Monday, November 29, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 28

How has the pandemic affected your ttwd activities?

Wendel: Up until the vaccine the biggest downer for us was the travel restrictions. We like seeing the US as well as venturing to other countries. Our goal has been to get/give spankings in all 50 states and as many countries as possible. Still have not travel out of the US. Maybe next year. 

The COVID rules are pretty simple. Pre-vaccine we changed outfits after being in stores or work. We did not have an issue with following the rules of the house. We just felt that was the best way to stay safe. The Misses has been working at home since it started. My favorite pastime is to spank her before work or during her lunch break or right before a video meeting. No reason needed. I love to spank her and to see her try concealing her sore bottom. On the days I spank her I can count on getting a good spanking after she is done working. 

Roz: I can't say covid has altered our spanking activities as such, although it has changed many other things.

Covid hit here again in August with the arrival of Delta. I have been working from home on the covid response since. It was largely contained to our largest city and travel in and out of the city have been restricted. However, those restrictions are about to be lifted. The virus is slowly creeping into other parts of the country and with the lifting of travel restrictions in and out of the most affected city in time for Christmas it will soon be wide spread. 

Ronnie: Covid hasn't changed any of our spanking activities.

As of yesterday we have two cases of the new variant here in the UK which scientist say is a fast spreader and not sure how effective the vaccines will work against it, so yesterday our PM gave a press conference. Flights from South African countries (where apparently the new variant was first found) have been put on the red list and people arriving into the UK will have to take a PCR test and self isolate until they have a negative test and anyone who has come into contact with someone who has tested positive will have to isolate for 10 days even if they have been vaccinated. Also masks must be worn in shops and on public transport again. I haven't stopped wearing my mask. It's quite scary and I'm keeping fingers crossed that the vaccine will be effective against this new variant.

Prefectdt: Covid hit my spanking activities badly. Since the start of the pandemic I have only been spanked five times and four of those were pay to plays. I have found that spankos in Northern Europe are, understandably, a cautious bunch, myself included. The travel into other areas is the biggest concern for most. Closely followed by a need for close physical contact.

Rosco: Ironically, our spanking/romance has been pretty tame for the last six weeks because we’re traveling and staying in a place with neighbors close by. We’ll be home in two weeks and Irene has indicated she’ll need to make up for lost opportunities to keep me in line.

I’m only a little nervous.

Jack: No difference, only must insure I wash my hands more, social distance, and if not my bare bottom will feel the sting of the bath brush. 

Morningstar: I'm not sure I would say Covid has affected our spanking/adult time. I think the stress is more a factor, and the irony to that is that spanking helps with my stress/anxiety - but spanking doesn't have the same effect on Sir Steve. Sadly. I feel as though we are 'limping' along. I'm not sure at all when all of this will end and I think that is getting to us. Sometimes it feels as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeanie: I do not want to be a Debbie Downer, but I broke-up from a long, committed relationship during the pandemic. I take the virus very seriously, have been vaccinated, wear a mask habitually, wash my hands so frequently they're raw. I have not dated since the break-up, have not kissed anyone romantically, have not been spanked or engaged in any other sexual behaviors with another. It's been hard. I remain hopeful that this current world-situation will change for the better. But if you have someone in your life who fulfills your needs, including the spanking need, please say a little prayer of gratitude to your concept of God, and then tell that person what they mean to you. Don't take it for granted, any of it, the conversations, the laughs, the tears, the poignant, or the mundane. Truly connecting with another human is one of the great blessings in this life.

Red: The stress of Covid has dampened many things, including spanking, and dimmed my happiness factor. My reading the effectiveness waning, means that seniors, with such a long time between first and second doses, were very poorly protected. We have had our third, dose, and were planning on travel, now realize that still will not happen, depending on this new variant.

Mark: Not a lot of change in our house, except that the young adult children are home again. My wife's focus is more on them and opportunities are less. Even when they aren't home, I'm not beaten as often as I need so there is now definitely less spanking than ideal!

Bonnie: The pandemic has ruined or downsized many of our plans, but our spankings are surprisingly better than ever. I work from home full time and Randy does too most days. This results in many more opportunities for spankings and other adult fun. At the start last year, Randy decreed that I should wear thong panties every day. Most days, I wear a long skirt that can be easily lifted.

We often schedule our lunches together. While our food warms in the kitchen, a tasty leather paddle comes off the wall to warm me in the living room. I love it! The only downside is allocating enough time to fix my face, hair, and clothes before heading into a meeting.

Spanky53: Early on it was the major impact for me as it was for everyone else. Since restrictions have lifted here COVID hasn't impacted my play at all since my play is limited to my regular play partners only.

I work from my home and have been able to have a few spanking lunch dates.

However our new mandates that you must show proof of vaccination for indoor activates. Dungeon spaces have adopted vaccinated-only events and I did attend my first public play partner with a friend in a little over 3 years. The only drawback is the wearing of masks at all times even while playing in private rooms. But better safe than sorry.

Barrel: We haven’t seen a lot of change. Early on with restaurants closed, we couldn’t go out for lunch or appetizers before a session. So the build up over lunch was lost. But we still had more time and opportunities to get it done. However, as the Covid rules were developed, and we were vaccinated, my work travel intensified. So if anything, work got in the way. I still work from home so an early stop for a quickie became a welcome end to the day.

Enzo: The pandemic had a massive negative affect on my spanking activities.

I was beginning to date someone, who I was very interested in and also shared our preferences, just when the the pandemic broke out. Great timing. She retreated due to fears of catching COVID (not that I blame her).

Since then all other dating has been a challenge, at first because I simply wasn't attempting it as basically my region was shut down. Then as things opened up and outside dates were an option, things hardly ever progressed much further for overall fears of exposure via any contact. In general it has been a roller coaster ride throughout with the opening and shut downs, vaccination roll-outs, spikes, testing, etc.

Dating to find someone with mutual lifestyle preferences was already challenge; add in finding someone with also mutual approaches/beliefs about COVID - I wouldn't bet on those odds

Anon: Only major change discipline schedule is HOH has ordered me to strap her if he violates our agreed to covid rules. If anything I'm getting it worse, still recovering from last trip to basement for razor stropping 3 weeks ago. HOH really beat me for humiliating her in public after she warned me I'd regret it if I did. As covid rules we do our best to avoid contact with people. We shop early and in a limited number of stores avoiding dollar stores Walmart and pretty much any place that has a lot of customers. At home if we have guests everyone has to be masked inside and out.
Effective today, due to new variant, HOH and I will be masked at all time outside of house, even in backyard.

Hermione: We wear our masks and stay socially distanced while Ron spanks me, Luckily the flogger allows him to stay six feet away from me.

Just kidding! It hasn't affected ttwd in any way. Ron stays in because he is more at risk than I am, and I run all the errands. Masks and social distancing are required everywhere. We don't travel, so no problem there, although I do miss the occasional lunch out. We did decline to have our family visit for over a year, until we had had our two vaccines, because they live in an area with high COVID numbers and residents were advised not to travel (but they did anyway, because "We aren't at risk" and "ivermectin" and "hoax" etc).

Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #411

Good day to you all, and welcome. Are you still cooped up in your home, or are you freely out and about once more? Our area is experiencing a drastic uptick of COVID cases after being a relatively COVID-free zone for months. Sigh! Besides two vaccinations and a booster booked, we still follow the rules of masks, social distancing and going out only when necessary. That leaves us plenty of time for indoor activities, (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?) so it isn't all bad. How about you?

How the pandemic has affected your spanking activities? What are the COVID house rules, and are there any consequences for not following them?

Please leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has weighed in, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Be careful when you order online. 


Nike must be flattered to see so many different knock-offs

Not quite

Naughty Mickey

Swoosh sandals


Which dwarf was the clever one?


Happy shopping!
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Monday, November 22, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 21

Now that the party is over, here are your thoughts and feedback on Love our Lifestyle Day.

KDPierre: I definitely liked this year's emphasis and will be devoting an upcoming post to this year's LOL Day in detail very soon.

For brevity here and now? I would contend that LOL Day is far more effective at calling attention to undiscovered blogs between bloggers than prompting responses from lurkers. I don't think anything can draw lurkers out in any great number nor do I think that even IF drawn out for that one day, that a lurker by nature will suddenly become a regular participant.

However, each year I find new places and new people find me.....but like I said...they all tend to be fellow bloggers....and there's nothing wrong with THAT! ;-)

Bonnie: I would participate either way because it's a community event, so I think the change was fine.

Roz: I enjoyed the change in focus this year from drawing out silent readers to reading about what the lifestyle means and how it works for each blogger.

Rosco: I’d like to get into writing stories, but haven’t found the time to do it well.

And I need to get an anonymous email. Don’t want to embarrass anybody, especially my kids.

That's easily done with Gmail (make sure you log out of Google first), Yahoo, GMX, and many others. I recommend using a different browser than the one you regularly use, for your stories and non-vanilla communications.

Barrel: While I’m good and will participate either way, I prefer Love Our Lifestyle. It feels like a step forward, or maybe a step out. It is good to see new Lurkers saying hello once a year, but with a broader embrace of our lifestyle, I hope they will come to know our lifestyle is healthy and quite common. It’s just being shared more openly through these blogs.

As for suggestions, I’m hoping this question will reveal several possibilities. Let’s see!

Terpsichore: I will participate each year because I love connecting with the community, especially since life has taken me away from visiting as frequently as I once did. With regards to the name change, there is something about the new name I really like, but it did not change for me the number of comments, what I wrote, or my participation. I will participate either way. I do like how Love our lifestyle speaks to everyone and embraces who we are. Thanks again, for a wonderful celebration! :-) 

Fondles: I think I've missed a few, but from what I could find on old posts, the first year I participated (2012) I had a huge number of comments from bloggers and lurkers. (And side note, I saw a comment from Bas and it brought back fond memories of him and Lisa.)

The last few I've taken part in have seen around the same number of comments.

I do like this new focus as it really gives everyone a chance to say what's on their mind re our lifestyle, instead of (as KD mentioned) trying to get lurkers to delurk, cos 1) they're probably NOT going to if they're shy, and 2) at best they'll leave a comment on LoL day and then disappear again.

It's nice to have found / visited new blogs!

Thanks again for organising this! 

Ronnie: I had more comments this year than last, mostly from fellow bloggers. I like the name change and with the change, I hope new readers will comment more as we are all like minded when it comes to our lifestyle. Can't think of any suggestions for next year but will have a think.

Hermione, thanks for hosting.

Prefectdt: I was very happy with the comments that I received, but I have not compared the numbers with previous years.

The Love Our Lifestyle thing gave a nice fresh feel to things. For future years, I just hope that this event keeps going. It is enjoyable to have something special once a year

Red: Liked the emphasis on loving our lifestyle, as opposed to our lurkers. I think that ship had sailed on getting new comments, from people. However, like minds can comment for each other.

Enzo: My involvement stayed the same. This was the most comments I’ve received in all previous LOL days, but these were all but one from fellow bloggers (different than previous years). I liked the positive reception to the name change. 

I just wish that more non-bloggers (from the occasional commentator to the full lurker) would join in; but the answer as to why they don’t, that remains the elusive million dollar prize.

Hermione: I was delighted by the quality and creativity of my fellow bloggers' posts. They were much more personal and revealing than in former years, I thought. Personally, I didn't visit more blogs, but the comments I left were more specific to the content of each post. Most of the comments I received were from other bloggers, and I received fewer comments from anonymous readers or ones I did not know.

With such positive feedback, rest assured that I will continue to host an annual community event!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #410

Well, that was quite a celebration we had yesterday, and what's a party without cake? While you're eating, let's discuss the restructuring and rebranding of Love our Lurkers as Love our Lifestyle.

Did the change prompt you to become more involved, less involved, or did your involvement stay the same, as a blogger or as a reader? As a blogger, what kind of comments did you receive, and did you receive more or fewer than previous years? Is there something that you specifically liked or disliked? Can you make any suggestions for next year's celebration?

I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. All constructive criticism gratefully received! Leave a comment or email me, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to think.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, November 19, 2021

We Love our Lifestyle

Who doesn't love a spanking? There's nothing to be ashamed of if you like the feeling of a firm hand on a warm bottom. Today we celebrate our lifestyle. We didn't choose it; it chose us, and we embrace it wholeheartedly.

The bloggers listed below are helping us celebrate, so please visit them and show them your appreciation for all their hard work. You might find a few surprises along the way. But don't stop there. Visit the blogs you read regularly and say "hello" there too. All bloggers love comments, and yours would mean so much to them.

A Place to Share 

Caning and Spanking Stories

Collected Submissions 

Consensual Spanking second edition

Disciplined Hubbies

Erica Scott: Life, Love and Spanking

Everyday Spankings

Fondlers Anonymous

Heart and Soul 

Incessantly Spanked 

James Stephenson's Blog

Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast

My Bottom Smarts

New Beginnings

Our True Bottom Warming Experiences

Spankedhortic II

The Continued Journey

When the Storm Whispers to the Wind


If I've left anyone out, please let me know.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

In three days...

...we will celebrate our enjoyment of all things spanking on Love our Lifestyle Day. How? By uniting as a community and checking in with all the bloggers who enjoy or have an interest in spanking. Think of it as a blogger roll call.

Whether you engage in corporal punishment on a regular basis, rarely, or never, whether you give or receive, or if you are just curious, you are very welcome to join in the fun.

The details are: 

What is it? Love our Lifestyle Day is a chance for us all to show our appreciation to the bloggers who have chosen to reveal their lifestyle in words and pictures. If you enjoy spanking blogs, let the authors know.

Where is it? It's everywhere in the spanko blogiverse, but right here on this blog, I will put up a post and record the links to all bloggers who are participating in LoL Day. If you want to see who has joined in the fun, drop by here and you will see the list. But it isn't limited to those blogs. Please visit all the blogs you enjoy and say hello.

When is it? Friday November 19. 

Who can join? All bloggers and readers are invited to participate.  If you are joining in as a blogger, please leave a comment here so that I can include you. 

What do I have to do? 

If you are a blogger, publish a post on November 19, thanking your readers for their support and encouraging them to tell you about themselves. "Love our Lifestyle" in the title will be helpful but not compulsory. Please remember to allow anonymous comments, even if only for a day or two. 

If you are a reader, visit the blogs on my list, but also drop in to the blogs on your favourite blogrolls, or the blogs you regularly read. There's no time limit. All bloggers love hearing from their readers any time, not just on one day.

Our good friend Enzo at Everyday Spankings has provided this image that you are welcome to use on your LoL post, if you choose.

Love our Lifestyle Day is safe, sane, consensual, and open to everyone!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, November 15, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 14

What sparked your interest in spanking and why do you love it?

Jeanie: When I was in my 20's modeling in Los Angeles, I entered therapy for a variety of reasons. The psychologist thought that, because I'd lost a parent when I was very young, it scarred me & that's why I was fixated on spanking. I don't know about that, and frankly, I no longer care.

I do know that I fantasized about being spanked from an early age (around 4, just about when that parent died), that I wasn't spanked as a child, that my best friend would receive a belt whipping from her father whenever she misbehaved (which was often) and that this fueled my fantasies. I was SO relieved to get my first adult spanking in college to realize that my fantasies were equaled by the reality. From then on, I would question prospective lovers on their thoughts about spanking, tease, misbehave, cajole, anything to ascertain his interest in it. I've had many long-term relationships, and many of a shorter duration, but in every one, it had to focus on spanking as an integral feature. In my most recent relationship, the longest of my life, he ended it so as to be able to date younger women. This coincided with the corona virus lockdown. I've been exploring my bisexual-curiosity during this time, but again, spanking must figure prominently. But with women, I've played around with the idea of switching to play both the Top and bottom roles.
Spanking is inexorably linked to my sexuality. I prefer spanking to any other form of foreplay. During the past year and a half, I've been exploring my sexuality with a lot of self-spanking and masturbation. I'd rather be by myself than have to make too many compromises with a lover. But a non-negotiable is having spanking as a tenet in the relationship. That therapist a decade ago seemed silently judgmental of my spanking orientation, but now I'm still a very sexual person, when many of my (non-spanko) peers have turned-off to sex in general. I think my warmed, reddened bottom is my secret to staying hot and fully alive!

Rhbischof: I was born in 1943 but lost my mother in 46. Since all kids in those days were spanked I received my share of spanking but only from my dad. Since he never remarried (!) there was never a woman around to spank me. I can't count of it but right now my wife spanks me every two weeks and I finally get to feel the heat applied by a woman.

Hooray! It finally happened!

Bonnie: The first question is difficult for me to answer. I cannot remember a time when I wasn't interested in spanking or pinpoint a moment when I acquired this interest.

I've been answering the second question for sixteen years in my blog and in various forums before that. Here's something I wrote in 2011:

A good spanking with all the trimmings leaves both us of feeling very connected. It strengthens and renews the bond between us as nothing else can.

Rosco: Don't know but remember the roots from age 5 if not before.

One very powerful experience at age 13 - summer thing at the beach never saw her again.

A few failures, some embarrassing, over the next 11 years. Looking back, many could've, would've & should'ves, but I was clueless in so many ways.

Met soulmate Irene at age 24. Spanking was new to her, but it was a relatively easy conversation. As long as I was eager to lick her pussy on demand, she was prepared to take charge in a million ways ... and counting. 

Roz: I have always had a fascination with spanking from a young age. I'm not sure why. For me it's about the connection it brings and I also find it highly erotic.

Doug: My interest in spanking is directly linked to my desire to receive spankings from my wife. That desire traces back to my early childhood when I discovered that I craved spankings from my mother - previously not liking them. I have no idea why this switch occurred. It just did. My wife spanks me twice a week now.

Wendel: Spanking has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Mom and Dad spanked often and always bare bottom. I often peeked on my sister getting spankings until the day Mom caught me. Mom paddled me right after and said it was only fair that my sister gets to watch. The summer after I turned twelve I got in trouble and Mom took me to my room for a whipping. I bent over the end of the bed with my pants down and Mom whipped me with the belt. When it was it was done she stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her. I got up and was going to check the damage in the mirror when I noticed the girl next door changing into a bikini through the side of the window shade. Watching her get naked while my bottom was throbbing was very arousing and I have been hooked ever since. It might sound strange but I always feel relaxed and at ease after the Misses spanks me. The bottom is my favorite part of a woman and I love watching the Misses’ bottom turning red as I spank her. 

Rich Person: Like others, I don't remember when the first moment hit, but I remember in grade school thinking about spanking girls in my neighborhood. I had no idea of sex or how it worked, but I liked the feeling of intimacy that I got from fantasizing about the nakedness of the girl and having her submit to me.

I still love the closeness of the physical contact. What I really enjoy is remembering the extreme turn-on it caused my partners over the years. Knowing I'm the proximate cause of those experiences is very rewarding.

Simon: I don't really remember exactly when it started but I do recall seeing two girls being bent over the gym horse by the P.E. teacher (female) and given 6 strokes with a plimsoll each. They were wearing those tight shorts/knickers girls wore for games in the late 60s and early 70s and I realised that I had become aroused watching the punishment. For a while I was ashamed of this reaction and it wasn't until a few years later that I accepted it as part of my sexual make-up.

Morningstar: I honestly have no idea what sparked my interest - I wasn't spanked as a child.. I do know that I used to daydream (from a young age) of being in a boarding school and disciplined by spankings.

Over the years I have come to recognize and own up to the fact I am a masochist - though I need a strong bond with whomever is spanking. I find a spanking session increases the trust/bond between us.

Prefectdt: I have been a Spanko since from before I can remember. There was never a moment of realization. One thing that I like about getting spanked, that I don't say very often, is that it does help to keep me mentally and emotionally balanced. 

Barrel: My first recollection of spanking was in college. I had a little too much beer one night and the girl I was with told me I should be spanked. Being clueless, I failed to accept her offer. One of those moments that I’d like to have back. Thereafter, with fraternity paddles available, I used their presence as an enticement to be paddled.

I feel a real calmness and serenity after a long session. We use whipping as a stress relief for me. Now my wife seems to enjoy it more so the frequency is picking up, which is fine with me. 

Dan: I seem to be one of the few who is very interested in spanking now but wasn't at an early age. The first time I recall having any interest at all was in my later 30s. I was watching an HBO series called Real Sex, which had a segment on adult spanking. I found it it surprisingly stimulating. It didn't rise above a relatively mild interest in that kink, but it was enough to get me looking on-line a bit for spanking content. In doing that, I stumbled on a website called The Disciplinary Wives Club, which was devoted to "domestic discipline" style spankings. Something about it hit me really hard, but I honestly don't know exactly what I found so compelling. Other than those incidents in my last 30s, I don't think I ever had any preexisting spanking interest.

Baxter: I wasn't spanked as a child, but that doesn't mean I didn't deserve to be spanked; my parents just didn't. I remember a girl in my class, maybe third or fourth grade, rub her bottom and mention the spanking she had gotten a couple of days prior and the heat coming off her bottom. I felt a bit left out of that experience. As most kids, I would look in the dictionary at spanking-type words and find some stuff in the encyclopedia as well. Around early teens, I discovered porn at the newsstand and enjoyed pictures of bare bottoms and the stories of spanking. When first married, I asked my wife to spank me and she said no, that it was perverted. It took about 20 or so years into our marriage and she asked to read one of my spanking fiction books, one by Fiona Locke. She read a few and then told me to pull my pants down and bend over the bed and she gave me a paddling. From that point on, she told me that if I wanted a spanking, all I have to do is ask and I have many, many times. She jokes now about something I do and tells me I should be spanked and I tell her, yes I agree. 

Anon: I have always been into spanking, even at an early age spankings always gave me a thrill. I was not really spanked growing up, not that I did not deserve one. I just never got caught. I remember being young and smacking girls on their bottoms all the time. I spanked every girl I every dated. I still think about spanking every day, it is the one constant I have in my life. My wife is very vanilla and for the most part ignores this aspect of me which makes me sad. I now like to make spanking paddles which I give to other spankos. 

A.J.: "What sparked your interest in spanking? Why do you love it so much?"

I haven't the slightest idea!

Which puts me in the same category as many of today's brunchers.

I got spanked ONE TIME as a kid, age 6 1/2. And I didn't like it at all. Sometime later if I heard or read about a spanking, I'd get dry in the mouth with my heart pounding and maybe begin to sweat. By the time puberty came on like a battle cruiser - those damn erections! Were they linked? Yes! Sure they were! But why?

Of course I noticed. And came to the conclusion - 'You like to spank women (back then girls) - you are a pervert worthy of PRISON!' So I buried it deep inside and never even attempted to spank a girl I was dating, even jokingly.

Until I was in my mid-20's and dating a beautiful woman who - VERY nervously - admitted to me she like to be spanked. Because it turned her on. We had fun! A few months later she announced, "Your turn!" And otk I went for my first adult spanking. And it was still fun! And here I am a few decades later...

In a side note I have a spanking pen-pal. In looking up something for her I found a white paper on spanking. The author lays the interest/desire in spanking to a "Transformative Event," some event in your past that triggered your interest in spanking, no matter on which side of the lap you ended. I can't think of mine; it certainly wasn't that damn spanking I got at 6 1/2 years old.

Second side note:

I came across an article about the spanking of children by Evangelicals and the extreme Religious Right. Ministers and pastors who have written books on how to "properly" beat the child (and by 'child' I mean as young as 1-year olds) into abject submission; for Jesus. Because He loves you. The author was stunned by the horror stories the now-adult boys and girls told her.

Hermione: My interest in spanking began at around age four, when my aunt, uncle and cousins came to visit. I watched my aunt put her son, also age four, ever her lap for a spanking. During the same visit, I saw my male cousin pee standing up, and saw for the first time how boys were different from girls. I was caught watching (the bathroom door was open) and the adults went into overdrive. Those two events started me off as a spanko.

Why do I love it? It relaxes me and allows me to give up control and submit.

This issuch a great way to lead into the Love our Lifestyle celebration later this week.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #409

Welcome one and all to our weekly brunch. Our good friend Wendel supplied this week's "what and why" questions, and they made me stop and think.

What sparked your interest in spanking? Why do you love it so much?

Simple questions, but the answers may not be so simple. Record your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to think about it.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, November 12, 2021

Black Friday Sale

I know it's not Black Friday yet, but the so-called Black Friday sales happen earlier, and for longer periods, each year. So get a head start on your holiday shopping with these spoof gifts. They're just for fun, and were actually hidden in stores among real products.


More next week!
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, November 11, 2021

We Will Not Forget Them

Thank you.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Save the Date

LoL Day 2021 is fast approaching. Next Friday, November 19, we bloggers will celebrate our lifestyle, but this year there will be a difference. Love our Lurkers is now Love our Lifestyle - A Family Reunion

Whether you engage in spanking on a regular basis, just once in a while, or only think about it, you are here because spanking interests you in some way. I like to think of my readers and fellow bloggers as one big, extended family of like-minded individuals. So I invite everyone, whether they blog or not, to get together next Friday and say "hello" to each of the bloggers they visit.

If you are a blogger who would like to join in, let me know in the comments section, and I will add your name to the list of participants. But you don't need to officially declare your intention to be part of the action. All you have to do on November 19 or later (there's no time limit) is drop by each of the blogs you visit, or have on your blogroll, and leave a friendly greeting.

I'll publish a reminder next week. This should be fun!  

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, November 8, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 7

Does the spankee have a way of signalling a longer or harder spanking is desired? Let's see.

Bonnie: There are several good alternatives depending upon the degree of response I seek to trigger. An exaggerated stage yawn always brings a swift intensification. So does the classic phrase, "Why, you wouldn't dare!" A slightly more subtle hint is the rare but useful pseudo-safeword, "Green." I like Erica's line, "Feel free to start any time you're ready," but there are consequences to consider. Randy seems to be sensitive to being asked to use a specific implement. He'll use it all right, with zero mercy!

Rosco: At our house "Stop spanking me, it hurts" is code for give me more.

Excessive thrashing about means I am close to my limit and Irene should slow down. I have never in 40 years used our safe word - "enough".

Roz: No phrase as such, however my physical reactions usually give the clue lol. There have been occasions in the past where I just wasn't in the right headspace afterwards which resulted in extra swats.

Wendel: There have been a few times when the Misses has just asked me to spank her again. 

Jeanie: I remember watching a VHS tape (which says how long ago it was) where a brat said to the Top spanking her, "Was that an insect bite on my bottom?" part way through her spanking, and "Is that all there is?" at its conclusion. I would NEVER DARE say anything like that!

I guess I've been lucky enough to have had Tops who read my body language well. I will cop to arching my bottom up off the knee as a subtle way of asking for more. I also recall getting a spanking from a new boyfriend that was solely lacking in severity. It did get us aroused, and we shared love-making, but during pillow talk, I said something about how I wasn't fragile, wouldn't break, and would like stricter spankings in the future. He asked how much harder and longer, and I replied something like "lots!" so he pulled me over his knee for a reboot on my booty, and we were in-synch thereafter.

Anon: Not in this household. Spankings are punishment only, and I want it over long before she starts to swing the strap. 

Prefectdt: The quaint old English phrase "Give it some welly" springs to mind but I very seldom actually say that. If I am playing with someone who does not know me so well, I usually just ask straight out for a little more gusto. When playing with someone who knows me better, I usually thank them for being so kind an considerate/lenient with me, This is my normal code for I could handle a higher pain level.

KDPierre: This reminds me of an old cartoon of mine where a spankee who is obviously struggling to make it through the end of her punishment reacts when it concludes by angrily confronting her Top with "Is that it?!?!?!?"

I think a sarcastic "is that it?" might work pretty well in real life too. LOL But here we are just very open and if I feel a bit 'unfinished/unresolved', I'll just tell her so and she always obliges with a bit more. 

Red: No, we do not have one, but I will suggest it. Thanks Bonnie and Hermione.

A.J.: I only spank/get spanked for the sexy fun of it, but...

If she is the one getting spanked, when she arches her back, grinds into me, and moans
"Mmmmmmmm, yes...!", and I'll pick up the pace/intensity just a little bit. (Too much kills the mood.)

If I'm the one getting it - well son-of-a-bitch! The same damn thing!

Hermione: I don't, because it's up to Ron to decide that. It's part of the thrill, not knowing what to expect.

LoL 16 is coming up, and there's a difference this year. Watch this space!
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Sunday, November 7, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #408

Yum yum! Who doesn't love Brussels sprouts? Oh...that many of you. Well, that means there's more for the rest of us, and dessert's on the way. In the meantime, lets discuss a topic suggested by our good friend Bonnie.

Does the spankee in your relationship have a phrase or non-verbal signal that tells the spanker that a longer or harder spanking would be appreciated?

As always, enter your response as a comment below, and once everyone has had time to answer, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

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Friday, November 5, 2021

You Finished this Sentence

At the end of the rainbow there is a ....

Rosco: At the end of the rainbow there is the women’s tennis team from Whatsamatta U in their locker room, partially undressed and sweaty after a match, spanking the daylights out of me for peeking.

Jack: At the end of the rainbow there is the woman of my dreams, sitting there, hairbrush, and pointing at me. 

Morningstar: At the end of the rainbow is our new home - complete with a spanking/play room:)

Baxter: At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold, next to which is a woman holding a wooden paddle, beckoning me to bend over the pot and present my bare bottom for a spanking that will be worth more than the gold in the pot.

Jeanie: At the end of my rainbow is a creation for-and-by this spank-whore, with a spanko's mind that lived to punish and pleasure me. He'd be insatiable in his desires for each. He'd be an ass-man, someone who'd appreciate my well-upholstered bottom. He'd find my slightly pear-shaped form the most erotic thing on earth. He'd live on the schizophrenic edge of wanting to worship my backside, and needing to destroy it often!

KDPierre: At the end of the rainbow is almost certainly moist ground.

Mark: At the end of the rainbow is my wife with her two best friends dressed to the nines ready to humiliate and punish me.

Prefectdt: At the end of the rainbow there are Zippy, George, Bungle and Geoffrey.

You probably have to be from the UK and over 40 to get that one :)

Enzo: At the end of the rainbow is a rather smug, mischievous looking Leprechaun sitting upon the back of a young lady who is down on all fours.

Ronnie: At the end of the rainbow is our dream house by the ocean.

Hermione: At the end of the rainbow are the Teletubbies with a leather paddle that has my name on it.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Finish this Sentence

We haven't played this game in a long time, so let's do it now.

At the end of the rainbow there is a ....

Leave your completed sentence as a comment below. I will publish them all on Friday.

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Monday, November 1, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 31

What happened to all the school paddles? Are they ever for sale in antique shops?

Bonnie: I've seen this sort of vintage implement offered on eBay with varying degrees of authenticity. Sorority and Fraternity paddles are more common than than school paddles. I feel more comfortable with these because we know that the recipients were probably adults capable of consent.

We've also encountered new paddles for sale at back road tourist traps. Most have painted sayings such as "For the Cute Little Deer with the Bear Behind," "Heat for the Seat," "Attitude Adjuster," or "Board of Education." These are humorous until you are the intended recipient. These paddles were once very common, even in mainstream attraction gift shops, but they require a bit more hunting today.

Roz: We used to have a gift store locally that had cuffs and I even saw a flogger in there once. Admittedly, these were more novelty/joke items. I haven't been in to many antique stores, but have never seen any paddles etc

Rosco: We’ve had access to the riding crops that were ceremoniously displayed in a historic stable and was then emptied. There were some works of art, with which Irene thrashed me many time. Eventually the old leather or the stitching hold it together fell apart.

I’ve bought a few new items in western stores, which can be a little nerve racking. Once an attractive sales girl offered to show me how much a small riding crop could sting, but she laughed it off before I could accept.

Rich Person: I haven't seen a paddle in an antiques shop, but I did encounter something that could be used as one.

Some years ago on a trip down the Oregon coast we stopped at a shop that sold myrtlewood items. I was looking at what was displayed as a cheese board, which had the shape of a paddle. One of the shop keepers remarked that when parents picked one of those up their kids got very quiet.

I bought two of them, for girlfriends.

My theory is that you never see a paddle in an antiques shop because the shop keepers find them irresistible. They keep them all for themselves.

Ronnie: Ebay was selling a leather Lochgelly Tawse (they were used in Scottish schools). I've seen riding crop in a couple of antique shops but never any canes, so I am not sure what would have happend to the school canes when CP was banned in our schools.

Anon: I bought an old paddle in a antique shop about 20 years ago. It is about 2 feet long, 3 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick. It is made out of solid wood and has tape around the handle and on the end of the blade. It has places on the back for names of males and females - I assume spankees. There are some signatures. I made a copy of it for a mistress in Seattle who wanted a principal paddle. I put her name on it along with the word principal.

Barrel: I always look for such items when we stroll through an antique store, but while looking for canes, all I usually find are fishing poles or fly rods. I did come across a pair of ladies leather gloves that I tried to get my wife to try on as I thought they would protect her against the backlash of our tawse, but she declined. Even old hairbrushes are difficult to find. As Rich notes, they are probably still in service.

Prefectdt: I have been to many Antique shops and Rommel markets (same thing as car boot sales) over the years, I can't help but think that I must have found something to buy at these over the years, but I cannot think of anything that I have in the toy box now, from these sources.

I did buy a real Walsall Tawse, from the factory shop of one of the last two leather factories, in Walsall, back in the 80s. That went missing in a house move, though.

All but one cane that I have owned did come from school shops, again in the 80s. Corporal punishment had been banned in schools, in the UK by then, so I think that were just selling off old stock.

Wendel: When I was little my parents would take road trips. Along the way we would stop at Stuckey’s,
a road side snack and souvenir shop. Stuckey’s sold magnets, post cards, toys and games. Some even sold fanny paddles meant for children as well as grownups. On one trip my brother and myself were acting up and upsetting our parents. Mom stopped at a Stuckey’s and came out with one of the paddles. She warned us that if we did not behave she would spank us with the paddle. Of course we misbehaved. Dad stopped along the side of the road and mom took us out of the car one at a time for a paddling. Back in the early 70s people driving by would not question a mom spanking her son. The paddle remained in the car from that day forward in case we misbehaved while they drove. 

In the spring when the Misses and I went for a trip we found a Stuckey’s just outside of Louisville Kentucky. They had the paddles hanging up on the wall for decoration but would not sell them.
We did find an antique and souvenir shop in Carefree Arizona that sold fanny paddles. The Misses bought the “Heat for the Seat” paddle. She told the clerk it was for spanking her little boy then glanced over to me.

Hermione: I've never seen a paddle in any of the antique shops I've visited. I think that when corporal punishment was abolished in schools, a certain Grade 4 teacher was able to snap up the strap and all the rulers she could find in unattended desks. She then went on to be a very successful professional disciplinarian.


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