Thursday, December 31, 2020

Finish this Sentence

It's New Year's Eve! What a terrible, awful no-good year we have just been through, but it's finally over. Surely the next one will be better. 

My hope for 2021 is ...

Leave your completed sentence as a comment, and I will publish all our hopes before brunch on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, December 28, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 27

How was the holiday season different for you this year?

Roz: We were so fortunate to have Christmas as normal this year with the boxing day sales going strong and continuing. Having said that though, there were a number of families who had been hit hard by the pandemic, or had lost loved ones and my heart goes out to those people. There were also those visiting family in isolation facilities who had recently returned...from a distance of course.

Bonnie: Our celebration was just Randy and me this year, at least in person. We had Zoom sessions with friends and family. We exchanged digital gifts. But it's not the same when I don't get to hug them.

The spanko aspects of our celebration were festive, as I documented on my blog. This one part of our lives has not been disrupted by the pandemic (so far, fingers crossed).

Bob S: Just the wife and three kids hunkering down to wait for the vaccine. Nothing spanko but that cannot be helped. 

Wendel: Only difference this year was not visiting or getting visited by family. The Misses did a Zoom meeting with her family. I gave her a good spanking with the paddle prior. Was fun to watch her readjusting her position throughout the entire call. We also did our annual spanking under the mistletoe. 

Joe: Very quiet here at home, no visitors or visiting but lots of calls. Which left time for me to be spanked twice once on Christmas Eve and one on Christmas Day. 

Barrel: Like others, no traveling which is hard as we have an elderly parent that is feeling the effects of isolation. Aren’t we all? But more so, little face to face time with the kids/grand kids who are local due to the spike in our area. We can meet outside as the weather is nice here but still are trying to be super careful.

We are in a low spot with our spanking, mostly due to doctor appointments. I am hopeful that I’ll get past those in the next several weeks and can kick 2021 off with a memorable session. 

Prefectdt: The annual trip back to the UK, to see the family and celebrate the season was cancelled and it was Christmas alone in Belgium this year. My spanking activities for the whole year have been affected, having only been spanked once this year (and counting my self damn lucky to have gotten that, in this situation) but I don't usually have chance to indulge in spanking over the Christmas period any way, so that was the same as normal. WhatsApp was a big help this year.

Baxter: Thankfully last year, we traveled to The Netherlands to see our newest great nephew and spend almost two weeks there. During that trip, I resolved to retire in 2020, which actually covid did for me. But this year was spent in our home with lots of presents and cheer. No spankings however, as much as I wanted one. Hoping to get the vaccine in 2021 so we can go back to The Netherlands and other European countries. 

Rosco: Irene and I did some visiting and celebrating with friends and family. Some was done outdoors. We also were tested several times, as were many others. Still, some might say were were not sufficiently cautious.

Some of our socializing was with an elderly relative who lives alone and very clear that some risk was preferable to total loneliness.

One way or another, Irene delivers a sound spanking (etc.) about once a week. No change there.

Ronnie: We were lucky that we had a social distance lunch with Son, DIL and Granddaughter and a social distance outside walk. There was a little spanking on Christmas Eve.

Hermione: Our premier decided that the province would go into lockdown the day after Christmas, so Ron cancelled Christmas Eve dinner with our family, who live in an area already locked down. The two of us did all the usual things: Christmas light walk through the neighbourhood, gift exchange, spanking and a delicious turkey dinner, Since our neighbour's family wasn't visiting her this year, we popped over to exchange gifts with her. No Boxing Day shopping trip to the nearby pharmacy for half-price chocolates, though.

Let's all hope for a better outcome a year from now. In the meantime, wear your masks and stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #363

Welcome to our Boxing Day brunch. Since visiting the sales is out of the question this year—as so many things are—let's stay in and discuss how the holidays went for you. 

How were your holiday celebrations different this year because of the pandemic? What remained the same for you? Were your spanking activities enhanced or diminished by the current restrictions?

Please remain socially distanced while you respond below in the comments section. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion after everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, December 25, 2020

It's Different this Year

Christmas will be different for so many of us this year, as we stay apart to stay safe. Let's enjoy a little Christmas humour to cheer ourselves up.



Merry Christmas to you all.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Aunt Letitia's Fruitcake

I've waited all year to share this Christmas story with you. I will let the author, Rollin Hand, introduce it:

"Ah, Christmas! It's that time of year and you know what that means. Any day now it will arrive in the mail. The dreaded fruitcake. I hate fruitcake. The problem is, what do you do with it? And worse, what do you tell granny or Aunt Agnes or Great Aunt Kate or whoever sent you the damn thing? They always ask you if you liked it. What the hell do you do?"

Aunt Letitia's Fruitcake

The caller ID was a cool feature on this new phone. At least Rob thought so. Not only could you see who was calling you, you could see who it was you were connected to at the other end of the line. And that was why Rob was puzzled. He had been scrolling through recent calls and came upon a very odd one. The caller ID said "Spank Salon". What? Spank Salon? What in the world was that? But that's what it said, and it also showed that someone had dialed it from this very house at 10:30 this morning. Well, it hadn't been him. So it must have been Laura. And she was supposedly out shopping with Miriam.

Hmmm. I'll just dial it, he thought, and see what this is.

"Spank Salon. May I help you?" a woman answered. She sounded bright and efficient.

"I uh," he realized he didn't know what to say. "Uh, what kind of business is this?" God, he felt like a moron.

She didn't miss a beat. "We offer specialty therapeutic spanking sessions at our three convenient in town locations. This week we are offering a special discount on our No Nonsense Mommy spanking, our Principal's Office spanking, and our Trip to the Woodshed spanking. All are twenty-five percent off this week only."

Rob stared at the handset like it was an alien artifact. These could just as easily be the names of sandwiches at a 50's theme diner like Bob's Big Boy. Spanking sessions? "You mean you actually spank people?"

"Yes, sir. Our trained spankologists are adept at all types of spanking and are fully capable of meeting your every spanking need."

Jeez, this was unbelievable, but Rob was intrigued now. "Well, why would anyone want to be spanked?"

"Various reasons, sir. A lingering guilty feeling that needs to be expunged, listlessness and boredom with life in general, motivation to stop some undesirable behavior, even spicing up one's love life. Our client's motivations are varied."

Rob had to stop and think. Why would Laura have called this company? Rob knew Laura was sometimes hard on herself, but why?...then he had it. Aunt Letitia's fruitcake. Of course. It had come the week before Christmas. The same foul thing every year. They weren't going to eat it, that was for sure. Not even the dog wanted any part of it and he wasn't very particular. When they'd put it in his bowl he'd given it one disgusted sniff and walked away. Once again they'd had to just toss it in the garbage. And yet, at the family Christmas party, when Aunt Letitia had anxiously asked how they liked the fruitcake, Laura had told her that they had "wolfed it down, bite by rapturous bite". She'd laid it on a bit thick.

Rob now understood. The bald-faced lie had been eating at her. That was it. He remembered watching her as she had lied to Aunt Letitia. He had seen the nervous twitch, the telltale gulp as she spoke, the bead of sweat on her forehead. It must have felt like acid eating at her soul to tell such a whopper to their dear aunt.

So, no wonder she had felt the need to atone. That had to be it. To erase the guilt for the lie she had taken the unprecedented step of calling this ....this spanking company and had submitted to a juvenile punishment to assuage her guilt. Well, now Rob felt bad. It was as much his lie as hers. He'd sat there silently and allowed her to wax eloquent about the wretched fruitcake. He had been a co-conspirator at least.

"So, um, did you say twenty-five percent off?"

"Yes, sir. On any of the three spankings I mentioned."

"Ah, could you sort of describe what they are?"

"Certainly. Our No Nonsense Mommy spanking features one of our matronly mom spankologists in a 50's housewife's dress seated in a chair with her favorite flat backed hairbrush. Our Mommy will put you across her knee and apply fifty good solid spanks to your naughty bottom. Options are clothed or bare, and scolding is also optional. It's very popular."

That one brought back memories. Rob unconsciously rubbed his seat with one hand.

"Ok, and the other ones?'

"The Principal's Office features one of our stern teacher spankologists in severe pencil thin skirt, white blouse with choker collar, high heels, hair pulled back in a bun and black horn rimmed glasses. She will order you to bend over her desk and will then give you ten hearty swats on your backside with the school paddle. This is ordinarily a clothed spanking but baring one's posterior is an option. We do not recommend this for first timers. And I might add if you prefer a same sex spankologist, that too is an option....not that there's anything wrong with that," she hastened to add.

That too was familiar. There was that time in fifth grade when Miss Hedgpath had caught him....uh, better get on with it.

"And the last one?"

"Yes, very popular with our clients who grew up in the country. The Trip to the Woodshed features one of our husky farmer's wife spankologists in overalls and a straw hat. She will take you to our authentic simulated outdoor woodshed where you will drop your britches and bend over the wooden trestle. She will then apply twenty sound licks with the razor strap to your properly presented posterior. Again, clothing is optional."

Rob pondered for a moment. Laura actually went through with this, he was sure of it. That's where she was, not shopping with Miriam. He decided. One grand thing about their marriage was that they shared everything. He would share with her. He'd do it. For Laura.

"I'd like to make an appointment."

"Of course, sir. Which special would you like?"

Rob had to think about this. Laura hadn't grown up in the country and she hadn't gone to public school. Her mother was bit of a tartar, the old battle ax. "The No Nonsense Mommy," he said.

"Splendid. Shall we say 1:30 today?" Then he took down the directions.

* * *

Rob could hardly sit down to drive the car. His bottom was blazing. Wow, oh, wow. He'd forgotten how much a full blown spanking could hurt. And this one had been a doozy. After filling out the paperwork and giving them his credit card he'd been shown to a cozy room where "Mommy" had been waiting, seated in a sturdy armless chair. He'd decided to go whole hog so he'd opted for a bare bottom spanking complete with scolding.

"Mommy" had been a robust matron in her fifties with blonde hair streaked with grey. She'd read Rob's little description of his offense and had proceeded to scold him severely for the lie. Rob shrank in shame at the scolding. She was really good at this. It was just like mom. Then she'd ordered him to take down his pants and get himself right across her knee. "Right this instant, young man," she'd commanded. She had peeled down his underwear leaving his bottom bare and vulnerable. He must have blushed from head to toe at the rude exposure, but he steeled himself. Laura had done this too. She'd tapped him a few times and said, "Now Robert I'm going to warm that bare fanny of yours. You'll never tell another lie."

And with that she had proceeded to apply crack after crack with that awful brush to his bare sit spots as he wriggled shamelessly across her knee. First it stung, then it burned. Then it became a raging bonfire. She was very adept at holding him down. She slipped one leg over the backs of his knees and jack knifed him even further over her knee. Then she gave him a pasting he'd remember for a very long time. The brush cracked on one cheek then the other, then right across the divide. Over and over. She had certainly been thorough. As the spanks rained down, his buttocks had grown hotter and hotter. It had been fifty hard smacks and when it was over he'd jumped up and hopped around the room rubbing his bottom furiously. "Mommy" had just smiled and said, "Now you will be a good boy from now on, won't you?"

When he got home Laura's car was in the driveway. Good. They'd console each other. He walked in to a foyer laden with packages. Laura saw him coming in.

"Where have you been?" she asked.

"Same place as you, darling," he said grinning.

"Why are you rubbing your butt like that?"

"Aren't you sore too?" asked Rob.

"Hunhh? Why should I be?" Laura was puzzled.

"What? Why shouldn't....wait a minute." Rob went to get the phone. Pulled up the caller ID. "Because. See here? It says right here--- Spank Salon."

Rob held it up for her to see and Laura looked. Then she nodded. "Oh that. Some odd little business. I must have dialed Miriam's number wrong and got them instead. I think her number is one digit off."

Rob's eyes got big. "But what about the fruitcake? Aunt Letitia?"

"What in the world are you talking about Rob? Fruitcake?"

Rob was aghast. "You mean you didn't go there? For lying about the fruitcake? For fibbing to Aunt Letitia?"

"Go where, Rob? You are making no sense at all. And hon, let me tell you. Everybody lies about fruitcake. Nobody eats the stuff. Even the dog won't touch it. Rob? Rob?"

Laura wondered where Rob was going. He had just stormed out. Then she wondered even more when he came back into the room with a determined look in his eye and brandishing her hairbrush.

"Why do you have that hairbrush, Rob? What are you doing?" Rob took her by the arm, propelling her toward the couch. "Rob? What are you....Rob!" she squawked as he sat down and yanked her across his knees. "Rob, no! Not my dress. Pull my dress back down." Then she realized what he meant to do. "Rob, don't you dare. Pull my panties back up! Rob! Rob!.......yeow!"

 As the hairbrush spanked her bottom cheeks over and over again Laura could only wonder if this time Rob had really lost his mind....and all over Aunt Letitia's fruitcake?
May your holiday be warm and bright.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, December 21, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 21

How vocal is the spankee? Let's find out.

Jack: Vocal, protest, wife could care less, the louder I am the more people will hear, adds to the punishment. Once she started using the bath brush I really protest, and very loud. 

QBuzz: Neither of us take our spankings stoically. There is plenty of whimpering and moaning, and the occasional protest... all part of the fun really :D

Willie: When we started Ttwd we still had kids at home. I was conditioned to hiss and suck in the pain. When we go away I can get a lot more vocal and sometimes that is much more freeing.

Yorkie: At first I didn’t want to scare so I kept quiet. Over the last few years though, she’s become quite adept at spanking me and I always talk to her during it and encourage and guide her in what I want to the point that nowadays I am owing, oohing and even throw in the odd swear word while kicking my legs a bit. We still try to keeps reasonably quiet because of neighbours and adult children living with us but we are in a separate building so not too quiet.

Wendel: When I give the Misses a spanking by hand she usually whimpers quietly. Maybe an occasional oohh and ahhh. When I use the paddle or belt the cry outs get a bit louder and she cries out how she will be a good girl if I stop. When the Misses has a girls night out she will paddle me to remind me to behave while she is out. In between whacks I have to assure her I will be good. 

Joe: I am very quiet during my spankings, if I make too much noise T thinks she is causing me harm and we have other people in the house. The occasional oww or ahh is ok but overall the actual spankings make more noise than I do. The TV or music is always on for cover. 

 Roz: I am usually quiet at the beginning of a spanking but as it progresses I become more vocal. Lots of grunts and groaning lol.

Rosco: We’ve never really discussed it, but I respond according to how hard I want to be spanked.

If I suspect she might be about to stop and I want more, I’ll complain that I don’t deserve the spanking. I’ll say it isn’t fair. This will egg Irene on of course.

If I apologize profusely for my behavior and promise to be good, she might let up. This is a way of saying I’ve had enough.

Barrel: When we use spanking as foreplay, I try to remain completely silent because that's what she expects. However I do grunt and deeply exhale depending on the length and intensity of the spanking. When we plan an extended session or the spanking is for punishment, I do moan and breath heavily. Whether I am gagged or not, my wife will usually ask how I am doing, wanting to know if she has taken my beyond my limit. Despite some serious thrashings, she hasn’t gotten me there yet, and the whipping or caning continues until she decides I have had enough. During these sessions, I don’t talk, answer with a uh-ha and try to control my breathing.

Ronnie: To start I'm usually quite (depending on the spanking) Once P gets going I'm very vocal, I grunt, moan, shout, sometimes a swear word slips out and I get a hard spank for that.

Bonnie: I typically have plenty to say, at least until I reach that floaty place and then I tend to be quiet.

Prefectdt: It usually depends where the spanking is happening. Much of the time noise can be an issue and I have learnt over the years to suck it up and remain relatively quite. I do love it though when I am in a place where I can let rip vocally, especially if I am playing with someone who likes to bring it on a bit :)

Amy: Good question! It really depends where we are at the time. When I get close to not being able to take anymore, I do this, "Okay, okay okay!" song and Eric knows he's got me right where he wants me. He is more concerned about people hearing than I am so he'll decide what comes next based on how close the neighbors are. 

Welcome back, Amy!

Anon: I tend to be pretty vocal. But there are times Master orders me to take my spanking or paddling is silence. When he issues this order and I fail to remain silent; I earn additional punishment for disobeying.

There are a few occasions where Master has told me HOW I'm allowed to be vocal. On 2 occasions he ordered that all sounds I make "Must be the word HARDER" or "MORE".

It was very psychological for me to be asking for a harder paddling or more strokes when that was exactly the opposite of what I was feeling on my backside at the time. I'm very glad he doesn't do this often.

Hermione: I am very vocal, with plenty of OWWWs as well as some giggles. I feel that staying silent isn't necessary, in fact, quite the opposite. I want to let Ron know how much his efforts are appreciated. 

That's all for this week. Stay safe and wear your masks!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #362

Greetings! Grab a cookie or two and let's get started. Last week's topic was directed at tops, so this week it's the bottoms' turn.

How vocal are you (or your partner) when receiving a spanking? Do you stoically accept the inevitable, or do you noisily protest?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to join in, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, December 19, 2020

You Completed the Caption

Here is the original photo with the thought bubbles removed. Now let's see what you came up with.

KDPierre: Reginald: "Constance darling, that new experiment we tried? The one you called 'fisting'? Utterly enlightening! I feel like a whole new person, open in ways I've never been before...but dearest...where is your glove?"

Constance: "I am glad you are having such an epiphany due to our adventure, Reginald, because the answer to your question lies deep inside you."

Tex: Him: So give me another clue about what you want most for Christmas?

Her: Jeez, another one? OK Einstein. It rhymes with 'thanking' and what I'm sitting on.

Him: You're happy having a place to sit and want another settee for Christmas?

Her: No... a new boyfriend! 

Prefectdt: Him - I am so glad that the bra has not been invented yet

Her - But the birch has been around for ages. I'll just go and get mine, lecher!

Red: Him: Delightfully, you would like me to stand up and lower my pants and undergarments, so you can give me a taste of what married life will be like!

Her: Yes dear, then you will lay yourself over my lap so I can soundly spank your bottom delightfully red.

Wendel: Joffrey: Dearest Betty, if we were like Rose and Jack after the Titanic sank, you would scoot over so I could climb on the door and save myself as well - Right?

Betty: F@#k no. 

Rosco: “Even a tiny spanking will turn your fair skin a delicious crimson.”

“If a tiny spanking is all you have in mind, there won’t be anything to kiss and make better.”

Wonderful! Please stay for brunch, being served outside on the patio, so wear your parkas.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, December 18, 2020

How to Annoy your Neighbour

Even though winter has come with a vengeance, we can still amuse ourselves here in the Great White North.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Complete the Caption

This handsome couple is having an intimate conversation about...well, who knows? You decide.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment. I will populate your thought balloons on Saturday, right before brunch.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, December 14, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 13

How vocal is the spanker in your relationship?

Roz: Back in the day when we had an active dynamic Rick would lecture before and during a spanking, depending on the reason for the spanking. If the spanking was not for discipline the dialogue would be more reminders of our dynamic and expectations.

Now that any spanking is purely for fun his dialogue is more light and fun. Comments on how he enjoys spanking me, that I'm his etc. 

Joe: It varies by her mood, sometimes T is very vocal about whatever happens to be on her mind and other times very quiet at which time the spanks are a little slower but firmer and may last longer YAY. When talkative and I am in the right position of exposure some mild ball paddling may be involved. 

Wendel: I do not say much when I spank the Misses. The smacks on her bottom say it all. The Misses paddles me before she leaves for a girls' night out. She lectures how I need to behave while she is gone and that the spanking will remind me to do so all evening. 

Simon: Usually it's just an announcement of how many strokes I'm about to receive. The punishment itself is normally given in silence apart from the occasional grunt of effort, my groans and the sound of whichever implement she has chosen swishing and impacting. Sometimes though if she is very pleased with her efforts she may say something like "that's a good one". Afterwards she may compliment me on how well I took it.

Jack: My wife is vocal, very stern, scolding vary in length. I'm always spanked on the bare bottom, she will either have me undress in the bedroom and wait or will pull down my pants, underpants, scolding me the whole time, and over her lap no matter where. She scolds while spanking. 

Anon 1: Once I'm called into the room , she does all the talking and is always well prepared.
She will ask me questions but usually the answer will require only a "YES Ma'am!" or a "NO Ma'am!"

She scold as she spanks and gives me updates on how red my bottom is (as if I didn't know).
Afterwards she will tease me about the spanking and my reluctance to sit.

 Rosco: Irene never fails to lecture me, although she often adopts another persona. She has been a sorority girl, a senorita, a southern belle, a classmate, a teacher etc. Most recently, she’s Mrs. Robinson and I’m the boy delivering groceries.

Generally there’s some imaginary offence such as peeking through the keyhole into the girls locker room or rummaging through her lingerie. Never anything real (not good for the marriage we’ve agreed).

Sometimes I’ll make lame excuses until she orders me to be quiet and gags me.

Anon 2: Lecture before. Then just me howling.

Graham: It varies a lot depending on the situation and our moods. It can range from playful banter, serious lecture before and/or during, counting, etc. I react to verbal stimulation, so I like it when she's more vocal. 

Barrel: As many have shared, it depends on the reason, level and hype during the foreplay. On most spankings, she only comments about the color that she has not yet attained, so on we go. However if we are in a serious punishment session, where she wants to correct me for something I have done, she will give me a stern lecture between sets and then lay on the instrument as hard as she desires.

Prefectdt: I have experienced words from tops in many different styles of delivery but the ones that make my spine shiver are the quiet and calm instructors who mostly get close up and whisper their commands to you.

 Bonnie: My husband likes to change up our spankings to keep things interesting and to avoid getting into a rut. His vocalizations are part of this strategy. Sometimes, he will strive to create a specific headspace. Other times, he will remain mostly silent and make me wonder what is next. From my position, it's all good.

Hermione: Ron is the strong, silent type. He doesn't say much, although sometimes he will become playful and make jokes about the colour of my bottom, or the sounds I am making.

Stay safe and wear your masks!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #361

Welcome to our weekly get-together. You may remove your mask to take a sip of the mimosas I've prepared. Today's question is for the tops, but don't worry if you are a bottom. You'll have your turn next week. 

How vocal is the spanker in your relationship? Does he or she deliver a lecture before or during a spanking? Does he or she make comments during a spanking? Or does the one wielding the paddle remain silent?

Please leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, December 12, 2020

You Completed the Caption

Anon 1: I want such a red bottom, pictures speak a thousand words. 

Red: Sweetie, I always like to take a before the spanking picture when your bottom is so white, and an after when it is so brilliantly red. Now, I will start making it red.

QBuzz: Big sister always takes a before and after picture for little sister's spankings. Their parents keep them in an album! 

Baxter: Girl kneeling: I have always loved your bottom, so white and soft. I am looking forward to having it over my knee for a good spanking time.
Girl standing: I know you love my bottom and I am so looking forward to being over your knee again. Please give me the spanking I so richly deserve.
Girl kneeling: I will give you what you deserve, my love, oh yes I will.
Girl standing: I am getting so wet in anticipation. 

KDPierre: Gertrude was thrilled to be the one to discover.... AND capture on camera..... just where the Who's took up residence after the eventual demise of Horton the Elephant. 

Prefectdt: Protagonist on the right - I would be arrested for doing this, if I where a man.

Ronnie: Quick take a picture before it fades.

Midwest Reader: "Sis, you know the gift of a paddle to your fiance is traditional. I'm just making sure the paddlemaker has all the dimensions he needs to get the maximum sting!" 

Glenmoretales: I have to get this before the handprints fade! 

sub hub in phx: I need to send this my husband so he knows what I got him for Christmas.

Anon 2: When he sees this picture of you out shopping with no knickers on after he ordered you to stop acting like such a trollop, he'll have no choice but to finally give you that spanking you've been wanting. Now quick, let's switch places and you take a picture of me showing off my bare bottom so I can get my boyfriend to spank me too. 

SRC: So they are right.The sun really does shine from there.

Wendel: Good for you, Mary, for putting your foot down and telling your rude boyfriend where to go but due to Covid-19 we will have to get John a picture so he can kiss it virtually.

Hermione: This shot will be perfect for this year's Christmas card. 

Thanks, everybody, for the funny captions, and a big thank you to Wendel for the picture. See you all at brunch!

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Complete the Caption

The paparazzi are everywhere these days. Why is the lady on the left being interrupted in her dressing by a photographer? She must be newsworthy in some way.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your headlines before brunch on Saturday.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, December 7, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 6

How can we encourage more bloggers to participate in Love our Lurkers days? Here's what you said:

Rosco: You and others permit anonymous comments. That works for me. Others may still be more cautious. I really don't want my sexual and spanking interests to be public - and I think most people feel that way. 

I am reluctant to give my email address even when someone says they will not post or share it. I suppose I should get another email address for only this purpose, but I am not exactly sure how to do it securely.

"Bottom" line - I suspect lurkers worry anonymity will be compromised.

Alan: I do participate if I have something relevant to say. And it is fun to do so. However I probably would participate more if there was a real dialogue rather than the monologues that are more likely. Maybe it’s the nature of the format but I bet there would be more participation if there was more discussion.

Minielle: Hi Hermione, I think many of us know bloggers who have stopped blogging due to life’s many challenges. I believe some think when they disappear they can’t come back, or they no longer have much to say... I left for a while and wondered if I should stop, but I’m trying again. Maybe having friends reach out...

Wendel: I think all the other social media platforms overshadow blogging. Every event, TV show, restaurant and product has a Twitter, Facebook and Instagram link. You never here the local news anchor say: "Follow us on Blogger". Walmart: "Check out all the holiday bargains on Blogger". The other thing is that all the newer platforms are more real-time. People get alerts on the phone when someone makes a quick comment and they can immediately comment back. Fast and furious. Most probably think of Lurking as a Facebook thing now.
Some sort of advertisement on the other social media platforms would help remind people Blogging is still around.

KDPierre: You specifically asked about LOL participation but the comments reveal an interest in overall blog participation in general. Two separate issues I believe. The latter is complex and I might actually do a full post on it since it would take too much space here to properly cover it all. But as to your main question, I think the answer is as simple as asking if ANYONE has ever benefitted long-term from LOL-Day participation?

For me it HAS both in years past and this year as well......but NOT in the spirit that LOL is intended. I have never gotten a lurker to convert to becoming a participant past LOL day itself. What I HAVE exposure to other active bloggers who 'discover' my blog from LOL-Day exposure and stick around. And that to me is very telling. Lurkers are by their nature lurkers. Bloggers are by their nature active participants. Neither seem inclined to change.

So LOL-Day might better be called: "Here are some good blogs you might have missed"-Day and be targeted to fellow bloggers. As you know I have long since given up on "lurkers". I know others have as well because they have told me so. Pursuing lurkers is a waste of energy, but pursuing other bloggers seems to be much more rewarding.

I think if past LOL participants saw LOL-days result in converted lurkers, you would not have seen the drop-off in participants. But I'd be VERY curious to hear from ANYONE who has actually had a lurker make such a transition and become an active commenter aa a result of LOL-Day.

So if more participation is the goal, perhaps the concept should change from a futile attempt to convert lurkers to participants to a day where blogs interconnect to boost exposure among those of us who care to comment.

Lastly, I would also say that MAYBE the conversion goal of LOL-Day might be better achieved a different way: by example. We have a pretty tight community. I'm sure there are a lot of us who recognize each other's names from comments on other blogs and a lot of us have long lists of blogs posted on our own. But how many of us non-lurkers make the effort to regularly comment on each other's blogs? I know some do, some don't and I myself try but don't always cross-participate as often as I probably should. So what does our own behavior tell a lurker? Maybe if comments were flying about freely and were scintillating and in-depth rather than brief phrases of praise, we would appear to be an enviable salon party where others would be eager to want to get in on the action? We bloggers can't be semi-lurkers ourselves and then try to lecture true lurkers to behave better. It's like a smoking parent telling their kid not to smoke.

Roz: A great question Hermione and some interesting comments above. I really don't know but I do also wonder if blogger just isn't the preferred platform nowdays. I also think many bloggers drop off due to life changes or don't feel they have much to say. In this case I think they would be less likely to encourage lurkers to de-lurk.

The above are the main reasons I don't post now, but I always enjoy keeping in touch with everyone and visiting their blogs. I have made such amazing friendships from blogging. Perhaps that fact should be promoted more?

PK: We see spanking pictures from more than 100 years ago and I have no doubt there will still be interest in another 100 years so we know that’s not it. I think young people see blogging as old fashioned just as they are beginning to see facebook – it’s something that their parents do. But I don’t like the new mediums where your words are limited. But, maybe we should ‘advertise’ out blogs there. Put something on twitter or Instagram when we have a good spanking post up to try to lure them over. That is if I can figure out how.

For older folks (like many of us) I wish we could stress the safety. I was so scared of being ‘outed’ in the beginning. And it’s just not an issue. Everyone is in the same boat, and hopefully they know that those of us who have been here for more than a decade wouldn’t have stayed if there was danger and wouldn’t have lasted if we’d BEEN a danger. I also wish we could stress the friendships that can develop. That was what got me – making new, close friendships in my fifties. I was amazed and thrilled. 

Glenmoretales: Quite frankly, the reason my blog does not participate is that it is not worth my time.
I have no time for lurkers who stop by regularly to enjoy blog content but are too lazy or  inconsiderate to leave a comment or a word of appreciation. Lurkers are nothing more than freeloaders and I see no valid reason to reach out to them as they will never change.

Like KD I may make my blog private by invitation only so that only appreciative people stop by the blog. I would say LOL is a concept that is past its time.

Bonnie: One word: Twitter. Microblogs are blogs and there are more now than ever. These are spankos and they are bloggers. I suggest it might be time to join their community as we invite them to become part of ours. It's not an either-or proposition. Bloggers like Erica have sustained great success by advertising her Wordpress posts using pinned tweets.

After saying all that, I have to admit that I have no Twitter account. So that makes me a major lurker. I will guess that there are great many more Twitter lurkers. In preparation for LoL XVI, perhaps we engage with friends on that platform and invite them join the festivities.

Prefectdt: A lot of bloggers don't seem to be as interactive with other bloggers, as they used to be when I first started blogging. Perhaps a lot of blogs did not participate simply because they did not realize that the event was going on.

To email all potential participants must have been a gargantuan task and I don't know how Bonnie used to manage that and I do not think that it would be the best way to get the message out now.

Perhaps, when you announce LOL day, the regular participants here could try commenting on potential participants' blogs from bloggers that might not visit this blog much. A simple message of what LOL day is, when it is happening and ask if they might be prepared to participate. If enough of your regular visitors here do that we could raise awareness amongst a lot more blogs.

I would be happy to lend a helping keyboard.

Hermione: I took a look at Bonnie's first Love our Lurkers event, and out of 43 bloggers who participated, five of those blogs still exist, and only one is active now. There was more of a sense of community back then, which is what drew me to becoming a blogger myself. Bloggers would hold virtual surprise parties, and everyone would join in. That sense of community has diminished as other platforms have become popular.

Thank you all for your observations and suggestions. You have given me much food for thought.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #360

Welcome everyone, to another spanko brunch. Two weeks ago we had fun welcoming lurkers to our blogs. While the bloggers who joined in had a good time and received numerous comments from their silent readers, I noticed that participation has sadly declined ever the years. This could be for several reasons: bloggers are moving on to other platforms like Twitter; general interest in spanking is decreasing (no, that can't be right!); people are too preoccupied with a world turned upside down by covid. Can we reverse this decline? Ronnie and I have been wracking our brains for a solution, and now we need your help.

How can we encourage more bloggers to participate in Love our Lurkers days? What can we do to reach out to those who may not be aware of LoL? Are there changes we need to make in order to entice more participants? All suggestions are welcome.

Please leave your feedback as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our conversation once everyone has put their thinking caps on and made their suggestions.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, December 4, 2020

Friday FAIL

Yesterday Ron asked me to give him a haircut. That surprised me because his barber has resumed operation and Ron went for a haircut two months ago. But the barbershop is a tiny mom and pop place, with mom the hairdresser and pop the barber, and Ron thought the covid precautions weren't all they should be. So I eagerly grabbed my sewing scissors and a comb and got to work. I actually enjoyed it, since it was my third time and I felt confident. I reserved the clippers for neckline cleanup, and maybe I was a little too enthusiastic, but oh well, it will grow back.

I think I did a pretty good job, unlike these bad haircuts.

Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

From the Top Shelf - Slippered

Today I have a real treat for you. Some of you will be familiar with GeorgieC's writings. Just the other day I received a brand new story from that seasoned author. I hope you enjoy it, although GeorgieC warns that the end "may prove a surprise, or a disappointment."


"Right, Lewis.  Where were you yesterday?"

She fidgeted and cast her eyes down.   She knew she had been rumbled.  Her hands nervously twitched the hem of her short blue skirt.  It had seemed a bit of fun to take the day off school and just lie around doing nothing.  Particularly as it was double Maths.  But she also knew there would be a reckoning.  Knew it because the school had phoned her Mum at work to find out where Karen was.  Of course when her Mum had got home there had been a lot of shouting and early bed-time, but Karen knew that was only the start.  She knew she would have to face the Headmaster in the morning.

And so the appointed hour of 9 o'clock came.  And here she was stood in front of him, in his office.  Her blonde hair glinted in the light reflecting through the window.  Her blues eyes glistened as tears of shame fought to escape, despite her wishes.

She had no answer.

"I think we both know where you were.  You know of course I have spoken to your mother?"

She nodded, her eyes still downcast.

"She has agreed that I shall punish you severely.  I cannot allow this behaviour to become the norm in this school.  Such behaviour must be clamped down upon."

The fidgeting became more pronounced and one little tear managed to escape down her cheek.

"I propose that you will be slippered."

 She looked up in shock.  Surely not?

"And to ensure that the message gets home to others, I shall do it in front of a specially convened assembly this morning.  You will be slippered in front of the whole school.  Now get out and you will be called when it is time."

How she got through the door she later couldn't remember.  She was in a state of shock.  She had only been at the school a few months, having moved to the area, and so she had no idea that such punishments were meted out.

And in front of the whole school too!  She had only heard of the slipper being used once, in junior school, when a couple of the lads had been sent to the Headmistress for fighting.  They had returned to class red-faced and sat gingerly back in their desks.  Red-faced, and red-cheeked. They showed everyone their marks at breaktime.  Bright glowing, red bottoms.  They told proudly and bravely how they had had to take their pants down, bend over the desk one after the other, watching each other get it, while the Headmistress had given them a mighty six on each cheek, totally bare – twelve in all.  Karen had never considered that girls would be slippered, nor that she would be the one suffering it.  But surely girls wouldn't have to do that pants dropping, would they?  Sixth form girls wouldn't have to bare their bottoms, would they?  Not in front of the whole school.  Would they?

Her friends Sue and Donna approached.

"Well, what's the verdict?"

"I'm going to be slippered."  The tears now were in full flow.  Sue put her arm round her.

"Oh God, that's awful.  But why didn't he just do it there and then?"

"Because he's going to call a special assembly.  He's going to do it in front of everyone."

The two friends gasped.  Their eyes widened and Donna added her arm as support too.

Karen was full of questions.

"How does he… I mean how will I... What does he...?"

Sue blushed a little.

"It's very rare for a girl to be slippered, and I only remember two other times when it was done to a girl in front of everyone.  We have an agreement that we don't mention it in any way afterwards.  It's so embarrassing that it's best not to even think about it.  Just accept it, and we won't mention it.  It's the best way to get through it."

"But – can I just ask?  When he said in front of everyone, he doesn't mean in front of the boys too, does he?  They won't be watching, will they?"  The desperation in her voice was intense.

"Well, I said we don't talk about it, but I suppose you need to know.  Yes, it's in front of the whole school, first form to sixth form.  Girls and boys.  All will be watching.  To be honest the boys like it if it's a girl being slippered.  They like to see the humiliation."

"But how will he...?"

Sue held up her hand.

"No.  It's better not to think about it.  But a word of advice.  When he tells you to take them off, then just do it with as much dignity as you can.  Of course everyone, including the lads, will see, but just maintain your dignity.  Try to keep whatever pride you can."

Karen's worst fears were confirmed.  She remembered the two boys in junior school.  She remembered what she saw, and shook.

The bell rang for lessons to start, and they made their way to class.

Karen's head was in a whirl.  This was far worse than she had expected.  And all the lads would be watching.  Even Johnny Parker.  Well, he was going to have a treat.  Maybe he would be nice to her afterwards, feel sorry for her, maybe even rub it better… No.  Get those thoughts out of your head.  This is going to be awful.

The clock ticked by and at 10:45 the teacher announcer they were all to proceed to the hall, for a "special assembly".

"And Karen – can you go to the Headmaster's office, please"

Her feet felt like lead as she made her way along the corridor.  She did a mental check.  Luckily she had put clean knickers on that day.  Nice bright white ones.  Not that they would be party to the proceedings, if she understood correctly.  Which way would she be facing?  With her face towards the whole school, so everyone would see her expressions and her tears and her anguish, or the other end pointing towards the school, so everyone would see... would see her… would see her bum…?  The idea was of course humiliation, to warn others off, there could only be one answer. Everyone would see everything that went on. Every girl in the school.  Every boy in the school.  They would all clearly see her being punished in a most humiliating manner.  She trembled slightly.

She arived at his office and without a word he gestured for her to follow him to the Hall, and they both entered the back of the stage.  There was a sea of faces, 864 of them, roughly half boys half girls.  Number 865 looked anxiously out at them.  Boys, girls, female teachers, male teachers.  Mr "pervy" Dawson had made sure he got a good view.  He would!  And was that the caretaker right at the back?

The Head signalled she should wait at the side of the stage.

"When I call you to the centre of the stage you will take your position and when I tell you to take them off I shall expect you to do it straightaway.  No delay.  We will get this over as quickly as possible.  Do you understand?"

She nodded, her mind a whirl and numb at the same time.  He strode out to the centre of the stage.

"It is my terrible duty to inform you that a sixth form girl, Karen Lewis, decided to play truant yesterday.  You are all, I hope, aware that this is viewed as one of the most serious offences in this school.  And therefore one which must be dealt with most severely.  Karen Lewis will be slippered in front of you all, as a warning to everybody."

There was a growing hubbub amongst the throng.  Some of the boys shuffled in their seats to get a better view.  At least that could be one reason why they shuffled in their seats.

"Step forward, Lewis."

She walked slowly to the centre of the stage.  All the time her head was full of questions.

How far down should she pull them?  Just enough to expose the target, or down to her knees, or right to her ankles?  He'd said 'take them off'.  Did that mean she had to take them completely off?

Should she hold up her skirt to keep it in place?  Making sure everyone gets a good view.  Oh God!

How far should she bend over?  Just a slight incline, or hands on knees, or touching toes with absolutely everything on show?  Everything!

She stood in front of him.  Feeling every eye on her.  She realised without knowing that she was stood facing him, facing the back of the stage, with her back fully towards the audience.  Was that his plan, or had she subconsciously complied?

"Right, Miss Lewis.  Take... your... shoes... off."  His words were spaced and precise.

Karen paused, puzzled. The Headmaster hissed quietly.

"I told you to do it when told."

She nodded and bent down quickly to unfasten the straps of her shoes, and in doing so her short skirt rode up giving a display to the whole school.  Her clean white pants were fully on show to anyone who cared to look.  And all the boys, and all the male teachers, and the caretaker, all cared to look.  She stood up, her feet clad in just the white knee high socks.

"Mrs Davies."

The deputy Head strode purposefully from the side of the stage, holding a box.

Why is the slipper stored in a ceremonial box?  Karen now was confused.  This really is a formal occasion.  Full of theatre pour encourager les autres.

The Head opened the box and withdrew two bright red slippers, ordinary household slippers.  With white faux-fur and the words "Naughty Girl" emblazoned upon them in gold glittery letters.

"Right.  Put these on."

Confused she bent down to comply, once again giving the whole school, and particularly the boys, and particularly Johnny, another bright white eyeful.

"Right, girl you will wear these for the next two days, so that everyone can see how wicked you have been."

Karen's cheeks glowed red with the embarrassment.  She understood now why no-one ever mentioned it.  Being 'slippered' was an awful punishment for a girl her age.

The humiliation was complete. The shame glowed. The embarrassment severe. She could now see everyone in the school giggling and sniggering, pointing, whispering to each other.

Oh how easy it would have been just to hitch up her skirt, drop her knicks, bend right over, and get six, or even a dozen, of the very best, in front of everyone, with her pert bum on display.  Even on display to the boys.  And the teachers.  Yes, even to the caretaker. That could be lived with, and even maybe laughed at sometime later.  But this?  This was inhumane.

She made a vow she would never, ever, be slippered again.
Not what you expected?
From Hermione's Heart