Tuesday, May 31, 2016

From the Top Shelf - The Authority on Discipline

Today we again return to Hope Hall, where, if you remember, we last saw Amelia, Clara and Lady Alicia in the drawing room. At the end of the excerpt, the three ladies were on their way to join the gentlemen. (If you would like to refresh your memory, read it again here.)
"Ah splendid! The ladies, at last. Amelia, my dear, and Clara too. May I say you both look radiant."

Amelia stared at the floor as Lord Alex greeted them, and tried not to pout too obviously. She could feel the hem of her smock against her belly, just a little too high. Furtively, she leant forward, in a futile attempt to cover her pussy. There were three men in the smoking room; as well as Jamie and Lord Alexander, who she had expected, there was a well-built man in a dog-collar, who had been chatting when the girls' entrance brought the gentlemen's conversation to a sudden halt.

Lady Alicia bent and placed the handle of Clara's leash in her mouth. "Clara and I have been playing 'fetch'. I'm afraid I had to smack her chubby bottom a little bit. Scamper over there now, mischief, and show Master Jamie your behind."

Clara did as she was told. Amelia glanced up long enough to see that the three men's eyes were locked onto her cousin's still-red rear. Then Lady Alicia clapped her hands together.

"But for heaven's sake, where are my manners? I forgot that you have not been formally introduced. Miss Clara Tattershall and the Honourable Amelia Colinbrooke, may I introduce our rector, the Reverend Richard Dawes. I expect you might have heard of him, for he is rather famous."

Heard of him? Amelia was thunderstruck - of course she had! How could any girl not know the name of the author of Dawes' Domestic Discipline, a copy of which sat on the shelves of every house of quality in the country? Who did not know the name of the man who had written a dozen best-selling works on every aspect of corporal chastisement, with especial regard to the punishment of skittish and wayward girls? The man whose disciplinary skills had been called upon by the highest in the land, and whose cane had been applied, so it was hotly rumoured, even across the bare bottoms of royal princesses.

Amelia was no coward, yet even she might well have preferred not to meet the man at all. To meet him so, half-naked and helplessly bound, was enough to make the bravest young lady quail. There was nothing for it, though. She took a deep breath and looked up, determined not to reveal the extent of her trepidation.

He was quite a handsome man. At least, his visage was less diabolic than she had imagined. He was clean-shaven, with rather short brown hair, greying at the temples. His face was ordinary - except for his eyes. They were grey, a cold slate grey, and there was something about the intensity of his gaze that caused Amelia, just for a moment, to forget to breathe. It was as if the man looked straight into her soul, searched and judged and found her wanting.

He kept his eyes on her for a long moment, and Amelia found herself mesmerised, unable to look away whilst he kept her locked in his gaze. Then he looked down at her lower belly.

"Charming," he said and took another pull on his cigar. Then he looked down at Clara, who was wincing as Jamie stroked her martyred bottom.

"Well, Jamie, it looks like you are teaching them a thing or two."

"Oh, it's early days," the young man said. "And Clara is a good girl really. Would you not agree, Aunt Alicia?"

Lady Alicia murmured her heartfelt assent to this as Jamie gestured with the stub of his cigar towards Amelia. "Of course," he said languidly, " this little minx is a different proposition altogether."

"Oh yes," the Reverend Dawes said quietly," yes, indeed. That I can see. For one thing, the way she is fidgeting, one might conclude she had ants in her pants." He grinned. "That is, had she any pants within which to contain such miniscule arthropods!"

Amelia's cheeks burned as the company roared with laughter. Just as this was fading, there was a tap at the door and Mrs Pritchard entered.

"The secure carriage has arrived, milord. You asked to be informed."

"Quite right, thank you, Mrs Pritchard."

She turned to Lady Alicia. "The new maid has been put to work in the kitchen."

"Would you think me very rude if I were to leave you with Jamie and the girls now, Richard?" Lady Alicia asked. "I also have some pressing staff matters to attend to."

The Reverend Dawes expressed his total satisfaction at being left with Jamie and his two young charges so Lady Alicia withdrew, to the accompaniment of a great deal of rustling.

The Reverend Dawes placed his hand on Amelia's stocking-sheathed knee and sighed. "You mean to tell me she is disobedient? Really, girl! That is shocking!"

What was shocking, thought the enraged Amelia, was that she had to stand in front of this man, naked from the waist down, as he idly caressed her thigh with one hand and toyed with her leash with the other. The Reverend had finished his cigar but was still sitting comfortably as she trembled, partly from fear and partly from a sense of outraged decency, before him.

"Clara here pulled a face or two, but she was obedient in the end," Jamie said. The girl in question was kneeling with her head on her master's knee as he stroked her hair. "Amelia is, I regret to say, refractory, disobedient and very, very stubborn. It will be a long hard road with her, I fear."

"No doubt strewn with thorns, eh?"

Amelia winced as he pinched the bare flesh of her right inner thigh, just above the top of her stocking.

"You know I am setting up a little disciplinary course for wayward girls later in the year, at the Rectory?"

Amelia found herself pinioned by those cold, grey eyes again. Fear suffused her and she seemed to be experiencing difficulty in breathing once again. The hand moved up her thigh, fondling the bare flesh appreciatively.

"Yes, you mentioned it. Just six trainees at a time, is that right?"

"That is correct. More and I might not be able to give each girl sufficient personal attention."

The eyes bored into hers. Amelia felt herself sway. For some reason her knees were reluctant to support her.

"Might do her good," Jamie said thoughtfully.

"Might do her a lot of good." Reverend Dawes gave Amelia a smile and squeezed her thigh. She could not quite suppress a low whimper of trepidation.

"Unfortunately" the Reverend Dawes drew the word out, "it would be impossible."

Amelia breathed again. Her sigh of relief was audible and he cocked a questioning eyebrow.

"I only mentioned the idea to a few friends and I already have a full course and a waiting list." His hand reached Amelia's shaven quim. It was impossible to step back as he held the leash taut. To her surprise, the fingers were gentle, fondling rather than probing. "That damned book, you see." The Reverend laughed, self-deprecatingly. "I get so many requests to demonstrate my methods, I would spend the entire year traveling the country if I acceded to them all. That was the idea of the course, you see. At least for six months I shall get to stay in Hatherby." He laughed but his eyes did not, remaining fixed on Amelia's.

"So your course is to be six months?"

"That's right. Six months...." his fingers rested on her lower belly, and as he spoke he began to press his finger, gently but firmly - one deep prod with every separate syllable, "of most rig-o-rous...disc-i-plin-ary...train-ing." Amelia, if you refuse to obey instructions, it's clear to me that you need to understand the term 'discipline'. Jamie, be a good chap and lend me your cane, will you?"

* * *

Amelia tried to forget about what happened in the smoking-room. She would simply refuse to think about it ever again!

"So pleased to make your acquaintance, madam." The Reverend Dawes had bowed low in mocking politeness - after her total humiliation. "I do hope we shall meet again very soon, my dear."

Lying in her little bed, the memory of his devouring eyes impaled her. How she hated that man! Then she groaned, and pressed her hands harder against her sex. It was as if her hand had taken on a will of its own. She did not want to do what her fingers seemed compelled to do, for she knew the risks it carried if she was found out.

Amelia moaned as the tips of her fingers found their target. Her body writhed in response to her own touch, and her squirming was making the sheets slick with perspiration. The clamminess of the sheets eased by degrees into a much more slippery embrace, as her perspiration provided ever more copious lubrication. The image of the Reverend Dawes' s fingers fondling her sex vied in her mind's eye with the vision of his transfixing gaze. Oh how she hated him! Amelia bucked and moaned as her fingers worked harder and faster. The man was a devil, a brute! She devoutly wished for nothing more to do with him.

Amelia gave a strangulated groan as her legs thrashed back and forth in their enfolding envelope. The point of no return was suddenly upon her. Amelia bit her lip to stifle a scream as her climax started.

"You filthy swine!" she cried, the hateful figure of the Reverend Dawes, cane gripped in his hand, watching as she forced her bare bottom up high, the only thing she could think of as the first shock-waves of her climax began to engulf her. Her cries became completely incoherent as she thrashed wildly in the sheet's moist embrace.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 30, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 29

This week's discussion was about holiday spankings.

Dragon's Rose: Memorial Day is a day to remember the soldiers that gave their lives for our country. When people say "Happy Memorial Day" I tend to get a little rude. All the celebrations bug me. Dragon takes me right in hand and gets rid of all that frustration.

Sir Wendel: Birthdays have included a spanking for as long as I have known the misses. There is spanking under the mistletoe at Christmas time. Halloween almost always includes spankings. Elvis spanked his nurse one year and Strawberry Shortcake whipped Red Beard the Pirate with a belt another.

Roz: Apart from the occasional birthday spanking we have never really used spankings to celebrate special days.

abby: Yes, we usually have some spanking fun to celebrate some holidays. There is a heart shaped crop and paddle for Valentine's day...leather for me...wood for Master. Birthdays are usually the new age with instruments of my choice for my birthday...His for His birthday. New Year's eve always ends with some spanking fun. Master believes any excuse is a good excuse.

Yorkie: We play when we can as we live with with family. However, we don't need excuses for spankings... ;)

Jan: hi Hermione, it's any excuse in this house...

Six of the best: Yes, Hermione, on certain special days, I have celebrated giving a mature lady a knickers down spanking on her bare bottom. Such as New Years Day, July 4th, and Birthdays. And they sure brightened that special day most enjoyably.

Bogey: Sure, any reason to change things up. We designate the whole month as birthday month. We do the 12 Days of Christmas, but we do it in the days leading up to Christmas. A lot of festive red lingerie is used.

Katie: Hi Hermione, :) Around our place, it's kind of like what Jan said above! In general, there are certainly spankings of all kinds,  and if one (or two) happen to fall on a holiday, then we might call it that! LOL! I had birthday spankings last month, but it has not been a regular occurrence- as far as I can recall...

arched one: Not usually for most holidays but birthdays are always spanking days and it doesn't end when the age is reached. it just ends that spanking. Most birthdays in this house are three spankings through out the day. So if you are say 50 years old you would end up with 150 spanks. Now that is not too bad however Mrs. is not spanked on her birthday I AM. That is not a complaint I love accepting spanking on her birthday.

Ronnie: Not all holidays. Christmas and New Years Eve we do. Fun spanking on my birthday. P gives me a spanking on his birthday as well and of course Valentine's Day.

Hermione: We don't do it intentionally, but any time a holiday falls on our regular spanking day, I say the spanking is to celebrate that day.

Any day is a good day for a spanking, whether it's a holiday on the calendar or not!
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #127

Welcome back, dear friends. This weekend is a long one for my American friends as they celebrate Memorial Day on Monday. Last weekend, we Canadians had a long weekend for Victoria Day, in honour of Queen Victoria. That brought to mind today's brunch topic.

Do you engage in spanking as a way to celebrate holidays, birthdays or anniversaries? If so, is the spanking particularly special at those times? If not, is it something you might consider doing?

Leave your reply as a comment and I will publish a summary of our weekend discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, May 28, 2016

You Completed the Caption

It's not all fun and games on the beach, as your captions will prove.

Six of the best: The lifeguard says. "Be she young, or be she old. If she doe's not do what she is told. I'll take down her knickers and spank her".

Leigh: He looks quite able to administer a darn good tanning.

js666: Lifeguard? No, I can't even swim. I'm just here to administer a sound spanking to any brazen hussy who shows her ankle. According to my instructions, I am to turn them over my knee and pull their skirts up. Guess this is my chance to find out if it's true that females really do have bottoms -- at least the shameless ones, anyway.

Ronnie: Look at me I'm a lifeguard but Donald had no idea what a lifeguard does.

Kingspan: Many women came to his beach that summer hoping to get tanned.

Hermione: Rupert was having a very trying day. He had just administered the fifth spanking of the day. No one seemed to be observing the "Ankles must be covered at all times" rule. (Sorry, js666, I seem to have stolen your idea, but I didn't peek at your caption before I wrote mine - honest!)

For more refreshing banter, please stay for brunch, served on the patio in a few hours.
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Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday FAIL

Are you tired of using the same old spanking implements day after day? Are they starting to look threadbare? Is the wooden paddle developing splinters, or the leather belt wearing thin? Here are some elegant, if costly, replacements for those cheap, handmade items.

The sterling silver and cherry wood spanking stick from Betony Vernon

Cost: $3,066

We're told this spanker's "anatomic handle" improves its "grip and overall balance." That sounds more like the description of a golf club or a sports car, but those are apparently the buzzwords you need to get anyone to spend over three grand on a stick.

A crystal-handled whip from Agent Provocateur

Cost: $290

This crystal-handled whip is the feminine answer to the cherry wood spanking rod. The site calls it "the ultimate in feminine domination." The crystal handle will add an air of dignity as you spank your partner.

Gold handcuffs from Kiki de Montparnasse

Cost: $425

These handcuffs are plated with 24-karat gold -- use them as restraints while making love or spanking that naughty partner. Also, they double as elegant jewelry. Seriously. The keys are attached to a gold necklace and the cuffs split apart into bracelets, which the site seems to think people might want to wear earnestly. Accessorize your romantic wardrobe, suggesting to your lover the infinite possibilities the evening will bring.

If you are interested in other elegant and high-priced bedroom toys, read the full article here on Cracked.
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Complete the Caption

The weather is really warming up now and it feels almost like summer. There's no rain in the forecast, so let's go to the beach and check out the handsome lifeguard. What will he do if someone disobeys one of the posted rules?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your suggestions on Saturday - I promise!
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

From the Top Shelf - Blackwell Manor

I'm going to interrupt the tales from Hope Hall this week to take you to another estate called Blackwell Manor. It's the creation of Glenmore, the prolific blogger at Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories. This story has something for everyone - a posh estate, wealthy aristocrats, a stableboy, and both MF and FM spankings. I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will too.

Here is the beginning of Discipline at Blackwell Manor:

Tobias had been working as a groom at Blackwell Manor for over two months now. It was hard work, with a strict regimen, but he had learned much, it paid well and allowed him time to ride some of his Lordship's cherished racehorses. He had grown close to one particular young horse, Atlas, a feisty stallion and the two spent time together every day.

It was early morning and Tobias was enjoying the relative quietness of the stables as he cleaned out the stalls. Atlas always made a bit of a fuss when Tobias arrived but this morning he sounded agitated, almost distressed.

Concerned, Tobias ran to his stall to find it empty! Panic set in immediately; one of Lord Blackwell's horses was loose and it was on his watch.
The bolt on the stable door was still open so Tobias sprinted for it  and, as he approached it, he could hear a commotion, a horse whinnying and...a female voice.

Outside the door, young Lady Cynthia Blackwell was struggling to ride a bucking and kicking Atlas. Sensing danger, Tobias took hold of the stallion's bridle and began speaking to Atlas softly. Atlas immediately calmed enough for Lady Cynthia to make a most unladylike dismount resulting in her landing on the seat of her tight jodhpurs.

Tobias tried not to laugh as he helped the pretty young lady to her feet.

"Are you alright Miss?" he asked and then yelped loudly when he felt a sharp sting on his arm from Cynthia's riding crop.

"How dare you interfere with my morning ride you big oaf!" she squealed, raising her arm to give Tobias another lick with her crop. Towering over Cynthia, Tobias seized her wrist and easily restrained her, but Cynthia responded by giving him a swift kick on the shin.

Tobias howled and rubbed his shin but quickly recovered to grab Cynthia by both wrists. He had always admired Cynthia from afar, her long flowing hair, pert breasts and magnificent round bottom encased in a pair of tight jodhpurs, but now he was seeing a less attractive side of her. At 22 years old she was the same age as Tobias.

"Remove your hands from me you brute! My Father will hear of this!" she yelled, struggling to free herself and remount Atlas. Tobias pulled her tighter.

"Look Miss Cynthia, Atlas is not ready to be ridden yet, so please calm down and leave him," he reasoned.

Cynthia glared at him defiantly. "Don't you tell me what to do stableboy!" she fumed, aiming a slap at Tobias' face with a freed palm. It connected with a loud SLAP! stunning them both to silence.

"OK Miss Cynthia, you asked for it !" Tobias said, plucking the young lady off her feet and tucking her under his arm.

To read the rest, click here.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

You Completed the Caption

Please accept my apology for the delay in posting this, but better late than never! This picture evoked some interesting thoughts from you.

Arched one: I can't wait to get that dress off of her and give her bottom a good hand spanking.

Simon: If you're a true Scotsman I won't even need to take your underpants down when I use the tawse.

Ronnie: Claire was wishing Jamie would hurry up and spank her instead of staring at her.

Six of the best: "For such naughty behavior my dear, I am going to take down your riding breeches, plus your knickers, and cane that bare bottom of yours most painfully when we get back to our mansion," said the Lord of the manor, to his ladyship.

Anon: Claire: So, Jamie, I’ve been thinking about the beating you gave me and how you said you enjoyed it.
Jamie: That I did. Watching you wiggle your beautiful ass as I turned it crimson with my belt. Yes, I did enjoy it. Even though it cost me, I did enjoy it. I hated punishing you, but I did enjoy blistering your backside. And if you hadn’t been so angry when it was over, I would have shown you how much I enjoyed by taking you from behind right then and there.
Claire: Well, now that I've had time to reflect on it, I realize a part of me enjoyed it too. Not the being beaten part, but the warm feeling it left me with when it was over. And if I hadn’t been so angry, I would have let you to take me because beneath my rage, I wanted to take you, too.
Jamie: So, what are you saying Claire?
Claire: I’m saying I wouldn’t mind if you spanked me from time to time. I’m saying I want you to put me across your lap, and I want you to strip me naked, and I want to feel your strong hand on my bare my bottom because when you spank me, it warms a lot more then just my bum. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t ever let you beat me again, but I do very much want you to spank me. Besides, I know the men, and the women, too, think you should, and often, and I want them to think well of you … and me.
Jamie: How would that work?
Claire: Well, we could make a game out of it. For instance, I could act up a bit in front of everyone, you know, just enough for everyone to see I’ve got you riled up. Then, later, when we’re alone, you could spank me so everyone would know you’d taken me in hand and were doing your husbandly duty.
Jamie: The spankings would have to be convincing.
Claire: Yes, yes they would. And I want them to be. I want them to be real enough that both of us get exactly what we want and need from them. I’d expect you to blister my bottom, maybe even use a hairbrush on me, and for it to sting like crazy, and for it to make me scream loud enough for everyone to hear. And I expect I’ll struggle and squirm and wiggle and kick the whole time, and that when we’re through, my bottom will be on fire and we’ll both be exhausted but so hot to have each we won’t be able to contain ourselves. And then, I expect I’ll be screaming for a different reason. And won’t that set people’s tongues wagging?
Jamie: I think you’re right. And I think I’m of a mind to take you inside and give you a good spanking right now for putting such naughty thoughts in my head and getting me all worked up.
Claire (with a smile and a wink): Oh, Jamie, you wouldn’t dare!
Jamie (throwing Claire over his shoulder and giving her upturned bottom a sharp smack): We’ll just see about that, won’t we?

Sir Wendel: Jamie to Claire: I’m going to whip you bottom good when we get home.

Dr. Ken: Claire: Are you as bored as I am?
Jamie: Aye. Would you like another spanking to liven things up a bit?
Claire: Welllllllllll...now that you mention it...

Vfrat25000: Horatio, I want to dress up as a cheerleader and have you spank me for breaking curfew at one of out of town games.
Ok Penelope, just for clarification what is an “out of town game” and for that matter what is a “Cheerleader?”

Priscilla, I do believe your dress fringe has caught fire from the campfire
Gerard, don’t you think you should put it out?
I do believe that would be prudent, do I have your permission?
Yes Gerard, you have my permission.
First I must find a bucket!
Yes, Girard a bucket would be advantageous, Holy Sheep Dip…I have to find sharper boyfriends

Man: Could we play the Shy Farm Girl and the Rouge Knight again? I love that role-play!
Woman: Yes...Yes...Just this time I get to be the Shy Farm Girl!

Matthew, why are we sitting in this horse pen dressed like it’s the ancient past when there are airliners flying over head and a John Deer Tractor running in the field beside us?
I have no idea Gwendolyn?

Carleton, did we just pass through a time vortex. Is it really the 1980’s?
Yes Petunia, I believe we did!
Let’s get the heck out of here and find a stockbroker. Remember the names “Microsoft and Apple”

Don’t you DARE give me that look! You agreed to ask for directions!
Nag, nag, nag. We wouldn’t be in this mess if your sister didn’t live out in no man’s land! Besides, see all this beautiful scenery we have experienced since we took that back road. What stinks?

As I promised, here's a very special bonus for you. It's the spanking that Jamie gave Claire, and it seems as if it goes on for ever and ever....

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 23, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 22

What is your experience with self-spanking?

Baxter: I have and I probably first did it when I was 10 or 11. My parents did not spank me, but somehow I gained an interest in it and would grab a bread board from the kitchen and spank my bare bottom. I have done it since mostly when a bachelor. However a year ago when between jobs and my wife was away at her job, I would spank myself, just to keep my mind focused on job hunting and it worked. I do every once in a while find a board or something like that in my workshop and try it out.

arched one: I have a home made whip my wife uses on me and at times she will tell me to use it on myself while she watches. Usually I'm standing. I've tried using other items the belt and strop but can't get a good enough swing. But my wife still enjoys watching.

Lilli: Nope, can't say that I have. I've never really thought about it.

Dr. Ken: No. Since I'm a Spanker, it wouldn't interest me in the slightest. And any woman out there who's tired of self-spanking and would be interested in the real thing should call me now at 555-GET-SPANK. Once again, that number is 555......

Bogey: I think it's like masturbation, any spankee who says they have not tried it is fibbing.
I get a kick of watching my wife playfully do it. Sometimes, after a lick, she will exclaim "That hurt", but continue on.

Burl Apsack: I discovered my interest late in life and self spanking was all I experienced for several years. I finally worked up the courage to see a professional seven years ago and haven't needed to self spank since then.

Anon 1: There used to be a machine called the Robospanker. This could be set to give a set number of spanks, at a set force, with a choice of implements on it's arm, and would vary it's arc so that every part of the spankee's bottom got its fair share. She just had to set the controls, bend over in the right place, and a spanking she got, when she pressed the start button. Where it failed was the lack of compulsion and submission, so important in a good spanking, as she could just press the stop button, if her bottom got too sore.

Anon 2: We experimented for quite sometime to come up with a perfect self-spanking paddle,and finally (pun intended) hit on one that is quite effective. When I've earned discipline and she's not in the mood I get locked in the spare bedroom and am not allowed out until I've paddled my rear raw with that god awful implement we mutually created. And trust me, once I've punished myself to the point that she is satisfied that I've learned my lesson, sitting, even on a pile of pillows, is out of the question for several days. I fair far better off getting it from her than having to do it myself.

Anon 3: Hadn't seriously thought about it before. Decided to give it a try. My Neoprene paddle worked best. I'll be doing it frequently, at least until I can find a new playmate. I'm sure she will get better, faster results.

Ronnie: Yes have tried self-spanking with a hairbrush and ruler. Not very successful. Occasionally I do it now to tease P.

Hermione: I've never been very successful at it. I did try a few times when I was a teenager, but it was too painful! It might be something I would consider if I didn't have a willing spanker in my home.

Yorkie: I used to do it everyone was out of the house but now I don't need to as my dear wife indulges me. Although if I'm feeling quite itchy and no one's around...

As always, thank you for joining in the discussion, and have a great week!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #126

The coffee is hot and the snacks are on the table, so find a comfy seat and let's get started with this week's spanko brunch discussion.

Have you ever tried self-spanking? If so, under what circumstances? Were you alone or with another person? Did you use an implement? What position did you find most effective? If you haven't tried it, would you consider it?

Leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to speak I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Fail

Let's draw the blinds, close the bedroom door, and talk about that once-taboo subject (shhh!) - masturbation.

As long as they aren't getting hairy, she's okay

Hmmm, what could that be?

I would love to learn how. It would be very useful in long, boring meetings.


Self-pleasure in progress

Elephants can't read signs

For more pleasure that you don't have to do in secret, Complete the Caption.
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Complete the Caption

Let's use this photo to continue yesterday's discussion of Outlander and the spanking - or lack thereof - in Season 2. Wht do you really, really hope Claire and Jamie are discussing?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your script amendments on Saturday. I will also have a special treat for you in that post.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Outlander Season 2

Last year at about this time we were all eagerly watching the new television show Outlander, based on the book by Diana Gabaldon. Or more specifically, we were all anxiously awaiting the spanking scene, which I reproduced here. In reality, there were several spanking scenes described in the book, and it was a pretty good read, albeit unbelievable and a bit long-winded in places.

Now we are into season two, and the show isn't quite as gripping. The first episode began with Claire having somehow returned to the present, trying to adjust to life in the 1940s, and ended with her back in the past with Jamie as they step off the ship in France.

The theme of this season is to try to deter Bonnie Prince Charlie from returning to Scotland, thus preventing the disastrous battle of Culloden that the Jacobites would lose. Frankly, I am not enjoying season two as much as I had hoped. It seems tedious and less interesting than season one, and even less believable, if that can be possible. So I wonder if there is any point in continuing to watch the series.

What about you? How do you feel about the show now? For those of you who have read the books, is there any more spanking in any of them, or did Gabaldon exhaust her repertoire for corporal punishment in the first book?

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

From the Top Shelf - Introducing Lady Alicia

This week's installment of Hall of Infamy by Amanita Virosa contains material that might be offensive to some of my readers. It may also be quite exciting to others. Please feel free to stop at any time. It reminded me of certain passages in The Story of O.

"Not long now. Just wait until I see Uncle Alex. Just wait until I show him what Jamie has done to me. God, I hope we don't have to wait much longer."

"Oh, Amelia, please don't make things any worse," Clara blinked anxiously in appeal. "Aunt and Uncle must have agreed to all this..." She fell silent and leant against the dark oak-panelled wall with a chinking of chain.

Dressing for dinner had proved a humiliating disappointment to Amelia. Jamie had donned a smart dinner-jacket, complete with a white tie and white, double-breasted, waistcoat. However, for Amelia and Clara there was nothing but a fresh pair of stockings, clean knickers, and a new silk child-like smock for each to wear.

"I thought you said there was something special," Amelia had muttered as she put the hateful outfit on once more.

"Oh, yes of course." Jamie smiled and produced from his jacket pockets a pair of sky-blue lacy garters and matching hair-ribbons, and a similar set in pink. "Here." He handed the blue set to Clara. "To match your lovely eyes."

Amelia had fumed to see the silly girl's eyelashes flutter at the compliment, her anger worsened when Jamie handed the pink set to her. "To match the colour of your bottom when I spank it later, Amelia, and the colour of your blushing cheeks."

Amelia had very nearly mutinied again, but he had strolled over to the cane cupboard so she hurriedly pulled the garters on. Betsy had then put the cousins' hair in girlish bunches with the ribbons, as Amelia watched Jamie out of the corner of her eye. The young man had emerged from the cupboard with a handful of dark-brown leather straps.

"What is taking them so long? We must have been here for over an hour!" Amelia shifted from foot to foot; she was increasingly uncomfortable. Jamie had strapped the girls' wrists behind their backs. Each wrist was secured to the the opposite arm by a second strap, buckled just above the elbow, so that their arms were bound across the small of their back. This left their befrilled bottoms available and impossible to protect. Collars had followed and chain leashes attached to those.

"Now listen carefully, my pets." Jamie had taken the leashes from Betsy and smiled amiably at his reluctant captives. "There are a lot of stairs and, without your hands available to save you if you fall, I want you to be very careful and just trot along slowly in step."

Amelia had just enough time to add this outrage to the catalogue she intended to bring to her aunt and uncle's attention before he had set off. After that, she had tried to concentrate. There was no real reason why they should trip, though the heels on their white-button boots were certainly perilously high. However, the feeling of having no recourse to using her arms, usually taken for granted, made her feel dreadfully insecure.

When they had finally got to the dining room Amelia had taken a deep breath, ready to present her long list of complaints. But, to her utter fury, Jamie had produced a padlock and secured their leashes to an iron ring set into the wall by the dining-room door. He had then kissed Clara on the forehead and told them to wait.

"I suppose they are having their dinner," Clara mused, belatedly answering her cousin's last question.

Amelia glared at her. The position of her arms had tautened the thin silk over her breasts, and her pretty nipples were sticking out. The bunches made her look even sweeter and more vulnerable than usual. Amelia shook her head. "And what about us," she demanded angrily, "what about our dinner?"

"Oh, Amelia," Clara said timidly,"I-I don't think we are allowed to eat with-with-them."

"Them? Them? And who is 'Them'?" Amelia demanded furiously as the blonde girl quailed, her chain leash clinking as she cringed away. "The adults? The nobles? " Amelia spat the words, pulling herself to her full height and standing as erect and proud as her bondage and shaming outfit would allow. "I am an adult. I am also a noble. I am nineteen and soon to become a baroness..I..I.."

"Of course you are Amelia, my sweet," the Marchioness of Hatherby's husky, amused voice cut in.

"Oh, Aunt Alicia." Amelia was a little taken aback at Lady Alicia's sudden appearance. Her Ladyship was looking particularly resplendent in a mauve silk evening gown trimmed with cascades of white lace. Long mauve satin gloves complemented the dress, and her raven tresses were coiffed into an elegant arrangement. She smiled fondly at the tethered girls.

"And little Clara, how lovely. My, my - little no longer - how you have grown!"

"Aunt Alicia, that Jamie, he-he," Amelia spluttered, "he made us...do things, he-he made us dress like this, he-he chained us and left us here -"

Lady Alicia put a satin-covered finger to Amelia's lips. "I know, my child, and oh what a trial all this must be to a girl of your spirit. Never mind. Look, he has given me the key."

The woman winked and held up the padlock key, and Amelia felt her heart lift. Lady Alicia released the lock and took the ends of the leashes in her elegant gloved hand.

"The men are having their cigars and port and - " she bestowed a radiant smile on the two cousins, " - no doubt discussing some dreadful crudities." She gave the leashes a firm tug and Amelia found herself stepping forward uncertainly. "So you two little darlings had best come along with me."

Amelia and Clara followed their aunt into the splendid drawing room.

"Aunt Alicia," Amelia said as her aunt tugged them over to a comfortable chaise-longue.

"Yes, my dear?" Lady Alicia paused and half turned with a questioning expression.

"Do you think I - we - might have these awful straps and things removed? We've been trussed up like this for ages and it's ever so uncomfortable."

To Amelia's distress, Alicia pursed her lips, as if considering the request carefully. "No, not just yet, Amelia, I think."

Amelia's heart sank as her aunt sat on the chaise, still holding their leashes, and indicated that the girls should get down on their knees.

"I know it's hard, girls, but we all have to go through it."

Amelia knelt next to Clara as their aunt, still holding their leashes in one hand and the long crop in the other, explained a little about their situation.

"Well, actually," Lady Alicia continued, smiling smugly, "it was different for me. But then, of course, I am from a different country."

"Well, I still don't see why -" Amelia muttered mutinously.

"Shhhh, girl, you must learn to speak only when spoken to, if you wish to avoid ...unpleasantness. Now you young ladies were born into nobility, as you never tire of reminding us, Amelia. But there is a saying in Hatherby which is, "To bestow, first you must know". In other words, the Marquises of Hatherby and all their families have to taste the bitter dregs of servitude before they can be entrusted to wield the true rod of authority with fairness and dispassion. In other words, Amelia, if you wish to exercise power and privilege, you need to find out how it feels to be subjected to them."

"So why isn't cousin Jamie on a chain, then?" Amelia asked, sullenly.

Lady Alicia sighed, put down the crop and dropped the girls' leashes. She leant forward and lifted Amelia's face gently until the young woman was looking into her dark eyes. The older woman shook her head regretfully.

The slap was so sudden that Amelia did not see it coming. Lady Alicia's left hand held her head, gently but firmly, as her right cracked sharply across Amelia's cheek. "That was very impudent," she said softly. "Just remember," she repeated slowly, eyes twinkling with merriment, "speak only when you are spoken to."

Rather than take up their leashes, she beckoned Clara to shuffle forward on her knees, and began unstrapping her bonds.

"Now," she said to the unbound Clara, " slip those silly frilly knickers off. I know they amuse young Jamie, but they give your pretty bottom a sight too much protection for the games we are going to play. Stand upright now, dear, and place your hands behind your head. Look, Amelia, did you ever see such a pretty little bum?

Amelia blinked at Clara's bottom. As she was still on her knees, it was inches from her face. Her mouth felt dry. A potent mixture of fear and desire coursed through her veins.

"Very well, Clara, skip off and ring for the maid. Amelia, get up. I want your drawers off as well!"

Amelia watched glumly as her cousin tripped off towards the bell-pull, the base of the girl's bare buttocks showing beneath the hem of the little smock as she moved. Her own knickers were pulled down by Lady Alicia and she dutifully stepped out of them.

The leash-chain dangling from the collar felt particularly humiliating as she stood there, arms pinioned securely behind her, while Alicia's satin-clad hand fondly stroked her bare bottom. The chain descended, nestling snugly in the silk between her breasts, and then the cold metal brushed the naked flesh of her thighs. The sensation was quite unbearably tantalisingly and Amelia bit her lip as she tried to ignore the feeling, and her aunt's fingers exploring her bottom-flesh.

The maid arrived before Clara had returned to her aunt's side. A pretty blonde girl hurried in with a great deal of rustling of long, billowing silk skirts, and carrying a large silver tray.

"Ah, very good, Kitty. Bring that over here."

Despite herself, Amelia watched the maid's approach with some fascination. She was a very pretty girl with frizzy blonde locks which were barely restrained by a white lace maid's cap. The billowing skirts emphasised the girl's narrow waist, and her full breasts seemed about to burst out of the low-cut bodice. Apart from the fact that the girl's nipples could be seen peeking from the lace trim of the cups, the uniform might have been respectable, if old-fashioned. The element that made it seem peculiar was the sleek leather collar encircling the girl's slender throat, and matching wrist cuffs. However, Amelia was most struck by what was on the tray.

To one side there was a plate with expensive-looking sweets; on the other, a stiff-looking paddle of black leather, and a rubber dog's toy shaped like a bone. The paddle was perforated with regular small holes, and something about it caused a prickle to run down the back of Amelia's neck.

"When training girls, I am a strong believer in the carrot and stick approach - or rather, in this case, bon-bons and paddle. Amelia, sit next to me and watch. I suspect you are not quite ready for this yet. Clara, get on your hands and knees."

Warning to readers - stop here if you are offended by humiliation.

Alicia took the rubber toy from the tray. "Now," she said, "I want you to retrieve this without getting up from your knees or using your hands. Understand?"

Amelia watched as her cousin, blinking anxiously up at the woman on the chaise, gave a tentative nod. Clara licked her rosebud lips uncertainly.

"Now," Lady Alicia instructed briskly, " don't move a muscle until I say 'fetch'." The Marchioness threw the little rubber bone right across the drawing room. It bounced unevenly against the far wall before coming to rest under a chiffonier. Amelia followed its progress and then looked back at Clara kneeling on the floor. Clara was looking up at Lady Alicia nervously. There was silence for a moment as the four women in the room waited, each one of them, so it seemed, holding her breath.

"Fetch!" Lady Alicia said at last.

Clara looked up at her, at the bone, and back again, with pleading eyes and even redder cheeks. For a moment, Amelia thought her cousin was going to be excused this chore, but it seemed that something in Lady Alicia's eyes said otherwise for, with a small sigh, she turned and crawled across the carpet towards the toy.

Amelia watched her, rapt. Clara's bottom was fully exposed. When she reached the chiffonier, Clara had to get her shoulders and head right down, arching her back and lifting her chubby little bottom most prettily.

A moment later, the blonde girl emerged, the rubber toy between her teeth. Amelia could not suppress a smile as Clara crawled reluctantly back, eyes downcast and pure humiliation written across every inch of her lovely face.

"Here, girl!" Lady Alicia put out her hand and took the bone from Clara's mouth. "Hold this for me, Amelia." The woman held the saliva-slick bone up in front of her face. Amelia opened her mouth and took it reluctantly.


The maid who had been standing silently, bent at the waist, and proffered the tray.

"Now what is it to be?" Lady Alicia moved her gloved hand from over the sweets to the paddle and back again. "Carrot or stick?" Her hand went back and forth dramatically a few more times, fingers flexing. "Paddle or bon-bon. What do you think?"

She sighed theatrically and picked up the paddle. "Recalcitrance and hesitation. When I say 'fetch' you must take off like an unleashed setter or I shall imagine that you do not wish to please me. Turn around, Clara, and raise your bottom. That's it."

Crack! Crack Crack!

The little black paddle whipped down three times in quick succession and Clara shrieked with pain. She wiggled her bottom as if it were on fire, gasping and grimacing comically. Lady Alicia placed the paddle back on the tray and took the rubber bone from Amelia's lips.

"Stop that silly noise, Clara, at once!"

Amelia stared at her cousin's buttocks. The paddle had raised what looked like dozens of little blisters on Clara's bottom-cheeks. Clara was shaking her head furiously, still gasping from the pain.

Lady Alicia threw the bone again. This time it bounced around the casement window, coming to rest by the crimson velvet drapes.

Amelia looked at it, then at the still-wincing Clara, at the quietly smiling Marchioness, and at the impassive maid. The clock ticked on the mantelpiece and Lady Alicia's gown rustled a little as she shifted on her seat.


This time Clara fairly scuttled across the room, grabbing the toy and turning back and crawling back quickly.

"Here girl!" Lady Alicia Feversham took the toy once more and placed it in Amelia's mouth as Kitty bent and proffered the tray again.

Amelia held her breath and kept her eyes on Clara as her aunt's fingers hovered. The blonde girl was flushed from her exertions now, and panting a little, and there were some tears visible on her pretty face. Her eyes followed the movements of Lady Alicia's hand anxiously.

"Carrot or stick? Mmmm...carrot or stick? I have to admit that was a lot better. But you could do better still." The mauve covered fingers picked up the paddle again. "Turn around, girl, and lift your bottom!"

Clara gave a despairing sob but did as she was bid.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Amelia watched, astonished, as the wicked implement punished Clara's bare cheeks once more. Her cousin howled in agony as the paddle cracked across her bottom and thighs. Five stinging blows punished Clara's hindquarters. Amelia, sitting helplessly bound, watched open-mouthed and felt her blood freeze. How Clara kept her position she could not imagine. The blonde squealed like a stuck pig and wriggled her behind furiously, but somehow she managed not to bolt. Amelia saw her cousin's knuckles whiten as she pawed desperately at the carpet. Her slender shoulders quivered violently as she convulsively curled and uncurled her toes.

Lady Alicia placed the paddle back on the silver platter, took a bon-bon and calmly placed it in her mouth. She allowed Clara several minutes to recover. Amelia watched her cousin's bottom and thighs bloom with a fresh crop of little blister-like swellings. Most of her bottom was now a furious scarlet.

By the time Lady Alicia had finished her bon-bon, Clara had stopped howling, though she was still sobbing. Amelia stared at her cousin's bottom, wondering if it felt as sore as it looked, and how long she might hope to avoid discovering the answer for herself.

"Come here, Clara!" Lady Alicia ordered crisply. Clara turned quickly and raised her tear-stained face apprehensively. Lady Alicia produced a lace-trimmed handkerchief.

"Now, dear, you must stop all this silly blubbering." Tenderly, she wiped the tears from Clara's face. "What is the matter, girl, did I make your little bottom a bit warm?"

"Oh...aaahh...it's agony!" Clara gasped.

"Oh dear," Lady Alicia said mildly. She stroked Clara's cheek. "Well, then -" the steely menace in her rich voice was unmistakable, " - you better try a little harder to please me, had you not?"

"Y-Yes, Aunt Alicia," Clara sniffed, her eyes wide with terror.

"Good girl!" Lady Alicia bestowed a dazzling smile and took the rubber bone from Amelia's lips. "Now then, my dear," she said, silkily, "would you care to play the game again?"

* * *

"That's it. Good girl." Lady Alicia beamed at Clara. "The little darling really tries to please, don't you think, Amelia? She just needs some rigorous training to stop this silly hesitation over following orders. Soon, I am quite sure, the little love will learn to simply obey."

Amelia could neither see nor guess what Clara could do to be more submissive or obedient. For the last few throws of the rubber toy, she had waited for the order to fetch, poised like a retriever, as Lady Alicia stroked her golden hair. Then she had shot across the room and grabbed it in her mouth, hurtling back on hands and knees as fast as she could. Trembling, Clara had awaited the judgment. Twice she had been given a sweet and time to eat it as tears of gratitude and relief welled in her eyes. Once more she had been judged deficient and received another five hard cracks across her bottom with the paddle. Amelia had never seen her cousin, or anyone else, howl so heartbreakingly before.

Amelia sat watching her aunt train Clara. Part of her was excited by the sight. Part of her was truly frightened for, at any moment, she knew she might replace Clara as the object of Aunt Alicia's spite. Mostly though, she didn't really care what happened to Clara, but just wanted the performance to end.

"Very well, Kitty, you may leave. Now it's time to take these young ladies to join the gentlemen."

Amelia's face turned white as her aunt's words sank in. She stared down at her still-naked body, and back up at Lady Alicia.

"P-Please, Aunt, you don't mean...you can't want us to...I mean -" The cold look in Aunt Alicia's eyes stopped her mouth, but she continued pleading with her eyes.

The woman patted her on the cheek, consolingly. "Amelia, for goodness sake, don't make such a fuss! Our guests are all men of the world, my dear. You don't have anything between your legs that these gentlemen have never seen before. Now come along, girls, look sharp! No, Clara, there is no need to get up!"
I really did have to think long and hard before publishing today's post, but I thought the paddling was too good not to share. What are your thoughts on this scene?
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Monday, May 16, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 15

We had a lively discussion about the importance of tears during a spanking.

Dan: I have personally never experienced it, but I would like to at least once. It seems like it would be very cathartic.

abby: It took me a very long time to let my tears flow during a spanking. Tears speak more to me about being open, vulnerable...totally letting Him in than the amount of pain.

Roz: For me there were seldom tears and they weren't important to us. However, I used to want to cry for the emotional release. I agree with Abby also, it's also about being open and vulnerable.

Blondie: For me, spankings are not important and happen once in a blue moon. But I am not a crier. So my bottom would turn to hamburger and I still wouldn't cry. Ty would be crying to see my bottom like that. Lol Most of my spanking are for play. There are different levels of pain. The ones that are for punishment, they don't make me cry. I go into the spanking feeling terrible about myself for needing the spanking. It's not a good feeling to know how bad I have messed up. The spanking hurts so bad but no tears. Just a relief that all things have been forgiven and the loving afterwards.

Downunder Don: Mumski has never cried during a spanking because ours are for play, never punishment. It is far more likely that she will cry if she does not get a spanking!

Anon 1: Considering my spankings are purely erotic only I don't cry. Despite this they are still quite hard and intense but the only response from me is sheer sexual excitement and a feeling of intimacy with my wife like no other.

Sir Wendel: Our spankings are for enjoyment. No tears.

Jan: Mostly our spankings are for fun, so tear free. I have cried a couple of times, when I knew it was a really deserved spanking. I actually think it would be a good release, but I don't see it happening here very often.

Ronnie: I know some cry before and others in the quiet after the spanking has happened. I would like to be made to cry during a spanking. I've cried, yes, but not from a spanking, only from words attached to a spanking and they have been hurtful. I can cry for England at sad films or books and sometimes music can have an effect on me but a spanking per se just does not happen. You can't contrive that sort of thing anyway, it happens or it doesn't.

Wilma: I relate most of all to abby's comment. My backside, to take the term from Blondie, has been turned to hamburger and not a tear. It is more the words he says that determine whether or not tears appear. I can be in the middle of a severe spanking and basically not feel a thing, he then says something that brings me back to him and I feel every strike and the tears will flow.Mostly however, tears if they do appear, happen at the end once it is all over. The spanking brings down my walls, or takes me out of my "self-righteousness" depending on the situation, and I am able to let go.

A.J.: Tears come from emotions, not spanking pain. I have no interest in it. I'm in it for the play and eroticism.
(Male who has been on both sides of the lap.)

Lilli: Spanked to tears ... can't say that I've experienced that. Crying at some point before, during or after a spanking is pretty rare about here, but when it has happened it hasn't been because of the pain of the spanking, but because of the emotions surrounding it ... the walls that I've put up coming down, something Nash has said, the realization that I had let him or myself down, etc.

Six of the best: If tears are shed by the naughty female, during or after receiving corporal punishment in a knickers down bare bottom spanking, it shows that the spanking has been effective.

Anon 2: We started out with punishment spankings when we began, but there ended up being resentment as well as tears. Now only for our pleasure. Tears, are rare even after I apply the most intense spanking.

KB: Tears haven't happened yet. I kinda hope they do one day. But it is not the kind of thing that you set out to do; I think they just have to happen in the moment. I made a bucket list two years ago of things I wanted to do/receive as far as spankings went. That is the only thing that has not been checked off yet. Maybe one day.

Dr. Ken: Tears aren't important to me at all. As many others have noted, I spank for "funishment" and for play. If a lady is wriggling, squirming, slightly kicking or otherwise reacting from a spanking I'm giving her, I consider that to be good enough. Tears are not something I try for. Out of my many years of spanking play, I can think of one lady I spanked who, after it was over, said, "Wow--almost real tears!" There is one lady I play with who does cry, but she is actively seeking that emotional release. In her case, I'm happy to get her to that point. Other than that, though, tears are not a part of my spanking play.

Hermione: To answer this question I asked myself under what circumstances I might cry. Tears come to my eyes when I watch a parade. I will cry while watching a movie if an animal gets killed (remember Old Yeller?) I wept during the opening of the London Olympic games when the anthems were sung. I have been known to cry in frustration over something that has or has not happened. But I have not cried from pain since I was a small child, and it was very much discouraged by the adults in the family. So it is highly unlikely that a spanking would ever make me cry. Our spankings are always erotic and for fun, not punishment. I think the concept of spanking until tears come is a dangerous idea and could lead to serious harm.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #125

I want to extend a warm welcome to everyone who has come to join us for brunch. Newcomers, please introduce yourselves and don't be shy. You are among friends here. Today, let's talk about tears.

How important are tears in your spanking relationship? Do they happen often, seldom, or once in a blue moon? Are they even necessary? What do you think of the popular concept of being spanked to tears?

Leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of our conversation. If you have never joined in a brunch discussion before, now's your chance. You may remain anonymous if you wish.
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

You Completed the Caption

We had quite a variety of captions for this stimulating picture.

Arched one: Seeing that item in your hand is making me a little nervous. I had a girl friend that had one and she applied it to my bare bottom. The way you are looking at me leads me to think you want to apply it to my bottom and I agree I probably need it if that is your intention.

Lilli: It looks to me like the gentleman is trying to explain himself, talk himself out of whatever trouble he's gotten himself into. From her countenance though, I doubt that's going to happen. Instead I think he'll find himself with a red bottom.

Anon 1: Yes, Lady Frances, I know you’ve used that on your previous husbands, which is exactly why they are your previous husbands. What you need is a husband who will stand up to you and give you what you need and not just what you want. So, in this household the husband will give the spankings and the wife will take them. So, you can either hand that to me or I can take it from you. Either way, you are going to end up across my lap and I am going to tan your bare bottom. To what degree, is up to you!

Anon 2: I would love to marry you, but there is something you need to know about me before I can accept you proposal. You see, while I come across as a stiff and frosty lady, I am, at heart, a very passionate woman who wants to do very naughty things with her husband but feels extremely guilty for having such impure thoughts. So, I will only marry a man who is willing to put me over his knee and use this to punish me for my prurient desires by warming my bottom until I beg for mercy, but who will then take advantage of the fire he has ignited in my private parts by forcing me to do unspeakable things to satisfy his husbandly pleasures. Are you the right man for such a task?

Six of the best: She said, "Tonight you promised to take down my bloomers and spank that bare bottom of mine Blushing red." He said, "Yes, my darling wife. Yes, painfully, deliciously rouge."

Baxter: Ok Elizabeth, let me get this right. You want me to take you over my knee and spank your bottom with that hairbrush?
Yes Charles, I am a woman and therefore naturally naughty and need regular spankings.
Well Elizabeth, I am definitely interested in carrying through on your desire and need.
Good Charles, and when you are sufficiently done warming my bottom, I want you to have your way with me because when my bottom is hot, the rest of me is even hotter.

Sir Wendel: Two shillings for a lick’n? Sign me up, tis a bargain at half the price.

Kingspan: Sure is hot today, Miss. Don't you think we'd be more comfortable if we removed some of our clothing?
Oh, I'll be removing some of your clothing, to be sure. But I doubt that you will be comfortable when I do.

Ronnie: Sir, I have no idea who you are or what you are talking about so I suggest you move on before I call the constable.

Anon 3: Her: Sir, I've been thinking about our upcoming wedding night. My mother has informed me that I am to remain stoic as I perform my wifely duties, but that I should not enjoy it. My friends, however, tell me a very different story about what happens between a man and a woman, and they say that the best way for a husband to handle a frigid wife is to put her across his lap and spank her bare bottom until it is red hot because doing so will unleash a fire in her that will consume them both. So I bought you this hairbrush as my wedding gift to you in the hope that you will spank me with it as often as is necessary to ensure I am a good wife to you.
Him: Well, I don't know about you, but just thinking about spanking that beautiful bottom of yours has already got me revved up and ready to go. How about we go try out that hairbrush, just to make sure it works?
Her: Oh, yes. I think we should do that right now. I'd hate to find out on our wedding night that it was defective.

Anon 4: Lady Penelope: Well, Mr. Hardy, I thought I made it very clear last night after I slapped your face that I never wanted to see you again. However, my lady’s maid delivered your message that you wanted to apologize and suggested I owed you that much. She also presented me with this hairbrush, which she said was a gift from you, and said I was to bring it with me because there was something special about it you wanted to show me. When I asked her what that might be, she just giggled and told me I’d find out. Well, here I am.
Mr. Hardy: Yes, Lady Penelope, there is something very special about that hairbrush, and if you’ll give it to me, I’ll be glad to show you. You see, if you hold it this way, it works wonders at keeping a woman’s hair in place, but if you turn it over, like this, and you apply it to a different part of of a woman’s anatomy, it works wonders at keeping her in place.
Lady Penelope: Mr. Hardy, I do not understand at all what you are saying. I thought I came here so you could apologize for your behavior last night.
Mr. Hardy: Yes, Lady Penelope, I did want to apologize for last night. I’m very sorry I didn’t put you over my knee and spank you for acting like such a spoiled brat … but I’m going to make up for that right now.
Lady Penelope: Mr. Hardy, you wouldn’t dare!
Mr. Hardy (yanking Lady Penelope up, placing her across his lap and landing the hairbrush on her upturned bottom): Yes, Lady Penelope, I would.
Lady Penelope: Oooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!

Hermione: No, m'dear, I don't think so. The last time you spanked me with your fan it broke after only a dozen strokes. This time you must find something stronger that will stand up to my muscular bottom.

What a great response to the picture! And this is only the beginning. For more laughter and spanking talk, please join me for brunch, coming up next.
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Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday FUN

Ron sent me these funny bathroom signs and I had a good laugh when I saw them. I hope they will tickle your funnybone too.

For even more laughs, Complete the Caption.
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