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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 30

This week we discussed deliberately provoking the spanker in your relationship. Here's what you said:

Bonnie: I doubt that approach would work with Randy. When I want him to spank me, I dress in a manner that he finds attractive, cuddle up next to him, and caress him with my hands. Most times, one thing leads to another, and a good spanking is part of the bargain.

Another favorite non-verbal request involves dropping an object on the floor in front of where he is sitting and then bending from the waist to retrieve it. Hiking up my skirt heightens the effect.

I also place a spanking implement in plain sight or simply hand it to him.

On such occasions, we cautions me, "Be careful what you wish for." An hour later, when I'm sitting gingerly on a very sore bottom, but feeling relaxed and satisfied, I know my wish came true.

Downunder Don: Because our spankings are not "punishment" but are usually a reward, herself never has to act up or misbehave to receive a spanking. All she has to do is ask.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I think I have not done that, because punishments are so not awesome. If I want the good girl spankings I have to be good, so I rather try to be good.

abby: I have not, in a long time, tried to 'poke the bear' so to speak. Maintenance happens every week, has for about 10 years. It is a hard spanking, and I have no desire for a harder one. We also have a Friday Play date, so that is pretty much 2 guaranteed spanking a week...not counting the spontaneous ones...and the passing smacks on my bottom.

Wilma: When we first started ttwd, I had a conversation with a blogger ( who no longer blogs) about her 'testing' her husband, by 'bratting' I suppose you'd call it. Barney told me right then, "If you ever purposely do that, we are done with ttwd". I don't think that would be the case anymore, but I have never purposely done it. I think for me the 'attention' would not feel authentic if I manipulated the situation in order to get spanked. That would be the main reason, but also because punishment spankings are NOT something I enjoy, physically or mentally.

Roz: I admit I have done this in the past with mixed responses. As Willie said, when it has resulted in a spanking it didn't always feel 'right' and I didn't always feel I got what I needed/wanted.

Blondie: There were times in the beginning where I would "test" Ty by misbehaving and seeing if he would follow through on a punishment. But when I finally realized that I was an adult and he was not my caretaker, I stopped misbehaving. Nobody likes punishment spankings at my house. Luckily there are plenty of spankings around here that I don't need to act out to get punished. Fun spankings are always the best and are available whenever time allows.

Simon: Like Downunder Don I don't really receive punishment spankings as such. There have been what I call stress relief punishments, Sometimes she just needs to take her stress out on something and that can be my poor bottom.

Dr. Ken: I've known quite a few women who have deliberately misbehaved, knowing what my response would be to that. Not all women want to just ask for a spanking--some of them like to "earn" it. Deliberately misbehaving is one way to earn it. it's done in the spirit of spanking fun, of course--the result is more "mock punishemnt", or "funishment" than anything else. The result is still a very red and stinging bottom, of course. I don't think disappointing me would work--we'd both wind up feeling bad about it, and I don't know that a spanking would clear the air....

arched one: Between punishment, maintenance and just because spankings my bottom is well attended to and I do like maintenance and just because but hate punishment so no I don't act up.

sub hub: Hermione, thank for the shout-out and for posing this question. I thing for most of us that are the submissive one in our respective relationships, we've all done this from time to time whether we want to admit it or not. I would suggest that when it happens, it isn't necessarily a conscious thought because we all instinctively know that misbehaving on purpose, just to receive the disciplinary attention from our Dominant is wrong. That being said, sometimes we just crave the intimate attention that comes with being spanked and when that happens, we might not know that we are doing it.

Thank you again for posting the question on your awesome blog! It's quite and honor.

It was my pleasure!

Susan: Once, never again. We had friends for a party; I had a blue satin dress - very short flared skirt, and just covering me on top; sexy but tarty! D warned me that if I wore it I would get spanked. I put on a more demure dress, and he went down to our guests. I felt like a spanking that evening, and quickly changed back into the blue dress before going down to be met by whistles, but an angry glare from D. A while later, D said to everyone, ' I told Susan if she wore that dress, she would get a spanking, so now's the time' .

Oh no, not what I had intended; not in front everyone; I had thought of a nice OTK later on, but it was to be worse. He steered me over to the sofa, bent me over the arm, sitting down to hold me in place, My tiny skirt had flipped up, to show my bare bottom, with only a minute thong.He took a leather paddle from his pocket, handed it to Jeff, 'You start, three from each of you". Everyone was going to spank me - twelve by three made thirty six whacks on my bare bum. Much later I scrambled back to my feet, my bottom blazing. I stood rubbing the poor thing, as everyone clapped and cheered. Our guests left at last, and I found myself where I had planned, over D's lap for a sound but thrilling hand spanking on my still very tender cheeks.

Ronnie: Oh yes I have and do misbehave and cheek P to get spanked. It adds to the fun. I don't purposely disappoint P but I know I have in the past and got spanked for it.

Hermione: Provocation would definitely not get the the spanking I crave. Spankings are rewards, not punishments around our house. It's much better to ask for one, or simply wait until the appointed day and time.

I'm always delighted to receive a suggestion for a brunch topic, so if you have a burning question in mind, please email me or leave a comment. See you all next week!
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 # 88

It's been a busy week here. I've been harvesting vegetables and tidying the garden every day, so I'm glad of the chance to sit down and chat with all of you at our regular spanko brunch. This week's topic was suggested by sub hub in phx.

Did you ever purposely misbehave or disappoint your dominant to get either attention or a spanking, or both? How did it work out?

Leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion after everyone has had the opportunity to reply. If it's your first time here, don't be shy. Just jump in!
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Simon: I think she misunderstood the notice in the car park that said "Pay and Display".

Baxter: Hmmm, this is my favorite spanking position and now my dress has been blown up by the wind showing my bottom. Oh where is my loving husband and his paddle when I want it?

Six of the best: The wind blew up her skirt with the greatest of ease, then down came her panties, down to her knees. Then her husband spanked her voluptuous behind. With his hand, he joyfully assigned.

Nina: Maybe she is preparing for a spanking because of excessive shopping.

Anon 1: She's nearly bare bot in the first photo anyway, but after the gust of wind - wow what a temptation ! I would creep up, and lower that boot lid gently down on to her back to hold her in place, and then set about turning that super white bottom in to a super red one. I'm sure those pics will get back to her better half, who will I am sure give her sitting problems for some time to come to teach her to dress less provocatively.

Jim M: In Spankoland, there are lots of ways to get a spanking if you suddenly need one. I won’t have to stand here very long, pretending to put my groceries away, before someone shows up to get the job done. And would you look at that, I just happen to have a hair brush right here in the trunk, how fortunate.

Sir Wendel: Thank you Mother Nature for the gust of wind that displayed such a spankable bottom.

Sweetspot: "I'm glad I'm not one of those weird people of Wal-Mart you'll never catch my photo at that ridiculous site."

"Eggs, check; Butter, check; why do I get the feeling I've forgotten something?"

"I couldn't do this if my skirt was any shorter, it would probably...Oh crap!"

Although useful for arousing her boyfriend Cindy Lou suddenly realized the downside of wearing a skirt the size of a headband.

Due to her shop lifting intervention agreement Francine was no longer allowed to wear outer clothing while visiting the store...or much of anything else for that matter.

"I better double check; if I forget his bananas one more time I'll be the one getting peeled and I won't be needing these onions to make me cry."

"He keeps saying I don't know anything about cars and I'd better not mess around with anything or he'll spank me. I'll show where is that darn engine?"

"Big Box department stores are amazing. Everything a girl could want all in one place. Hairbrush, Ping-Pong paddle, wooden spoon, belt...and that nice assistant manager looked inside my cart and volunteered to demonstrate all of my purchases for me."

"He told me one more fender bender and I get the paddle. If I hide that side mirror in here he'll never know the difference."

"I must be getting more and more obsessed with my fetish because I swear bending over this trunk is starting to feel a lot like being over Bryan's knee."

Welcome, Sweetspot!

Ronnie: Shame Peter isn't here as I'd get spanked for not wearing any knickers.

Anon 2: Jane had been wanting to get her husband to spank her, but didn’t want to ask. Her friend Amy, who Jane knew was spanked on a regular basis by her husband, suggested Jane do something inappropriate that her husband had forbade her to do and that would anger him. Amy said she would take picture of Jane and text it to her own husband, who would then send it to Jane's husband with a recommendation about how to handle her wayward behavior. Jane knew she was forbidden to go out in public in her short skirt and thong, so since she needed groceries and knew there were some good bargains to be had, she chose to wear her shortest, flimsiest skirt and thong on a windy day, hoping to put on a good show for her husband. She parked in the back of the lot where no one would see her and let the wind do its work. Amy captured these images and sent them to her husband, who forwarded them on to Jane's husband along with a note and a couple of pictures of Amy bare-bottomed up over his knee getting a sound spanking. Jane was surprised to find her husband waiting for her when she arrived home, and she soon found herself over his knee while he applied a hairbrush to her uncovered bottom until she was kicking, squalling and promising to be a very obedient wife in the future. After he was finished blistering his errant wife’s bottom, he ordered her to go out to the car and retrieve the groceries, knowing that each time she bent over to get something out of the trunk, the breeze would lift her skirt so that her red bottom would be on full display for all the neighbors to see. He also snapped a few pictures of his own that he sent to both Amy and her husband with a note of thanks. A very red-faced and red-bottomed Jane later texted Amy that the spanking she received was a lot more then she had bargained for.

Vfrat25000: Look at that trunk space!
I know those cars are known for large trunks!
What car?

Were you looking at her bottom?
No Dear…Absolutely not! I was just wondering why she bought so much peanut butter!

Isn’t that Caitlin Jenner?

Mom…There’s my teacher. I would recognize her anywhere!

This thong is crawling up my crack. I’ll change into these granny panties before I head for home.

A person could land a twin engine Cessna on that ass. I’m a pilot I know what I’m talking about!

Hermione: When Sally agreed to be spanked whenever and wherever her husband felt the need, she didn't think he would do it in the Walmart parking lot.

For more spanking fun, please join us for brunch. It will be served on the patio in the next post.
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday FUN

Today let's have some fun with restaurant signs. These really get your attention!

I'm not sure what the sign has to do with tacos, but it sure got my attention!

For more attention-getters, drive right through and Complete the Caption.
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Complete the Caption

Just a woman doing her weekly shopping, but some days it seems that nothing goes right. She has been a little forgetful, don't you think? Will she have to pay the price when her husband find out?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and if I don't forget, I will publish your captions.
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

You Don't Hear That Very Often

Last weekend we had a family visit with our grandchildren. Since it was a warm day, we sat outside in the shade. Grandson found a frozen gel icepack in the diaper bag, put there to keep the children's snacks cold. He pranced around with it, pressing it against everyone's bare arms. Ron got hold of it and, when Grandson's back was turned, he pulled back the elastic waistband of the little guy's shorts and tucked the icepack inside. Grandson jumped with surprise when the cold penetrated his underwear to his bottom. He wasn't sure whether he liked the sensation or not, and ran to his mum, begging her to "get it out!"

But he was soon back for more, and it became a game. Ron would put the icepack into the back of the boy's shorts and Grandson would leap and dance about, then Mum would remove it, and the cycle would begin again, much to the boy's delight. He came running to Grandpa saying, "Put ice on my bum!"

"How often would you hear anyone say that?" remarked Son, who was watching with amusement.

More often that you might think, was my silent reply. I didn't dare catch Ron's eye. This was, after all, a vanilla afternoon.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Lucy Goes to Town

It seems that Lucy has some more research to do. She has planned a little escapade, starting with a shopping trip. The village, as you may recall, is out of bounds to Carstairs girls. Will Lucy be found out? Read on:

Lucy made her way out of the building and round to the stables at the back. She had spotted a cycle there when she and the other girls had been arranging Juliette's encounter with Mr Parry-Jones and subsequently observed that it belonged to one of the domestic staff. Swiftly she took a quick glance around her to ensure that no member of staff was in the vicinity, then mounted the bike and set off down the drive.

The ride into the village took about ten minutes, and Lucy did not see anyone on the way, for which she was grateful, although the very fact that she had broken bounds and taken the cycle without permission was probably enough to at least partly fulfil her self-appointed mission. However, she had grander ideas in mind. One of the first shops which she came to as she entered the main street of the village was a small general store.

Lucy dismounted and went in. The middle-aged woman behind the counter eyed her suspiciously. Lucy was wearing the standard Carstairs uniform of a shortish pleated skirt and plain white blouse covered by a blue cardigan and the woman knew full well that the girls from Carstairs were not normally allowed into the village unaccompanied. She said nothing but watched as Lucy cast an eye around the shop.

"Excuse me, but do you sell spirits?" Lucy's question seemed to throw the woman off balance for a moment.

"Er, yes we do, but we don't have much of a range; just a whisky or two and some cherry brandy". She gestured at a shelf behind the till counter.

"The cherry brandy will do fine, thank you. I'll take it." Lucy thanked her lucky stars that she had thought to hide her credit card about her person when she was first inducted into Carstairs. Miss Parkin had made a big thing about locking all her cash and the few little trinkets of jewellery she had arrived with in the big safe in the general office.

As she left the store clutching her purchase, she could feel the eyes of the woman boring into her back and it was not a pleasant sensation. It was clear that the shopkeeper did not think much of young ladies from Carstairs - and especially those who bought liquor at that time of the morning. However it all fitted neatly into her plan; she knew what had to be done. It was a good job the shop had cherry brandy in stock, it was just about bearable. Lucy hated whisky. Unscrewing the top of the bottle, she took a generous swig before mounting the bike and continuing down the main street.

The sweet fire of the spirit burned her throat and she took another swig, the bike wobbling perilously as she did so. Careful, girl, she thought to herself. The brandy was good for a bit of Dutch courage and would no doubt be a useful anaesthetic later, but it wouldn't do to have a road accident before her plans were completed.

"Damn Sebastian!" The two quick swigs had been enough to make her head swim and she almost missed the policeman who stepped out in front of her wobbling cycle. Almost, but not quite. She hit him fair and square and the cycle, rider and policeman all collapsed in a whirl of arms and legs in the middle of the road. The incriminating evidence of the brandy bottle shattered on the tarmac, spraying spirit over both Lucy and the policeman.

In no time at all, Lucy found herself being booked in at the village police station. Under the glare of the burly desk sergeant she wrote her name on the form which he pushed under her nose. She saw his eyebrows rise as she wrote 'Carstairs' as her address and, in a fit of bravado, 'Temporary' after it. She gave her age as nineteen.

After a brief discussion, they put Lucy into a cell and left her alone, to sober up, as the sergeant put it. She wasn't really drunk, just a bit thick in the head. It took a little while for the enormity of what she had done to sink in, but with only the silence of her own company in the cell, her thought processes soon cleared. She realised that her daring plan had worked to absolute perfection. It was entirely up to her now; there was no going back. She gulped.

Is this really what it feels like? the voice in her head whispered. Is this the real thing? Is this the gut tightening fear you get? Swiftly, she answered her own question. This is as real as it gets.

The voices in her head kept up a cross-talk for quite a while and Lucy could feel the tension in her body both feeding and being fed by, the conversation. After what seemed like hours, the door of her cell opened and the sergeant beckoned to her. "Come along now, young lady, if you please."

"Why? What happens now?" Lucy asked nervously.

"Well, we have been on the telephone to the authorities at your establishment - a Miss Parkin, to be precise. She knows where you are and the circumstances and someone will be along for you directly. But before that, you have to make a little trip - not far - just into the next building."

Lucy got up from her seat, trembling slightly. "What is there? Why do I have to go there?"

"There is a small matter of being under the influence while in charge of a bicycle on the highway to account for, my girl. I dare say that Miss Parkin will have something to say to you later, but right now you have an appointment with the local magistrate. I suggest you don't keep him waiting, if you don't want to make things worse than they already are!"

Meekly, Lucy allowed herself to be taken to the front office of the police station, where the constable she had knocked down was waiting with a woman police constable. The two additional officers formed up behind Lucy and the sergeant led the quartet across the front yard of the station to the adjacent building, which Lucy now realised was the court house. Once inside, they went directly into the courtroom.

The proceedings were brief and to the point. Lucy had no cause for complaint, since she had engineered the whole scenario, but even she was taken aback by their speed and efficiency. The officer she had knocked down, whose name was given as PC George Biggs, gave evidence to the effect that he had been proceeding about his duties when he had observed an erratically ridden bicycle. When he had attempted to arrest its progress, he had been knocked to the ground, but had been able to apprehend the culprit, who now stood before the court. Further evidence concerning Lucy's purchase of the cherry brandy was given with some relish by the stony-faced shopkeeper.

The magistrate, a tweedy old man who brayed rather than spoke, asked Lucy if she had anything to say about the evidence that had been given. Shyly, Lucy said she had not.

The magistrate cleared his throat noisily. "Seems that we have a pretty open and shut case here." The word came out as 'hyaw' and sounded as if he still thought he was addressing troops on a parade ground. "Disgraceful behaviour in one so young. You need a short sharp shock to bring you to your senses. Stand up straight when I'm speaking to you."

The woman constable nudged Lucy sharply in the back and she straightened up. The magistrate was glaring directly at her. "Two offences - drunk in a public place and drunk in charge of a bicycle on a public highway. Very serious. Could have caused a serious accident. Innocent people hurt, that sort of thing. Understand what I'm saying? What?"

Lucy did, in fact, find it quite difficult to understand the staccato form of speech with its abbreviated sentences and drawled vowels but she was getting the general drift of it. Here it comes, she thought to herself. "Please, sir, I'm very sorry, sir." She put on her best little girl voice.

"Sorry's not good enough. As I say, two offences, both serious. Only one course of action, my girl. Do you a lot of good in the long run, you'll see. Young Offenders Act applies in this case. Best legislation for a very long time." There was a pause as he glared at Lucy as if challenging her to disagree. When she made no sound he snorted and pronounced, "Six strokes of the cane to be applied to your bare buttocks as prescribed within the law. That is, six strokes for each offence. Take her down."

As soon as the magistrate had finished speaking, Lucy felt a hand on her shoulder. "Come on now,miss." The sergeant's voice was gentle but firm. "Let's get it over with. We don't want any trouble now, do we?"

"I wasn't going to make any trouble," Lucy was too shocked to even consider making trouble. She had wanted to be sentenced - knew she would be - but now the sentence was pronounced it was double what she had anticipated and she began to wonder if she had made a dreadful mistake. The familiar electric shocks began to pulse through her body.

"Very sensible, miss, if I may say so." The sergeant's tone was almost laughably respectful, given that Lucy was completely in his power and headed for a humiliating experience. "Now just hold out your hands in front of you, hands together if you please." He could have been giving her directions to the local post office, so measured were his words.

Lucy did as she was told and immediately wished that she had not. With a speed which belied his appearance, the policeman produced a pair of steel handcuffs from his back pocket and snapped them over her wrists.

Thus restrained, she was taken from the court room. The small procession, headed by the male constable, then Lucy, followed in turn by the female constable and the sergeant, trooped through the court house to a large room at the back of the building.

Lucy guessed that in the days when the building had been a private house, the room they were in might have been a games room. It was certainly big enough to have held a full sized snooker table. Screwed to the back wall of the room was an ornate scoring pointer above a rack which had clearly been designed to hold snooker cues. The room was devoid of any furniture except for a wooden stool, less than a foot high and completely untrimmed, and a small, plain desk.

Lucy's gaze was drawn to the rack and her heart sank. Instead of snooker cues, the rack now held two canes. They were a matched pair, each one equally vicious, about three and a half feet long and considerably heavier-looking than the one which Miss Williams had been so proud of.

Lucy tried to gather all the mental strength she could. She knew she would need to draw on all her reserves for the coming ordeal. Although this was a totally different environment to the coldly impersonal surroundings of the big police station where she had so recently watched Juliette's introduction to the corrective effects of corporal punishment administered to her bare bottom, she had no doubt this more traditional approach was going to be just as memorable.

The sergeant's voice broke into her thoughts. "Now I hope you are going to be sensible. I know this is going to be quite an unpleasant experience for you, but the law is the law when all is said and done." Lucy stared at him, her eyes wide.

"This is how we are going to do things," the sergeant continued. " I want you to stand on this small stool, nice and quiet, and put your arms over the shoulders of Constable Biggs here." He pointed at the male constable. "Constable Sims," he indicated the policewoman," will make the required adjustments to your clothing. I shall ask Constable Biggs to hold you steady while I deliver the lawful punishment. Any questions?"

"No." Lucy was hoping that her voice didn't let her down.

"Very well, step onto the stool, if you please."

Feeling as if she was being led to the scaffold, Lucy allowed the policewoman to guide her to the stool. The grip on her arm as she stepped up gave no hint of sympathy. Constable Biggs stood in front of her, his back to her. She had been curious as to his role in the proceedings, but just as Constable Sims repeated the sergeant's instruction to put her hands over the policeman's head, Lucy realised what was going to happen.

Raised up on the stool, she stood with her shoulders a little higher than those of the constable. As soon as she put her hands, still manacled together, over the policeman's head, he took hold of her arms and pulled them tightly down across his chest, drawing Lucy closer to him.

Constable Sims took hold of the hem of Lucy's skirt, hoisting it high. Lucy felt a pressure on her back for a moment and guessed, when she saw the policewoman replace a reel of masking tape on the desktop, that her skirt had been taped to her upper body, exposing her rear from the waist down.

"OK, George, hoist her up." Constable Sims spoke for the first time since leaving the court room.

Constable Biggs bent at the waist, leaning forward and taking Lucy with him. Lucy let out a little yelp of surprise as her feet were lifted clear of the stool. She was completely off-balance, her full weight borne by the burly officer. The curve of his back pushed her bottom outwards; her legs kicked helplessly several inches off the stool. Lucy felt the policewoman's hands on her hips and soon her panties began their familiar journey, down over her hips, across her thighs, past her knees and then right off over her ankles.

However familiar the experience was becoming since she had been at Carstairs, Lucy still hated the idea of her bottom being completely bared before a group of complete strangers, and particularly men. The humiliation of it still made her feel worse than the knowledge of the punishment to follow and she could feel her face flaming red with the shame of it.

The sergeant had been waiting whilst Lucy was positioned, standing close to the wall rack. With an air of resignation, he selected the cane from the lower of the two shelves and changed places with Constable Sims. Lucy looked over her shoulder and took in the fact that the sergeant had also slipped off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. His exposed forearms were thick and muscular, covered in a mass of dark hairs. The cane arched into a perfect curve, flexed menacingly between the sergeant's two large hands.

"Face the front, miss, if you please." His voice was firm but not unkind. Reluctantly Lucy turned and looked at Constable Sims, trying not to think of the burly sergeant behind her who was no doubt studying the vulnerable curves of her naked bottom. It crossed her mind that to receive a spanking from such massive, leathery hands would be a memorable event. How much worse was it going to be to take a caning from him? Lucy clenched her buttocks involuntarily at the prospect of her impending ordeal.
That was a juicy read, and the spanking hasn't even begun! You'll have to wait until next week for that, I'm afraid.

To re-read the entire story, go to this post - From the Top Shelf - scroll down to A Degree of Discipline, and you will see all the posts from the story, in order.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 23

What is your ideal spanker or spankee like?

Dr. Ken: For a spankee, I like a lady with a good sense of humor. One who can be a bit of a brat (without overdoing it). One who likes to earn her spankings, although not averse to a spanking "just because". And someone willing to show her reactions while being spanked. Honestly expressed verbal sounds, squirming, kicking (again, not to excess) add to my enjoyment and help me in the progression of the spanking. A lady who just lies there stoically is of no use to me whatsoever....

Bogey: Compatible interests.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I think my ideal spanker makes me feel loved and cherished even during a spanking. When I am in trouble he has to be able to get us through the situation and afterwards both of us have to feel that the slate is clean again.

Sir Wendel: I like a little bit of protest when I spank her over my knee. If there is no wiggle I feel I am not spanking properly. For the spanker I prefer quiet. I don’t like talking or scolding during spankings. Don't need her telling me why I am getting paddled. The spanking should do all the talking.

D: I have had my ideal spankee for some time - S . Her gorgeous bottom just begs for a spanking, and when it gets one, which is often, she squeals and wriggles realistically until my palm has changed her cheeks to a glowing red, when her yells become genuine. She knows that sometimes I like being more severe, and allthough she protests, she submits her bottom to a paddling or caning, knowing that I know her limits, and she will not be left in a 'no sit' state for days to come ! She also knows that the harder her spanking, the better the sex afterwards.

S: D spanks skillfully and considerately . His hand spankings leave my rear smarting and sexy. The implements can get rather painful , but I can yell and squirm, knowing he will not over do it, and the sex will be even better, and the marks and stripes will not last too long.

Six of the best: When the knickers down lady, feels the pain of 'six of the best' with a cane on her bare bottom, I am sexually and erotically satisfied. And she likewise.

Anon: Good dialog to accompany the spanking is important to me - it helps to make it seem real.

Enzo: I enjoy it most when the spankee is an "active participant". If the girl being spanked is verbal, protests, kicks and squirms that makes for a more interesting experience. I also like to scold during the spanking so there is an interaction going on.

When there is little or no reaction from the spankee, it makes for a sterile ilke experience.

sub hub: As I having only 1 spanker, my Mistress Wife, my field of view is limited to her. The characteristics she displays are a firm hand when delivering a punishment spanking, and genuine desire to have me naked before her, bottom presented for a spanking. Sometimes she will spank simply because she wants to at any given moment. Because she enjoys it. I am honored to be the one she wants to spank at a moments notice.

Ronnie: P's my idea spanker. Good humour, spanks skillfully, look after me with care, lectures during a spanking (which I do enjoy, depending on the spanking:))

Hermione: I like a man who surprises me with a spanking when I least expect it. I also like variety: different rooms, different positions, different implements. I like a spanker who teases and jokes about the proceedings, although sometimes sternness is very appealing. Ron pretty much ticks all the boxes on this list.

There you have it!
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #87

Welcome back, everyone, for another delicious brunch, washed down with some amazing discussion.

This week's topic came to me as I was watching a not-so-good spanking video. I thought Ron could do a much better job than the person wielding the hairbrush, and I was sure I could have wiggled and protested much more convincingly than the subject of the implement's attention.

Depending on your point of view, what characteristics do you look for in a spanker or a spankee? How would you describe your ideal spanker or spankee?

Leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will post a summary of our conversation.

Please help yourself to a macaron while you consider your answer.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, August 22, 2015

You Completed the Caption

What was this lovely maiden up to in her room? Let's find out:

Simon: Milly knew that times were hard even for the aristocracy but somehow Lord Carter's explanation that he could not afford to buy his maids skirts didn't seem entirely convincing.

Baxter: Oh my oh my oh my. Here I am again, bottom almost bare, about to be spanked. Why oh why did I talk back to my husband and yell at him when it was all my fault that the check book bounced, the water and gas were shut off, and there is a small ding in the fender of his Mustang? Well, suffer I must as I never learn. And oh am I looking forward to the warm glow of my to be spanked bottom.

Leigh: Based on the serenity she shows, she's expecting something great with someone great. "I hope I'm not disappointed."

Ronnie: Better get my seams straight or I'll be for the high jump. Matron's a stickler for straight seams.

Six of the best: Standing in the corner with her knickers down. This naughty lady is awaiting 'Six of the Best' given to her by Six of the Best, upon her voluptuous bare bottom.

Sir Wendel: Too sore to sit down, Sara surveys the spanking damage.

ricky: Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella in her own little corner.
"In my own little corner, in my own little chair...."

Hermione: Marge loved to show off her red bottom to the pledges when they were given a tour of the sorority house.

Meet me in the corner for brunch, coming up next!
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday FAIL

Signs are everywhere, supposedly to help us find what we are looking for, but sometimes the meaning is lost or obscured lost in translation. Here are a few examples.

This looks like a pharmacy, so "a time sex thing" is... who knows? Possibly Viagra?

No masturbation allowed in this store.

And the difference is?

Then we'll never know what the sign says :-(

This isn't a translation problem; just stupidity.

On your way down, get off at the 2th floor and Complete the Caption.
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Complete the Caption

What prettier sight is there than a girl standing in a corner? What has this young lady done? What else might be in store for her on this fine evening?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your captions in an upcoming post.
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Sebastian Has a Proposition

Sebastien, who is Lucy's tutor, is also the Governor of Carstairs school. Today he has an interesting proposition for the gym mistress, Wendy Williams. But she will soon find there are strings attached.

Wendy Williams had never met the Governor, so she felt quite honoured when he appeared in the gymnasium alone and announced that he wanted to inspect the establishment with her as his guide. He was very charming , but Wendy was aware that both the Principal and Angela Parkin held him in considerable respect. This could only mean that he was a man with a powerful, even dominant, character. Anything less would not have impressed her two employers. However this side of his personality remained hidden for much of their tour around Carstairs. He was polite and attentive to her explanations as she pointed out the various rooms and gave brief character sketches of any of the girls whom they saw as they progressed around the building.

Despite her efforts, Wendy sensed that he was not totally focused on what she was saying. Once she turned towards him unexpectedly and was surprised to see that his gaze was more on her than on the subject she was explaining. His penetrating stare bored directly into her and she felt as though she was being measured against some unknown criterion. The thought made the hairs on the back of her neck prickle.

When they returned to the gymnasium, Wendy was especially enthusiastic, as this was her own domain. "I think it is very important that we keep the girls fit during their stay here," she enthused.

Oh, I agree," he said. The tone of his voice did not match his apparent interest. "Tell me, Miss Williams, do you enjoy your work here?"

Yes, very much." Wendy was surprised at the question.

"I mean the disciplinary aspects, as well as the educational."

Wendy noted a change in his tone and began to understand. "Yes, I must admit, that too." She smiled. "I do enjoy seeing these young ladies submit to my discipline from time to time. Of course," she added hastily, "it is always for their own good, and I think they realise that. Quite a lot of them actually thank me for their lesson, even after I have given them a really sound thrashing."

"Yes, I heard about that." He seemed more interested now than at any time during the tour. Perhaps that's what he really wants to hear about, mused Wendy to herself.

"I believe there has been some, shall we say, animosity between some of the girls?"

"Yes, that's true, although I doubt it was anything very serious. However it was becoming disruptive to the rest of the class, so when two of the girls actually began to fight I acted very firmly to stamp it out."


"Yes, I am afraid I deemed it necessary to go beyond the usual spankings that suffice for minor discipline here at Carstairs and used the cane."

"I see. Tell me more." As they had been talking, they had slowly been walking back towards Wendy's office. She opened the door and stood back so that he could see inside.

"There's not much to tell really. I thought that one of the girls, Juliette, was being victimised by some of her classmates, so although both girls were caned I gave Juliette a little help to even things up."

"How did you do that?"

"First of all, I got her to walk the length of the gym, knowing all her classmates would be watching her, to fetch the cane from this office." Wendy stepped into the room and opened the cupboard, displaying the row of canes, exactly as Juliette had first seen them. "I allowed her to choose the cane herself. I felt that having to make that choice would heighten her anticipation of what was to come. The other girl, Joanna, was kept waiting while this was going on, and I could see she was almost wetting herself at the prospect in front of her."

Wendy picked out the same cane that Juliette had selected and handed it to Sebastian, who fingered its smooth length appreciatively.

"Then I complimented Juliette on her choice, to put her at ease a little. I didn't want to frighten her altogether. I showed the two of them how beautifully flexible and whippy that particular cane is. It's one of my favourites , and I don't get the chance to use it all that much."

Sebastian flexed the cane in just the same way that Wendy had done in front of the two girls. Suddenly Wendy shivered; had she in fact overdone the build-up to the caning and been too cruel?

"Yes, it is very pliant, I see." The rod cut through the air with a wicked swish.

Wendy gulped nervously and continued. "I bent Juliette over one of the running track hurdles which we had brought into the gym for just that purpose, and gave her six strokes on the bare, which she fully deserved. She had never been caned before, so I made her think she was getting the very best stripes I could deliver - although in fact I didn't whack her all that hard. You don't really need to use that much force with that particular cane, it's so pliant."

"I see - or rather I don't. I thought you were evening things up between the two girls

"Ah yes, but while this was going on, Joanna was watching and taking it all in. She knew what was coming to her and had plenty of time to think about it - and that's when I sprang my little surprise. I let Juliette administer Joanna's punishment herself. I was careful to see that she did not overdo it - just a light sting across the bottom half a dozen times. Joanna certainly felt them though." She smiled, trying to judge what Sebastian was thinking.

"How was that?" His voice was silky smooth, but Wendy still felt uneasy.

"I think she was play acting, making a lot of 'oohs' and 'aaah' noises which were not really justified for the strength of the caning she received. It was almost as if she was enjoying it."

"From what you say, perhaps she was. How did this affect Juliette?"

"I don't think that she realised that Joanna was playing up, but she seemed to enjoy the experience as well."

"Hmmm; that was, perhaps, an error of judgement on your part."

The bald statement startled Wendy. After all, who was this man to criticise her work, whatever his connections? His next sentence startled her even more.

"You may be wondering why I am asking these questions. There is a reason, which I will come to in a moment." Again the cane swished through the air. "One last question; have you yourself ever been made to submit to corporal punishment?"

Wendy felt a cold shiver run down her spine. It was a secret between her and Angela, which no one else at Carstairs knew, yet somehow she felt compelled to tell this stranger. "I- er - that is to say, yes. Angela - that's Miss Parkin - she, er, well, when I took on the job here, she made it a condition of my employment that if she was displeased with my performance it was either that or the sack."

"So? Have you ever displeased her?"

"Only once, and I got ten strokes of the tawse for it. She likes the tawse, does Angela."

"And did you enjoy the tawse?"

"Not the actual tawse itself. It stung a lot, and it was my first time and I was a bit frightened, but afterwards Angela made it up to me in other ways." Wendy was beetroot red by now. Somehow this man had the power to read her mind and make her admit things she would normally never have done.

"Wendy, you have been very frank with me." Sebastian put down the cane, to Wendy's great relief. It had seemed so threatening in his hand. "So I will be frank with you. I would like to offer you a promotion, a place in a little project I am organising. I have spoken to both Angela and Elspeth, and they have recommended you most highly. We are going to expand our operations here at Carstairs and I want you to take on extra responsibilities. There will, of course, be a substantial pay rise in it for you."

To say that she was amazed would be a gross understatement. To have such an offer was totally unexpected. Wendy felt almost foolish at harbouring suspicions about the strange questions she had been asked. "I don't know what to say. Thank you."

Sebastian paused, then, "There are, however, some issues which need to be resolved first."

Wendy's rapidly rising spirits took an instant nose-dive.

"Firstly, if you are to have time to take on the new duties I have in mind, you will need an assistant."

Again the relief was almost a physical wave washing over her. Why was it that she dreaded every new sentence the Governor uttered? Was it because she was suffering from a guilty conscience?

"You may be aware that Juliette, of whom you spoke a moment or two ago, came to Carstairs in slightly unusual circumstances?"

Wendy nodded, puzzled.

"I can tell you now that she is a distant relative of Elspeth's and in need of some direction to help her find her place in life. I don't mean the sort of direction she might receive here as a pupil. No what we - that is, Elspeth and myself - feel she needs is a job. Something which will occupy her and yet still allow her to be guided when guidance is needed."

Wendy began to see a glimmer of light in this so far obscure conversation.

"What we intend is that Juliette should cease to be a pupil, with effect from next week, and join the staff at Carstairs as your assistant."

Wendy's heart leapt. This was simply too good to be true.

"Before this can take effect, however," Sebastian continued, "there is one other matter to resolve."

Wendy looked into his eyes and again felt the shiver of fearful anticipation.

"If you are to be successful in this job, I need to know you can be completely obedient. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to express your own will and personality, but in your dealings with me, I need to be sure that you recognise that I am the master. You have already admitted that you erred slightly and have perhaps been a little selfish in your dealings with the girls , particularly with Juliette. Angela and Elspeth are aware of this too, and we have decided that perhaps a little corrective action is indicated."

"I-I don't understand," Wendy felt a knot in her stomach. She was playing for time.

"Oh I think you do. If you want this promotion and the perks that go with it, you must show yourself worthy and it must be entirely your choice. Do you accept?"

Wendy knew that this could only end one way and only the detail was unknown to her. Suddenly she was overwhelmed by a terrific sexual excitement. In for a penny, in for a pound. "Very well, I accept," she said. "What do I have to do?"

"Just give me your total obedience and I will do the rest."

Before she had time to think, he moved swiftly behind her. His right arm came round her body and grasped her right wrist, and her arm was twisted behind her back. He didn't hurt her, but the sudden action startled her and her natural reaction was to struggle, but he was too strong for her.

"Easy, now," His mouth was close to her ear, his voice no more than a whisper. "I am just going to restrain you temporarily." Retaining his grip on her right wrist, he encircled her body with his other hand and pulled her left arm back. Soon both her wrists were held in one firm grip, her hands crossed behind her. She felt him fumbling in a pocket with his free hand.

"These ties are very convenient. Electricians use them, so they are readily obtainable, very cheap and very secure." As he spoke she felt a thin plastic band encircle both her thumbs and draw tight. She tried to pull her hands apart, but could not. She was tied just as effectively as if he had used a yard of cord.

"Now, out into the gym, I think." Firmly but not unduly roughly, he pushed her out of the office and into the main gymnasium hall. Keeping a firm grip on one shoulder, he looked around and swiftly spotted what he needed. "Ah yes, the traditional gymnastic vaulting horse. How very convenient."

Wendy, with a sinking heart, allowed herself to be pushed across the room towards the horse. She was beginning to realise how Juliette and Joanna must have felt and her bottom was beginning to feel rather vulnerable already.

"Over you go!" He manoeuvred Wendy to face down the length of the horse.

Obediently, Wendy bent at the waist and allowed her stomach and chest to rest on the broad leather of the horse. Her torso and legs formed a rigid right angle.

"That's not quite right, but I do see your difficulty." He sounded cheerful. Now his hands were at her waist and, with one quick tug, her track-suit trousers and her panties were down below her knees. "I am going to take these right off, I think. Lift your leg, that's right. Now the other one." Wendy had no option but to obey as he completed stripping her lower half. The cool air wafted around her exposed legs and rear and suddenly there was an exciting tingle in her groin.

"You have been very good on the obedience test so far," he said, conversationally, as he slipped the belt out of his own trousers and used it to secure Wendy tightly to the horse. "There is still time to back out, if you wish - or shall we move on to the corrective action?"

Wendy tried, not very successfully, to turn her head to look at him and settled for shaking it.

"Does that mean you don't want to proceed? I am disappointed in you, Wendy."

"No, I mean yes! Just cane me, please - now. Cane me and get it over with."

His voice was amused. "Cane you, eh? So you really think you deserve a caning, not just a hand-spanking?" His hand was on her bottom, stroking it, then down to the tops of her legs. Wendy realised that she had committed herself; it was true that Sebastian had not mentioned the cane. She had just made the assumption.

"I won't tease you." He laughed and slapped her bottom gently. "I think a caning is just what you need. "

His footsteps retreated as he left Wendy draped helplessly over the horse. Her bottom retained the feel of his hand where he had slapped her and all sorts of interesting sensations were now pulsing round her body. She recalled how it had stung when Angela had given her a taste of the tawse, but she had an uneasy feeling that this was going to be much worse, and she could hardly ask Sebastian to apply a cold cream as Angela had done after disciplining her the last time.

She squirmed helplessly on the smooth leather of the horse, feeling the dampness seeping between her legs. Her body wanted it, wanted him, and so did her mind. She could hear footsteps; he was coming back. Which one had he chosen? Please God, not the thick heavy one; that would raise weals an inch high and bruise her black and blue. She had enjoyed seeing the bottoms of the girls under her control squirm and wriggle as she had carefully, almost lovingly, striped them. Joanna had a particularly pert little bottom, almost boyish in the way it jutted as she stood up, but it had marked very neatly as Juliette had followed her instructions. Wendy guessed that her own cheeks were probably more like Juliette's fuller curves, more feminine perhaps, and a broader target for the cane to curl around.

"You may be pleased to know I chose your favourite." Sebastian moved into Wendy's field of vision so that she could see the cane as he flexed it, testing the spring. "This cane needs oiling, I think. I saw that you had a bottle of linseed oil in your cupboard so I've brought it along."

Wendy smelt the pungent oil as he splashed some on a rag and wiped it into the wood. "You haven't changed your mind, I hope? I can see you have been thinking about it from the way your bottom was wriggling as I was walking across the gym."

"No." The excitement made Wendy almost shout. "Just tell me, how many must I take? Then please get on with it. Please don't tease me any more."

"I am gratified that you are so eager. Well now, let's see. An error of judgement; that's worth six on its own. Then there is your selfishness, not considering other peoples pleasure as well as your own. Six more seems fair for that as well, I think. Then perhaps another six, maybe after a short rest, just to let the lesson sink in?"

"Eighteen? Oh, dear God, I can't take eighteen. Please I don't deserve that many; please I don't."

"Well," his voice was doubtful," you do really, you know, and I shouldn't start this project any way other than I mean it to go on. But then you have never been caned by me before, so I suppose if I make them real stingers, with absolutely no mercy, and let you off with a dozen, you won't feel that I have let you off so lightly."

Wendy didn't know whether to be grateful at the reduction or horrified at the thought of her hitherto unmarked bottom with twelve burning hot stripes across it. "Please," she almost begged, "I never give the girls more than six, and sometimes I worry that I have hurt them terribly."

"No arguments, twelve it is going to be, and real good ones too. I shall want you to count them out loud after each one." He laid the cane across Wendy's upturned rear. "No time like the present! Shall we begin?"

Gritting her teeth, Wendy nodded her head.

The caning was slow and thorough. Despite his threat, Sebastian did not use anything like his full strength. The natural whippiness of the cane was more than sufficient to ensure that each stroke landed with real stinging force. He took his time, waiting fully thirty seconds between each stroke to ensure that she could feel each separate, wonderful, individual stripe.

Sebastian was clever; he did not lay the stripes in a regular sequence, but moved them around randomly so that Wendy never knew where the next one would fall. Every single stroke was both agony and ecstasy, and Wendy writhed and howled in her passion. As each crisp sting added to the fire in her rear, she ground her pubis harder and harder into the rough top of the horse. Although she started to count as she had been instructed, by the time the count passed six she was past caring.

Sebastian made no comment, but seeing his victim lost in the throes of the experience, he allowed the score to rise to the eighteen he had originally awarded.

When at last he was done, Wendy slumped and her knees sagged. Only Sebastian's belt securing her to the horse prevented her slipping to the ground. After a moment or two, she felt his hand on her rear. Although he was gentle, she still flinched as he ran his hand across the fiery weals which criss-crossed her bottom. As the blood gradually pounded a little less loudly in her ears and she became more aware of what was happening, she realised that his hand was slippery with something cool and oily. As his fingers spread the substance across her aching posterior, her nostrils twitched at the scent.

"An arse like yours is worthy of more than just a caning," he whispered in her ear. Wendy made a soft mewling noise in response; she was awash with excitement and sensation and could manage nothing more.

"If you work for me, then I decide what you deserve. Is that understood?"

The words seemed stuck in her throat. Her bottom was on fire and she felt faint.

"Say. 'Yes Master'"

"Yes, Master," she repeated obediently, the effort almost more than she could bear.

"Do you still want that job? With all that it entails?" His voice allowed no argument.

"Oh yes Master." There was no hesitation.
Some people will do anything to get ahead! I wonder if Miss Parkin will feel the same way.

To re-read the entire story, go to this post - From the Top Shelf - scroll down to A Degree of Discipline, and you will see all the posts from the story, in order.
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 16

This week we discussed whether wearing blindfolds, gags or other  paraphernalia enhanced your spanking experience. You said this:

Simon: Like you I enjoy all the sensations of a punishment session. I have never tried earplugs or headphones so I have no idea what effect they have. I have been blindfolded and this makes quite a difference. It adds a sense of mystery and surprise to the experience and also an even greater feeling of loss of control. Clearly it has to be the person on the receiving end who is blindfolded as I don't recommend trying to swing a paddle or cane whilst wearing a blindfold.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I am fully with you on involving all the senses. For more intense spankings we have used blindfolds and being bound adds to how you experience being spanked too. It gets the juices flowing quickly.

However, for punishments, there is usually nothing that we add, then it is hand, paddle, or whatever implement hubby wants and I am across his knees. I like that, being over his knees is wonderful because I am so close to him, but the joy is greater when it is not punishment.

Wilma: Well it is probably a little different over here as we generally don't play (can't wrap my head around that just yet) even though we have recently tried. I generally keep my eyes closed very tightly during a spanking, and I don't make a habit of reaching back ( although I have on occasion brought my feet up to slow the process), Barney has often chosen to use blindfolds and restraints. He does this to remove even more control from me...and most times it works. Particularly the restraints. However, getting me to stand and putting my hands on the wall, and informing I am not to move, also has an entirely different mindset going for me.

arched one: I love the entire spanking experience. In this house we practice punishment, maintenance, and just because I want to spank you. Being told I'm going to get a spanking and sent to get the implements out and looking at them knowing soon my bottom will feel their effects. The spanking discussion prior to spanking. With punishment it's scolding with maintenance it's why I need maintenance and the just because spanking I hear how much fun she is going to have paddling my bottom. Then assuming the position she desires. Just prior to using each implement she will rub it on my bottom then spank with it. The feel of the implement landing and sting and sound both from the implement and me is wonderful. I have been tied up at times but never wore ear plugs or head phones. We have an exercize room that has one wall that is all mirrors. Being spanked in that room is quite the experience as I can watch as the spanking takes place.

Roz: We have used blindfolds and light bondage during a spanking and ut definitely adds to the sensory experience.

S: Ear plugs and phones - no, because I love the sound of impact on my bottom. Gags - a bit more tricky; you can't comment on your spanking, like harder or too hard, and of course you can't use the safe word, which we always have in place, also very demeaning as a gag holds your mouth open, and makes you dribble. Blindfolds are usually used with bondage, and I find this very exciting, with all your senses focussed on one's upturned bottom, not knowing which implement is going to land on it, if a hand spanking is suddenly going to become a caning or if its covering is going to be stripped off, without warning, and of course, once bottom is well warmed up, whether it is going to get a vigorous penetration! Great to be in the unknown.

PK: I love being blindfolded! It most definitely enhances the experience for me. But I have to be able to hear - not hearing freaks me out.

Leigh: We tried blindfolds and wrist and ankle cuffs. No earphones, I don't hear well anyway. I think it does increase the sensation. I think the anticipation and words do more than anything for me.

Jan: Hi Hermione, I like the cuffs and don't mind a blindfold but I wouldn't like a gag or headphones at all!

Ronnie: Never thought about using earplugs/headphones during a spanking. Not sure if I'd like to as words do a lot for me.

We've used blindfolds and a little bondage. Definitely enhances the experience.

Bonnie: Randy sometimes uses a blindfold to heighten the element of surprise. If I can't see, I can't really anticipate. Gags are a hard limit for me. Communicating and breathing are both essential. I don't recall trying earplugs, but we have used headphones with mixed results. I could live happily without any of these enhancements, but I'm not the one who choreographs our spankings.

Baxter: We don't use anything like that. My wife likes to hear the splat of the paddle on my bottom. We were in a hotel last evening and being that it was my birthday, she really enjoyed the splat sounds bouncing off the walls. I enjoyed the splats as well and my bottom is still sore today.

ronjon: Being blindfolded heightens the experience. The last time we did it my wife invited a friend of hers to help with the spanking. I was to tell them which one gave the better spanking. It was hard to tell as I was flat on the bed with each one of them on a side of the bed. The leather straps came so fast that I could not tell which was the better. However, when done I told my wife she was the better!! Next time I spank her I said I might bring a friend of mine. I'm not sure she is quite ready for this excitement, but
we will see. I never did see her friend or knew who it was.

Hermione: We have never used gags or blindfolds, although I usually keep my eyes tightly shut during a spanking.

Thank you all for that peek inside your heads. See you all next week for another thought-provoking question!
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #86

Welcome one and all to another weekend spanko brunch. We all live in different countries around the world, so we can't meet in the same physical location to eat and chat, but we can still have fun together here on this blog. No travel required!

For my husband and me, spanking involves many of our senses. Besides the feel of the paddle - either in his hand or on my bottom - there is the sight of him standing there, ready for action. Then there are sounds, lots of them: my squeals, his laughter, the swish and crack of the implement. The scent of a leather paddle or belt is always a turn-on for me. I wouldn't want to be deprived of the whole experience. But what about you?

What do you think about using blindfolds, gags, earplugs or headphones during a spanking? Do these restrictions enhance the experience or take away from it?

Leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has spoken I will publish a summary of our discussion.
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

You Completed the Caption

This photo got a rousing response from my readers!

arched one: Spank me harder I love being spanked.

Simon: The girl on the right of the picture " Yes but why does your tattoo say sapnk here?".

Baxter: Don't you just love the bullseye targets I had tattooed on each cheek so you know where to spank?

My boyfriend spanked me hard last night and I have a little bruise. Take me over your knee and make the bruise bigger.

I special ordered that buttplug with the message on the top - spank me.

Linda: Come on... its my birthday. Spank me!

Leigh: See the handprint I had tattooed on my butt, want to see?

Katie: "I know that you told us that your husband spanks you, but SHEESH!!!! This is TMI! TMI! TMI! TMI!"

Minelle: 'Oh my gosh your butt is red!' Ouch!

Ronnie: See what he gave me, six strokes of the cane.

Red: Quote the puzzled friend: I am awestruck how you can be so happy and cheerful, when your husband caned you to make so many stripes on your bottom to match your dress. I do admit that you are the happiest couple we know, so maybe we should try spanking in our relationship. But does it HURT? and may I touch?
Quote the hidden friend: just a few more spanks and your entire bottom will be red again!

Jim M: It’s Thursday, our “girls spank night out”. Our husbands think we just get together to gossip, and we do gossip. But gossiping is naughty. So the more we tell our gossipy stories, the more we spank each other. Amanda is walloping me good right now, and Sally (with the red cup) can hardly wait her turn. We will all have bright red bottoms by the time we head home.

Enzo: "OK! OK! I believe you now; you win truth or dare! I can still see the bartender's hand-print.
Now put it away, that thong isn't hiding anything at all."

Nina: Now that you have spanked me, it is my turn to spank you. Pants down. I don't accept any 'but you told me to spank you'. Pants down!

Six of the best: "Six of the Best promised me six of the best. As you can see my dear he delivered".

Blondie: "See this butt, this is what fun looks like."

Sir Wendel: I’ve been a very naughty girl. Who wants to spank me?

Vfrat25000: Whoa there!!!…Back that thing out of here! After your stories about last night I want that rear end of yours AT least 6 feet from me.

Does that look like a yeast infection to you?

What do you think? Do I have a future as a spanking model? Yes? No?

Lady put that dress down! There is something staring back at me and I can’t tell if it’s animal, vegetable or mineral!

Hey Boss…I quit…Any problems with that and you can KISS THIS!

ricky: You can look, but don't touch!
But I wasn't going to. Honest!

King Span: "No, seriously -- this is how they're giving high fives these days!"

Hermione: Does this top make my bum look spankable?

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday FAIL

I was browsing through my folder of FAILs and came up with a random assortment of bottom-related photos. I hope they make you smile.

 Please, please tell me those are flesh-coloured leggings.

 Blow up bums, anyone?

 But wearing a cell phone in your panties ruins those lovely curves. I'll stick to carrying a handbag.

 Ouch! That's gotta be uncomfortable.

Twerking at its best!

Happy Friday everyone! Be sure to Complete the Caption before you depart for the weekend.
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