Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Food for Thought

Since we are still socially isolating, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Yesterday Ron sent me some cute food-related pictures, and I just have to share them with you.


Bon appetit!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, March 29, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 29

How would you spice up your spankings if you could?

Baxter: I have actually fantasized about going to a disciplinarian who would give me a real hard OTK spanking, the kind that you can't sit comfortably for several days. While we would talk about the spanking and the various implements and positions, there would be a bit of role play about something I did wrong and have to be punished for it. I have never had that kind of spanking and won't get it from my wife, who does spank me, but is vanilla about the subject.

Bonnie: Spice up our spankings, you ask? I feel like our spankings are already a triple decker habanero, cayenne, and vindaloo curry sandwich. I have little doubt my dear husband can conjure more heat (figurative and literal), but I never know what it will be until he serves it up.

Fondles: Ah, a fantasy partner would be ANY lead I'm watching at the moment in a period flick.

Jamie Fraser (Outlander), Ross Poldark (Poldark) ... heck, even Sister Julienne (Call the Midwife)

Morningstar: The early tease of Spring got my blood flowing again ... and my imagination! I would love - LOVE - to be spanked at the camp..... we have this clump of trees down by the creek and the fire pit ...... I would love to be tied between them and let Sir Steve run the gamut of toys we have... especially the whip.

Roz: Spankings nowadays are sporadic, quick and light. Therefore my fantasy spanking at the moment would be just more!

Simon: I've been enjoying spankings for over 40 years and in that time I've tried almost everything. Some favorites include being punished outdoors, being punished in front of a group, and punishing and being punished by a number of ladies. I can't think of an implement I haven't had used on me and whilst I dislike wooden spoons and heavy paddles I'm always ready to experiment. Of course there are some things I haven't enjoyed and probably won't try again. These include very strict bondage and being punished by another man which I tried at the behest of a lady.

QBuzz: Definitely being spanked in public and/or in front of others.

Wendel: We spank in Halloween costumes and we spank in the woods. Both are a spice all their own. Putting them together would probably be the next step. 

Jack: I had thought about being spanked in a woodshed. My wife's best friend has a farm, we visit often, there is a woodshed. I have been told it is not where you want a spanking. 

Red: I sometimes fantasize about meeting other spankos, like yourself. It could be just for a drink on a patio, and a get to know the people. However, Covid makes this even less possible. However, the best fantasy would be both of us bent over the couch, maybe the arms, facing each other, and our partner bares our bottom and we both get spanked by our partner. Love to do this with any spanko couple, including both men being spanked by their partner.

Barrel: My wife is in an exercise group with a leader who is several times divorced and quite active socially. I fantasize about my wife setting up a session involving her exercise leader. The two of them would explain, over lunch, their plan for the afternoon. First to spank me over their stocking-clad knees. After a thorough warm up, they restrain me over our bench and thrash me to their hearts content, concluding with a hard caning. 

KDPierre: My spice rack is pretty well-worn and I can't think of anything that hasn't been tried. At my age now, I am open to whatever, but find myself refining existing "recipes" rather than pursuing elusive novelties. LOL

Ronnie: Fantasy I have is to be spanked after a riding session, I would have to be correctly attired and so would he, I would have failed to impress in some way, or been disobedient or lazy not tending to my horse properly, something along those lines. It would perhaps have been a repeat offence for which I'd been warned and now I'd gone too far. He would deal with him firmly in the stable, bending me over a hay bale or something and giving me a sound cropping.

Rosco: I would love it (I think) if my Irene were to spank me in front of a friend or two, and perhaps give them a turn to whip my bottom. I could be the maid and serve them tea or, better yet, cocktails.

Other fantasies might take place in a women's locker room, where I am found as a Peeping Tom. Or perhaps I am caught filching Mrs. Robinson's panties from her clothesline.

Another builds on a real life experience when I was visiting and getting reacquainted with Maria, a former college girlfriend. Sitting in her living room, I could not help but look up the skirt of one of her roommates, who was wearing some very pretty pink panties. (Was the view intentionally provided? I will never know.). The third roommate noticed and suggested to Maria that they spank me for peeking. Sadly Maria laughed it off.

Irene knows this and engages enthusiastically in playing the roles of all the women who are spanking me for various reasons. My bottom is in fact rather warm from yesterday's obedience lesson.

But it seems very unlikely to ever happen. We are pretty private and she and I would not want to share TTWD with any of her friends. The only way I could imagine it happening is with a stranger that we met on vacation or something like that.

I am more than satisfied with the status quo.

Prefectdt: I would like to say that I have a list of things that I want to try as long as your arm but that could only be true if you were an Orangutan. So I will just pick one, that has been on my mind lately.

I want to be spanked in the wheelbarrow position, just to find out what it is like.

Graham: Being spanked by my wife in front of a like-minded audience would be a high. Also, having my wife take me to a a pro for a thorough whipping would be highly erotic. On the other hand, quite happy with what we have!

Hermione: I would love a real punishment scene. A lecture for something I'd done wrong (real or imagined) then OTK for a hand spanking, followed by the hairbrush and paddle, then corner time.

May all your wishes come true!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #376

Welcome! I hope you had as good a week as I did. There's something about the disappearance of snow and the sighting of robins and crocuses that puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I seem to have much more energy too, and that make me think of this week's topic.

What could you do to spice up your spankings? Is there something you have always wanted to try? Perhaps a different implement or an unusual position comes to mind. How about a change of location, or a fantasy partner? The sky's the limit.

Have fun with this one and use your imagination. Please leave your response in the comments section below. Once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, March 25, 2021

You Had One Job

 See what happens when you don't pay attention to the job at hand.

Spankings for everyone, don't you think?

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, March 22, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 21

Do you have a humorous anecdote related to spanking?


I had so many stories I had to break this into a few posts. This is part 1.

Since I offered this brunch question to Hermione, some background.

This all began more than a year ago when I was really sick. Doctors and drugs every day, all of which led to my sleeping for a hour or two at night, then awake for another hour or two. And repeat. And repeat. During those times I was awake, to think about anything else, I often thought about spanking and tried to remember all the women I have spanked or been spanked by, or just anything humorous about spanking.

So, some humor....

We were getting ready to do some sexy-play and I asked if she would mind spanking me.
In an instant, eyes wide open and all excited, she came back with: "Want me to use your BELT????"
At another moment I MIGHT have said yes, but she seemed waaaaaay too eager to use that belt on me.
We settled for a simple otk, girl-spanks-boy - and vice versa!

I was out of college and the Army, finally home in years, my sister me tells the story of my born-in-Ireland aunt who visited in my absence. She tells my sister the time her father (so Ireland around the 1880's) had left the house to go to the local pub and got warned - "Only ONE!"
Several pints later.... He comes staggering home, into the house, past his now-pissed-to-the-brim wife, and fell into bed. Passed out from the drink.

His wife then got out her sewing kit and SEWED HIM UP INTO THE BED SHEETS!!
And then gave him a beating with a broom handle!

Not exactly a spanking, but still funny.

I had rented my beach house to a group of women, most in their mid-20's, for a bridal shower.
It all worked out great.
I get a thank-you note from the Maid of Honor telling me they had a great time.
I asked if they were able to use the outdoor upper deck and see the great sunsets?
She says they did, and included a group-photo - and a pic of the gifts they had for the bride-to-be. I took the image and enlarged it to get a better view, because something....

I think one of those "gifts" was one of those gag paddles with "Wife trainer" on one side and "Husband trainer" on the other, but it was very hard to tell.
I email her back.
"Is that a paddle among all those gifts? Oh, my, I do hope everyone behaved themselves!"
Her reply: "No comment!"
I'll let your spanko-minds take it from there.

I'm dating this girl who had zero interest in spanking, but would let me play-spank her if it was not hard, and she had no problem with having me otk when I wanted it.
We are out to dinner one night and I ask her, "How about tonight? You do me?"
We get back to her townhouse and her sister is in her car out front.
There goes my otk time until she leaves.
My GF’s sister was gifted with head-snapping beauty! I'm talking cover-girl beauty!
But she still has one glaring problem: Picking the men in her life.
She is horrible at that, with guys giving up because they would tire of her.
This was another one.
So it's sister-time and I stay out of the way as they talk.

I stay in the open kitchen. I can see my friend's face directly, and the back of her sister's head.
Yhey talk about why she has this problem with men, maybe she demands/expects too much, etc., etc.
At some point the drop-dead gorgeous sister says, "What I need is to be spanked."

I heard that!!!!!!!

My eyes go wide as dinner plates. Behind the sister's back I put my hands together in silent prayer as in a 16th century painting while silently mouthing, "Oh, please, oh, please, please, please...!"
Behind the sister's back!!

My friend shot me "the look." An unblinking look of fire, and death, and destruction, and "Don't you even think about it!"
I went to bed to leave them alone. The sister left sometime after 1AM.
We laughed about it the next day.
I held it against my friend that she would not let me "help" her sister at her obvious time of need. That was ruuuude!

Driving down a highway I pass this car. It then rushes up next to mine in the right lane, the driver honking the horn.
I'm all "What the hell...?"
And then notice - I know the driver!
A woman I worked with few years before; a cute blonde who didn't know or believe how cute she was.
She had recognized me when I passed her, caught up, and motioned for me to follow her to the first exit where we can talk and catch up.
I do. We talk for quite a while. And she says she is not as quiet a person as she was years ago.
Into a lot of stuff, and mentions going to a lot of rock concerts with her roommate.
She opens her wallet and shows me a pic of her and her roommate. BOTH are damn cute!
Tells me her roommate is just like her, socially, but also a bit kinky.
"Kinky? How"
"She likes to be spanked."

I about lost it! I told her that was not kinky, but sexy; and I'd love to spank her friend!
"You, too????"
Without going into a lot of detail I told her about my first spanking girlfriend who got turned on by being spanked; so yeah - it's sexy!
I told her if her roommate needed a 'spank-buddy' have her give me a call.
Never heard from her friend. Dammit.

At a nice bar one evening and in troops about five or six women, all in early 20's, cute, and all dressed up!
They were there to party because it was one of the women's 21st birthday.
And around the neck of the birthday girl, her friends had hung a sign that read: "I'm 21! Spank me!"
Did I mention how cute she was, with a tush everyone reading this would love to get their hands on...?

She stood at the bar wearing that sign, and you could come up and give her a small birthday smack to her cute tush! Neat, eh?
There was a catch: You had to buy the birthday girl or one of her friends a drink.

Cute tush, so - fair enough! I bought a drink and got to give the BD girl a little swat, just enough to make her giggle "Oooooh!"
Then I told her happy birthday, that she was cute, and I wished I could have spanked it a bit more. She thanked me for the compliment and laughed.

Then I spoke to one of the women who got the drink I had bought.
Me: "So. You're pimping out your friend's butt so the rest of you can get free drinks. Is that it?"
Her: "Pretty much. Yeah!"
And laughed!

Later I thought I should have offered to pick up the entire tab for all of them in exchange for me taking the BD girl otk (mine!) for all her 21+1 smacks. I don't know if the BD girl would have agreed to that, but I have NO DOUBT her party pals would have been enthusiastically all for it (i.e., alcohol was involved)! I'll never know.

It was a late February during a cold, miserable winter. I have "Had it!" with winter and make reservations for - Maui!
I'm with a "spank-buddy" (Spanks me, I spank her if it is light; no sex) and tell her I've had it with winter and I'm going to Hawaii, and that I'm going alone because the last time I took my GF she complained so much I vowed to never take her again."

Her: "God, I've never been there. I'd love to go to Hawaii."
Me: "Well, the room is already paid for, and I have the frequent flyer miles, so if you really want to go - here's your chance. Want to come with me?"
Here it comes:
She comes and hugs me, and whispers in my ear with a breathy Marilyn Monroe like voice: "For Hawaii, I'll spank you every day."
Spanked every day, even in paradise, was a bit much but - we went!

I will never forget hearing that sexy, "I'll spank you every day."

People I know in a spanking group of friends, telling stories.
A woman relates she and her husband were looking for a new home.
The wife wants go back and look again at two of the homes they liked.
She brings along her 3-year old daughter for whom life is at 100-MPH.
She tears though the first house in curiosity.
Mom finally notices, "Where is she...?"
They seqrch and see the girl's feet sticking out from underneath one of the racks of clothing in the master closet.
Mom and realtor push aside the clothes as the 3-year old looks, points, and says in wonder, "Look! They must have horses!"

Mom and realtor see a small rack of hooks holding implements that everyone reading this would immediately recognize, none intended for horses.
Speechless, the realtor finally says, "Suzie! Have you seen the bathroom? It has a tub so big you can swim in it!"
Girl runs off all excited.
Realtor looks at the mom and goes, "Kink-eeee...."
And the mom instantly thinks, "If you only knew..."

A woman in her late 30's/early 40's, yearns to either spank, be spanked, or both.
Summons up her courage and contacts the group.
Husband gets her email and responds.
She is very nervous about the whole thing.
Husband says that's normal, but how about you and my wife meet over coffee and you can talk and ask all the questions you want?


They meet. Questions asked and answered. Still nervous, the host wife offers she should come to their next get-together, look at how we play, you can meet people, no commitments. "I will be by your side all the time. If you decide it's not for you, you can say so - and leave!"

She shows up!

The wife host meets her at the door and personally shepherds her around, introduces her, "She's new! Be nice!" All is going well. They go into the kitchen where two couples are talking.
Wife-host: "You just have to meet this couple! They have been with us the longest and are the best people."
Comes up behind the couple, taps one of them on the shoulder. They turn around and...

Breath-taking silence. Eyes wide open silence. "Please earth; open up now and take me!" kind of silence.

The host: "Do you...know each other...?"

Still stunned into I-can't-talk silence. Finally the woman manages to say: "These are my - grandparents."

The host is now all "Oh, shit!" and backs away, saying, "Uhhhh, I think you have a lot to talk about..." and leaves them. (Coward.)

Dead silence reigns. Then grandma laughs out loud. Her arms wide open and laughing she embraces grand-daughter n a huge hug with grandpa right behind her. Because what else can you do?

In the end it turned out just fine. And as the woman telling this story said, "Guess who instantly became the favorite Grand-child!"

She was later invited to the grandparents home where she was shown the ultra-private and always-locked room in the attic, filled with "toys" and more the grandparents used on each other and with friends from that group.

It's an episode from the half-hour British comedy Coupling, a show much like "Friends" or "Big Bang Theory." In this episode, one of the guys discovers that his new GF, on her own, decided to thoroughly clean his apartment while he was out.

You will see the "Oh, no!" moment hit at the 4:42 mark. Copy and paste this link into your browser:

Right after that 4:42 moment the video will (annoyingly) stop to run ads, and then return to the episode. This will happen a couple times. And then you get to the 19:50 mark where a more detailed and embarrassingly funny discussion of spanking takes place!

Happy Spring, everyone!

Bonnie: I think I have posted most of my humorous spankings. I don't have a new one that immediately comes to mind, so I'll share this story from almost ten years ago. On this occasion, I wasn't the one who got spanked.

Roz: The humorous spankings that come to mind are the few occasions where an implement broke. On one particular occasion Rick was in full on lecture mode while wielding the cane, sounding serious etc and the cane broke. The mood was broken and we both ended up laughing. However, Rick quickly recovered and declared the cane was still usable and resumed spanking.

Barrel: The only one I can recall was when I secretly recorded one of our sessions, where the spankings are longer, very intense and I am restrained. It was a really good one where my wife vigorously wielded the strap. When she watched the recording, which almost triggered an encore, she laughed at how well she landed the strap with backhand strokes.

Ironically, we have a session planned for later today. If I can, I’ll try to take note if she is backhanding that strap again.

Prefectdt: There have been a few unexpected farts but I think that happens to all of us.

I was once being caned by a German lady, who unexpectedly started asking me about what I had seen in the news the previous day. When I told her the latest about a conflict, that was happening at that time, She gave me four extremely hard strokes accompanied by the phrase "Don't mention zee war".

That was the only time that I have heard a real life German use the word Zee instead of The. She was a big fan of Faulty Towers.

Ronnie: I found it funny. P was reddening my bottom with a wooden spoon and it split, I burst out laughing and couldn't stop, P wasn't too happy. We didn't resume the spanking.

Hermione: Once we had a phone call during a session. Ron stopped and we let it go to the answering machine, then resumed. It was my fault. I'd phoned my neighbour M to see what she needed from the grocery store, and she said she'd get back to me. 

So we started to think up excuses for why we hadn't picked up the phone. Out doing errands? No, our car was in the drive. In the crawlspace getting out decorations? Christmas was long past. Gone for a walk? She might have noticed we hadn't walked past her window. I called her back later and M didn't think to ask why I hadn't picked up, and I didn't volunteer. But now, we always laugh about it, and ask each other if M is going to call, or say let's hurry up so we're finished before M calls. 

Stay safe and keep smiling!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #375

Welcome to the first day of Spring here in the northern hemisphere. To celebrate the end of winter, our good friend A.J. suggested this cheerful topic to take our minds off the ever-present virus threat.

Can you tell us a humorous spanking-related story? Did something ever happen that made you laugh at the time? Do you have a funny anecdote that will make us all smile?

I can't wait to read your humorous anecdotes, so please leave them as comments below. Once everyone has had a chance to contribute, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation, with a suitable laugh track.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, March 19, 2021

Friday FAIL

Let's have some fun with quotation marks, When they are added unnecessarily, they are called scare quotes. Using them casts doubt on the truthfulness of the word in quotes.


Stay safe, everyone!

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

A Long-Lost Friend

Last week Bonnie told us about a discovery Randy made while cleaning out the basement. I had a similar experience on the same day.

Many years ago I bought a toy called Humphrey the Humping Dog at a joke shop to amuse my mother-in-law, who was ill at the time. Later, I took Humphrey to work and we all had fun with him there. A few  years on, I suddenly realized that I hadn't seen the toy anywhere. After a lengthy search, I decided that he must have been pilfered from my office and I hadn't realized it at the time. 

Last week Ron decided to clean out the closet in our computer room. He came downstairs with some empty paper shopping bags and asked if I wanted to keep them. He handed me two empty ones and a third that seemed to have something inside. It was Humphrey! I told Ron that I has searched for him years ago, and he replied that he hadn't known. I think Ron had forgotten where he'd put Humphrey, and also that I'd been looking for him.

Humphrey now lived on our bed's metal headboard, and greets us with his happy cries whenever we squeeze his paw. Here's another Humphrey in action.

Speaking of friends, morningstar, where did your comments go?
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, March 15, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 14

Our topic of the week was unfair spankings.

Bonnie: Randy and I have an understanding. I grant him blanket consent to spank me whenever and however he decides is appropriate, necessary, or desirable. I trust him completely. In exchange, he grants me the right to opt out for any legitimate health or safety reason. This part we take seriously.

Within those bounds, if I object to a spanking, it's usually because I think his concocted rationale is flimsy, nonsensical, or just plain dumb. In such cases, I generally accept the spanking under protest and revisit the topic later. I often share this aspect of our relationship on the blog.

While I may occasionally gripe that a particular spanking was unfair, it happens within a framework that I wholeheartedly endorse. As Randy reminds me, "It only hurts for a little while."

Joe: As I have told T, she may spank me whenever and wherever she wants and however she chooses there are no unfair spankings. The only thing that would be unfair is refusing me when I request one.

Wendel: I spanked the Misses on my Birthday a few years ago. She cried unfair since the birthday boy/girl is the one that should be spanked. I told her it was what I wanted for my Birthday so she would just have to take it. For me, it is a spanking and I like being spanked no matter the reason. 

Roz: There has been the odd occasion that feelings were strong and I was feeling out of sorts, not so much that I thought it was unfair or not justified. However, on these occasions I felt even more out of sorts after the spanking. We managed to talk thing through and resolve the issue.

Prefectdt: I very rarely get spanked as a punishment and when I do it is usually because I feel guilty about something and I have requested the punishment. So boringly I have to say no, I have not received a spanking or other punishment that I have thought unfair.

Jack: In this household, no way, my wife spanks me when needed, trust me. My wife does not always spank when I mess up, so when she does spank it is justified and what makes it worse is that a spanking will not stop if a friend of hers drop in, and with my mother-in-law she has seen it from beginning to end. If I had told my wife this, boy would I have trouble sitting.

Rosco: This happens all the time. I’m really very well behaved. Irene spanks me because she’s fussy, demanding, and frankly a little bitchy at times. She also believes corroborated rumors she hears about things I supposedly did.

I explain how unfair these spankings are, but I only get spanked longer and harder.

P.S. Just kidding. It’s all consensual. I complain because I want more punishment. She does like to make it hurt, but it’s all a game. A fun, erotic game.

KDPierre: A play spanking for any "reason" is not considered unfair by me, but we also do DD. And THAT I take seriously so the reasons have to make sense. We had one instance a long time ago where I went along with the spanking even though I didn't agree with it for the same reasons others have stated. It was a disaster.

Now, Rosa and I have a simple understanding: we are just plain honest about it all. If I am guilty I don't "play protest". If I don't see her point, she will wait until I do and then we proceed. And if I am adamant, we talk it out instead. But this last option is rare, but I appreciate that it's part of our understanding.

Rosa has a lot of power, and she knows it. She has no desire to jeopardize our arrangement by insistence on something volatile, just because we have a DD relationship. A lot can be accomplished without rigidity. Firm is fine. Rigid is just too prone to later resentment. And bottom, sub, or whatever you want to call me, I WILL NOT submit to something I see as genuinely unfair or inaccurate. Like I said, if Rosa just feels like flexing her muscle, that's all she needs to say. But I have a hard time when a "reason" is given that is not accurate or fair. 

Baxter: I can only think of one instance in which I initially thought the hard whack with the paddle was an unwelcome surprise. I had just lost my job and I was laying bare ass on the futon and my wife spanked me very hard once with a thick paddle. It got my attention and it stung for a while. Other than that, I ask for spankings and my wife is happy to accommodate my request. 

Terpsichore: Personally, I think it's unfair that it has been so long since I have received a spanking! :-) Truly, I don't have an honest way to answer this question as there hasn't been any spanking fun going on here for a very long time, but I wanted to check in and say hello. Hope all is well.

Hermione: Like Joe, the only time I would feel I had been dealt with unfairly is if I wanted a spanking and Ron refused.

Thank you all for your very fair answers. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #374

Welcome to another socially-distanced brunch at Hermione's Heart. The good news is that the vaccine is finally available here. The bad news is, Ron and I don't qualify for it. We will have to wait until the online booking app is up and running, and then book an appointment for April or May, while people much younger than us can drop into any drugstore and get the vaccine on the spot. Go figure! 

That leads me to the subject of today's brunch.

Have you ever received or delivered a spanking that you or the recipient thought was unfair? How did you deal with it?  Were there repercussions?

Please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, March 12, 2021

From the Top Shelf - Beverly and the Principal, conclusion

We are back in the principal's office for some long-overdue discipline.

One week later…

The sexy looking adult woman in the attire of a teenage schoolgirl stood nervously in front of the desk as the Principal lectured her about her behavior. She wore an abbreviated plaid skirt that ended several inches above the knee, displaying the taut lines of her legs. Her breasts pushed against the tight white blouse in front and her pert bottom jutted out in back. Her hands were behind her back and she shuffled nervously from foot to foot. The principal finished the scolding and slid open a drawer.

Inside was a short wooden paddle. It had a legend on it that said “Heat for the Seat”. He pointed to the desk. The schoolgirl leaned over placing her elbows on the desk. The Principal moved to her rear, gripping the little paddle. Placing it under his arm he raised the schoolgirl’s skirt in back to reveal a plump and shapely bottom clad in brief white panties. The Principal placed his thumbs in the elastic of the panties and ignoring the protests from the schoolgirl, drew them down to her knees. The unveiling revealed the lush rounded globes of a shapely posterior. He patted the lush cheeks then stood to her side and tapped her with the paddle. Then he drew back his arm.

Smack! Smack! Smack! The Principal delivered three brisk swats that had the schoolgirl dancing and shuffling. Another three and she was arching her back and wailing. The pert cheeks quivered as the paddle struck. The next volley was four whacks that had her standing on tip-toe.

“Ooooh….owwweee!” she yelped.

He gave her three more, slow, deliberate and harder. At the last of these she shot up and clapped her hands to her buttocks, rubbing furiously.

“Oh, Ward, Omigod…..that really stings.”

“And that,” said Ward with a wry chuckle, “Is what naughty girlfriends get in this Principal’s office.”

In truth it wasn’t his office, it was the den in his apartment, and Beverly was no schoolgirl.

Beverly continued to rub, but then licked her lips. In a husky voice she said, “Ok, I deserved that. But now that I’ve been properly punished, I’ll show just how naughty I can be.” Before Ward could respond, she had dropped to her knees and deftly unzipped his fly. As she suspected he was in full arousal. Beverly licked the swollen member up and down the its length. She could hear Ward gasp as she swirled her tongue around the head. Satisfied that he was ready, she took his hand. “You come with me,” she said, dragging him toward the bedroom.

The paddling had made her bottom throb with heat, but that same heat was now driving her to full arousal. She pushed Ward onto his back and mounted him, sitting astride his torso. She lowered herself onto the erect shaft, which was sticking straight up, and began a rocking motion. Beverly tore off the schoolgirl blouse and unclasped her bra, allowing her breasts to spring free. Ward reached up with his hands and grasped the hardened nipples. She bent forward, smothering his face with kisses, and together they sprinted toward climax. As they ground their bodies against one another, Ward’s penis rubbed against her clitoris. A white hot explosion erupted from her core and she came, bucking and thrashing. Ward was right behind her and she felt his body stiffen and jerk as his climax arrived.

Later, they lay side by side.

“If that’s what happens when you’re naughty, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to curb that behavior,” said Ward, chuckling.

“You can try,” she said with a coquettish smile. “You can try any time at all.”
I suspect he will be trying often.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

From the Top Shelf - Beverly and the Principal, part 4

Let's resume our story and see if Beverly and Ward ever meet again. To refresh your memory, here are part1, part 2 and part 3.

Several days later she was shopping again for groceries. There in the produce aisle, once again, was Ward McCollum. When he saw her, he joked, “We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”

Bev laughed. “Of course, but rather here than in your office.” She almost rubbed her behind, but stopped herself.

Then he had to laugh. She had a point there. Then he became serious. “I have to ask, how is Haley at home? Around school she seems to be doing fine now. I don’t see any of that rebelliousness. I hated to use the paddle, you know, but sometimes that’s what works. Say would you join me for another cup of coffee?”

Bev felt flattered. From his manner she wondered if he was interested in her, as a woman, not just as Haley’s mother. She hoped so. “Sure. I’ll just check out.”

“Same shop--- on the next corner. I’ll meet you there.”

They met again at the coffee shop. Their conversation this time was more cordial. Ward seemed very nice once he was able to put aside his role as The Principal. As she suspected, Ward had no wife.

Then, to her absolute surprise Ward asked her out. She then surprised herself and accepted. “I took a chance here,” he said. “After all, our previous meetings have been, ah, not so pleasant.”

“I know,” said Bev, “so it is weird, just a bit. But, I’d better meet you somewhere.” Ward laughed.

 “I can see the wisdom in that. I’m not sure Haley would welcome me into your house.”

“You know, Ward, she really was ok about it afterward. I thought she’d be resentful and angry, but I think you were right. A short sharp shock is what she needed to turn her around.” Then Bev added, almost as if talking to herself, “I guess I needed it too.”

Ward took that in. “It was very brave, what you did. It’s admirable. And if I may say, you are a very attractive lady.”

Bev blushed, thinking about the rear view she had presented him with. Truth be known, she had to admit, her sexuality had always been centered around her bottom. It was her primary erogenous zone. She liked for men to fondle it, to knead it. It drove her crazy. But spanking it? That paddle had hurt, but the feeling afterwards had been sensuous. Would she want that again? No she decided, but then she studied Ward’s hands. They were large. What would his hands feel like?

* * *
Three months later…

Ward had courted her and the relationship had developed nicely, albeit slowly. They’d dined out, had gone to a few shows, and even one night dancing (although the dancing had been to a country band -- not her favorite). He sure was taking his time though, sighed Beverly. So far, no fireworks. He was a bit old fashioned in that respect, and she wondered when he would make a move. She was certainly ready. Replaying in her mind the scene in his office was arousing now even though it had been embarrassing and painful at the time. What must she have looked like, bending over and sticking her bottom out like that? But that and Ward’s forceful treatment of her, that’s what had her thinking very naughty thoughts. It was frustrating that he was moving so slowly. Maybe he felt he had to, given his position.

Now he had invited her to a costume party. It was a charity function and all the prominent folks in Hot Springs and some dignitaries from Fort Smith and Little Rock would be there. Ward was going to go in character and be The Principal, complete with formal gown and mortar board hat. Bev decided to compliment this by going as schoolgirl. In a thrift shop she found a plaid jumper and saddle oxfords. Then she added knee socks.

She looked herself over in the mirror. The jumper was short. It ended well above her knee, showing plenty of leg. Her breasts filled the white blouse nicely. Overall, she had to admit it was sexy -- thirty five year old schoolgirl Lolita, that was her. To cap it off, she put her hair in twin pigtails. The short plaid skirt, the tight top that her breasts strained against, the knee socks---she had to admit, it was a sexy tease to be sure. She wanted cute, not schoolgirl slut, but what the hell, she thought. Maybe it would light a fire under The Principal, as she had mentally dubbed him, and get things rolling.

Ward did a double take upon picking her up at her door, shaking his head and giving her a low whistle. That secretly pleased her even as she pretended embarrassment at his reaction. The party was to be held at the Sutton estate, a large manor house that had been the country home of a wealthy industrialist, but was now a property used as a conference center. It had a grand ballroom, a large study, a library, and sixteen bedrooms upstairs.

“There are some people here that I’ll need to talk to,” he told her. “There’s the superintendent for the county and some county commissioners and state legislators. Our budget is coming up and I need to get my two cents in.”

“And I thought we were here just to have a good time,” she teased.

“Well, I do have to do a little politicking,” he admitted. “But it will be fun. I promise.”

It was nice being with Ward. He introduced her to everyone he talked to. Beverly really didn’t know anyone, but she dutifully played the attentive escort. Every one they met remarked on the complimentary outfits, he The Principal and she the Schoolgirl. She got appreciative once-overs from the men. A few joked mildly at her expense.

“Very nice costume. But, I hope you behave yourself, young lady, and you don’t find yourself sent to the principal’s office.” And everyone would chuckle. If they only knew.

Then he started talking business with local politicians and Beverly grew bored. They were serving champagne. It always made her light headed. Before she knew it she was floating quite freely and feeling euphoric. The next time somebody cracked the joke about the principal’s office she cracked back, “Oh yes, I’ve heard he has a biiigg paddle for naughty girls.” And she spread her hands wide for emphasis. It got a nervous laugh. They could see she was tipsy. Ward frowned because “the somebody” had been a state senator high up on the budget committee.

“Beverly, cool it,” he whispered. “I need you to make a good impression.”

“Lighten up, Ward. Have fun.” She helped herself to another flute of champagne from the tray of a passing waiter.

Ward grimaced. It was enough that she was in that too sexy schoolgirl getup, although he had to admit, it was turning him on. But it was also that she was getting loopy and people were noticing. He pulled her aside. “Look, Bev, there are some important people here so please, tone it down a bit.”

But Bev was having too good a time. She flirted with anyone who commented on her outfit. And when she did, she stole glances at Ward to observe his reaction. He was getting steamed. So what? She thought. He could be stuffy if he wanted, but part of her knew she was poking a hornet’s nest -- and didn’t care. What would he do?

It was an offhand comment that finally did it. She was flirting with a couple of men while Ward was talking to another small group, when one of the men called over to Ward, “Hey Ward, I think little miss naughty here needs to see the principal. Don’t you keep a paddle around for this sort of thing?”

As Ward turned to look, Beverly stuck her tongue out and stepped on the guy’s foot---accidentally on purpose-- causing him to spill his drink down the front of his costume.

“Christ! Look what you did!” The guy sputtered. Beverly giggled.

Ward appeared at Beverly’s side and took her arm. “That’s quite enough, Bev. You’ve had too much to drink.”

Beverly stomped her foot. “I have not,” she said, jerking her arm away and in the process stumbling into a waiter holding a tray of canapés. The tray went flying and so did the canapés.

“Ok, that’s it,” said Ward. He grabbed her wrist and hustled her toward the stairs.

“What are you doing?” Bev sputtered as Ward tugged her along. She could imagine what the pair of them looked like. Ward in his black cap and gown pulling Beverly along. In her scandalously short tartan jumper, knee socks and pigtails she was a distraught schoolgirl being taken to task. Ward ignored the comments and chuckles from clusters of partygoers who witnessed the scene.

“Uh, oh, looks like somebody is in trouble,” tittered a slender blonde, eyeing the determined Ward.

“That’s the principal at the high school,” whispered her companion. “What do you think he’s going to do?”

“I think miss naughty schoolgirl is going to make a visit to the principal’s office.”

“I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes,” said her friend.

The blonde turned to her friend and smiled. “Oh, wouldn’t you? I wonder. He looks determined. She’s apparently been… naughty.” She shivered as she said that last word. “I wonder what he’ll do to her.” Her companion stared. Ward had looked around and had spied the staircase. Now he tugged a wobbly Beverly up the stairs, stumbling along behind like a recalcitrant child.

It was a big house. The party was downstairs and two levels up the place was deserted. Perfect. Just what he needed, lots of privacy. He opened several doors before he found what he was looking for -- an empty furnished bedroom. He pulled Beverly inside and shut the door.

“Why are we here?” pouted Beverly. “I was having a good time. I’m going back downstairs.” She turned to leave but Ward blocked her exit.

“You are not going anywhere until you promise to behave.” Ward stood between her and the door, arms folded, a sentry forbidding her to leave.

“Get out of my way, Ward.” She stamped her foot.

“Promise you will behave, or else,” said Ward firmly.

“Or else, what? I get my fourth detention? You didn’t bring your paddle.” She giggled as she said it, but a part of her knew that she was deliberately goading the man. She felt both reckless and excited. It almost seemed like the schoolgirl outfit had given her license to act like one. Her pent up frustration with the slow pace of Ward’s courtship had led her to tease him this way.

Ward smiled casually and it was that smile that finally sent a chill up Beverly’s spine. “Oh, I don’t need any paddle,” he said. He now understood. The outfit, the bratty behavior. It was a deliberate provocation. He took her wrist again and led her over to the bed. “But I think you are right about the detention, and it’s time you paid for your behavior downstairs.”

“What are you…?” But before Beverly could stop him he tipped Beverly across his knees face down.

For a second she was too shocked to react, but then she struggled as she realized what he was about to do.

“Ward, no. Don’t!” She looked anxiously over her shoulder.

But Ward was past the point of polite discussion. He flipped up the little skirt in back to reveal Beverly’s shapely bottom, clad in briefly cut flimsy panties. He sucked his breath in at the lovely vision before him, the full twin rounded cheeks wobbling as she squirmed over his lap.

“You need a good spanking, Beverly, and I’m going to give it to you. Then we’ll see about rejoining the party.”

What? She needed spanking? Before she could process this, she felt the first sharp splat! of Ward’s palm impacting her bottom. The several more smacks stung her behind.

“Ow! Ward, no. Stop.” It stung, really stung.

But Ward was just getting started. He planted a few more exploratory spanks, testing the resilience of her bottom. Then he settled into a tempo that rained brisk spanks on the lovely rounded orbs every half second or so. A steady tattoo of smack! smack! smack! resounded sharply in the small bedroom.

Beverly writhed and tried putting her hand back to protect her stinging bottom. It was really getting hot back there. Ward just grabbed her hand and held it in the small of her back.

“No, no, no, Beverly. This spanking is going to continue. And what’s more, I’m going to make it memorable.” Ward paused. Beverly wondered what he was doing until she felt his fingers in the elastic of her panties.

“Ward, no, don’t take my panties down! No!” She wriggled frantically but Ward was undeterred. He slid the flimsy panties down baring the lovely cheeks which now bore pink handprints. Time to really teach my girlfriend a lesson, thought Ward.

Ward beheld the bottom underneath his palm. It quivered lasciviously. He gave her nude cheeks a brisk smack! The flesh rippled in response. Then another and another. He increased the tempo. Her bottom bounded, the jouncy cheeks wobbled, absorbing the crisp smacks and changing color to a brighter red.

Yow! This really stings. Her quivering bottom continued to absorb sharp smacks from Ward’s capable palm. But a part of her welcomed the humiliating chastisement. She was becoming aroused by the heat in her bottom which spread to her pelvic region. Ward’s utter mastery of her was contributing too. Had she deliberately acted the bratty schoolgirl to provoke Ward? But the blazing fire in her behind was overwhelming her ability to reflect on her real motives.

The scene must have looked like a bizarre Benny Hill skit -- Ward, clad in his headmaster’s gown, holding the lush Beverly across his knee, her abbreviated schoolgirl skirt flipped up and her panties pulled down to her knees, her cheeky bare bottom on full display absorbing smack after smack from Ward’s punishing palm. Beverly wriggled and kicked, desperately seeking relief from the relentless smacking.

Beverly’s bottom cheeks were really glowing now and Ward decided that she was probably reaching the limit of her ability to deal with the stinging before she broke down. He didn’t want that. He just wanted to teach her a sharp lesson. But as he eased off he noticed moisture between the lips of her vagina, which had been impossible to ignore with her humping up and down. In fact the humping looked a lot like arousal. With a few more well placed splats he stopped.

“Can you behave now?” he asked resting his hand on her bottom.

“Arghh…ah,” she gurgled, subdued now. “Y-yes, Ward. I’m sorry.” If nothing else, the spanking had sobered her up. He stood her on her feet. Her hands rushed to her inflamed bottom. She rubbed vigorously and shifted from foot to foot, a naughty schoolgirl, duly punished.

“Ow, my gosh! Y-you spanked me! For real!!” She regarded Ward with something like awe.

“Yes, I did,” he said patiently. “You deserved it.”

“Ohhh…” she moaned and continued to rub. At the same time she felt really turned on. What to do now?

Beverly put herself back together. Ward took her by the arm and they returned to the party. As they descended the stairs, the same slender blonde and her friend observed the couple. Beverly’s eyes were red and she walked rather gingerly.

“Hmm… I’d say our little schoolgirl has been to the principal’s office,’ she remarked.

“More like the woodshed, I’d say,” said her friend. “I’d have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that.” As they walked past the friend caught Beverly absently rubbing her behind. “Yep, definitely the woodshed.”

They didn’t stay long after that. Ward made a final circuit of the room, shaking hands, saying good byes. Beverly accompanied him smiling politely. She was completely sober now as a result of the sharp spanking. Her bottom felt toasty warm and the heat was beginning to affect her in another way too. She was fully lubricated and turned on sexually. Her nipples felt hard and she was flushed.

When they were about to leave Ward turned to her with a look of concern. He’d been very nice to her after he’d spanked her, but still very much in control. “Look I was angry. How do you feel?”

Beverly clutched his arm and whispered. “My fanny is burning; but, I admit, I was out of line. But Ward, I don’t want to go home.”

Ward’s eyebrows raised. “No? Where do you want to go?”

“Your place. Now.”

As soon as they were inside Ward’s condo apartment, Beverly flew into his arms and they kissed passionately. Items of clothing dropped all the way to the bedroom, and by the time Beverly was supine on Ward’s bed she was naked. Ward wasn’t far behind. All of Beverly’s pent up sexual frustration was unleashed upon Ward, to his delight. Their coupling was at first fast and furious, then slow and sensuous. Ward knew how to slow down and build sensation on top of sensation until Beverly was practically screaming with pleasure. Especially intense for Beverly was when Ward placed her on all fours and entered her from behind, kneading and patting her still-red buttocks as he thrust himself against the resilient globes until both came again in a shattering climax.

When they finally rested, Ward propped his head up with his hand and said, “I don’t know what came over you tonight.”

Beverly giggled. “I don’t either, but I liked the outcome---even though I did get my hiney spanked hard, you awful man.”

“Listen, you deserved it. That schoolgirl act. What was I supposed to do with you?” Ward grinned, but he was still perplexed.

“Oh, Ward, I wanted you weeks ago, but you were so old fashioned. I just decided to hurry things along,” she said with an exasperated sigh. Men. They could be so dense.

Now Ward frowned. “You mean all that acting out at the party was deliberate so I would be forced to whisk you off somewhere to make you behave?”

“Well, I didn’t know that you would actually spank me.” Beverly pouted and tossed her head. “I thought I’d get you alone and then….you know,” she added coquettishly.

Ward sat upright now, giving this his full attention. “I ought to spank you again for pulling that stunt just to tease me. People are going to be talking for weeks now.”

“Oh, now wait a minute, Ward.” Beverly shrank back. “I’m already pretty sore from tonight.” Wow, he looked serious.

Ward studied her. “Alright,” he said shaking a finger at her, “For now, that is. But you have an upcoming appointment with me in the principal’s office.”

Beverly shivered with both trepidation and excitement.
That appointment is scheduled for the end of the week. Don't miss it!

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Monday, March 8, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 7

If you wanted to explain how your relationship operates to a sympathetic but vanilla friend, how would you do so?

Bonnie: Thank you for posting the link so I could go back 15 years and see what I wrote. I like that explanation, but I think this post, originally from the following year, says it better.

Quentin QBuzz: 'We both enjoy spanking and being spanked, and we spank each other regularly, usually as a prelude to sex'. Seems pretty straightforward when you put it like that! 

This might actually come in handy as I am occasionally shocked at just how vanilla some of our friends are, and there's always a chance they might stumble across one of our paddles or something...

Years ago before I found blogland, I didn't plan on telling a friend about the spanking, but I decided to tell her that I was working on being more submissive instead. Because she had a religious background, I thought maybe she'd be okay with that even though what Storm and I were practicing at the time was NOT CDD. Anyway, she laughed and laughed. So I just let her assume I was joking.

I wouldn't tell anybody, but if we got "caught", I would just say marriage needs a little bit of kink in it.  

Jack: I would say it is what I need, being a male, that would sound different and not the norm. Dating, I learned that the woman being in charge, taken the lead, was less stress. I would bring up the spankings, remind them not sexual, put punishment, crossed the line. I would tell them our sex life is strong. Mostly I would stress I got married, knew it would be hard, but knew my wife was the person who would keep it going. 

Roz: Hi Hermione, I definitely don't plan to tell anyone, but I would emphasise that spanking is entirely consensual, we both enjoy it and that we are equals in the relationship. Plus it's hot lol, and leads to greater intimacy and connection.

Barrel: I think the key word here is sympathetic. I would explain that in my professional life, I was an Alpha/driver. I learned early on that becoming a bottom and asking for spankings helped me balance myself. I have been blessed to be married for over 40 years to a wife who understood that need and was willing to indulge with me. This form of intimacy has, and continues to help our marriage. Now we both use it to relieve frustrations, stress and almost always as a prelude to intimacy. 

Prefectdt: I have not got a relationship to explain to a vanilla friend. Not so long ago I did try to tell a cousin about my spanko side but as he did not even know what BDSM stood for I found it impossible. In the end I sent him a WhatsApp link to my blog.

Hermione: I hope it never happens, but if I felt the need to explain I would say that spanking is something that turns both of us on, and it's foreplay for us. I would emphasize that I am NOT being abused, and that it is entirely consensual. My elderly friends might be shocked, but most people are quite aware of kink and might in turn share their own secrets.

Thank you all for joining the conversation. Until next time, stay safe!

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #373

Welcome back, dear friends. Help yourself to a slice of blogaversary cake and let's get started. Today's topic is from a brunch that was hosted by Bonnie exactly two years before I began blogging. I think it's worth re-examining.

If you wanted to explain how your relationship operates to a sympathetic but vanilla friend, how would you do so?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

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Friday, March 5, 2021

A Blogaversary Treat

Today is a double celebration of both my birthday and my blogaversary. I started this blog 13 years ago, and I'm surprised that I'm still blogging today.That's down to you, dear readers. If I hadn't made so many good friends here over the years, I probably would have lost interest.

As a treat for all my readers, but especially the naughty boys, I have a lovely song that I discovered only recently, while listening to online 60s British music. I have no idea how I missed this one by Paul Jones, the lead singer of the group Manfred Mann. Every time I hear it, I think of...well, you know what.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

From the Top Shelf - Beverly and the Principal, part 3

We continue with Rollin Hand's Beverly and the Principal. Beverly has learned what a paddling from the principal feels like, and now it's her rebellious daughter's turn. (Reread parts 1 and 2 here and here.)

Friday afternoon came too soon for Haley. She was seated in the office at 3:30 waiting for her mother and looking very apprehensive. Beverly eventually arrived and the school secretary ushered them into the principal’s office. She smiled at Ward McCollum to let him know there were no hard feelings from the previous day. Just checking, she glanced at his left hand. There was no ring. She looked at his desk and credenza, but there were no pictures of a wife or children. Ward McCollum was indeed a bachelor.

“Haley, Mrs. Clawson, please sit.” Ward gestured, then picked up a file. As he leafed through it he frowned. “Haley, this indicates a fourth detention in only three months. We have a serious issue here. Do you have any explanation for your behavior?”

Haley’s response was typical teenager---a shrug, a lame excuse or two and a denial of responsibility.

McCollum sighed. “Haley, please wait outside while I speak with your mother.” When she had shut the door behind her, McCollum began. “I know we talked a little yesterday but can you tell me what is going on with her? I notice from her record at her previous school she was an A student with no adverse behavior record. I checked.”

Beverly told him more about Haley’s problems with the divorce and the move. McCollum listened patiently, asking a question or two, but mostly letting her get it all out. Beverly found that she liked talking to this man. He really was kind and sympathetic. McCollum nodded. “I do understand how you feel, Beverly, but if I may say so, Haley has to stop feeling sorry for herself and move on.” Beverly nodded. He was right.

“What I’m going to say now is going to be hard for you to hear, but I think the situation calls for it. Haley has been treated with kid gloves for too long. It’s time the gloves came off and she resumes growing up. That means accepting consequences. Beverly, I’m going to recommend that you sign that corporal punishment form. Since you, ah, know what it’s like, you can make an informed decision now, but my advice is to sign it.”

Beverly’s head snapped up. Oh yeah, she knew now. It had hurt like blazes, but once the initial shock had worn off, it hadn’t been so bad. And for her at least there was something else. The glow in her nether regions had transformed into something sexual. She’d wandered around in an aroused state replaying the incident over and over in her head. While she was woolgathering, Ward had continued.

“I think Haley should be paddled. I really do. It is what happens here when we see this pattern of offenses, and it is the normal consequence. If you don’t, I’ll have to suspend her and that will impact her grades. Because of…yesterday, you, ahem, know what’s involved, so you can assess whether she can take it.”

Of course she could take it. A sharp sting, that’s all it was, and it would put Haley back on the right path. “I think she can,” said Beverly. “If I can take it, so can she. I don’t want her suspended and just left home alone. But Haley has never been spanked or anything. She’s always been a good girl.”

McCollum smiled sympathetically. “And she will be again, but all youngsters have to learn that flouting rules brings penalties and she doesn’t get a pass just because life has been tough lately.”

Beverly had to agree. She signed the form. They called Haley back in. “Haley, your mother and I have decided. You will not be suspended from school. Instead you are going to receive the paddle---six swats. Right here. Right now.”

Haley’s head swung around to look at her mother incredulously. “Mother, you didn’t! How could you?” The color drained out of her face. Principal McCollum sat there impassively.

“I’m sorry, Haley, but you brought this on yourself. A suspension is not possible. I can’t come home to supervise you during the day.” She looked at her daughter earnestly and took her hand, holding it with both of hers. “I’m sorry Haley, but you will just have to take your licks.”

Haley was shocked that it had come to this. She sat there barely breathing as McCollum buzzed his secretary. “Mrs. Frankel, can you come in? We need a witness. Oh, and bring the book.” McCollum stood and rolled up his right sleeve. Mrs. Frankel entered.

“All right Haley, stand up.” Haley stood as if in a daze. “Lean on the desk, on your elbows, palms flat. Look at that circle on the wall.” Indeed Beverly saw there was a piece of paper stuck to the wall with a circle inscribed on it. Haley assumed the position. She was wearing tight jeans and the bent posture thrust her buttocks out, the jeans clearly delineating the rounded globes of her youthful bottom.

The wooden paddle was hanging on the wall, right where it had been the day before. McCollum unhooked it and moved to Haley’s rear.

“Haley, it will be six swats. Do not move out of position. If you do we may have to do that one over. Keep perfectly still. Feet a little more apart.” Haley shuffled her feet. “That’s right.” The principal measured the distance, patting Haley’s behind gently with the paddle. He drew back and brought his arm forward in a smooth motion, like he’d done this before.

Crack! the paddle smacked the seat of Haley’s jeans.

“Ow!” Haley’s yelp confirmed how that paddle could burn.

“That’s one,” said McCollum. He drew back again.

Crack! Another swat struck Haley’s bottom.

“Yeow…oh!” Haley shifted her weight from one foot to the other. McCollum waited a minute then drew back again.

Crack! Haley stood on tiptoe and wailed, “ahhh….ow!..nng!”

To Beverly it was an intense eye-opening scene. On the one hand she felt for her poor daughter. From the sound of it, it must sting atrociously. Hell, she knew it did. But it didn’t look like he was hitting that hard. He had this medium-slow smooth delivery with a little wrist flick at the end. Then she understood. He didn’t hit hard on purpose. It was just enough to generate a sharp sting, just enough pain so the student would know that there are consequences. From the other side of the desk, Beverly heard sobs. She knew what it felt like. Her own bottom tingled in silent sympathy.

“Three more, Haley.” The principal hefted the paddle, swung his arm in a sideways arc. Crack! It was sharp like a gunshot.

“Ow…ow….oh…my…” yelped Haley bobbing up and down slightly.

“Steady, now. Only two more, Haley.”

Haley actually said, “Yes, sir,” and bent back down.

Crack! Crack! The last two came rapidly. Haley lifted up on tiptoe and let out a wail.

“All right, you can stand up now.” Beverly breathed again. It was done. Haley stood, vigorously rubbing her bottom. She had tears in her eyes. “Sit down if you want, but you need to sign the book.”

Haley stood. Apparently one had to sign for the swats, like it was a receipt or something. Haley signed and Beverly hugged her daughter. Then she actually shook hands with Mr. McCollum. It was as if something dark had lifted. Not much was said on the way home. Haley went to her room.

Beverly came in later and asked if she could rub cold cream on Haley’s bottom. Haley said that would be nice. Her butt was red but not bruised. Haley said the cold cream helped.

Beverly was left alone with her thoughts. She could not get the scene in the principal’s office out of her mind. As the weekend passed Beverly noted that the paddling seemed to have produced a catharsis in Haley. She was less sullen, more her old self. A short sharp shock. It had apparently worked.
Paddlings have a way of changing attitudes. How will Beverly thank the principal? Stay tuned for more.

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