Tuesday, June 29, 2021

No More Consensual Spanking

I'm sorry to have to tell you that Red Often's blog Consensual Spanking is gone for good. Last week Google removed it because somehow a virus from Red's computer got attached to a post he uploaded. Since then, the blog has been reviewed and it seems Red violated Google's terms of service, so they will not restore his blog.

As some of you may already know, Red had been planning to close his blog, although the decision of exactly when was taken out of his hands. Red is enjoying his extra free time and wishes you all a warm "Bottoms Up!"

We will miss you, Red.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 28, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 27

How do punishment spankings differ, and what are your feelings about them?

Baxter: I only get spanked when I ask for it and thankfully my wife does her best. But at least once, I would like a full on spanking as in being taken over the knee of a strong woman who can restrain me and strap and paddle my bottom hard, with the result of not being able to sit comfortably for days. The other scenario I think about is being restrained on a bed, legs and arms tied to the corner, bottom raised over some pillows and again, strapped and paddled hard. That might qualify for what you refer to as a punishment spanking. 

Jeanie: I read your brunch topic of punishment spankings and my heart began to beat faster.

I get spanked a lot, mostly fun and playful, all too brief, little reminders of who we are. My boyfriend & I also enjoy spankings for foreplay. There is a world of difference between all these and punishment spankings. 

I know what offences will earn punishment. On the order of once every two weeks or so, I'll just feel this overwhelming need for a really good (meaning hard) spanking and do something about it. (When I press that key at the end of an Amazon.com order that says "finalize purchase" I'll say to myself, "that's gonna leave a mark..." The majority of my punishments come from spending money exorbitantly.) My boyfriend lets me know that I'm going to get a punishment spanking early in the day, to be administered later that day, usually before bedtime. That way I have to think about what's coming. On more than one occasion, I was instructed to strip naked before dinner, so that I could anticipate what awaited after dessert. 

Playful spankings occur on the spur of the moment, anywhere around the house (or beyond). Punishment spankings are more formal, ritualized, and almost always happen in our bedroom. 

Playful spanking often start on the seat of my clothing, and the clothes are gradually removed. But punishment spankings are given to me when I'm naked. When I assume the OTK position, my lover will take a lot of time caressing, telling me how pretty my pristine buttocks are and how it hurts him to have to punish me as hard as is needed. 

Playful and/or sexy spankings may be sound and stinging, but punishment spankings always are. Our safeword is not allowed during these sessions, I must trust that my Top knows what I need. Punishment spankings start with the hand, but almost always continue with the use of an implement. Given that I enjoy leather implements and hate wooden ones, the weapon of ass destruction usually employed for the second half of my punishment spankings is a large wooden hairbrush. The paddling goes on until I'm contrite, usually crying, sometimes absolutely balling. We both know that I will be bruised after punishment. In about a day, what I call "universes" of colored bruises blossom across my bottom. 

Because spanking is erotic, you would think I'd get turned-on by playful spankings much more than from punishments, but this isn't true. I get aroused by both. So after I'm thoroughly consoled, my tears are dried, and I'm back in his good graces, we'll transition to make-up sex (the best kind, in my opinion).

Bonnie: We do, and yet, we don't. What I mean is that I crave the corporal punishment headspace, rituals, and spankings. The reality is that I don't do anything seriously wrong and if I did, that's not how Randy and I would handle it. I guess you could call it role play, but I can attest that the pain is definitely not pretend.

There are several differentiators that characterize these spankings. I am usually naked. The swats are always harder, often faster, and seem to continue longer. The spanking implements are more severe wood and leather, and sometimes multiple implements are applied. I am more likely to be restrained. Use of a plug, dildo, or vibrator during the spanking is more likely. The banter has a more disciplinary tone. By the time he finishes, I am emotionally drained and my bottom is extremely sore. Sometimes, I have to serve corner time and/or pose for photos.

After I return to Earth, thanks to loving aftercare from Randy, I feel relaxed, content, renewed, and happy. And ow!

Joe: No punishment spankings here, I only get spanked when I ask for it and some times it will start slow and easy, other times fast and hard with no warm up but that ends petty quickly. Then the spanking turns erotic as I am always naked for my spanking face down and legs spread wide, swats to my bottom are intermingled with some very erotic touching and fondling, the contrast in sensations in incredible. I have asked for longer harder punishment type spankings and being tied down but has not happened yet.

Anon: My wife does not spank me for fun. There are 2 types she uses, a maintenance or a punishment spanking.

A maintance I get when I have behaved well enough not to get a punishment version for over a week and is, relatively, bearable. I do not have to stand in the punishment naughty corner, she just lowers my pants, over her lap I go and after her statement that she is proud of me that I behaved so well but that she wants to keep it that way and therefore, to “support” me, she is going to spank me. Lighter then a punishment version but boy do I feel it and I am kicking my legs and she makes sure I “feel the need” to keep behaving myself. Sitting down is hard for a day or so.

The punishment version does its job, corner time and all but the worst is that she will spank me with her hand, followed by hairbrush, paddle and finally the strap. Trust me; she shows me who is in charge and that misbehaving (according to her rules) will be dealt with severely. Since nobody can hear us I always make a lot of noise and I always end up crying and sitting down is almost impossible for 3 days or so.
I hate all her spankings but, at the same time, I love her for administering these punishments since our marriage went from not so good to perfect.

Roz: We did used to have punishment spankings. They were often harder with multiple implements used and were also often longer. The discussion during such spankings was also of a disciplinary nature. One of the biggest differences was the feelings and emotions involved. These weren't light-hearted spankings for fun. There was also a lot more after care and reassurance.

Jack: Punishment spankings the norm for this family. My wife knew even while dating that I needed direction and direction it is. I say I'm sorry, beg her not to spank but she wins all the time. It is mostly done in the bedroom, depending on what I did, I could be told to undress and wait, or she will just bare my bottom, scold me, and then a sound over her lap spanking with the bath brush. My life is better for the spankings, they hurt, no sex involved, always a very traditional bare bottom spanking over the lap, I just dread that bath brush, it talks very loud and at times for a long time.

Barrel: We do punishment style spankings but not for actual punishment. I want, and my wife is learning to enjoy, severe and intense spankings. We do them about every three months, with planning and discussions leading up to them, to heighten the mental turmoil I go through.

I am always restrained over the bench at the foot of our bed. Four restraints are used: hands under the bench with soft ropes that extend to the opposite side and tie on top of my back; a nylon belt secures my waist; two Velcro straps at mid thigh connecting under the bench so when tightened, pull my knees apart for better access to my inner thighs, and ankle ropes to the bottom legs of the bench. I stack pillows in the middle of the bench and cover with pool towels since I sweat and drool during these extended thrashings.

My wife uses a crop and tawse but prefers a leather strap I crafted out of an old shoulder strap from a carry on garment bag. She wields that strap as hard and accurately back hand as forehand. She is improving her use of our two canes but still does not apply them hard enough to impart the telltale weals and stripes that last for weeks.

This last session was an extended one over 45 minutes and she offered me sips of water through a straw during an implement change.. I thought that was a nice touch.

Like Bonnie wrote, afterwards I am content, grounded and in a calm state. We are planning a session as soon as I finish two doctor appointments next month.

Wendel: We spank each other for offences but do not consider the spankings as discipline. For us a spanking is fun. We like to give and receive them. When the Misses misbehaves I might take her to the kitchen for her spanking. The Misses might tell me to bend over the end of the bed for a whipping. Any protest before, during or after the spanking is just to add to the excitement. However the actual spankings are real and the bottom will be sore for hours.

KDPierre: Punishment spankings are definitely a big part of what we do, and for me these can come from various sources. It's part of why I have a blog, because the differences, feelings, nuances, personalities involved, etc. are too complicated for clarity in a single paragraph.

The simplest distillation I can manage for your brunch would be to say they are different more for their tone and intent than the mechanics involved. Looking at other answers, you can see how this makes sense. There are people who create a very real experience without using actual offences. My experiences are probably not that much different from theirs in terms of what happens. It's very much the psychology of being accountable in this way and then being punished as an adult, by another adult for something quite real that challenges our pride, independence, and personal views on equality, authority, and a whole array of things. I do believe that this can be a bit too much for some, and probably why even avid spankos often shy away from taking things this far in their relationship. It's certainly not for everyone, and certainly not always easy even for those who desire such a lifestyle. 

Rosco: Irene and I have never used the term "punishment spanking" or "maintenance spanking" as some do. She'll sometimes say I need "discipline" or to learn to behave.

If she is seriously upset with me, spanking would not be on her mind - we would work it out like adults. I get spanked for small things like not washing and folding her panties or making a mess with coffee grounds.

She does like to make it hurt. Most of my spankings take place over the course of an hour or so leading up to cunnilingus and intercourse. But it is not uncommon for her to spank me at other times, sometime before making me take an afternoon nap. It's kind of sexy when she does it and it helps me relax and sleep a bit.

Hermione: Wow! You are all making me jealous :) All my fantasies are about being spanked as punishment for naughty behaviour, but the reality is far different. Our spankings are strictly for foreplay, and Ron does not do roleplay. I imagine that if I were to receive a real punishment spanking, I would feel very helpless and totally controlled by the one whose knee I was bent over. I would end up being very sore and feeling very contrite and sorry for my behaviour.

That's all for this time.Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #389

Welcome back, dear friends. The kettle's on, so take a seat and let's get started. We spank for many different reasons, and I'd like us to consider one of those reasons today.

If you engage in punishment spankings, how do they differ from other types of spankings you may experience? What are your feelings or thoughts during such a spanking? If punishment is not part of your lifestyle, is it something you wish for, or feel may be necessary from time to time?

Please leave your response as a comment, or email me if you prefer. Once everyone has weighed in, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Dana does Paul and John

Not "does" as in spanks, but as in imitates. Dana Carvey has always been one of my favourite Saturday Night Live comedians. I heard the last bit of this while listening to Sirius radio on the way to the beer store yesterday, and I laughed out loud. I knew I had to find it and share it with Ron and with you.

Here Carvey impersonates both Paul McCartney and John Lennon. While watching this hysterical bit it helps to remember that Lennon knew nothing about the technology we use today. He left us in December 1980, before the CD was invented.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Overheard at Walmart

Although Walmart is now open again, occupancy is limited, and I don't fancy liming up for an hour to shop. But some people are eager to grab those bargains. 


Stay safe, folks!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 21, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 20

What makes a good spanking?

Roz: A 'good' spanking for me is a sexy, fun spanking at just the right intensity. The more I can feel it afterwards, and see the results the better also.

Rosco: A good lecture, perhaps demanding apologies and confessions and promises. Intense but not severe. Maybe three spankings, each with 30 or so swats, over the course of a hour. Leather, rather than wood - strap or quirt, unless a fresh switch is available.

Irene wearing an attractive dress or skirt. Hands on hips or shaking a finger while scolding me. Dragging me by the ear. Tying me to the chair in her closet and closing the door as I await the next round.

Thanks for asking. We’re traveling, visiting kids, so we’re overdue. Wednesday or Thursday can't come soon enough.

Joe: The best spanking would have me tied face down on the bed with a couple of pillows under my hips. T starting off with a hand warm up then switching to the wood paddle, using that until my bottom is completely bright red. Next comes the table used until my entire bottom and top of my legs has felt its wrath finished by a swats of the belt. All intense but not severe to be felt for a couple days. With a nice reward for her for a job well done.

Barrel: A good spanking for me starts with the planning so I know what is coming and when. This allows me to mentally get my mind ready for the thrashing that she is thinking about. It continues with a brunch or intimate lunch where my wife elevates the mental game by further describing what she has planned. That is probably my favorite part. Thereafter, I prepare the bench with pillows, pool towels and restraints. My second best part is when she takes me by the hand, leads me to the bench, looks me in the eye and tells me she wants to whip and cane me, so over I go. The sting and fire imparted by each implement are tolerated but immediately followed with satisfaction that I have taken another lash. As I breath through the beating, I welcome the heat and invite the pain in.

Hugs are a welcome finish when I am released from the bench. My wife likes me to tell her what implement or which series of strokes were the most intense as we share intimacy. 

Jeanie: You ask what makes for a "good spanking".

I think of the adage about plane landings, any one you walk away from is a good one. Any spanking you can walk away from is a good one, too. They're ALL good! "Good" is such an ambiguous word; what makes a spanking good is what makes it great, transcendent, memorable.

For me, that means that it would be administered by my lover. He would tell me early in the day that I was going to get a really good (in this sense "hard") spanking at bedtime, so I can anticipate and ruminate and work myself up for it. For me, the best spankings are a consequence for some error in judgement or purposeful mistake or wrong. That way, the spanking purifies, absolves, cleanses me. 

Maybe my lover will take me to the bathroom after dinner to supervise my bathing. There he can wash my naughty lady parts, telling me how he'd prefer to be caressing me, worshiping my backside, stimulating me sexually instead of prepping me for the spanking to come. (Of course, he's accomplishing all those erotic things as he washes, fingers, explores my body.) He points out explicitly how my body arouses him, how he'd prefer to be pleasuring me instead of punishing my needs. To MY mind, the best spankings are given with his bare hand; I love the intimacy of this means of getting to my just desserts. Whether he towels me off and leads me to our bedroom, or turns me over his knee right there in the master-bath and spanks my wet cheeks, it's a firm spanking, a stinging spanking, one that goes on until we are both sure that I'll remember the lesson. It takes me to my limits and then forcefully, commandingly, authoritatively (I could go on and on) takes me past those limits a bit, so that I "lose it." My mind reels, wondering how intense it will be, will it EVER end? how bruised I'll be later... I might have to start begging, I might start crying. I end up feeling owned, possessed, dominated, his. The pain becomes a warmth! If it's just been a hand spanking, my bottom ends up fiery red as if lit from within, I adore the feeling of being marked as his.

Spankings have always been sexual for me. I am so pleased to be sharing life with someone who finds them just as hugely stimulating. We usually segue from spanking to sex. (I'm trying to "turn over a new leaf," and not describe my sex life so openly and graphically.) So, in conclusion, I will just say that "good" spankings lead to "good" sex! 

And that was a "good" question for our brunch!

Liza: What Roz said. :)

Hermione: A good spanking starts off with a loving, over the knee hand spanking. When my bottom is nicely warmed up and tingling, I bend over the bed for a paddling with a series of implements. A good spanking doesn't stop too soon. I need to feel the ouch, and that takes time.

KDPierre: One that coincides with my desire to be spanked. Other than that, most other details seem much less important.

I hope you all have your share of good, safe spankings this week.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #388

It's almost summer (or winter for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere) so get out that sunscreen and let's party. Here's another question from our good friend Bonnie's very first spanko brunch. 

What makes a good spanking for you? Or is that phrase an oxymoron?

Please leave your response as a comment or send me an email. Once everyone has contributed to the discussion I will publish an edited summary.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 18, 2021

The Latest in Gym Wear

Or maybe not. 

The leggings show more skin than standard gym-wear. 

Every day I read the latest news at CNN.com. Imagine my surprise at seeing these butt-revealing crotchless leggings featured in a story on the site.

For the gym or not? What do you think.
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, June 17, 2021

We Are Safe

Ron and I had our second COVID shots yesterday, and we are so relieved. The original wait time between shots was four months, but the province reduced that a couple of weeks ago, and I was able to book us online for back to back appointments. We were there and back home within an hour -- no waiting in line. 

The parking lot at the arena was nearly full when we arrived, and I wondered why, since the appointments are spread out. But once inside we saw dozens of volunteers and medical staff as well as clients. At the door we were given masks to replace our own, then followed the arrows into the arena. We showed our health cards and were directed to a station where a volunteer gave us an information sheet and a doctor injected the vaccine. Then it was over to a waiting area with chairs set 2 metres apart, as well as rows of gym mats in case anyone felt faint. We waited 15 minutes then were allowed to leave. I now have two I got the covid-19 vaccine stickers on my shoulder bag.

Now we can both go shopping again, observing all the same precautions, of course.

 Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 14, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 13

What are your thoughts about meeting other spankos in real life?

Quentin: I really like the fantasy, especially if it involves soft swinging (spanking our partners in front of each other) or even actually spanking each other's partners.
Not sure about doing it in reality though...

Jeanie: GREAT questions this week Hermione, things that have crossed my mind!

I'm just getting to know a few "like-minded spanking enthusiasts" on-line. It's been scary, yet thrilling. I'd like to get to know others in this way. I'm in a committed, exclusive relationship with my boyfriend of several years, so am particularly interested in getting to know fellow female submissives. One big factor in my reticence, my need to go slow, one small step at a time, is the fact that I'm a stutterer. Meeting new people is difficult, my job presents me with enough challenges, so it's a lot to think about expanding beyond that circle in my private life.

Back before I met my boyfriend, I heard about a "munch", a brunch thrown by people in the D/s community in my medium-sized city. I went to the restaurant at the appointed time, but couldn't bring myself to join them at their big table. I sat nearby alone, seeming to read a book, as I listened to their conversations.

I know that there are parties where spankos go to socialize. I don't know, but I imagine some hooking-up goes on. It's fun to think about attending these types of get-togethers with my lover. Actually doing it, or putting on a show for others to watch is titillating, but the deep end of the pool when I'm just wading right now.

It IS rich fodder for my writer's imagination!

Spanky53: I've met a good number of spankos over the years. Some through parties, dungeon events and some who'd I'd met in chatrooms, particularly when I was on tour or just visiting cities where various people lived. Sometimes it was just for dinner or coffee sometimes play, spontaneous and planned.

Anon 1: Spanking is an intimate marital activity, and should not be shared with anyone else.

Roz: We met up with another couple once who we had connected with online. It was definitely an interesting experience and it felt freeing and strange at the same time to be able to talk about spanking. We also attended a munch and BDSM event once. A fun and interesting night.

Ronnie: Yes I've met up with fellow bloggers and their partners from UK and the US a few times and it was great. We all got along wonderfully. It seemed like I had known them for ages. We exchanged gifts (some spanking related) and spent the day (we even stayed over in London on one occasion having lunch and just talking about everything.

Rosco: I doubt we ever will.

But Irene does lots of role play. I am a younger version of myself of undetermined age. She is a classmate, a neighbor, a neighbors mother, a sorority girl, a cheerleader, a senorita, a southern belle, British royalty, a volleyball or tennis player, playing several roles over the course of an hour or two.

If she had a friend who wanted to watch or also spank me, I would be interested for sure (if it were the right person). I think she’d be willing in a theoretical sense, but there will never be a right person.

She’ll joke a little bit in public about disciplining me and one whacked my bottom several times with a wooden spoon when a bunch of us were cooking.

But we never discuss this sort of thing or anything sexual with friends.

Morningstar: My introduction to spanking/BDSM was in the 'real' world. Only discovered the online world some years later.

I LOVED the camaraderie of real life! Play parties and munches were like a breath of fresh air.
Sometimes now I miss those days.

Barrel: I would like to meet other spanko’s, but I’m not sure my wife would. These brunches have helped me come out more than I ever thought possible. I have emailed another submissive husband who is spanked that lives in the same city as we do. That felt good and safe. I broached the subject with my wife to meet that other couple and got a cold look, so I dropped it, but the idea still appeals to me.

I am contemplating asking my wife to give me a birthday present wherein we see a local disciplinarian. I think my wife might benefit from her tips and tricks and learn to scold and punish me even harder. That event might also help my wife come out a bit more, too.

I respect and cherish the intimacy that follows my spankings. We would never break that trust.

Anon 2: I've never met anyone openly interested in spanking except the professional dommes I've seen. I'm in the closet, as they say. I might come out a little after I retire. Certainly, spanking is a topic I'd love to discuss in person with like minded individuals. I wonder if the "Q" in LGBTQ would give us some cover here if we did come out in the open.

Prefectdt: I only ever meet other spankos these days to either discuss the possibility of playing or to play. It might sound a bit counterproductive but I would kind of like to meet up socially, with a group of other spankos just for a non-playing chat group. Just to have conversations about the kind of things that you cannot talk about with your vanilla friends and acquaintances. I know that this is easy online, we are doing it now, but face to face is always better.

Alice: I have not met other spanko's and certainly wouldn't want to either be spanked in front of others or watch others being spanked. However to have girlfriends who were spanko's that you could talk to about it, and commiserate after a hard spanking, yes that would be lovely.

Hermione:On the one hand, it would be interesting to meet other people who regularly engage in consensual spanking. But on the other, spanking is an intimate activity for us; we don't talk about our sexual activities with anyone else. Ron and I agree that our privacy and anonymity are important, and I'm content with online-only relationships.

Thank you all for your observations. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #387

It's so nice to see you all here today. Help yourself to the fruit salad, find a chair with a soft cushion, and let's talk about spanking.

How do you feel about meeting like-minded spanking enthusiasts in real life? Does the idea appeal to you, or would you rather not reveal yourself to anyone. Have you actually met other spankos? How did the meeting make you feel?

As always, you may remain anonymous if you wish. Please leave your response as a comment or email me if you prefer. Once everyone has had the opportunity to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday FUN

We can't travel because of the lockdown, but we enjoy imaginary getaways by watching old reruns of "Escape to the Country", a British show in which couples want to move from busy urban areas to quiet country homes. Each show features three different properties as well as a brief scenic tour of the county and two segments of local crafts and historical features. I can't decide which county I'd move to; they all sound glorious!

There are some differences in the homes there and the ones in Canada, so I hope you can help me out with a few questions Ron and I have.

  1. What is the difference between a cottage and a house? Cottages are often large homes with several sitting rooms and many bedrooms, not the small structures I thought they would be. 
  2. Where is the refrigerator? The large farmhouse kitchens usually have an Aga (a type of stove we don't have here) and plenty of cupboards and furniture, but we hardly ever see a fridge.
  3. The ground in front of the house is often covered with gravel, and looks immaculate. Where are the weeds? Ron works daily to keep weeds from popping up in our flagstone driveway.
  4. Why is it called "semi-detached" when a home is actually attached to another one?
  5. Without a basement, where do you store all your stuff?
  6. What's the history behind the pennants? Most houses have at least one room with pennants strung across the wall, and I usually also spot them in village streets.

Don't get me wrong. The homes are all impressive, especially the barn conversions. I'd consider buying one if I won the lottery.

Here are some signs seen along the way from one house (or cottage) to another.

Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

From the Top Shelf - My Dirtiest Fantasy

Today I have a special treat for you. This story was sent to my by longtime reader and new brunch participant Jeanie. Her writing is very eloquent and oh so hot! In fact, I must warn you that there are parts that are sexually explicit, but there's plenty of spanking too.

My Dirtiest Fantasy

My boyfriend had to travel over the Memorial Day weekend. I missed him terribly, so badly that I masturbated myself to sleep every night while he was away. Pleasuring myself is not something Kyle approves of me doing, so I made sure that I told him all about it when he phoned me Sunday night.

“What's more,” I continued, “I was reading some D/s blogs, and one was about which room in your house you usually get spanked in. So I wrote in, telling them all about how we do it in every room in the house!” Kyle hates for me to air our kinky laundry in public almost as much as detests the idea of me touching myself. “Anonymously, of course,” I added about my blogging.

“You're trying to earn yourself a memorable spanking, aren't you, little girl?”

“Yes, Sir!” I answered brightly. “Memorable for Memorial Day. I'm feeling absolutely insatiable, my love. How soon will you be home to address my needs, my love?”

“I can't get there any sooner than what I've already told you, not til Monday night, naughty girl.”

“I'll try to hold on, lover mine, but you know what the Bible says…? The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak...”

“Just know that when I get home, the first thing I'm gonna do is spank the holy hell out of your cute ass.”

“I'm counting on it, lover. Hurry home.” I hung up. Strong feelings of guilt didn't prevent me from pulling my panties to the side in order to diddle my hungry pussy as I simultaneously logged onto our computer with sticky fingers.

At six P.M. Monday evening I had several pizzas delivered and a nice red wine bottle opened. I knew that the wine could breathe and we like cold pizza almost as much as when it's hot. I was naked when Kyle walked through the door, and bent over deeply in the middle of the room, presenting him with the choice of fragrant food or flagrant kink. Kyle chose wisely. He wrapped his left arm around my waist and held me tight as he began spanking my proffered butt really hard. The cruel slaps flooded my system with endorphins in no time, the blistering still hurt, but I floated above it all, enjoying the agony.

“I misbehaved on purpose, lover. I really need this,” I was able to enunciate through the pain.

“I know,” my lover replied.

“I'm not sorry. Make me sorry...”

The spanking went on for an eternity. I have a big bottom, and my Top covered every square inch of its roundness with heat. He spanked the backs of my thighs. He spanked me up the crack of my ass and on my rosebud. Then he returned to give my cheeks a second dose. My lover took all the starch out of me; he disciplined me until I was limp, worn out. Being an expert Dom, he read me perfectly.

Picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom, Kyle asked, “Learned your lesson?”

I nodded.

He wiped the tears from my cheeks, then used both moistened hands to cup and caress my throbbing backside. Our eyes remained locked, saying more than words ever could. He kissed me. I opened to him. He pushed his erection into my receptive sex and we made love in the Missionary position with our eyes closed in exquisite synchronization. I climaxed, feeling warm and fuzzy and fulfilled. Kyle thrust into me with renewed vigor as he kneaded the sore flesh of my fanny. I gasped audibly, I saw red and felt energized by the stoking of the fire that still burned there. He fucked me hard and I came again. He'd pushed me up the sheer slopes to two plateaus, higher than I think I'd ever been taken before. I was panting and sweating, but not done yet. Our eyes met, he saw my wanton desire, I saw the steely resolve. I shivered, suddenly chilled and covered with goose bumps, ready to say that I was sated, but he didn't give me that chance.

Kyle took me by the ankles and flipped me over onto my tummy. His left arm encircled my big bum as he parted me and anointed my rectum with lubricant that we keep handy for just such circumstances. He spit on my little brown spot, then crawled over me. I felt his hard cock press onto my rosebud. For the hundredth time, I wanted to scream for him to stop, sure that his big thing would never fit up my tight dimple. But just like every other time he'd taken me there, I relaxed and felt him penetrate my butt. There is nothing so profoundly primal as feeling a hard cock possess you in your most private place. I sighed as I felt his short curlies tickle the crack of my ass. No sooner was he balls deep up my butt than he reversed and I had to remind myself all over again to relax. I have never felt so fucked as when I've been fucked there, and never more so than this time, when there was an edge to it, when I'd been bad and my man was set on punishing me. The ass fucking was an extension of the hard spanking, it was all simply scorching heat applied to my tender backside, outside or in. It melted me down to my submissive essence. It was a forge that purified me.

“Fuck my ass, lover!” I cried out.

He plunged back into my depths. It felt like he was splitting me in half right up my crack. It burned. I had the image invade my mind that he was a bulldozer plowing a path into my core. I ignited and was engulfed in flames by the intensity.

“Fuck me where it's dirty, where it's sinful! Make me your whore, your butt-fuck whore, fuck me…!”

He did. He ass-fucked me while I yelled profanities. He fucked me up the bum while I cried. He fucked me where it's forbidden until I'd shed all my tears and my voice was hoarse. I felt consumed by his rogering of me where it's shameful. I felt like a phoenix rising from the ashes of my used and abused butthole and buttocks, a new creation altogether. My hands sought out his, I entwined my fingers into his fists where he propped himself up.

“I'm gonna cum!” I whispered urgently. “When I do,” I said with renewed energy,” my anus is going to suck the cum out of you. Cum with me…!”

As hot as all this was, I wanted it to be even hotter. As should be clear by now, I like to live out my sexual proclivities. I'm a self-actualized submissive who revels in her orientation. But I have one cherished fantasy that makes whatever I'm doing all the better. My dirtiest fantasy is to do everything I do with my lover in broad daylight in full public view, Out.

So I started running a tape in my head, fantasizing that all we had done was for an audience. I ran through my favorite venues. Should I choose Disney World, the happiest place on earth? Maybe at some chic Parisian restaurant like Le Tour de Argent, where they believe the fork was first used as an eating utensil? No, I decided on one of my most cherished locales on this planet, the natural beauty of a beach where many patrons enjoy it in their natural state. I began fantasizing about going to Black's Beach in La Jolla. I envisioned Kyle pulling my bikini bottoms down to spank me as he had, loudly, unforgivingly, without mercy. We'd make heads turn! I fantasized about fucking in the sunshine and salty air, first sweetly and then sweatily. What are they doing, sunworshippers would ask? My fantasies caught up with us and I imagined taking it deep up the butt while beach-goers gawked. Oh, my God, our onlookers would reply, look at the passion they are displaying, look at the place where they're doing it! I wanted/needed to make it sexier still.

“Kyle,” I moaned softly, “I feel guilty... for enjoying my punishment so much... After we climax, I want you to whip me… I want you to cane my deserving butt… hard. Will you cane me… meaningfully... lover…?”

In our household, I get punished with a wide variety of implements and pervertables, but rarely with the cane. It'd been a long time since I'd felt its wicked bite. In our household, I AM hand spanked with great frequency for “topping from the bottom,” the sin I was just committing.
“If you need a caning, you'll get a caning, young lady,” he assured me without losing his rhythm.
“...Thank you, lover!...You're so good to me! ...Now fuck me like you mean it,” and I pushed back into him as he thrust and we fucked faster and hotter and we could feel the heat building, so I gripped his hands in mine all the tighter and gripped his cock in my velvet vice all the tighter and I exploded in orgasm. My anus spasmed, my sizable glutes flexed. I came, grinding my sex into the mattress imagining it was the sand and our audience was still voyeuring spellbound on the beach.

We cuddled. I crawled in close, my head on his collarbone, my legs pulled up tight, his hand reassuringly resting on my tush. I needed this time, as I slowly resurfaced from the depths of my sub space. He gave me time, petting my hair, caressing my bottom, kissing me on the forehead, the nose tip, my lips. Then his arms encircled me, held me tight as he kissed behind an ear and down my neck. Goosebumps again took flight across the entire expanse of my epidermis.
Kyle whispered, “You spoke of needing a caning...”

I wanted to say that it was just my passion mouthing-off, that it was intended to arouse him and nothing more. I was exhausted, empty.

But I had meant it. I had wilfully disobeyed my lover, blogged about private matters while pleasuring my privates flagrantly and repeatedly. I'd behaved badly, been a naughty, nasty little girl. What is more, I had really enjoyed the sinful-to-the-point-of-forbidden act of anal sex, had reveled in my enjoyment of it. Kyle knew all this, but there was something more. I had enjoyed my freedom over the weekend without my Top there to direct me. I felt that I needed to reassert my submission. All these things ran through my mind in a nanosecond.

“Yes. I did. I… I need for you to cane me. I'll let you decide how many stripes I deserve. But, please, make sure I'm well and truly punished...” And I got up from the bed and bent over its edge, thrusting my bottom out.

Kyle went to fetch the cane from the closet, a thin, whippy rod that I'd only felt twice before in my life, and never with full force. He stood behind my behind and tapped the summit of my cheeks menacingly.

“I need for you to mark me. I need to feel this punishment for days,” I said bravely, then immediately recanted and asked, “Can I touch myself while you punish me?”

Kyle laughed derisively. You want to pleasure yourself while being punished…?”

Tears filled my eyes. “I don't think I can get through it otherwise...”

“I'm going to give you three hard stripes. If you take them like the good girl I want you to be, I'll let you touch yourself for the next three. We'll see how six of the best look glowing from your backside and decide then if you need still more stripes. Sound workable?”

I nodded, pushed my butt out further. I felt the rod tap my tush, then disappear. I heard a fearful swish cut through the air, simultaneously felt and heard the dreaded thwack burn into me, heard me yelp loudly. I could not believe how much that thin line hurt, burned, blazed its way into my entire being. I wanted to stand and seize my cheeks with both hands and scream that this was enough!

Instead I blinked away the tears and bent over deeper and carefully enunciated, “Thank you, sir. That's one. May I please have another…?”

Kyle was impressed with that gesture, but it did not soften his resolve to give his sub a memorable thrashing.

It took more than twice the resolve for me to absorb the second lash and repeat my mantra, exponentially more to take the third. I discovered that a cane stripe hurts like a motherfucker when it slashes across one's ass, but burns even more as it throbs afterward, as if the very air fuels the fire that burns there. My knees nearly buckled as that third lick seared its way into my soul. Whimpers gurgled up out of me that I could not swallow. I did not ask permission, I just thrust both hands down to my loins. The fingers of one hand opened my sex's labia, the fingers of the other circled my clit and frigged myself viciously. I wasn't fantasizing now. I was a lonely little girl getting her butt whipped and I needed consolation. Pleasure rippled through my insides, just a little electric jolt, but it was enough. I stuck my bottom out at my lover and stopped frigging long enough so that the target would hold still.

Swish, Thwack, “Yeow!” And I masturbated like a crazed monkey until I got that jolt.

Swish, Thwack, “Fuck!” Over and over. I was crying like a baby, wounded like an animal, in the basement of my sub space, but slowly, ever so gradually, my old friends, a surge of endorphins washed over me. I thrust my striped butt back at Kyle proudly and took his next lash, over and over.

For his part, Kyle did not want to beat his lover this hard. But he saw that she needed it. Her body language kept proclaiming, “Thank you, sir; may I have another?” She presented her wounded ass resolutely like a request, and he answered that plea with pain.

After twelve vivid welts radiated from my backside, Kyle turned me from leaning over our bed, so that I stood alone.

“Bend over deeper,” he commanded.

I obeyed. I felt my ravaged buttocks part, knew that I was now completely exposed. The tap of the cane told me that the next one would not just stripe my cheeks, but would reach into the crack, would punish my well-used anus, too.

Swish. Thwack!

The pain was other-worldly. I crumpled, unable to present my bottom to my Master for any more from his rod. I was broken, and therein I felt healed.

He ended up giving me a baker's dozen, thirteen blazing stripes, perfectly parallel, a patch of raised welts from where my butt crack started down to the under-curve where my cheeks meet my thighs.

I did not sleep a wink that night. I'd lay down next to my man for a bit, then launch out of bed to look at my bruises and welts over my shoulder in a full length mirror and marvel. I especially enjoyed taking a painful pinch of each buttock and pull my bum apart to stare at the stripe that touched my ruby red butthole. The view in the mirror excited me, but I did not masturbate. For the only time in my adult life, I felt above the need for sex. I didn't need sleep at those moments, either. I wore a red badge of courage across my round rump. My boyfriend had taken me to the mountaintop, to the pinnacle experience for this sub. I was satisfied.
Jeanie would love to know what you thought of her story.

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Monday, June 7, 2021

Looking for Consensual Spanking?

My dear friend Red Often's blog Consensual Spanking has been taken offline by Google after a virus was discovered. Needless to say, Red is working hard to get his blog reinstated. I will keep you updated on his progress. But don't worry. His spankings are continuing.

We miss you, Red!

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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 6

Before we begin today's brunch recap, I have some sad news. My dear friend Red Often's blog Consensual Spanking has been taken offline by Google after a virus was discovered. Needless to say, Red is working hard to get his blog reinstated. I will keep you updated on the progress. 

Now on to our recap. Do you love or hate your spankings? 

Roz: When we had an active dynamic most of the time it wasn't the spanking itself that I loved but the aftermath. The heat and glow and feeling of closeness and connection. The only spankings I loved were the light sexy kind.

As for spankings I wanted to avoid, that would have to be maintenance spankings, mainly as they used to include naked kneeling which I hated at the time.

Anon: Oh my! Do others feel that they could write volumes on this, or is it just me?
I wasn't spanked much as a child, the first time just enough to know that the wooden spoon hurt like the dickens. I convinced a boyfriend in high school to spank me, he giggled throughout, and I kicked him to the curb. I talked my next boyfriend through the experience and rewarded him with my virginity. Then I started looking for a guy who didn't need to be told what to do. Be careful what you wish for... 

Many "kissed frogs" later I'm with a wonderful man. He spanks me lovingly, sometimes moderately, which I adore. Sometimes he punishes my faults and is quite strict. It hurts like hell and I hate it when I'm receiving it. But I feel that same warm feeling as always afterward (& not just on my backside). Spankings have ALWAYS been sexual for me. Even after the harshest punishments (yes, I've received a strong dose of a variety of implements on my bared and deserving butt) and some moments of aftercare, I want to make love. 

So, I LOVE all spankings sooner or later, hate the really hard ones during the act. I feel all the more sexual & all the more fulfilled AFTER the really hard punishments. I "wish for" (fantasize about, writing about, masturbate about) spankings a lot (like when I haven't had one for a while, or when I've just received one, or...)

Yorkie: I love my spankings. I love every part of them from the anticipation of one to the magnificent after glow, including every single swat of the hair brush and stroke of the cane. A complete high from start to finish and a subsequent boost to my libido!

Bonnie: All these years later, it's still all love here. Even if I may not enjoy certain aspects, the net result is positive and deeply desired.

Rosco: I love them and crave them. But I do think over time they’ve become even more important to Irene.

She thrashed my bottom with two powerful leather whips yesterday. Both hurt like the dickens, but within seconds I wanted more. The thin whip (a quirt from Teskey) delivers a sharp sting that satisfies like cold lemonade on a hot summer day. And it leaves nice welts but no bruises.

Wendel: It is like the MEMEs say: ”Funny how things change with age. I used to hate taking naps and being spanked”
We love spankings and would not change a thing. 

I love that meme!

Ronnie: Yes I need to be spanked. I love it all, the anticipate, the spanking and the heat and glow my bottom has after.

Prefectdt: I do love my spankings. I do wish for spankings. I get the odd bad one, now and then but that is going to happen. My main complaint about my spankings is that there is not enough of them.

Red: I love to be spanked. The lead up and the afterglow are wonderful. The more the merrier, and the longer the better. However, during the spanking I used to wonder why I wanted this, but now, the spankings are stronger, so no time to think, just absorb the spanks.

Barrel: I love it too, that’s why I asked my wife to start spanking me over 40 years ago. The build up messes with my mind which is a treat. The spanking is wonderful, no matter how hard and long. I marvel how unsteady on my feet I am after a thorough thrashing. Ah yes, the aftercare. Always the best when she asks me what implement was the best and promises more of that one next time.

Joe: I have had a life long desire for spanking and look forward to every spanking. Each spanking relieves any stress I may have and really gets me going. The warm stinging after is incredible. Sometimes I want more then T can deliver but I always feel better.

Hermione: Like all of you, I love them! At the time, maybe not so much. But I love the anticipation beforehand and the after glow when it's over. Even during one, I enjoy the feeling of being under someone's control.

It's unanimous then!

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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #386

Welcome one and all to our regular weekend discussion. This week I am turning the clock back to Bonnie's first ever brunch. It was called The Open Mike Spanko Brunch, and the response from her readers was very enthusiastic. Bonnie asked three different sets of questions, so today I'm using the first set, and will use the other two in the weeks to come.

Do you love your spankings? Do you hate them? Both or neither? Do you wish for spankings? Or do you pray to avoid them?

If any of Bonnie's original brunch guests are still around, please step forward and introduce yourself to our group. We would love to meet you!

Please respond by leaving a comment or by sending me an email. I'll publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to speak.

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Friday, June 4, 2021

You Completed the Caption

KDPierre: Hilda soon understood why her postman had just brazenly tucked those letters into her exposed butt-crack rather than depositing them in her mailbox. 

"Dang! But I guess that's what I get for tryin' to order eggs online when there are Covid-induced delays in shipping." 

Rosco: Hilda had ordered a new swim suit several times after the confrontation with ladies who were none too happy with the attention she got from their husbands. She didn’t like being the village Trollop, really she didn’t.

But it never seemed to arrive.

It hadn’t taken much to bribe the postman. Rosco was hoping his wife Irene would make good on her promise to give that floozy a proper spanking if she continued to parade around in that teeny weeny bikini. And he so wanted to be around to watch.

Morningstar: OH DANG - there's a bird's nest in the mail box - wherever shall I put the mail?!

Prefectdt: Hilda sighed and thought "I'm glad it's the mailbox that has Thrush and not me."

Anon: Hilda suddenly understood the meaning of that old saying, “Use it or lose it”.

Jack: The time of year when the males enjoy her walk to the mailbox, and the wives dread it. 

Liza: Hilda didn't believe that carrier pigeons had replaced the mail service until she opened her mailbox.

Hermione: Hilda waited anxiously for her parcel from Ronnie's Cane Emporium to arrive.

That was a fine way to start the day. You are all invited to brunch tomorrow. Be there or be square!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Complete the Caption

Our friend Hilda is waiting for something to arrive by mail. What could it be?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your missives on Friday. Don't forget the stamp!

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