Wednesday, August 30, 2023

What am I Growing?

We have a rosemary and a bay leaf plant that we keep for adding flavour to our recipes. They live in big terra cotta pots; in the winter the pots are in our front window, but in the spring they go out into the garden. Last June, the rosemary plant perished, so the hunt was on for another. By then the garden centres were all out of herbs, and the supermarkets seemed to have only pots of chives. So the hunt was on.

Instead of going to the seed suppliers I usually use for my annual order, I went to Amazon to save the cost of shipping. I found a source in a faraway land that sold rosemary in packs of 20 seeds and ordered one. Shipping was free, and in a week the seeds arrived in a tiny plastic bag, along with a strip of paper that assured me they were rosemary. I planted four seeds in my Aerogarden and waited. 

According to information I found on the internet, the seeds would take 2-3 weeks to germinate, yet in two days they sprouted. Odd, but good progress. Then they started to grow rapidly, and as they grew they failed to take on the look of a woody rosemary plant. Nor did they have any scent when I broke off a tiny branch. This is what they should have begun to look like:



But this is what they actually look like:

Not rosemary
I looked up "plants that look like rosemary" and that didn't help. The plants are pretty, but what the heck are they? Can anyone help?

Oh, yes, I did eventually find a real rosemary plant at the supermarket, and it is flourishing.

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Monday, August 28, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 27

We discussed enjoying any other kinks besides spanking.

Bonnie: Our kinkiness is not limited to spankings, but any other kinks enhance a spanking session. Other than spankings, there are no stand alone kinks in our world.

We enjoy role play, costumes, light to moderate restraint, photography, video, punishment rituals, thematic spankings, pervertables, suggestive talk, lingerie, toys, and documentation/exploration of fantasies. Sex is not technically a kink, I suppose, since non-kinky people do it too. But for us, sex belongs on this list because it's a perfect conclusion to a great spanking..

The second kink on the list depends upon which day you ask (and what Randy decides he wants to do to me).

Roz: Spanking is the mainstay of our kinkiness, particularly nowdays. However, in the past and to a degree today we also role play, D/s play, light bondage, nipple play etc. We have also tried different relationship dynamics over the years including DD and on a very light scale Daddy/lg.

Jean Marie: I am a boiling cauldron of kink, with spanking the piece de resistance. I named my blog "Butt Stuff" because all manner of activities butt-related turn me on.
I love role play, especially if the scenario can be augmented with costumes, like errant schoolgirl and authority-figure (parent or principal, male or female).
Say that I come down to breakfast wanting to be excused from school because I feel sick. That parent wants proof, so makes me pull down my panties to accept a thermometer up my rectum. That isn't humiliating enough, so they play with it up there, finding that the anal play turns me on. No temperature is detected, but I persist, saying that I don't feel feverish, just with an upset tummy. So I am given a thorough series of enema cleansings. These arouse me much more, so much so that I cannot hide my pleasure, and I'm made to hold the lavage while I'm spanked. Now that my parent has gotten to the truth, the real punishment begins, maybe with paddle, or strap, or cane, or some combination of all three. If that isn't deemed to make me sufficiently contrite, perhaps I must endure a figging, even whittling the ginger root plug myself.
That is just a glimpse into the churning, burning fantasies that are constantly roiling in my mind, wanting to be realized. Whether as complex as all this, or just one simple element of butt stuff, it serves to turn me on tremendously, so that the resultant sex is super satisfying.

Wendel: The only real kink is spanking. We do lots of stuff to make the spankings more fun. Costumes are a favorite. I love spanking Cinderella and me getting my bottom beat by Wonder Woman. We play spanking under the mistletoe every Christmas. Outdoor spanking is another favorite and on the rare occasion self spanking is suggested we critique each other’s work. 

Prefectdt: Took a bit of thinking time over this one. In my early days of playing, I did like to do the “School Boy” thing. So, that counts as some costume and role play, which was a lot of fun.

Since living in Belgium, where there is very little Spanko culture, I have indulged in some more mainstream BDSM play, restraints, Domme worship etc, but these were not my kind of thing. I did not mind this kind of play, but it tends to be about meeting another amateur player half way, rather than what I desire.

Barrel: Spanking used to be our only kink, but it gradually led to light femdom. Our more intense spanking sessions involve suggestive talk over a week as a build up to the actual event. We also play with feminization, restraints, nipple clamps, lingerie, most of the common toys and role play when I do my wife’s hair coloring.

What a great topic for this week. Thank you.

Anon: I am a 100 percent spanko. I love everything to do with adult spanking. That being said, sometimes the thought of a little bondage can super charge things for me. Let me clarify, bondage by itself does nothing for me, I have watched bondage videos and thought is that it, but if it is coupled with a good old fashioned OTK spanking, then sometimes it can really rock my world. 

A.J.: "Is your kinkiness limited to spanking or are you into other things as well?"

Sadly, (Sadly?) it is. (Good God, I'm dull....)

"What would be considered kinky today?"
Good question.
She gives me a BJ - is that kinky? I don't think so.
I give her labia and fun parts a vigorous tongue-lashing - is that kinky? I don't think so.
Tie-her/me to the bed and bring out the whipped cream? I don't think so.

There's an old joke:
Tickle her in bed with a feather and it's sexy.
Use the whole chicken - THAT'S kinky!!

Dan: I agree with Alan's point that it's not easy to identify what exactly qualifies as "kink" these days. Personally, I'm up for trying just about anything once, but adult spanking with a disciplinary angle is the only one that is a consistent interest or attraction, though something domestic discipline adjacent, like female dominance in the form of a Female Led Relationship probably also qualifies as a "kink" for me.

KDPierre: Well, I was out all day and just got in and saw these wonderful responses, but as the instigator it's time for me to chime in. Only fair, right?

I don't know whether I should be proud or ashamed to admit it, but I have so many kinks and fetishes, listing them all would likely result in some people thinking I was making them up, others wondering if I was just copying a fetish list to be funny, and others still likely cringing at several.

For us/me the next "biggie" would have to be all forms of chastity play, from orgasm regulation, to tease and denial. But after that? (hold onto your chair arms)

General Femdom, service/pampering, anal penetration, plugs, pegging, enemas, butt worship, foot worship, axillary worship, clips on various parts, burning ointments, figging, hot wax, bondage, ball crushing and slapping, other miscellaneous CBT, punishment pads, being stuck with pointy things, pee play, cold play, machine play, exhibitionism both indoor and out, age reversals, urethral play, wearing panties, games, dares, and play with others, and a few other things I'd rather not mention. (and I am not making any of this up, and past followers of my blog have probably seen enough to know that.)

Rosco: It started with spanking. Very quickly Irene realized her hand wasn’t effective and switched to a hairbrush. In a moment of (pre-internet) bravery I went to a western store and bought a riding crop (from a flirtatious salesgirl who briefly offered to to try it out on me.)

Don’t know what qualifies as kinky, but decades ago almost every sex act included reverse cowgirl cunnilingus (aka Facesitting with her bottom on my eyes).

Irene bought a few toys to fuck me in the bottom - but never really got into the strap on. Sadly it was uncomfortable for days later so we gave it up.

She peed on me once. It was ok, but we haven’t done it since.

Irene likes to tie up my balls often using a thin red scarf. Seems to work well to this day. Oh and she whips my balls with a riding crop. It hurts like the dickens but is somehow erotic. Never woulda thunk.

And yes she often feminizes me, puts me in pink lacy panties or a nightie and sometimes puts make up on me and tells me stories about what all the sorority girls are doing to me.

And in recent years after intense whippings (whips and straps and riding crops more so than paddles), she’ll tie me to the four corners of the bed for the aforementioned reverse cowgirl cunnilingus. Sometimes I I can use one hand at a time, sometimes not.

Mark: I confess to enjoying many of the above, but spanking is the only one that I share with my wife (and is my primary kink).
I've tried and enjoyed self bondage, e-stim, sounding, enemas, love love love nipple clamps (although an incident with a pop rivet gun and a 4.8mm pop rivet nearly took my right nipple off a fortnight ago!), wearing panties, and cbt.

Hermione: Spanking is our only mutual kink. Many years ago, light bondage was a necessary addition for me. I don't mean full body plastic wrap or intricate rope work, just wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts. That really turned me on. But since reading Gerald's Game by Stephen King, I've lost interest in bondage. If Ron has any other kinks, he hasn't told me about them.

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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #502

This has been a great week for this blog. I received several suggestions for brunch topics (keep 'em coming, folks!) and have been spoiled for choice. Our good friend and former blogger KDPierre came up with a good one, so I will let him introduce today's discussion topic.

"By definition, just by being into spanking, one is pretty clearly already considered 'kinky' by the vanilla world. But spanksters are quite a varied bunch and I would imagine that while for some their kinkiness begins and ends with spanking, for others spanking might well be a companion to another established kink or two. And for others still, spanking might be just one kink in an otherwise jam-packed closet of interests and fetishes. So the question is:"

Is your kinkiness limited to spanking or are you into other things as well? If so, are your other kinks limited to one of two other interests, several, or many? Perhaps you'd be willing to share the next most prevailing one.

Alan asked what would be considered kinky today? Well, that depends on your definition of kink. Check out some of the replies already posted for ideas.

As always, you may remain anonymous. Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

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Friday, August 25, 2023


It's a rainy day, so time to go shopping at Walmart. You won't believe what I overheard!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Always Read the Label

My next-door neighbour (NN) has recently acquired some home help. The helper comes weekly to do cleaning chores that NN can no longer do for herself. I thought that was a good idea, and suggested that if the helper did the laundry,  it would save NN the problem of negotiating a flight of steep stairs down to the basement laundry room. She vehemently protested.

"No one else can do my laundry. My clothes have to be washed in a certain way. I always read the labels." 

Yeah, well, so do I, to a certain extent. If a garment has a label that says "Dry Clean Only" I don't buy it. I wondered what was so special about washing the baggy sweatsuits that are all she ever wears.

Read these labels carefully. Rinse. Repeat.

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Monday, August 21, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 20

At what location would you dread being spanked?

Bonnie: I would certainly dislike being spanked on the public square, but that isn't likely to happen.

I've been spanked in every room of our house and while some are better suited than others, there isn't one spot I dread.

KDPierre: I would dread being spanked in a caldera. My butt gets hot enough as it is. ;-)

Seriously though, this is a tough question because so much of it is conditional. In other words, what would it be about a place (other than the aforementioned caldera) that would make it so dreadful? Public exposure? Discomfort? Risk of arrest? Pick any one of those and if the question is open, the answers would tend to lean towards extremes.

Like Bonnie, there is no place in my home, or probably anyone else's, that I would dread. Move outside, and I'm going to stick with the caldera. LOL

appleTom: Not so much the room as the circumstance. I was being spanked in my girlfriend's apartment first floor living room where the front door went to the shared entrance hall/landing. She had me handcuffed to the furniture in a corner directly opposite the door to the apartment. It must have be a brass frame day bed as I was seated upright cuffed to a frame behind me. I seem to remember that she had gotten me to dress in some female garments, (at her urging, I guess I was having a corrupting influence on her). Well, a female friend of hers knocked on the apartment door and she got up and opened the door and talked to her friend with just her body and the partially open door blocking the friends view of me. I guess they talked for about 5 minutes, (though it seemed longer), before she closed the door and came back to continue paddling me. That open door made me very anxious and frightened.

Roz: Ooh, that is a tough question. Like the others, I don't think there is a room in the hone I would dread, bathroom would be the closest. I'm going to say a public space with lots of onlookers. On public transport such as bus or train (although you wouldn't get away with that).

Prefectdt: Easy answer, anywhere in my own home. Paper thin walls in a terraced house, it is just not on. I can hear the neighbours pulling chairs out to eat a meal. I have self spanked here, just to keep my pain tolerance up, and at such times the neighbours have been treated to Vivaldi's Four Seasons, a bit of meaty Carl Orff or something similar. A proper, two person spanking, could not happen here.

Jack: Dreaded place for me was staying at a nice hotel. My attitude was not good, my wife said nothing in the car. Once we checked in, she took out the hairbrush, laid it on the bed. She looked at me, I said please not here, I'll be good. She had enough and told me off with everything and best be quick about it. She placed a chair in the middle of the room, and as I stood, naked, pleading she pointed to her lap and over I went. I know I could be heard.

Rosco: Well I’ve fantasized about being spanked in the company of certain other women, but mostly wouldn’t want to be outed publicly. Our home now is pretty private.

Generally I’m spanked in the bedroom but there have been occasions elsewhere. The middle of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon comes to mind (hoping the noise of the water eliminates the echoes).

It’s also not fun if I’m not comfortable. It’s important to be in a relaxed position so I can appreciate the intensity of the spanking.

S: A little while back, one of my wife's friends made a comment that she did not care what people thought, she liked to spank girls when she was on the dance floor. That got me thinking that maybe she also liked to spank naughty men as well. Since then I cannot get the thought of her putting me over her knee and spanking me silly out of my head. I was really worried on my 65th birthday, she teased that she should give me a birthday spanking in our family room in front of my wife. I blushed 3 shades of red, I think I would have die of embarrassment, but also be secretly thrilled as she set my bottom on fire.

A.J.: "In what location would you really dread being spanked?"
If I walk in and I see a dungeon - I'm outta' there!

"Have you actually spanked or been spanked in such an undesirable place?"

Graham: I'm not sure dread is the correct word, but it was both exciting and unnerving when I was younger to get spanked in a spot where it was remotely possible but highly unlikely to be seen. And, yes, despite the odds, we were observed once. It was in a very hard to access bamboo forest which provided good caning material. About 1/2 through our scene, we noticed that another couple hiked by only a few meters away. They couldn't have missed seeing or hearing us, but they proceeded with their lively conversation and didn't bother us. We finished a very fun session that ended with me dipping my very red and hot bottom in a bubbling mountain stream!

Wendel: We do not spank in the bathroom. It just does not appeal to us. We do like outdoor spanking, but it has to be in private spots. Hotels are fun. The all-time favorite is the Luxor Pyramid in Vegas. In front of the dark angled window makes for a perfect spot to place the chair. At night with the room lights off no one can see in from the outside. The Misses has gotten some really good paddlings there.

Hermione: Anywhere out in public, unless it happened to be at a play party or a public exhibition of corporal punishment techniques.

Wow! There is much food for fantasy thoughts here!


Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #501

Welcome to the second half-century (so to speak) of our well-attended spanko brunch. To kick things off, Our faithful attendee Jack has suggested today's topic.

In what location would you really dread being spanked? It might be a room in your home, an interior location elsewhere, or somewhere outside. Have you actually spanked or been spanked in such an undesirable place?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to respond.

Slava Ukraini
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From Hermione's Heart

Monday, August 14, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 13

What about two-handed spanking?

Wendel: Happy 500th Brunch Hermione!!!!!!

We never tried two handed spanking. The Misses switch hands with the paddle but not sure if that really counts. Maybe in honor of the 500th I will give it a whirl with the Misses. 

A.J.: ” Have you or your partner ever given or received a two-handed spanking?”

Sure! Two hands, two cheeks, amiright? It’s only natural.

”What was the effect…?”

Laughter, of course!! Lots of it!

Bonnie: Wow! Congratulations, Hermione. Five hundred, plus another 400 before that, equals a whole lot of brunch.

I posed this question because double discipline is a favorite technique of my husband Randy. Back when the dogleg solid hardwood body brush was popular, he liked it so much he bought a second one. I think he was concerned it might meet the same fate as certain less study implements in the past. He should not have worried. My bottom (repeatedly) met its match with that brush.

So he has two formidable spanking brushes. He keeps them together and occasionally uses both on me simultaneously. I can attest this brush is fierce when used for a conventional OTK spanking. I've written entire posts about its scorching persuasiveness. But twice the brushes means twice the pace, twice the swats, and twice the burn.

This is real punishment. He directs me to lie, face down, atop pillows piled in the middle of the bed and spread my legs. Next, he kneels inside my thighs and takes aim at the two spots where I sit. What follows is a rapid fire spanking that usually leaves me yelping and squirming. The whole affair is over pretty quickly based upon any objective clock, but it seems like a lengthy ordeal to me. Afterward, I feel totally punished and my butt really hurts!

KDPierre: We have a lucite sorority-style paddle that, like any sorority/fraternity paddle, requires two hands to swing it properly. The effect is a pretty powerful swing and corresponding impact.

Roz: Congratulations Hermione!500 brunches,wow!

Yes I think we have had the odd two handed spanking, only in play and the result was laughter here too. 

Prefectdt: I have had spankings on both buttocks at once, but only hand spankings. The most memorable one was when I was lying on a bed with the spanker sitting on my shoulders. Playing my butt like a pair of bongo drums, along to some music that was playing to cover any strange noises that might disturb the neighbours. It was funny as hell at the time.

Jack: I can recall once, shortly after we got married, she was determined I would get the sound spanking I needed. It hurt like hell and I pleaded for her to stop, which she did not. When she finished, she called her Mother, and in the conversation told her Mother she was so mad she used both hands and now both really hurt.
When she hung up, she told me to get dressed, we needed to go shopping. The shopping turned out for her to get a bath brush, and when she picked one out, looked at me and said if you think a two-handed spanking was bad, this will prove you wrong and I will not have two very sore hands. 

Glenmore: I've no idea how many hands are landing as I'm too busy looking at the floor! I expect she may change hands when one stings more than my butt.

Ronnie: Congratulations, Hermione.

I've had a two handed spanking, but only in play which had us both laughing.

Mark: Congrats and thanks Hermione. I don't much like the idea of double paddles Bonnie. One hurts! My only two handed spanking was a play hand spanking in the wheelbarrow position, but even both cheeks hand spanked at once was memorable (compared with one at a time).

Hermione: Ron is very much a one-handed spanker. His right hand is dominant and he rarely uses the left for anything.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #500

Welcome to a very special milestone event - our 500th spanko brunch together. I can't believe we've had so many enjoyable discussions. Our good friend Bonnie came up with today's topic, and it's one I'm sure you will have fun with.

Have you or your partner ever given or received a two-handed spanking? What was the effect of this double-barrelled technique?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion on Monday. In the meantime, help yourself to some cake.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Three years ago I had cataracts removed from both my eyes. Unfortunately, after two years I started having trouble seeing again. I got a referral to a specialist, and after a year-long wait (free healthcare = long wait times) I finally got in to see her. A few tests, some time in a darkened waiting room, then a chat with the specialist and five minutes later, my sight was back to 20/20. Aren't lasers wonderful? Now I'm able to read the signs that I see as I go about my daily duties. 


Happy hump day!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, August 7, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 6

Have you had any experience with a spanking machine?

Wendel: Never tried one. We did get to see one in action at a Cos Play convention in Dublin. The part that made us curious was that the machine did not hold back. Everyone trying it got the same five hard whacks of the paddle. Cos Play costumes for women can be rather revealing especially in the rear. We did enjoy watching the bottoms turning red. They want the equivalent of $10 to try it. The Misses wanted to, but the line was too long. I told her I could give her a paddling when we got home for free.

Bonnie: I've never seen or felt a spanking machine, but it's been a favorite fantasy since I was a girl. Under the right circumstances, I would love to try it. I just wouldn't want it to happen in a public place where vanillas were present or where people could record it.

I would also want Randy to be at the controls. Knowing as he does that being spanked by a machine is one of my strong fantasies, I'm sure he wouldn't hold back at all, and I'd be fine with that.

The biggest downside that I've observed in videos is that the paddle, strap, or cane has to be lined up just right or the spankee absorbs hard swats in the wrong spot. I wouldn't like that.

And yes, Wendel, I would accept the free paddling at home too.

Mark: I haven't seen or tried one either. I would definitely be keen to try one if the opportunity arose AND it was mechanically clever enough to move the strokes around. I definitely don't want them all directly over each other on the same spot thanks!

Rosco: For me, the lecture and the spanking go together - sometimes accompanied by other related activities. The experience is much more than merely having a hot bottom.

And I don’t know where I’d find a spanking machine to try with any privacy. But if I did, I suppose I’d give it a try.

Roz: Never seen or tried one. For me too there is more to a spanking, such as the intimacy and connection between spanker and spankee, so I'm not sure it's something I would want to try.

Ronnie: I’ve never seen or tried one, but in the right circumstances I’d try it as long as it was just P watching. 

Prefectdt: My only hands on experience with spanking machines is the one that I tried to build myself, SALI Mk1. It was a total failure, I could not find a strong enough spring for the driving mechanism. If I ever got the chance to try a good one, I would jump at the chance, hopefully both metaphorically and literally. The one that I would like to try the most is the Pain4Fem machine. I am not 100% sure, but I think that it is based on an automatic clay pigeon launcher. It packs a good punch and seems to be able to be set to vary where it strikes, so not every stroke lands on the same spot. I wonder how much a clay pigeon launcher like that costs to buy?

Jack: There is no machine that will beat the spankings my wife/mommy gives.

Anon: Don’t know of any way to try one. But there are vids on Tumblr and Youtube. Just Google spanking machine.

Like I said last week I am fascinated with the idea of having a machine that can be programmed, and wife strapping me to a bench and gagging me so I can’t scream and setting machine to come on at a certain time. Like it's all set and she leaves saying she’ll be back in an hour and I don’t know when it starts, how long, how many per minute or how hard. Knowing wife I’ll most likely regret it, but I’m still game to give it a try. 

KDPierre: Spanking machines: a wonderful concept that never seems to reach its potential. I have never experienced one but did write a story around the use of one. My experience has been limited to seeing them in action online where they don't really impress me, and seeing fantasy drawings of them that nearly always look implausible or ridiculous. The worst are the spinning paddle wheels that nearly are always drawn spinning downward which to me would result in strikes on the lower back rather than the lower curve of a bottom where they should be hitting. 

S: I have always had a fascination with spanking machines from the time I was in grade school. There used to be a myth that the principal had one in her office and if you got in enough trouble she would use it on you. I have often thought about building one myself. If anyone knows of plans, I would love to see them. If I had a spanking machine, I think it would be fun to use it on myself and others.

cleveland_Tom: I've never tried one either, but I've design a few in my head. Since I have an unhealthy fascination with strapping, they tend to be of that sort. Reproducing the swing of a strap is complicated.

I think about combining one with a "stroking" machine, (being male), along with a nipple simulating attachment, so you can do pain/pleasure cycles. All of this would be programmable. An example sequence would be; leash, then some stroking and nipple stimulation that starts strong then fades out, rinse, repeat. The more forceful strokes would have longer pleasure portions. You could make it a "predicament punishment", by stopping and releasing the restrains only when the man cums. The sequences chosen could make this easier or harder.

I had a lover who after paddling me while seated on a footstool, like to be fucked while seated on the edge of the couch with me kneeling, after a bit of this, the paddle would find its way back into her hand for a few swats mid coitus, they always messed up my concentration.

Barrel: I think it would be fun to try, especially with my wife setting the duration then enjoying a glass of wine while the machine dispenses her desires. However, my wife tells me the best part of any spanking is not the buildup, not the mental gymnastics, not the restraining, but the act of physically delivering the strokes. So I doubt she would give that up. Interesting thought, though. 

JJ Rose: I've seen a spanking machine in use before, but I've never tried one. I think it would be an interesting experience -- it takes away the control one has during self-spanking but still allows someone to get spanked without someone else being there.

Hermione: Not tried one, but I think it might be fun if the opportunity arose.

There are some interesting ideas here. Patents, anyone?

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #499

I have been having computer woes this week. After a power surge during a thunderstorm, the monitor went black. Our computer has been knocked out before in a similar fashion, so I assumed a quick trip to the computer-fixer-shop would put it right. But there was nothing wrong with it. The technician hooked it up to a monitor and it started with no problem.

So back home, connected all the wires and cables, and still no joy. Back to the fixit place with the monitor, and wouldn't you know it, the monitor worked there. The technician told me to go home and connect everything, then if nothing worked to bring both in together. He also said my hard drive was very slow and he could replace it with a much more efficient one, but I'll need to think about that.

Once I had reconnected all the cables (on my tummy under the desk among the cobwebs) we had a successful liftoff. Computer and monitor were perfectly okay. Which brings us to brunch. When I thought I would have to make do with our laptop for today's brunch, I didn't have access to my list of topics, and could only remember one. Three different people had suggested that particular topic, and as my grandmother used to say, "If three people say you're sick, lie down." So here it is:

What has been your experience with spanking machines? Have you seen one in action? If you have tried one, please tell us about it. If not, is it something you would ever consider trying?

Please leave your response, along with any good thoughts for my ailing computer, as a comment below. Once everyone has had an opportunity to share their experiences, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart