Wednesday, June 30, 2010


While driving home from work the other day I passed a store that sells swimming pools, patio furniture and other assorted outdoor merchandise. I had driven by many times, but what caught my eye this time was a new electric sign that displayed constantly-changing messages, in a variety of colours and fonts, about the products available inside. This is what I saw:

Obviously this is what the sign was really advertising:

but this is what I thought of:

Perhaps I should drop in some day, just in case I was wrong.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Writing's on the Rear

This is a small collection of photos of ladies who have a special message on the hindmost part of their anatomy.

There's nothing like honesty.

A subway platform isn't the safest place to declare your naughtiness.

Or Hermione.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 28, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Peeping Tom II

We resume the punishment being administered to a naughty young gentleman, caught spying on three ladies enjoying a naked lunch in their garden. If you would like to read (or re-read) the first part of the ladies' retribution, it's here.

It was time to birch him. I sent Bertha to collect the rod and smiled happily at the twinklings and little wobbles from her rear as she trotted off.

By happy chance, I had been pruning a nearby apple tree and had left the ladder against it, so that we had a perfect apparatus for his whipping immediately to hand. I told Mavis to fetch sufficient ribbon to fasten him and enjoyed her more stately trotting.

He resisted a little as he was led to the ladder, but it availed him not one bit, as by now we had fully regained our eagerness. His arms were stretched up to their fullest extent and tied at the wrists, then his ankles to the sturdy wooden base. We studied him and I decided that his bottom would be better posed if it projected more. As it was he was tucking it in, so making a proper assault on the lower curves near impossible. Bertha retrieved his clothes, which I rolled up tightly and thrust between the ladder and his belly; the improvement was marked and he presented a handsome sight, with the fine muscles of his back clearly defined, his sturdy thighs quivering with apprehension and his still-pink rump curving towards us, sufficiently open-clefted to form two distinct halves as opposed to a divided sphere.

I picked up the rod, lay it on the middle of his bottom to ensure that I was perfectly positioned, raised it slowly and brought it whistling down, carefully angling the swing so that his left cheek took the initial impact and the supple rod then wrapped round the curve beyond. He hissed at the burn. I continued remorselessly, making small adjustments to the placing of my feet to alter the parts on which the tips of the twigs landed. I had never struck a bottom as hard as I did his and by the twelfth, he was howling his pain to the unlistening clouds. Unmoved, I crossed over, pausing to examine the scarlet hue of his flesh and completed my planned two dozen from the other side, thus imparting a more even distribution of weals over the entire surface of his plump buttocks and thighs.

Further examination showed that I had not drawn blood -- it was a light, though quite bushy rod, specifically designed for Bertha's tender skin -- and the weals were light. On the other hand, he was very red indeed, hot to the touch and clearly smarting like the devil, panting hard and I think close to tears. But I did not feel that he had had quite enough, so allowed first Mavis then Bertha to take hold of the rather worn rod and give him six each.

The final dozen proved to be enough. There were a few scratches, he was sobbing and had clearly learned his lesson, so we let him go. The physical consequences would heal in a few days, but I felt sure that he would always remember the events of the day.

What happens next? I would love to share that with you, but there is no further mention of the young man in the book. I'm sure you can use your imagination to create a suitable conclusion to this lovely afternoon birching. If you do, please share it as a comment.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What did you think they were made of?

This year we planted broom corn (also known as sorghum) in our garden.

Yes, it's really used to make brooms. It's very attractive, grows quite tall, and when ripe it is covered with little seeds of various colours. But I haven't decided what to do with the harvest.

Maybe I'll make a broom for Ron to use when Harry drops by for a pickup game of Quiddich in the air over the back yard.

A wreath would look pretty on the front door.

Or I could simply stand the coloured fronds in an earthenware jar for a simple yet attractive room decoration.

No, I think I'll make a rod, and let Ron try it out on my bottom.

On second thought, striking my body with that rod would knock the little kernels off, and send them flying in all directions. We'll have to conduct our horticultural experiment outside. Oooh!

Roll on, harvest time.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Butt-busting activities

Even though we live in the Great White North, temperatures can rise pretty high in the summer, and this past spring was exceptionally warm. That can lead to a bit of awkwardness during intimate moments.

Ron likes to stroke my bottom between rounds of spanks, to sooth the hot skin and to give me a chance to catch my breath and recover my composure. But last week his gentle stroking was impeded by a moist sticky surface. I blamed his hot sweaty palms - he must have had a tight grip on the paddle. He in turn said my bottom was sweaty from the heat. Who knows? We were probably both to blame.

Ron asked for some powder to rub onto my posterior, but I knew we didn't have any. I promised to pick some up the next time I went shopping, and we carried on as best we could. Luckily, the dampness didn't have a deterring effect on my husband's enthusiasm for spanking me.

On a subsequent trip to the pharmacy I scanned the shelves for something suitable. This is what I found.

Recommended for butt-busting activities. Yes, really! Check out their website. I think it will be just the thing!

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fail

Exactly which "celebs" wear these?

They seem rather obviously round, with clearly-defined edges. Sort of like bumboobs. There isn't much difference between the before and after pictures that I can see, although the feel would probably be different.

Either way, the model still looks way too emaciated to enjoy a good spanking.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spanking at Harvest Time

She's assumed the position, and now I invite you to supply a suitable explanation for why she's up there. Be creative!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday WIN

These are the perfect solution to uneven spankings, and will put an end to those "too many on the right side" complaints! The alternating left-right blinkers guide the spanker to the appropriate cheek to strike next. Great for beginners!

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Peeping Tom I

For your titillation, here is another delicious excerpt from Annie and the Society by Evelyn Culver. (Here is the first one.) Annie, a naughty Victorian lady, enjoys both giving and receiving spankings, and with the help and cooperation of Mavis her housekeeper and Bertha her maid, manages to fill the long days while her artist husband is away. Today, the women have an unexpected visitor.

It was another cloudy but very sultry day and therefore ideal for a naked lunch in the garden. We were just finishing our repast when I saw a peculiar movement high up in a nearby tree. I focused my eyes and realized with an angry start that there was a human figure concealed in the branches. Heedless of my nudity, I called to Mavis and Bertha to follow me and ran to the spot. At first I wondered if my eyes had deceived me, for there was no sign of an intruder. Then I spotted an injudicious little movement and we threw stones and large twigs at him until he clambered rapidly down, whereupon we captured him.

He proved to be a comely youth of about my age, with golden hair, blue eyes and of pleasing build. His struggles were plainly halfhearted, presumably because of the distraction of the ample feminine charms jiggling in full view, and this, I felt sure, was to his benefit, because judging from the angry expressions on my servants' faces, it would have boded ill with him had his efforts been more forceful. Both were strong country girls and the two of them controlled him easily.

There then followed a few moments of complete silence. Even the birds seemed to be waiting on events and there was not a breath of wind to rustle the trees... Inspiration struck like a thunderbolt.

"Well. We have a Peeping Tom, girls. A wicked, evil young man. And a tresspasser. Shall we hand him over? Or shall we deal with him ourselves?" His eyes flickered nervously between the enthusiastically nodding faces before him, but I noted that he was quite unable to resist a downward glance at the nakedly bobbing breasts.

"Not very long ago such behaviour would have resulted in a good whipping. Sadly this is no longer the case, but I am sure that prison is an effective alternative." He paled at the thought. "But we shall whip him. Agreed?" Their assent was immediate. I folded my arms across the excited mounds of my bosom and stared at him thoughtfully before continuing. "We could lay one of my riding whips across his bare back. That would undoubtedly teach him a lesson he would never forget. But he has not long left his boyhood behind. Let us then treat him as a naughty boy and birch him. On his bare bottom." His pallor immediately changed to a vivid blush of shame. "But first we shall warm his bottom with our hands. Lay him down on the ground and hold him tight. I shall pull down his trousers."

This was done in a trice and he ended up at full length with Mavis sitting on his shoulders and Bertha holding his ankles. I knelt down by his left hip and thrust my hand between his belly and the warm grass and began to undo the buttons... I wrenched his trousers down, his shirt up and immediately set about his pleasingly rounded buttocks.

I struck him with genuine anger and in no time at all, he was struggling to escape and making it difficult for me to hit his bottom with any accuracy. Not that I minded, for I was not in the least interested in the aesthetic aspects for once, just in punishing him. My hand was soon too sore to continue -- although the crimson blotchiness of his flesh was eloquent testimony to the effectiveness of my efforts -- and I signalled Mavis to take my place. She did so with a more studied and even rhythm, so that by the end of her turn, the discoloration was better distributed.

I then let Bertha finish this opening assault, which she did with mounting ehthusiasm and increasing competence. I had enjoyed watching my friends in action as much as I had administering the punishment myself. I had used the weight of my body to pin his upper parts down, sitting on his shoulders, and his writhing under my naked bottom had proved a most diverting background to the sights of their eager faces, swaying breasts and his quivering rump. So it was hardly surprising that when Bertha sank back on her heels, I turned him over so that we could examine his frontal aspects. Which proved to be of impressive proportions and soon swelled and stiffened magnificently under my firm handling.

It was time to birch him.

I think that's enough for now. I'll let you all take a deep breath or two after that invigorating workout, and I'll conclude the story later.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 20

Our MBS brunch topic this week was roleplay for beginners. Here's what you said:

Naomi - I have nothing to contribute! I am one of those that would like to try and will benefit from the responses to the question. (And it is a great question indeed!)

I hope you find your inspiration here.

Todd and Suzy - A good way to start is for the spankee to share a misdeed from her past. It can be something she got in trouble for (even spanked) or something she got away with. Examples we've used are... lying to a teacher, getting in a fight at school, shoplifting a sweater, being a bad baby-sitter... to more adult things like cussing at a bank teller and breaking a traffic law. Make it something you're both comfortable with both age wise and role wise.

Then the spanker gives the spanking that should have (or did) occurred for the misdeed. He can assume the actual role (teacher, cop, etc)... or he can be himself and still scold about the naughtiness of it all and how a spanking is still owed.

Doing it this way gives spanker and spankee easy to understand roles. It doesn't feel silly and you don't get lost trying to figure out what to do. Getting too complex or too made up are pitfalls to avoid early on.

Of course, this is all for a more discipline feeling roleplay spanking... though it's easy enough to make the actual spanking playful or erotic.

Good topic!

HerKnee - I might be interested in trying role play but I've always been of the opinion that it just seems too phony.

For us at least so far it's all real, if it's just for stress relief, maintaining discipline or actual punishment.

Frankly at this point, I'm not really sure if I want to give up reality for a game with TTWD. We'll see, I never like saying never.

Welcome, HerKnee!

Our Bottoms Burn - I think women are better at role play than men. Think back, girls had their dolls in all sort of roles, including getting spanked. Boys tend to action, not words.

I think some of my most memorable spankings were when Becall jumped into a role and I was able to pick it up and go with it.

If you ever wanted to try it, just do it. Don't try to write a script, just wing it.

A-Non - I don't have any real experience to add, just some ideas about how roleplay appeals to me.

I am not a big fan of elaborate roleplay. I do not care to pretend to be the naughty cheerleader or private school student in a short skirt, being punished in the principal's office. Any roleplay has to be a near-extension of my real life.

However, I might consider dressing up as a pure fantasy figure like Wonder Woman if I were to be in the role as spanker! That would give me some confidence to be the spanker that I am not!

Ronnie - I hope there's some tea left in the pot Hermione :)

We've tried roleplay in the past and I didn't find it easy to just switch on. I like leather and equestrian, P likes discipline and institutions (educational types), he hasn't shared some of my preferences in the past and likewise (I used to hate the idea of roleplay involving schoolgirls, cheerleaders etc because of the age thing but I've overcome that by being an adult student. Ahem...).

Overall I think the best spanking is when it comes naturally for good reasons without any roleplay. But variety is the spice of life and I think roleplay has its place as long you both want to take part, so in my opinion talk it through thoroughly first, how, where, what you want to happen, and try to agree unspoken signals that will trigger it, so that both sides know what's coming and can prepare and enjoy it fully, without having to discuss it. E.g., ''Right I'm going to be your tutor now and I'm not pleased with your work, in fact I intend to spank you so go and put some sensible knickers on and a skirt and blouse...etc etc...'' wouldn't work with me at all if I'd been deeply involved with work issue all day and wasn't in that mindset, but if I knew it was coming because of some pre-arranged signal it would be different, I'd look forward to it and build towards it and vice-versa.

Great question, thanks Hermione.

R Humphries - Hi Guys … Another delightful topic … our activities are almost exclusively conducted in role-playing mode, we do not have a domestic discipline or D/s relationship (although I can assure you that I am Master of my domain and all that I survey … or something like that) … I am fortunate that my long-term partner is of a theatrical bent and finds it easy to fall in to character … for us it works as we are now comfortable in our alter-personalities and can take them on relatively effortlessly which gives as the time and opportunity to savor the whole drama of the experience … I would strongly recommend that you experiment with different themes until you find something you are comfortable with … for us it makes spanking what we want it to be … gloriously good fun … enjoy yourselves.

Scunge - I like role-play at spanking parties but have not yet to try it with My Sir. We might try it someday but we have fun yes and some discipline without role-play now.

Prefectdt - I have found that one thing that I do when role playing helps me and may help others but I have to admit it sounds a bit daft at first. The advice is.....

Do bad impressions

I have particularly found this useful when I am required to switch, as I am not a natural Top and acting like one does not come easily. At times like these I try to take on the persona of John Cleese and/or Mr Mackay, from the TV comedy series Porridge. I have never done either of these well enough for anyone to cotton on that I am doing impressions but the resulting character that comes out seems to work well for when I have to play the role of a strict spanker.

Thomas - Having done my fair share of roleplay, including acting in my own spanking videos, I guess I can step forward. For me, I find that I can easier step into the role because I'm naturally drawn to all segments of spanking, and because I'm somewhat able to think in the moment. Roleplay is all about improvisation. Unfortunately, improvisation isn't something that you can really learn. It comes with being comfortable in the role that you're playing. While I might be comfortable in any spanker role, simply because I'm somewhat worldly and know enough about things in general that I can usually wing it, others might not. So, I'd say that the first rule is to stick to roles that you're comfortable in. If you feel out of sorts if you're trying to play a schoolgirl, then don't. Play a role that you know and can relate to and you'll bring authenticity to the role.

I think that I also have a slight leg up on others simply because I'm fond of roleplaying in general, not just for spanking. I've played Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, and slip into the role of warrior or wizard when I need to. I'm also familiar with online roleplay, where my extensive vocabulary and point of view have made me quite popular in some chatrooms. Again, since I'm familiar with the actual act of spanking in real life, I'm better able to roleplay online because I know what perspective to come from. It really isn't much different roleplaying in person, either, except that it's the perspective of the role that you're really focusing on, since the spanking side will come naturally.

Hermione - We don't do roleplay (yet), but your responses have been very helpful, and I intend to think about trying some of them in the near future.

Bonnie will be back next week and will once more be hosting brunch, so thank you for coming to visit. I enjoyed having you here, and hope you will drop in anytime.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 20, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #231

I'm delighted to be able to help Bonnie with brunch on this Father's Day weekend. Here's a question that I've recently wondered about, so I'm passing it along to you for your consideration.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to try adding roleplay to a spanking session? Do you have any suggestions for starting out? How did you get started? Are there pitfalls to be avoided, that you have discovered the hard way? What are the do's and don'ts that may help or hinder the experience? If you don't engage in roleplay yourself, do you think this discussion might encourage you to try it?

Once everyone has had a chance to contribute, I will post an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 18, 2010

Some fathers do 'ave 'em

How indeed? Doesn't the Boy of Steel look smug? Does anyone know where Pa Kent can buy a kryptonite paddle?

Since I will be busy hosting brunch this weekend -- and you're all invited -- I am sharing my Father's Day post a couple of days early.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, June 17, 2010

When You're Naughty

You go on the naughty spot. At least that's what Supernanny teaches distraught parents each week. Ron and I have been watching that television program, and are very sceptical that a naughty child can be disciplined by being placed on the naughty spot (or naughty chair, naughty beanbag, naughty bench... you get the idea). This method, thanks to the miracle of modern filming and editing techniques, produces a perfectly behaved youngster in the space of an hour.

One evening recently Ron was trying to convince me of something, and I knew he was teasing me, so I refused to be taken in. I finally said something rude and unprintable to him. He retorted, "You're going on the naughty spot!"

We both thought this was hilarious, and laughed together at the thought. In between snickers, Ron managed to add, "I'm going to whack you on your naughty spot." Now that was something I could go for.

A naughty spot can be thought of in various ways by adult spanking enthusiasts. It might be the place where you go to think about your misdemeanors prior to a spanking. It could also be the place where spankings are administered. Or it might be the place on your body that feels the effects of the discipline. I think that in our case, Ron was thinking of the last possibility. So thank you, Supernanny, for giving us a new addition to our spanko vocabulary.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thoughts on Erotica

For the past several months I have been browsing my erotica library and rereading old favourites in search of spanking fiction to share with you. I've made some observations too, and here's what I found.

Much Victorian porn intertwines spanking with copulation to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes, it's so intermixed that if I were to try to retain just the spanking and omit the rest, the result would be very disjointed and quite short. Not that there's anything wrong with sex. But this is a spanking blog, and I assume that people who come here want to read about spanking. I usually omit the steamy passages and cut to the chase.

The same Victorian porn also contains quite a few descriptions of children being spanked. That is outside the scope of this blog, and I will not post anything related to children.

The third strike against the Victorians is the frequent description of copious amounts of blood drawn during a punishment. That's too extreme for me. I find it a turn-off, not a turn-on. Fine if it happens accidentally, or is mentioned in passing. But the descriptions I have side-stepped talk about, well, let's say generous amounts of blood. The reason for this excess is to make the description more dramatic and exciting, because words are unable to match pictures for impact. Gerald and Caroline Greene, in their book S-M: The Last Taboo, explain it this way:

In the course of memory the actual pain gets buffered by the subconscious. In fantasy, in pornographic writings, it grows accordingly intense in order to compensate for the sheer physical loss involved. In fantasy pain has to be extreme to be brought forward again at all. Story of O is a case in point... A lot of what happened to O would have hospitalized a real woman for life... It is not the S-M story to read first, interesting as it is.

I don't agree with the need for excess; the right words can have plenty of impact. (And as I recall, Story of O was my first exposure to S-M literature.)

So, having said that, there's still quite a lot to be said for Victorian spanking erotica. I love the language, the society of the times, the clothing, the use of implements we don't commonly use today.

As for erotica in general, the language, choice of words and general writing styles vary greatly from author to author. Some writers are repetitive in their descriptions. What happens in one chapter happens again and again, with little variety. Some writers are more eloquent than others; this week's post is a good example of beautiful writing.

It's fun for me to reread long-forgotten passages and note the effect they have on me today. For the most part, they don't make much of one. Take 9 1/2 Weeks, for example. At one time I thought it was a revealing spanking novel. Upon rereading it, I could find very few actual spanking references. It was all innuendo. After having been exposed to so much other spanko writing on the internet, it seemed very tame by comparison.

Still, it's fun to reread and remember, and I will continue to do so until the top shelf is empty. That could take quite a while!

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From the Top Shelf - F/m

Under Duress by Nick Aymes is the story of a sexy woman who investigates a suspicious set of circumstances in the horseracing world. It is one in a series of thinly-disguised sex and spanking novels by the author, all with a racing theme. This excerpt has an interesting twist.

Sam Smoult hit the switch on the intercom. "Miss Fisher," he muttered impatiently, "I've got a hard-on."

Shelley Fisher snapped shut the book she was reading and reached for her lipstick. She peeped into her small vanity mirror. "I'll be right with you, sir," she drawled.

Inside his office, she paused. He was busily scribbling at his desk and didn't so much as glance when she entered. Certainly, he gave no indication that he was a man eager for sex - maybe he'd gone off the idea. Shelley knew better. It was a game they played. By pretending to be busy, he was telling her that he wanted to be pleasured while he worked.

She swayed sensually towards him but his head remained bowed... She stood for a brief moment, posing before his desk. He didn't look at her. It was as if she wasn't there. She hitched her skirt up and, falling to her knees, began to crawl under the desk. She would pleasure him while he busied himself with pen and paper... She rather enjoyed it - she delighted in feeling subservient once in a while...

Unzipping him, she found he had, indeed, got a hard-on. Her fingers closed over the tip... Running her tongue over her lipstick-reddened lips, she slid the pulsing member into her open mouth... A ripple of amusement ran through her as she thought of the lipstick she'd applied so carefully now smearing him... Then she heard the intercom.

"Mrs Tompkin, I want you in my office immediately."

Clare Tompkin was a computer operator who supplied him with sales information. But it wasn't information he wanted from her now, he wanted her physical presence in the office while Shelley was under the desk pleasuring him. The bastard, she thought. He was getting off on embarrassing her. She watched the woman's legs as she minced with small steps across the room. The high heels came to rest less than two feet from where she was hidden.

Shelley hardly dared breathe for fear of being discovered. Clare would have it around the building faster than a forest fire... Her temper rose - she'd have her revenge. She slipped his member back into her mouth and dug her sharp teeth into it. Deliberately, she gnawed until he flinched... She felt him wince and tried to imagine the expression on his face. She heard him interrupt the woman's report.

"That's all, Mrs Tompkin, leave those figures with me."

Shelley watched the nylon-clad legs disappear. "You bastard, Sam Smoult," she screamed, "you'll pay for that."

She heard him laugh. He'd obviously enjoyed her discomfort. She scrambled to her feet, pushing his swivel chair backward. "You've gone too far this time," she spat at him.

"I'm sorry, Shelley. I really am."

"So you should be."

He couldn't help grinning. He'd never seen her angry before. It was a side of her she'd never shown. She stood threateningly over him, hands on hips, her long black hair falling in disarray around her beautiful face. Seeing her like that made him even randier. He desperately wanted to be back in her warm wet mouth...

But Shelley didn't have anything like that in mind. Instead of falling on her knees, she dragged him bodily out of the chair and took her place in his comfortable seat. He went along with her, full of curiosity, wondering what she had in mind. He hadn't long to wait.
"Let's have those pants down," she snapped, as she grabbed at the waistband.

With one quick jerk, she had them around his ankles. He began to feel a bit silly. Yet, his humiliation had hardly begun. She reached forward and, grabbing his arms, dragged him toward her. He felt himself pulled downward.

"Get over my knee, Sam. You're the one who's going to be embarrassed now."

He found himself in the not-too-unpleasant position of lying over the lady's knees. Her skirt had ridden up, so the flesh of his naked belly rubbed against her nylon-covered legs. The contact made his cock swell. She spotted it instantly.

"Oh, no. You're not here to get yourself off. You're here to be soundly walloped."

No sooner said than done. Her small hand began to fall rhythmically onto his backside. After half a dozen resounding whacks, she began to wonder whether she'd done right. His shanks were thin and bony, her hand hurt. She persevered with a few more hearty wallops before pushing him away. He stood facing her like a small boy, his trousers around his knees, his cock sticking out like a loaded pistol. She realized she'd hurt her hand a lot more than his bum. Still, it'd been worth it, just to show him what she was made of. She straightened her skirt nervously, wriggling it down over her hips.

"It's no use pointing that thing at me. It's had its rations for today."

"Come on, Shelley. You've had your revenge."

She stalked purposefully toward the door. "No dice," she cried.

"Miss Fisher, you can't leave me like this."

She paused at the door. "I'll send for one of those inflatable dolls," she giggled. "What do you fancy, blonde or brunette?"

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 14, 2010

Recap: MBS Sunday Brunch for June 13

This week's brunch, relocated from My Bottom Smarts to its remote northern location, was about telling (or not telling) medical practitioners of your preference for spanking.

Ally - I think I would feel the most comfortable sharing that with my gynecologist, probably because she is a woman, around my age, very outgoing and funny. I would probably make a joke about it, I don't know if I could seriously, flat out say it. If I had bruises that I needed to explain I guess I would just go ahead and say it though.

Poppy - I would sooner eat my own legs. :)

I did have to once because it was relevant and it was fine. I think a bit of spanking is not what bothers people. But normally, I would rather eat my own legs.

Daisychain - OH, MY!!!! Absolutely, categorically NOT! Bruises on my ass? I fell on the stairs. But, unless it was an emergency appointment and I already had bruises, I would make sure I didn't get a spanking before a doctors appointment! I would ask Davey to postpone any such activities, and he is considerate and kind and would do so...he has promised to never embarrass me through TTWD.

Underling - I certainly wouldn't bring it up voluntarily, although I suspect that any medical practitioner who's been around for a while has probably seen it all and wouldn't bat an eyelid.

If I ever had to be 'bare back there' unexpectedly, I doubt I'd get away with Daisychain's excuse of having fallen down stairs - unless I'd somehow collided with a dozen canes, straps and paddles en route!

Welcome, Underling!

Jane - Interesting topic, and I will comment from both sides of the fence. I have been a family doc for 30 years, have never had anyone tell me. I sometimes wonder, since discovering the spanking world and how many of us there are, if any last minute cancellations are due to bruises she doesn't want to explain. And I have never told my doctor, my spanker usually doesn't leave a trace.

So, who knows, your doc could be a spanko too!

Thanks, Jane, for presenting both perspectives.

Thomas - There's a lot of spankos in the medical field, so it's highly likely that they'll not only be unfazed by your admission, but they might share a story or two of their own.

As the spanker, it's never been relevant for me to reveal to a doctor what I do (not that I go to the doctor more than once every few years). There was an issue, though, in which I forced Joyce to admit to her doctor about spanking. She had a sore on her bottom that refused to heal, and we didn't know why. During any spanking play, the area would appear fine until a few hard strokes were dealt, and then the area would start to pool blood under the surface like a blood blister. If she didn't explain to her doctor how it came into existence, then the doctor might not have been able to diagnose properly. As it turns out, it was an infection that wasn't allowing the area to heal properly. She was put on antibiotics and instructed to not get spanked for a couple of weeks, but that was it.

Being 100% "out" in the spanking scene, I would come right out with any doctor that I was a spanko if it somehow pertained to the situation. ("My hand can't be broken, Doc. I spank with that one. Can't you put a cast on my left hand, instead?") When in Joyce's doctor's office, I actually threatened Joyce with a spanking if she didn't follow the doctor's orders. The doctor just smiled.

Morningstar - I can't say I openly talked to my doctor about my lifestyle.

The very first time I went to her - for a full physical - she saw my piercing and my tattoos. She asked multiple questions about my piercing - but mostly curiosity stuff - did it hurt?? did it stimulate my clit continually?? that sort of stuff.

She has since seen knife work carved in my skin and a few other marks. She has never inquired into what caused them.

I would say she is aware of what I am doing but it doesn't much bother her. Perhaps it helps that I am over 21 (wayyyyyy over) and quite capable of making my own decisions. shrug

Jean - Have to say, I would never tell my doctors. I don't think they would understand.

Zille Defeu - Yes, I have and would – but that’s because I live in a very kink-friendly part of the world. I’ve had the good fortune of being able to go to both a doctor and a therapist who were not just kink-friendly, but kink-enthusiastic! I’ve never actually seen my doctor at play parties in the city, but my husband has and he said it’s a wee bit weird, but in a good way!

However, even doctors whom I have and still see who are not so hip, they end up knowing a good deal about me, and if/when I tell them I do kinky stuff, they are not surprised. I have two tattoos, and I have scars from where I used to cut myself in high school. Also, up until a few years ago, I had three genital piercings. So any medical professional who saw my pink bits came to the conclusion pretty fast that I might have a rather interesting sex life!

This has led to me being treated poorly, in a few cases. I’ve been treated as if I was obviously not well mentally-balanced, and also as if I was a slut. One time, when I had an ovarian cyst, the doctor asked if I could be pregnant. As I’d only been having sex with a women for about three months, I told him that it would have to be a miracle, as I had done nothing which could get me pregnant. He then left the room and I heard him tell the nurse, “And give her the pregnancy test!” He could have gone a little further away to prove he didn’t trust me! I was about to get about five sorts of blood-tests done, so I wouldn’t have known if he hadn’t been such an ass!

A good resource for learning about how to handle this stuff has actually been written about *by my doctor!* Health Care Without Shame: A Handbook for the Sexually Diverse and Their Caregivers.

Dr. Ken - I would sooner eat Poppy's legs. :-)

I have never told my doctor about my spanking activities. For that matter, I've never told ANYONE about my fascination with This Thing We Do. And I don't see that changing any time soon.

In fact, it would probably take nothing less than the threat of amputation to drag it out of me: "No, Doc! That's my spanking arm!"

Anonymous - I would tell my health care professional without hesitation if it were pertinent to what we were doing, or if there was a possibility of a misunderstanding.

I saw a mental health care pro for about 5 years. In that kind of therapy, you get what you put into it, and I wasn't going to be evasive, especially when my spouse and I were trying to mediate some of our sexual differences.

Mentioning the desire for a spanking led to some discussions with my therapist about what was acceptable. For some reason, he used examples of people pooping and peeing on each other when discussing consensual needs--a type of play which I pointed out was not my thing. After five or six times of this, I said, "You're kind of fixated on this pooping and peeing thing. Do you have some unmet needs that you'd like to discuss?"

I say this without rancor, as I was kind of teasing him about it. He took the hint and stuck to the type of specifics that were pertinent. I think the discussion actually made him a better therapist.

Overall, though, unless it's pertinent to treatment, a doctor doesn't care and pretty much doesn't want to know what you do in the privacy of your own home any more than you want to think about your parents having hot monkey sex all over their furniture the minute you move out.

I mean, PARENTS. Perspective. Gotta have perspective.

Ronnie - I can't imagine any circumstances in which I would want or need to volunteer that sort of personal information to my doctor. I can, however, imagine (dread), depending on recent activities, having to make a quick decision if I had to have some treatment which unexpectedly involved revealing my bottom to a doctor or nurse. If I had tell-tale marks, and if I was asked, would I be bold and say 'Oh yes, I was spanked' and just brush it off, or would I make up some story? But too many 'ifs', not likely to happen.

Katia - I don't think I would reveal my secret outright. If I did have bruises and was asked, I would just say I was spanked playfully. I agree would Ronnie, I wouldn't elaborate.

Prefectdt - I have talked to two doctors about my kink. The first was a clinical psychologist, that was important, it was she who recommended that I started playing again. The second is my regular doctor, as I thought it wise to find out if it was a problem to carry on playing with my genetic blood disorder, he giggled a bit and I suspect that he thought that I was joking but did say that with all the injuries that I had visited him with from my Horticultural activities that he would have to tell me to give up working before he could tell me to give up getting spanked (he was removing some stitches from my left leg at the time).

Scunge - I actually have told my doctor. I have several heath issues and wanted her to know in case it in any way affected those. She also happens to be my parents doctor and totally agreed with me that they need NEVER know I am into TTWD. She also said this was the first time any of her patients had ever told her about this. She wasn't even embarrassed shows you just how good a doctor she is. Now even though I live an hour away when I am sick I still go back to see her!

Elisabeth - I have never found it relevant to discuss spanking with my doctor. I suppose if I was in a situation where I thought my health or care would be impacted, I'd have to confess, but I am not quite open enough to say it would be at all easy to do! Sebastien has only spanked me once when there were marks that lasted more than an hour or two, and like Daisychain said, he would postpone a spanking until after the doctor's appointment to prevent being discovered!

A-Non - Absolutely not. I can't imagine a circumstance that would make me want to disclose such an interest to a medical professional. I guess if he/she asked about bruises, I would simply say, "They were placed there when I was having fun", or something vague like that.

I once made my excuses and left an appointment (that was keeping me waiting too long anyway and I had kids to pick up at school), because I thought, "I might still be pink, or maybe there are some broken blood vessels"!

Hermione - By telling our family doctor about my preferences, I would be outing Ron as well as myself, so there is little chance of my doing so. If I were consulting a medical practitioner about a sexually-related problem, I might mention spanking if it was pertinent to the discussion, but that would be the only reason I would ever divulge anything about our intimate activities.

Bonnie will be away for a while longer, so please come back next week for another brunch discussion on a very different topic.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

MBS Spanko Brunch #230

Bonnie has kindly allowed me to host today's brunch, and I'm glad you could make it. I always enjoy having her readers over for a good conversation and some munchies, so pull up a chair, help yourself to a snack, and let's get started.

Have you ever told your doctor about your interest or participation in spanking? If so, what prompted you to reveal your preference? If not, under what circumstances - if any - would you consider doing so? Would the type of medical practitioner (family doctor, gynecologist, psychologist/psychiatrist, nurse) make a difference in determining whether you divulged your secret?

Once everyone has had a chance to share their thoughts, I will post an edited summary of our discussion.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Birthday Spanking?

It must be her birthday. What's a birthday spanking without balloons?

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guess the Implement - the Reveal

Well, I didn't fool most of you. Many of you knew that the wicked straplike implement was really a harmless leather keychain, designed to be snapped around your belt or purse handle to keep your keys close by.

Thanks for all your creative guesses, and I'll see you next time.

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