Saturday, June 30, 2012

Complete the Caption

This vintage photo is of a young lady all set to go out for the day or the evening. She must have turned a few heads along the way.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your submissions on Monday.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday FAIL

It seems my blog was deleted this morning, but was miraculously restored a few minutes ago. Thank you to all who wrote to me letting me know something was terribly wrong, and thank you to whoever was watching over me on the Blogger Help Desk:)

Now, on with today's silliness.

Ah, those Walmartians. If this is dressing up, I would hate to see what people wear at the Dollar Palace.

Now go and enjoy your weekend shopping trip!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lonely? You need a spanking

I wasn't sure whether these photos were a Wednesday WIN or a Friday FAIL so I split the difference and posted them on Thursday. They are from The Lonely Doll series of (kinky) children's books, published in the 1950s by author/photographer Dare Wright.

This is from the first book in the series, called The Lonely Doll. As described in Wikipedia, it's "the story of a doll named Edith, who lives by herself until two teddy bears, called Mr. Bear and Little Bear, appear in her life. One day, Mr. Bear goes out for a walk leaving the two alone in the house. He returns to find they have rummaged in a closet for dress-up clothing, smeared themselves with makeup, and written "Mr. Bear is just a silly old thing" in lipstick on the mirror. Mr. Bear proceeds to discipline both Little Bear and Edith, leaving Edith to worry that he will take Little Bear and leave. Mr. Bear assures her that he will never, ever, leave her"

A close-up of the spanking.

This picture is from one of the books in the series, and one can only imagine what happens next.

Oh, my! Mr. Bear is a BDSM enthusiast too. Is she tied up? What is he doing to her? Again, Little Bear can't watch.

And just where does that hand end up? Three guesses!

More bondage, although I don't know if Big Bad Bill is another teddy bear. Perhaps he's Mr. Bear's brother. 

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday WIN

A selection of kinky signs that will bring a smile to your face and a blush to your cheeks.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How they handle pain

Last week I read a newspaper article in which top athletes were asked to describe how they handled pain. I've selected some of the pain-beating answers that seemed to be quite applicable to us spankos - tops and bottoms alike.

A mountain biker: "...I write a power word somewhere on my bike so if my eyes go down I see it. Other times I ask my coach to remind me of it. He even coined 'disciplined thought' for me for those times when I...need to stay focused."

A cross-country skier: "I've leaned into pain and pushed harder thanks to a quote...'There's more in there'. In a sport where pain is a given, the key is to prepare a response in advance for when it comes. You know it's coming. What are you going to do about it? I...hang on for dear life."

An Olympic marathoner: "I tell myself, 'Just two more...just two more strokes.' And I count 'one, two, one, two' as many times as needed..."
An Olympic gymnast: "When the going gets tough, I remind myself that I am doing this because I like to, and it's my choice. I want this."

An Olympic boxer: "I energize myself by hitting real hard."

An Olympic canoe-kayak medalist: "My muscles can only afford to do so much work. So for years I put them to the test: I paddle harder and farther and faster every day, albeit by a small margin... All this training, not in an effort to reduce the pain...but effectively to increase it."

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Recap:MBS Sunday Brunch for June 24

 This week's brunch topic was self-talk, and there was a wide variety of opinions on the subject. Here's what you had to say:

Michael: Great question, Hermione! I definitely engage in self-talk when spanking my lovely Season. It usually concerns where to place the spanks upon her tantalizing tush. I say to myself not to spank too high so to stay away from her kidneys because when that happens it is painful instead of squirmily ouchy.

Also, I try not to leave dark bruises on her bottom but instead strive for an overall glow with some red marks mixed in so I tell myself to cover her entire backside and not concentrate on one spot or side too much. This requires a delicate balance as during discipline spankings (usually during role play as Season is mostly a good girl.....mostly) I will briskly spank the same spot repeatedly to drive home a point.

Joey: When I run, I will focus on each step and repeat "One step at a time" rather than how many miles left. When I am spanked, I focus on each stroke and repeat "You can take one more." Using that phrase gets me through most hard spankings.

Simon: Sometimes if I am beginning to really feel the punishment my Mistress is giving me I begin to wonder if I can take it. She gives the strokes of the paddle,strap or cane in set numbers and then gives me a little breather. I find that working out the percentage of strokes that remain helps me get through them. For instance if I am receiving 24 strokes of the cane and I have taken 18 knowing that I have only 25% left helps me endure the remainder.

Six of the best: When I use the cane on a lady's bare bottom, I sometimes repeat the words "It's six of the best for you, my naughty lady. Six of the very best, on that naked rear end of yours."

Bella: Whether it's a punishment or a maintenance spanking, I always think to myself "This is for us. This will reset us, release guilt and anger." I seem to be able to set aside the pain and focus on us when I keep reminding myself of this.

Saiorse: I'm a big believer in self talk. Say the wrong things often enough in your head and you believe them-and the opposite is true, too. But-having said that, I have to admit that often I am having rude thoughts in my head, varying, from: "Oh for Pete's sake- is that the best you can do?" "Find a different spot, d---h----!" and in response to his frequently muttered comment, uttered reverently while he admires his work, running his palm over my flaming ass (You should feel that!) "I AM feeling it you, Idiot." I have, for the most part, mastered the art of keeping these thoughts to myself. And when the intensity does ramp up I have fine tuned the ability to zone out, and then flying into subspace-which I understand many do not approve of....

Julia: That is a great question, but I, as the receiver, try not to think during because I feel that would take away from DH. I feel like it would be rude, therefore, I am just all ears!

Prefedtdt: I don't so much self talk as self sing. During the early part of a spanking, before the magic happens, when it is just horrible pain that has to be toughed out, this is when I mentally sing. The song does not come out loud but is just in my head and it does help get through the harsh part to the good bit. The song is Be My Enemy by The Waterboys.

Daisychain: Self talk? Yes, goes "oww, owwwwww, shi*, that hurt...owwww..." then more of a similar nature...

Lea: "I think I can, I think I can..." "Oww mother *#@%! Don't curse out loud!"

It really depends on the situation. Sometimes I'm just trying to take it all in and get through it, other times I might be pleasantly zoned out and not thinking much of anything.

Dragon's Rose: I think the paddle does all the talking necessary. It gets the message across without much input from me.

Self talk? "Oh CRAP that HURTS!"

Spanking Resource: I often times find myself keeping a count in my head while giving a spanking. There is usually a tempo behind it as well.

Reneerose: Okay, since we're new at this, I say "ouch" out loud, and then when he backs off, I think, "No, harder! don't stop!" but of course I don't say that out loud (sigh).

Welcome, Reneerose!

A-Non: Even with my admittedly limited experience, I agree with reneerose~closetgirl. I want to be able to say "ow" but have him continue - a little harder.

The need for some sort of mental strategy is something I realized when an expert gave me one of my first spankings. I told him afterward, "I realized after it started to hurt that I didn't have any sort of a strategy for dealing with the pain," and I didn't really like the pain! Lol - so inexperienced! He said that some people tell themselves, "I can take it. I can take X more" or "I can take anything for one minute."

So far with my boyfriend I have always wanted more, though I may have met my match in that wooden paddle! Just four good swats with that thing and I was wondering if I should burn it! I guess, in general, I would tell myself that I can take it and that it won't last very long. A second between spanks and only 16 spanks would be less than a minute. Also, I would be thinking, "That's the last one! Please??" if it ever gets bad. If I go to the corner, I know there will be more to come, so I would just be panicking, "It hurts so much. How can I take any more?? But there will be more." Repeat.

Ronnie: Good question Hermione.
Depends on the spanking I'm getting. Sometimes it's the usually owwww owwww, god that's hard and telling myself not to swear and to breathe.
Other times I'm just in another world and not thinking of anything.

David: Hi Hermione good lunch topic. I`m usually to busy crying for misbehaving again but I keep telling myself to keep my bottom up and legs straight so I don`t get extras on the back of my legs.

Ana: This one made me laugh out loud for real! 99% of my self-talk is not fit for public viewing. Mostly about how I can't take it and it hurts and I can't do it...but add lots of colorful words to those sentiments. Others might find it disrespectful, but I do keep it silent and find it helps me to be calmer afterward.

Didi K: I am not part of your "club", so if I am not allowed to comment please remove this! :-)

My inner dialogue is very loud and cheeky! I spend most of my time thinking either

A: I know he loves me, and he is doing this for me, so I will not complain that it's boring.

B: Should I say ow on this no it could get a little harder and I'd still be ok, is this..noo...WOWZERS! OW OW OW OW OW~

C: How do I tell him that he has hit the same dang spot 10 times in a row and I can tell it's bruising up while the rest of my derriere is white as ivory.... if I tell him he is going to hit that same spot harder and tell me to not direct him... masybe if i shift a litttle OUCH! bad plan... he caught me...

D: How strong am I really? How much do I really trust him? If I "safe word" he will stop immediately, but it means that I am taking I NEED to take control, am I really in danger, or am I just uncomfortable and wanting to take charge... I'll let him keep going.. I trust him.

Sometimes I sing in my head...sometimes it comes out and then...well. let's just say I don't sing anymore. ;-) 

Didi, thank you for joining us today. Anyone with an interest in spanking is very welcome to read and to comment here.

Sublime Wifey: I don't always have the same mantra, but I do tend to float between a few.

I tell myself "You asked for this, now take it" when we first get started, because I was the one who asked if we could introduce spanking into our play. Joeyred's "You can take one more" has helped when the going gets tough. When I can hear that he's really enjoying himself I starting thinking "Damn! That's good!" on every stroke. And when it hurts like all get out I think "Don't tell him to stop," because I know if I say it he will stop and somehow I will feel like I lost the game.

Hermione: I usually say "Ow" out loud, but if I've been told to be quiet, then I say it to myself over and over. At other times when the implement is very severe, I will repeat "Breathe" to the rhythm of the strokes.

It's been fun having you all here for brunch today. Bonnie will be back next week, and she's planning something special. Happy St. Jean Baptiste Day to all my friends in Quebec.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 24, 2012

MBS Spanko Brunch #336

Bonnie is away this week, so I welcome you to my blog for some friendly discussion.

Many athletes adopt the habit of motivating themselves by repeating certain phrases in their minds while performing. For example, a swimmer might use 'Ebows high" as a reminder. It's called self-talk, and it's a proven successful technique to improve stamina, style, or strength.

As a spanker or spankee, do you self-talk  while engaged in a spanking? If so, what do you say to yourself? What is the intention of your internal conversation? Does it have an effect on your performance, or on the outcome?  If you don't self-talk, is it something you might try? Why or why not?

Leave your observation in a comment and I will provide an edited summary once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday FAIL

To welcome the start of the summer season, here are some advertising FAILs.

This is an actual business card for Elixia Vitalclub: Partner Programs. Eye-catching but bizarre!

This ad, on the other hand, is quite likely a spoof on other Durex ads.

 He's a great advertisement for the competition.

I'm glad they only show him from the shoulders up.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spanked in the Park

A girl gets her bottom slapped while walking in the park

But it's all in fun and just for laughs.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday WIN

We're having a little fun with butts today.

Ah, the brotherhood of butts.

Gotta see that movie.


I wouldn't if  I were you.

Well, now you know!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Download this amazing app

First there was the iPod. Then came the iPhone, followed by the iPad. Now, the latest technological innovation is here: the iBelt. Just strap it on, and when a certain someone needs a spanking but isn't close enough to swat, use this app to administer correction virtually.

No, not really, The iBelt isn't spanking-related, but it does save your hide when you are doing something naughty.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

From the Top Shelf - Dare to Surrender


My friend SNP (Slightly Naughty Princess) sent me a steamy excerpt from a book called Dare to Surrender by Lilli Feisty.  It was printed in 2010 and is about Joy, a woman who works for an art gallery. She meets Ash, an artist who also enjoys tying girls up. She wants to display his work. He talks to her and shows her some of his work in a back room, and for some crazy reason she takes a statue of his. From there they develop a relationship, which happily includes spanking as well as some steamy sex.

..."He picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around him, knowing she shouldn't be allowing this to happen but unable to stop it. He put her down in front of the kitchen table and yanked off her shirt, her bra. She tried to cover herself, but he pushed her hands aside, cupping one breast as he bent to lick around her other nipple, teasing her until she leaned back against the table...

"Spread for me, Joy."

She felt his other hand moving to cup her between her legs, his hand warm thought the fabric of her sweats. His palm pressed against her clit as his long fingers reached to firmly grasp her until she was rubbing against his hand, getting wet for him. Ready.

"Turn around."

Slowly, she turned to face the kitchen table. With a sweep of his arm, he flung the piles of books and papers onto the floor. She felt his hand on her upper back, urging her body to rest against the warm wood. Wasn't she supposed to be talking to him about something? Oh, right, her latest hobby, thievery.

But then he was tugging her sweats and panties down her legs, and she kicked them off. She was naked, bent over, exposed.

Sex now. Talk later.

His hands were on her, rubbing her shoulders, her arms, her back; such calming hands. She felt his long fingers on her ass, his hand warm as he ran his palm over the curve of her body, from her lower back to the fleshly part at the bottom.

"You have a beautiful ass, Joy."

Normally she'd protest the compliment, but now she was so far gone she just smiled.

Then she felt a light slap on her bottom; he'd spanked her. She paused for a second, but when he massaged the area he'd just spanked, she sighed, comforted.

"Did you like that, Joy?"

"Yes, do it again." She couldn't help but think of Cartwright. With him she'd been passive, timid even. Now, a pleasurable tingle surged through her, making her brave enough to ask for what she wanted.

He slapped her harder, and the sting, surprisingly, melted her even more. She seemed to sink into the kitchen table, and when he took her arms and stretched them to the side, she held on to the edge, bracing herself.

Again, he slapped her, and she felt her pussy go a little wetter, loving the way the pain quickly turned into delicious pleasure. She closed her eyes, let him spank her again and again, loving the sounds of his palm slapping her skin.  Each time his hand struck her, she clenched her fists around the table and inhaled sharply. It hurt. She loved it.

" feels so..."


"Yes." her pussy was dripping, throbbing. Need rushed through her veins, filling her everywhere.

 Slap, slap, slap...every smack was a bit harder than the last, and she was squirming, lost in sensation...Her legs trembled as she moved her legs as far apart as she could.

He leaned across her back, and she felt his breath near her ear. "You're a bad girl, aren't you, Joy? You deserved that spanking."

You have no idea, she thought, picturing the stolen sculpture.

Thank you, SNP. I'll have to search for that book at the local library to see how it ends.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 17, 2012

You Completed the Caption

I received plenty of comments about this picture, as well as some excellent captions.

Simon: In a bid to increase the viewing figures the Olympic pistol shooting event followed the lead of the beach volleyball and changed its dress code.

Six of the Best: Oh! What a sight, is this target for tonight. With three bottoms galore. For me to score.

SNP: Knowing they would be spanked soundly later did not deter these friends from Girl's Day at the shooting range!

SNP's Husband: Being upright men, this was the only gang bang they would allow their wives.

Bobbie Jo: Girl's Shooting Club advertisement: Want to take advantage? Think again, boys!

Joey: The captain of the shooting range was amazed by the sudden uptick in officers wanting to improve their skills since the undercover Vice girls started practising in their street disguise.

Sparrow: Ready. Aim. Where's that draft coming from?

Prefectdt: After the government had announced the legalized hunting of wolf whistling building workers, the range's training courses had become fully booked.

Rod: Bang! Bang! Bang!

Mitch: Charlie's Angels

Bratty Adaline: "Hit the target or get the paddle....hit the target or get the paddle..." What these three are really thinking! ;)

Vfrat25000: Welcome to a new episode of “Spank a Butt…Test Your Luck! Today our contestant, Carl Penderloper will attempt to spank three female outstretched bottoms, dodge a hail of gunfire to reach the safety bunker and win $10,000. GOOD NEWS: Wayne Bonderflap, yesterday’s contestant, is now out of intensive care.

Bubba, please tell me those aren’t females shooting in our gun club!
I’m afraid they are, Clyde. That is unless Frank, Chuck and Bufford look a hell of a lot better in skirts than they do in coveralls.

Soccer Moms My Ass! They just took out two bank robbers, a carjacker and some flasher who just wet himself.

The new Victoria Secret National Rifle Association line of panties. They are selling faster than half price ammo.

I’ll give you $100.00 if you go up and goose the blonde in the denim mini-skirt!

LADIES: In case Mr. Romantic forgets Valentine’s Day, remind him in a way he won’t soon forget: Join Herman’s Gun Club and enjoy our Sloppy Joe and Tater Tot Buffet for half price.

A. Lurker: Fire in the hole!

Kingspan: Go ahead. YOU tell them they're violating the dress code.

Emen: Happy Father's Day.

Ana: If at first you don't hit your target, try try again.

Ronnie: The girls decided their opponents needed a little distraction if they were going to win this year's shooting contest.

Hermione: While concentrating on the target, Meg didn't realize she was displaying a very enticing target of her own.

A very happy Father's Day to all those Dads out there. Do come back next week for something very special!

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Complete the Caption

Accuracy is very important to these three marksmen... er, markswomen, no, I mean markspersons, but so is wearing the proper attire.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your admonishments in the next post.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday FAIL

The subject today is vibrators in various incarnations through history.

It might work better if she removed her crinoline and bustle, and sat astride instead of side-saddle.

Nothing like holding a vibrator against your neck, is there?

 I remember seeing this ad at the back of magazines many years ago.

A clever way to add the vibrating feature to an old mobile phone, but still a...

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