Monday, September 26, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 25

What do you like about spanking? Let's find out.

Jean Marie: I'm intimidated by the breadth of this question. It's akin to "what do you like about the sea?" My thoughts are just that vast.
My first thought was to say the only thing I DON'T like about spanking is the pain, but even that isn't entirely true. Sometimes I need the pain, too.
From the baring to the sharing, from the humiliation to the heated results, from the rituals to the repeated familiarity, from the bottom-focus to the bruises, I LOVE it all!
Part of it is that being a spanko marks me as unusual, as someone outside the confines of vanilla, as an outlaw in my otherwise law-abiding life.
What I "like" about spanking doesn't address the matter; it really is a matter of deep, abiding passion! I could say volumes, but I think I'd be preaching to the choir.

Bonnie: This is a broad question, but I took a shot at a response on my blog.

Brett: My favorite thing about spanking is not liking it.

Mark: Definitely a big question. During a spanking I am super alive, alert and aware. Makes ordinary life feel a little dull by comparison. The fear and pain are intoxicating.
I feel really close to my wife during and after the spanking and definitely aroused.
When not receiving a spanking I am very often thinking about the next or the last!
As often observed, it always hurts a lot more than I remember or think that it is going to. This however is what gives rise to all of the above.

Rosco: Ultimately it’s relaxing. You’re giving up physical and emotional control, allowing your sexuality to thrive unimpeded.

Roz: Wow, this is such a broad question. There are so many things. The intimacy, the connection, the sexuality, the rituals and the little secret just between us. I could probably add a lot more.

Prefectdt: List time.

1/The anticipation and sense of adventure, when I am on my way to getting a spanking.
2/The feeling of accomplishment, when I have got through the first part of a spanking, when it just hurts, before the magic starts happening.
3/being the centre of someone else's undivided attention.
4/The chemical high that your body gives you.
5/the feeling you get when you are walking around with a freshly spanked bottom.

And I have missed some stuff, but it's a big question.

Fred Bloggs: It's not so much the spanking but the anticipation of being spanked.
Afterwards the high from endorphins and of course the marks on by bottom.
There is also something about the sting of a cane.

Spanky53: Quite simply put for me, what I like about spanking is that it is the singular most connective, vulnerable, intimate and sensual way for me to engage a woman that doesn't involve sex.

Anon: Wow, great question. Why don't you ask why I like breathing. My answer is I don't like spanking I love it. I love everything about it. I think about spanking constantly. I am obsessed with it. If I am able to I love making spanking implements in my workshop. I love the lecturing, scolding, the naughty feeling of being over someone's knee getting my bare bottom spanked. I love the feeling of stress relief it gives me. I love birthday spankings and seeing if I can sneak in a couple of smacks that way. I love the fun of funishments being scolded and spanked for not cutting the carrots the right way or something else equally silly. Then being sent to the corner to think about what I have done while risking a quick rub and being back over their knee so they can relight the fire. I love being fully clothed but having my backside exposed. I love the trigger phrase like "you are a naughty boy" "when I am done you won't want to sit down for a week" "naughty boys get spanked on their bare bottoms" "go fetch me that paddle you made." I could go on and on. 

Barrel: All of the answers so far are spot on, certainly a reflection of the experience and passion we all share for being spanked. I can’t add any more to what has been shared. But the top two things I like the most are a lengthy build up, sometimes lasting a week, and the total release of tension that comes with the earned endorphins.

Wendy: I like spankings because they turn me on. I love the way they feel both during and afterwards. I love anything that involves my butt, which is my sexual focal point. I also love the idea of punishment spanking and the ritual that should accompany it. Spankings “just for fun” may feel the same in theory, but my body (including, of course, my brain) does not respond the same way. 

Hermione: I can relate to all the reasons given. For me personally, I like spanking because it fulfils my deepest fantasies. Spanking is what turns me on; it's the only thing that does.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #454

Welcome one and all! Today's topic is short and sweet.

What do you like about spanking?

Will we all have similar answers? No chance! Tell me yours by leaving a comment. Once everyone has joined in, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 18

Have you had a punishment spanking that changed your behaviour?

Jean Marie: I've fallen in love with a marvelous man. More than anything else, I love how we match-up, we both share a strong sex drive, so ever since we met, I've been a well-taken-care-of little submissive. As I imagine is the case for other D/s couples, our play centered around made-up scenarios.
But about a month ago, I made a serious mistake. (Thank you for the permission, Hermione; I won't go into detail!) But my lover informed me that I had to learn an important lesson from my error, and he took me over is knee and paddled me with the dreaded hairbrush for three separate, lengthy sets. Both the pain of the punishment and my guilt brought me to tears. It really brought me up short! It was all suddenly very real! The make-up sex was phenomenal, the resulting bruises were amazing; the whole thing brought us together for an even stronger bond. Spankings work!

KDPierre: Rosa and I are a mix of play and genuine behavior modification. So,"yes", I have changed certain behaviors due to them being addressed with punishment. I will say though that minor habits are much more easily changed than ingrained annoying traits, so anyone looking to use DD to change a person's deep-seated flaws or weaknesses is in for disappointment. What we have found is that in the case of traits or flaws that are so ingrained that they are unlikely to change, spanking as discipline does wonders for giving an aggrieved Top an outlet for their annoyance or frustration even if that same behavior or trait is likely to be repeated at some point in the future.

Even in the case of my other disciplinarian, Nickki, she has managed to quite effectively stop me from one simple male habit in her home via spanking, but still has to deal with me annoying her with traits that pretty much define who I am, and consequently uses spanking much as Rosa does: an outlet, not a cure. 

Roz: I remember one particular incident where Rick was away and my plans involved having to drive a notorious stretch of road and return after dark. For some reason I failed to let Rick know once I was home safe which led to him being beside himself worrying whether I was ok.

This resulted in a spanking that suddenly felt very real, accompanied by his words etc and I felt so bad. I have made sure ever since in similar circumstances to let him know I am home safe. We found out the next morning there had been a serious crash on that road that night.

Wendel: I have given the Misses countless spankings trying to get her to stop overspending on silly things. Nothing has changed. I think she just likes getting spanked for doing it. 

Anon 1: Does self spankings count? I gave myself a good spanking with a wooden paddle once when I acted inappropriately at a charity function. I thought it worked but then I did the same thing again. So no. 

Rosco: Once in a while Irene will spank me then send me off to do errands or instruct me to wash her panties and other lingerie. Her spanking are intense, but not serious- if we have serious issues we have a serious discussion.

Simon: No of course not, I both give and receive punishment purely for enjoyment so whilst I may pretend to have been naughty or indeed that the lady has misbehaved that's all it is, fantasy. 

Fred Bloggs: If I was younger and healthier I would join the queue to pay my respects to Queen Elizabeth II. I only live a few miles from central London. The joys of getting older.

I don't think that being spanked has ever changed my behavior, spanking has never been that sort of activity for me. 

Fondles: Just wanted to say that as a once-British colony many of us have fond memories of the late Queen's visits to our shores when she (and we) were much younger. It's so heartwarming to see so many people wanting to pay their final respects. 

Anon 2: Yes, corporal punishment from wife HoH with the razor strap is extremely effective at putting an end to undesirable behavior or habits. I'm usually walking stiffly and sitting on pillows for days when she's serious about solving a problem. 

Alice: Some of us in the UK are a bit bemused by it all, and rather resent being told how we are supposed to be feeling and thinking by the media and the establishment!

I don't think corporal behaviour would change behaviour unless the person being punished wants it to. Anything else seems a bit unhealthy.It can provide accountability which some of us find helpful when we are wanting to alter our behaviour in some way.

I have a tendency to wallow in guilt if I feel bad about something I've done, and it has helped me to let go of that. I've acknowledged what I've done and accepted punishment's over.

Wendy: I’ve actually been experimenting with this some relating to diet and weight loss. My current program is that I have weekly check-ins (with my husband) and I get spanked 1 stroke with the dreaded plastic bath brush for every 1/10 pound I am over a threshold weight (usually 7-8 lbs, so 70-80 strokes). This is after a hand spanking warmup. I also have some (not very strict) diet rules for myself. If I have broken any of those, I get 3 cold (rattan) cane strokes per violation *before* the warmup and bath brush. I haven’t done very well on the weight loss (although I haven’t gained much either), but I sure do think twice before doing something that will earn me the cane. I can handle the cane itself, but the bath brush on top of a freshly canned bottom is tough! So I tend not to commit any violations, or at most one per week.

Bonnie: In terms of correction, possibly, but not for long. In terms of mood elevation and refocus, yes, absolutely. 

Prefectdt: I have had some spankings that were supposed to be punishment spankings. But in my head they turned into a form of play with an interesting twist to it. Perhaps if I had ever had a regular partner, who could monitor me and follow up with the rules and punishment, I would think differently, but at the moment, spankings as a punishment do not work for me.

A.J.: A real spanking? To change my behavior? Nope!

Turns out I'm one heck of a terrific guy! Who would want to change that????

I also don't believe in punishment spankings. Prefer long-lasting guilt trips.

Graham: Mostly we spank for fun, variation and excitement. But, yes, a couple times I was spanked for annoying behavior, and it did make me more aware at least for several months.

Hermione: Like Simon, our spankings are for enjoyment only. Any punishment I might receive is all in my head.

May our beloved Queen rest in peace and rise in glory.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 19, 2022

Goodbye, Your Majesty

Regular posting will resume tomorrow.

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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #453

As I write this, the line to view the body of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is five miles long. The people walking slowly in line have brought flasks of tea to keep their spirits up. Or perhaps the flasks contain spirits. If you are one of them, you might want to consider this week's brunch topic. If you are very brave, share it with your neighbours. That might initiate a very interesting conversation.

Have you had an experience as an adult where the application of corporal punishment changed your behavior? What was it about that experience that was effective? (No, you don't have to confess your bad behavior to us. Apparently, you've already been punished!)

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to participate. A big thank you to Rich Person for suggesting the topic.  


Long live the king!

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Cheer Up!

A few light-hearted selections from by old butt calendar to make you smile.

Have a great day!

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Monday, September 12, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 11

How can you tell when a picture, video of story is fake?

Anon 1: Interesting question. I look for both legs either kicking straight up or straight out stiffly at the same time, and sniffling as signs it is likely (at least at that moment) real.

Tears can be faked; spankers can have makeup on hands to transfer color. But IMO the above two things are generally authentic.

Roz: Lovely cake Hermione, I still can't believe it. So many changes now.

As for the question, very good question. I'm not sure really, I tend to think of them all as fake lol. I think fake ones do end up giving themselves away.

Wendel: I work in the movie industry with sets, lighting and camera rigs. Then I see what these people do with the SFX. We can fake just about anything. What I do like to see is the woman’s untouched bare bottom turning red from the first smack to the last. The spanking itself is probably not fake but whether or not the spankee’s tears are truly real is anyone’s guess. Could just be good acting.
I love reading the stories. I do not care if they are real encounters or fantasy. 

Rosco: I love it when you can’t tell if a story is true. These are usually first time or unexpected spanking encounters.

I haven’t written much (may someday) but the stories in my head are fantastical extrapolations of real experiences.

I wonder about some people, mostly men, who write about the harsh treatment they get from their dominant wives. I’m submissive in the bedroom for a few hours a week but it’s certainly not a lifestyle. Are there really men who like being denied orgasm and having the private parts locked in a cage for weeks or months? It seems unlikely but I don’t really know.

Alan: I think we see very few real disciplinary spankings. Even if both parties are involved in administering or accepting a real spanking, the camera subtly and not so subtly changes behavior. We become performers. There are some semi real DD videos available but even with these my sense if the camera is turned off or it is edited before it’s over. Having said all this I will add that if you are an experienced spanko you probably can intuit a real spanking (or part of one) when you see it. But they are rare.

One of my favorite rants re spanking videos is the lack of scolding or almost any dialogue is so many of them. That’s not the real way most disciplinary spanking are given and it also makes for a mediocre video if it doesn’t include dialogue of some kind. Even if the scolding precedes the actual spanking it should be shown before the spanking. A spanking without verbal interaction is just one person hitting another person.

Dan: With videos, obviously by their nature almost all are staged. But, in terms of whether the spanking in it is a "real" spanking, what often gives away the "fake" ones is the sound. The sound of the swats often is out of sync with the visual of the instrument coming down.

With stories, one big tip-off that it's fiction is lots of tears coming easily during a hand spanking or after just a few swats with a hair brush. 

Anon 2: I do not really care if a spanking either viewed or read is real as long as it is done well. Some of my favorite spanking stories are so over the top that they could never be real, but it is still fun to read and dream about them. 

A.J.: I thinks it is pretty easy for all of us to look at a "smack" and compare it to a "SWAT!!!"

But the real killer to me is the forced dialogue. On both sides of the lap.

Bonnie: I define content as fake if it is false but presented as true. This definition excludes fictional writing and photos are that clearly photo edited, as used in a meme. It also excludes models presented as high school cheerleaders with big tattoos. Every video viewer should know that spanking models are not high school cheerleaders and high school cheerleaders are not spanking models. Fake, for me, requires deliberate misrepresentation.

For photos, I look for brilliant red marks on supposedly spanked bottoms. I know there are lots of natural crimson hues that appear under such circumstances, but bright florescent red isn’t among them. I also look at the boundary between the spanked flesh and the unspanked flesh nearby. An abrupt transition suggests graphical modification.

In videos, we’ve seen several dumb tricks like using a gate audio effect to make swats sound more epic. Another is showing the same swats delivered more than once but from different angles. Spankee vocalizations are a give away. Then there is acting. When a spankee shrieks during a moderate hand spanking as though she were sustaining permanent damage, that seems pretty fake. The biggest giveaway, though, is when the rouge used to make the spankee's bottom appear red gets all.

When we consume spanking media, we expect spankings. That’s not too much to ask. 

Prefectdt: Wow! I was pretty impressed by Bonnie's rant about this.

Mostly I watch spanking videos. It would be possible to fake spankings in these, with GCI, but this would cost a lot of cash and time. Most spanking videos are made on a very limited budget, they do not come from major studios and the most financially effective way of making these are to carry out an actual spanking. So I just tend to presume that a real spanking has taken place. As for musings on the settings and stories, see Bonnie's comment.

On a note of curiosity. I was a Member of Firm Hand Spanking, for a time, and noticed that in the videos originating from the USA, the performers did not seem to show much marking from previous spankings that they must have had on the same day. Then I saw a between shoots video, showing a performer having makeup applied to her rear end to hide spanking marks, before her next scene. So there, the unspanked bottoms were sometimes false. 

KDPierre: Ah, a subject near and dear to me. I suppose I could list all sorts of red flags, many of which have already been mentioned, but the REAL litmus test? Easy. "If it looks, sounds, reads, etc. as too good to be true, it probably is fake."

For photos, I have always said, 'right click it, Google search image, and look for the original'. I can't tell you how many classic spanking photos feature people who were originally shot with pristine bottoms!

Just as an added, quick list of red flags though:
-if nothing ever goes wrong in a story, it's probably fake
-remember ALL spanking photos are staged by their very nature. (someone set up that camera or is holding it)
-While the actual spanking may be 'real' (meaning real butts were actually hit with some force) very few of in-the-moment spankings get photographed by regular people living a disciplinary lifestyle.
Yes Rosco, men DO actually do these things with their wives. I certainly do, and given my aches and pains from arthritis etc. I believe I'm real. LOL

Hermione: In photos, the giveaway is the spanker using the wrong hand in an otk spanking. I don't watch videos, but I do recall one that featured a close-up of the spankee's face after each of ten swats.That was real!

I regularly read stories that are supposedly real life memories of spankings. Most of them are school or domestic stories, and they seem real enough given the time period in which they took place. The ones I think are fake consist of half hour or longer spankings. Nobody spanks that long without a break (or do they?)

The photo above, which is NOT fake, is of a tiffin, which was Queen Elizabeth's favourite cake.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #452

I'm feeling sad today, but I baked a Queen Elizabeth cake for you, and now I'm ready to enjoy a fun brunch discussion. 

When you read a spanking story, view a spanking photograph, or watch a spanking video, what hints let you know whether it's authentic or fake?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has finished off the cake and submitted their thoughts, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion. Thank you, Bonnie, for suggesting the topic.

Rest in peace, your majesty.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, September 9, 2022

London Bridge is Down

"London Bridge is down" was the phrase used yesterday to set in motion the pre-planned order of announcements that our dear, beloved queen had passed. Her Majesty's death was sudden and unexpected, although her health had been somewhat precarious in recent months. She is deeply mourned by all her Canadian subjects.

I can't remember a time when Elizabeth wasn't our queen. In every classroom of the schools I attended, a portrait similar to the one above hung in a prominent place. Each morning, after a prayer and a salute to the Union Jack (Canada didn't have it's own flag yet) we sang "God Save the Queen". It seems strange that we will never sing that song again.

Such a lot will happen now. Our money will change. New coins will be minted with King Charles III's image on them. Official documents will be printed with new wording, and oaths for new Canadians and public servants will be sworn to King Charles. Our prayer books (The Anglican Church of Canada is part of the Church of England) will be reprinted with Charles's name as head of the church.

Rest in peace, Ma'am. 

God Save the King.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

A Busy Day

Each year we plant tomatoes in our spacious backyard garden. For the past several years, however, the crop has been so disappointing. I used to process a multitude of jars filled with the luscious fruit for use throughout the following year, but that ended a few years ago. The blanched tomatoes, so red on the outside, were pretty much dry and white on the inside, and had to be dumped on the compost heap. We reduced the number of plants from 24 to 8, and really only enjoyed the tiny red, yellow and pink cherry tomatoes.

This year has been different. Our large tomatoes have, without exception, been fragrant, juicy and delicious. I purposely planted several large beefsteak varieties that ripen later, as it seemed that the small, early varieties were the ones that didn't turn out well. I probably won't have enough to can, but next year I might increase the number of plants.

I'll be busy in the kitchen today, making yet another batch of zucchini muffins, and I thought you would enjoy these cooking fails.


Oops! Too much salt.

Someone at Dunkin Donuts hates us.

This is NOT my favourite ice cream flavour.

There goes dinner. Cleanup on aisle seven!

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 5, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 4

Here are your suggestions for disposing of unwanted adult material.

Jean Marie: I (for one) have always loved lending libraries! In the best of all possible worlds, these materials should be recycled for other's enjoyment and edification. You might reply that it's all old stuff, and I would respond that I grew-up looking at her daddy's stash of decades-old girlie/nudie magazines to shape my sexuality. I knew I was a spanko since I was about four years old, but couldn't come to grips with it until I was in college, and that was wrong and a waste. (I felt like a freak, and wish that I would've known that I was NOT alone, needing to feel lonely!) Kinky libraries could fill an important void. Now, how that's accomplished, and how we'd deal with the conservative backlash is another matter. The person who discovers those answers could make a fortune!

Bonnie: Where we live, there are mobile shredding services that will come to your house or place of business and shred almost anything while you watch. This would cover books, magazines, diskettes, CD/DVDs, flash drives, etc. You would have to ask about the VHS tapes, but there's a good chance they would take those as well. If you are concerned about the service people learning more about you than you want, you could mix the suspicious items with lots of general paper waste.

Alternately, considering Jean Marie's point, it may be possible to donate these items to a local kink group.

The old computers are a different challenge. I think there may be a way to return them to the factory default configuration, wiping out all of the old data in the process. At that point, they could be donated to a non-profit organization. 

Dan: Typically, I just throw such stuff away, though I love the idea of a lending library. I've also gone in kind of the opposite direction. There is a book on my shelf that has a "panic cover" suggesting it is a boring philosophical tome by Immanuel Kant but, in reality, it is a copy of Tom Poulton: The Secret Art of an English Gentlemen, a collection of very explicit erotic drawings. I get a kick thinking about the likely reactions my relatives who go through my effects after I die.

I also am experiencing this situation in reverse at the moment. I have a relationship with the husband of the late founder of the Disciplinary Wives Club. Recently, he sent me some of that group's old spanking publications and video's, but some of the materials are on old floppy disks. The only way for me to retrieve the documents at this point would be to take them to someone that handles such media conversions. The part of me that is still pretty firmly in the closet balks at the prospect, but the same part that placed the Poulton book on my shelf laughs at the prospect of some techie's eyes going very large when he loads the disk and sees the titles. 

Fred Bloggs: VHS is not really a problem, no one can play then as it's obsolete! Hard drives need to be hit with a big hammer. Floppy disks(!) can be cut with scissors. It's the paper magazines that are difficult, it really needs shredding. Many perverts have destroyed a vast collection of material, often from guilt, then regretted it. Before destruction check if there are any classic or valuable items in the collection. 

Anon 1: When I was younger I used to visit a lovely establishment called Fantasy Makers where I was able to spank naughty ladies. It was located across the bay from San Francisco. When you got there they had you wait in curtained cubicles until your lady was ready to escort you to a room. In the cubicle they had floor to ceiling bookcases that contained all types of spanking and bdsm books and magazines that you could look at while you waited. I bet if you reach out to some establishment near you they would love to have your books. I am not sure what to do with the vhs tapes. 

Wendel: Take the hard drive out of the computer and smash it with a hammer along with CDs. Be sure to put CDs in a plastic bag before hitting to avoid splinters flying around. Safety first.
Throw cardboard video tape covers into the fire pit for a romantic cozy evening outside. You may even want to engage in a quick bare bottom spanking next to the fire if opportunity allows.
For the plastic covers and actual tapes strip off the labels and toss the tapes in the neighbor’s garbage can when they are not looking. Burn the labels in the cozy fire.
Similar to Jean Marie I donated some unwanted books to the local library’s donation box for others to enjoy. 

Roz: Very interesting question and very good point too! Some great suggestions above, I don't know what I could add. Love the kinky library idea, and using the neighbour's bin.

Anon 2: donate to your local Deseret Industries. It won't even make it past the intake drive through before it ends up in some Mormon's backpack. Those LDS can't get enough of that stuff. It will definitely make some volunteers day!

If you want destroy stuff, the VHS tape is very effective at keeping deer out of the garden if you string the tape between fence posts. something about the shimmering twisting action in the wind makes deer antsy.

A drill press makes quick work of hard drives and prevents casual data theft. State level threats may try to reconstruct the info, but your prurient GIFs aren't as intriguing as Hillary Clinton's email server. 

Anon 3: For cell phone find instructions online to clear for sale or donate.

HDD/SSD Darik's Boot and Nuke

CD/DVD just scratch up surface with nail etc

USB flash drive reformat.

Floppy or VHS fuhgetaboutem 

Prefectdt: Every town in Flanders, of any size, has a Kringloop winkel, which is a sort of charity shop. When I got rid of my VHS collection, vanilla and kinky, they were happy to accept them and do have an adult section in the shops. I admit that I did this in a nearby town that I do not visit a lot, though. I have never thrown out a kinky book or DVD, but if I did, I would do the same.

Hard drives, in the old desk top and tower computers, were extracted hammered and cooked on the barbecue. I still own all my dead laptops, how they can be opened and what the hard drive looks like in these will have to be investigated one day. The same for my old smartphones. I am more bothered that someone might be able to extract my bank details from these, than any kinky material on there.

Bonnie: One more thought for Dan - If you have important content on diskette or CD, there are drives available that connect with current computers using a USB cable. Happily, they are not expensive (~$US20).

Hermione: Can you believe it? We still have a VCR so we could play our porn tapes if we so wished, although the inferior quality of the picture might put us off. But I think the trash is the best place for them.

I once dropped off a naughty adult book with an innocent title (The Piano Teacher) at our nearest Little Free Library. I wonder what the neighbours thought of it. It was gone the next day. I am tempted to put one or two adult books in along with our other giveaways for the next charity pickup day. If they never get to the Value Village shelves, I hope the staff enjoys them.

Thank you for all the suggestions!

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #451

Earlier this week, while searching my closet for a gift I had bought Ron for our anniversary, I discovered some books I had forgotten about. They are adult books on the NSFW topics BDSM and spanking. I had purchased them in the early days of my exploration into spanking and I no longer needed them for reference. After all, the internet provides everything I've always wanted to know about anything. Ron has a large collection of VHS tapes of an explicit nature that we no longer watch. This leads me to today's question:

What advice can you give about disposing of unwanted adult materials like books, tapes, disks, and computers containing adult material?

Your advice can be serious or light-hearted. Either way, please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has provided their suggestions I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, September 1, 2022

No Words Needed


Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, August 29, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 29

Is there an implement you really want to experience but haven't yet?

Bonnie: Is it possible that my implement bucket list is empty? I can't think of anything that we haven't already tried, but I will be watching this post for new ideas!

Midwest Reader: The martinet - a reasonable sized traditional one such as from London Tanners. 

Jean Marie: I'd like to "authenticate" my experiences. By that I mean I heard that an English spanking with a plimsoll shoe, what they call a slippering, really hurt. I had a boyfriend use a Keds tennis shoe on my bottom, but I don't know if they're identical. I'd love to travel to England and have someone who knows administer this implement for me to find out.

With that in mind, I might as well become a corporal punishment world traveler. There was a news report about a man who littered in Singapore being sentenced to a caning. I don't want to break the rules and be sentenced to the real thing, but I would love to travel there, have an official who really carries out this punishment show me the implement they actually use, give me one or two tastes (instead of the twelve or twenty lashes a culprit might expect).

Finally, a past boyfriend read an Ian Fleming short story where the story involved a wealthy man giving his impertinent wife lashes with a stingray's tail. I'd like to find out if this is an actual thing, and experience a bit of it for myself.

Another good question! I look forward to seeing other answers (as always).

Loki_Darksong: Well Hermione I must say that I am both flattered and honored that you decided to use my question for one of your brunches.

The implement of my curiosity happens to be the Louisiana Prison Strap. A 4-in wide 42 inch long, including handle, implement of serious attention. Recently I came across a series of spanking videos in which it was used rather effectively.

The last time I saw one up front and personal was while attending an all male spanking party (you don't have to be gay to attend them and I have no issues with topping or bottoming men) a few years ago.

It was a very impressive, somewhat intimidating implement. I kept weighing the pros and cons of giving in the shot for so long that the party was over. Although if the man who owned it had approached me for a scene I more than likely at the time would not have turned him down.

Buying one of the straps is on my shopping list. Perhaps one day after all this pandemic mess is over and done with, and that party returns, I might get a chance to experience that implement.

But for now, I do regret not giving it a shot back then.

Roz: Well, I must be a wimp because I can't think of an implement I would like to experience lol. A number of years ago I would have said riding crop and flogger, however we have since tried these, although they were more joke type implements rather than the real thing.

Prefectdt: I am always up for trying a new toy. Top of the list, at the moment, is a Sjambok. Although it looks very intense and mostly I want to find out if I can handle a Sjambok funishment.

Simon: I've been into spanking for over 40 years and in that time I've pretty much had every implement I can think of used on my long suffering bottom. Some like canes, straps, carpet beaters and leather (rather than wooden) paddles I go back to again and again. Others like whips and floggers, birches and extremely long and heavy paddles are experienced less often. Weirdly my least favourite implements are relatively innocuous like wooden spoons and plimsolls/slippers.

And for the benefit of Spankedhortic, I have been beaten with a proper sjambok and I don't recommend it. It is an incredibly severe implement and unless used by someone who knows what they are doing and who is very careful it will rip your bottom to shreds. It is the only implement used on me in the last 10 years where I have had to ask the lady thrashing me to stop before she reached the set number of strokes, which in this case was only 12, I chickened out after 5.

Anon 1: Nope, as life-long spanko can't think of any thing to put on bucket list. Pretty much done it all including 50+ years ago having my bare butt wind up on the receiving end of a strap in a rural county jail. Not an experience for faint of heart; 2 weeks before I sat without feeling it.

Wendy: Funny you should ask. A lexan otk paddle was at the top of my list, but I did finally acquire one. I think it’s my new favorite! Now, the only thing I can think of that my butt hasn’t been beat with that perhaps it should some time is a switch. The experience would be even better (?) it I had to cut it myself.

A.J.: Wow! Sjamboks, whips, floggers, lexan paddles, prison straps, "extremely long" paddles...? Yikes. I'm an amateur in this group.

For me, nothing. I prefer her hand and then, maybe, a light leather strap - if her hand starts to hurt. With her on the other side of the lap - the same.

But now, come to think for a moment - fur. Not something fur covered; fur, as in a coat. "I'm sorry, dear. I deserve a good furring. Here..."

That would be neat. And what happens after, too!

Rosco: It’s not an actual implement, but I’d like to try a spanking bench. It looks comfortable and is designed so you can be tightly bound (I like that). I like to rest my head, but my nose is often in the way if it’s straight down.

I also like to be spanked, then left for a time on my own, then spanked again. But it depends on being reasonably comfortable.

As far as actual implements, I’m intrigued by the cane. “Six of the best” etc., though it may be too much in reality. But Irene wouldn’t do it - too severe.

Anon 2: I would like to experience the cane on my bare bottom. I think 12 of the best would be enough. I would like to have lines on my butt for a week and have trouble sitting afterwards.

Ronnie: We have used a lot of different implements over the years so I can't think of anything that I'd want to try.

Mark: Cool question. When it was first posted I had a blank thinking that I had been spanked with every implement that I wanted. However reading through everyone's comments, please put me down for a carpet beater and a proper birching - one with lots and lots of twigs pulled straight from the brine.
I've been told that twigs from the hazelnut tree work very well so I think that I'll arrange for the latter after they sprout this year. 

Barrel: A single tail whip. Researching them, I have learned that there are many lengths, thicknesses, handles, stiffnesses, and ends or “tails”. To complicate this implement further, there are at least four and certainly more methods to express this whip. I am 67 and desiring to experience what is out there while we have the passion and health. So, I bought one. Yet to be expressed or experienced. We’ll see.

Tom: Well since a lot of severity scales list the tawse at 10.5, I've been curious what being under one would be like, two or three tails, regular and/or heavy. I got a taste of a razor strap at a SCONY event once, it had me seeing stars! Bursts of light in my visual space.

Mark: Yes, I agree Tom. It would be wonderful to be able to get a few strokes from each without having to source and buy one.

Hermione: In the past I would have said a flogger, but kind Ron has already thought of that and bought me one as a gift a few years ago. We don't have sororities at our universities here so I never had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of a sorority paddle. I don't think it would be a pleasant experience but I would like to try it, just once.

Having read all the responses above, there are quite a few other implements to add to my bucket list. Amazon, here I come.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #450

Our locally-grown, luscious peaches are in season, and I'm going to do some serious baking. But before I begin, let's discuss a topic suggested by long-time reader and blogger Loki_Darksong.

Can you think of an implement that you would like to experience in your lifetime? 

Please leave your response as a comment, anonymously if you wish. Once everyone has had a chance to join in, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Glory to Ukraine

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

So Spankable

A stroll through the produce aisles left me itching to paddle a few...potatoes?


The harvesters must have had a good laugh at these.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, August 22, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 21

We compared notes on the longest time damage from a spanking remained evident.

Fred Bloggs: Earlier this year I took a 100 stroke cane beating. I just wondered what it was like, as you do! Painful, interesting, ticked off the bucket list. However, it took six weeks to heal, and even then I did get a comment from a friend that my bottom was still showing very faint marks. I am nearly 70 years old and old skin does not heal like young(er) skin. There are pictures on my blog if you're interested.

Bonnie: I've had marks that lasted a week and a residual ouch that persisted for a few days. I associate these events with big wooden paddles.

Wendy: Every once in a while, my husband accidentally leaves bruises. They tend to last for a couple of weeks. I don’t think I’ve ever had marks (or pain) that went beyond that.

Jean Marie: When I was young and inexperienced (college-aged), I got a caning that I'll never forget. I'd only received six moderate strokes up until this time, but this unfamiliar Top gave me a baker's dozen really hard stripes (a few broke the skin). Then he was stingy with the aftercare! To add insult to injury, in the morning he spanked where he'd welted me. God that hurt! The welts and bruises lasted over a week.
I've also experienced the heavy long wooden paddle (fraternity style), that left those oval reddened bruises on my sit spots (along with surrounding bruises). Those seemed to stay there and make me stiff and sore for a week.
I try my best to avoid BOTH of those implements. I've found my bottom isn't as resilient, it takes longer to heal as I've gotten older.

Rosco: The few bruises and welts from spankings have been pretty minor.

But I’ve had extended problems with my back, neck and shoulders from bondage. Sometimes when you're excited, you can’t tell what’s hurting you.

Roz: It's been so long since I've had a spanking like this I can't remember, though we have just started dipping our toes in again :)

We have a leather paddle and a wooden spoon, which is more like a paddle and I have had bruises and marks from that in the past which lasted probably 4-5 days then a little bit of residual marks after that.

Ronnie: In the past I’ve had a few bruises when our wooden paddle was used and they lasted a week or so and I could feel soreness for a couple of days.

Alan: My probably all-time worst was administered by a former girlfriend who was seriously angry with me and intended a serious punishment although maybe not as severe as it was. She started with her heavy sauna brush (which was a lot like a short-handled bath brush). But for the main part of the spanking she used her sorority paddle made of oak and probably half an inch or more thick. I made it worse by disobeying her a couple of times during the spanking and even standing up once. I remember the aftermath because I had to travel the next two weeks and I saw those bruises every day. They had not completely healed by the time I got back home and she made me show them to her. The odd thing about it is that I remember that spanking and many details about it but I have no idea why I was punished and at the time it was very serious.

Anon: Thin whippy switch had my bare backside welted raw from waist to knees few times more than few, growing up in the South. Sitting out of question for a week, and feels like you sat on a hornets' nest for couple weeks after that.

Max: Haven't been spanked before, unfortunately (fortunately?). But I like the red flowers inducing the tomatoes' ripeness/redness idea. Just like a pair of red underwear goading a spanker to paint a bottom's bottom with their shade of red. :) 

Prefectdt:  think that the marks that lasted the longest were from my very first adult spanking in 1984. It was a hand spanking followed by a tawsing. It was a real tawse and not a tawse-like split strap. For a first timer it made an impression and the marks did not totally fade until about five weeks later. That was mostly due to it being my first time, I think. The impacts that I have felt the longest came from a caning with bamboo, in the late 1990s. Although the marks had gone before two weeks had elapsed, I could still feel my heart beating, through a few of the impact stripes, nearly three months later, when I sat on a hard surface for more than a few minutes.

Barrel: By far my worst damage was inflicted by our thin, delrin cane. It is really whippy. I was restrained over the end of the footboard of our bed on a pile of pillows. It was my 60th birthday and I think she gave me a total of 60 strokes, first with the thick delrin cane. She finished with the thin one, probably delivering over 30 strokes with maximum effort. I wore welts for almost a week and the deep red scars for over two weeks. The marks itched for a week and the discomfort slightly longer.

Great question as this allow us to share the outer fringe of our most intense spankings. Thanks.

All the thanks go to Rich Person for coming up with this question.

A.J.: I/we don't do punishment spankings, so all of ours are bare-bottom otk with just the hand. To mix it up we will use (carefully!) a belt or light strap. Just to add a bit of color and excitement.

That said, there were two instances....!

The first was when I was on the west coast and working. It involved daily 12-16 hour days 7 days a week, for a couple weeks. Then return to east coast for two days of catch-up, and then right back to the west coast and start all over again. This went on for almost 3 1/2 months.

One day she called to talk and I let out all my frustrations on her, to the point where an office friend made a warning comment!

Two weeks later, Saturday AM, my plane arrives home and I'm told by her to not go home, but come see her right away because she "missed me so much...!"

I'm going to get laid!!!

I arrive at her place and she looks sexy as heck, then, pout/smiles, and tells me I have been "bad" and to go to the bedroom and wait for her. I'm going to get laid!!!

She comes in, announces a bad-boy spanking, takes me otk and does so. The usual fun spanking. I'm going to get laid!!!

When I'm a nice pink and ready for what I think is the next 'treat', she puts her right leg over the both of mine, grips me fully and firmly around my waist, picks up a wood paddle she had hidden under the a blanket - and lets fly! In a FURY!!! Imagine full-force, teeth-gritting furious swats!

I didn't scream when the first one landed because I was still inhaling when the second one landed! Followed by more. If anyone outside walked by they would have heard me yell and KNOW what was happening.

I didn't last long; may 5 or 6 seconds, but I guess she got in 8-10 bottom-burners before I could get free of her grip. And I'm pissed!!!! Kneeling in front of her and rubbing my on-fire butt, "What the hell was that?????????"

First thing she tell me "You're not thinking about that damn job, are you? And I said no.

Her: The rest is because you were a royal shit to me and deserved it.

She was right. I was. And that cleared the air. And I got laid!!

The pain went away late that night. There were some light bruises, but that's all I remembered.
(And I never took my problems out on her ever again!)
(How mad was she at me? We didn't have a paddle! So I pissed her off enough that she went out and got one! It was never used again.)

The second was with a new spanking switch friend who was so damned cute! Again, otk, bare-bottom only hand. Sad note: she had a hand like steel! Perfect and firm smacks and her hand never got sore (like mine often does.)

It wasn't too, too, hard (but hard enough) and I could have stopped at any time, but she was so damn cute and so much fun. I was probably over her knee gettin' it! for about 40 minutes. When it was over I gave her my phone to take a pic so I could better see the damage.

Oh, boy! Not the usual pink, but BRIGHT red all over. I got spanked!!! There was some tenderness/uncomfortable moments but no real pain, all of which went away by the next morning.

And then the bruises appeared. Not that much, but enough that if anyone had seen my tush would have  KNOWN what had happened!

The scary part?

That was on a Thursday afternoon. On the following Monday afternoon I had a "must not miss" doctor's appointment. And if those marks were not gone, he would see and maybe ask!!!! So from Thursday afternoon until noon Monday I massaged and lotioned every couple of hours. The marks mostly went away, but not all of them. If he noticed, he didn't say anything. 

Wendel: The Misses has a wooden paddle with air holes. It is reserved for when she feels I really need a good spanking. My backend will be sore for about 2 days and the marks will last about week to 10 days. I whipped the Misses with the belt once and I guess I got carried away. She was complaining about being sore for days and the very sexy strap marks lingered for about 2 weeks.

Hermione: When we first started spanking seriously, I bruised much more easily. I visited a homeopathic shop and bought arnica creme to apply to the bruises which, as I recall, lasted about a week. They were made by the dressage whip, which wraps unpleasantly.

Thank you all for sharing your distress!


Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart