Sunday, February 28, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #372

Hello and welcome! I hope everyone is staying safe. If there is a covid vaccine available in your area, please take it. We don't have any here, but the infrastructure has been set up for making appointments, and hopefully it won't be long now.

I've been doing a bitlot of reading lately, and have found some very good stories in the Library of Spanking Fiction as well as on several blogs. But not just any spanking story does it for me. I have particular tastes in what I enjoy and what I pass by. When I'm reading a blog, I look for a list of keywords so I can select the type of story that appeals to me. How about you?

If you are reading a blog that contains a wide variety of spanking stories, what keyword(s) would you typically choose? Which ones do you ignore?

Please leave your response in the comments section below.  Once everyone has responded, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, February 25, 2021

From the Top Shelf - Beverly and the Principal, part 2

Beverly wants to find out what a paddling from the principal feels like before she signs the permission to paddle form for her unruly daughter. To refresh your memory, here's part 1. Now let's see how Beverly reacts to school discipline.

What do you wear to a paddling, thought Bev? She was nervous, but determined to go through with it, at least for Haley’s sake. That way she could tell herself that she hadn’t put her daughter through anything that she hadn’t experienced too. And there was the nagging guilt---that it was partly her fault.

She finally decided on workout tights. She’d be coming back from her gym class anyway, so she might as well meet him in her gym tights. No real need to change.

On Thursday after her workout she checked her appearance. She wore her normal workout gear--- black knee length stretch tights and a top. They fitted her hourglass figure like a glove, she decided, looking back over her shoulder into the mirror. The rounded twin globes of her bottom were clearly defined and separated by the tight synthetic fabric. For a top she wore a halter. Well, I guess that will give him a good target, she sighed. Time to go.

The school parking lot was empty when she got there. It was nearly seven o’clock. Only one other car---his. Nervously, she walked in. She could see a light on in the office. She knocked.

“Is that you, Mrs. Clawson, er, Beverly?” asked a voice from within.

“Um, y-yes, it’s me.” Cripes! This was crazy, she was now thinking.

Ward came to the door and motioned her to come in. “Please, come on in. Let’s talk.” Beverly entered and sat down in the chair in front of his desk. It seemed intimidating. She now had a feeling of what a student might feel like called in to account for some bit of bad behavior.

“Well, I see you actually came. I have to ask, are you sure you want to go through with this?”

Beverly shook her head, yes. “I feel as though I must—for two reasons, really. First, I want to know what this will be like for Haley, this paddling. And second, despite what you may think, Haley’s acting out is my fault in a big way. So, yes, let’s get on with it.”

Ward studied her for a moment. “Well, I’m done trying to talk you out of it, and I do understand, and if this is what it takes, then, well---ah, stand up and slip your jacket off.” Ward stood. Sexy and authoritative men made her all fluttery, and Ward was no exception. Beverly rose and took her warm up jacket off, revealing her curvy body clad now in tights and a halter top. Ward did a double take.

The lady had curves in all the right places. He turned and moved toward the wall. Beverly hadn’t noticed, but now she did. There was a paddle hanging on the wall by a leather loop. Ward retrieved it.

“Standard two foot maple paddle. Four inches wide, three quarters of an inch thick.” He showed it to her. Beverly gulped. It looked serious. This was going to hurt. She took it in her hands. It felt heavy.

She handed it back. Ward took it.

“OK, Beverly, what I want you to do is bend forward over the desk right here, supported on your elbows, palms down flat. Feet about a foot apart.” He watched as she bent forward. The posture thrust her shapely posterior outward in an almost indecent pose. Wow, did this lady have a figure or what? Her heart shaped bottom was clearly defined in the tight stretch pants. He took the paddle and moved to her left, took up a stance and pressed the wood against the jutting rump. She flinched, then settled back down as he gently tapped her bottom with the paddle.

“Now, please stay still, Beverly. Best to look straight ahead.” He rubbed the paddle on her bottom in circles, measuring.

Beverly tried to calm herself. This was it. “I’m ready,” she said.

Ward drew back and brought the paddle forward in a smooth arc. Whack! It landed square across the center of Beverly’s bottom.

“Ah…ohhhh….my God!” It had stung like fire. A hot brand right across her seat. She’d had no idea!

Whack! The second swat fell. She flinched, partially raising up.

“Ohhh…..whew! That stings.” The burning was quite intense.

“I know it does, Beverly. This is what it’s like. Stay still now, here’s number three.” Ward drew back his arm again and pivoted forward, the blade whooshing through the still air of the office. Splat! The paddle impacted the shapely rump again making her wriggle involuntarily.

“Yeow!” She had to let out a wail, it stung so bad. Her eyes were tearing up.

Ward noticed how her ass cheeks quivered when the paddle hit. The tights looked painted on, and the twin globes of her luscious bottom were clearly outlined. To steady her Ward put his hand in the small of her back. Then he delivered the fourth smack to her burning bottom. She cried out again and stamped her feet as if that could somehow relieve the awful burning.

“Only two more,” said Ward. “Are you ready? Can you take this?”

Beverly composed herself as best she could. “Yes, I can take it,” she gasped. Her bottom was burning hot, but she felt somewhat at peace, being rightfully punished for her inattention to her daughter’s needs.

Whap! The fifth swat was the most painful yet and Beverly let out a wail and wagged her behind shamelessly. The sight of the paddle bouncing off of the bottom of this mature well formed woman in tights was causing Ward to be seriously aroused. Better finish this, he thought.

Smack! The last swat echoed off the walls.

“Owww!....ohhh, my God!” Beverly raised up on tiptoe. Her behind was blazing like it been branded.

“Ok,” said Ward. “It’s over. You can get up. Please let me help you.”

Bev rose on unsteady legs. Her behind was on fire, her eyes filled with tears. She rubbed her bottom.

“Ah…ah…ah…” she gulped.

“Beverly, would you like a tissue?” Ward was now very solicitous.

“Yes, yes.” She took the tissue and wiped her eyes.

“The rest room is just down the hall if you want,” offered Ward.

“I’m ok,” she fluttered. “Just give me a minute.” Her seat was blazing hot and felt swollen. She decided to stop rubbing and even tried to sit down, but thought better of it.

Ward put the paddle back on the hook. “That is the standard school paddling, Beverly. Just like a student would get. Although in your case I think you had less protection. Most kids wear jeans over underwear.” It hadn’t escaped his notice that under the thin spandex there had been no panty line. She’d probably worn a thong.

Beverly blushed at the implication. She found her voice. “I’m ok, and although it hurt a great deal, I’m ok. I don’t regret doing it.”

“Well, I’m glad of that,” said Ward.

Later she felt as if the pain had cleansed her in some way. It faded to a warm glow, but she was sore for a while. Soon other thoughts intruded into her consciousness, sexy thoughts involving a certain handsome principal.
Aha! I thought she might have enjoyed that.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

From the Top Shelf - Beverly and the Principal, part 1

After a much too long hiatus while I dusted and sorted the naughty books on my top shelf, I'm happy to say I have a lovely story to start for you today. It's from the late Rollin Hand's The Romance of Spanking Vol. 2, and long ago he gave me permission to post his stories here. "Beverly and the Principal" is a schoolgirl spanking story but, as with all Rollin's stories, there's a twist, as you will guess from the opening paragraph. It's a rather long story so I have broken it up into five parts. Without further ado, I give you part 1.


The “schoolgirl” stood nervously in front of the desk as the Principal lectured her about her behavior. She wore an abbreviated plaid skirt that ended several inches above the knee, displaying the taut lines of her shapely legs. Her breasts pushed against the tight white blouse in front and her pert bottom jutted out in back. Her hands were behind her back and she shuffled nervously from foot to foot. The principal finished the scolding and slid open a drawer. Inside was a short wooden paddle. It had a legend on it that said “Heat for the Seat”. He pointed to the desk.

The schoolgirl reluctantly leaned over, placing her elbows on the desk. The Principal moved to her rear, gripping the little paddle. Placing it under his arm, he used both hands to raise the schoolgirl’s skirt in back. He paused a moment to admire the plump and shapely bottom clad in brief white panties. Tucking the paddle under his arm to free his hands, The Principal placed his thumbs in the elastic of the panties and, ignoring the protests from the “schoolgirl”, drew them down to her knees. The unveiling revealed the lush rounded globes of a most shapely posterior. He patted the lush cheeks then stood to her side and tapped her with the paddle. Then he drew back his arm.

Three months earlier…..

The envelope from the school was thick—too thick to be good news. Beverly decided to go inside and make a cup of coffee before she even dared open it. Now sitting in her breakfast nook she sighed and slit the bulky package. “Damn!” she muttered. Another referral notice telling her that Haley, her sixteen year old daughter was in trouble yet again. This was the fourth one in as many months. This time it was another tardy. She hadn’t bothered to go to her 6th period history class after gym, so she’d been awarded another detention. But there was more. As she sifted through the papers she reflected on the whys of Hailey’s conduct this year.

The divorce had been hard on them all. After years of constant bickering over every little thing she and Rick had called it quits. They were too different---irreconcilable differences. It was a no go. Beverly moved from the sophistication of Dallas to the smaller town of Hot Springs, Arkansas that had job opportunities in her field, which was hospitality. Haley had hated the move. She lost all of her friends, and now had to start all over in a culture very different from the city. And it had led to acting out. Around the house Haley sulked. She either talked back or was sullen and moody.

It had been a shock to Beverly. Haley had been a straight A student, never a sign of trouble, no boys issues, drugs, or even profanity. She had been a quiet good girl, serious about her studies. And that was in spite of the fact that she was cute as a button and attracted considerable male attention. Now Haley seemed adrift. There was no major trouble yet, but if this reckless behavior of hers wasn’t stopped, there would be. Beverly was no disciplinarian, she’d never had to be. From the looks of things in this packet though, the school was stepping in.

The fact was, Beverly had to admit to herself, she been inadequate to control Haley’s behavior because she was having trouble controlling her own. Chores went undone. The house was a mess. She worked all day, went to her gym, came home and collapsed. Bills were paid late if at all. She realized she’d been hitting the wine bottle heavier and heavier lately. Trying to numb out? She pulled a sheaf of papers from the envelope. There was a notice calling for a parent conference with Ward McCollum, the principal. That sounded serious. It would be Friday afternoon. Damn, she’d have to take off from work.

There was another form, a different color. It was a permission form. It said “Corporal Punishment Consent Form”. Stapled to it was a one page sheet that said “Corporal Punishment Policies and Procedures.” My word, thought Beverly—what was this? As she read further, the meaning became apparent. Having been given three detentions now for various infractions, Haley was now subject to corporal punishment should a fourth appear. She read the letter from the school signed by Principal McCollum. It said that Haley could be suspended for this last infraction. In lieu of suspension she could submit to corporal punishment. This was to be one of the subjects to be taken up at the conference. Hence, the permission form and the guidelines.

Her mouth agape, Bev read on. Punishment was meted out with a paddle. The normal penalty, six swats. The student was to wear slacks or jeans as normal, no extra padding. A witness from the school staff would be present and parents could be present, and in fact were encouraged to be there. Good grief, it had all the grim formality of a hanging.

Bev put the letter down. What should she do? It was her decision as parent. Haley probably wouldn’t mind about the suspension. Maybe she wouldn’t even care. They had never raised a hand to Haley---it hadn’t been necessary. But as things had turned out she was now falling. Where would it end? Bev set her jaw. Maybe a short sharp shock right now would turn things around.

She would think about it. She hadn’t been able to parent very effectively, lost as she was in her own problems and self pity. It was really her fault that it gotten to this point with Haley. Her thoughts were interrupted by the clunk of the door opening and footsteps. It was Haley.

“Do you know what this is?” asked Beverly, thrusting the packet toward her. Haley’s face changed abruptly from bright teenager to chagrinned teenager. She had known intuitively what the packet was-- -a notice from the school. “We have to meet with Principal McCollum on Friday afternoon. And I’m afraid there is worse news, Haley.”

Haley squirmed, her expression both guilty and apprehensive. “Under the school rules you can bepaddled for this.” That got Haley’s attention.

“What? Paddled? You can’t be serious!” Haley was incredulous. She had heard stories here and there, but it was always about someone else.

“I’m afraid so, Haley. It’s a fourth detention. Skipping class. Where were you? You weren’t off school grounds were you?”

Haley’s guilty look told Beverly she’d hit the nail on the head. “You left the school in the middle of the day? To go where?” Bev was angry now.

“It was nothing, mother. Just to the drive in, then right back.” Haley was wheedling now, wringing her hands, which she realized had been caught in the proverbial cookie jar.

“I’m of half a mind to sign this ‘permission to paddle’ form right now, Haley Elizabeth.”

Haley’s expression changed from concern to horror. “Oh, mother, no please don’t. I’d just die.” She put her hands up as if warding off an evil spell.

Bev pursed her lips and shook her head. “I’m going to think about this, Haley, and I’ll decide when we meet with principal McCollum.”

What Beverly was really thinking about was her own culpability. A paddling. What would that feel like? If Haley were to be paddled, I should be paddled too, she mused grimly. It’s almost as much my fault as hers. If I’d been a better wife, and a better mother, maybe this would not have turned out this way. The very idea was oddly intriguing, but she didn’t understand why. Beverly’s experience with any type of physical punishment was limited to a few swats on the backside from an irate mother. In her family scolding and being sent to her room had been the means of discipline.

The principal, one Ward McCollum, was, in Beverly’s opinion, a pretty good looking male. Beverly had met him at a parent-teacher conference. They had talked for a time and she had been impressed.

She had also heard that he was a bachelor. And he seemed very nice. It was hard to envision him as a stern disciplinarian wielding a wooden paddle. Still, she had this thought and she could not let it go.

The more she thought about it, the more she became convinced that maybe she needed something like this to get her to wake up. She made up her mind. She would talk to the principal before the meeting.

As things are wont to do, serendipity intervened. In this case at the local food mart. Several days later she was shopping for groceries. There in the checkout line was Ward McCollum. He saw her and smiled. “Mrs. Clawson, how are you?” She felt slightly flustered. He was definitely an attractive man.

Beverly nervously brushed her hair back. Did she look ok? Bev knew she was a good looking woman. At 5’6”, she had auburn hair that fell below her shoulders and a 35-23-36 figure that she kept in good shape at a local gym.

“Oh, Mr. McCollum. I didn’t see you,” she lied. “I’m uh, fine.”

He came forward. “Please, it’s Ward. We’re too small a community here to be formal.”

“Yes, of course, ah, Ward. Please call me Bev.” Good grief, she was fluttering like one of his schoolgirls.

“Let’s see, your daughter is Haley, right? Say would you join me for a cup of coffee? I know you got that letter, and well, I’d like to talk to you about it, informally, if it’s ok.”

Bev thought this was a chance to raise something she’d been mulling over. “Sure. I’ll just check out.”

“There’s a shop on the next corner. I’ll meet you there.”

They got a table in the coffee shop and exchanged pleasantries for a few moments. Then Ward said, “I know what’s on your mind. It’s the letter and our upcoming conference, isn’t it?”

Bev had been mulling the matter over ever since the letter had arrived, and now she had to ask. “About my daughter Haley, yes. In your letter you said that normally a student would get a paddling for the fourth offense, is that right?”

McCollum sighed and nodded. “Yes. It’s not something we like to do, but sometimes we run out of options and a short, sharp shock is what is called for. Haley, unfortunately, has reached that threshold.

I don’t like to recommend corporal punishment, but we do have standards. It’s got to be that or a suspension.”

Beverly shook her head. “I just can’t deal with a suspension, and it would set Haley back too much. So, this paddling, just how many paddle swats is it and what is it like?”

“For this, six. The student bends across the desk. I apply the swats right on the round part of the sit spot. I will tell you it hurts, but they get over it in a day or two.”

Beverly sat there, thinking. “It’s my fault she got in this trouble. I’ve been preoccupied with myself. I’ve let things go with Haley.”

“Look, Mrs….”

“Please, Mr. McCollum, Ward… it’s Beverly. We never laid a hand on Haley. She’s never even had a spanking. She’s always been very well behaved.”

McCollum said earnestly, “Ok, Beverly, but, look, you can’t beat yourself up. Sometimes kids do things. It’s up to us adults to put them back on the right path…even if it’s sometimes painful, both for us and for them.”

Beverly had told herself she was going to propose this crazy idea. Well, here he was, and here she was. She said, “Yes, yes, I know but….look, if I ask you something, will you promise not to think I’m a complete kook?”

“Sure. Ask away.”

Bev took a deep breath. “Before I consign Haley to this, ah, punishment, I need to know…”

“You need to know what Beverly?” Ward was perplexed. Where was this headed? She seemed flustered.

Bev looked at him shyly and said, “I need to know what I’d be getting her into. Whether she could handle it, both emotionally and physically. You see, I’m as much to blame and I couldn’t approve this punishment unless I….”

Ward looked at her with arched eyebrows.

“…unless I experienced it first.” There. She got it out on the table.

Ward sat back. Ran his hand through his hair. “Well, Bev, that is certainly one unusual request.” He was silent for a minute, thinking.

Bev jumped in. “I’ve given it a lot of thought. It’s something I need to do.”

Ward cleared his throat. “It’s six licks with a wooden paddle firmly applied to the seat. Uh, do you maybe have a friend who could…?”

“No,” said Bev, calmly. “I’ve thought about it, and I want you to do it.” She had already decided this. If it was to be real, she wanted the authority figure who would paddle her daughter to paddle her as well.

Ward absorbed this little declaration with a bit of a shock. “I, uh, really Bev, this is, well, highly unusual, wouldn’t you say?”

But Bev was all business now. “I know it is, but I insist. It’s necessary.”

Ward pursed his lips. It hadn’t escaped his attention that Beverly was very attractive and the idea of such a scene with an adult woman, well…

“I’ll tell you what. I hate to go all legal and everything but if you sign…”

She interrupted. “I’ll sign anything you want. I need you to do this so I can decide about Haley. Please.”

Ward finally agreed. It would be a standard school paddling. They would do it after hours on Thursday, then Bev would decide on the permission slip, suspension or paddling, by their meeting the following day.

I can hardly wait for Thursday!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, February 22, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 21

This week we pondered on the percentage of the population that engages in spanking.

Liza: I'm surprised the number is as high as it is for women and surprised the number is not higher for men.
I hope you're having, wonderful and warm weekend, Hermione!

QBuzz: Assuming 'any kind of spanking activity' includes a smack on the butt during doggystyle or similar, it makes sense that the numbers are quite high as that seems to be a standard move in the bedroom these days anytime it's not simple vanilla sex :D
Maybe there should be a survey that distinguishes between the occasional spank and full-on OTK spanking or with implements?

Joe: It seems like the numbers vary depending on who you are talking to. I talked to a counselor once who about a third of the population enjoys spanking. We are split here my wife spanks me only because I ask her to and was shocked when I first asked. It took a while before she first tried and a while longer before my spankings became effective but now very effective. 

Bonnie: I think QB is on the right track. Survey responses vary considerably based upon factors such as the composition of the survey population, how the question is worded, the medium used for data collection (in person, telephone, online, etc.), and respondents' perception of anonymity. Responses related to personal topics such as sexuality are particularly challenging to measure accurately. Some people conceal what they believe are abnormal interests while others may exaggerate their experience in order to seem cool.

In my previous my career as a journalist, I used to develop and analyze polls.

With that said, these numbers feel high to me. Even if we count everyone who ever had a passing curiosity about consensual adult spanking, I can't imagine that number would approach 75% for women or even 65% for men. My guess is that around half of those percentages would be more a realistic ceiling. Even so, we could be living in a world with hundreds of millions of spankos!

Why then have so many of our friends found this to be a solitary journey? Where I wonder are the all of those missing "dark matter" spankos? What, if anything, would encourage them to explore their kink? Or are they doing so already, just very clandestinely? Perhaps this could be a future brunch topic?

Roz: Interesting results Hermione, I'm a little surprised it's as high as that. I too think survey results can vary quite a bit depending on the makeup of those surveyed and the phrasing of survey questions. We all interpret questions differently.

Wendel: Sounds like a good Family Feud question. 

Simon: Like all polls these are meaningless without context. What group or groups did they ask and how did they choose them. The figures seem high to me and I know a lot of spankers/spankees but it took the internet to be invented for me to meet most of them.

Barrel: The numbers seem high to me, too. Can you share the group or where you found the survey? Despite the fact it takes two to tango, I suspect there are way more men with this predilection. But I am grateful for the females at brunch every weekend.

Rosco: I really have no idea, but I doubt large numbers are into it with the intensity and frequency that Irene and I are or, for that matter, most of the folks who comment on this blog.

At some point, wouldn’t you hear a lot more slapping noises when you’re walking your dog in the neighborhood?

Baxter: I have no idea about the numbers. But I will say that everyone in this country, especially all the politicians, should submit to regular spankings. I think this country would be a lot better off if everyone's bare bottom was turned red and sore on a regular basis. As to my neighbors and friends, there have been more than a few women who I would love to spank as well as have them spank me. 

Alan: There are no generally accepted surveys on erotic adult spanking. But one often cited sponsored by a sex toy company found that just over one in four people either engaged in "impact play" or wanted to do so. A subject like this is notoriously hard to study because many people apparently conceal their interest or involvement in kinky sex. So the one in four who do admit to spanking play may understate the true numbers. To complicate it even more, the internet seems to have exposed people to spanking who discover it and became interested that way. So interest and participation may be increasing. It is pretty well established that most people keep private any sexual interests they have that they consider out of the mainstream and while spanking may not actually be out of the mainstream , many still do think of it that way.Experience with gays may give us an idea of how many hidden spankos are out there. Most estimates today put the gay ( including lesbian and bi-sexual) population at almost 5 percent. Most studies before gay liberation and marriage estimated the population at about half of that. 

Windy: In 2016, all the surveys said Hillary Clinton was going to win. I'll never believe another poll again. LOL

As I was reading Bonnie's answer, I was thinking this gal knows her statistics.....and then she verified that. So interesting. She makes a lot of sense.

I am wondering what "dark matter" is though. 

Prefectdt: I'm with QBuzz and Bonnie on this one. I think that the numbers are reasonable if you include all those that have a passing curiosity or indulge in the odd slap on the but during foreplay and the act of sex itself but for actual lifelong spankos that have been fantasizing since before they even knew what sex was, these figures seem unreal, although it would be nice to be wrong and find out there are a lot more of us out there, I think that would just be wishful thinking.

Bonnie: Windy - Dark matter is a concept invented by cosmologists to explain the apparent absence of sufficient visible matter to explain the expansion rate of the universe. I was making a very geeky allusion to invisible spankos. Sorry to be so obscure at brunch.

Thanks for the explanation. I too was wondering what it was!

Hermione: I agree that surveys have to be taken with a grain of salt. The responses will vary according to the population being surveyed. However, I think that far more people like some sort of spanking activity before or during sex than they are willing to admit.

That's all for this week. Stay safe, everyone.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #371

Welcome one and all to our weekly discussion. Depending on where you live, you might be basking in the warmth of summer, shivering in the depths of winter, or somewhere in between. Nevertheless, cookies are a delight no matter what the weather.

Spanking seems to be as popular as ever in the online world. Have you ever wondered whether your friends and neighbours are also spankos? I investigated this interesting topic (on Google, not in my neighbourhood!) and while the actual numbers varied, it seems that roughly half the population enjoys some sort of spanking activity. According to one survey, the numbers were 75% women and 66% men, while an earlier one found it to be 47% women and 60% men. What do you think?

Did the numbers seem high, low, or about right to you? What about the difference between men and women? Which gender do you think is really more interested?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Global Warming? Brrr!

I really feel sorry for the people in the southern US who are experiencing what we Canadians call a normal winter. If you aren't prepared, it can be dangerous. I hope the people of Texas get their electricity restored soon.

In the meantime, here's what we do to make the most of it.

Many people have kept their Christmas lights on and decorations up to cheer us up, but that's for another post.

Stay safe and wear your mask!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, February 15, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 14

How was Valentine's Day different for you this year, and what did you do to celebrate?

Baxter: Despite the cold and snow, we will grill steaks or chops outback and have some wine or beer to enjoy the meal. In the past, we would do something like go out to dinner or buy a real nice box of candy. One time, we went into a drug store and looked at the cards. I picked one out and gave it to my wife who read it and gave it back. She did the same. No we did not buy the cards, we just lightly touched them. Probably a spankable offense. Being retired now, we enjoy each other's company every day, so every day can be Valentine's Day for us. 

Roz: For us there are no restrictions this year. However we have never made a big deal of Valentine's day so this year won't be any different. We maybe share some chocolate and snuggle up for an evening in.

Fred Bloggs: As a resident of 'Plague Island' (The UK) we are in lock down, so absolutely nothing is going to happed this year.

Wendel: We go out for dinner on Valentine's Day. Most of the restaurants are now open for indoor dinning so much changed there. Since we are working from home I am planning to give the Misses a really good spanking when she wakes up to enjoy all morning while working. Then at lunch time I am going to paddle her until she cannot sit. She will remember me all day. Giggle. 

Bonnie: Under the circumstances, COVID plus a winter storm, we will be staying home. As for additional spankings of a romantic sort, those are quite possible.

Bernie: I was reminded, yesterday, that we started our spanking relationship on a Valentine's Day 20-ish years ago. My sweetie also let me know that I should expect to be thoroughly reddened tomorrow. So, I'm looking forward to some wonderful recreational pain and discomfort.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. 

Loki_Darksong: Personally my wife and I celebrate the Lupercalia. Mainly the traditional whipping given to women who wish to have luck in fertility and childbirth.

Nena: We're in lockdown, and we have a curfew from 21.00-4.30 which means we will be at home, and so will our teenagers, so nothing will happen here :(

Ronnie: No restaurants in the UK are open as we are in lockdown, but even if they were, we do go don't go out to eat on Valentines. There is one thing that will be different this Valentine's Day, we are both going for our Covid jab.

Barrel: We never celebrate Valentine’s Day in any special way. We will take a long walk, chasing a little white ball. Spanking is on the menu today as we are building toward a session and my wife likes to get my mind prepared for those special events with little build ups. She has been expecting me to lay out an implement, and today I shall.

Anon: I may be the downer here, but - nothing. I have always consider this is a day set aside for the exclusive benefit of the jewelry, florist, and restaurant associations. Same with Mother's Day.

Another day I avoid going out - New Year's Eve. Among my fellow daily practitioners, this day is known as "amateur night."

KDPierre: Rosa and I are hopelessly nontraditional. This is not to say we didn't have a very nice day together, but to put a finer point on it, Rosa challenged me over lunch to come up with a kind of alternate sentiment for her Facebook post today to contrast to the others out there. I suggested this: "Make romance a lifestyle, not a special occasion."

That pretty much sums us up. No Hallmark cards, no chocolate, roses, stuffed animals, balloons. Just a really nice day together and hopefully tomorrow is just as nice...or close. We also joked about being a real-life Morticia & Gomez...only with the ethnicities reversed. LOL ;-)

Prefectdt: I am the Valentines Day Scrooge. I hate it and even in a normal year, refuse to celebrate it. So Covid has made absolutely no difference to me over this one event. Pity about all the other events it has ruined but for this one day the lurgy cannot get to me.

Hermione: We usually go out for lunch, but not this year as it isn't safe. I bought Ron a card but he couldn't go out to buy one so he improvised with a blank card of two elephants holding each other's trunk. We had steak, grilled mushrooms, Caesar salad and garlic bread for dinner, thanks to our Ninja Foodi Grill.

Our gifts to each other were ordered on the net. 

I gave Ron a Chia pet, strictly a gag gift because we had seen them advertised on tv and didn't realize they still made them.

No, I didn't get him Trump:) He got a Chia gnome.

Ron ordered a lovely implement from Etsy.

It's leather, and about a foot long and an inch wide. I can't wait to try it out! We had a pre-Valentine spanking because of the snow storm the next day. All that shovelling tired us out.

Thank you to all who participated. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #370

At this time last year, Valentine's Day was a time for love, dinner in a nice restaurant, shopping for new lingerie, perhaps a movie or theatre outing. What a difference a year makes. Our celebration will be a bit different from last year. How about you?

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? What will be different about them this year? Are spankings on the menu?

Please leave your response as a comment and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Light at the end of the tunnel

 My good blogging friend morningstar wrote about having the February blues. I'm sorry she's having a hard time, but I just don't feel that way myself. I got up early to go grocery shopping yesterday, and when I went outside it was already light at 7:00 AM. Even thought it was very cold and I had to scrape the frost off the windshield before I could depart, some how it felt like Spring was near. I went to a different grocery store, and that lifted my spirits even more. Just the fun of exploring a new store was a treat.

Our lockdown will be lifted at the end of this week but Ron doesn't feel safe going to his barber for a haircut. The last time he went, he said the barber wasn't taking enough precautions. So I cut his hair again, with my trusty sewing scissors. I was much more confident this time, and the hair flew! Ron thanked me when I was done, but said he wasn't expecting a buzz cut. I guess I was a bit to energetic, but it will grow back.

Then there is the activity in our garden. We always have a lot of grey squirrels around, but rabbits have been enjoying the scenery too. There is a shovelled path from the patio to the composters, and I have seen piles of bunny poop on the path. What could the rabbits find to eat here? After a recent snowfall I traced bunny hops from the neighbour's yard to ours, around the patio and off to the neighbour on the other side. 

But I also saw tracks that were distinct footsteps in the snow, not hops. I thought of a raccoon, but their tails leave a drag mark in the snow. This was a fox. We have foxes in the area, and the lack of humans being out and about must have emboldened one. The next morning I saw more tracks, plus the signs of a scuffle in the vegetable bed. Upon close inspection I found a large pile of poop and three clumps of brown hair. The fox had caught a rabbit and had left his calling card before taking breakfast home to his den.

Our pond has a heater in it to keep the water from freezing so the goldfish can stay out all winter. It has been a daily gathering place for flocks of birds, and it's a joy to see them gather round, hop onto the ice, then take a quick bath in the open water. 

We also keep an eye on our neighbours' comings and goings. Ron loves to tell me when M has had another parcel delivery, or L is going out again I wonder where, or J still has his Christmas lights on. There's never a dull moment, even with the lockdown.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, February 8, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 7

For those of you who watched the Superbowl last night, I hope the right team won for you. Ron's favourite team wasn't playing, but thought it was a very good game.

This week we reminisced about a spanking that gave you much more than you expected.

QBuzz: After we took delivery of our strap and tawse, and my girlfriend was able to use the 'Holy Tetralogy' (cane, strap, tawse, paddle) on me for the first time. It was the first time I felt truly 'complete' after a spanking, like I had been taken right to my limit.
I certainly accepted the results, and have done many times since :D

Roz: I can't quite recall a particular incident but there have been times I received more than I bargained on. I always used to love any after effects and did almost feel a sense of pride at what I had taken and at pleasing Rick also in doing so. There were also other occasions I didn't cope so well of course.

Barrel: I’m not sure I have ever been to the point where one of our sessions far exceeded my need or expectation, but I know I have been close. It was a birthday session with lots of warm up spankings with many implements, followed with being restrained over the end of the bed. I don’t remember how many strokes of which whip I got, but I distinctly recall the finale with our thin delrin cane. It must have been 20 or 25 strokes as hard as she could swing in rapid fire. When it was over, I recall being totally at peace and thoroughly content. I proudly wore the welts, weals and blisters from that cane for a couple of weeks. I even showed them to a friend who works at an adult store who’s has helped me over the year accept being a submissive and a bit more open with our lifestyle.

Hmmm...this has me thinking about asking for another one.

A.J.: I'm only a fun spanker/spankee, have never been caned or even had a bath-brush used on me, or by me.

But my MOST memorable was a switch session to fulfill a long-time fantasy: TWO women.

Both of these two BEAUTIFUL women put me otk and spanked me. Then, they spanked each other with me watching! And then I got to spank both of them. After that it was laughs and stories and just a hell-of-a great time.

As our time together came to a close, I asked if they would each take me otk again for a farewell spanking. Sure!

Then I asked that they make it a bit harder. Give me what I called the "bad-boyfriend" spanking and (Gulp...) you can use a paddle, brush or belt on me. Each of them to give me 50 hard spanks or swats.

By this time, and knowing me better and what I liked: "You sure? You really want that?"

I told them I wanted to at least try it, and I wanted something to remind me of our fun time together on my 4-hour drive home.

They did! I got PADDLED and BELTED!!! Not full-force by any means, but I sure felt it. I then asked if I should get another 50 each, just in case, and THEY SAID no, "You've have enough." They were probably right.

So how did I deal with the excess effects?

For all four+ hours of my drive back I felt the tingling and could think of nothing else but my time with them, and what fun it was. 10-hours later I go to bed, the aftereffects too-quickly wearing off, and I was still thinking fondly of them.

Does that count?

It sure does!

Bonnie: I haven't a specific example in mind, but I think an ideal spanking is one that goes just a bit beyond what I expect or desire in terms of duration or intensity. In such cases, there is a magical moment where I am forced to choose - Do I continue to struggle to maintain my composure amid a posterior onslaught or embrace the painful punishment that is my fate? Do I try to get him to stop? Do I try to escape? Do I just hang on and try to ride it out? While my husband is in control, I ultimately get to decide.

Afterward, I almost always feel satisfied with the results and grateful to Randy for taking me back to that special place. The good feeling generally outlasts the soreness. It keeps me feeling energized and upbeat.

Prefectdt: I like to be caned with bamboo rods but it takes me a long time to build up enough trust in someone to allow them to use bamboo on my rear end. The reason for this is that bamboo splits easily and can cut badly and so needs to be inspected after every single stroke. Some years ago now I knew a professional disciplinarian who was not only trustworthy but specialized in bamboo correction. After a short warm up with a strap, she caned me with bamboo for a little more than an hour. After it was over I could hardly walk. Not because of the many welts on by bottom and legs (there where a lot of those) but because she got me so high on my body's own chemicals that it was hard to get the messages from my brain to my legs to attain simple perambulation. I have never been so high before or since in my life. All of this was obtained with a high level of severity but not one break in my skin.

Rosco: There have been times when Irene has spanked (i.e. whipped or paddled) me very hardcore without any kind of warm up. I don’t think she understands that a cold bottom feels pain much more intensely that it does when warmed up. But usually if I thrash or cry out, she’ll let up a bit. I’ve never asked her to slow down or stop.

It’s been awhile but she used to get my far hipbone when whipping me. After seeing the scars and welts a few times she’s figured it out.

Sometimes, my bottom feels hot for days and it can be uncomfortable when I’m sitting. Not so much the next day but 2-3 days later.

The real injuries have been when she ties me up. It’s a turn on for me (and her), and I’ve not always realized when it’s straining my back, shoulder or neck.

Irene is pretty rough with my balls sometimes, but there have never been after effects.

Hermione: Several years ago I wrote about a spanking that really took my breath away. I can't think of a more recent one that's had quite the same effect. During most spankings, at the beginning I think I can't take it, but I always manage to stay in position and accept whatever Ron delivers.

Stay safe and wear your mask!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #369

Do come in. You're just in time for another mind-expanding discussion. Two weeks ago we reminisced about spankings that had been disappointing. Now let's consider the reverse.

Recall a time when your desire or need for a spanking was far exceeded, perhaps beyond your comfort zone.  How did you deal with the excess effects?  We’re you able to come to grips with what your spanker delivered and ultimately accept, perhaps with pride, the results?

Please leave your response as a comment. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, February 5, 2021

The Reluctant Partner, part 2

Thank you for your comments on A.J.'s experience with a woman whose husband was reluctant to spank her. Now here's his tale of a man in the same position (excuse the pun!)

A married woman in Arizona I corresponded with years ago, finds out, as wives often do - her husband was having an affair.  It mentally paralyzed her.  Uncontrollable sorrow.  Endless tears.

But he wasn't having a sexual affair with another woman or a prostitute.  A couple times a year he wanted to be spanked, and since all his requests for her to do it came out TOTALLY AND FORCEFULLY, "NO!", he went out and found it somewhere else.  And got caught.

(It just reminded me of a line in the scandalous (and funny) book "The Happy Hooker" from decades back where the former call-girl advises women, "If you won't do it, there is another woman out there somewhere who will!")

Anyway, she was beyond distraught and he tried and tried to explain there was no sex, it was a spanking and nothing more.

She didn't believe him.  So he brought her into the bedroom, and reached deep back into a rarely used drawer of his and brought out a leather strap, one she had never seen, one you would look at and immediately know it had a purpose other than keeping your pants up!  And then he stripped off everything below the waist, handed her the strap, and lay across the bed.

And she took that strap from him and let fly in a fury. Strike after strike, letting all her emotions get taken out on him.  And then she noticed he was arching his butt up to receive the strap.  He wasn't complaining.  And then she (kinda) understood.

But from there, as in all things - they talked, and talked, and talked - and then she was fine with it.  Didn't understand it, but could at least handle it.  A few times a year he wanted to get the belt.  How often? 3-4 times A YEAR.  Maybe take all of 15-20 minutes each time?  So who can't find 30 to 60-minutes over the course of a year?  No one.

So life became good again.  For both of them.

Now the sad part.  A couple years later he was diagnosed with leukemia; two more years he was dead. And she told me her biggest regret was the lost years she had with him where she could have been more accommodating to him and wasn't. She felt terrible.  She blamed herself.  She got over it by trying to help other couples understand.
A very moving story. Thank you for sharing this, A.J.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Reluctant Partner, part 1

Asking for a spanking for the first time isn't always easy, especially if your partner is reluctant. My good friend and contributor A.J. saw my response to a recent brunch and sent me two stories about spankos with vanilla partners. The first one is about a woman and her reluctant husband, and I can relate to that. Here's what A.J. wrote:

You responded to the last brunch question with:

"I told my husband all about my interest in spanking and asked him to spank me. He obliged, but told me I was sick and perverted. After our divorce..."

That caught my eye!   

It was back in the 1990's and I was thinking about spanking and finding a woman who would like to be on either side of the lap for some OTK fun time.  To keep this short, I found one - in far off California.  I came back to San Diego sometime later and we got together at my hotel.  She walks into the lobby - and she is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

But it is early, there is no rush, so - "How about breakfast and we can talk?"  Sure.

During breakfast she tells me she, like you, was on her second marriage because, while she wanted to be spanked by husband #1, he was reluctant.  VERY reluctant.  To the point he also was calling her perverted.  Sound familiar?

So he found a marriage counselor.  Who was a fundamentalist "Christian" minister.  Who piled on her even more.

Disgusted, she walked out hurt and angry and found another marriage counselor; this time, one recommended by professionals, one who had real credentials and none of the religious baggage.

They meet the new counselor.  Her husband lays out his side about the spanking and how sick and perverted it was etc; she tells the counselor,  "Hey!  I just like to be spanked every once in a while!"

The counselor:  "That's it?  You just like being spanked...?


He turns to him and tells him to take her home, put her OTK, and spank her!!!  "That's simple and easy to do!"  Then goes on about other people with serious marriage/family problems and - THIS isn't one of them.  Because consensual spanking is common.  Be more responsible and accommodating. The session ended early.

He took her home and spanked her.  But in the end, HE could not shake the idea of spanking coupled with "perversion".  Ultimately, they divorced.  She married again to someone more accepting of giving her the occasional spanking.

I have seen this same story on your blog and other spanking sites where one of the partners just can't understand that a consensual spanking is all right; whether it is him spanking her or, to me, more surprising, that while she likes being spanked - will refuse to spank him - even when he asks for it!  ("It just doesn't feel right...I couldn't do that...I could never do that, this his job," etc.)

And I don't get it.  You are willing to risk your marriage over something as silly as this?
Yes, I guess some people are. Stay tuned for part two, which features a spanko husband and his reluctant wife.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, February 1, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 31

What have you always wanted to say to your spanking partner?

Bonnie: You stumped me this time. I can't imagine what spanking-related thought I could share with Randy that we haven't already explored in triplicate.

Wendel: Same here. We talk about everything spanking related that comes to mind. 

Roz: Me too Hermione,I can't think of anything I haven't shared.

Barrel: As others have said, there isn’t anything we have not shared. And the more we have communicated, the spankings have improved for both of us. 

Ronnie: Can't think of anything spanking related that I haven't shared with P.

A.J.: I think once you get past "I want to spank you/I want you to spank me," phase - and they agree - there isn't much left. If anything. How can you be shy about anything after that?

Just like everyone above T and I have shared all our thoughts, desires and fantasies. There really is nothing we can't talk about. 

Hermione: Oh dear. I guess I'm the odd one out this time. I wish I could tell Ron to speak the phrases that press all my buttons. You know the ones, like "You're a naughty girl and you need a good spanking". But he's not a talker and he just wouldn't feel comfortable saying things like that.

I'll try to come up with a more popular topic next time!

From Hermione's Heart