Sunday, May 31, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #333

During this period of self-isolation there have been things we just can't get at the places where I shop. Ron misses the soft licorice and the chocolate-dipped Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies that I regularly bought at Bulk Barn. But Bulk Barn, with its bulk containers and scoops handled by everyone, doesn't seem like a safe place to shop, so I try to find substitutes at the grocery stores. That brings us to today's topic, suggested by a long-time friend, Fred Bloggs.

Is there something (kinky or vanilla) that you can't indulge in because of the lockdown situation? Are you planning anything special when things finally get back to something approaching normal?

Please leave your response as a comment below. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to join in.
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Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday FUN

This week I did our taxes; mine, Ron's and my mother's. I always hate doing them and put it off as long as possible. We have an extension until June 1 for submission, and if you owe the government, the deadline for paying is August. I use a software package and file electronically, but since I only use it once a year it takes a bit of time to get used to it. Anyway, that job is over for another year, so let's get silly.

I hope they made you smile. 😃
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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Hide in Plain Sight, part 4

Here is the final letter from Mary Beth to her friend Sally. To refresh your memory, the other letters are here, here and here.

August 9
Dear Sally,

Oh my God. What happened to me was just awful. I’m standing here writing this (more on that later). I’m at home now by the way, and the reason I’m writing is that I’m grounded, I think forever. They won’t let me even call my friends. Daddy is so mad and I am completely humiliated. Me! a grown up girl of twenty. Well, I didn’t feel so grown up yesterday, I can tell you that. I’d never been so embarrassed and shamed in all my life.

It started when Raylin showed up at Jolene’s farm. He drove up and told me to get my things together, that I was going home. I asked him what had happened and he said that that man they had in jail had been killed by another inmate. There would be no trial and I was no longer in a protected status. Jolene came out and we all went into the house. Jolene said she was relieved, but wanted to know how come those men had traced me to her farm and Raylin said he didn’t know. Then he started asking me, did I call anybody, did I tell anybody I was here? I guess I’m not a good liar and he kept asking so I finally admitted I’d been writing these letters to you. He swore and threw his hat on the floor and Jolene said that she knew I’d done something like that. Jolene said I should be taken out to the woodshed and given the strap for being so damn foolish.

When Jolene said that, Raylin looked hard at me, and I got an absolute chill up my spine. He told her to hand him the phone. He dialed up a number and started talking to the person on the other end. It was all about me. After a couple of minutes I realized he was talking to Daddy. He gave the phone to Jolene and she went on about what I’d done, including the fight and the spying incident and the creek. Raylin talked and listened for a bit, nodding his head. Then they handed the phone to me and I heard my daddy tell me he was glad it was over, but before I came home there was the little matter of an overdue reckoning. Well, my jaw dropped. I cried “Daddy!” but Daddy hung up and Raylin took the phone and hung up. He looked at me and shook his head. Then he grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up out of my seat.

Raylin dragged me out of the house and everyone saw it. I was squealing for him to let me go, but he had his jaw set and just looked straight ahead as he pulled me along. Pretty soon everybody else saw what was happening and they all followed us across the yard. It was like a parade. I finally realized where he was taking me-it was to that woodshed. I dug my heels in, but I’m just a little 120 pound blonde girl and Raylin is six feet tall and all muscle.

He opened the door and dragged me inside and slammed the door behind him. Then he stood over me and really let me have it. He said I’d put everyone in danger by sending those letters, that somehow the gangsters had seen the postmarks and had figured out where I was, all after he had specifically told me no letters. On top of that my behavior had been awful and I’d gotten away with all of it, but that was going to end right here, right now. He said my daddy had given him permission to deal with me-“appropriately” as he put it. He also added, Sally, that he had asked Daddy if he could call on me and that Daddy had said yes.

Well my head was spinning, but before I could even think about that, he sat down on a stump they use for chopping, lifted me up, and put me right over his knee. I realized that he was going to spank me! Me! Mary Beth, a twenty-year old Vandy coed. I struggled and kicked but he just gripped me with that big strong arm of his and held me face down over his knees. Then to my horror, I heard the giggling. I looked around and could see eyes peering through cracks in the boards. All the girls were going to see me get my spanking.

But the worst was yet to come. He lifted my dress in back and threw it over my head. Now my bloomers were exposed to his gaze. Horror of horrors, he put his fingers in the waist band and pulled my bloomers down until I was bare from my back to my knees. I felt him rest his hand on my bottom. Sally, you don’t have any idea what that feeling is like, a man resting his hand on your bare bottom, knowing what he intends to do in one short minute. I was blushing head to toe and yelling my head off, demanding he stop.

All he said was, I had this coming and he was going to give it to me.

That first hard spank took my breath away. It landed right across the middle of my bottom and stung like nothing I’d ever felt. Then he smacked me again. Then he smacked my poor bottom a third time, and what had tingled now felt like a hot sting. He took off then and landed spanks on one side then the other. I wasn’t keeping track, though. It was just this hot blazing barrage of spanks that kept coming, and it was lighting a fire in my seat. It was relentless. He spanked my blazing fanny like that, a steady volley of spanks, one piling up on top of the other, until I thought my seat was surely on fire. I was kicking and squirming and shrieking like a scalded cat. I lost all dignity and begged him to please stop. I promised to be good. I said I was sorry. Tears were running down my face and I pounded my fists on the dirt floor, but he kept right on, delivering smack after smack to my little bare fanny until I just broke down and cried big salty tears. I was all done in. I sagged across his knees, all my fight gone. I wasn’t Mary Beth the hot shot coed, I was Mary Beth, the naughty little girl who just had her bare bottom soundly spanked.

I guess when I let go sobbing, he stopped. He gently pulled me to my feet and said it was over. I hugged him and cried on his chest. He patted my back and said he was sorry but my daddy had told him to do it, that I did deserve it. Outside it was silent. I forgot who all had been watching but the giggling had stopped. Later they told me they were just transfixed with the way Raylin had handled me. They said it was the most awesome shellacking they’d ever seen. It was like they were in awe of Raylin. In fact Debby allowed as how she almost wouldn’t mind a spanking from a man like Raylin if he loved her up later. I got to thinking about that and got a feeling in my private parts, you know? We got up and were about to leave when Jolene burst in.

To my dismay it wasn’t over. Jolene said that I deserved additional licks for putting her girls in danger like that. I had got off scot free at the creek, but now I should pay. To my own amazement I said I agreed with her. I had felt guilty about the creek thing and thought maybe this would clear the air with the other girls if I stepped up and took my medicine like the rest of them. Raylin put his arm out and asked her to hold off just now. So I got a reprieve until morning. It was too late to go then anyway. I was spending another night at Aunt Jolene’s. All the girls were sympathetic because they knew what was coming in the morning.

Well, after breakfast we made that long march back to the woodshed. I felt like Marie Antionette on the way to the guillotine. All the others came along. Once inside, Jolene pointed to the log and I pulled up my dress and assumed the position. I even slipped my own drawers down. I suppose Jolene let me off easy on account of my already sore bottom. I got only six licks with the strap, but they were scorchers. She took her time and delivered the licks slow, with a lot of time in between so I’d get the full benefit of each one. Each lick is etched into my brain now and I don’t think I’ll ever look at a leather strap again and not think of Aunt Jolene.

So the reason I’m standing here writing this is I can’t sit down yet. The whole thing is over and I’m grounded, but Daddy is letting Raylin call on me Saturday night. I’m excited and terribly embarrassed at the same time. This is awful. I mean, he has seen me naked and paddled my bare butt! I have one question—what should I wear?

Your best friend,
Mary Beth

August 12, 1957
Dear Mary Beth,

I was amazed to receive your letter as I had not heard from you in months. I never got any of the other letters. We had some thefts from our mailbox over the summer. I want to hear all about your new beau, but so far reading about what he did makes my insides go all butterflies. I feel flushed and need to lie down. Please send details and don’t leave anything out.

Your best friend,
Sally S
That's going to be a hot date!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 25, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 24

Tell us about the physical aftereffects that you experience from a spanking.

Roz: I have, on the odd occasion been a bit shakey after a spanking. The remedy was to take it easy for a few minutes snuggled up to man :)

Rosco: Perhaps 1 out of 3 spankings happen at bedtime - I am then instructed to be quiet, keep my hands to myself and go to sleep.

The other 2 out of 3, result in cunnilingus followed by intercourse. Irene will then go take a shower then usually head to the kitchen to make dinner. I usually lie there, happily tired and overwhelmed, for at least a half hour.

If the spanking is especially intense, I will be quite and affectionate afterward but not lightheaded. I will feel it in my bottom over the next few days.

Graham: Not that I can recall. Ours usually end in sex, and I may be exhausted or spent after that and perhaps not fully stable on my feet!

Joe: I sometimes feel light headed after an intense spanking and a little dizzy so I just lie down for a few minutes and my wife will be stroking me and smiling at her handiwork ;<)

Wendel: Most times after whippings with the belt it is difficult putting pants back on for about an hour.

Simon: I don't think it was due to the severe punishment I was receiving at the the time but I once fainted whilst being caned. It was on one of the hottest days of the year a few years ago and I think it was just the heat. It certainly gave the lovely lady who was thrashing me with great energy and skill a fright. A gin and tonic each soon sorted us both out although we avoided any serious punishment after that. As a disabled man in his 60s I do find that punishments affect me more these days and that I take longer to recover these days.

Jack: My wife spanking leave an impression, there are times I just lay across her lap, unable to move, my bottom is stinging, and when she has enough, she stands me up, points to the wall, and that is where I stand until I get myself under control or she feels I've can put my pajamas on, a continuation of the punishment, better to wear pajamas than getting dressed.

Bonnie: Yes, it definitely happens. Immediately following a particularly intense spanking, I sometimes find myself mentally distant and physically wobbly. In such situations, it takes a few minutes of gentle aftercare to bring me safely back to earth.

Prefectdt: After a prolonged period in a head down position, I can feel a little woozy. Moving slowly and standing still and upright for a few minutes usually fixes this. I very often get a big endorphins kick from a spanking, this can leave me uncoordinated for some time and a bit detached from reality. I don't want to do anything about this because it is part of the sensation that I am enjoying. I never get spanked and then drive though, that would be as unsafe as drink driving.

Ronnie: Yes I have felt lightheaded after a spanking and a little unsteady. P sits me down with his arms around me until it passes.

Barrel: Well, I must say I am surprised and grateful for your responses to Hermione’s question. I thought I was crazy feeling off balance and uneasy on my feet after our last intense session. My wife whipped me as hard as she could with the strap, riding crop and tawse for about 25 minutes, and when she released me from the bench, I had a hard time walking. I do feel better knowing there are others that have responded in a similar manner. Thank you for sharing.

Hermione: Besides the pain, I often feel a sense of euphoria along with feeling a bit light-headed.

Thank you all for another good discussion. Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #332

Welcome, one and all, to our socially-distanced brunch. Ron and I have been taking advantage of a series of warm, sunny days to prepare the garden for spring planting. I've got a sore back from pulling weeds, and Ron is tired from mowing the lawn and tilling the vegetable bed. Today we are doing as much planting as we can, because rain is due tomorrow. This leads us very nicely into our friend Barrel's suggested topic for today.

After an extended or especially intense spanking session, have you had any physical aftereffects, such as being unsteady on your feet or feeling light-headed? What is your remedy?

As always, be respectful of others and wear your face mask while composing your reply. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday FUN

Our new Ninja Foodi Grill is a big success. It cooks steaks and chops in half the time it would take on a barbecue, with elegant grill marks too! We have done an entire meal of steak, asparagus and garlic bread. I'll confess that the garlic bread was too crisp and needed only half the time. Fresh-cut fries on the air-fry setting were also scrumptious. The only drawback is with the cooking instructions; they always suggest more time than is actually necessary.

For those of you who are struggling to become expert chefs and bakers, these oven mitts might help relieve the stress.

Happy Friday!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Hide in Plain Sight, part 3

More letters from Mary Beth to her friend Sally. Mary Beth knows she is immune to any punishments, so she pushes her luck.
July 19, 1957
Dear Sally,

It sure gets boring around here. It’s getting hot too. Back home we have an air conditioner at least, but not out here. Raylin comes down in the evenings and we talk. I think he’s sweet on me and I’m beginning to like him too, but I hate the darn rules he sets.

I noticed that there was a creek out back and I asked Debby where it went. She said that downstream there was a place called flat rock where there was a waterfall with a pool below. I asked her if they ever went swimming there and she said sure they did, only they had to have her momma’s permission to go and there had to be a chaperone and all that. And I reminded her that her momma had gone off to town for the day leaving Kate in charge. She lit up then and got Betty and Annie, two of the boarders, and said we could slip away from Kate, no problem. I said I’d get my swim suit on, but Debby said why not skinny dip? And I thought, oooh, how deliciously naughty. Skinny dipping. Debby said it was great, jumping in the water in only your birthday suit on a hot day. That part of the creek was on their property and no one was around, so why not? It sounded good to Betty and Annie. Well, that plan turned out to be our downfall, and I guess it was my fault that everyone got in trouble.

So we snuck off. Kate didn’t see us, so we thought we were home free. Now, I know Raylin had told me to stay around the house at all times, but I’d been there over a month and nobody had come nosing around. I never saw Raylin except when he came by, but I knew he patrolled all around the county looking for anyone suspicious, and I guess so far he saw nothing. I could see his cabin up on the hill and his car was gone so I figured he was off somewhere.

We got to flat rock and got out of our clothes. We were splashing around having a time when I heard a shout. We all looked up and here came Raylin with a rifle in his hand crashing through the woods. Then we heard a commotion on the other side of the creek and two men who had been hiding in a thicket stood up and took off. We all started screaming and ducked down in the water. Raylin crashed across the creek and chased the two men. In the meantime we got out to get our clothes on only to be met by Kate and Jolene who were standing right there by our clothes with their arms folded.

About that time Raylin came back and announced that the men were gone but that he recognized them, and he wanted to have a talk with me. Jolene told him to go back to the house and wait, that we would all be along directly, but that there was a chore to be done. Well, Raylin being a gentleman, he hid his eyes with his Stetson and walked back toward the house. When he was out of sight Jolene told us all to get out of the water. Betty and Debby started to reach for their clothes but Jolene said to stop right there. We stood there naked and dripping wet. She looked at me and said those men were there because of me and I’d put everyone in danger. She told Debby and Betty and Annie that they knew the rule and had disobeyed them. It was then I saw what Kate had been doing. She was cutting switches from a hickory with a pen knife. She cut several long thin switches and offered them to her momma. Jolene swished them and took the stoutest one, handing the other to Kate. Debby started blubbering again that she didn’t want a switching and Betty and Annie put their hands back as if to shield their bottoms.

There was a tree next to the creek with a low branch and Jolene told the three of them to get over there, bend over and grip that branch. She made them stick their bottoms out and so there they were, three naked girls spaced apart, bending over and holding that branch.

Jolene tapped Debby’s bottom and then let fly with three quick strokes that made this “whick” sound, one after the other. Debby half stood up and wailed and shook her bottom like she was trying to shake off the sting. Jolene told her she’d better hold on to that branch. Then Jolene moved over to Betty and gave her three sharp licks. Then she whipped Annie’s butt three times. This is the way it went. She rotated from one girl to the next, three sharp licks, then move down the line. The girls were shrieking and hopping from one foot to the next, begging Jolene to take it easy. The switch put these vivid red lines across their behinds and Jolene looked like she put some muscle behind every stroke. They were crying their eyes out by the time she stopped and I guess she must have dished out a couple of dozen. She turned then and shook that switch at me and said it was partly my fault and that I should be up there with them getting my licking but she’d promised Raylin.

When we got back Raylin took me aside and really let me have it. It was a terrible tongue lashing and I cried. I hated that. He’s so mean and at the same time he gives me the shivers and I’m all girlish and flustered. He said somehow those men had tracked me here, but how, he didn’t know. He said never, never stray away from the house again until this was over.

Another close call.
Bye for now,
Mary Beth

August 7, 1957
Dear Sally,

Big news! There has been a break in the case. Raylin just phoned Jolene and said he was coming by to tell me. Maybe I’m going home soon!

More later,
Mary Beth
Could Mary Beth really be going home? Wait and see.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 18, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 17

What do you think is the appeal of being spanked in front of an audience?

Fred Bloggs: I was one of the contributors last week who expressed an interest in a public spanking. Now I have to explain why. I have been spanked in front of a few friends. I was nervous knowing what was going to happen. But nervous in a good way. The same nervous excitement of a private spanking, but amplified by the audience. I can’t explain in a coherent way why I like, or need, spanking let alone getting a public spanking. That’s a very unsatisfactory reply but it’s the best I can muster.

QBuzz: I'm not sure... maybe it just adds to the submissive fantasy experience, with everyone seeing that I'm a naughty boy getting spanked, with the embarrassment of my wriggling and crying and possibly also scolding by my partner? Also some exhibitionism in there too I reckon :D
Also, I love the fantasy, but have to say I don't know if I'd ever go through with it in real life... maybe at a spanking party or fetish club, but definitely not in front of vanilla friends etc!

Roz: That was brave of you cutting Ron's hair. Glad it turned out well :)

As for the question, I wouldn't want to be spanked in public in reality. However, in fantasy I think it would add to the thrill and overall experience. Just the fact of other people knowing alone.That was brave of you cutting Ron's hair. Glad it turned out well :)

As for the question, I wouldn't want to be spanked in public in reality. However, in fantasy I think it would add to the thrill and overall experience. Just the fact of other people knowing alone.

Barrel: I do not want to be spanked in a public setting, but being spanked by another female excites me. My wife’s exercise instructor has an aura about her that exudes power and control. She has had several husbands, so I suspect she is experienced in discipline. I fantasize about them crafting a session where I am severely thrashed by both. I doubt it will happen but my wife’s disciplinary confidence is growing and she talks more openly about whipping and caning me. Who knows.

Jack: The closet I came to a public spanking was when I was living in a apartment. It was by the pool and for some reason I got carried away. A woman who I was seeing had enough and took my arm, gave me a couple of hard spanks to my bottom and then said the discussion will continue in my apartment. A couple of days later, the looks I got especially from the women.

Michael M: I should like to be caned by a young male in front of my wife.

Bonnie: Here we stand at the corner of Fantasy and Reality. A public spanking, especially with a ritualized corporal punishment theme, is a huge lifelong dream and aspiration for me. It's a thrill just to envision how that event might transpire. I imagine the dialog and all of the steps necessary to prepare for and execute a dramatic punishment.

Back on Reality Boulevard, where I spend my days, that's just not likely to happen for a great many reasons. I count myself as fortunate to be able to live out lots of other favorite spanking scenarios.

Maybe that detailed fantasy I've carried around all these years could be a fictional story...

Rosco: The appeal of being spanked, for most of us I assume, goes beyond the physical aspects of stinging pain followed by a warming of our nether regions - delicious as that might be.

There's something about being disciplined or about ceding control, or both.

My obsession started at five years old, if not earlier. I was obsessed with girls in ways I did not understand and felt guilty about it. Then adolescence hit at the same I went to a larger school when skirts were at their shortest. I spent so much class time for two years fantasizing about certain girls, being embarrassed about my obsession and talking to no one about it. Not surprisingly I could scarcely talk to any of them.

My confidence soared and my guilt faded (some) when I was 16. A gorgeous older girl took me on as a boyfriend for about a month, then broke up with me but suddenly all kinds of girls liked me.

But to this day I it is so easy for me to conjure up and greatly embellish moments from the past when I am caught by several girls in an embarrassing situation and punished for it.

I don't know if this answers the question.

My wife Irene understands this aspect of my sexuality and herself thrives on playing the part of several girls or women during our "tete a tetes". Once she playfully spanked me in front of some of her friends and I was deeply embarrassed. I doubt it will ever happen for real - unless we happened to meet the right person. But we have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship - physical and otherwise.

Red: I would very much like to be spanked on front of other people, and it has happened a couple of times. We have visited our friend Danielle and John, and she has spanked me once on both visits. Her husband and Cindy watched, but, from outside the room, and the spanking was effective, in that I did not think about being seen. We attended a play weekend once, but it was great, then it was REALLY NOT great.

Cindy will not spank anyone, except me, so play elsewhere is very limited, if it ever is to occur again.
However, I do dream about you being spanked by Ron, while I am in the same room being spanked by Cindy!

Prefectdt: Barbers open again tomorrow in Belgium. Perhaps Canada will have hair services again soon.

I have have fantasized about public punishments, mostly in an historic setting, such as an army flogging but I never really want these fantasies to come true. I am happy for then to stay as fantasies.

However, I would like to be used as a practical demonstration subject in an adult corporal punishment training class. Not so much for a personal thrill but more because I would like to be more involved in a face to face community and this seems like a useful way to be a contributor rather than just a taker in such a scenario.

A.J.: OK, I'm the guy who asked the question. It suddenly struck me reading the previous brunch responses that there were a surprisingly number who responded with the fantasy of being spanked in front of others. And not just one or two others, in some cases a theater full of them!

And, with the exception of a theater full of witness - I'm one of them!

Why? Damned if I know. But I do.

Barrel's comment: "...being spanked by another female excites me."?
Yup! Me too!
But I'm still struggling with answering this one myself.

And I think QBuzz's point about "some exhibitionism", at least with me, is true. It wouldn't bother me one bit if a girlfriend spanked me - bare bottom! - in front of one or two of her girlfriends. See all my bits and pieces? Who cares? But a big room full of people? Ummmm..., no. (Note: all my spankings are fun-type, and not punishment or really hard. And almost always I get to return the favor!! Whoo-Hoo! So Anonymous' comment, "being disciplined or about ceding control, or both" would not apply as I do not do discipline or cede control. I do it for the sexy fun and laughs of it.)

In reality I have been spanked twice by a girlfriend during which one of her best friends was a witness, who later became - a participant! Yeah! She got a shot at me! And then the tables turned to our mutual merriment - I got to spank them! All three of us were left with big smiles on our faces while rubbing our bare pink bottoms.

For a couple years I had a long-distance email-pal with a woman who was into spanking and the sexiness of it all. This topic came up and she related a summer weekend party she had been to with a mixed group of friends, about 20 people; and about even, half female, half male. One night it came out that it was one of the guy's at the party birthday, someone said "Birthday Spanking!", and he found himself OTK. And then one of the WOMEN started chanting "Bare bottom! Bare bottom!", that was picked up by the rest of the room, and soon enough, after some struggling, the target was bared and the appropriate number of smacks were laid on.

And then my email-pal related she was totally absorbed watching this! Very erotic. Turned to the woman next to her and asked:
"Are you turned on by this as much as I am?

And the friend replied:
"Oh, God, yes." (Fun part: She was the birthday boy's girlfriend!)

My email-pal said she looked around the rest of the room and all the women were the same, fascinated by what they were seeing. The guys? Pretty much them, too.

I asked email-pal whether the spankee was embarrassed by it? And she said he was. At first, really was. Maybe even a bit angry. And then - everyone treated him so well, esp. the women. Hugged him, patted his bottom, kissed him, laughed with him, and didn't embarrass him. They were just so nice to him. And so were the other men at the party. And so the anger left him, but not the memory.

Go figure.

I still don't know the answer to this question, and neither did my email-pal.

Side notes:

Jack, about that spanking by the pool at your apartment and, "the looks I got especially from the women" later? You can't leave us hanging like that!! None of the women made a comment to you? None asked...? Hinted? Or asked your girlfriend?

And Roscoe, my obsession also started when I was age 5. In 1st grade. My classmate, "Virginia", I'm dead sure was a spanko who organized things that always seemed to have some sort of spanking theme. I think I play-spanked every girl in my class. Some (looking at you, Virginia) liked it, some were "Meh...!", others "No!"

The mini skirt (Heck - the micro-mini skirt!) era just about killed me.

Wendel: We have spanked each other in the woods and along trails we have hiked. Usually in spots where no one will stumble across us. The closest public spanking was at night on a hilltop in Ireland. There was a larger rock close to the edge that made a perfect seat for me. The Misses bared her bottom and went across my lap. I spanked her for several minutes. Not sure if anyone caught a glimpse.

Hermione: It has only happened to me once, as a child, and I was mortified. But my answer to the brunch question was a performance in which my spanking was part of the storyline in a play. In other words, it was a fantasy being played out in a make-believe setting.  In real life, I would not care for anyone to witness my spankings.

Oh my! That was illuminating! Stay safe, everyone.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #331

Guess what! Yesterday the day we have both been gearing up for finally arrived.  I cut Ron's hair. I had watched several videos and Ron showed me how to use his clippers, but I don't know who was more nervous. After I had buzzed away for a while I asked Ron to look in the mirror and see what he thought. The verdict? "Take more off".  So I did. The final product was pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Ron was pleased, and thanked me several times throughout the day for the great haircut. But I wonder what his barber will say when the social isolation is over.

Now, on to our discussion. Our good friend A.J. pointed out that at last week's brunch, several people (including me) said that they would like to be spanked in front of an audience. Why?

What is the lure about being spanked in front of others, even if in fantasy?  Why "excitement"?  Why "a thrill"?  Why "appealing"? What is it?

Please leave your response as a comment, even if you personally wouldn't want to be seen by anyone else. I'll publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to respond.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday FUN

We are doing just fine here. We wear our masks when we might come in close contact with others, and Ron is mainly the driver, while I do the actual shopping. Our elderly next-door neighbour, however, doesn't seem to care too much about social distancing. We keep an eye on her, because with all this time on our hands, spying on neighbours is one of our favourite pastimes. Next-door has visits from her friends who range in age from late 60s through 80s. One brings her groceries, but she sometimes goes on outings with them, and yesterday had visitors who stayed for several hours. I suppose she isn't in too much danger as we have no active cases here and there have been no deaths.

Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Hide in Plain Sight, part 2

Last week we began a series of letters written by Mary Beth, who is in a witness protection program somewhere in the southern US, to her friend Sally. Jolene, whose ranch she is hiding out in, is a strict disciplinarian, although Mary Beth herself is exempt from punishment. The letters continue...
July 5
Dear Sally,

Today I saw Debby get it. That’s Jolene’s middle daughter. She snuck out with some boy at the 4th of July church picnic which is a big no-no around here. I was in the barn petting the horses when Dot came up to me and tugged on my arm, saying to come with her. There is a shed out back where they store wood for the fireplace. Dot told me that when Jolene is really mad at one of her own, she takes her out back to that shed so no one will hear. She told me on the way that Debby was really going to get it on account of skipping out with that boy. She said we had to be quiet but there was a place with a hole though the boards so we could see. I asked wasn’t she afraid her ma would see her, and she said it was worth it to see Debby get her sassy butt whipped good and proper. Well, we snuck back there behind the shed and got down in the weeds. Sure enough before long here came Jolene pulling Debby along by the arm. Debby was pleading with her ma, begging her for another chance, anything to get out of that whipping, but Jolene had made her mind up.

Inside the shed there is a big log held between two frames. Jolene pointed to it and told Debby to get herself ready. Debby started to cry but Jolene just scolded her and told her she had this coming and to get across that log with her skirts up. Debby hoisted her skirts and laid across the log. This put her behind up, positioned just right to get a licking. Hanging on the wall was this black strap with a wooden handle and Jolene got it and swished it around, all the time telling Debby how she was never to sneak off with a boy again. Debby was pleading with “yes, momma” and “please no, momma” but Jolene said she was due a good strapping and to get ready. She put the strap under her arm and stepped up and peeled Debby’s bloomers down to make her bottom completely bare. It must be awful having your bare white butt exposed like that waiting to feel hot licks from a leather strap. But I felt excited to watch. Then Jolene told her daughter to hold on and not get up no matter what.

I thought the hairbrush spankings looked bad, but that strap! Let me tell you, that black strap smacked Debby’s behind making a sound like a firecracker went off. Debby shrieked and drummed her toes on the dirt floor. Her butt had a big red band across it. Jolene told her to keep still. Then she drew back and whipped the strap down again to let her have another one. Debby let out another wail. Now I saw why Jolene took the girls out to this shed for a licking with the strap. It’s noisy, the sharp smack, the crying and wailing. She took her time, scolding Debby between smacks, but she gave her twelve good hard licks and Debby was blubbering and crying through it all. Her butt was beet red. After it was over, she told her to get up and get back in the house. It was really something to see, Debby wailing and hopping foot to foot, trying to rub the sting out. But just as Jolene was leaving, she must have heard us because she asked who was there. At first Dot and I said nothing, but Jolene came around outside and caught us. Well, she gave us hell for spying and she told Dot she’d see her at bedtime. Dot froze and put her hands back like she was protecting her bottom when she heard that. Then Jolene turned to me and said how it was too bad I wasn’t subject to her household rules or I’d be getting a licking too. That made me shiver, like a cold knot up my spine. Me, get a spanking? She gave me a hard look and said she’d take it up with Raylin. I’m not scared of Raylin, because he wouldn’t dare lay a hand on me without daddy’s permission, so there.

That night before bed Jolene motioned to poor Dot and upstairs she went. All the rest of us were sitting downstairs and we got very quiet. After awhile you could hear this sharp smacking sound and Kate said that Dot was getting her bare bottom tanned by her momma’s hand. It went on for quite a while and I could imagine little Dot squirming across her momma’s knee as she got her bare bottom spanked. Then she looked and me and told me how lucky it was that it wasn’t me.

More later,
Mary Beth
How long will Mary Beth's luck hold out? We shall see!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 11, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 10

Where in the world would you like to engage in spanking, assuming no one else was around?

Bonnie: If we could guarantee that no one could possibly see or hear us, we might do it in the front yard. Randy has threatened me with this punishment for years, but it's just not realistic, at least until now! :)

Alan: Thanks for offering the chance to fantasize out loud. Probably my number one choice. would be to be imperiously removed from a dinner party or restaurant for inappropriate behavior and spanked in our car. A former girlfriend did carry out a version of this from a restaurant making me ride home with pants down, but the punishment happened at her house, not in the car and she didn’t take me back into the restaurant so I didn’t have to face that embarrassment. Another fantasy was to have my wife show up at my office and discipline me there (retired now, so that won’t happen but she did threaten several times). Probably my most romantic would be to be paddled otk on an ocean beach with her paddle keeping rhythm with the crashing waves and my frantic please to stop lost in the sounds of the ocean. We have talked about that and it might happen but the timing would have to be right and my wife only spanks for cause, so the stars would need to be in alignment for it to happen.

Fred Bloggs: We do indulge in some outdoor spanking on a quiet footpath by the river. There is a slight risk of being seen, but that adds to excitement. However a huge fantasy of mine is be part of a spanking event at one of the big London theaters, The Palladium with it’s 2000 plus seats perhaps. The excitement of being spanked in front of a huge audience of people. The anticipation! The thrill! Private is nice but public could be a huge rush.

Wendel: I would love to spank the Misses on the balcony of Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. She would be dressed as Cinderella. I would put across my lap, bare her bottom and spank her for the whole empty kingdom to see. For me it would be in the Swiss Family Tree House also in the Magic Kingdom. The Misses would interrupt dinner to take me outside the hut where she would whip me bare bottom with the strap.

QBuzz: I think my biggest secret fantasy would be to be spanked somewhere where someone could see or hear us. It wouldn't matter if it was in the garden, at a party, in front of her friends or at a fetish club, being spanked in front of an audience by my partner would be such a thrill.

Roz: Oh goodness, I'm really not sure, but outside somewhere. Maybe an amusement park?

Prefectdt: One of the things that I miss about the UK, that you cannot eat or drink, are the small canals and navigable rivers. I often fantasize about having my own narrowboat and cruising around the peaceful countryside. Narrowboats are a bit too small on the inside for a full swing implement spanking, so my fantasy concerns being flogged and then caned on the back of a cruiser stern narrowboat (trad and semi trad sterns would be too confined). It would be in an isolated but beautiful part of the English countryside, with no one about for miles around to eavesdrop on the proceedings. I would be bent almost double over a rail at the back of the boat, with my trousers and underwear around my ankles staring at the water. With perhaps only some ducks and a curios swan to witness my predicament, as I am thrashed red and raw then caned hard enough to make me yelp and leave well raised welts across my buttocks. I think that this is a fantasy that will never come true but I love having it.

Simon: Well I've been lucky enough to have been punished outdoors and in public (on a stage in a caning demonstration) so those fantasies have been fulfilled. I live near HMS Victory and I've always had a fantasy about being the naval punishment "kissing the gunners daughter" which involves being tied over a cannon and caned or beaten with a rope;s end. It would differ from the old punishment because instead of a burly Petty Officer it would be a lovely young lady handing out the thrashing.

Ronnie: I've always wanted to be spanked on a beach but we've never been able to find an empty one.

Hermione: I would like to appear in a play in the Royal Alexandra theatre in Toronto, and be spanked on stage. Like Fred, the presence of an audience would be highly appealing.

May all your wishes come true!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #330

Since most people around the world are staying indoors much of the time, and large gatherings are prohibited, there are many indoor and outdoor venues that are completely empty. So now is our chance to fulfil our secret fantasies.

Where in the world would you like to engage in spanking? What venue appeals to you as the perfect place for a spanking, assuming no one could see or hear you?

Please leave your response as a comment. I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday FAIL

The shelves are bare of most kinds of flour; everyone seems to be at home baking up sastorm. Ron likes to use our automatic breadmaker to make his Maritime brown bread. I make rolls and use my stand mixer to knead the dough quickly and easily. Ron now wants to buy a Ninja Foodi, because it grills at a temperature equal to an outdoor barbecue. We have had several indoor grills over the years, and none of them get hot enough. The Ninja also air fries, so it would also replace our current air fryer, and we could still have French fries without a lot of oil. Sounds like a good idea.

Not all attempts at baking are as successful.

Happy Friday!
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Hide in Plain Sight, part 1

Today we begin a story by Rollin Hand, set in the southern US half a century ago. I hope you enjoy it.
A letter found in an old box somewhere……

June 15, 1957
Dear Sally,

They told me not to write but I’m writing anyway. We get to come to town on Saturdays and if I dress like the rest of them, in these long dresses and bonnets, I blend in and nobody can pick me out. These clothes suck. It’s some religious thing I guess. I even have to wear these stupid bloomers. Anyway, when nobody was looking I dropped the letter in the PO box. They say it’s for my protection, because of what I saw. I have to testify eventually, but until then I’m stuck out here where they can’t find me. So at least I’m going to write to my best friend. Just don’t tell anybody I did. I’ll get in trouble with Raylin.

You remember the story, I guess. I was with Jean and Sue and we had been downtown shopping. I left my purse in the store and had to go back. I took a short cut through the alley and that’s when I heard a gun go off and saw the guy who fired the shot and killed that man. They say he was a big time hoodlum in the Dixie mafia, whatever that is. Sorry that I sort of disappeared without telling anybody, but that’s why.

I’m here because of that deputy marshal. His name is Raylin Higgins and I hate him. That’s too bad because he is really handsome in that sort of rugged cowboy way. Gives a girl goose bumps, you know? But everything I want to do, he says no. No calls, no visits, not even letters. I can’t go home, etc, etc. Meanwhile he stays in a cabin nearby somewhere keeping an eye out while I stay here. Where is here? Well, I’m not supposed to tell, but it is a farm somewhere south of Nashville and it is the middle of nowhere. The farm is run by this woman Raylin calls Aunt Jolene. She is a big stout farm woman in her forties and has three daughters. Two of the girls are a little younger than me at 17 and 18. Kate, the oldest is 23. She also takes in boarders, like girls who are homeless. I think some state bureau or something places them.

The deal is, this woman is Raylin’s aunt, and Raylin told daddy that the best way to protect me until this whole mess is over with was to hide me in plain sight, that no one would look for me here and he’d guard the farm himself while I was there. The district attorney said ok, so here I am. And let me tell you, it is sticksville. Not only that, this woman, Jolene, runs this place like an army camp or something. I mean there’s all these rules. They are posted on a board in the kitchen and if you break one, a tick goes by your name. They cover everything from doing chores to keeping out of other people’s stuff to smoking, swearing—you name it. I don’t know what happens when you get so many ticks, but the girls, there are four others besides me, seem concerned about it. I’m not because, it doesn’t apply to me. Raylin argued with his aunt about this, but she finally told him that I’d have to obey the rules just like everyone else. Raylin said I was different, and he’d be responsible for me. I felt like a child, them arguing over me like that, and I gave them a piece of my mind. Jolene looked hard at Raylin and he took me aside and told me to behave. I told him this was not my idea in the first place to be out here in Dogpatch, but I’m not a child and not to worry. He let it go and went back to his cabin.

More later,
Mary Beth

June 20, 1957
Dear Sally,

I do see Raylin regularly. He comes to supper. We talk about this and that. He’s not so bad when you get to know him, I guess.

Well now I know what happens when you get five ticks next to your name! It happened yesterday when me, Cheryl and Linda got into a fight. We were arguing over whose turn it was to clean the bathroom upstairs and I guess it came to scratching and hair pulling, at least between Linda and Cheryl. Aunt Jolene came running and pulled us apart. She sat us down and chewed us out and then announced that they, Linda and Cheryl, were each getting five demerits-that’s what the ticks are. Linda said what about me, but I don’t get demerits because Raylin fixed that with Jolene. They got real quiet then. I didn’t know what that meant until supper when Dot, Jolene’s youngest, whispered to me that they were due a “licking”. I wanted to ask her what she meant but then supper was over and we all went into the parlor.

Aunt Jolene pulled out a chair and sat down in it. She called Cheryl and Linda over and had them stand in front of her. She scolded them about the fight again and when she stopped, she turned to Kate her oldest and told her to go fetch “it”. I didn’t know what “it” was, but Cheryl and Linda looked at each other wincing at this news, and shifted from foot to foot. Finally Kate walked back in carrying this big black flat-backed hairbrush and gave it to Jolene. She tapped it in her hand and told Cheryl to go to the corner. I finally figured out that these girls were going to get spankings! This is something that never happened to me. Mommy and daddy have never in my life raised a hand to me in that way, but here was Aunt Jolene about to give Linda and Cheryl a real spanking.

She told Linda to stand at her side and raise her dress, which she did, blushing like all get out. Then she ordered her across her knee and Linda went right across Aunt Jolene’s lap, bottoms up. Aunt Jolene put the brush down on her back and to my utter amazement slipped the girl’s bloomers down, baring her bottom. I’ll have to say Linda has a very shapely seat as far as I can tell. It’s round and firm without being too big. Then without further ado she picked up the brush, announced “39 spanks, girls”, and raised her arm.

Of course I’d never seen a spanking either, but this one, I’m sure was very thorough, and I’m glad it wasn’t me on the receiving end. She brought that brush down right on poor Linda’s bare fanny and it made a terrible crack. Linda cried out and raised her head and kicked, but Jolene just tucked her arm around her real good to hold her tight. Then she commenced to dish out a real honest-to-gosh bare fanny spanking like I’d heard girls talk about but had never experienced. She smacked her bottom over and over again-sometime three or four in a flurry, sometimes one after another, very slow and deliberate. It amazed me the way Linda’s fanny wobbled as the brush hit it, first one cheek then the other. It turned pink, then deep rose, then flaming red. Linda bucked and whimpered, begging for mercy, but Aunt Jolene just ignored her and kept smacking her bouncing bottom until all thirty nine licks had been dispensed.

Well, by this time Linda was in tears, blubbering about how sorry she was and how she’d never do it again. Of course she’d say that, taking the licking of her life. Aunt Jolene stood her up and sent her to the corner. Then it was Cheryl’s turn. If anything Cheryl was less brave than Linda. She squalled and kicked as that brush smacked her little hind end to a cherry red, but she got all thirty nine spanks too. They both got sent to the corner then, hands on head and no rubbing.

The next morning Cheryl and Linda still could not sit down and had to eat breakfast off of the mantelpiece in the parlor. Whew! I’m glad I’m not subject to this-because I’m a state’s witness and all. They need me, so I get the kid glove treatment and that’s a good thing.

Later Alligator,
Mary Beth
How long do you think Mary Beth is going to get the "kid glove treatment"?
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, May 4, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for May 3

Our discussion on implement maintenance was so interesting!

A.J.: Well, in my case, wash my hands...? Don't really use implements. Very rare. If any are used, it's only a hairbrush or something around the house. Whoever used it had to clean it. Clorox wipes. Easy. Took only seconds.

But I do remember a post-session talk some years ago with a wonderful woman who got a kick out of putting boys and girls through their paces. Told me that as soon as she was done with one of her charges, she would immediately clean and disinfect her "tools". To prevent any transmission of germs, viruses, etc. to the next lucky person - esp. if the implement she had used drew blood (Shudder....)

"Where do you learn this???", I asked.

Her: "Oh, a lot of the people I play with are either doctors or medical students. They taught me."

There ya' go!

Rosco: Irene has several leather items that she uses almost exclusively - two (pricey leather) ping pong paddles, a riding crop and three tawses. None have ever been maintained.

We did have a couple of beautiful vintage riding crops, but they did fall apart.

We did get a birch thing online from Caneiac a few years ago. I would soak it before use. It was really delicious but eventually dried out. We should get another.

Different implements all have their own flavor. The sting, the swat, etc. More variety than the uninitiated might think.

Roz: Oh that cake looks yum! Interesting question. I'm afraid my answer is rather boring, nothing really, apart from washing wooden spoons if used (rarely).

Simon: Cleaning and maintenance is very important with implements especially if they are used on more than one person, something that is even more relevant in these trying times. With leather implements I use a disinfectant soaked cloth followed by a leather polish/restorer to keep the leather from drying out. A new cane can be treated with linseed oil before use and then wiped down after each use. I find applying the oil or cleaning the canes especially fun as I can sit there contemplating the moment when they swish down onto my unprotected buttocks.

Michael M: I do most of the cleaning in our house since I tend to work from home quite a lot.
I wipe all the toys down after each outing and oil the cane and the paddle regularly. I keep lavender in my wife's lingerie drawer box so everything is fresh.

Anon: I've always done instrument maintenance, including wiping down the wood ones with an alcohol wipe (usually) and some mild soap on the pliable items...followed by a light re-oiling if required.

Jack: Very easy in our home, the bath brush I do not touch, there is nothing that is needed to maintain the effectiveness of it.

Barrel: I do the maintenance, willingly. It continues to remind me that those implements are special in our marriage and key to my submissiveness. I usually treat the two riding crops and leather strap with the oil used to soften and maintain baseball gloves. The maker of our new tawse instructed us to use dubbins wax, but I haven’t tracked that down yet. As our two canes are delrin, and they occasionally bite into my skin, I wipe them with alcohol swabs. Nothing special for the hairbrush and plastic paddle, but I should start maintaining those too.

Bonnie: There really isn't much to do because most of the implements that Randy favors are maintenance free. They are never used on anyone but me so transmission of diseases is not an issue. If there is clean up required, it's much more often from activities that occur after the the toys are discarded. In these instances, I clean up.

Wendel: We were always washing our hands prior to the pandemic so it was a good bet clean hands were used for spanking. The paddles are always cleaned with scented baby wipes after use so they are ready to go for the next punishment. The spankee is responsible for that task. I will say it is not much fun having to clean the paddle that just beat your bottom. The belt is the one I am actually wearing. Again a quick wipe might given afterwards. I always wipe that one since i usually have to put it back on.

Since the Covid-19 thing started we change clothes when we come back home from stores. I did purchase a few new belts. One to use for shopping only and 2 more that hang on the back on the bedroom door. It adds to to excitement making the decision of which one to use.
I miss our spankings in the woods. Now that some of the stay at home restrictions are lifting we hope to get out hiking (spanking) again.

Prefectdt: Just a regular clean, about once a month or directly after playing with antiseptic wipes. I used to saddle soap all the leather toys but I was informed that this was bad for leather in the long term and it was just better keeping them in a cool, dry, dark, dust free environment. This advice turned out to be right, from my experience.

Hermione: Ron washes his hands, and I apply a wood creme to our wooden paddles and spoons. I haven't done anything to the leather ones, but the flogger could use some neatsfoot oil to soften it up. I also mend any breaks or cracks, especially in the rattan carpet beater, which tends to break easily.

Play safe and stay safe, everyone!
From Hermione's Heart