Thursday, January 31, 2019

Complete the Caption

Many of us in North America are suffering through an unprecedented cold spell, so I thought this picture might help us all warm up mentally, if not physically. Our Hilda looks warm and toasty!

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will roast your submissions on Saturday's blogfire.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

From the Top Shelf - Awaiting Execution

Today's piece is from the collection of stories called The Reckoning by Rachel King, whose work I have published in the past. "Awaiting Execution" is the tale of three sixth form grammar school girls awaiting their fate at the hands of the Headmaster. It's a familiar plot line, and one that's a favourite of mine. It might be considered inappropriate by today's standards—even though I have edited it slightly to remove a few outrageously non-PC details—but Miss King has a really nice, humorous way with words and the dialogue is very English! If schoolgirl canings offend you, stop reading now. If, on the other hand, they fuel your fantasies, read on and enjoy!

Awaiting Execution

Wednesday, March 21; 9.30 A.M. Morning assembly has just finished and two sixth-form girls are standing self-consciously outside Mr. Royce's study, waiting their turn for one of his so-called 'little pep-talks'. A third sixth-former, Carolyn Eglinton, is already inside the study, being attended to.

Wendy Ferguson bites her lower lip anxiously and whispers in her companion's ear, "We're really for it this time, Lynne! He's in a foul mood - you can tell by the way he glowered at us!"

Lynne Challenor tries to look poker-faced and pretend she doesn't care. Petite, with black, urchin-cropped hair, she barely seems old enough to be a sixth-year girl. She has an air of sullen insolence about her that simply invites punishment. Needless to say, this is by no means her first visit to the headmaster's study. Nor, in all probability, will it be her last.

Mr. Royce's study is located at the end of a long, baize-green painted corridor. A deathly hush hangs forever over this corner of the school. The green-uniformed pupils avoid it like the plague, never venturing near 'Rolls' Royce's sombre dark varnished door unless summoned. It's altogether not a healthy place to be.

"Gives me the creeps, this does," Lynne mutters mournfully, kicking her heels in a little show of defiance.

Wendy nods miserably in agreement. "I'd rather have the school dentist than this any day!" she says...

Then it begins. Those unmistakeable whirring and swishing sounds from within Mr. Royce's study, punctuated by high-pitched girlish yelps. Carolyn Eglinton is being caned.

Wendy and Lynne eye each other in alarm. Lynne is beginning to turn a little pale - not quite so cocky by half as she was a minute before.

SWISH -"Eeow! Ooooohhh!"

SWISH - "Aaaaagh"

"God, I was right about him being in a foul mood!" Wendy gasps in terror. Lynne starts to fidget nervously and turns even paler as the ferocious caning nears its climax.


Carolyn Eglinton is crying. They can hear her through the door. Big babyish gurgles and sobs.

Lynne looks at Wendy and sees that she's almost in tears already. Lynne begins to feel distinctly queasy. All her bravado has somehow melted away. Now she is just a frightened little girl.

The dreadful caning sounds have ceased. In their place, faint rustling noises of knickers being painfully pulled up into place around fiercely aching hindquarters..elasticated 'ping' of knicker waistband..then the muffled buzzing of a zip as the short green pleated skirt is fastened up around hips. A low murmuring of Royce's parting remarks.

The study door opens. Carolyn Eglinton stumbles out into the corridor, her freckled face splashed with tears. Her hands are up under her skirt, trying to rub away the blazing pain. She's a rather pretty, well-developed girl with auburn hair loosely flowing to her shoulders and fringing her pale-blue eyes. "Christ! That was unbearable!" she gasps. "I pity you two - you've got it still to come!"

"Thanks a whole bunch!" Lynne snaps acidly.

"Sorry, girls but don't say I didn't warn you!" Carolyn replies with the wisdom born of painful experience. "What I need now is a lovely cold flannel to put on my poor you-know-what!"

"Next!" booms the harsh voice from within the study. Wendy and Lynne are rooted to the spot. Both are suffering from the medical condition known to Burtonwood scholars as 'Jelly-legs' - a recognised symptom of pre-punishment nerves.

The door swings open and Mr. Royce's red-cheeked face juts out like an angry question mark. "Well? Which of you two young ladies do I have the pleasure of dealing with next?" he snaps impatiently, scrutinising both girls with a stare of cold appraisal.

He crooks his index finger at Wendy. "Ferguson, you next!"

Wendy is definitely the prettier of the two; doe-eyed, fragilely lissome, flawlessly complexioned, with long flowing, almost saffron coloured, hair. It's also patently obvious that she is the more petrified of the two. She's knock-kneed and trembling, whereas Lynne, with her cropped black hair, snub nose and tomboyish figure, is still desperately trying to look blase and unconcerned.

Royce scowls malevolently at the dark-haired girl. Her sulky, pouting insolence never ceases to infuriate him. It'll do her good, he thinks, to make her stew in her own juice a while longer. He's looking forward to dealing with her last of all.

He pokes Wendy in the small of her back and she walks, leaden-footed, into his study. The door slams behind them.

Lynne tries all manner of tricks to fight off the unpleasant images her mind keeps throwing up. A pale, shivering Wendy, fingers fluttering at the zip of her skirt...the soft 'whoosh' as the green pleated garment rapidly descends to her ankles...the crimson flush of shame invading her cheeks when Mr.Royce begins to walk round and round her, cane in hand, inspecting her dainty little green-knickered bottom..the 'target area' as he always jokingly refers to it. Lynne knows full well how skilfully adept Mr.Royce is at spinning out the agonising humiliations, stage by stage and step by step. He knows how to make a girl cry before he takes her knickers down - before he even produces the cane from the cupboard.

Minutes go by. Lynne's lurid imagination goes into overdrive.

Then the tell-tale sounds of girlish distress begin, faintly audible. Morbidly fascinated, Lynne puts her ear to the door just in time to catch Wendy pleading urgently with the Head: "O-oh please no! Not with my knickers down! P-Please Sir, not that!"

"Just you take those pants down this instant, my girl, or else I'll do it for you!" Royce cuts through Wendy's weeping protests like a knife through butter.

Babyish weeping, accompanied by the sound of pinging elastic as Wendy despairingly lowers her pants and subjects all her schoolgirlish charms, front and rear - to the stern scrutiny of her headmaster.

Lynne, her ear pressed right against the door, [her] imagination again works overtime as she conjures up the appalling scene within. Poor bare-bottomed Wendy being briskly shepherded into punishment position, bottom upwards across the highly polished top of Royce's mahogany desk - where literally hundreds of girls' quaking tummies have lain before.

Silence again.

Lynne can only surmise that Mr. Royce is, at that very moment, subjecting Wendy's rear end to a most minute pre-caning inspection. This is his usual custom. He claims it to be a necessary preliminary in order to determine which grade of cane to apply to the bottom in question.

The data he bases his final decision on include such factors as 'Buttock resilience' (ie the degree to which his fingers sink into the bottom flesh.Is it tautly firm or fleshly soft?), 'Buttock dimension', (the bigger the girl's bottom, the more extensively it can be caned) and 'Buttock sensitivity', (which generally means how she reacts to pinching and probing and thus how sensitive she is likely to be when whacked on the arse!)

While canings from the Head were a prospect nearly all girls feared there were a few exceptions to the rule! As Mr. Royce felt prompted to observe, on page forty-seven of his private memoirs; "Some girls make the very devil of a racket while being caned. One disgustingly perverted 18 year old pupil moaned and writhed her way through a 12-stroke caning, which left her well rounded backside splendidly striped and wealed, but she even carried on moaning and wriggling after the 12th stroke, whereupon I felt obliged to administer a further eight hearty strokes to purge the wretch of her sinful excitement. Instead of having the required salutary effect, the eight additional strokes only served to inflame her desires further, with the result that her moans rose to high pitched shrieks of sado-masochistic ecstasy, thus by the time I delivered the final stroke she was threshing her purple-striped bottom up and down in a perverse simulation of some copulatory frenzy. Greatly embarrassed, I decided to send the girl to Matron who is, after all, better qualifed to deal with female masochism than I am."

Lynne holds her breath and strains to hear even the slightest noise from within the study.

Ominous rattan-rattling signifies that Royce has at last chosen the appropriate grade of cane to use on Wendy Ferguson's bottom. Lynne shudders - not for Wendy's sake but for her own. She prays that when it comes to her turn he won't select a thin swishy rod that bends so readily on impact with her behind that its tip whips spitefully into the tops of her thighs. Cane-marks on thighs are a million times more embarrassing than on the bottom because they're so glaringly visible below the hem of her school skirt.

Mr. Royce is saying something to Wendy. Lynne can't quite catch the exact words, but it sounds like something horribly personal like, "Stick it well up now!" or worse, '"Keep it stuck right up in the air and keep it still!"

Whatever it is, Wendy obviously doesn't like it very much because she starts to cry again; a series of poignant little hiccupping sobs that end abruptly in a piercing scream as the first lightning stroke of the cane hums through the air and explodes with a resounding 'THWACK!' against her rudely exposed bottom cheeks.

Lynne's tummy lurches and once more she's beset by a violent attack of 'Burtonwood Jelly-legs'.

"And that was just for starters!" she hears Royce drawling lazily in his well-educated Daily Telegraph reader accent while Wendy blubbers pathetically.

"KEEP THAT BOTTOM OF YOURS STILL, FERGUSON!" he suddenly roars. Suddenly he is as angry as a bull.

That's the trouble with old 'Rolls', Lynne reflects bitterly. You never know where you are with him. One moment he is as nice as pie, next moment he is yelling like a madman.

Wendy's blubberings cease momentarily. She's holding her breath, waiting in dread for the next stroke.

Lynne tries to imagine how poor Wendy must be feeling. All alone in that grim oak-paneled study, green school knickers twisted round her ankles, skirt neatly folded over a chair, bottom vulgarly bare and 'well stuck up', just as he likes it - with a thin reddish-purple stripe of throbbing pain imprinted right across the plumpest, rudest part of it.


Again the cane falls. Again Wendy's voice howls in shrill protest. Again it drowns in a sea of tears.

The arresting sequence of happenings repeats itself six more times. By the end of it all Wendy is howling like a baby and Lynne - awaiting her turn for a dose of Mr. Royce's stick - is nearly wetting her knickers in terror.

The door opens and a tear-soaked Wendy staggers out. Lynne's eyes are wide with shock for Wendy is half naked. She is wearing only her blouse, tie, socks and shoes. In one hand she clutches her skirt and knickers.

"My God, she's too sore even to dress!" Lynne thinks in mounting panic as her turn arrives.

Wendy manages a wry ghost of a smile. "Your turn now, Lynne," she murmurs with blessed relief that, at last, for her, it's all over. "Oh and he told me to tell you he has only been warming up so far - using me and Carrie as 'target practice'. It's you he's really saving it all up for!"

Lynne starts to blubber and snivel. No man has ever made her cry before. But there's always a first time for everything.....

"Cheer up Lynne," Wendy says sympathetically, " at least you won't have to wait any longer. I always think waiting's the worst part!"

Lynne nods bleakly, ashamedly brushing away the tears.

"I'll be in my dorm if you want a shoulder to cry on afterwards," Wendy adds, "lying on my tummy of course!"

As she turns to go, Lynne sees for the first time the awful purple streaks emblazoned on poor Wendy's behind.

Feeling very alone and vulnerable, Lynne creeps into Mr. Royce's study, dreading every step she takes.

It's quite obvious from the start that Mr. Royce means business. He has that brisk no-nonsense air about him that the girls have learned to fear.

The first thing he does is to lock the study door and pocket the key. The reason for this is not so much to spare Lynne's blushes as tho ensure there are no witnesses to the manner and severity of the punishment she's about to undergo.

Then he tells her to take her knickers off... While the petrified girl divests herself of tie, blouse, skirt, vest and knickers, Mr. Royce cheerfully places two upright wooden chairs back to back.

Lynne, halfway through taking down her underpants, watches him out of the corner of her eye. She wonder what ordeal awaits her now.

At least she doesn't have long to wait before finding out... Royce impatiently guides her into position by delivering spiteful cane-taps to her thighs. He makes her kneel up on one chair and bend forward across the backs of both chairs until she can support herself by placing the palms of her hands on the seat of the other chair.

Her small round bottom is elevated to an angle of ludicrously obscene exposure. Mr. Royce will now be able to cane not only the crowns of her buttocks, but also the soft delicate under-curve just above her thighs.

Never in all her life has Lynne felt so thoroughly abject - so helpless, so humiliated... Two big tears trickle down each cheek. She'd do anything not to give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry, but there's no way she can stop herself from bawling her eyes out like a stupid baby.

"Hmm now let me see," Mr. Royce murmurs, assessing the faint hint of fleshiness in Lynne's quivering, cringing buttocks. "I think cane no. 3 will be just right for this little bottom," and goes to his cupboard to select the rod in question.

Lynne hears him energetically swishing it up and down. Her heart starts to thump madly and her eyes are misted over with fresh tears. Then she feels the cane's cold caress against her taut, stretched bottom-cheeks. And as he slowly raises it to deliver the first stroke, Lynne begins to cry in earnest.
Alex Birch adds this codicil to the selection when he published it on his blog: "I reckon any Headmaster who behaved in this way would be writing his memoirs from inside a small room with a padlock on the door and a metal grille on the window, but a nice little tale from Miss King's feverish imagination!"

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, January 28, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 27

What made you decide to share your experiences on spanking blogs?

Fred Bloggs: For most of my life I thought I was unique in being a bit, OK a lot, kinky. It wasn't until the internet arrived and I could search for kink did I realise that far from being alone there are millions of us. So it just seemed the obvious thing to do and join in with the conversation. Many thanks to all the people who go online with their blogs and forums and who make all this possible.

Bernie: The beets go on, the beets go on. Ya da da de de, ya de da de da,

Sorry, couldn't help it. So, beet me. Something to follow later, I hope.

(This was in reference to the picture of a bunch of beets on yesterday's post.)

NoraJean: I was facinated when I found ttwd Blogland last year ... and was amazed at all the online conversations happening across the many types of kink ... after years of Frank and I going about our ttwd life in isolation, discovering this world meant I/we could join in the conversations and get to know others here in Blogland, safely and anonymously.

Bonnie: I was reading spanko blogs and thought that I might be able to add something to the conversation.

Shell: I've only been blogging about a month and just "came out of hiding" a few months ago when I worked up the courage to leave a comment on Meredith's blog (New twist after all these years). When she first suggested that I blog I about choked -- I spent 6 years thinking I was a freak. I wouldn't even consider sharing. I just wanted to read and learn from other women like me, but from the safety of my anonymous self.

But over the course of about 2 months Meredith convinced me that the best way to truly meet ttwd friends was to be willing to share my own journey as well. I'm a month in and loving it. I've met some amazing women who have just allowed me to be me. Even Matt has noticed a new confidence since I began blogging. There is something to be said for these new found friendships. I owe that to Meredith.

Sir Wendel: It was actually the Complete the Captions that got me started.

Boo: I am like Shell. It was Meredith who got me to comment on one of her posts that had nothing to do with TTWD. We started talking and she convinced me to talk to my husband. That was this past summer and we are slowly making our way in TTWD/DD.

Roz: I discovered ttwd blogs and was amazed at the comments, replies and conversations and how supportive and encouraging everyone was both on and behind the blogs. It became clear that wonderful friendships were made through blogland. I decided I wanted to join the conversation.

Yorkie: I finally found like-minded people who shared my kink and I didn't feel alone any more.

Baxter: The anonymity of blogs is what I needed to respond with experiences and comments. Getting into the spanking blog world started with spanking groups on Yahoo and then probably saw links to spanking things on blogspot. It opened up a whole big world to me that others were as turned on by spanking as I was and finally felt I wasn't strange or that I thought about it a lot.

Barrel: While I have lurked on several websites and blogs for years, as the most welcoming and educational I have found, I only participate here. I love the brunches as a forum to share where we are in developing our lifestyle. The safety and warmth here helps us in peeking out, just a little further, every month. Thanks to your readers for sharing their lifestyle and you for your commitment to lead all of us.

Hermione: I had been reading Bonnie's blog for a while, and sent her an email asking her several questions. She kindly answered, then asked me if I would care to share my experiences in a guest post on her blog. I did, and you can read it here.

Katie: Hi Hermione, I started to blog so that I could give back. I landed in Blogland, and what I read here made a huge difference in my life. That was because people shared, and had conversations right there on their blogs, about spanking, relationships, marriage, being loving, etc. Their words made a difference. I wanted mine to do that in some small way for others. I hope that somehow it has. Great topic!

Terpsichore: First researching to discover that I am not alone, then reaching out to get to know others with similar yet different ideas, then making friends and those friends becoming a community and family, and finally giving back by sharing my own experiencing and welcoming others to share their own truths.

Thank you all for sharing your insights.  I look forward to seeing you all again next week. Bring a friend!
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #263

Welcome to another spanko brunch. I'm glad you could make it today, because we have an interesting topic that was suggested by our good friend Barrel. Countless individuals on this planet have an interest in spanking, and a large percentage of them keep their interest between themselves and their partners. But some of us found the courage to declare our preference to the world via the internet. Why?

What triggered your willingness to express your views and share your experiences here, or on your own or other blogs?

Leave your response as a comment below, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday FAIL

In the meme I wrote this week, one of the questions was about Walmart. That reminded me that I hadn't posted my latest Walmartian pictures, so here goes! There are bottoms galore on display today.

 Are those hands measuring the size of her butt?

That's how he rolls.

 Patriotic cheeks!

 Waaaay too much to spank here

Quite enticing, doncha think?

Happy Friday!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

A Meme from PK

PK came up with an interesting meme that I just had to try, so here goes:

1.What bill do you hate paying the most?
Mastercard. It's always higher than I thought it would be.

2. When is the last time you had a romantic dinner?

3. What do you really want to be doing right now?
Playing games on my iPad

4. How many colleges did you attend?
Two universities and one college.

5. Why did you choose the shirt you are wearing right now?
It matches the leggings I have on

6. Thoughts on gas prices right now?
A lot lower than they were a month ago

7. First thought when the alarm goes off in the morning?
My alarm clock is a little dog coming out from under the covers, shaking his head, and I think, "Oh, no, we're going out into the cold."

8. Last thought you have before going to bed?
Nice music on the radio.

9. Do you miss being a child?
Oh, no, not at all. Childhood was an unpleasant time for me.

10. What errand/chore do you hate doing the most?
Buying a case of beer, because it's so heavy and I hate asking for help carrying it to the car.

11. Up early or sleeping in?
Always early -- see #7.

12. Found love yet?
Yes, I have!

13. Favorite lunch meat?

14. What do you get at Walmart every single time?
A smile when I see real live Walmartians!

15. Lake or ocean?
Lake. Oceans are scary!

16. Is marriage outdated?
It isn't necessary for a happy relationship.

17. Ever crash your vehicle?
Absolutely not.

18. Strangest place you’ve brushed your teeth?
In the basement, over the sump hole, before we had running water.

19. Somewhere you’ve never been but want to go?

20. At this point in your life would you want to start a new career?
Yes, I already have, and I love it!

21. How old are you?
Old enough to know better.

22. Do you have a go to person?
No, I'm self-sufficient.

23. Are you where you want to be in life?
I never really knew where I wanted to be, so yes, I guess so.

24. Growing up what cartoons did you watch?
Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Tom and Jerry.

25. What about you do you think has changed since you were in high school?
My confidence and my ability to socialize.

26. Looking back was high school the best years of your life?
Oh my, not at all, but they were better than public school.

27. Are there times you still feel like a kid?
Yes, when I eat peanut butter straight from the jar.

28. Did you have a pager?

29. Was there a hangout spot when you were a teenager?
There might have been, but I wasn't one of the in crowd so I didn't know about it.

30. Were you the type of kid you would want your children to hang out with?
Yes, I was polite and had lots of toys for my friends to play with.

31. Was there a teacher or authority figure that stood out to you?
A male teacher in Grade 7 who threatened to spank us if we didn't do our homework. Another male teacher in Grade 11 who said the same thing to me directly when I missed an easy question he asked me.

32. Do you tell stories that start with when I was your age?
No, because nobody wants to hear that sort of thing.

Thanks, PK!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, January 21, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 20

How can you encourage your partner to spank more frequently and for longer, and how do you make it more enjoyable for the spanker?

Yorkie: I don't know how to answer that as having adult children at home we rarely get the privacy we need. I can only imagine the frequency would be around once a week if it was just us. I'm pretty sure she would be happy with that.

Roz: This is a great question. Consistency of spankings is an issue many of us face. I don't have any answers apart from communication.

QBuzz: Tell them you want to be spanked more, and give them a minimum acceptable frequency?
If that doesn't work, find an extra spanker :D

Baxter: I do ask my wife for more spankings, suggesting she give me one when I get home from work. Once she did meet me at the door with the riding crop and I try to encourage more of that, but it doesn't happen. I just keep trying as I know I need it.

Barrel: To increase the frequency of spankings in our home, we have agreed I just have to leave an implement on her dresser in the morning. She always finds time later in the day to use it vigorously, so I have to be sure I am mentally prepared.

As for increasing her satisfaction and enjoyment in spanking me, she consistently tells me the part she enjoys the most is the actual spanking, rather than the build up. So as we are preparing for the spanking, I ask her if she will be especially strict and how she intends to color, or mark, my backside. When she has it to the degree she described, she has a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Bonnie: We have a standing date every week at the same time. We both look forward to our Friday evenings at home. Regardless of what else happens during the week, we know we can count on having this precious intimate time.

Anna: In our home it is also on Friday evening. That night our two sons spend the night with my folks. Peter seems to need to be rebalanced and nothing works better than a good long session
of domestic discipline. After he is eager then to repay me by seeing I find release and he doesn't .
It works.

Joe: Communication is very important; your spanker must be clear on what you want and need and you must show your appreciation when you receive it. Some people enjoy spanking and some don't. My wife spanks me only because she knows it is what I want and need. So since she makes that extra effort for me I make extra effort for her with things she likes.

Terpsichore: Nope...I'll let you know if I do... :-)

Bernie: Our deal is for me to leave an implement on her desk. A spanking will ensue that night or the next day. Seems to be working for now. The best!

Deena: This is a complicated issue for us. What has helped tremendously is communication. Getting the focus OFF of spanking, and putting it more on our relationship took a great deal of the pressure off both of us. Better yet, spanking or no spanking, our life together has improved tremendously. As he becomes more confident in leading, the rest seems to follow.

Ronnie: Consistency of spankings can be a real issue. Communication is very important. Maybe ask for a weekly spanking on a particular night (see Bonnie's comment) I like that idea.

Hermione: Communication is crucial to get the amount of spanking you need. Speak up and say it; don't wait for your partner to make it happen. A regularly-scheduled day and time works for us. As for making it fun for both of you while it is happening, try vocalizing to show that his/her efforts are much appreciated.

I hope these suggestions will be of some help. Please let us know how it works out for you.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #262

Welcome one and all to our weekly gathering! Come on in, warm up by the fire and have a bowl of hot soup. Today's topic was suggested by an anonymous reader, and here it is in his or her own words:

I would love to know from others if they have had success encouraging their spanker to spank more frequently. I struggle with the inconsistency of spankings. I'm too often stir crazy for months before it happens and the spanking is never for long enough when it does occur. So, how to make this more fun for the spanker so s/he wants to spank frequently instead of once in a great while. 

What suggestions or advice can you offer? Leave your response as a comment below, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, January 19, 2019

You Completed the Caption

Here is the cartoon with the original speech bubble restored. I suspected you would come up with many clever auto-related captions, and you proved me right!

Carl H: To customer on the phone: "Looks like your rear end needs to be greased"

Mike Glen: I'm sorry, But I will have to adjust your tranny.

Anon 1: To customer on the phone: "From what I am hearing it may be a slow leak."

To customer on the phone: "I was just looking and I think there is a problem with the rear end."

Windy: Guy on the phone mistakenly says, "I think this job requires a giant screw...... I mean, a giant screw driver."

QBuzz: 'Terry, can you bring a paddle into work with you? Debbie's wearing THAT skirt again, and you know that means she wants a spanking before we both give her a good seeing-to at the end of the day!'

Anon 2: "Hang on a sec, willya? Not there, Millie, it goes in the bottom drawer."

Crimson Kid: "Looking at that rear end from my perspective, I'm afraid that it's going to require a major realignment."

Sir Wendel: The headlamps need some tweaking, the suspension looks solid and the rear end looks firm but I won’t know for sure about the performance until I get under the hood and go to work on the old girl.

Anon 3: “Oh, and that reminds me your big end has gone...”

Hands63: Guy on phone, “From here it looks like you have a huge crack in your rear end “

Bernie: The boot on this model seems rather large. Do you think we can deal with it?

I'm hopelessly ignorant about cars so I couldn't think of anything, but I do have a great topic for brunch, coming up next. Please stick around and join in the fun.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Complete the Caption

This naughty postcard lacks a cheeky caption because I've hidden it from you temporarily. What do you think the telephone conversation is about?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and if you have seen the postcard before, then do your best to suggest an alternate conversation. I will publish your contributions on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

From the Top Shelf - The New Girl

This extract is from a spanking novel titled Reformed by the late Victor Bruno. As the title indicates, is about a Girl's Reformatory where young women convicted of crime are sent to be 're-educated' and where corporal punishment is liberally dispensed. This piece concerns the arrival of a shy and modest new girl to the school and, needless to say, her shy modesty is not preserved for long. The 'Lisa' mentioned throughout is Lisa Cavan, the main character in the novel.

A new arrival was introduced to the classroom. She was, Lisa knew, a nineteen year old by the name of Janet Hale who had received a three month sentence for shoplifting. There were tears in her dark eyes. How hateful that unfamiliar and degrading school uniform would feel to her, thought Lisa. Standing there, with all eyes on her, she would be hoping that it was all a nightmare from which she would presently wake.

No such luck, reflected Lisa sardonically. All of them there, in turn, had felt like that. But there was no avoiding any of the humiliation and the pain. It was simply part of the regime of reformation. It was one which Lisa could never have imagined possible (or endurable) until she had entered Redesdale Grange and experienced it at first hand.

"Only three months sentence, eh?" the bright-eyed class mistress was saying to the new girl. "Still, long enough to make you mind your P's and Q's in future, I hope!"

"Yes Miss.." whispered Janet Hale. Her hands were clenched knuckle white. Lisa knew exactly how terrified the girl felt but didn't really care. A hard veneer had been laid over Lisa's emotions in the last few months. She had become indifferent, even callous, towards the sufferings of others. Just as long as SHE was not the one suffering. That was all that mattered. It was an attitude of mind which, once upon a time, she would never have believed herself capable. Now she knew better. Inhumanity bred inhumanity.

Lisa realised by now that, if by deception or lying, she could get someone else punished in her place, she would happily do it. Those were the depths she had sunk to. Or rather had been brought down to.

"You know who I am of course?" Miss Carstairs was saying.

"Y-yes M-Miss-the-the class mistress," stammered Janet, a girl with soft brown, shoulder-length hair.

"Anything else?"

Janet shook her head. "I-I don't know , Miss."

"I am the Governor's niece," said Miss Carstairs, her eyes hard and cruel, "so I don't advise you to cross me."

"N-No, ohhh no Miss" cried Janet, clasping her hands together in an imploring kind of way.

My God, thought Lisa, how many times have I witnessed this scene? How Miss Carstairs loved playing games with a new girl! She was a truly sadistic bitch. Lisa felt hate burning in her breast and fought it down.

Miss Carstairs' finger was pointing at the middle desk in the front row. "As the newest girl, that is the place you will occupy."

"Y-Yes Miss.."

Janet took a nervous step towards the desk. "But before you sit down," said Miss Carstairs relentlessly, "I shall, as is my invariable custom, demonstrate to you what I do to girls whose behaviour or work displeases me."

White-faced, the youngster halted in her tracks. The same old routine, thought Lisa. How long ago it seemed since she had been through it! Yet in some ways it seemed like only yesterday. What vivid memories. She recalled how hideously shamed she had felt. All the same she stared at Janet dispassionately.

She watched as the young class mistress went across to the easel and took down the slim cane and the brown leather strap which hung there. Janet's frightened gasp was loud and clear.

"She gets either - and sometimes both - of these across her bare bottom," Miss Carstairs was saying. "Just as you are going to now, Janet. Not, on this occasion, for any fault but merely as a sharp public warning.."

Almost the exact same words she used to me, reflected Lisa.

The slim cane tapped on the trestle stool which stood against the front of Miss Carstairs' desk.

"Kneel on here, Janet. Lift your skirt and take your knickers down!"

The order was issued with cool authority , as if it were the most natural thing in the world to tell a modest nineteen year old girl to do.

"B-but please Miss...p-p-please...I haven't done anything.."

Janet Hale was nervously shying away from the young teacher, her cheeks colouring rapidly.

"I know you haven't. Just do as I say please Janet!"

"Miss, oh please I can' can't ...please..not in front of every-" Janet's voice trailed off into a pathetic tearful whisper.

"Do you want to be sent to the punishment room for three successive days of beatings, Janet?"

"NOOOOOOOO..NOT THAT!" squealed Janet desperately. Lisa saw that the poor girl was now down on her knees. The cane began to tap on the trestle stool again.

"Let me tell you, Janet," said the same relentless voice, "that if you do not obey my order, that's exactly what will happen. So I shall repeat my order and then give you thirty seconds to carry it out!"

"Miss..Noooo...I beg you please!"

"If you do not obey, I shall not alter my decision - however much you plead and cry later."

Lisa knew the horror and terror gripping the young girl's vitals at that moment. She had been asked to accept the impossible - yet the alternative was even more hideous. The eternal dilemma with which one was constantly faced at Redesdale Grange.

"I shall now repeat my order for the last time, Janet," said Miss Carstairs, eyes even beadier. "Kneel on the stool, lift your skirt - and take your knickers down!"

A ghastly groan, tearful eyes as well as hands raised imploringly now.

Do it, for God's sake, do it, Lisa was inwardly urging. Don't get yourself sent to that frightful room. You'll only have to come back and face this humiliation in the end anyway!

Do it girl!

It is scarcely likely that Lisa's mental urging was actually communicated to the trembling girl. What did get through to her was Miss Carstairs' iron resolution. There could be no doubting that what she said, she meant.

Whimpering, Janet forced herself to stumble towards the trestle stool.

"I'll do it..I'll do it..I will." she sobbed , the colour flooding into her cheeks again.

"Only just in time," observed Miss Carstairs icily. She watched as the girl first knelt and shyly lifted her skirt.

"Higher than that, girl! Right up, Janet- as high as it will go!"

The short black skirt slid up to the waist. The familiar little white panties were revealed over a shapely young bottom. She has a lovely little figure for one of her age, though Lisa. Maybe later that might turn to plumpness.

"Now get those knickers down! AT ONCE!"

Ah, the moment of supreme humiliation. At least what one thought of as supreme humiliation the first time. One learnt - oh yes indeed - one learnt, said Lisa to herself. She felt quite unemotional as the trembling girl pushed down her tiny knickers to expose herself naked to the watching class.

Janet was now sobbing loudly.

"Monitors!" called out Miss Carstairs.

At once, from each end of the front row, sprang a girl. They had been specially chosen, as being the biggest and most powerful in the class. In seconds they were up by the desk and had stretched out Janet's arms and pinioned them down with their hands, each gripping like a vice. Janet uttered a howling cry of shocked terror.

"I'm going to give you the strap first, Janet. Only five. Just a little taste, you might say."

"M-Mercy...ahhhh.. no please Miss..I've done nothing!"

"Afterwards, I shall give you a taste of the cane," went on Miss Carstairs, completely ignoring the girl's cries. "Another five..."

"Nooooo..please ...for pity's sake..noooo!"

Dispassionately, Lisa watched the clenching evocative of the dread coursing through the young girl. Once others had looked at me like that, she thought. And back then, I thought the end of the world had come. Nothing, but nothing, could be worse! Oh how innocent I was back then. As Milton wrote, 'if ignorance be bliss, 'tis folly to be wise'. Oh how true! If she had been able to tell Janet Hale at that moment, that this would be about the lightest punishment she would receive, Janet would almost certainly have not believed her.

The single tailed strap swung up and whacked down across Janet's bared bottom, producing a loud gasping yelp from her and raising a pinky red swathe across her pale flesh. Lisa watched Janet squirming with a sense of dispassion. What a fuss she was making over something so minor!

Down came the strap again, curling and cracking over the shuddering buttocks producing an even more agonised yelping gasp from the girl.

" more!"


As ever, Miss Carstairs was using the full sweep of her arm, giving it all she'd got. Lisa knew exactly the blazing, burning pain that Janet was experiencing. Unbelievably painful it had seemed at the time but as nothing compared to the pain produced by a triple-thonged tawse such as the male Block Overseer had used on Lisa's bare bottom just a few days before.

"Oooooo ahhhhhh!" cried Janet, her head jerking up and back.

Soon she would learn not to break so early, reflected Lisa, it only made things worse. After all this little 'sample' of things to come was just the beginning. The cane would feel much more painful!


"Aaaaagh no more..pleeeeeeeease!"


The fifth and final stroke cracked across the squirming bottom-cheeks, raising a fifth rosy-hued band of burning pain.

By now, thought Lisa as she watched Miss Carstairs replace the strap and take down the cane, Janet will have forgotten all about the burning shame of her immodest pose and exposure. A different kind of burning - right across her buttocks - would have driven that out!

"Nooooo, please," Janet squealed, "please n-not the cane! I couldn't bear it!"

Casually, Miss Carstairs measured her trembling victim's bottom. She had heard these pleas a thousand times before. What these girls promised to do if only she would stop. It made no difference to Miss Carstairs. Each and every one got the hiding she had prescribed for them. These recalcitrants had been sent there to suffer and suffer they would!


The first whiplash stroke of the cane bit into Janet's bottom and a piercing shriek penetrated the room. The squirming contortions were even more frantic. Understandably so. It was never exactly pleasant, Lisa knew, to get the cane where a strap had just fallen. Certainly not when a girl was as new to the rod as Janet Hale. She continued to watch, her features emotionless, as the girl received four more vicious cuts at regular measured intervals. With each one the girl's screams grew louder..and her writhings more frantically convulsive.

Lisa was slightly contemptuous. She was making a lot of fuss over very little, she thought, proud of herself for the degree of will-power and fortitude she had built up over her time inside.

"Stand up! I said STAND UP, GIRL!.." Miss Carstairs was snapping. "And stop that childish snivelling. That was only a taste I can tell you. " She looked around the class, eyes smiling grimly. "Or perhaps I should say, any of your classmates can tell you!"

"" sobbed Janet, her hands clutching at her burning bottom.

"Hands away, and pull your knickers up!" ordered Miss Carstairs.

Swaying, stumbling, Janet Hale pulled up her flimsy little knickers which, miraculously, had survived her struggles without being ripped. Lisa suddenly recalled that, the first time Miss Carstairs had caned her bottom, she had twisted and kicked so much her panties had ripped in half..with the subsequent penalty of another thrashing later. So, she thought, maybe I am being unfair. The kid has coped better than I did! It was a sobering thought.

"Now go to your desk!"

With reddened, tear streaked face, Janet turned toward the class of grinning girls. Her eyes were cast down. Never before had she felt so ashamed and humiliated. To be treated like that, her knickers pulled down and her bottom beaten in front of so many. How could she survive that - even if they were fellow girls sent for punishment? Gingerly, Janet seated herself on the hard wooden seat - and her series of wincing gasps echoed round the room.

Everyone understood.

Everyone had been there before.

Janet Hale was taking the first painful steps down the path they had all trodden.

"French Grammar books out," said Miss Carstairs, sitting at her desk and laying the rod ominously in front of her. "Page 30. And I might as well tell you all I'm in a caning mood this afternoon so you better keep your minds alert!"

Every head, blonde, auburn, brown and brunette, bent over the hated text books. And in every female breast crawled a little worm of apprehension.

For there was one thing they had all learnt.

Miss Carstairs was a woman of her word!
I found Lisa's attitude and observations rather interesting.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, January 14, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 13

Do you keep a spanking diary?

Barrel: We do not, although I like the idea. It is a nice way to keep track of the frequency and intensity of my spankings.

Roz: When we were practising DD we did keep a diary of both infractions and things that had gone well to ensure these were acknowledged as we were often unable to deal with any issues at the time. Any consequences for actions, such as spankings were also recorded.

Yorkie: No, but I have written LOTS of letters to my wife recounting my feelings and viewpoint, as the spankee, on lots of my spankings. She loves them. M: We don't keep a diary but we did keep a list of misdemeanours for a time.
I keep a secret diary on line but I don't think it will see the light of day.

Katie: Hi Hermione, :) I don't keep a spanking diary, but I look at my blog as a nice record of some of the more notable spankings that have come my way.

Jack: Showed this to my wife, her response, don't need to, I remember past spankings, we women do not forget. If I repeat something that I should not she remembers the last time, if it was a short time ago, the spanking is long, but if it was awhile back the spanking does get my attention but not as long.

Rosco: No diary, but sometimes I’m required to write a confession or apology prior to a spanking.

I’ve also been required to deliver lists of synonyms for my behavior - obstreperous, bratty, pouty, disobedient, etc.

I’ve been told I’ll be getting my bottom thrashed in a few hours, without any rewards for a few days.

Sir Wendel: No diary. Once a spanking is over we move on to the next.

Windy: No diary, but I do write down ideas and events with details so that I can remember them when I write a blog entry!

Hermione: This blog is my spanking diary, and if a noteworthy spanking occurs, I write about it here. Most spankings are regularly scheduled maintenance ones, and nothing out of the ordinary, so I won't bore you with repetitious posts.

Well, that was interesting. Let's do this again next week!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #261

Welcome to another weekend brunch, where the conversation is as stimulating as spanking. Thanks to my generous readers, I have a bountiful supply of topics for the upcoming weeks. Today's topic was suggested by an anonymous reader.

Do you keep a spanking-related diary? Is it the main means of communication between you and the person who spanks you? Is it a requirement in your spanking relationship or is it a secret?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion on Monday.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, January 12, 2019

You Completed the Caption

Here's the original caption, and it's surprising how close some of you came to reproducing it.

KDPierre: Word bubble from her: "I know when you brought up introducing spanking into our marriage yesterday, I was very resistant. But I thought about it all day and because I love you and don't want to lose you, even though I'm a little scared, I'm willing to give it a try. So here. I'm ready. Do it before I lose my nerve."

Thought bubble from him: 'How do I tell her that when I brought getting spanked, I meant ME?'

 Jack: Found this hidden, must be yours, do you know how to use it?

Katie: "Yes, it's a new dress and new shoes too!!! Yes, they were expensive!! Here! You might as well get it over with..."

QBuzz: Hard to improve on Katie's but here goes...
him: Well if you don't think I should be the one to punish you, perhaps I should ask your mother to bring her hairbrush next time she vis...

Michael M: You're going to get the call soon Daddy, from the car body shop about the repair, so I think we should get this over with now.

Her: I know today my maintenance spanking is due so let's get it over with.
Him: Well ok but why are your pants still on? That gets you double.

Rosco: Maria of the feminine gender
from the front appears oh so slender
but turn her 'round and you'll find
a most abundant behind
that blossoms whenever you bend her

Baxter: Glad you are home. I have been panicking all day about what you would think about the tiny, well large, dent in your sports car that happened when a tree ran out in front of me. so please take the cane and thrash me thoroughly. oh I am so sorry.

Ronnie: You know you told me not to try and park the car in the garage because of the faulty door? Well, you need to take a look.

KDPierre: "Honey, I'm so glad you're finally home. I accidentally locked my keys in the car and I should have a spare set that I usually keep in my panties....but I can't find them. Maybe you can jimmy this through the window to unlock it while I keep looking?"

Storm: I have an itch I just can't scratch. Will you please try? And please hurry!

Shell: "One! Two!...ummmm.....14...27.... 39! 40! --Phew! I'm done!"

You are all so creative! For more creativity, please stay and have brunch. It's being served soon.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Complete the Caption

Our good friend Sir Wendel Jones sent me this cartoon, and I think it's wonderful. I've hidden the caption so you will have to guess what is about to happen and why.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will post them, along with the original caption, on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

From the Top Shelf - A Governess Speaks

I originally published this story over two years ago, but I think it's worth a second look. It was originally published on the Late Alex Birch's blog, so I will let him introduce it.

"Today's entry is a treatise on the efficacy of corporal punishment which may strike a chord with some of our readers. It's by Miss Marianne and taken from the magazine The Governess. Miss Marianne is Miss Marianne Martindale who is a practising governess in an 'adult' school. She dresses in the chic manner of the 1930's, lives in London, and who [sic] actually does employ servants who happily accept beatings as part and parcel of their terms of employment. The letters within were written by her adult pupils after visits to her establishment."

A Governess Speaks

I am a traditional governess. I expect you have seen this claim before, and if you are seriously interested, as so many girls and boys are, in receiving corporal punishment in a straightforward, no-nonsense manner then doubtless you will have been disappointed. Unless of course you have already succeeded in discovering my establishment.

You may wonder how I can be so confident that you will not be disappointed if you come for a lesson with me. I am confident because I am unique. I live and rule in a world set apart from this time, this era, a time which I utterly despise. My world is a world of mistresses and maidservants, of schoolmarms and schoolgirls, of rules and regulations, order, hierarchy and harmony, and hard work and best behaviour are expected from everyone at all times. Within our world, carelessness, laziness, insubordination and slackness are offences punishable by the strap or the cane. It is a world where discipline is regularly administered and considered normal. So, if you are accepted as a pupil you enter not merely a classroom, but a whole world where decency and fairness, kind attention and strictness are the order of the day.

In the words on one girl pupil: "May I congratulate you most heartily for maintaining an institution organised on traditional Victorian values and principles. How sad it is that respect for authority, good manners, common courtesy and a sense of duty are hardly even in existence in modern times. You are greatly to be admired for maintaining strict discipline amongst your staff, servants and pupils and I am certain that you are respected by all those for whose training you are responsible."

And from another pupil: "When I first made an appointment to see the Governess I was half-expecting a poor performance, and an indifferent attitude. How wrong I was! After a short talk to break the ice I was led to a schoolroom where desk, blackboard and cane are kept. Lessons are conducted in a very professional way and could well have been really in the 1920s. My first visit resulted in one or two moderate canings, a switching and a strapping. It was a good first visit."

So what do I personally believe about discipline? First and foremost I believe that corporal punishment is good for you, that to know that you need punishment and to prefer such punishment to a complete lack of supervision is a normal, healthy reaction. A few good, hard strokes of the cane clears the mind of cloudiness, the body of tension, cleanses the soul and leaves the offender conscious of a tingling posterior and the desire to try harder next time.

Canings are properly administered. Once in the time-honoured position, bent well over the school desk, the cane is rapped several times across the bottom. This gives rise to tension and the contraction of the buttocks in anticipation of the first, stinging stroke. The cane hisses like a snake and thwacks hard against the upturned rump. Breath is forced out of the body as the first burning sensation sweeps through the body and down the legs.

Discipline, both in the general sense of rules and codes of behaviour and actual corporal punishment, provides boundaries and gives a sense of security. As one girl wrote, "The classroom was furnished in a business-like fashion and somehow gave me a feeling of confinement and sanctuary at the same time."

Many of the girls who come to me were brought up at a time when one was expected to be a good girl and conform to certain patterns of behaviour. Present-day children, and adults, have no one to say, "Don't do that" or "You must try harder. You are not doing your best", or even just a plain "No!". The result is an inner sense of drifting and emptiness, and a decreasing sense of self-respect as one continually does less well than one might because there is no-one to keep one up to the mark.

"From the time I was at school until now, I have had no real sanctions on my personal behaviour. We all need sanctions, I certainly am far less capable of controlling my temper and my speech in daily life, for lack of them! That is really what I come to you for; the imposition of sanctions that demand total control and for which the price of failure is the infliction of punishment that really hurts."

Ten minutes after you enter my classroom a sense of security returns. You soon realise; here is someone who will keep a very close eye on me, make sure I do my best and punish me if I don't. You find yourself sitting up straight, concentrating and enjoying the peacefulness that comes when someone else is absolutely in charge and all you have to do is be obedient and do your best.

The girl we have just heard from wrote: "I felt great relief caused by the brief relinquishment of authority and respite from the requirements of making decisions that is almost incessantly demanded of me; as your pupil for that brief hour, I have no decision to make, all I have to do is exactly what I am told."

She also wrote rather poetically of what it feels like to receive a punishment; "The sickness in one's stomach on the award of a punishment, the agony of anticipation at the prospect of the scorching sting of the tawse and searing bite of the cane; the knowledge that it is well deserved, totally inescapable and absolutely necessary; the ensuing battle of mind over body during the punishment itself, in forcing oneself to accept the pain, in total obedience, without complaint and, above all, the overwhelmingly cleansing effect of severe corporal punishment, that leaves you feeling that the debt is paid, the slate is wiped clean."

I should make it clear that moderation and leniency are shown when necessary. if a pupil has not received corporal punishment since schooldays long ago, or if, as often happens, she is someone who has never been punished but is drawn to the idea of punishment, then care is taken to ensure that the discipline is fair and appropriate. On the other hand, for those pupils who are able to receive the cane, and deserve and need firm handling, strict, hard punishment is freely given. Read the testament below:

"I have over the past two years experienced many punishments from this remarkable governess for many transgressions in her classroom at Oxford, not the least of which was a good spanking. This baby or small-child punishment was given with her delicate though firmly-soled rubber slipper, bent across the desk, her hand firmly pressing my back down, as her other hand brought the slipper down from high above her shoulder in a steady rhythm across my petticoat. Although categorised as a minor punishment the governess had decided it was going to be a severe one where each stroke was a Victorian stroke - great full-blooded slaps from high above her shoulder making me tingle with the sting. An impression remains with me of the accumulation of stinging, the loud slap of each blow striking home in a regular cadence over the whole area of my buttocks and thighs, the vitality and energy the governess seemed to have - where after at least forty smacks there was no diminishing of force - indeed they seemed to increase in sting almost more than I could bear. I began to sob with the thought that this spanking could go on and on. Her hand pressed ever more firmly into my back, "Be still, girl!"

Another girl wrote thus: "Now the first punishment was about to begin and I bent over the desk and placed my hands on the chair as instructed. Ma'am lifted up my skirt and tucked my petticoat tight between my legs. It was at this point that something quite strange occurred which I find difficult to explain. The governess laid her free hand on my back. Now physically I am quite a strong woman. Were someone to lay a heavy load on my back for instance, I imagine I could shrug it off with very little effort. What now rested on my back was the delicate hand of the governess. However I could no more rebel against that hand than I could fly to the moon."

No one is ever punished for ignorance in my classroom, only for laziness in the matter of learning corrections or forgetting the rules. This fairness is especially necessary with those girls who were born after the end of the 1950s and who have had slack and casual schooling rather than an effective formal education. I once had to teach a girl the alphabet because she had received so little formal education!

I should mention that I am, in the main, a governess for girls of all ages, but I do take selected gentlemen if I think they are genuine. The majority of pupils attend because they experienced corporal punishment as children and miss its benefits. Among the younger pupils I see (Post-1960) children, a few come specifically because they have never received corporal punishment and yet feel it would be good for them. A lot of pupils are in positions of responsibility and authority, with no real superior to turn to in times of difficulty.

When I conduct a lesson, the pupil is relieved of all responsibility and can bask in the feeling of being looked after, both in the matter of strict supervision and helpful advice where requested. You can attend simply because know a good, hard smack is good for you, and find as well someone on whom you can rely for kindness and help.

If you will not think me immodest, I should like here to give you some of my pupils' first impressions of meeting me. All the extracts you are reading are taken from letters of appreciation or classroom essays; but all are authentic comments.

"The door was opened by a tall striking woman in her middle to late thirties. She was dressed in a neat crisp white blouse and a plain black skirt. I noticed she wore high heels and the sheerest of silk stockings. She had the most beautiful waist-length light brown hair. I discovered later that when in a particularly severe mood she wore it swept up in a knot away from her finely sculptured cheekbones.Her most outstanding feature was her wide generous mouth which, despite her seemingly severe manner, was outlined in bright red lipstick. Her clear blue eyes were skilfully outlined in mascara and were keen and sparkling. She was absolutely breathtaking and in appearance was every schoolchild's dream of the ideal governess."

"Your obvious beauty, general appearance, authoritative manner, attention to detail and your every little movement had me spellbound and reduced me mentally to the ignorant little schoolboy you must have perceived before you."

"From the first moment I saw you, I felt immediately submissive, as you were both so superior and dominant; yet you were so neatly dressed and attractive, and did not attempt to raise your voice. Your vocabulary and manners were impeccable. When you returned to the interview room, wearing your cap and gown, I felt even more under your total domination, hence my hands shook in anticipation of what lay ahead of me."

Let me summarise what happens when a pupil comes for a lesson. You arrive and are given a short interview. You are then taken to the schoolroom and the rules of the classroom are explained. These you are expected to repeat to me. The lesson begins. Work such as a spelling test and mental arithmetic are given in the first lesson. You will not be punished for initial mistakes, but you are expected to remember the rules and show respect and to learn any corrections before you are tested. The punishments are given at a level which I believe to be appropriate for the girl concerned and may vary from person to person in severity.

See thus: "The English lesson you gave was very polished,and put me on my toes. It was well thought out and the classroom discipline was strict. The corporal punishment given was administered with accuracy and sensible strength. I liked the way you announced the strokes you were awarding and why they were to be given. The actual caning was accurate and each cut with the cane laid on with skill."

"Your lesson was most interesting, well thought out and excellently delivered. I confess I did not pay sufficient heed to your classroom rules, and too often broke them. May I again plead nervousness and the fact that this was one of the most emotional experiences I have ever encountered. I thought your punishments were fair, and although those of the corporal variety were certainly painful, they were nevertheless stimulating in the knowledge that they were deserved."

To me, being a governess is a vocation and a pleasant duty. The important thing is that I look after the pupil, look after her mental, emotional and spiritual welfare much as a mother should,and too seldom does these days, look after her child.

I certainly believe that kindness and strictness are necessary to the healthy life of each one of us, be he young or old, male or female. I look forward to the day when the world recovers its senses and reinstates a disciplined attitude along with corporal punishment in the home and in the school. In the meantime those who seek proper and decent punishment are welcome to attend my school.

I shall end with the concluding comments from one of the endorsements quoted earlier:-

"I had been told that at the end of a punishment I was to express my gratitude by saying, "Thank you, Ma'am." In fact this instruction was redundant for at the completion of this punishment I felt such genuine feeling of gratitude towards the Governess that I was anxious to thank her anyway. All too soon the lesson came to an end and I was excused. I cannot easily describe all the things that I felt but will try by saying the following; I feel that I have been travelling for a long time in many aimless directions and have now arrived at a place which is good. In spite of this I feel that I am now starting a new journey, not one that is aimless but a journey with order and discipline."

Alex Birch wrote at the conclusion of the original post: "Maybe some of my readers have attended similar academies. What do you feel about the effects of corporal punishment 'cleansing ' and 'wiping the slate' clean. Does this ring any bells with you. Does this kind of 'academy' serve a useful therapeutic purpose? Or is it just a bit of fun to you with no real benefits?" What do you think?

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, January 7, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 6

What are your suggestions for brunches in the upcoming year?

Fred: I like the Brunches, it's an institution stated by Bonnie. Removing Brunches at a time when much of the internet is being censored would IMO be a bad thing. This one place we can have discussions away from the censor.

I do appreciate all the work that is done to make this happen.

NoraJean: I don't often participate but always love to read the Brunch topics and the discussions that follow, Hermione.

Peter: I seldom comment on this or any site, but love this site and the brunches. Any and all topics interest me. My lady introduced me to spanking, and has made me grow as a husband and a man. A few weeks ago for the first time i was disciplined at a party. Was arousing, humiliating and thrilling to me. A few days later two of the husbands called to ask questions and to admit this was an ongoing fantasy they had but were afraid to bring up with their partners.
Happy New Year !

Barrel: I just found your blog less than a year ago and regret what I have been missing. The brunch topics are enlightening, encouraging and in some cases empowering. I find a sense of comfort and belonging when I participate here. So, please...please continue.

I would suggest future brunch topics around the subject of where participants have found strength and motivation to grow in this lifestyle. I would also enjoy learning what triggered their willingness to express their views and share experiences here. Finally, I would like to know as their lifestyle grows, are they increasingly comfortable in letting others know that discipline and punishment is a key to their relationship.

Thanks for all you do, Hermione.

Roz: Thank you for continuing the brunch and for all you do for blogland. I think it's a great forum for sharing views and opinions and I always enjoy seeing the different topics and comments.

Jack: I will say this, if it was not for this blog, I would have never had the courage to come of the closet to speak and state what I had kept hidden. Yes it took the right woman, but it took this blog to take that step. Thank you for given me that push needed.

Sir Wendel: I do enjoy the brunch. Keep it going.

The Glenmore: I must confess that I rarely participate in these or even read them as it's so hard to differentiate between true opinions on the subject and those who use it to publish the same boring, obviously fictional accounts which have little to do with the subject. For example, of the 9 posts you have had so far on this subject you already have 4 of those irrelevant posts.

Some of then try to post the same crap on my blog but now I am set up to approve all posts and delete the crap or irrelevant ones.

You may consider doing the same to make sure all posts on a brunch subject are relevant and interesting.
Just my 2 cents...

Baxter: I too enjoy the brunches. I do participate from time to time. Please continue to do them. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog, Hermione.

Loki Darksong: I have always enjoyed The Brunches, both when Bonnie held them and now currently with you. The topics have always been very interesting given rise to conversations that were engaging and put up many variables in regards to the question asked.

Not only do I recommend that the brunches continue, but I also recommend that you keep the accessibility of posting as is. If a person takes the time to post an answer to a brunch question and then have that reply just dismissed only discourages people to reply to future brunches. Which in turn could possibly discourage replies all together.

Remember. Nothing is trivial.

Ronnie: Hermione, I too enjoy the brunches and try to participate every week but not always possible. If you are still happy and willing to continue with the brunches please do.

Anon: Yes, Please continue the brunches.

Would love to know from others if they have had success encouraging their Spanker to spank more frequently. I struggle with the inconsistency of spankings. I'm too often stir crazy for months before it happens and never for long enough when it does occur.

So, How to make this more fun for the spanker so he wants to spank frequently instead of once in a great, great while.

Thank you all for taking the time to respond and make suggestions for future topics. I won't be changing the accessibility of commenting on my blog, but I sometimes edit responses in order to make them relevant, and do not include those that are repetitive or have nothing to do with the topic.
From Hermione's Heart