Of course. Good performance in administering 'corrections'.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Vacation Plans

The other night I saw a commercial on television for one of Canada's national historic sites. It encouraged tourists to visit one of the many Canadian forts built during the war of 1812 by the British, to defend us from the Americans.

An unseen voice described the historical importance of the fort, then went on to say that costumed staff performed daily re-enactments. While he spoke about admission prices, dates and times, a filmed dramatization was shown.

I saw a group of costumed people standing next to the fort, then a closeup of two men in uniform arguing. The camera panned to a young woman, dressed in period clothing, standing alone and looking very dejected. Back to the angry men, then the voice-over ended, and the dialogue finally became audible:
" you want one of the last acts of this fort to be the whipping and punishment of a woman?"
Well worth a visit, don't you think?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kitty Corner

Warning - If you aren't a cat lover, or at least a cat tolerator, or if you are squeamish about kitty digestive habits, please stop reading right now.

For the those of you who are still reading, here's a paradox. After a spanking I usually feel relaxed and contented. But I also seem to have a lot of energy and need to busy myself with various household tasks. Perhaps the explanation for the energy lies in the fact that I usually don't feel much like sitting down for an hour at least.

On this particular occasion I decided to check the state of Crookshanks' litter box. The box is situated in an out of the way spot, where the ceiling is very low and the only light is a single bulb hanging overhead. Beside it is an ottoman, both for Crookshanks' comfort and my own. I made my way to the box in semi-darkness, and as I sat down on the ottoman I reached up and turned on the light.

The vinyl surface felt delightfully cool on my hot bottom. Cold, in fact. Cold and....wet??? Ewwww!

I jumped up and saw that the remains of a very large kitty breakfast had been regurgitated onto the ottoman. Most of it was stuck to the seat of my sweatpants. I gingerly wiggled out of the pants, trying to confine any fallout to the ottoman's surface. The laundry sink was close by, and I deposited the pants in it, then set about cleaning up the mess with paper towels.

I scampered upstairs, removed my wet underwear, gently washed my still tender posterior, and dressed in clean clothes. Crookshanks wandered by, looked at me and chirruped. Hungry, no doubt.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

A special gift for that special someone. Sturdy enough to stand up to whatever punishment you might have in mind.

Why not add a message for that personal touch? Try it here.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The View From Here - How Long?

Today's post is about my quest for that Holy Grail familiar to some, but elusive to many: the hour-long spanking. I'm definitely torn between the idea that the hour should be occupied with nothing but spanking, and the concept of an hour of amorous expression that includes many other activities besides spanking.

The Fantasy: In order to fill in the entire time period, we would have at our disposal a variety of implements, and would also be comfortable moving from one position to another. We would also need some means of apportioning the allotted time, and luckily I have a nifty electronic timer capable of timing four different activities at once. The times would be set, say, to 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes, and when each distinctive alarm tone sounded, we would switch to a different variation of spanking combined with or followed by cuddling in varying degrees.

The Reality: Some spankings are quite spontaneous. They happen during other erotic pursuits, and may last for brief moments or go on longer. The elapsed time for the whole amorous interlude can sometimes be fairly extended.

Our regular, weekly spanking follows a set ritual of time, place, and format. From the time Ron says, "It's time" to the aftermath, when I am examining my bottom in the mirror and once again have the mental capability to check the clock, well, we don't even qualify for a half-marathon. However, there is room for flexibility.

Recent weeks have been fairly stress-filled for me. It's nothing I can't handle, and Ron is being extremely supportive. So much so that, in the moments that preceded a spanking recently, I was able to ask for some of that support. Although my husband is always in control of events at that point in time, I found the courage to tell him that I needed a much longer spanking than usual, to help me deal with the stress.

He smiled, patted my bottom, and as I positioned myself over pillows, he reached for my all-time favourite, the dogging bat. Yes, that would do it! And it did. It was perfect.

No, I wasn't watching the clock, or timing either the spanking or subsequent love-making. But I was definitely spanked at least half again as long as usual. A girl can tell! And Ron has understood this request to be a standing order, because on subsequent occasions he has consistently applied the implement of his choice for a generous period of time.

And that's all that matters.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Woodshed - The Reveal

Thank you for all the interesting suggestions about where the 'woodshed' passage came from. It definitely was not from a children's book.

The quote was from a science fiction novel called Mind Guest written by Sharon Green. It comes about midway through the book, but there are threats and allusions to spanking all the way through. The heroine finally does get spanked, you'll be happy to know. There is other explicit sexual content as well; definitely adult reading material. The author has written quite a few novels in a similar vein. This one was published in 1984, so may not still be available; I found it in a second-hand book store.

I discovered this book after reading a helpful section of The Compleat Spanker by Lady Green, in which she lists various seemingly mainstream books that contain spanking. I highly recommend this book as well, available on

So, nobody won the prize. I'll either have to save it for next time, or enjoy it myself. What to do, what to do.....

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Woodshed

Recently I came across this delicious passage in a novel I was reading:
"A woodsman's house," mused the girl who was oldest, staring at me through the darkness. "A place with a house, a stable - and perhaps a woodshed. My father's house had no more than a small woodshed, yet that was where my sisters and brothers and I were taken, to be punished. The polished switch stung more greatly there than any other place, and this, I think, is true of all woodsheds."
I know a lot of you read this sort of thing regularly. Can anyone guess the author, the genre, main character, or possibly even the name of the book?

Off to the woodshed with you for six strokes of the switch, given or received according to your preference, for each correct or close-enough answer.

Or you can just tell me if you have a woodshed, or if you have any plans to visit one in the near future.