Thursday, July 29, 2021

Welcome Back Red!

Our good friend Red has returned with a new blog. Please stop by and give him a warm welcome.

It's great to have you back, my friend.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Cartoon Fun

I've always loved reading the comics in newspapers. Even before I learned to read, I would pore over the weekly colour comic section of the newspaper, looking for pictures of spanking. Back in those days, storylines featuring spanking as the final panel were quite common.

I still enjoy comic illustrations, and have found a selection of butt-related cartoons for you to enjoy, from a desk calendar I had a few years ago.

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Monday, July 26, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 25

What traits make a good spanker?

Roz: That's a great question. I think a good spanker knows their spankee well, there likes and dislikes etc and is able to read signals from the spankee such as body language and verbal queues.

Rich Person: Empathy. I think a good spanker can feel what the spankee is feeling during the spanking session, and use that to give them the proper experience.

Anon 1: To be a good spanker you need to have been on the receiving end as a spankee. It gives you much more insight into the spankees thoughts, emotions and feelings...posterior and otherwise.

Wendel: Anyone can give a spanking. Just bare the bottom and smack until the person cannot sit. To be a good spanker in a relationship you must know your partner emotionally. You need to understand their feelings and convey your love to them even though you are giving them a sore bottom. When it is over the spankee is left with a wonderful experience. 

Barrel: Agree with all the comments currently posted. I would add technique, which includes location and delivery. I was spanked yesterday and an errant stroke landed high on my tailbone, which ruined the moment. While wrapping of an implement is very effective when delivered correctly, strokes that wrap to the sides of the hips are nasty. My wife has practised caning a pillow to enhance the delivery of very hard strokes accurately.

Prefectdt: Beyond the obvious, respects hard limits, safe words etc, I think that what makes a good spanker is someone who can develop her own style. I have had many notable spankings that have been totally different from each other. There are no one set of traits that make a good spanker. She just has to find a way to spank well, within her own abilities and character.

Rosco: Someone who enjoys it, either innately or learns to like it because their partner does.

For me, the lecture and role play are important.

A sense of the desired intensity and duration, with few errant strokes.

Hermione: For me, it's a man who is enthusiastic and enjoys the job.

KDPierre: There are numerous things but in my experience the best spankers are the ones who really want to do it--like not just as an experiment, or to be cute, or to be accommodating--but a personal desire of their own. Something IN themselves. These folks tend to then pick up all of the individual traits already mentioned very quickly. 

Anon 2: My wife gives me a very good spanking twice a week. She is the best spanker, in my estimation, since she is the only person who has ever spanked me as an adult. She spanks me exclusively. And I would not want anyone else to do it.

Great insight into the question. Stay safe, everyone!

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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #393

Welcome one and all to our weekly spanko discussion. This week's topic comes to us courtesy of Bonnie and a long-ago brunch. I thought we deserved another opportunity to discuss it since many of you here today didn't have the pleasure of attending that brunch.

What traits make a good spanker?

Please leave your response as a comment or email me. Once everyone has had a chance to weigh in, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

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Friday, July 23, 2021

You Completed the Caption

KDpierre: "Don't blame ME for not feeling anything through this damned bustle, blame your own Victorian prudery for not stripping me naked first!"

Jack: I should have picked up the fireplace shovel, it would have gotten her attention and wiped the smile from her face.

A.J.: "Why isn't she complaining..."?

He doesn't understand why she's loving it?

Jeanie: "No, darling, I don't feel a thing. I think your regular hairbrush paddlings of my bottom have developed calluses back there. May I suggest we try it in the nude with a school cane...?"

Rosco: Something is wrong, very wrong.

She's lying the wrong direction for a right-handed spanker. The artist was too lazy to start over, but willing to add the question mark.

Baxter: Dear, I cannot feel the hairbrush at all. Maybe you should lift my dress and try that. OR we could switch places and I can see if you can feel the hairbrush. Either way is fine with me. 

Prefectdt: C'mon dear, put some effort into it, you need the exercise.

Eric: "Is that all you've got?"

Lurker48: I agree with KdPierre!

Wendel: Lawrence suddenly realized why a spanking should be given on the bare bottom.

Roz: Why is she still nagging? Obviously time to get serious with this spanking.

Rich Person: "Why am I doing this when I have no clue how it works?"

Ronnie: I know dear, now you have to pull up my skirt and spank me.

Barrel: Hmmm...enough warm up? Yep! Time for the cane, my love.

Man: What the heck is making that squeaking noise every time I whack her posterior?
Woman: Little does he know I hid my dog's favourite squeaky pillow under my skirt.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Complete the Caption

Here we have a husband administering a well-deserved spanking to his wife. But why the question mark? What is the mystery in this cartoon, sent to me my our good friend Wendel Jones?

Please create a suitable caption in the comments section below, or email me. I'll publish your submissions on Friday.

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Monday, July 19, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 18

What specific misdeeds result in giving or getting a punishment spanking?

Jack: My attitude, childish behavior, and worse of all disrespect to my Mother-in-law who is bossy. The bath brush really gets my attention, always spanked over my wife lap, and if the spanking is for childish behavior I will call my wife Mommy until told otherwise. As for my bossy Mother-in-law, will be spanked on the spot. My wife wants to insure her mother she addresses such disrespect quickly. On a few occasions my mother-in-law is handed the bath brush and she likes to spank in private so taken to the bedroom and private or not I can be heard. My mother-in-law will when done with the spanking tell me to undress, I'm spanked on the bare bottom, taken to the front room, face the wall while her and my wife talk. Husbands are just little boys my wife reminds me and wives are Mommies who spank naughty little boys. 

Xen: Hmm, it’s varied. It might be severe if I’m being punished for multiple things at once, or if I’ve done the same thing pretty recently, and *especially* if I’ve done it recently but was let off for it. The only specific thing I can remember being severely punished for was putting too many chocolate chips on a breakfast bar, but that takes a little explanation:

First off, most of the things I get punished for are things I want help with motivation/accountability-wise. In this case I had these oatmeal bars I’d have for breakfast, and they are a million times better toasted with a few melted chocolate chips on top. Key word being “few.” I’d got into the habit of just PILING the thing with chocolate chips, truly out of hand, so I’d asked him to help me stick to a reasonable amount. This evolved into me sending a photo to prove I had a reasonable amount. Soooo, occasionally I’d take the photo but have a couple extra in my hand, and hey, a couple extra really doesn’t make that much of a difference. Of course a couple soon got to be a handful, and occasionally occasionally became daily. Anyway, I was probably (definitely) doing it partly to push my luck, and eventually I got caught naturally. So I was punished for the chocolate chips, but the severe part came in because I’d been pretty blatantly breaking the rule and hiding it, and it had been going on for quite a while.

(Disclaimer: honestly is really important in a relationship and lying because you crave punishment is generally a terrible idea. HOWEVER. Part of me also really wants to get caught out in things. My husband and I have a lot of built up trust, and I would never hide anything important from him. He knows that, and this kind of boundary pushing works well for both of us.)

Anon 1: When I am disrespectful to my wife or do not complete the chores assigned to me daily, then I know I am in for a severe spanking, humiliation and a long list of extra chores. I get punished for other offences too, but I better avoid the ones mentioned, trust me!

One other thing gets me in serious trouble is when my mother-in-law, who visits us regularly, feels I am not paying enough respect to her or her daughter. My wife allows her mother to deal with any misbehaviour from me herself, and boy, she does.

Ordered to strip naked I find myself over her lap and she knows how to give a good spanking with her hand! She always switches to her (much dreaded) hairbrush and soon I am crying and bawling like a little baby. At least 1 hour cornertime and I am usually unable to sit for a few days and I need to sleep on my stomach too.

In spite of all the severe pain and humiliation, I do love them both dearly and I know they punish me to make me a better person.

Roz: Punishment spankings for us were mainly due to breaking agreed rules or for disrespect.

The one that stands out though is one particular weekend Rick was away and I visited my parents and returning that night. Driving to my parents involved driving over a notorious small mountain pass. The weather was also bad that night. I failed to contact Rick when I got home to let him know I was safe as I was meant to and he was worried out of his mind.

Anon 2: If I don't obey the rules,and there are many, she lays out for me or do what I'm told when I'm told. Then its upstairs to the bedroom to strip, before being marched down to the basement stopping in the kitchen for the razor strap (it hangs there in plain sight for all to see) to get my butt blistered raw. Sitting is out of the question for at least 4 days, and I'm black and blue for 1 to 2 weeks. Needless to say,this does happen often. I behave myself because it's quite painful and humiliating, as it happens regardless of who might be visiting. 

Bonnie: For us, it's not a matter of earning a serious punishment style spanking so much as agreeing to one. There are times when that is exactly what I need. Sometimes, I ask for it. Other times, Randy will propose it and I will consent. Either way, experiencing a really painful spanking reboots my emotions and lifts my spirits.

Rosco: Peeking up a skirt or trying to. Inappropriate ogling when I should be minding my own business.

But it’s all role play and pretend. When Irene is really annoyed with me the punishment is much more severe than spanking - she ignores me.

Prefectdt: Normally, my only punishment spankings happen during fun spankings. Sometimes I am not as stoic, during a spanking, as I would like to be and do some dancing and squirming. I would rather be dealt with at the time, rather than mentally beat myself up about it for days afterwards. A few hard strokes with a cane or a strap across the front of my thighs usually does the job. I hate that. So my crimes tend to be dancing, squirming, inappropriate vocalisations and blocking.

KDPierre: With us it's a combination of specific, agreed-upon rules and the more emotion-driven feelings of Rosa with regard to thoughtless remarks or undue sarcasm due to impatience. That said, not every infraction invites a punishment and sometimes (as I recently wrote about) a very exceptional and rare lapse of mine, I actually requested the punishment just because I was so disappointed with myself....even as she admitted she didn't think it was such a big deal.

We are currently getting around to one, or should I say two, that were the result of me just acting without thinking, despite specific instructions from Rosa. It's like I knew what she said, and then in the moment, had like a moment of panicked confusion and did the exact opposite of what she said. Because it was obviously unintentional, she is not seeing it as an act of defiance, but because it occurred so immediately after her instruction, she is just beside herself with frustration. The only reason she hasn't punished me yet (because I've already admitted my fault and apologized) is because she says she is still too upset to do a serious punishment. She wants to get to a better headspace and THEN do it. As you can see, these aren't knee-jerk, whimsical things. They are emotion-laden and very real and as such are treated with the care real issues deserve. 

Barrel: Punishment spankings occur as a result of three things. First, I am disrespectful and raise my voice with my wife. Second, one or both of us conclude I need one to reduce stress. Finally, I ask for one. In all cases, the spankings are longer, more intense, include restraints and I am lectured during breaks when my wife changes implements. We are planning one next Saturday for the first reason stated. I am trying to build a new spanking bench I got from Red’s blog in time for it to be inaugurated during what my wife promises to be a memorable session.

Hermione: We don't do punishment spankings, but if I ever damaged our car (Ron's pride and joy) I would surely be in for one.

Be good, everyone!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #392

It's great to see you all here today. A few weeks ago we talked about punishment spankings. Our good friend and regular brunch attendee A.J. has suggested that we explore this topic further. Like some of us, A.J. only spanks for enjoyment, and he can only guess what triggers a punishment spanking. So here is today's topic in his own words:

What offense has to be committed to earn one a severe punishment spanking?  Please be specific.

I'd like to know too, so please leave your response as a comment or send me an email. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to contribute.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Just a little off the sides

Yesterday I gave Ron another haircut. Our barbershops and hair salons are finally open, but Ron is still uneasy about going out, and I have to admit, my barbering skills have greatly improved. We both agreed his latest trim was quite a success.

I hadn't realized how much hair-cutting services were needed until our family came to visit after an 18 month absence. Our daughter-in-law looked pretty good since she wears her hair long anyway, and our granddaughter's head is always a tangled mass of curls. But the males of the family looked like shaggy shetland ponies!

When I visited a supermarket the day hair cutting resumed, I overheard a clerk saying that the lineup at the nearby First Choice Haircutters (a low-cost, no appointment operation) had begun at 6:30 am. Now it's time for some barbershop humour.

Say no more!

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Monday, July 12, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 11

How do spankings make you feel?

Jeanie: You suggested "Satisfied" or "Contrite." Ha! That's what a top might want, but not on my cast-iron butt. 

I'd suggest that I feel like "Swooning" when I sense it's actually going to happen, "Indefatigable" at the inception (while putting up a brave front, or backside), "Subdued" enough to know not to resist or fight-back against the inevitable during the spanking. I feel "Replete" when the slaps finally stop raining down, like when you're comfortably full after a delicious feast. But a different hunger gnaws at me at this juncture. Spankings do NOT satisfy me, they make me "Crave" true, complete satisfaction through sex. 

I hope you're not sorry that you asked! Young people today have a phrase, "all the feels." That's what I thought of on this topic, but my feels might be a little more "Raw" and less "Romantic."

Wendel: It may sounds silly but a spanking is one way we show affection towards each other. Oh yeah , we feel sore for hours afterwards. 

Bonnie: Oh, yes, all that and so much more. To a large degree, how I feel depends upon the spanking and the circumstances. I could provide a hundred adjectives to describe my emotional reactions to a spanking. For the sake of brevity, here is a slightly shorter list: fulfilled, loved, humble, happy, dazed, special, energized, sexy, connected, and snugly. And sore, definitely sore.

Roz: How I feel after a spanking depends on the nature of the spanking, the reasons behind it and any emotions involved. It can also depend on the length and intensity. Basically though, all of the above.

Jack: Sore, very little, and will be glad when able to sit comfortable again. Spankings are punishment, which I need, my childish behavior, or as my wife reminds me, men are just little boys, comes out and needs proper motherly attention.

Rosco: There’s a deep satisfaction that leaves me spent and exhausted. No contrition since it’s all role play - Irene may tease me about having learned my lesson about peeking up girls’ skirts and stuff like that.

I had to wear long pants yesterday since some errant lashes of her quirt left marks on my legs. But the deeper soreness from a sound spanking is most pronounced 24-72 hours afterwards.

Bernie: I usually feel contented after a thorough spanking. It let's me know that I'm valued and loved. It also gives me the satisfaction of having completely submitted. Soreness is appreciated, too, as it reminds me of the caring that went into giving it.

Ronnie: How I feel after does depend on the spanking I'm getting so can be loved, connected, content, satisfied, contrite, sexy but always sore.

Prefectdt: If it is a good spanking, that has gone well, then my mind will be dancing with the fairies for up to a day afterwards. Spanking induced endorphins have a strong effect on me

I missed the earlier "before" question, but as for this one, certainty satisfied, romantic, and a bit sore, but I think mostly..."affection?"

I only spank/get spanked for the sheer fun of it (never "punishment") but afterwards, with me or her or both with fairly red and tingling bottoms, I think back to what fun it was, and how lucky I was to share it with my spanker/spankee. I have always had warm feelings toward my partner. "Affection" seems the correct definition.

Barrel: I don’t think I can express it any better than Bonnie and Roz. That’s exactly how I feel. After a long and stern session, I too, feel dazed. I love that adjective.

Hermione: I always feel aroused and ready for the erotic experience that follows. The true feeling of relaxation comes after I do :)

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts this week. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #391

Welcome one and all to our weekly discussion time. Last week we talked about our feelings while waiting for a spanking. This week is the followup, how we feel afterwards, taken from Bonnie's very first brunch.

How do spankings make you feel? Satisfied? Contrite? Romantic? Or just plain sore?

Please leave your response as a comment or email me. Once everyone has had a chance to weigh in, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, July 9, 2021

Friday FAIL

Just some silly signs I couldn't help laughing at. Somebody deserves a spanking for them.

Happy Friday!

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Getting Back to Normal

Yesterday I got up at 6:30 and was at the supermarket by 7:00. The parking lot was nearly empty, which was unusual. After putting on my mask, I locked the car and walked to the entrance, where I met two early customers who told me that the early opening for people at risk had been cancelled. There was a sign on the door announcing the new opening hour was 8:00 am.

Other signs that we are getting back to normal were all around me. The beer store now permits double the number of customers - four instead of only two. When we had a package delivered, the courier wasn't wearing a mask when he handed it to me outside. The library allows patrons inside instead of picking up materials at the door, and the parking lot at the mall was so busy you would have thought it was Christmas.

Dining is still restricted to outdoors only, so it's still takeout for us..

Thanks for the pan, Pizza Hut

What's a taco chip doing in my burger?

A knife? That's a bonus. Thanks, Subway

Where's the beef?

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, July 5, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 4

We discussed how you feel waiting for a spanking, and here's what you said:

Jeanie: I am made to wait for almost every punishment spanking I receive. If it were up to me, this would not be the case. (But if it were up to me, I wouldn't be made to bare my bottom, receive punishment with some detested implements, or have to serve corner time.) It is not left up to me.

Hermione mentioned several words, "anxious" and "apprehensive." Both of those qualities come into play beforehand. She mentioned "eager." I am eager to get it over with. I would suggest another word, "anticipation." There is the anticipation of the pain to endure, and of the euphoria experienced afterward. I am a spanko that hates hard spankings. I fear them, but I earn them with regular frequency. I find a simple beauty in the dichotomies of the Dominance/submission arrangement. The waiting just intensifies everything.

Wendel: I almost always get paddled when the Misses has a girls' night out evening. She will announce my upcoming paddling and tell me to wait in the bedroom. The Misses will get her clothes ready and get everything else organized. Then I am informed that the spanking will take place when she gets out of the shower. I sit and wait until she returns. When she comes out of the shower I have to remove my pants and bend over the end of the bed. The Misses will paddle my bottom until I can sit. I do enjoy the wait. 

I have made the Misses sit and wait in the kitchen a few times for her spanking. No real reason other than it is fun. She has to sit in a chair until I am ready. Usually about 15 minutes. When I come in the room I will have her stand and pull down her pants. I sit and take her across my lap. Her spanking can be by hand, the paddle or the belt. 

Enjoy the long week end Hermione. 

Roz: We have often had to wait to spank. The nature of the spanking dictated how I felt but the wait was always filled with anticipation and anxiety, particularly if it was to be a disciplinary spanking.

Anon 1: Waiting is the worse, more so than the actual spanking. Having to stand, sometimes with just my pants and underpants pulled down, or naked, I just want to get the spanking over. Normally the waiting means that another person is going to be present, that person could be my mother-in-law, friend, neighbor. These people I have been offended by my actions so get to see a grown man become a little boy.

Barrel: Unless the spanking is purely foreplay, which it often is, I have little prep time to think about it. But when we plan a session, I always begin with excitement and anticipation for several days in advance. The closer it gets, anticipation turns to apprehension, then angst as I know it will be a long and stern session. Yet, even as I place myself on the bench, I want it so badly. 

Ronnie: Thankfully these days it's rare I have to wait for a spanking. When I have had to there was always anticipation and anxiety. I hated waiting.

Red: Love the idea of knowing that you will be spanked later today. Sadly, we rarely do this, so thanks for the reminder to talk to Cindy about it.

Bottoms up!

Joe: Rarely is there any wait only when I ask for one in the morning then my wife see you tonight. Sometimes I will get get a text around noon as a reminder.

Prefectdt: I just waited for about a year for the spanking that I got last week and a satisfying one it was too :) I think that waiting that long, every time, is a bit much to ask. That nice, butterflies in your tummy feeling, as you anticipate an upcoming playtime, is a nice part of the experience, but for a week or two, at the maximum please.

Rosco: Never apprehensive, often eager.

They're intense and hurt plenty but only briefly. Once in a while an errant blow to the testicles or hipbone is over the top - but this is seldom. If Irene is seriously annoyed with me, we do not do the spanking thing. That would be a bad idea for us (and I would think most other people.)

Can be frustrating when things get interrupted. It's fun to get a stern warning and have to wait a bit.

Anon 2: Because I crave it, my lovely wife gives me a hard bare-bottom spanking twice a week with a wooden paddle I made for her. As she puts it, she does it "only because I love you." We are both 80+, so this does not lead to sex. Nevertheless, it is very intimate! Afterwards, I always thank her and give her a kiss. I love the after glow that might last for a day or more. 

Hermione: I always know in advance when I am going to be spanked, and I usually feel anxious in a good way. I want to hurry the clock along so it reaches the appointed time sooner. If I have to wait because of a change in plans or something unforeseen, I feel frustrated.

Brunch is over for this week. Stay safe, dear friends.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #390

It's nice to see so many of you here today. What with Canadians taking a long weekend for Canada Day, and Americans enjoying the Independence Day holiday, that only leaves...well, quite a lot of the world, actually.

Do you sometimes have to wait for a spanking? How do you feel during the waiting period? Anxious? Apprehensive? Eager? Do you prefer waiting, or would you rather get it over with sooner?

As always, you may remain anonymous. Please respond by leaving a comment or via elail. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, July 3, 2021

You Completed the Caption

Paddle Daddy: If I get another spanking tonight because of the things YOU say , I am locking you in the trunk all weekend! Ohhhhh my butt's sooo sore :-(

Prefectdt: As your butt is made of wood, this really is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

Jeanie: Jane, in her freshman year at Vassar in the year 1928, was exceptionally bright, but was just coasting, as she had been throughout her academic career. Her lackadaisical attitude had finally caught up with her in college.She was flunking several of her courses. How was she going to tell that to her mother?
Mrs. Collins knew something was wrong with her only child. The normally outgoing girl was sullen. Here she was home from college for fall break with her hair bobbed and a see-through nightie as short as the flapper's dress she'd worn home!
Jane had gone up to her bedroom to go to sleep an hour ago, but Mrs. Collins heard noises coming from upstairs and went to investigate. Outside the cracked bedroom door, Mrs. Collins saw and heard what amounted to a psychological therapy session, as Jane addressed her favorite childhood doll perched on her bare knee.
"I'm very upset with you, young lady!" Jane admonished the doll. "You haven't been applying yourself at college, and your grades show it! You know what you need, young lady, and that's just what you have in store." Jane stood the doll up. "That's right, pull that obscenely short skirt up and get those bloomers down around your ankles!" Jane seized her hairbrush from the nearby night-table and raised it high.
"Umm-humm," Mrs. Collins cleared her throat. Jane froze as her bedroom door slowly opened.
"I'm very upset with you, young lady," Mrs. Collins said. "You haven't been applying yourself at college and your grades show it! You know what you need and that's just what you have in store."
Mrs. Collins sat on the edge of the bed. Jane stood up slowly, guilt written all over her face. Mrs. Collins took the hairbrush from her daughter's hand, but let her hold the doll for comfort. Up went the hem of that short nightie, down came those gauzy underpants. 

Baxter: Why is it that every time you are naughty, I get my bare bottom spanked until it is very sore? I hate you my favorite doll. Well, not really as I do like being spanked. Be as naughty as you can. 

Wendel: My boy friend Geoffrey said he would turn you into a paddle to use on me if you are naughty again. 

KDPierre: If on your date tonight with Pinocchio he ends up going down on you, make sure you ask him an incriminating question and then wait for the thrill of a lifetime.

Hermione: Using her favourite doll, Grace demonstrated to Tom how she wanted him to scold and spank her.

Stay safe, everyone, and do come to our outdoor brunch, being served on the patio in a few hours.
From Hermione's Heart