Monday, March 31, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 30

This week's topic was whether you preferred a spanking sooner rather than later. Here's what you said:

Dragon's Rose: A spanking can wait for a few hours but I worry over it. If we have something fun planned and the spanking won't happen until after the fun, it doesn't happen at all. (Unless it is the fun kind - punishment is never delayed.)

Sir Wendel: Trying to delay a spanking only leads to a longer spanking.

Nina: I hate waiting for a punishment spanking, it is like additional punishment, therefore I'd always go for the immediate version, no delay, please.

Dan: My reaction is inconsistent. On the one hand, I feel the discipline is helpful, and discipline delayed often becomes discipline denied. On the other hand, I don't like the spankings themselves and I often look for excuses to put them off.

Turn around bend over: When we first started DD the spankings were for fun. Role playing and pretend. In time when we became comfortable in our roles then I started receiving real punishment spankings. These were not fun! I tried getting out of them all the time even though I didn't like it when I did talk him out of one. In time I learned to submit and E learned to follow through no matter what! If I have been told I have a punishment coming I would like it to happen as soon as possible. I hate waiting!

One of my favorite spankings happened one night after an outing. We came home hungry and tired and I was cranky and had a terrible attitude. As we came into the house E immediately took action! He grabbed my arm and led me to the dining room table. He stood behind me and unzipped my pants and pulled them along with my underwear down. He pressed my back down so I was bent over the table and then I heard the sound of his belt being unbuckled and taken off. No warm up! Smack! Thud! Ouch! He spanked me with intent to teach a lesson. And I learned very quickly! My attitude was adjusted and we ended up having a wonderful night.

I prefer this type of punishment. Although I'm not afraid of the ones I have to wait for. I'm just too impatient.

Wilma: Barney is more of a delayed 'thinker'. He won't tell me I am being punished until right before he can do it. However that too has its issues. I usually get further and further away from him if I believe I am being excused from bad behaviour.

If it is an r/a spanking, I just want to know when and I am good, either way.

Measha: Because of lil ones almost every spanking has to wait until they are sound asleep. I don't like the waiting that much and mostly that's because I'm afraid that he'll forget. If he forgets I'll get upset and then it all goes awry. Lately he's been NOT forgetting... even when I want him to. Funishments, I don't want to wait because I'm impatient... I just wanna get to the play time!

Jay: So much prefer to get it over with.

Welcome, Jay!

Jan: I hate waiting, I just behave worse and worse. Yes I know I am stupid but there it is.

Roz: Spankings almost always have to wait here and I generally hate it. For this reason Rick will use something else such as lines instead. However, there are times when I prefer a delay for one reason or another. If I need time to get my head around it for example. Also, delays can result in the spanking not happening at all.

Baxter: Typically, I am asking for the spanking from R, so I want them then and there to meet the need I have.

Leading Lizziebeth: I sometimes like to let lizziebeth wait for a spanking, and make her listen to the song "Anticipation" while she's waiting. Serious infractions though should be dealt with as soon as conditions allow.

Welcome, LL!

River: I don't like waiting for too long, although if I have no clue that a spanking is going to happen and then one takes me a few minutes to wrap my head around it.

Arched one: Because we have an empty nest, spanking can happen any time. She does not have to tell me I'm in for a spanking later, as I know when I've earned one. When she feels like giving the spanking she just tells me to get ready and get the implements out.

S: Often when I have earned a spanking, D will tell me to have my bottom ready for him at some time the next day, or even next week. The waiting is thrilling, and my rear quivers in anticipation until at last I am bare and bent, and my bottom gets a spanking I really appreciate. I never try and put him off, as I know once he has decided to spank, he spanks, and that's that!

Nena: It depends, I like the anticipation when it's a fun spanking. It doesn't happen often, but there have been times when my husband had to leave and I do something bratty just before he goes and he will tell me that he will spank me when he gets home. I like that, it keeps me thinking about the fun we will have when he gets home. If it is a punishment spanking I do not like the anticipation at all. Part because I know it will not be fun and I just want it to be over asap, part because I worry that he will forget the spanking and although I hate to get punished I feel even worse if he should punish me and told me he will, but doesn't do it. Of course since we have kids we always have to wait till they are either asleep or not at home.

Welcome, Nena!

Joey: I want it immediately. But, I do not make that decision. I must wait patiently until the decision is made to spank me. Usually, the person that does it wants to make me wait and suffer.

Terpsichore: I would like the spanking immediately but sometimes the anticipation can be fun - so long as I know the promise of a spanking will be fulfilled and take place in a certain amount of time.

Ronnie: Punishment spankings immediately but the decision isn't mine. If it's a fun spanking, I don't mind the wait.

Bonnie: If it's up to me (and it typically isn't), I don't want to wait for a spanking. Randy, on the other hand, enjoys creating a sense of nervous anticipation.

Dr. Ken: As a spanker, I'd rather deal with it right away rather than postpone it. But it all depends on my state of mind--if I'm upset or angry, then it's best to wait until I've cooled down and can attend to things calmly and rationally. You should never spank while angry...

Jenny: I wouldn't mind a short wait (up to a couple of hours). I think that adds to the thrill. But I like a "bend over right now" spanking, too. For fun, the anticipation is nice; it's less nice for punishment. I would not want to wait a whole day without knowing when it was coming. There would be too many adrenaline peaks and valleys. But I could wait until "after 9 pm tomorrow" if we had to. In fact, my next spanking will probably require a wait due to logistics.

Hermione: Our spankings are usually planned in advance, so I always have to wait for the big moment to arrive. The anticipation heightens the experience for me.

And there you have it!
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #13

Welcome one and all to our weekly gathering to discuss a topic related to spanking. I think today's subject will be relevant to most of us.

When you know a spanking is inevitable, would you rather have it right away or later? Do you prefer to get it over with immediately, or do you try to postpone it?

Leave your reply as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion. If you haven't joined in before, now's your chance to speak up. You're among friends here!

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, March 29, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Warm sunshine on bare skin inspires the best captions! Here are yours:

Simon: For some reason nobody noticed the wonderful 17th Century bridge in his holiday snaps.

DelFonte: Picking flowers was strictly forbidden, but she knew the consequences and had come prepared for being caught.

Rollin: "Howard! Will you look at that? It's shameful!"
"I agree dear. Someone needs to fix the corner of that blue raft before it sinks."

Anon: Spring is in the air and bulbs are in full flower.

Dragon's Rose: Petunia was in such a hurry to go on a walk, she forgot to finish getting dressed. Her husband was not pleased when she called asking for bail money again.

Six of the best: The 'bridge of sighs', for this naughty lady for soon she will have her knickers taken down by her boyfriend or husband, for a good spanking on her bare bottom.

River Wild: She stood there waiting patiently for her boss at the greenskeepers' to come back with the paddle and a camera. He had told her to plant roses in a shade of red along the walk, not magenta. So instead of firing her, he decided to spank her until her cheeks were the right color, take a picture, and have her try again!

Ronnie: Sarah knew Tom would be surprised when he walked past and spotted her picking flowers.

A. Lurker: London Bridge is falling down and so are my panties!

When my great grandmother did this in London, the bridge fell down. I wonder if I will have the same effect on this bridge?

Ricky: The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la
Give hope of merry sunshine--

Baxter: I just wonder why when I bend down to pick a flower my tender bottom gets a chill. Oh my.

It is International Buttcrack Exposed Day and I am the winner. Let them all enjoy the view.

Sarah: "Someone PLEASE smack my a$$! I'm begging for it!!"

Sir Wendel: 'Tis a very fine butt.

Abigail: An old lady passing by (who had left her glasses at home) said to her husband: "Why just look at that, dear - what a lovely big round smiley face that young woman has."

Mitch: Is that a canoe paddle, I see. Strange, I don't see a canoe.

Michael: The tulips are in bloom, and if this imp bends over just a bit more her two lips will be in full bloom.

ronjon: My, there is a cool breeze today and I can feel it on my ass. Would someone please take a belt and warm my cold bottom?
Oh, thank you so much!!

GaryNTboy: So... eating six raw eggs and then going for a jog is NOT a good hangover cure.... blaaaaaaaaa.

Vfrat25000: Karen what are doing?
I dropped my last container of birth control pills in this flower bed somewhere!
Oh crap! I’ll help you look for them!

Jim what are you staring at?
Uhhh, nothing dear...Just looking at the ornate bridge, I mean the relaxing river…I mean the marvelous architecture…I mean…Oh the hell with it…I give up…I’m staring at that gorgeous ass at the flower bed!

Ms. Jones, the student teacher for Central High School, always had sold out attendances for her history field trips. Her students developed an insatiable thirst for history.

Quiz Time: Is that a French, English or German bottom?
It’s a beautiful, nearly bare bottom for Pete’s sake. Now shut up and let me enjoy it.

It’s a Weapon of Mass Erections!

The City of Bargersville found a unique method of dealing with the nationwide recall of Viagra by installing “Male” charging stations throughout the downtown area.

Hermione: The assistant gardener would soon be very, very sorry that she had forgotten to put on her overalls. Getting a tan is just not worth the risk of poison ivy.

Bob B: At last, somewhere to park my bike.

Stay tuned for brunch - coming up next!
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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday FAIL

 Most television news stations have those crawlers and subject lines underneath the picture to help viewers understand what is going on. But sometimes the caption only causes more confusion.

 Wife stabs husband with...wait. What?

 Okay, that makes more sense...I guess. I'd be unhappy if we were out of beer too.

 How inappropriate. That's even worse than a mayor who gets drunk and uses crack cocaine.

 I think it was a salute to an endless winter. Right on, sign!

 This reporter should have cleared his search before letting the camera see what he's been up to.

 With a few italics for emphasis.

Honestly, some parents...

Speaking of captions, did you Complete the Caption? No? Well, what are you waiting for?
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Complete the Caption

Spring has sprung and a walk along the river is a fine way to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Taking time to stop and smell the flowers can be rewarding in many ways.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will compile your contributions in an upcoming post.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Spank Prank

Be sure to watch all the way to the end.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

From the Top Shelf - A Seaside Encounter, Part 1

I have a real treat for you today. It's the first part of a rather long story by Janus magazine contributor R.T. Mason. The tale is a lovely mixture of fantasy and reality, with some role-playing thrown in for good measure. I hope you like it as much as I do.

If you walked past the holiday chalets you came to a stretch of beach where nobody much seemed to go although it was attractive enough, scrub land and the open sea with a narrow ribbon of beach between. That Thursday afternoon, with a hint of rain in the brisk offshore wind, there seemed to be no one there at all and she had walked for perhaps half a mile quite alone. And then she saw him, a lone figure standing gazing out to sea. Afterwards, looking back, it was tempting to think she sensed something about him, some special quality, even then. But she knew that, really, she was just being fanciful.

She had been there almost a week, the first half of a two-week holiday with her parents and though she would never have hurt their feelings by admitting it, she had begun to get bored. Due, without doubt, primarily to the fact that Bob wasn't there. Bob, due to become her fiance in a month's time, was 19 like her, and, by the worst possible timing, had had to go off on a company training course on those very two weeks.

It had come up at the last minute, someone else's cancellation creating a vacancy that Bob couldn't afford to miss. Jane had already booked her own holidays from work so there was no real option but to go ahead, with just her parents for company. To spend time wandering rather forlornly about in the little holiday town and along the beaches, since she wasn't all that keen on simply sitting in the sun because she burned easily, and anyway it had been a little too cool for that. So she'd been wandering around, thinking of Bob and how wonderful it would be if he was beside her right now.

That's what she was thinking when she walked around the point, and saw him; that lone male figure. Then the rain started, but she didn't feel like going back to that boring boarding house just yet, so she strode on, protected against the English weather in slacks and an anorak over her tee-shirt. As she got closer she could see the man was older, maybe in his fifties, a tallish man with grey hair, a walking-stick in his hand.

She was aiming to pass behind him further up the beach and not stop, but as she approached he broke off his reverie and turned round, then walked back up the beach towards her. He called a polite "Good morning" through the wind and waved. She stopped.

Smiling he said, "It'll be raining heavily very soon, I fear. You don't look dressed for a downpour."

He was evidently not a summer visitor, with that stick and his highly polished, expensive-looking, shoes. And that so-educated accent! She found she had stopped and was chatting to him without really intending to. Now when she looked back, there clearly was something about him. Those really piercing eyes and the air of...well...authority. Of being used to giving commands. And having them obeyed - unquestioningly.

He said, "You'll get soaking wet very soon, you know. Why don't you come back to my place and shelter until the worst is over? I only live just over the top. I'll make you a nice warm cup of tea. I don't think the rain will last too long."

The rain was becoming distinctly heavier and she thought of the distance she had to walk back. She looked at him, wondering if she should listen to all the warnings she'd been brought up with, but then said impulsively. "I'd love to. Thank you."

They reached his home just as the rain began to pour, a largish old house about five minutes walk back from the coast and protected by a windbreak of pines. Inside he took her wet anorak and she removed her woolly hat, shaking out her long, blonde hair. She was at once aware of his sharply appraising eyes; taking in her softly pretty face and also the rest of her body. She felt her face colouring up.

Because her tight yellow tee-shirt, she was only too aware, particularly with such a thin, seamless bra underneath, clearly revealed her full firm breasts and clearly delineated her button nipples. Her equally tight white slacks, clinging to her shapely bottom, likewise showed just about everything, including a clear outline of her bikini briefs.

She was dressed fashionably just like other teenage girls but she felt herself blushing madly as he looked. The problem was that she spent most of her time with men of Bob's age who were at ease with current fashions but with this rather distinguished older man she felt...well...rather naked.

His eyes suddenly stopped their frank appraisal as he smiled and said, "I'm awfully sorry. I haven't even introduced myself. My name is Robert Kendall."

Recovering her composure a little, she replied, "And I'm Jane...Jane Williams."

He made her some tea, and then sitting on the sofa in his sitting room she found she was telling him just about everything about herself, while his brown eyes gazed almost hypnotically at her - but mainly at her nipples. Why hadn't she worn something a little less revealing, she thought, feeling slightly uncomfortable, but then how could she have known...?

And, after she'd told him about the holiday and how bored she was, he said, "If you're so much at a loose end, why not come and do some work for me?"

He was writing a history of that part of the country and of his family who lived there for many years. He said he had a regular assistant but she was away on holiday.

"It's just secretarial work," he said, "but quite varied." Then smiling, he added, "I can promise you I won't let you get bored."

It was a shock, his offer coming out of the blue like that. She coloured up, then found herself saying, "Yes, I'd love to," without really thinking. When she had time to think she didn't regret her decision, it was just what she needed, but she was slightly startled by the fact that her initial response had been automatic as if somehow she was unable to refuse him.

"Good!" he said. "Splendid! I'm sure we will get on excellently!"

Shortly after that he got up and walked over to the window; it seemed to be brightening, he said. She went over and indeed the rain had just about stopped. As she stood beside him she suddenly felt his hand lightly on her waist. It sent a tingling shock right through her.

He said quietly, "You're quite a find, you know, Jane. Such a pretty girl and such a perfect age. Just 19. On the very brink of womanhood but still very young and malleable."

The firm hand squeezed gently and she just stood there, helpless, and beginning to tremble slightly. The soft voice continued,"Possibly young enough still to need a little firm guidance, eh, Jane?"

Then he said, quite casually, "Did you get that kind of firm guidance at school, Jane? Here, for example, on this lovely little bottom?"

As he spoke his hand moved down then slid over her bottom, handling it through the skin tight slacks as if it were his own private property.

She gasped - it was an almost unbelievable thing to do when she had met him only half an hour before. In considerable confusion she moved away, turning her bottom away from him. But the sensation of his hand remained as if it had left some indelible imprint.

Calmly, he repeated. "Well did you, Jane? Ever get this smacked or caned?"

She stammered in hapless confusion, "N-no of course not."

He laughed. "So neglectful of your teachers. A girl's bottom is simply made for discipline."

She was still trying to digest this and make some kind of a response when he said, very firmly, "Now, down to business. About tomorrow. I'd like you here at 9..."

* * *

She walked back along the beach with her mind in turmoil. Half of her thoughts were saying she just shouldn't turn up. Phone him and say she'd changed her mind. Because she had the distinct feeling that this was something she couldn't handle! He was like no one she had ever met before, a man to whom she felt automatically subservient, and that was clearly dangerous. And that self-confident hand on her bottom; she kept reliving the memory and each time it made her go hot and cold.

But the other half of her was saying, you have to turn up because you promised. You can't go back on it now. And she knew it was this half she would follow, because for all the risk and the danger she was shivering, not just with apprehension, but from pure excitement.

She told her parents she had met a distinguished writer and was going to do some casual secretarial work. "Oh that will be nice," said her mother. "Give you something to occupy your mind. I've been thinking how lost you seem without Bob."

Yes, but if only you knew the rest, Mum, she thought to herself. What on earth am I getting into? She rang Bob later. The course was quite interesting, he said, but he really missed her.

"I miss you too," she replied automatically down the line, then realised that she had hardly thought about him at all since her experience with Major Robert Kendall. She knew he was a Major after looking up his number in the phone book.

Her mind went back to what he'd said. About firm guidance and caning at school. It was just ridiculous - girls didn't get caned at school these days. But there was something - a memory from school which Major Kendall's remark had triggered.

She suddenly realised that Major Kendall wasn't completely unlike anyone she'd ever met, after all, because there had been Captain Maitland. When she was 16 she had changed schools from one with an all female staff to St. Margaret's, which had two male teachers. One, Mr. Fulford, had not been very exciting for he was fat, middle aged and bald, but the other one, Captain Maitland, had all the adolescent girls swooning. He was an ex-naval officer, tall and distinguished looking. In that respect very much resembling Major Kendall.

Captain Maitland had been a firm, no-nonsense, disciplinarian and it was rumoured that he spanked girls in private but the girls never heard anything other than rumours. Though he had left the school in mysterious circumstances just about six months after Jane joined.

She recalled a girl of her own age, Sarah Kemp, with whom she had become very friendly, slipping into her bed one night and holding her tightly. Then Sarah said, breathlessly, "Don't you wish I was Captain Maitland here in bed with you?" Then, "And what about if he called you to his room and put you over his lap with your knickers down for a spanking? Wouldn't that just blow your mind?"

She hadn't thought much about it before Sarah's remark but after that she savoured it nightly in her dormitory bed. Being summoned to Captain Maitland's room and being told, in that firm authoritarian voice, to get her knickers down and then bend over his desk. And then the electric sensation of hard male hand on soft bare female bottom...

That night for the first time during the holiday, as she lay in bed it was not Bob she was thinking of but two older authoritarian figures, Captain Maitland and Major Kendall. And guiltily, she ran through the same scene with both of them. She was a schoolgirl again in the St. Margaret's uniform, the short grey pleated skirt and the red and grey striped tie. And that straw hat with its red and grey ribbon squarely on her blonde head.

First in Captain Maitland's room and then in Major Kendall's the straw boater was removed and placed carefully on the desk and then her hands went up under the short skirt to her regulation brief white knickers, to slip them down to her knees. And then her bared bottom was either spanked over the master's lap or bent over his desk and caned.

The scenes were feverishly exciting, an excitement tinged with guilt and fear that she was allowing herself to have such thoughts. She tried to excuse them by telling herself it was just sexual frustration that was causing these bizarre thoughts, but...
Ah, so we know Jane is thrilled by the thought of being spanked. But will she get her wish? You will learn the truth next week.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, March 24, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 23

This week's topic was spanking implements on display. Here's what you said:

Dragon's Rose: Nope. All the fun stuff stays hidden. We do have a few wooden spoons hanging in the kitchen but after they are used for fun stuff, they move to the garage.

Jan: Hi Hermione, no we don't, everything is in a suit bag, hidden in the depths of hubby's wardrobe!

Dan: Most of ours are hidden, with one exception: a bath brush that we keep in the master bathroom beside the bathtub.

Quiet Sara: All of our implements are "normal" things which lay about the house such as a belt which SM wears to work daily, a decorative small oar, a brush, a wooden spoon. They don't really stand out at all :)

Turn around bend over: My husband wears his implement around his waist. So yeah I suppose you could say it's always on display. If I get an attitude he puts his hand on the buckle as a warning. If I don't straighten up he will start to unbuckle it. He has never taken it off to straighten my attitude. I know better then to push him that far.
He uses the wooden spoon but it stays in the kitchen. Every morning he uses a plastic hanger for check in, and it gets hung back in the closet. We can't display our implements because we have teenage boys in the house who already suspect ttwd.

Tricia: Nope. All of our implements are hidden away in a drawer. It's funny but we have one drawer for our fun implements and one for the NOT SO FUN ones ;)

Loki: My implements are displayed on clothing hooks within my bedroom, with the occasional set hanging down in the living room. While we do take into account the sensibilities of visitors, primarily I and my wife feel that as this is our home we can display whatever we choose to.

Downunder Don: Most of the fun implements are safely hidden away. But hanging behind the bedroom door "on display" if anyone cared to look is a long strip of thick leather, a crop and a cane ready for instant use.

Six of the best: In my closet I keep a cane and birch rod. In a drawer I keep a paddle and hairbrush. For the delightful experience of spanking a woman's bare bottom, when I get the opportunity.

*Bonnie*: We have everyday implements that lay around our house unidentified. There's the tilt wand that lays on the dresser like a forgotten piece. The icing spatula that sits in the kitchen. The ping pong paddle that stays in the game room. There are hairbrushes through out the house. No matter which room we are in, there is always an implement near by. Of course then we have the more obvious weapons that stay hidden away.

Fred Bloggs: A big bath brush and a huge kitchen wooden spoon. Both in plain sight. I love pervertibles.

River: We have a thick wooden spatula/turner that lives in a silver bucket on our kitchen counter with all the other kitchen stuff, that is used only on me. Then there is whichever belt my husband is wearing, and a 20 inch by 1/3 inch wooden dowel that he liked to keep around wherever he is in the house. He likes to flip out around in his fingers, and sneaks in swats too. All our other items are in a dresser drawer :-) Except for his hand, of course!

Houston switch: Nothing out in the open...

Cutiebootie: I have a square-backed wooden hairbrush that sits on my dresser. It looks normal, except that there aren't any hairs between the bristles! Most of my spanking implements are hidden away, though. =)

Bob B: Mine are all in a small saxophone case that is easy to carry and discreet when i am out and about. Luckily no one has asked me for a tune yet :)

Sir Wendel: Once in a while the hairbrush might be left out in the open. Everything else is safely tucked away.

Dr. Ken: Absolutely nothing out in the open. It's all in a travel bag in the bedroom at the moment...

Pecan nutjob: When we did not have children yet, we used to leave toys lying around in the bedroom. We tended to be more careful with the other rooms, since one may have to welcome some unannounced visitor.

Now, with children, we have to be extra careful. Obvious "toys" (sexual and spanking) are stored discreetly.

Something saves us: we like "pervertibles", that is, household items that have an obvious use outside of spanking - slipper, hairbrush, cutting board, ping-pong paddle. Our only obvious spanking implement is the "martinet" (a kind of French flogger). Of course, there would be some explaining why we have a cutting board or a ping-pong paddle in a bedroom, but we can perhaps invoke messiness!

So some items that you may see in our room may seem innocuous to you, but in fact have some hidden meaning - like the nice, solid hairbrush lying on the bedside table (it's normally in our bathroom, therefore if it's on that table this means it's been recently used or is going to be used soon.. typically on my butt!).

We also have clothing items with special meaning... my wife has some kind of "old fashioned" skirt and blouse that she may wear when she knows she's in for an evening spanking.

There is, in any case, a limit to how much hiding one can do without things becoming uncomfortable. For instance, we have some lubricant in a bedside drawer, which our children could stumble upon - but after all this is sold in supermarkets!

S: No need to leave spanking implements about the house, when there are so many everyday innocent items which are there to be used, as my bottom has found to its cost! Wooden brushes - hair, clothes and bath - can give a sound spanking; long plastic rulers, quite stingy; ping pong bats, a good warmer up; leather soled slippers, noisy; rubber soled tennis shoes, sting like hell!; D's leather belt, can give a good strapping, but his unsupported trousers did fall down half way through once; and of course the wooden spoons in the kitchen - a big spoon can cup a pert cheek with great effect. The list is endless.

Bogey: We have some decorative spoons that are not much use as spoons but sting on the bare hanging in the kitchen. Like Quiet Sara we have a small oar/paddle hanging mounted on a cabinet in the RV. That sucker is potent. But nothing else on display.

BTW, if you have teens in your house, they have already seen your toys and everything else you own.

Jenny: I have a wooden bathbrush lying in my bathroom cabinet, next to the towels, still with the tags on it. I often wonder if anyone suspects its "alternate" uses. I mean, does anyone actually use those things to take a bath? I know i don't! ;)

I use my wooden hairbrush to brush my hair everyday, so it is out in plain sight. I don't think it raises any suspicions.

We have three implements in a bedroom drawer. No one would see those.

He wears a belt that I gave him for a non-pants purpose. It could be used for a whipping one day. I'm still hoping!

I can't imagine being as open as Loki_Darksong, leaving a set of obvious spanking implements in the living room. Of course we can do whatever we want in our house, too, but what would his children or our friends think? That's just TMI for our visitors. TTWD is as private as sex, so to me it belongs in the privacy of our bedroom.

Fondles: Oh no. everything is nicely tucked away in the wardrobe, night stand, or dresser drawer. NOTHING is exposed.

Baxter: We don't have kids and no relatives within 1200 miles of here so we leave the belt and spoon and paddle where it was last used. As someone else said, there are plenty of innocent looking items around the house and in our respective workshops that can be used in a pinch should a spanking be needed. In my train room, there are a bunch of dowels that could be used as canes. In my wife's workshop, there are brushes she uses on sheep fleece that do have smooth wooden sides that she can use on me if my bottom gets naughty.

Enzo: We have no specific implements. Everyday items such as my belt and the occasional spoon or hairbrush are always innocently enough out on display with no one the wiser.

Although I do keep a wooden ruler on my desk at my work office and have for years.

Nena: Our obvious stuff is hidden our bedroom.

We have wooden spoons in the kitchen and hairbrushes in the bathroom and the living room that are often used on me.

Last week my daughter (9) found a wooden spoon in the bedroom, she thought it was strange, but she totally bought my 'I had it in my hand when I walked to the bedroom and forgot it there' excuse.

Welcome Nena!

Terpsichore: My husband usually uses his hand. Then there is his belt and my hairbrush, which both blend into the surroundings. The flogger and leather paddle remain hidden from view and from curious little people.

Ronnie: All ours apart from the bath brush and a couple of wooden spoon are all hidden.
Hermione: We have several decorative wooden utensils on display in the kitchen -a heart-shaped spoon, a wooden pizza cutter and a narrow wooden cutting boars - that wouldn't raise any eyebrows. The bamboo back scratcher is a bit incongruous, but no one has ever commented on it. The more obvious implements are kept in a room upstairs, and are hidden in a drawer if we are expecting visitors. If someone arrives unannounced, the door can always be shut.

The next time I visit someone, I'm going to be on the lookout for pervertables in plain view. Have a good week and we'll see you again in seven days for another discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #12

Welcome back, dear friends, for some good food and good conversation. Spring is finally here in the Northern Hemisphere, although you wouldn't know it, judging from the amount of snow we had overnight. Nevertheless, it's time for spring cleaning. While doing so over the past week, I have been musing about how important implements are in our spanking activities.

Do you have any implements that you keep on display in your home? Are they obviously for spanking, or do they look innocently decorative?

Please leave your answer as a comment, and I will publish your collected  replies once everyone has had a chance to respond.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, March 22, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Dressing or undressing? You had some interesting captions for this charming photo:

Autumn: Exhibit 12 of the Museum of Feminine Undergarments: Lucy, thinking "F*** this!" right before tearing off her girdle for the last time, thereby ushering in a new era of undergarment stockings that rose to the waist.

Bogey: Holy moly, we will know she is coming long before she gets in the room.

Sunny Girl: I hope she is going out because I can't imagine sleeping in those garments.

Ronnie: Nearly done, one more deep breath.

Bobbie Jo: She is thinking: They told me at The Garment Emporium that putting these things on was a piece of cake. Now what am I supposed to do with these things? They are way too long. "Wilburt, will you come help me with this contraption? It was your idea in the first place."

Six of the best: What a beautiful sexual and erotic photo. My caption for this one is "Mother Wore Tights. So that Father, could Wank, and then Spank her".

Prefectdt: Verity was determined to get her girl guides knot-tying badge. No matter what it took.

Baxter: Oh my decisions, decisions. Should I take this off or try to wear it when I spank my husband's bottom? Do I put these loopy things over my shoulders and will they restrict my swinging the paddle? He will be home any minute and I have to be ready and have to have a stern look to spank him, but here I am struggling with this new underwear I just bought.

Sir Wendel: John went out for a drink while Mary undressed for her spanking.

Jenny: Good! This contraption will prevent him from spanking when he finds out I scorched his shirt!

Ricky: Notice the chair? Will she be the spanker? Or spankee? Maybe both?
Mmm . . .

DelFonte: By the time she had finished cinching herself, there was no way she would be able to bend over the chair.

The shop insisted their window display mannequins were as realistic as possible.

Vfrat25000: Dorothy knew she had a risky trip down the Yellow Brick Road ahead of her but she thought to herself “Bring it on, you broom riding b*tch!”

Little known fun fact: the original name for Victoria’s Secret was "Twin Peaks Lingerie”. The name was changed after the third model received a serious eye injury.

Billie Jo prepared to address the Harper Valley PTA!

Two lingerie designers were talking one boring afternoon when one asked the other, “I wonder what a bra would look like if we cut off the nose cones of two F16 fighter jets?”

Betty,  there is something really strange going on. Ever since I put this new bra on, I swear I hear an NPR Radio broadcast! Do you hear that?

A tetanus shot protects a person from tetanus, a life jacket protects a person in a boat, and that bra protects a woman from dinner invitations.

Yes Miss Jones, I guarantee this outfit will take off at least 3 minutes from your 10 mile run. Even more if there is a stiff wind!

Dr. Ken: "Um...let's see...'then the rabbit goes through the hole'...."

Hermione: In the early years, Madonna had to struggle on her own, without a dresser, during fast costume changes.

Those were wonderful! Thank you all for such creative captions. Now do stay and have brunch with us.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spanked to a Tee

Playboy playmate wannabee Liz Dickson won a contest that earned her the chance to attend a golf tournament and gain some publicity. She agreed to allow comedian Kevin Klein to place a golf tee in her butt and take a swing.

Obviously Kevin is not a very good golfer, or perhaps he was just distracted.

Liz iz now suing for half a million dollars in damages. For one swat? Get real!

Don't forget to Complete the Caption!
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Complete the Caption

Is she dressing or undressing? Going out or getting ready for bed...or something else?  It's up to you.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your musings in a subsequent post.
From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday WIN

We were walking along a major downtown street, trying to decide where to have dinner, and we passed several places with signs outside.

What a bargain!

No, Ron, we aren't going in there!

I think I want something a little more substantial

How disappointing

It costs less if you're polite.

"A coffee" - 7 euros
"A coffee please" - 4.25 euros
"Hello, a coffee please" - 1.40 euros

No mystery there

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

From the Top Shelf - Silver

This is a short spanking story by Rex Saviour, published by Silver Moon Books. Hitch-hiking is never a safe thing to do, but this girl got exactly what she was looking for.


I was mildly excited when I saw the girl in my headlights, thumbing a lift.

When I saw her rather more clearly through the driving rain, her soaking little skirt clinging to very curvy thighs and her sweater outlining splendidly firm breasts that obviously felt better without a bra, my excitement rose several notches.

I brought the Jag to a screaming halt beside her and lowered the electric window.

"Please Mister -"

"Go and stand in the headlights," I ordered, "Hands above your head! I want to see if you have any weapons!"

"Oh, but -"

"Do it now or I drive on!"

She did as I said. What a great little figure! She was barefoot, with a mini skirt, a jersey, lots of long hair and nothing else. I got out and walked behind her, ran my hands up and down her body, not neglecting the breasts that were outlined by her jersey as she stood with hands raised. She shrank away a little bit but did not protest.

Definitely clean - not even a handbag.

I got back into my seat and beckoned her back to the window.

"What the hell are you doing out here in the middle of the night?" I asked sternly, "You don't look a day over fourteen!"

"I'm eighteen," she said indignantly, shaking raindrops from her long red hair. "Today, actually!"

"Even so," I said, "I do not approve of young girls out alone at night miles from anywhere." I began to close the window, which, as I expected, put her in a panic.

"You aren't going to leave me here? Oh no, Mister, please!"

"I only give lifts to nice girls," I said. "Obedient ones! What you need is a good spanking, not a lift!"

"Oh but Mister - "


"I am obedient. I like to be obedient, honest I do." The glance she gave me was full of meaning. "I promise to be good if you let me in. I'll do everything you tell me to do. Don't leave me out here, all alone. I'm frightened of the dark. And he took all my money -"

"Who did?"

"My boyfriend. I thought he was nice. Then he met another girl at the dance tonight and they just threw me out of the car. I didn't even have my shoes on! And she took my handbag, it had all my money in it." She burst into tears. "And he took all my rings and bracelets. People call me Silver because of all my bracelets, they were my money box."

I opened the door.

"You'd better get in, Silver. I'm getting cold with the window down."

"Not as cold as me, Mister," she snuffled. Now that she was close to me I found her very sexy, sort of slimly plump if you follow me. Juicy. Ripe.

"Don't be cheeky!" I said, "not when you're with me. Doesn't your father ever punish you for being cheeky?"

She shivered. "He used to beat me with his belt when I was naughty, but that was alright because I deserved it when I was a kid."

"Surely you don't think reaching eighteen changes that?"

"I suppose not." She burst into tears again. "my Mum died, you see, and Dad ran off, so there's nobody to look after me now."

"Or to spank you."

"Well, about that..." She paused and considered the matter gravely. "A spanking or two isn't such a big deal, it would be worth it to be looked after real well."

"Would it?"

She looked at me. I couldn't see what colour her eyes were but they were big. "Yes Mister," she said wistfully, "oh yes it would, I don't mind truly. As a matter of fact...well anyway, you plan to beat me, then, if I'm naughty, like I often am? On the bare bum? Hard, with a strap like my Dad did?"

When I didn't answer - being totally speechless, as I'm sure you can appreciate - she leaned over and kissed me, pressing hard against me, a really erotic experience for a crusty old bachelor like me.

"I miss my Dad," she whispered.

"Where do you live?" I asked when I had got my breath back and my erection was a little more comfortably positioned. I also had the car purring gently forward by now.

"I got out of the orphanage this morning. I was going to live with the boy who dumped me. So nowhere, I suppose."

"You'd better come home with me then, just for tonight," I said.

"I guess so."

"And then we'll see."

"OK." She started playing with the stereo, apparently quite at home. "Got any good tapes?"

"Yes, some opera."

"Opera? Holy shit!" She leaned forward and turned on the radio, twiddling until she found some reggae, which I detest, and turned it up full blast.

I pulled in to the grassy verge and turned the music off, and she looked at me, her eyes frightened now, no longer mocking, tears not too far away.

"I do not tolerate behaviour like that!" I said. "Now over my lap for a spanking or out you go! It's up to you!"

"I-I didn't think we were quite that serious," she said.

"Well I am. Out. Start walking."

"There isn't even room for you to spank me."

"There will be when I come over there and open the door!"

"I see." She seemed to be thinking it over. "So it's a spanking or abandoned in the dark, eh? I just hate the dark! So it's a spanking for you, Silver, my girl! It's grit your teeth and bear it time. Mister, are you still going to take me home with you after you've spanked me?"

"Perhaps. We'll call this a test to see if you are serious about being obedient."

"OK then."

I moved over into her seat, away from the steering wheel, and she came over my lap, surprisingly heavy, just fitting when I opened the door, so that her head was out in the rain and her feet in the driver's seat.

"You really ought to tie me down if you're going to spank me," she said, " because I can't always control myself."

"Maybe the next time," I said. I was all of a quiver, no breath to talk with, a strange sensation. She was heavy on my penis, wriggling against it a little, and I shifted to get comfortable.

Don't rush this, I said to myself. Fate has dealt you a good 'un. Make the most of it. Test her out properly and maybe...maybe she might come to live with you and then...

One hand confirmed that she had no bra and the other was poised to lift that pathetic little rag of a skirt, and yet I couldn't quite bring myself to do it.

"Knickers," I said.

She twisted her head around.

"You'd better take your knickers off."

"I don't have any on, Dumbo."

"Don't you be cheeky - I've told you before!" She was testing me out, seeing how far she could go. Well she'd soon find out!

"What's your name then, Dumbo?" she asked.


"Very well, Sir Stephen, let's get on with it."

"What's all this 'Sir Stephen' stuff?"

"He's in my favourite book, The Story of O. Don't you know it, Sir?"

I didn't.

"Well then, " she said. "I think this is going to be fun. I shall call you Sir Stephen and think of myself as 'O'. Carry on, Sir Stephen, do your worst!"

She was trying hard to sound as if she didn't care what I did to her, but there was a very satisfying tremble in her seductive little voice, and she was squirming against my erect prick all the time.


But I couldn't hold out much longer, and then the thrill would be gone.

"Pull your skirt up."

"Well I -"


"Yes Sir, I am your obedient servant. I do like your beard, it makes you look ever so fierce."

Two timid little hands came round and pulled the skirt slowly back, revealing the plumpest little bottom it has ever been my pleasure to see, an arse to shame all arses!

"Hold your skirt there!"

"How many are you going to give me?"

"We'll see, won't we. As many as I think necessary."

"OK," she said, but her voice was definitely trembling now...

"Is this all the clothes you have?" I asked. "This bit of a skirt and jersey? No knickers, no bra?"

"That's all I was wearing, that's what my pig of a boyfriend liked. Will you buy me some clothes, Sir?"

"Perhaps. Shoes anyway. When we get home you can take these wet things off. They're filthy anyway. I think I'll burn them."

"But what will I wear?"

"I think I can spare you a shirt."

"Oh, but -"

"You aren't nearly as tall as I am, so it will cover everything. You will be quite decent for a while. And the house is very warm."

"Yes, but -"

"I will not be argued with!" I confess to licking my lips. "So you can take the skirt and jersey off now instead!"

"Oh, but -"

"NOW! Or get out and walk!"

She looked out in to the dark, wet night and then I slid back into my seat whilst she struggled out of her wet things without another word.

"Throw them out, then close the door!"

To my astonishment, she did as she was told without further protest, then actually put her arms round me and kissed my lips.

I had left the engine running to keep us warm and, having suspended the spanking, I now drove on in silence. I glanced at her in the dim starlight and got the impression of firm, high breasts, neither too big nor too small.

"Now you'll have to look after me!" she said contentedly.

"Is that what the kiss was for?"

"Yes, you're my guardian now, my benefactor. I'll be your slave-girl because you definitely can't abandon me in this state. And at least if I'm your slave girl I don't get to be spanked. I think you meant to hurt me!"

"I did," I said as I stopped the car once more. "In fact, I do!"

"Holy shit!"

"Shut up and get over my lap like before."

It was even more delicious this time, especially as my one hand held a breast, quite different holding her naked body...

I raised my hand and then brought it down with a satisfying slap.

"Ow," she muttered, "that hurt!" A hand came back feeling for the place to rub better.

"Keep your hands out of the way, " I said, "or I'll add more!"

"But I don't know how many I'm going to get!"

"I still advise you to keep your hands out of the way."

I didn't know how many she would be getting either...

After three hard slaps she began to cry softly and then to sob openly which I found very stimulating.

After six she was writhing about like mad and howling without restraint.

"Holy shit!" she screamed. "I didn't bargain for this! I thought you were a soft touch!"

She tried to wriggle away but I was just too strong for her. Smack! Smack! Smack! I began to lay into her bottom really hard and fast, then she was screaming and squirming, struggling like mad, her beautiful bare bottom quivering and writhing across my lap...

She wriggled round and came and nestled in my arms, snuggling up to me, still crying softly.

At last she spoke, her eyes wide and pleading.

"You really are going to look after me, aren't you? I was ever so good, wasn't I?"

"Yes, provided I can train you to my ways, make you into a good obedient companion."

"Of course Sir," she said softly, "whatever turns you on. I'm just your helpless victim aren't I. I'll have to be your...totally obedient little slave-girl - but don't beat me so hard next time. My God that really hurt!"

"We'll see," I said and she smiled in contentment.

She would squirm under my slipper, I thought, and as for my belt...

She would have to plead very nicely if I was to go easy with her on that!

I'd soon find out just how submissive she could be!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, March 17, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch for March 16

This week we discussed spanking as an addiction.

Rose: I think it is possible to get addicted to the endorphins. Am I addicted? You will have to ask Dragon that question. I am positive that he is addicted to spanking me.

Turn around bend over: I think I'm addicted to my husbands dominance, spanking included. I can't imagine my life without it. It consumes my every thought.

Welcome, TABO!

Sunny Girl: I think it's entirely possible on both sides.

Joey: I think it is possible to be addicted to spanking. But, often we just do not have the opportunity to be spanked often. I can have alcohol any day, but I must wait weeks for a spanking.

Prefectdt: The endorphins are definitely a lot of fun but a lot of people get this high from roller coaster rides, bungee jumping and other thrill activities. So is it addictive? Possibly but if it is I do not believe that it is a harmful addiction. Except to my poor reddened rear end that is :)

Katie: Great question! I've actually wondered the same. I'm thinking that one can become addicted.

Roz: Great question! I think it is possible to become addicted to the endorphins. For me I think it's the overall dominance, including spanking.

Baxter: I think I am addicted to the thought of spanking, both giving and receiving. I seem to think about spanking a lot when at work and think about some of the chicks and what they might do if I was over their laps OR if they were over my lap. There are quite a few I would love to see their scrumptious ass bare over my knee and experiment with reddening them. I am addicted as I love to look for potential implements wherever I am whether in a cooking store, a hardware store, or a general merchandise store like Target. So yeah the whole idea of spanking is an addiction, but a fun one in which I am not a danger to anyone,as other addictions can be.

Blondie: Addictive seems like such a big word. But maybe I am. I need and enjoy being spanked. The spanking seems to keep me balanced, happy, feeling loved and keeps my husband happy since he loves to spank.

Leah: I've wondered the same as it seems to be the best source of stress relief.

Welcome, Leah!

Arched one: Not sure if it's an addiction or not. If it is, it's a nice addiction. For me it's something I need and crave from my wife, and she enjoys spanking me. I try and remember that every time I'm feeling the paddle, belt or other implement. Ouch.

Bob B: I certainly think that, for me, it is an addiction. I can live and breathe it; I could even do it as a job. I also do not think it is harmful but it is a lot of fun.

Nina: I guess it is possible. When I get a spanking I often experience that I can let go frustration and guilt. And if I don't get spanked I have sometimes problems with putting these thoughts aside and am a little restless. Therefore, maybe it could be addictive, the positive way.

Ronnie: I can't say 100% that spanking is or can be become an addiction but I think it's possible on both sides.

Bogey: Addicted? Sure, but the addiction is in the mind, not the result of being spanked. I could never see another person in my life and I would still think about spanking.

Minelle: I do believe it is possible and probable. I am certain that it consumes many a thought for some each day!

Terpsichore: I think it certainly could become an addiction on either side. While I do not experience nearly enough spankings to be addicted, my thoughts of spankings can certainly be.

River: I am addicted to the peace that it brings my marriage and the closeness it provides between my husband and I :-)

Underling: There are so many different elements to this stuff, and I think it's possible to be addicted to one or more (or all!) of them.

There's the physical sensation, the intimate contact, the power dynamic, the adrenaline and endorphins, the fantasies, erotica in stories and pictures...

I think as with a lot of addictions it's often about escape from the pressures of everyday life. Spanking and being spanked are so separate from those things that worry us - they represent a special retreat, and quite often one that nobody else knows about. While we're engaged in them we're 'in the moment' - it's almost impossible to be anxious about something else when someone is busy tanning your behind!

We also tend to become addicted to the people we share these very intense and personal experiences with. I know many play partners who seem to have little else in common but still can't get enough of each other just because of the intensity of the bond that develops between spanker and spankee.

I also know people who become listless or irritable or depressed if they go too long between spankings.

So I'm going with 'yes' - spanking addiction is pretty common. :)

Six of the best: Spanking a woman on her bare bottom, is part of my sexual pleasure. It turns me on. And I enjoy every moment of it. So does the lady who I give the spanking to.

Renee: I don't know if it's an addiction or an obsession...or just an orientation. :)

Jenny: I think that at times I get addicted to reading and writing about spanking. Other times I have little interest and tell myself, "I can give this up at anytime." I think that means it is an addiction for me! But I have few vices, and this isn't the worst addiction I could have.

I also think that the psychological phenomena behind developing and maintaining a strong desire for s spanking are potentially addictive. See my posts here and here.

Autumn: My husband thinks I'm addicted. I suppose in a way, I am, but I don't see it as an addiction. Giving up spanking for me would be like asking a vanilla person to give up sex--maybe they're not addicted, but their life would not be fun without it!

*Bonnie*: Hmmm great question. I do believe it can be addicting from both ends of the paddle. It certainly seems to be the best form of stress relief for both partners at least in my case.

Bonnie: Addiction is such an unpleasant word. It suggests a damaging loss of self and control over one's life.

We don't have that sort of problem. We spank because it enriches our lives and keeps us close. Unlike any addiction, we can embrace this lifestyle without pause or qualification.

Hermione: I look upon an addiction as creating a physical need. It's something that you can't give up without or do without. Sometimes I feel that I really crave a spanking and will go to great lengths to get one. It isn't something that I would want to be without, but stopping wouldn't cause me any physical harm. I think it comes down to a matter of degree. If spanking consumes your whole life, and is always on your mind, then yes, I think that would be an addiction.

Thank you to all who voiced their opinions, and happy St. Patrick's Day!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #11

People can become addicted to a wide variety of things. Besides the usual alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, there are more unusual addictions. I recently listened to a radio interview about a man who claimed to be addicted to wealth. So, what about us?

Is it possible to become addicted to spanking? Why or why not? Do you think you might be addicted? Is this something to worry about?

Please leave your opinion as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to voice their thoughts I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, March 15, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Poor girl seems to be having trouble, and here's why:

Leigh Smith: Do you see the bruise you left?

Rollin: "Hmm," Jack mused silently to himself. "I was 100% right. Those legs DO go all the way up to her ass."

Ronnie: No, I'm not wearing any knickers, I'll show you.

Anon: Your wife was here while you were out to lunch, and she turned me over her knee and spanked me. She said she was tired of me lying about you being in a meeting every time she calls, and she told me next time my panties are coming down. I want a raise.

Autumn: I used that Arnica Hermione recommended, but it doesn't seem to have helped much. What do you think, Bob?

Katie: Now I told you to leave the panties off or they would scratch that well spanked bottom of yours! Here, I can be a nice guy. Put a little cold compress on it for a while.

Ricky: Do the marks show?

Sara: Oops I did get a bruise after all. Look how purple it is!

Baxter: I told you that belt you used kept wrapping around and hitting me right there. But I am not complaining. You can strap me again anytime as it felt real good.

Six of the best: "I am pleased that you are wearing suspender-belt and stockings my dear. For after I have pulled down your knickers. It's six of the best for you, on your voluptuous bare bottom," said her husband, with a delight, to his ever loving wife.

Mr and Mrs B: One day these strap things will disappear and girls will be wearing all in one nylon things!
Who said that blondes don't have brains?

A. Lurker: Oh no! You left a big bruise and I am supposed to go swimming with my friends today after work. What am I to do?
You'll think of something. You always do.

Anon2: Ooh, they all landed on my left cheek. I'll have to sit lopsided for ages unless you even me up!

Hermione: Rght there, see? That's where the four buttons on your jacket got caught in my garter.

Thank you all for providing your usual amazing captions!
From Hermione's Heart