Wednesday, March 30, 2022

A Long-Awaited Delivery

Last December, our refrigerator started making funny noises. At first, we thought it was the puppy, because it was a series of little squeals. After a while we figured out that the fridge squealed three times whenever the motor inside started up. Over time, the three squeals became four, then five, and we became more worried. What would we do if the fridge conked out completely!

Ron was all for ordering a new one. I thought that would be wasteful, so we called a repairman. One new motor thingy and $200 later, the repairman was gone and the squeal was back. Okay, time for a new fridge. In early January we searched online and found the same model in various places. We opted for the one from Home Depot because surely they would be able to overcome any supply chain issues. The delivery date on the website was a week from the day we ordered.

Then came the first phone call. Our delivery date was pushed forward to the last week of January. The squealing was getting worse, but what could we do? Then a second call. Now the delivery date was mid-March. Aack! We crossed our fingers and made plans to evacuate the contents of the fridge to the downstairs freezer, the bar fridge, and  the trunk of the car if necessary.

The big day finally arrived and a truck rolled up with our new appliance. Getting the old one out and the new one in was going to be a problem. I didn't remember any trouble when the old one arrived, but it seemed that our doorways were suddenly too small. The fridge doors were removed, and with much twisting and turning, the new one finally came in and the old one was taken out to the truck. 

"While the doors are off," I said to one of the delivery guys, "Can you switch them so they open the other way?" The fridge is in a corner so opening on the left side was a problem. The man grumbled about it being hard work, checked our order (yes, I had paid for the doors to be switched), and spent the next hour working on the doors. He didn't have the right tools but we supplied him with what he needed, and the job was finally done.

It tool us an hour to strip all the protective plastic off the mummified fridge, but when we were done and the fridge was working, we loaded it up with our perishables and heaved a sigh of relief. I must say it's a big improvement over the old one, although they look pretty much the same. It doesn't squeal, the shelves are arranged so there is room enough to stand milk cartons upright, and it doesn't freeze the lettuce or turn the celery brown. It is also deeper so there's more room inside. Our kitchen is functional once more, unlike the ones below. What were the designers thinking?


Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, March 28, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 27

How do you identify?

Anon 1: My wife has begrudgingly spanked me over the years, but she recently has accepted my need for regular spankings. She’s not into discipline, even pretend, so we’ve adopted a Maintenance Day style practice where the dice rules. Two dice rolled for how many sets of a dozen swats I receive and one die cast to determine how any days until my next session. Long story short, she recently referred to our practice as “that thing we do”, and I’m quite certain she’s never visited a DD site.

Dan: DD with a dash of FLR.

Roz: I suppose we identified as a mesh of all sorts over the years lol. We started out with spanking for fun. We never called it BDSM, but perhaps a very light version of? We then decided to extend this beyond the bedroom and incorporated DD. The DD aspect fell away after a time then later, there were some elements of Daddy/lg.

Bonnie: Labels are tough for those of us who don't easily fit. We have some aspects of each of these acronyms, but all the elements of none of them. If that seems confusing, then you understand perfectly.

If allowed just one word, I would say that we are spankos.

Rosco: Irene calls me PB, for pussyboy. That's about it.

I am familiar with many of these acronyms but suspect she does not. Irene does peruse erotica, but different stuff.

Morningstar: Lordie!!! I guess I had better answer this one seeing as my innocent question prompted this topic (grinning)

I think I have 'dabbled' with a lot of those letters in your alphabet soup Hermione. I have tried TPE - M/s - D/s - and of course TTWD. But none of the labels quite fit. Now I am just me - morningstar loved by Sir Steve

BUT if you want a label - let's say K.I.N.K.Y 

Rich Person: D/s and a bit of SM.

Prefectdt: I do TTWD. FLR and TiH sound good to me, but have never actually happened. I think that the label I like the most does not need an acronym, it's BRAT :)

Ronnie: No I don't, I'm just a lucky lady whose husband loves to spank her.

Anon 2: DD, FLR and HOH

Jean Marie: I Don't Know but it seems that acronyms are taking over our lives! As a Serial Monogamist who is Not Currently Coupled, I've dabbled in lots of these. But at heart, I'm a spanko who has some other kinks beyond Impact Play. It's fluid, it's complicated, I'm in-between, so I don't feel like acronym labels work. I simply LOVE TTWD!

Wendel: We probably fall under TTWD - That Thing We Do and TiH - Taken in Hand. Our spankings are meant to be fun and when one of us decides the other needs to be spanked we just do it.
It always ends with HCMBH – Holy Crap My Bottom Hurts.

Barrel: We are probably 80% TTWD and 10% each of DD and D/s. But in my opinion, I would prefer we dial up the frequency and intensity of each. So does that make me a TFTB (Topping From The Bottom)? Probably not, since I haven’t been successful amping up our play in 44 years of marriage. But we are happy where we are. 

PK: We were just plan old TTWD, This things we do - or did.

Windy: We started with just a little spanking as foreplay in the bedroom and it grew to a bit of D/S. Then we added DD when we found out it was a thing. Currently, we've taking a new look and re-evaluating, so TTWD probably is the best description for whatever this is that we're doing! 

Jack: FLR, my wife is totally in charge, knew that from the beginning and that she loved me that taking the lead was not going to be a problem.

Hermione: I would say that our relationship is D/s. Ron is very much a dominant, and I am naturally submissive.

Glory to Ukraine

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #428

Sorry I've been MIA all week. New puppies take some adjustment! Even though he isn't really young (8 months) it's still a lot of work, and a new experience for our yearling boy. But I managed to whip up (no pun intended) a casserole, so let's discuss a question Morningstar asked Ronnie.

There are DD, TiH, D/s, M/s, TPE, FLR,  TTWD and every other alphabet combination you can think of. How do you identify?

I hope I got the capitalization correct, and see below if you aren't sure what the initialisms stand for. Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.


DD - Domestic Discipline

TiH - Taken in Hand

D/s - Dominance/submisssion

M/s - Master/slave

TPE - Total Power Exchange

FLR - Female-Led Relationship

TTWD - That Thing We Do

Glory to Ukraine

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Monday, March 21, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 21

What are your thoughts on topping from the bottom?

Jean Marie: Because I posed the question, let me go back to explain why. Back when I could live my life my way (pre-Covid), I liked to date around. I see myself as a serial monogamist. So when you are getting to know someone new, you need to feel out how you like to operate, as well what you like and dislike. To have my needs and wants met as a submissive, I haven't been shy about giving feedback in the moment to my partner. This honesty wasn't always seen by every Top as a positive.

Looking back on that history with a sense of humor (as I try to keep), at least this "topping from the bottom" provided grist for the punishment mill, it gave guys another reason (as if they needed more) to spank me harder, longer, all over again.

I don't imagine that this brunch topic will appeal to long-established couples in the scene. But I also imagine that there are many out there (perhaps lurkers, like I was for too long) who it does speak to, and I hope they'll speak up!

Thank you again, Hermione, for hosting this treasured forum with such grace and kindness; I love your blog!

Mark: As the one with the interest in being spanked, I always topped from the bottom. However as we have grown together my wife/mistress/goddess has learnt what I am doing and more importantly gained understanding that what I really want is to be out of control. These days any attempt to top from the bottom in a punishment spanking will be met by stern rebuke.

I don't know if "discussion" afterwards counts as topping from the bottom, but we will often talk about it afterwards and I do see aspects from that discussion applied in subsequent spankings.

If I am desperate to be spanked and ask for a spanking, she will allow me to ask for pretty much anything that I need. This is rather nice for a change.

So now, topping from the bottom is not a negative... just another facet. The Top choses whether to allow it, what to do about it, and the bottom learns!

Baxter: I am the spankee/spanko and my wife agreed years ago to be the spanker. So I ask for the spanking, hand her the paddle or crop or long shoe horn, assume the position and ask for a spanking to the appropriate prime number. My wife likes prime numbers for the spanks she gives. We agree on the prime number and she proceeds to spank me. Often times when the original prime number has been reached, I might give her a new prime number to continue the spanking and she agrees. So if this is topping from bottom, it works for me and my wife. 

Bernie: I do it, but would prefer not to.

Graham: Generally, I think feedback is helpful but there are several factors. If it's a new relationship, for example, then many tops would appreciate guidance. In regular relationships, the top can probably read non-verbal signals well enough to perform accordingly.

I like verbal feedback on both ends.

However, I realize that too much talking or topping from the bottom spoils it for many folks.

There is simply no right or wrong here -- it's a matter of partnership choice.

Roz: Firstly, yay on the new pup and more puppy cuddles. Hope all is going well with the new addition.

This is an interesting question. I don't think topping from the bottom is always negative. Feedback is important and healthy in any relationship to ensure both parties needs are met.

Rich Person: Topping from the bottom is probably bad if it breaks the spell. But as generally a dom, I don't mind hearing what the bottom has to say. Although, that should probably come during straight time, when possible.

My goal is to meet our needs. That specifically includes their needs, so it's important to know what those needs are.

Part of that is wanting to know if they want to be punished for bratting.

At the same time, I want some honest submission. Without that, the relationship isn't going to work for me.

But if the encounter is working well, the sub is very unlikely to top from the bottom, because they are getting what they need without it.

Prefectdt: Hope the new puppy is healthy and a lot of fun.

I prefer not to top from the bottom, but when playing with inexperienced play partners, it is just a necessity. People are not born with practical skills, everyone needs to take that learning curve.

Morningstar: Trying to remember - don't you already have a puppy?? Or is this a new puppy to keep another dog company??? and well you too of course!! nothing better than puppy antics!


As for topping from the bottom - that's a phrase from way back (for me) I was often accused of topping from the bottom.... BUT just cause you identify as Dom doesn't mean you don't make mistakes!! Even doms need some direction ! (which is what frequently got me in trouble - not believing that they were infallible)

Now 'topping from the bottom' is called communication around here. Sir Steve is not a mind reader and welcomes any direction/information I give him. We both agree I can suggest what I want - say what I want - but he gets the final say (shrug) it works for us.

 Fondles: I think it depends on the couple - feedback is important, and if it's done in a way that's respectful and not hurtful it could be a very good thing indeed. In which case, does it still count as "topping from the bottom"?

I mean, there's "Could I please have more?" and "You call that a spanking? Put some elbow grease in it!"

I was the one who wanted to include spanking in our relationship and so part of our dynamic involved reassuring BIKSS that he wasn't hurting me, that I was fine, that my butt isn't going to dissolve into a hot mess and no, I wasn't going to report him to the cops after this was over. LOL.

We talk about it BOTH when we're IN the spanking and out. And some people might have a preference as to which they prefer. But one thing I know is I wouldn't be able to refrain from rolling my eyeballs at a Dom who fancied himself a mindreader and insisted on silence.

Alan: This is a great topic. My sense is that spankos - as opposed to serious BDSM players-- would be better dropping the phrase “ topping from the bottom” altogether.

It’s confusing and misleading if not actually harmful to spanking relationships. Good spanking relationships are built on good communication from both partners. So stifling talk from one or the other can also stifle good communication.

Now I understand that someone who insisted on giving detailed “do it this way” to a partner is going to be a problem but there is a happy middle ground. My wife and I have tried different things over time and they all worked at the time. Early in our spanking relationship we observed a 24 hour rule when neither of us talked about what happened. But then after, either of us was free to exchange views or discuss issues.

Now we most communicate in twice monthly “dates” which often include behavior review too. But any way it’s done it’s very important to communicate with each other and ditch the hoary old “topping from the bottom” taboo. It never belonged in consensual spanking.

Dan: I'm leery of the whole concept of topping from the bottom, because it inherently seeks to cut off communication. At the end of the day, all these power exchange relationships work well only if both parties are getting their needs met. I don't know how that is going to happen if the sub is always discouraged from saying what they want/need.

Rosco: Topping from the bottom is fine, and even a good idea.

The term is used pejoratively by folks who want top/bottom dom/sub relationships to be real, sometimes 24/7.

To each their own, I suppose, but Irene and I play games with her in charge but it's more fun for both of us if we have a serious discussion from time to time about what works and what doesn't. If I say, for example, that I would like to be spanked with a whip then a paddle, it's "topping" from the bottom" but so be it.

It's more fun during a session to play the bottom role, so I sometimes have to trick her into doing what I want - sometimes by asking her not to do something. For example, if I say "stop it that hurts, I don't deserve a spanking", it is code for the to spank me harder or longer. (Our safe word is "enough", but I don't think I have ever used it. Once in a while she has hit me too hard in the wrong place and it has been immediately obvious.)

Barrel: As most have stated, topping from the bottom is enhanced communication. It can lessen the scene but if both parties want that communication, perfect. My wife and I regularly discuss upcoming sessions, wherein I express my desire for this or that. It helps her prepare. Afterwords, we usually discuss how each of us felt during the session. My expressions have helped her get more comfortable with administrating the discipline/punishment beyond where she thinks I can go. In doing so she has learned to enjoy the actual discomfort as she knows I enjoy it too.

Windy: I don't like feeling as if I am topping from the bottom. I learned not to say what I liked or didn't like during spanking activity. I just tried to let him do what he thought was best. Then later, when we communicated about it, I would give feedback. He would ask how I was during the power exchange activities and adjust accordingly. So I associate topping from the bottom as a negative thing, but communication at the right time a positive thing. Great question! Never gets old to me. 

Hermione: It all depends on the relationship and the type of power dynamic. Communication is important, but for us it breaks the mood if done during a session. I don't want to be in control, but I will let Ron know before or after if I particularly love or hate a certain implement.

I am typing this with one hand (and making far fewer mistakes) while holding puppy #2 on my lap. Only a few months ago I did the same with puppy #1, who is now (finally!) asleep in his bed beside me.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #427

Today we get a new puppy, a brother of our current one, so brunch was prepared ahead of time. I hope it's still warm! Our good friend and fellow blogger Jean Marie posed this week's question.

Do people see the act of "topping from the bottom" as a negative, something to be avoided, or not?

Please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion after I get my fill of puppy kisses.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

I remember...

The vintage recipes I posted last week got me thinking about what I used to eat as a child. My grandmother did all the cooking, and it was pretty plain. The only seasoning was salt. No pepper, onions, herbs or spices. Ketchup was only for hamburgers, and relish was for hot dogs -- never mustard!

Breakfast was toast or cereal -- Puffed Rice, Rice Krispies, Sugar Crisp or Sugar Pops, and in the winter oatmeal with brown sugar and milk, or cream of wheat with butter.

Lunch was mac and cheese or rice and milk. Dessert was canned fruit, bread pudding, tapioca or rice pudding.The only time I stayed at school for lunch (cause I lived close by and went home for lunch) I was given a cold hamburg sandwich with ketchup. It was delicious!

Dinner was mashed potatoes, canned peas, corn or beans, and overcooked chops. Sometimes Gran would make a boiled dinner of beef and vegetables in the pressure cooker. Other times she would make one of her traditional dishes: cabbage rolls (yummy), pierogies filled with mashed potato and cheese (I only ate the filling) or head cheese (nobody ate that but Gran). Then there was what we called "Grandpa's Hamburg", which I suppose was actually known as mince and tatties. Simmered ground beef over mashed potato, but no onions or other seasonings as I recall.

Now for some more recipes from the time machine.

A valiant attempt to recreate a "Frankaroni Loaf"

Glory to Ukraine
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Monday, March 14, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 13

What is your most effective pervertible?

Wendel: I bought a Micky Ear shaped spatula from Disney World that I use solely for spanking the Misses. She says it stings like hell and it leave Mickey Ear shaped marks on her bottom. It hangs in the kitchen pantry cupboard for anyone to see. Most of the relatives that visit comment on how cute it is. Little do they know. We also have a bath brush that is great for soaping up all of the back and walloping all of the backend. Neither one of us can sit after a spanking with that one. 

Spanky53: Hermione, where do I start...LOL. I didn't start buying actual "toys" until I was well into involvement in the scene. And I think we all have a fondness for seeing the possibilities of everyday items. Here is my list:
1:Twist tie bundles
2: A paddle made from an actual King James Bible
3: Leather shoe soles (which amused the wife of shoe repair shop owner. I'm sure she knew what they were for)
4: Bamboo bundles from 99cents store
5: Smiley face spatula
6: 3 foot shoe horn
7: Telescoping back scratcher from 7/11
8: Salad forks
9: Flogger made from num-chuks and multi-colored black light string
10: Drill holster
11: Badminton racket

 Jean Marie: I totally agree with Spanky53! Some of mine:
1) A large spatula from Tupperware is a prized possession
2) Wooden spoons & wire whisks and cooking tools
3) A ping pong paddle is lethal
4) A riding crop
5) An antique hairbrush
6) A doubled-up electrical cord can also be EVERY effective.

Baxter: A three foot shoe horn was mentioned above. When I was getting prepared for my total knee replacement four years ago, we went out to buy things like a cane and a framework to help me sit on a toilet better and suction handholds for the showers. Well, another helpful item was the three foot shoe horn. I actually never used it, but my wife did to put on her shoes. She also found a use for it in spanking me with it. She like it so much, she bought a second one to have in our trailer, should she need to spank me there and yes it has been used. Quite stingy. 

Roz: The most common is the wooden spoon. Ours is very thick and more like a paddle so very effective. Also a plastic handle from a cat toy. That thing stung like heck! It was similar to a blind wand. Other than that, bamboo garden cane.

Prefectdt: Yes, pervertables are a big element, in my spanking sphere.

The most useful ones are belts, mostly because they are easily and discretely transported, around my waist. Other recent favourites are a silicone headed, large stirring spoon, with holes in it and some beach shoes.

Barrel: These are all terrific. Before roller bags, I used a suiter to pack my business clothes for trips. It had a shoulder strap with a soft cushion that would rest on my shoulder. Over the years, the cushion grew brittle, cracked and fell off, making the suiter unusable. I removed the strap, doubled it over, sewed the shoulder piece together with a small piece of sheet metal in it for stiffness, a piece of coax cable inside the handle with leather shoe lace grip and we have a quite stingy strap. Interestingly, my wife noticed the business end of the leather strap is cracking due to extensive use, and she now wants a new one. As I just retired, that is my next project.

Willie: Let's see beyond the ones listed above....
2 foot glow stick, a piece of baseboard (that was more an opportunity thing), a coax cable, a silicone set of spurtles ( found at Walmart) and his tried and true go to, a silicone icing spatula ( though for the life of me as one who decorates cakes I cannot fathom using this item for that) which has a metal piece inside for stabilizing - I suppose because icing is soooo heavy? Lol
NONE of these I care for but the silicone for me is slightly easier to wrap my head around the type of pain it produces. 

Ronnie: We have these:)

Long ruler
A long shoe horn
Round wooden flat paddle (like a ping pong paddle)
Couple of spatulas that were gifted to us.
Heart shaped wooden spoon.
I don't like any of them though I do love the sound of the flat paddle when it hands on my bottom.

Alan: Maybe the most formidable and invisible at the same time is the long handled bath brush. In fact it apparently has become such a "go to" that it's not even thought of as a pervertable. I imagine a version of it has been used in spanking homes for a long while. It has to be one of the most effective spanking tools ever used. My wife loves it and I try to discourage her from using it without much success.

A.J.: What? No one mentioned the detachable electric cord? (Good thing, as that thing can be brutal. Never used it or felt it, but I knew classmates whose parents would use one!)

Not a fan so much of around the home 'pervertibles.' Prefer giving (and receiving) with the bare hand until the target is a nice pink or not-too-red.

Back in the day I was a true road warrior. I traveled so much I even thought of selling my home and car and renting a room and car for the few days a month I was in my home city. Sometimes I would find a young lass who would let me spank her, but that got hard to do so I looked for women and asked them to spank me instead. Almost all of them said "Yes!" and did it!

The problem: Amateurs. They weren't spankos.

I would be otk and it felt like I was being spanked with mittens. Asking it be harder didn't seem to work. While a couple tried their best I sometimes got, "My hand hurts."

I needed something. For them.

Not wanting to pass through security I looked for some they could use that,
1) An everyday item so you don't get "the eye" from security.
2) Not big
3) Something she could use to protect her hand, and
4) Wouldn't hurt ME. (Much.)

At Sur La Table:
- a 12.5" silicon spatula.
- a lightweight flat-headed, 12.5" wood turner.

And that did the trick. The nice part? They never went to town on me with those 'pervertibles.' They were careful and used it just hard and long enough to get me pink and feel the glow after for a couple hours.

Bernie: It's pretty mundane, but we had to buy some sandpaper and other painting related materials at one of the big-box hardware stores. This was at the height of one of our state's Covid restrictions. My wife spotted [stirrers] designed for use in 5 gallon buckets behind the counter The clerk had a quizzical look when my wife asked for one, then said it was for me.

It broke. I was sent back to the store two days later to buy another. The same clerk was working. She gave me a look that she knew what was going on. She said, "I hope this one works out better.".

We still have it and my wife told me, recently, that it's her favorite implement. I think she's working on having to have me go back to buy another.

Loki_Darksong: Home Depot is a virtual treasure trove of convertible pervertibles.

Originally in the ground stores, they sold these long and short handled grill brushes that were made of thick plastic and had flat back heads that were perfect for spanking. Unfortunately you will have to find that type online because the newer ones are not safe to use in spanking.

One of my favorite convertible pervertibles comes in the form of The Charcoal Companion Safe Scrape grill cleaning tool, which is made from thick wood. I own one and it does make for an excellent paddle. Since Spring is coming this item may be in the ground stores for purchase

Another I will mention is the 13-in Wrap it storage straps. They are velcro storage straps that come to a pack and make for a nice restraints when combined with the rope, chains, connectors and eye hooks you can find in the hardware section. But since this is a clearance item you may have to look around to find them. Usually on end cap in one of the aisles in the store. Best thing nearby five or $6 per pack!

Rich Person: Others have mentioned hair brushes, belts, and riding crops. Loki_Darksong mentioned grill brushes, but I also found a nice, long brush with plastic bristles and a flat back made from plastic composite. The checkout woman smiled knowingly when I bought it.

I've also used the plastic rod that comes with window blinds and is used to roll them up or down. It's on the order of the intensity of a cane.

I've used waxed shoe laces tied in a bundle with the loose ends making a very small flogger.

But in most locations the most widely available pervertable is the common switch, usually free for the taking.

Hermione: When we were redecorating many years ago, Ron picked up one of the unused paint stirrers and said, "This looks like it would be good for spanking." He then went away and spray-painted it gold. He was right. It was, and is, very effective, but more than that, it was the first time he was proactive in choosing an implement. It's the thought that counts.

Morningstar: When I first started off in BDSM most of my 'toys' were homemade or favourite was a knotted rope flogger a friend taught me to make....and I did buy a HUGE wooden stirring paddle at a commercial shop - sanded it down and stained it... still have that one and it is the one I love to hate!

I also have a Betty Crocker red rubber spatula - that thing has a nasty sting!

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #426

Recently, while cleaning out the basement crawlspace, I came across a container of tools that I had once used in pottery classes. It was interesting to note that most of the tools had been crafted for non-pottery purposes, but they worked very well to shape and impress patterns on clay. The same can be said for pervertibles -- spanking implements that were made for other purposes.

Do you make use of pervertibles? If so, which one have you found to be the most effective, and why?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Kitchen Creativity

One of my birthday gifts from Ron was a soy candle-making set. Back in the day I used to make candles a lot. First with the paraffin sold for pouring on top of homemade jars of jam to seal them. Not a great idea, since the candles melted too quickly. Then I graduated to using a giant slab of candle wax that had to be hacked into chunks before melting it in a large juice can. The wicking was string and the colours were melted crayons, and I had an assortment of plastic moulds that I had to tape together with masking tape and set in a bucket of sand before pouring the wax in.

My daughter-in-law gave me a soy candle in a jar last year, and I was pleased at how cleanly it burned. We had a small decorative jar of jam, and I remarked that once the jar was empty, it would make a pretty candle. So Ron gave me a starter kit: a bag of soy wax crumbs, wicks precut and waxed with little metal holders at the bottom, sticky circles to stick the wicks into the glass containers, and a metal melting pot with a handle to prevent burned fingers. How times have changed. It was a breeze to make a couple of candles in glass jars, and they light up the bedroom while Ron lights up my bottom.

Since I'm walking down memory lane, here are some recipes that I assure you DID exist when I was a kid.

Canned beans baked in hollowed-out onions

Tuna and waffles

Creamed eggs in corned beef crust

A shrimp tree


Yum yum!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, March 7, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 5

How should we celebrate my birthday/blogaversary? Here are your creative suggestions:

Barrel: Well let me be the first to wish you Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! Both special milestones.

My offering may depend on how memorable you and Ron want to make it. But I’d suggest:

Take your age, divide by 10, then Ron spanks you for that many minutes with his hand or a hairbrush to kick things off.
You pick your favorite implement and you get strokes to equal your age.
Ron picks his favorite implement and you get the same number of strokes.
Ron picks the implement you dislike the most and, (most memorable???) you get that many strokes with the dreaded implement.

Thereafter, Ron takes you to your favorite restaurant, on a very tender bottom, so you each share your memories of the day’s events over your favorite meal.

Happy Birthday and thank you so much for hosting these weekly events. They are so special for many of us.

Roz: Happy Birthday and Happy Blogiversary Hermione! Two wonderful milestones!

I picture a nice fun spanking with other fun activities and a lovely dinner at a favourite restaurant.

Baxter: Wow, 14 years of this blog. That is real staying power on your part. I think in recognition of all the work you have put into it, you should get a memorable bare bottom spanking, the number of spanks would be at Ron's discretion, as only he knows you and how naughty you are. But really, I have been following your blog for many years now and enjoy it every week. Some blogs have come and go, but it is really nice that yours continues to endure through your ongoing creativity and enthusiasm. Congratulations and many spankings for you. 

Jean Marie: I think that he should make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant (or the place that serves your favorite meal) with no thought to price or calories.
I think that he should draw you a hot bath, and shampoo your hair for you and wash and massage your feet. Then he should work his way in toward your middle, soaping and massaging all the longer, deeper as he gets into your core.
When you come home from dinner, he should spank you just exactly how you love it, but then a little bit more, a little bit harder, to push that envelope, so you're not sure when he'll stop.
Then he should take that little magic blue pill. But he should not rely on pleasing you just with that appendage. He should use his fingers and tongue and toes and nose and...
You deserve every pleasure, even a painful one, because of who you are! Happy birthday, happy anniversary of this great blog, Hermione!

Wendel: How to celebrate birthdays? Why cake and a spanking of course. A spanking for you not the blog, that, that would be just weird.
Congrats on 14 years of blogging. Be sure to tell us how you ended up celebrating. 

Rick Person: I think you should wear your birthday suit all day long, and then just let nature take its course.

It's a little cold here for that, but a nice thought :)

Ronnie: Hermione, Happy birthday and Happy Blogiversary.

As you are probably still not going out to restaurants yet. I think a lovely walk (depending on the weather) together then an afternoon of spanking and other fun activities followed by Ron cooking your favourite meal.

Morningstar: Happy Birthday and Happy Blog Anniversary - 14 years is really quite a milestone these days considering how many bloggers have 'disappeared'.

As for how you should celebrate to make it a memorable one..... I don't know but dinner seems ordinary..... ya know?? everyone does a birthday dinner!! I was thinking more like breakfast in bed - or if that's not your idea of fun - just a nice cooked breakfast with all your favourites - and maybe some nice flowers to decorate the table.....

Spankings of course will happen but to make it memorable? There's the usual one spank for each year - one spank for each year with every toy - one spank for each year and you have to count them..... or how about just a spanking of your preference - your favourite toys - just enough intensity to make you glow........ ??

Whatever you do to make the day memorable - I am sure it will be as special as you are :) 

Prefectdt: Happy Birthday and Blogiversary.

How about this - First find out how far you can be away from a Birthday cake candle and still be able to blow it out. So that it is possible for you to do it, but it is not easy. Negotiate a spanking toy that is mutually agreeable to both you and Ron. Then bend over something comfortable, with your Birthday cake, candles lit, at the distance previously mentioned. Ron proceeds to spank you, whilst singing Happy Birthday to you, and does not stop until you have managed to blow out all the candles on the cake. And make an audio recording of the affair, so that we can all hear how it went. :) 

Jack: Why not ensure you get the birthday spanking you want. Dress as provative as you can, do things that would prompt the spanking. If you dare, wear the least amount and walk outside, backyard, if asked, just say being a naughty little girl, waiting for Daddy to spank me. That should arouse him, and afterwards the gift you really want will happen. 

Red: Congratulations on both birthdays. Actually, you can now reasonably safely go out for lunch or dinner, so I think Ron should give you a real spanking before going out for a meal! Afterwards, when you get back home, a second spanking stronger than the first, on an already tender bottom.
Then a truly memorable fucking with the magic of the little blue pill.
In addition, you should reach out to one spanking friend you have never met, and arrange to meet sometime this year. (I never give up on this one)
Happy Birthday.

A.J.: To paraphrase "Bluto Blutarsky:"

"14 years; and all I have to show for it is a red and sore bottom. Lucky me!"

Another 6 and you will have had a career!

Graham: Happy Birthday! I have no doubt the two of you will figure out the best way to celebrate it, but we voyeurs would love to hear that it included a perfect spanking and some hot sex as well as a romantic night in or out. Enjoy! 

KDPierre: I have no suggestions, but would like to extend Happy Birth&Blogday wishes.

Hermione: What lovely suggestions! I'd like to try them all.

Here's what actually happened. Ron cooked us a lovely breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. Later that afternoon he chose an all-leather theme: the dogging bat, a black leather "hand", and a suede slapper. I added the rose paddle and we were off! I know I got many more swats than my age. I think he added in his age for good measure. Then it was cuddle time. Later, Ron picked up a  pizza from the best pizzeria in town and we had a lovely meal at home.

I stand with Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #425

Today is a very special day, and I'm so pleased you are all here to celebrate it with me. It's my blog's 14th birthday and my... well, let's just say it's my birthday too. Help yourself to a slice of cake and let's get this party started. 

How should Ron and I celebrate my birthday to make it the most memorable ever?

Please leave your suggestions below as a comment. I can't wait to read them! I'll publish an edited summary once I recover from too much cake and ice cream.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, March 3, 2022


We have a regular Saturday date, always at the same time because we are both anal schedulers. It works for us because although there is no spontaneity, we can prepare (me mentally, him the little blue pill). So it was with some surprise that a few weeks ago our puppy came out from the blanket he had been sleeping under, stood in front of us and stared. It was five minutes away from our appointed time. How did he know? Wasn't he too young to tell time?

Then last weekend it happened again. This was no accident. Pup could sense that it was a day with a different routine and he was all for complying with the change to his usual daily schedule. He doesn't mind, since he always gets two frozen stuffed Kongs to keep him busy while we are also busy.

Here are some dog pics I've saved just for you.

I can soooo relate to this one!


I stand with Ukraine
From Hermione's Heart