Thursday, April 30, 2015

Complete the Caption

Archery is a fine pastime for ladies, but sometimes they get carried away. What do you think is going to happen?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your scores in an upcoming post.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Red or Black?

Last Saturday Ron and I had some fun with our ping pong paddle. It's a nice light implement, gives a good sting and makes a lot of noise, so we often choose it. The paddle is covered with roughened rubber, red on one side and black on the other.

Ron was busily whacking away, then he stopped and asked, "Red or black?"

I thought for a moment. "Red," I confidently guessed. After all, I had a 50/50 chance of being right.

"You win!" Ron cried, and gave me my reward: a flurry of swats with the red side, right in the centre of my sweet spot.

After a few more minutes I was asked again, "Red or black?"

This time I chose black.

Ron enthusiastically shouted, "You win!" and proceeded to give me my reward.

The third time I heard the question, I chose black again and my winning streak continued.

"Wow! I must have eyes in my bottom. Just like Laura Petrie, only she had eyes in the back of her...ouch!" My reminiscences of The Dick Van Dyke Show were interrupted by an extra hard swat with the red side, I think. (In case you aren't familiar with that episode, or never saw the show, watch it here. You'll find out where Laura has her extra eyes at the 6:30 mark.)

"Do you want to see what happens when you guess wrong?" Ron asked.


"You lose!" Ron announced, then gave me exactly the same treatment that I had received for winning—hard and fast in the lower middle of my bottom.

So, win or lose, it's all good when it comes to spanking.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

From the Top Shelf - The Editor's Decision is Final

This piece by Josephine Scott, a British CP writer and editor, is the a true story of her own first caning.

A word of advice for all female would be contributors to CP magazines - when you send in your submission never hint at any of your own desires. Just send your piece, SAE enclosed, and nothing else!

You see, I made the mistake of admitting, in one letter to a magazine, that I'd never been birched, tawsed or, at that time, caned and was thus writing only from limited experience.

An immediate reply, so immediate it burned up the postal service to reach me, offered immediate 'remedy' if I cared to visit the editorial offices. What was so special about this letter? Well for a start it was from the assistant editor, not some guy in the mailing room. He had a name, a personality and talked to me through the letter as if he understood.

Even so, I thought I better clarify things a bit, you know, find out what he had in mind so I'd know what to expect. The following are just a few of the comments he sent back, comments which sent quivers and quavers through my quim.

"Twelve good strokes of the cane would be a good start - and maybe a good finish too!"

"You might find yourself across my knees for a bare bottom spanking, followed by six or eight with the cane, bent over my desk, and finally a dozen or so with the birch!"

"How about I give you one stroke of the cane for each misplaced comma and apostrophe?"

I got permission from my husband, who was less than enthusiastic but agreed because the whole prospect turned me on, and I went. In fact we all went as a family, the three of us on a London coach, but we split up at the Underground where I hopped on a tube train to the CP magazine offices and hubbie went off to sample the joys of the Thames with young child in tow.

Quaking with trepidation,I found the worst bit was actually going into the office. Halfway up the last flight of stairs I stopped and stared at the door. All I needed was to turn and run but, as most submissives will tell you, the urge to turn and run is always there but we never do.

I took a deep breath, settled my bag a little more firmly on my shoulder, and walked through the door before my resolve could weaken. I stopped and looked at the two men in the room. They both said "hello" and one came over to greet me.

"You made it then."

"Yes I did," I grinned and wondered if he knew how close I was to running away.

"Come and sit down."

With a cup of coffee and people to talk to, I felt better. The typesetter came in, someone dropped by with some pictures, discussions went on about the cover - did the marks on the model's bottom show clearly enough? Everyone was so nice and I could even forget why I was there, for a while, if I didn't look around me!


"Why not?"

I was surprisingly hungry despite the butterflies which fluttered around in my stomach when I made the mistake of looking around the room. It wasn't the girlie calendars or the half pasted up pictures that bothered me. It was the 'black corner' full of ghastly looking canes, whips and birches. I tried not to think about it.

Lunch was a good opportunity to talk and the conversation flowed freely, considering we had only just met. The chemistry seemed right, or at least he smiled in a friendly fashion!

Back in the office we were suddenly alone, the understanding colleague had diplomatically disappeared and my new 'friend' locked the door and pulled the curtains to as I watched nervously from the comfort of a large swivel chair.

"Come on." It was time. "Where do you want to go?"

"Are you asking me?" I stood in the centre of the room, uncertain.

"Yes," he said, looking surprised. "I always ask."

"Then don't. Not with me. Just tell me what you want."

"Right, then bend over the desk!"

My insides had turned to jelly. Completely. Cold anticipation, hot tingling quim. Not even sure what I was doing, feeling sexy yet scared. Doing as I was told without question...well, almost. Firm hands pushed me down and I folded my arms to rest my head on them. Funny how a desk is just the right height for a caning, isn't it? The manufacturers must have known.

"Look," he said, and the cane appeared through the crook of my arm.

"I don't want to look!" I was trying not to think about it. He had obviously decided what I was about to get, although I still didn't know. He turned back my clothes, slowly, savouring it, no doubt, while my knees trembled. My new black tights were lowered and then my pale green panties.

"Oh, very nice!"

"Really?" It made me feel good, restored a little of my confidence, though it didn't stop the butterflies. The moment of pain came ever nearer.

A hand slid softly over my bottom cheeks, feeling their softness. Appreciating their unblemished whiteness, maybe? I don't know. All I know is, it felt nice.

"Now we'll see if you mark, shall we?"

A very hard slap made me yelp. It was much harder than I anticipated and it glowed!

"A complete handprint," he said "My, you do mark easily, don't you!"

Then he placed another one right on top! I could feel my bottom protesting, hurting, but one-sided; one cool cheek, one hot. I pressed against the edge of the desk, vainly trying to escape what was to come.

"We'll do something about this side now," he said , and started spanking me all over. From the top of my bottom near the spine where the skin is pulled tight, to the undercurve which is particularly tender, he spanked me and I cried out as the pain increased. I let myself flop onto the desk and let the spanking carry on as if it was nothing to do with me. Only the sound penetrated my conscious thought, my subconscious absorbed the spanking and wondered why I never thought it would hurt this much!

"That looks fine," he said and, before I could even begin to anticipate it, the cane was gone from under the crook of my arm, was whistling through the air, and was landing with devastating effect on my tender skin. It caught me almost by surprise and I yelled out. It burned like nothing else I had experienced and I gripped the far side of the desk, determined to take it. Then came another stroke, further down this time and I almost stood up in panic but I held on by sheer willpower. Would it be six? He still hadn't said. The third stroke cut across the tender join of bottom and thighs, the tip caught my thigh and brought me to the brink of tears, and the fourth one, which was agony, was definitely all I could take.

I stood up clutching my bottom and begging "No more, I can't take any more" and he lowered the cane. "I'm just not used to it," I apologised, which was true.

"I do cane rather hard," he agreed, putting it away in the corner much to my relief.

I rushed off to the Ladies where, with the aid of a small hand mirror, I tried to inspect the weals. They looked horrific! They were already turning black and blue and they seemed to be everywhere, not the neat pink lines I had anticipated.

Back in the office, with the stripes still hurting, I sat on a soft cushion and let the pain settle to a glow. When the editor came back and asked to see the results, I lowered my knickers and showed him the lines, which left him tut tutting.

"Not one of your better efforts!" he scolded my 'friend' and I wondered why?

With knickers back in place, and a feeling of warm satisfaction spreading to all known parts of my body, I waved goodbye promising to be back one day. I rejoined my husband and child and went home on the coach, trying hard not to wriggle.

It's a good job my friend didn't carry out any of the promises made in the letters - I wouldn't have been able to take them, that's for sure! I was fortunate because an editor's decision is always final and a contributor had little to say in the matter.

I'm glad the other editors I work for are not all into CP or life could become extremely painful, methinks, but interesting all the same!

If you like Josephine's style of writing, you can find her books here.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, April 27, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 26

Our question this week was what three benefits do you derive from spanking? Here's what you said:

Baxter: Interesting question, Hermione.

1. Spanking satisfies an erotic need of mine as whenever I am looking at photos, reading stories or told I am getting a spanking, I get very aroused as well as when I am told to assume the normal over the pile of pillows position with my bare bottom up.

2. The second need is anticipating the start of the spanking and then the actual spanking which can be painful.

3. However, the third need is the enjoyable afterglow of a very red bottom as well as residual pain for a few days. Those are my needs and my wife certainly helps me meet those needs that are also wants.

mouse: Oh fantastic question Hermione, and one that mouse has been mulling over a lot recently.

1. For mouse it leaves her more vulnerable to Omega, which in turn makes her open to him and more honest.

2. It also builds her confidence in an odd way. It settles her mind and the usual worries she has don't seem so insurmountable.

3. That leads her to tell Omega more about the thoughts rattling around in her head, as opposed to assuming he doesn't need (or want) to know.

Autumn: 1. Erotic satisfaction--it's pretty much the only thing that turns me on...I've learned to accept that as a benefit in my life. I am who I am :)

2. It has deepened the connection between my husband and me--I have never felt more taken care of than when he's spanking me--for discipline, fun, or stress relief. And, he has felt that connection, as well, that we didn't get with more "vanilla" activities.

3. Blogging has been a very cool side effect of spanking, actually. I discovered blogs a really long time ago (when I was...ahem...underage). It was a relief to know that there were people like me in the world. And, when I discovered I really enjoyed writing as a hobby, I knew the exact blog I wanted to start!

Arched one: Super question Hermione. For me the whole spanking process is erotic no matter if the spanking is punishment, maintenance or play. Being told a spanking is in order starts the erotic process. Then I get out the implements looking each over and thinking how each will feel. Then showering and presenting myself in panties to her telling her I'm ready to accept a spanking. The panties are lowered (by her or me) and I'm told the position. Then assuming the position and waiting for the first of many spanks to land. What can I say I love it when she spanks me.

Bonnie: Three benefits? I only get to choose three? Listing ten or twenty would be so much easier.

1. At the top of the list has to be the connectedness that Randy and feel during and after a spanking. A good hard spanking reinforces and renews the bond between us as partners and lovers. I am never more open to him physically and emotionally than I am in those moments.

2. Next, I think, is the afterglow I feel for hours and sometimes even days afterward. I am happy, energetic, and in love. That twinge I notice each time I sit makes me smile.

3. Finally, there is this incredible community that coalesced around this topic. If we weren't spankos, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet so many smart, interesting, caring people.

Pecan Nutjob: I'm a switch, so, as a spankee -

1. Discipline. My wife spanks me for real "issues", such as temper flares, and the thought of previous sessions over her knees is shameful enough to sometimes remind me of proper attitude.

2. Guilt relief. If I get punished for a real issue, I feel relieved afterwards.

3. Eroticism. I feel strangely excited by spanking and other forms of discipline or "embarrassing" acts. In fact, few of our spankings are purely for real problems, most are for play, entirely or partly.

As a spanker -

1. Revenge? If my wife has been unpleasant or cheeky, I find it strangely pleasant to chastise her.

2. Eroticism. The same in reverse.

Mutual DD Couple: We're a couple in a mutual DD relationship. The three main things we get out of it are:

1. Punishment spanking has eliminated most petty disagreements from our relationship. We argue less and appreciate each other more.

2. It's incredibly kinky. Although we don't like punishment spankings (they wouldn't be punishments otherwise) we love the idea that we receive them.

3. It gives us something interesting to blog about. (We've just started.)


ricky: Consensual physical, emotional, and spiritual contact = je ne sais quoi....

1. Promotes connection; gives a reason to come together on a regular basis; loving, listening and paying attention to the feelings of the other. Allows each to feel valued and cared for in and out of the bedroom.

2. Provides a loving vehicle by which emotions are released- laughing to crying, depending on the type- whether fun, sexy, other- or all. Overall good feeling after.

3. Growth of intimacy. Promotes the sharing and giving to the other of oneself inside and out.

I'm still thinking but this is a start. Great topic! Thanks Hermione!
Hermione: 1. It's the time when my husband and I are closest, and I relish the intimate connection.

2. I enjoy the pleasure mixed with pain.

3. No one would ever guess that I am into spanking, and it's a secret that I carry with me wherever I go. I like to imagine what people might think of me if they only knew.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #70

It's the weekend, and that means it's time for another spanko brunch. Recently I've been thinking about what a diverse community we are. We all derive different kinds of satisfaction from spanking, and we all spank for our own personal reasons. So I thought it would be interesting to compare notes.

What are the three main benefits that you get out of spanking?

Whether you are a spanker, a spankee, or both, I invite you to reply by leaving a comment. Once everyone has spoken I will publish a summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, April 25, 2015

You Completed the Caption

I think this picture went over rather well, judging from your captions.

Simon: Susie's hypnotic technique differed somewhat from the usual "look into my eyes".

Arched one: He said he wanted a good target to spank. I wonder if this will help him?

Anon: She'd heard many of the spankers weren't too smart and had very poor aim, so she decided that since she was going to get spanked anyway, she might as well do what she could to make sure they hit the right targets.

Jon: Does she provide equal graphic assistance for those whose focus is on her other assets and "lady parts?"

Hermione, is there a link to where that outfit is sold? 

Not that I know of, but maybe someone else can help out with this.

Nina: Nobody knew yet that the outfit would let her buttcheeks glow in the dark too.

Baxter: I hope my new outfit helps these challenged guys focus on my bubblebutt and know exactly where to spank me for best effect. I hope I get spanked soon.

King Marshal: Damnit! I told the designer "Zebra Pattern!!"

Enzo: I'm sorry I am unable to complete the caption because I am simply mesmerized.

sub hub: "Mmmmmmmmmm"

ricky: For your eyes only.

A. Lurker: She saw that outfit Fitting to wear. I foresaw a spanking fitting.

What's black and white and red all over?

Dart Thrower's Convention attire - epic fail!

Ronnie: The perfect target.

Hermione: With the target spots clearly marked, Jane hoped that Rick would finally take the hint.

Please stay for brunch if you can. If not, then come back soon. The door is always open!
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday FAIL

It's all about butts today.

There's a threesome going on in a very willing butt.

Would you fall for this?

That would be quite the video!

One of her co-workers forgot to wash his hands before slapping her butt.

That's all for today. Complete the Caption and your shift is over.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Complete the Caption

This is quite an outfit! What was she thinking when she got dressed this morning?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your trains of thought in a future post.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Simply Awesome

This awesome statue was the subject of a post on Peach's Corner two years ago. In case you missed it, I thought I would publish it here for you. The woman who owns the massive bottom is looking away while she reaches back to slap it. Self-spanking? Demonstrating to a reluctant partner how it should be done?

I couldn't find out any information about the statue, the artist, or where it resides. Does anyone recognize it?

Peach also wrote a haiku (a Japanese verse with three lines and 17 syllables) inspired by this work of art. Here's mine:

A bottom of stone
ready to receive the kiss
of a harder hand

Anyone want to have a go? At the haiku, I mean, not spanking the statue.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

From the Top Shelf - The Whipcord Society

Today's extract is from Secrets of the Whipcord by Michaela Wallace, published by Nexus Books. It is about a young woman, Jo, whose dreams of corporal punishment lead her to join a secret society. She turns up for her introductory meeting at an old Victorian house somewhere near London. She is nervous while waiting in the lobby, which is full of paintings of women receiving corporal punishment, and begins a conversation with another young woman named Diana, equally new and nervous. A man comes in and calls the waiting women to order.
At that moment someone banged hard with a gavel and the two girls turned to see that a man was calling for silence.

"Your attention please, ladies," he said. "It's time for proceedings to begin. First you will see a short demonstration of what the Whipcord Society stands for. That will be followed by a short intermission, at which time you may leave if you wish. Those who wish to see more can stay for a further presentation about the Society. Now, if you'd like to follow me, I'll take you through to our little auditorium."

He led the way through a pair of double doors. The women followed, some still looking rather nervous. Jo stayed with her new companion, grateful for the company in this rather overwhelming place. They were shown into a small theatre, the seats raised in semi-circular tiers, looking down onto a small stage. The curtains were closed, and across their red velvet surface was embroidered the whipcord motif in gold thread. The two girls took their places about halfway back, near the centre.

"What do you think they're going to do?" whispered Diana in Jo's ear.

"Well I don't think it's going to be Cinderella, and that's for sure!" replied Jo wryly.

As they watched the curtains opened, revealing a wooden frame in the centre of the stage, from which hung gleaming silver chains. A man was standing beside it, dressed in black shirt and pants, and he stepped forward to the front of the stage.

"Good evening, ladies," he said. "My name is Lucian, and I am to be your host for the evening. I trust you have been well cared for so far?"

There was a general nodding of heads and another giggle from the pair Jo had noticed earlier. They were now sitting in front of her, occasionally whispering to one another.

"The first part of the evening will be a little demonstration," continued Lucian. "We find that this is the best way to sort out those of you who are really serious about the Society from those who have merely come along out of curiosity. After the first part, you are all free to depart and no further attempt will be made to contact you. Now without further ado, we will being out our miscreant for this evening, Carla."

At that moment a curtain to his right swung open and three people entered. Two of them were men, both dressed in tight trousers and long boots, their chests bare apart from leather straps that crossed in the middle. Between them was a blonde girl. She was about twenty years old, Jo reckoned. She wore a dirty, ragged dress that came down to just below her crotch. There were great rents in the material through which her pale young skin could be seen. She was tall, with large breasts and a slim waist that was shown off by the tightness of the dress. About her neck was a collar... On her wrists and ankles she wore the same leather bands. Her hands were secured behind her, and the men were dragging her forward with the use of chains attached to her collar. She seemed reluctant to come out onto the stage, and the men used considerable force to get her into the centre. Here they pushed her down onto her knees in front of Lucian. He looked her over briefly, then turned to the hushed onlookers.

"This is naughty Carla," he said dryly. "She has committed an offence against the Society in arriving half an hour late for an encounter with some of the Society's senior members."

Jo wondered what he meant by the term 'encounter'. She was certain that it was no ordinary meeting that had been planned.

"As a consequence," went on Lucian, " She is to be punished by the administration of six strokes. Some offences run to ten, twenty or even thirty strokes, and there are many other ways to inflict pain. But for tonight the six will be sufficient to show that we are serious in what we do, and that we expect you to take it seriously too."

Another giggle from the seats in front told Jo that at least two of the audience were doing nothing of the kind.

"Stand up!" ordered Lucian.

The girl rose slowly to her feet. Jo could see that her face was pale, and that the fear in her eyes was genuine. There was something else about her demeanour, though... There was an air of excitement about this youngster that was undeniable and Jo felt similar stirrings inside herself. At the same time Diana took hold of her hand and squeezed it hard.

"She's turned on by all this isn't she?" she whispered.

Jo nodded. "Yes," she said quickly and returned the squeeze.

The two warders came forward and picked up Carla's leads once more. She resisted slightly as they turned her to face the wooden frame, but there was an air of resignation about her as she allowed herself to be led forward.

There was a bar across the front of the frame running horizontally about three feet above the ground. The girl was made to stand in front of it while its height was adjusted. Then one of the men undid her wrists and pulled her forward, bending her almost double over the bar. At the same time his companion grasped her wrists and attached the bands to catches set in the floor of the stage. Next her legs were forced about three feet apart and similarly shackled.

The men pulled the chains tight, forcing the girl down onto the bar, her backside raised high, the dress riding up her legs until a large expanse of her thighs was uncovered. Jo was breathing heavily now, and she could feel the sweat on the palm of her companion. Even the pair in front had stopped talking, their eyes fixed on the stage.

One of the warders went briefly into the wings, and returned with a thin bamboo cane. He took it straight to Lucian who bent it back and forth in his hands. It was extraordinarily flexible and, as he took some practice strokes in the air, Jo saw the weapon bend with the air resistance. Lucian nodded, apparently satisfied with it, and walked downstage to where the girl was tethered.

He held the cane out in front of the girl's face, which was hidden from the view of the audience.

"Kiss the instrument of your correction," he ordered.

Jo could barely discern the motion of the girl's head as she obeyed him.

Lucian turned back to face the crowd and held out the cane to the warder, who took it from him. Then Lucian reached down and took hold of the hem of the girls dress.

There was an intake of breath about the room as he slowly and carefully lifted the material, uncovering Carla's buttocks. Jo leant forward in her seat, craning for a good view of the scene. Lucian had raised the material to the girl's waist, revealing that she wore no underwear, the white flesh stretched tight. So wide were her legs spread that her sex was blatantly exposed, and Jo contemplated how vulnerable and humiliated she must feel.

Lucian stepped back, and the warder with the cane came forward. He was a young man with a broad, hairy chest and bulging biceps. He wielded the cane in his strong hands, making a loud whooshing noise as he whipped it back and forth through the air. He positioned himself to the side of the girl and tapped the cane against her exposed bottom. As he did so, Jo felt Diana's hand tighten on hers once more.

If any onlookers had expected some kind of simulated punishment, the first stroke told them they were witnessing the real thing. The cane came down with deadly accuracy, planting a single stripe across the pale white of Carla's buttocks, a stripe that immediately darkened to a blood-red colour. The tethered girl gave a shout of pain that echoed around the auditorium.

The second blow landed about an inch above the first, the stripe lying almost exactly parallel. Jo watched as its colour deepened, once again unaccountably excited by the sight she was witnessing.

Next time the cane laid down a diagonal line, running from the underside of the left buttock to the top of the right, bringing another agonised squeal from the helpless captive. Jo turned to look at the girl next to her. Diana was leaning forward, an expression of deep concentration in her eyes...

Carla's cries were getting louder now, her body writhing about within the small confines she was allowed and, as with Patsy, Jo was struck by the way her hips thrust forward in an overtly sexual way as another dark weal decorated her pretty backside...

The final stroke came down hard on the girl's bottom, bringing forth a piercing scream....The men released the shackles that held Carla's hands and feet and she was helped to straighten up and face the audience.

Jo could see that the tears were coursing down her face,and she knew the girl's pain was genuine. Yet she could see, too, the arousal in the girl's face... Lucian made Carla turn away from the audience once again and raise her skirt to the waist. He traced the bright red marks that now covered her behind.

"This is the badge of membership to the Whipcord Society," he said to the audience.

Then the girl was led from the stage, and the lights came up.

Would you have stayed for the second round after intermission, or would you have decided that the Whipcord Society was not for you?

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, April 20, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 19

This week's topic was a memorable spanking that you would like to repeat.

Dan: Early in our experimentation with spanking as discipline, my wife called me home from the office for a spanking. 10 years later, I still remember the nervousness on the drive home, and the warm, very sore bottom on the return trip.

Roz: Great question! I have a vanilla collar (necklace) and we had a little ceremony when he put it on me. It would have to be the spanking I received as part of the ceremony.

Anon1: Mine would be the first time we used the cane, the welts left were wonderful, prior to that the marks never persisted beyond an hour or two.

PK: Not long after I came out we were alone at the house when he mentioned that I seemed entirely too interested in discipline and he was going to let me see what it would really be like. He bent me over the arm of the sofa and used his belt for the first time. Oh wow! He didn't spank long, but it was intense. We were soon making passionate love on the living room floor! The belt left several bruises and it also left a smile on my face that stayed longer than the bruises.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I think my absolute favourite was last Christmas, my first spanking for almost a year. It was a soft restart into dd and felt marvelous.

Baxter: There have been many, but the hard paddling last week, once in the morning and then a followup in the evening, left me with a very sore bottom. Overall, it helped me clear my head of junk and let me focus. That kind of spanking I will remember a long time.

Sir Wendel: I would re-live the first time she spanked me before leaving for a girl’s night out. She was getting ready just as normal and I went about my business just as normal. When she came out of the shower I was called into our room. She stood in the room wearing only a towel and holding the paddle. I was informed that I would be receiving a spanking which was meant to make me behave while she as gone. I was told to drop my pants and bend over the edge of the bed. As soon as I bent over she dropped her towel. She stepped up behind me completely naked and proceeded to paddle my bottom. When it was over my bottom was throbbing and burning. I thought of her all evening especially when trying to sit down.

Dr. Ken: There have been a few that would be worth repeating, but if I could only choose one, it would have to be any spanking that I gave to the lady I loved dearly and who passed away a little more than 14 years ago

Anon2: I love it when I get a real long hard spanking, have tender aftercare ;} and then spanked again.

Ronnie: There are many that I would like to be repeated but I think my favourite was the time P spanked me with roses (stems), different and erotic spanking.

Thanks for the mention Hermione.

And thank you, Ronnie, for an excellent topic!
arched one: WOW! a very good question. I've had so many wonderful spankings it's hard to pick one as a favorite. I think it would be the one where we used the spanking bench I made for her. She enjoyed it so much she must have spanked me for almost an hour left me red and sore. Then about 2 hours later had me over the bench for another spanking. I felt that one for a few days.

S: It would be the first time that D spanked me, but that can never be repeated. It was during our honeymoon, and we had tried most things! I was lying on our bed face down, when D tossed up my flimsy nightie, and patted my upthrust bottom. I guessed what was coming; I had been given playful spankings by former boy friends, but never on my bare bottom.

"Spank your naughty wife", I whispered. He did, fast and not too hard, until I was tingling happily. He stopped. "Go on, and harder than that," I pleaded. He did just that, and when he stopped again, I was really smarting, my bottom I am sure bright red, and I was very aroused. He took my vigorously from behind. That day can never be repeated.

Hermione: My most memorable spanking was one I told you about here. It happened several years ago and involved the most feared implement - the dressage whip. I would love to recreate the whole experience, because of its intensity, and also because I had no idea what to expect next.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #69

Welcome back, one and all, to another weekend spanko brunch. Our question this week is one I borrowed from Ronnie's list of questions in her response to being given the well-deserved Real Neat Blog Award.

If you had to choose one spanking that you have experienced and could repeat, which one would it be?

Please leave your response as a comment. After everyone has had a chance to participate, I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, April 18, 2015

You Completed the Caption

These captions show you were really thinking outside the box!

Nina: "What do you mean, you forgot your paddle?! NOOOOOO!"

Man on left: She is obviously very naughty and she is trying to apologize for not keeping the place clean and serving food on time. We need to punish her.  
Man on right: Yes, but how. I am thinking that we both spank her at least once a day. six of the best with the cane sounds good.
Man on left: Yes and I think we should give her a new uniform that keeps her bottom bare so we can see her caned bottom. I think two canings a day for a while would be sufficient.
Man on right: I agree.

King Marshal: John, I told you to ease her into the idea of spanking. Leading with I will beat you...Jesus Man!

A. Lurker: "Gentlemen, this is the final rose. When you're ready" (From "The Bachelorette").

Lady: "You both have been pursuing me for weeks but I can't decide who I prefer, so here is what we'll do. Each one of you gets a cheek to spank and whoever gets that cheek red enough to match this rose may ask for my hand in marriage."

DelFonte: She's a little melodramatic with her request for a spanking, don't you think?

Rollin: I agree, Nigel. Silvia's pose looks overly dramatic. What on earth do you suppose she was doing when Dr. Loveless's freeze ray struck her?

Ronnie: What's she saying, old chap? Can't understand a word.

ricky: I say there, Gilbert, there's our Yum-Yum.
Quite right, Sullivan, quite yummy.

Hermione: "Gee, George, I didn't think giving her flowers would cause this reaction."

You are all invited to stay for brunch, being served shortly.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday FAIL

It's Friday, and once again I'm sharing one of my pet peeves: the unnecessary use of quotation marks. When you put quotes around a word, it implies that you are being sarcastic or ironic, and that the word itself is in doubt. Here are some examples:

Free, huh? What's the catch? Nothing's really free, amirite?

Who graduated from the medical school in American Samoa by correspondence course.

Single quotes also used improperly.

Okay, so what's really behind the door?

Now let's review what we have learned. Hermione says, "Complete the Caption without using any quotation marks unless you are indicating speech, OK?"
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Complete the Caption

I hope this trio stirs your imagination as much as it does mine. So many possibilities!

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your submissions in a future post.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Naughty, naughty!

We don't do punishment spankings; our OTK sessions are strictly for erotic fun. However, there have been times when I've been given a swat or two that could be considered a correction.

Take, for example, the time I when I took off my belt and put it, buckle side down, on top of Ron's watch. He noticed, inspected the watch for possible damage, then took action. Ouch!

Then there was the time he asked me to put the dogs into their crates so they wouldn't be underfoot when we did a small repair job. I said they wouldn't be in the way. I was wrong. Ouch! I did as I was told.

Oh, and what about the time I broke the back door by letting the wind catch it and blow it open, breaking the plastic door-closer thingy. Since it happened only hours before our regular Saturday spanking date, I got quite a few extra-hard whacks for my carelessness.

I often get half a dozen swats after dinner, as I am putting the dishes into the dishwasher. I really must remember that plates go on the left side of the lower rack, not the right side. Ouch!

You just have to love the guy for keeping a close eye on me.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Humiliating Memories

This is a letter that was published in Janus magazine in the late 1980s, written by 'Mrs. V.H.' Whether any of this is remotely true I will leave to your judgment, but the letter presses a lot of my buttons and, I hope, yours too!

Many of your letters talk about the humiliation involved in corporal punishment. It is the embarrassment and total humiliation that has always been, for me, the most exciting part, particularly with regard to undressing in front of men.

I was educated in the West Country at a private school which was one of the strictest in the county. All parents were told before they agreed to send their daughters to the school that corporal punishment was used, unsparingly, on the girls as well as the boys.

Whilst I always dreaded the thought of an actual caning, the idea of bending over and having to display my knickers for a master or mistress to cane was deeply sexually exciting...

Midway through my sixth year a rather weak master left the school and was replaced by a much stricter man who literally exuded authority. During the previous six months we had taken advantage of our former teacher's weak discipline and had got used to turning up late, talking in class and so on. The new master immediately set about stopping this by saying that he would use the cane on anyone who continued to misbehave. To reinforce his threat, he said the first person to fall foul of the new regime would be caned in front of the whole class.

I found the thought just too much. My heart began to pound and I felt both very frightened and very excited. I started to convince myself to misbehave so I would be the first person to be publicly caned.

At the next lesson I turned up late, chewed gum, paid little attention to him and chucked paper pellets across the room. He warned me twice and I nearly chickened out. However one more paper pellet was enough and he was down the classroom in seconds to grab me by my hair and haul me to the front.

He said he was amazed after all his warnings that I had carried on like this and even more astonished that the first candidate for his cane was a girl. He told the class that this made no difference and that he was a man of his word. He also said he was sure I would regret my actions and hoped that caning me in front of the whole class would be an object lesson to everyone else.

He then went to the cupboard and took out a long, thin cane which he hung on the blackboard. He pushed his table back towards the front wall and told me to bend over it, reaching right across it to hold on to the far side, which meant that my bottom was thrust up facing the class.

I didn't know then which emotion was more powerful, my fear of the cane, or my excitement at displaying my bottom in front of a mixed class of about thirty pupils.

However, worse was to come, because he gripped the hem of my skirt to raise it and found it was too tight. I was then told to stand up again and take it off - in front of the class including a bunch of goggle-eyed boys. I only had thin knickers on and I thought this was going too far. But I had asked for this and now it was too late to regret my actions. I unzipped my skirt, pushed it down my legs and stepped out of it. I then had to bend right over again with my wafer thin knickers barely covering my bottom. Because I was leaning over so far my legs were slightly apart and I was tremendously excited about showing nearly everything to the whole class.

He then told the class I was to receive six strokes. The first stroke seemed ages in coming and certainly knocked the wind out of me and made me wonder why I had got myself into this. Each stroke produced a frightening noise as the cane cracked into my thin knickers and the pain soon killed all my excitement, but sometimes I recall the experience now and it still makes me very excited.

I was always a difficult child and soon became known as a troublemaker who regularly misbehaved and once I was caught playing truant when in the sixth form. I was sent to the Headmaster, the first time I had experienced being sent to his study, and while I stood trembling in front of him, he telephoned my father and they had a long conversation. I could hear my father's voice at the other end and he sounded so furious, I was frightened of going home. At the end of the conversation, the Head looked at me and told me my father had agreed that a severe dose of the cane would certainly be in order. He paused, looked hard at me, and then told me that my father had told him not to hesitate if he believed that a bare bottom caning was in order.

I must have turned bright scarlet as the Headmaster told me to take off my skirt, tights and knickers but, unexpectedly I had a rush of sexual excitement at being told to take off my knickers in front of a man.

I took my skirt off first, making sure that my striptease was not too quick. I took off my tights next, peeling them slowly down each leg as he watched, and walked across his study to put them on his visitors' chair. Then I deliberately faced him and took down my knickers, stepped out of them and again walked to his chair. This was the first time any man had seen me without any knickers on and I felt myself becoming embarrassingly wet down there...

He ordered me to bend over the back of the high leather visitors' chair and grip the wooden front legs, which I proceeded to do. The leather felt cold and I bent over as far as I could, which meant my bottom was as high in the air as it could be, and I felt extremely vulnerable. However the thought of my Headmaster looking at my bare bottom and everything else I was showing was simply fantastic!

During all this he had remained seated at his desk but he then stood up, fetched his cane and stood to one side of me. I was asked to relax my bottom slightly by pushing my legs a little further back so they were less upright.

He told me I was to get six very hard strokes, as my father had insisted, and I heard the whistle of the cane before it struck the centre of my bottom, very hard. The pain was almost intolerable but after the second or third stroke it became bearable as I was aware of other exciting reactions happening to my body. After the sixth stroke he told me to stand up and face his desk.

He then gave me a long lecture about my behaviour and that he was always prepared to repeat the caning should I need it. During this lecture I was standing directly in front of him with just a blouse on and my pubic hair on show. I again started to feel very sexually aroused because of the humiliating posture and despite - or perhaps partly because of - the surging, burning pain across the whole area of my bottom.

I was then told to dress which I did slowly, giving him a full view of my bottom and my pussy whenever I could.

The embarrassment of being caned at school, and all the exciting sensations that went with it, remains a wonderful sexual stimulus for me. Whenever I make love to my husband, the thoughts of those school canings always make my sexual responses even more satisfying.
True or not, it makes an exciting story.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, April 13, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 12

This week we discussed spanking other parts of the body.

Fred Blogs: HUH! There is no other place to be spanked but on the bottom.

Dr. Ken: Since a lot of the time I'm playing at Spanking Parties--in other words, with people I've probably just met within the last few hours or days--spanking anywhere else on the body would be highly inappropriate. Even with ladies I know well, I would never do it. The bottom area is the perfect place for spanking. 'Nuff said!

Simon: I've been spanked on the backs and fronts of my thighs, I've had floggers used on my back and on my nipples and very rarely on an even more sensitive part of my anatomy. I very much prefer that my bottom is punished but it doesn't hurt (well metaphorically anyway) to experiment and as the saying goes "a change is as good as a rest".

arched one: She says my bottom is made for spanking and that is where she mostly concentrates. Every once in a while she will have me spread my legs and will spank my inner thighs with the wooden spoon.

Six of the best: I only spank on a female's bare bottom. Sometimes with a hand, paddle, hairbrush, birch rod, or cane. Of course I prefer her to wear suspender-belt and stockings, which makes her naked derriere more sexually and erotically exciting.

Baxter: I agree with the others, in general. The bottom is the only place to spank when spanking is called for. It is the only part of the body that is sufficiently padded to absorb a spanking. Any other location might lead to injury.

Bonnie: No, thank you. My bottom is round and wide and very well padded. No other body part could stand up to a real spanking. Nor would we ever want to try.

I grudgingly tolerate a few swats on the very tops of my thighs because that's part of getting a spanking.

A strike anywhere else would just inflict senseless pain. It wouldn't ignite any of my sexy spanking cravings or classic corporal punishment fantasies. Nope, no interest here.

Anon: Bottoms rule! OK?

Lizzie: I have a love/hate relationship with being spanked on the thighs. The thighs are just so much more sensitive.

Of course, when we are doing more BDSM things, I get whacked in plenty of other places. But I don't consider that spanking. Spanking is limited to my bottom, thighs, and...private bits.

Ronnie: I have been spanked between the legs on my intimate parts and I'd like that to happen again.

Thighs I hate but accept as it's part of the spanking. P's also used the flogger (small suede one) lightly on my back and bottom. Quite a sexy feeling.

Hermione: From time to time I will get a couple of swats on my calves or lower thighs if I kick or squirm too much. That really hurts, and gets me back in line. Most of the time the target is my bottom, and I'd like to keep it that way. I would not want to be spanked anywhere else.

That was a great discussion! Let's do this again next week.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #68

Welcome back for another weekend brunch where we discuss all things spanking. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of spank is "to strike especially on the buttocks with the open hand". (An interesting bit of trivia: the word was first used in 1712. I wonder where.) But sometimes spanking happens on other parts of the body. 

How do you feel about being spanked on places on your body other than your bottom? Do you love it or hate it? Is it a regular occurrence or does it only happen occasionally?

Leave your reply as a comment. You may remain anonymous if you wish. After everyone has had a chance to speak I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, April 11, 2015

You Completed the Caption

What captions were my readers inspired to produce for this picture? Read on:

Simon: This is what happens to trolls who try sunbathing.

Fred Blogs: Stoned again!

Kingspan: The exercise video promised rock hard buns, but she never expected it to be quite so literal.

Nina: A few swats on the bum and her stony attitude would disappear again.

sub hub: Want to paddle my Buns of Rock?

Jon: I always said she had a heart of stone but..."lady parts" of stone?

Is this, perhaps a English beach, where they weigh their women by the stone?

I think my humor is sinking like a ...

Baxter: I am imagining that there is a note stuck in the crack (or where the crack should be ) telling the lucky guy that if he wants a real voluptuous woman that resembles this model, then turn around 180 degrees and she will be up in the dunes, waiting for a spanking and other fun stuff.

A. Lurker:  Stoned again!

Punished by the White Witch of Narnia

This is what happens when you do a spanking scene with Methuselah.

Spanking rocks!

Leigh: Stay in the sun too long and you bake.

Sir Wendel: Do these stones make my butt look fat?

Ronnie: One look and I was turned to stone.

ricky: Yon maiden doth think too much, methinks.

Hermione: Marion realized too late that she shouldn't have looked at Medusa while sunbathing.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday FAIL

Today's FAILs are signs and messages found in the workplace.

They should give a trophy to the person who stayed awake the longest.

It does the trick every time.

A more efficient alternative to a bell if the cashier is a dog.

I think I'll take the stairs.

Be sure to wash them well

A flash drive that's sure to make your workmates smile.

For more smiles, Complete the Caption before you clear your desk for the weekend.
From Hermione's Heart