Wednesday, March 20, 2019

From the Top Shelf - For the Girl who has Everything

This is a something of a departure in that it's not a story but a nice bit of serious but lightly-delivered advice from Julie Holmes in Februs magazine, for men who want to introduce their ladies to corporal punishment but aren't sure how. Most of the specific references are British, and you will soon realize that this was written long before the internet - that one stop shop for all things kinky - came to be, but the principles apply everywhere.

This article is addressed directly to men. Yes I know Februs has a large female following but the fact remains that it's men who generally buy the magazine. (This is probably due to the difficulty we women have in reaching anything on the top shelf of a newsagent's shop, and of course there is also the embarrassment factor - the kind that used to afflict men buying condoms from snickering female pharmacy assistants before 'Johnnies' became politically correct).

Time and again I meet men who are keen fans of various disciplinary activities but are nervous of broaching the subject with their partners. Others are already 'active' but want to know where to obtain the implements, clothes or accessories commonly featured in spanking magazines and videos. To the more experienced or sophisticated devotee, some of the questions I get asked may seem ludicrously innocent and naive; on the other hand, some common practices can seem quite bizarre to the new enthusiast. We should remember that we all have to begin somewhere, but, once started, we are limited only by our imagination, tastes and considerations of safety!

If you know where to look, the opportunities to obtain the artifacts you want are legion. And whether you are trying to seduce a partner into her first CP experience or wanting to extend your existing repertoire, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries provide ideal opportunities fro giving that slightly unusual present or introducing a new activity.

Unfortunately men often make the mistake of thinking if they buy the toys, their partners will automatically want to join in the game. WRONG! Apart from the January sales, the reason stores are jam-packed after Christmas is because droves of women are returning ill thought out and unappreciated tokens of esteem from their men folk.

Handy hint: SLOW DOWN!

Whether your desire is to see her in frothy lace-and-silk lingerie or tight-laced leather bondage gear, if it isn't what she happily buys for herself she will need time to get used to the idea. Just think of all the jumpers and pullovers women have given you that have been completely at odds with your usual tastes. Remember their looks of love and anticipation as you unwrapped the gift they had agonised over for weeks, and how you struggled to make a tactful response.

Then remember how you have usually come to like the item once were given time to appreciate it and become acclimatised to the change of fashion. Now imagine her feelings when you present her with goodies that are not just unusual but which seem to challenge her basic sexuality.

You may be feeling romantic, dominating and randy as she opens her package under the tree - but she might simply feel threatened.

It's your timing - not your taste - which is at fault. If you want her to experiment, you are going to have to prepare the way in advance. If you are thinking of getting traditional sexy undies, go shopping with her and casually show her the kind of things you like in a respectable department store. That's important. Don't make any attempt to buy them. Just take the opportunity to gauge her reaction. If she's totally repelled, don't waste your time going any further, but if she is willing to touch and talk you know Santa Claus can bring them safely down the chimney this year.

For something more esoteric in either the clothing or 'novelty' line send off for some mail-order catalogues to whet her appetite. The back pages of several Sunday newspapers - yeah you know the ones - carry suitable advertisements for first-time buyers. If it makes things easier, tell her you found the brochures on the bus or got them from someone at work.

Talking - even laughing - about the pictures and descriptions is a lot less menacing for many women than suddenly being confronted by a pair of crotchless rubber knickers and a sorority paddle wrapped in Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer wrapping paper. Once you feel she is comfortable with the idea you can send off for the real thing.

In either case it is important to play down the importance of all this to you. Don't put her under pressure. Make it a 'funny' supplement to her proper present of perfume, fluffy slippers or whatever she usually wants. Better still, save it for later and give it to her when the main celebrations are out of the way and you're settling down with cocoa, sandwiches and a television movie. You can create a more appropriate setting another time!

Another handy hint. If you buy clothing, do make sure it is the right size. This may seem obvious but many men are hopeless when it comes to their partner's real measurements. A generous bust can be the result of a narrow back rather than overall girth -understand bra sizing. Slim does not necessarily mean small. Badly fitting underwear of any sort is simply uncomfortable and clothes that men might fondly believe to be sexy and figure-hugging are simply embarrassing to your partner if they are too tight - and downright unflattering if they are too large. So do your research thoroughly.

Christmas and New Year celebrations provide great opportunities for initiating spanking games if you have not managed to introduce them into your lives before. At a time when it is natural to be somewhat merry and people are devoting themselves to fun and frivolity, a few physical forfeits can be slipped into the proceedings almost unnoticed. Like ludo, bridge and golf what starts off as a party game can soon become a pleasurable addiction. For the more adventurous, a trip to a club such as Whiplash or The Torture Garden (both in London) may provide new ideas and introduce you to people with similar tastes. Finding venues outside London can be difficult, but joining the mailing list of one organisation usually leads to publicity for others arriving through your mail box. You will need to adhere to the prescribed dress codes, so don't bother going if one or the other of you has nothing suitable to wear - and the club foyer would probably not be the best place to give a lady her first experience of a latex catsuit!

Experienced couples may find buying good quality products to suit their tastes a problem. The classified ads may help, but if you have specific needs you may want to find a supplier with whom you can build up a personal relationship. It is a common fallacy that if you want to buy erotic/fetishist goods and publications over the counter you need to go to London. While there are a number of well-established easy-to-find shops in the capital (Janus, Libido, Skin Two, Zeitgeist..and so on) there are several outlets in the provinces whose lower profiles may make the experience of shopping, especially for a first timer, much more relaxing. I am not talking here of conventional 'sex shops' , but rather those dedicated to specialised clientele or providing an ostensibly 'straight' service that happens to appeal to the fetishist.

Just recently I came across a shop in the back streets of Brighton that at first glance seemed to stock mainly leather watchstraps and bootlaces. It was only when I went inside and looked around more closely that I realised its major trade was in bondage harnesses. A picture-framer in Winchester offers prints of Victorian spanking scenes; a market stall in Manchester selling accessories for heavy metal fans has provided me with several interesting belts and chokers; a saddler in Newbury left me spoilt for choice when I wanted a new riding crop (and he clearly knew I had no intention of going anywhere near a horse!) In Stockport, goths and hippies buy their patchouli oil and tie-dyed skirts in the same shop that sells a tantalising range of PVC and leather garments.

The back streets of Britain are literally brimming with suppliers keen to satisfy our personal desires.

Should your tastes involve an element of nostalgia, be it for Victorian split-drawers or 1950's dirndl skirts, try bric-a-brac shops and flea markets. The owners are often seemingly oblivious to the fetish-value of much of their stock and will happily dispose of carpet-beaters, wooden rulers, leather satchels and other items for small change.

Yet another handy hint. Men, go window shopping on your own first until you have mapped out locations. Trailing around town in December in pouring rain looking for a kink shop you've heard of but can't find will not put your lady-friend in the right frame of mind for buying kinky collectibles!

For the shyer connoisseur there are quality mail order companies such as AE Services. Their discreet catalogue offers a comprehensive range of implements with pictures and full descriptions. Just bear in mind that if you are planning to buy that special lady something for a special occasion you need to order a catalogue well in advance - particularly if she is new to all this - so that you can read it, talk it through, get her in the right frame of mind and then place your order and have it delivered in time.

A final word of advice. Just remember it's the thought that counts. So think about how much pleasure she will get from having her horizons broadened rather than how totally she will act out your fantasies - and then you never know your luck!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, March 18, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 17

Do you experience physical sensations prior to a spanking?

Roz: Happy St Patrick's day Hermione. This is a great question! If I was anticipating a 'real' spanking it would be on my mind an a distraction the day before and I would feel the usual symptoms of nerves and occasionally not sleep well.

Sir Wendel: Mostly get nervous. There isn’t much time between the announcement of a spanking and the actual spanking for anything else.

Yorkie: I get really awkward and nervous and then right before the spanking there is the inevitable erection that stays throughout the entire spanking and subsequent lovemaking.

Bonnie: When the word “spanking” is mentioned, I have a tendency to move my hands back toward my bottom. Often, I don’t even realize that I’m doing it.

Peter: It usually begins as I am heading out the door to go to work when Anna sweetly says " Peter don't make any plans for tomorrow evening" then kisses me goodbye. That is her way of saying "Plan on a spanking and some corner time!". Never with angry words.

I know what will lead me to be spanked so I seldom have to wonder what I am being punished for. I will spend all the hours until I am naked and waiting for her to begin my punishment. That strange feeling of arousal and dread have become the seed for most of my fantasies.

Ronnie: I'm the same as Bonnie. When P tells me I'm going to be spanked my hand always moves to my bottom.

Hermione: I sometimes feel a tingling in my bottom as I anticipate the real thing.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #270

Top of the morning to you all! Our question today comes from my good friend Barrel, so I'll let him explain it in his own words.

I have noticed that before one of our planned session, my hands and fingers are really cold.  Not just before we begin, but the entire day, leading up to the punishment.  I also don’t sleep well the night before, knowing what is coming.  I wonder if any of your guests at brunch have physical reactions leading up to a long and hard spanking.

Now let me ask you:

Do you have any physical changes before a spanking?

I am intrigued by this phenomenon, and am interested in reading your responses. Leave them in the comments section below, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday FAIL

I need to pick up a few items at Walmart, so let's see who else is shopping today.


It never gets any better, does it?
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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

From the Top Shelf - The Paddling Booth - Jenny

Here is the final instalment of Rollin Hand's "The Paddling Booth". I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that you will be getting three for the price of one.

"Well, now," said the beefy gentleman in a cowboy hat, "This is what you two need." He regarded the sign with interest while addressing two attractive women, apparently his companions. Noticing Jenny he said, "Now ain't she just the cutest little filly?"

His companions, two decidedly younger women, a blonde in a halter top and denim cutoffs and a brunette in tight jeans and a tank top gawked at the sign.

"Paddling Booth?" said the blonde, turning to her companion. "You mean like a lickin'?"

"So Uncle Bob, why'd you bring us here?" said the brunette. The girls looked at Bob warily. Bob was nonchalant.

"I reckon we should make a donation, seein' how it's for charity and all. Besides you gals need a demonstration. I haven't forgotten the mess the house was in when I got back from Tucson--and you know what I mean," said Bob with a pointed look at the "gals". They looked at each other with a sickly "uh, oh" expression. "This gives me an idea of how to deal with you two."

Jenny cringed as the guy hauled out a wad of bills and started peeling them off. He reminded her of one of those caricatures of a big brash Texas tycoon. If those two girls were really nieces she'd eat his cowboy hat.

"Uhhh...this might be fun, Sue Ann," said the blonde, brightly, but it was false cheeriness. Sue Ann rolled her eyes like "oh, brother".

"Hmpf," said Sue Ann. "maybe. A sorority gal taking a paddlin'. I don't like Uncle Bob's interest in this," she whispered to her friend.

"Well, girls," said "uncle" Bob, "we're gonna see. I'm going to give this boy here $100."

"Whoa!" said Ron, "I, uh, don't know--that's," he quickly calculated, "that's 21 swats."

The big man put his hands up. "I know, I know, son. Listen, here's the deal..." and he lowered his voice. "It'll only be a round dozen, see, but here's the catch..."

Ron listened. There was always a catch.

"...I want her to take 'em on the baretail."

Ron's jaw dropped. "Now wait..." he started, hands raised.

"Now just hear me out, son. Now I know that under those britches she's got one of them thong things on...hell, you can see it. You get the C note if she shucks those pants and takes her licks bare butt." Motioning towards his nieces he continued, "Your booth here gave me an idea. These two need a right smart lickin' and I want to show'em what they're in for if they don't shape up."

Ron shook his head. "I can't ask Jenny here to..."

But Jenny had overheard and she stepped in. She squared her shoulders and spoke up. "I'll do it, mister." This was her chance to impress Ron--and show off her charms. "You donate the $100, I'll take the swats on my bare butt."

Ron was nonplussed. "You will? You're a plucky girl. Something like this could win us the championship for the team with the most money."

Jenny was beaming in the glow of Ron's admiration.

"Ok, you heard her. We'll do it."

The group trooped into the room. Jenny walked to the center of the room and, taking a deep breath, hooked her fingers into the waistband of her shorts. Giving a few little wiggles, she tugged the shorts down baring the lovely white moons of her bottom. Her butt was high set and round, the jouncy globes pale except for a sprinkling of freckles. Deftly she stepped out of the shorts which left her clad only in a thong and her halter top. Ron's mouth dropped open--wow, what a great ass.

"I'm ready," declared Jenny, and she dutifully bent over, placed her hands on her knees and stuck her butt out for the attentions of the paddle.

Bob directly addressed his nieces. "Now, girls, pay attention, cause this is how you take a lickin' when you've been naughty."

The girls looked on with sullen expressions. The fair was no longer fun, it seemed.

Jenny gripped her knees tightly. Ron measured his distance and patted her behind with the paddle. "Ready?" he asked. Jenny nodded. Ron drew back his arm and brought the paddle down with a loud smack! Jenny flinched and muttered a silent "ouch".

Smack! Number two hit her cheeks low, causing them to ripple. "Yeow, that stung," she yelped.

"Well, honey, course it's going to sting," said Bob with a chuckle. "It's a paddlin'."

Whap! Three was like a brand of fire. Jenny's mouth flew open. She wiggled hoping to throw off the pain. It didn't work.

Crack! Number four made her raise partly up, but she recovered and held on.

Ron laid on crack after crack with the paddle. He aimed carefully so that the paddle would hit flat across both cheeks on the fleshiest lower part of her fanny. The swats were firm without being brutal, but even so, Ron knew that this bare bottom paddling had to sting like hell. Each swat made her bottom cheeks wobble then spring back into their rounded pert shape. He waited about 15-20 seconds between licks to give Jenny time to regain her composure. She would raise halfway up and shuffle her feet with a gasp of "Whew...Ahhh" before assuming the position, presenting her cute rump for another hard crack. Her ass had now turned a bright red. Each one made Jenny flinch. A couple of times she came up on her toes and her hands flew out.

Crack! "Yeow...ooh...ohh," yelped Jenny.

"That's ten," muttered Ron, whispering in her ear as he bent over. "Only two more. Be brave, Jenny."

Jenny nodded. Smack! Crack! the last two came fast.

"Whooo....eee...yow! That stung!

Wow!" said Jenny, rubbing vigorously and dancing from foot to foot.

"There you go, sir," said Ron, satisfied by a job well done.

"Very good son, very good," clapped Bob. "You two see that?" said Bob to his nieces. "I hope you paid attention."

"So what?" said Sue Ann. "You can't do that to us."

"Yeah," said the blonde. "We're too old for that."

Uncle Bob shot the girls a wicked grin and said to Ron, "We got a few more minutes here, I reckon. Hows about I borrow that spankin' paddle there?"

"Sure," said Ron, now clearly intrigued.

Bob hefted the paddle. "A little light but it'll do."

He addressed the girls. "Awright you two, now we're gonna have a little lesson. You saw how Miss Redhead over here took her licks? Now I want both of you right over here," he said pointing to a spot in the center of the room.

The girls whined when the realization hit them that Uncle Bob was actually going to use that awful paddle on their own hind ends.

"C'mon Bob, no, please. It's too embarrassing."

"Yeah," pleaded the blonde. "We'll never do a party like that again. C'mon, please."

Bob looked at the floor for a minute, waiting for them to finish, then looked up.

"You either get over here and shuck those britches right down or you can go back to that titty bar in Houston where I found you. And that means no trip to Aruba, or Cancun or any other place I was going to take you."

With the sickly realization that he had them, literally, over a barrel, the two young women shuffled forward and started to unbutton their jeans. Jenny, amazed at the spectacle unfolding, backed up toward Ron who put his hands on her shoulders. Unconsciously, she let her body relax against his. Ron felt her hot bottom cheeks pressing into his groin as she backed up. It gave him an instant hard on which had been building as he had paddled her sweet bare tushy.

"Let's go, Sue Ann, Betty, get 'em all the way down," ordered Bob.

Groaning both girls complied pulling shorts and jeans down to their knees.

"Panties, too. I want those asses bare."

The protest to this last indignity was cut off by Bob, and two pairs of panties soon joined the jeans at knee level.

"All right now. Bend over. Put your hands on your knees and stick out those fannies. Do it now. And stay put while I paddle your sassy butts."

Sue Ann had long legs and an oval cheeked bottom. Although slender, she had an amply padded seat for what was to follow. Betty, the shorter of the two, had a jouncy bubble shaped rear end that stuck out as if begging for the attentions of the paddle. Reluctantly both girls bent over and gripped their knees. Bob gave the paddle a few practice swooshes that made the girls flinch. Then he stepped to Betty's side and landed a sharp crack right across the fattest part of her sit spot.

Betty howled and started to get up, but Bob put his hand on her back and pushed her back down with an admonishment to stay in position. Then he moved to Sue Ann's side and gave her a solid crack across her ass that made her jump up and yelp.

Bob alternated between the two chagrined women, delivering a hearty paddle swat to one, then moving to the other. He stood to the left and lined up each lick, checking his distance and patting the proffered bottom a few times before letting go with a hefty smack. The licks were solid and deliberate. Bob seemed determined to punish his naughty nieces soundly for whatever their infraction had been.

Jenny marveled at the way the buttocks of the girls would quiver as the paddle struck. A steady chorus of "Ow...ow...ouch!" accompanied the paddling. By the end of what Jenny could see was a very sound licking both pairs of bottom cheeks were a bright red and Betty and Sue Ann were wriggling, crying and pleading with "Uncle" Bob to go easy on them. He didn't. The last two swats were the hardest yet and made both girls screech with pain.

When it was over a very chastened pair of nieces struggled back into their tight pants. Their faces were as red as their behinds had been and tears had to be wiped from eyes. Bob handed Ron the paddle.

"Thank you, son. Let's go you two," he said to the sniffling pair, " and any more foolery like last week and your behinds will be feeling my belt."

Wide eyes, Jenny watched them go. As she did she became aware of how hot she was. Of course her butt was blazing, but she was horny, too. God, she was dripping wet. She hoped it wouldn't make a spot on her shorts. What she really wanted right now was to go down on her knees and pull Ron's cock right out of his pants so she could go down on it, then get him to fuck her good and proper. She had felt the boner in his pants as she had leaned against him. That must mean he wanted her too. She began plotting how to get him alone...maybe later.

She didn’t know it, but Ron was thinking exactly the same thing.
I'm speechless!
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Monday, March 11, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 10

Do you do anything to ease the sting of a spanking?

QBuzz: Does sex count? :D

Roz: Mostly I enjoy the burn but occassionally Rick would put Arnica or some other lotion on afterwards, though I'm not sure that helped the burn!

 Bernie: Definitely prefer keeping the burn!

Joe: Burn baby burn.

Rosco: Irene’s sharp fingernails, passionately employed after successful cunnlingus.

Anon 1: I wish, my wife will not allow any relief after a spanking, they're punishment spankings.

Yorkie: Nope. I love the burn and prefer to cherish it for as long as it lasts.

The Glenmore: Rubbing helps but unfortunately is not permitted.

Jack: My wife spankings have nothing to do with sexual fun. She does enjoy seeing me facing the wall, wanting so bad to rub and dance around. The burn that my bottom feels does not bring pleasure at all. It is only worse if someone drops in and sees me facing the wall and makes a comment how red my bottom it and that it must be very warm. I must say it is very warm, and add Mommy will not allow me to rub.

Amy: Feel the burn! I absolutely hate the actually spanking. I do not like the pain that goes with it but that sweet after burn is Heaven to me. That's all I want and I'm willing to go through the pain of the moment to get that burn to last as long as possible.

Ronnie: Much prefer the burn.

Barrel: I cherish the welts and cane’s ridges from a severe thrashing. I have earned them and wear them with pride, so we don’t do anything to lessen the results.

Peter: After being spanked or paddled or caned, often have had to wear wool slacks, no underwear. Torture!

Anon 1: I love the Burn!

Hermione: Ron always spritzes my thighs and bottom with cold water from a spray bottle he keeps handy, It's his way of signalling that a spanking is officially over. It doesn't do a lot for the burn because it always startles me and I quickly move out of range.

Well, it looks like the ice will go to waste on all but a few of you!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #269

Welcome to our weekly discussion time. I hope that Spring is on the way for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. It's struggling up here, and I can definitely confirm that March came in like a big, white lion! Even so, snow does have its uses. In fact, it was the inspiration for this week's topic.

Do you use anything to decrease the heat in a well-spanked bottom? Is there a specific remedy that you prefer, or could recommend? Or do you prefer to enjoy the burn?

Leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has spoken, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, March 8, 2019

Friday FAIL

What happens when people go out for the afternoon, leaving their pets behind to amuse themselves?

Their owners should be spanked for not leaving the television on, tuned to National Geographic or the aquarium channel.
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

From the Top Shelf - The Paddling Booth - James

We are back at the paddling booth today, and James has quite a surprise in store for him.
"Now, isn't he cute?" This comment was obviously directed at James from a trio of well dressed women in their thirties. They looked like career women slumming.

"Imagine, Kate, finding something like this at a county fair. I had no idea." A buxom brunette eyed James like a cat eyes a canary.

"Come on in, ladies," invited Kirsten. "As you can see I've got a very naughty boy here who needs his bottom warmed." Kirsten spun him around and patted the seat of his tight shorts. James blushed and tried to act calm, but the attention from three lovely women was unnerving, and Kirsten's pats on his bottom gave him an instant woody.

"Well, I can see that," said Kate. "He looks like a bad boy in need of a good spanking. What do you say, June," she asked speaking to a second member of the group.

"I say we go inside and see this bad boy get a good sound paddling."

"You're on," said June. "So how much..." She had turned to the third member of their group, a thin blonde with short bleached hair.

"Hmmm...I have an idea," she said, musing.

"Carrie, you always have ideas...usually the wrong kind," laughed June.

"What'll it be ladies? Only 10 bucks and he gets 3 solid swats."

"Well, I have more in mind than that," said Carrie with a sly wink. She huddled with her two friends, explaining her proposal. They giggled and nodded. Then she pulled Kirsten aside.

"Are those rooms private?" she asked.

"Yep. No one can see in. It's just us," Kirsten assured her.

"Well...we'd be willing to chip in $20 a piece..."

"Wow! That's great," Kirsten exclaimed.

"But what we want is to see you put your bad little boy there over your knee and spank his bare little bottom for us."

"What? A spanking? Bare?"

"That's right," confirmed Carrie. "A good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. I'd say...since you're not using the paddle...about 100 smacks with your hand. What do you say?"

"Well, gee, I don't know. I'd have to ask..."

"Honey, you don't have to ask that pledge. The way he looks at you, if you asked him to strip bare and run around the parade grounds, he'd do it."

Kirsten smiled. "Ok, I'll do it. I'll give him the soundest bare fanny whacking he's ever had. You won't be disappointed."

Carrie turned around and gave the thumbs up to her friends.

Kirsten took James aside and explained it to him. He paled as she told him what the trio had requested. This would be embarrassing beyond belief, but at the same time he was feeling a powerful arousal. "C'mon, James, it's ok. You want to do your part for charity, don't you. You don't want to let your frat down...or disappoint me do you?" This last was said with a wide smile and a husky tone in her voice, filled with implied promises of delights yet to come.

James let himself be led like a lamb to the slaughter. Kirsten took him by the elbow and ushered him inside the room. Someone had thoughtfully left a chair against the wall and Kirsten let go long enough to drag it to a good spot away from the wall. The giggling trio took in James' embarrassment with glee and weren't above teasing im.

"Well, little boy, looks like you're due for a good spanking," said June.

"And on his bare little fanny, too," added Carrie.

"I want to see your sorority sister make you kick and squeal, sweetie," cooed Kate.

Kirsten seated herself. "Come here, James."

"Better go to mommy, James, or she'll spank harder," laughed June. It had turned into a delightful source of mirth for these attractive women to see James in his current predicament.

"Oh, look, he's blushing," observed Kate. She was right. James was so embarrassed he was red in the face. Kirsten had to reach out and take his hand. She drew him close and undid the buttons on his pants. Deftly she yanked down the tight shorts leaving James in white cotton y-briefs. James could not have blushed redder, but to his horror he felt Kirsten's fingers in the elastic of his underwear. The problem was the raging hard in his briefs. He bent over in an attempt to hide it but Kirsten scolded him.

"Stand up straight, James, while I take your pants down. These ladies paid to see you get it on the bare, so stand still."

As the pants came down, his turgid member popped straight out, prompting renewed giggles from the trio of patrons.

"Nice buns," remarked June, admiring the white round contours of James as yet unmarked ass.

"And a nice big boner," laughed Carrie.

"And just what do you think that is?" said Kirsten, indignant, but clearly amazed at the fleshy muscle that was now bobbing slowly up and down in front of her. "Why, James Hubbard. I don't believe this. You really are a naughty boy." Then her demeanor became stern. "You should have your bare hiney smacked. And good and hard too. You get right over my knee, pledge." Wasting no time, she pulled James over her knee until his body was positioned so that his nose was to the
floor and bare bottom was poised properly right over Kirsten's lap, pointed at the ceiling.

The girls watching had practically cracked up, it was so funny. Kirsten realized too, that there was something quite humorous about James' coming down with a woody at the prospect of getting his bare bottom spanked in front of a group of women. Well, she was going to give him a good one, then she'd see if that didn't melt down his unruly cock.

The problem for James was that the contact with Kirsten's thighs was keeping his prick hard as a rock. She was wearing a thin cotton skirt and he could feel his dick pressing against her soft thighs right through the material. Squirming around made it worse. Oh, God! he thought. Don't let me cum on her skirt.

He almost did come as Kirsten palmed his buttocks with her hand, rubbing in circles, testing the resiliency of the tender hind cheeks she was about to blister. "All I can say is, James, you deserve this, you naughty boy."

Smack! Crack! Whap! Smack! Kirsten smacked James' bottom hard with a barrage of spanks that landed on alternate cheeks at a rapid rate. To James it felt like the shock of being plunged into cold water, only it was hot. His backside tingled at first as he felt the repeated impact of her palm on his rear. Then his ass began to sting as Kirsten spanked relentlessly from side to side.

Smack! Smack! "Ow...ow...ow..." gasped James. This was starting to really burn. Kirsten could spank! He was really getting a hot one.

"Now that's what naughty boys deserve, don't you think?" asked Carrie. "Wasn't this a good idea?" Her friends argreed wholeheartedly. It was a delightfully entertaining spectacle to see James with his little shorts and underpants at his knees, held over the knee of a woman only a few years older than he, getting his nude fanny warmed. And Kirsten was doing a superb job of warming it. The first red handprints on James cute cheeks had merged into a red mass of blotches. He
squirmed uncontrollably as Kirsten smacked his bottom with gusto, putting smack after smack across the fleshy summits. He squirmed. He couldn't help it, his legs started to scissor and he drummed his toes on the floor.

"Getting a little hot?" teased Kate.

"Spank him harder," urged Carrie, "he can take it. Punish him for waving that boner in your face." They all nearly collapsed in laughter at her comment.

Kirsten got into a good spanking rhythm, landing smacks on alternate cheeks about a second apart. She spanked hard, making each one count.Sometimes she smacked him across the dark crease between his hind cheeks right at the base between legs and ass. Those spanks seemed to produce a more pronounced wriggle. Then she varied it, smacking briskly and fast for six smacks or so, pausing and giving him six more. She could hear his hissing intake of breath. She marveled at the way his bottom quivered when her palm landed. It was getting quite red now.

"Hold still, James." He was squirming and bucking on her lap. She wrapped her arm around him, pulling him closer and resumed the juvenile chastisement.

"Stop struggling," she whispered in his ear. "These ladies paid to see you get a good bare bottom tanning and you're going to get one."

Smack! Crack! Whap! Crack! Kirsten's arm pistoned up and down splatting the quivering fanny.

"Oh...ow...yeow!" James yelped. He must look like quite a sight, bare bottomed over Kirsten's knee. He couldn't help it, he was wiggling and squirming as she spanked him like he was a 12 year old boy. It was even more humiliating with his pants down to his ankles. Ironically, with just his bare butt waving in the breeze he felt more bared than if he'd been naked.

"That's it," said Carrie clapping. "Spank that bare hiney. Go to it!" Her friends hooted and cheered at Kirsten's determined efforts. Her solid smacks continued to redden James' bottom quite thoroughly.

It was really stinging now, but the more James flopped around on her knee the more aroused he became. Twin sensations of pain and desire were driving him now, and neither had gained the upper hand. The delicious sensations of pain and pleasure were poised in balance as James endured smack after stinging smack from Kirsten's capable palm.

She decided to give him about 10 more really good ones, so she paused. "I'm going to give you 10 more James, really hot ones. Are you ready?"

James was wriggling, breathlessly almost, but he managed to croak out a "Yes".

Kirsten patted his bottom and delivered 10 slow blistering spanks as hard as she could. It was all James could do not to howl as each one landed, but his whole body clenched and his head flew up. As tender as his buns were, those last hard smacks each felt like a fiery brand on his ass.

"Woo Hoo, way to go, sister!" There was laughter and high fives all around as the watching girls enjoyed the blazing climax of James spanking.

"Well," said Kirsten, helping an almost sobbing James to his feet, "That's it, girls. Thank you for your contribution. I'll get James put back together here. Thanks again."

The lively trio exited the room babbling in animated voices. When they had left, Kirsten closed the door again.

"They can wait a few more minutes. Come here James, sit on my lap."

James started to pull his pants up, but Kirsten told him to leave them down. Kirsten sat back down and motioned for James to sit on her knee.

"That's it, James, just sit down here." He winced as his hot buttocks made contact with her lap. As James meekly complied she said, "You were my very brave boy. I had to spank you pretty hard, I know, but for all that money they were entitled to a good show." As she spoke softly, James felt his erection returning. To his utter shock, Kirsten fondled his stiffening member with her fingers.

"I noticed this too," she said stroking the turgid cock. "You were a good boy--a good bad boy, I should say, So you get a reward. Besides it turned me on to give your naughty fanny a good smackbottom. I just loved the sight of your cute buns all bare and turning red over my knee--I think you liked it too," she continued coyly.

James nodded and groaned in ecstasy as Kirsten stroked his penis with her soft hand, moving faster now. He couldn't control himself. Pleasure was washing over him in waves as Kirsten stroked faster. He bucked up and down in her lap, flopping like a fish on a dock. Then from deep inside came the explosion that had been building during the spanking and he spurted gobs of creamy white jism that shot straight up into a tissue that Kirsten had produced from a pocket.

"There now, there's my good boy," cooed Kirsten, who continued the milking as James shuddered in waves of climax.
Whew! *fans self* Wasn't that hot?
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, March 4, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 3

What could a spanking expert teach you?

Dan: For me, I don't think I would be looking so much for new learning but a new experience. Because our spankings are all disciplinary in nature, I think the value of such an expert would be in delivering an objective, "all business" spanking session. A spanking from a spouse happens within the context of the larger relationship. It would be interesting to receive a disciplinary spanking in which that context was removed and it was just discipline, pure and simple and objective.

Barrel: We would welcome a female disciplinarian. As we continue to use discipline and punishment for emotional and physical cleansing, we need to improve the use of scolding, lectures, corner time, long pauses for tea or a glass of wine when I am restrained, intermixed with renewed, vigorous punishment, thus prolonging our sessions. Being on the receiving end of my wife’s canes is a challenge to say the least. Yet I think consultation how high up on my buttocks is safe and how to not wrap her thin cane and strap onto the sides of my hips would benefit both of us. Finally, the pace at which each stroke is delivered, depending on the implement and severity is something we are working on right now, and we would benefit from a professional’s experience.

Great topic. I can’t wait to learn from other guests at brunch!

Shell: I would love for someone to introduce us to a proper cane. All aspects. What to look for when buying one, how to use to take it. I think I'm the only spanko in the UK that doesn't own one yet!

Roz: Interesting Hermione, I certainly hadn't heard of it. The question has me stumped this week for some reason. I imagine a spanking excerpt would teach us technique.

QBuzz: Wow, what a topic to set the mind racing!
We only do erotic/romantic spanking, so I would like a disciplinarian to visit us to demonstrate what a 'real' punishment session would be like with spanking, scolding, corner time etc. As we switch, I'm not sure whether I'd prefer us to be punished together, or have two sessions with the 'dominant' partner just watching...

PS the extracts I've seen from Pepys diary have been really kinky, with references to cuckolding and so on! Is there a place only where all the naughty bits are collected together?

I don't know of any but maybe Mr. Google does.

Bonnie: Great question! My first thought is that Randy has already given me every sort of spanking we can conceive within the bounds of safety and practicality. But there must be more.

Our spanking mentor might introduce us to new synthetic implement materials beyond the traditional wood and leather. Kevlar and rubber are just the beginning. A paddle or strap constructed from such materials maximizes discomfort and minimizes effort.

This visitor might be considered analogous to the Fuller Brush man, who in times past also brought ferocious spanking implements right to your door.

On the other side of the ledger, the mentor could provide restorative creams that condition the skin of frequently spanked bottoms to maintain elasticity and prevent cracking. Healthy skin can absorb more spanking.

The mentor could also coach technique. For example, the use of syncopation can prevent a spankee from anticipating the next swat. This additional loss of control can make the pain of a punishment more immediate.

On the lighter side, the mentor might recommend spanking games like "Roll a Three, Over My Knee" or "Bare Bottom Bingo."

Or maybe our mentor is less like the Fuller Brush man and more like a sponsor of Tupperware parties. Couples could learn from each other as they expand the breadth of their spanking experience. I could envision demonstrations and implement testing for those so inclined. And cake, yes, cake.

Seems like a good idea, and a fun job.

Terpsichore: I would like the expert to write a prescription as a doctor would stating that my husband must spank me at least once a week for optimum health. In addition any spanking techniques, implement sharing, or instructions on creating your own implements would be be appreciated. :-) Oh, and did Bonnie mention cake? Yes, cake...too :-)

Sir Wendel: Interesting question this week. I don’t think I would want anyone visiting telling us how to spank each other better. We have our own style and it would take from the fun and exciting experiences we have.

Ronnie: I would be interested to see what a mentor would suggest re different spanking materials (as one of Bonnie's suggestions) than the standard wood, leather and rubber.

Hermione: Several years ago, Abel wrote an excellent piece on proper caning technique. I would love to have him come and visit us in order to demonstrate that technique. He would have to bring his headmaster's cane, as the one we have is quite short.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #268

Each day, The National Post prints a passage from Samuel Pepys' diary for that day. Pepys was the naval administrator and first secretary of the British Admiralty in the 17th century, and he witnessed and documented the great fire of London and the plague in his diary. He also recorded his naughty encounters with women, but cleverly described them in French, I assume because his wife did not understand that language. Yesterday's entry from 1667 included this sentence:
Being returned home, I encountered Greeting, the flageolet-master, come, and teaching my wife: and I do think my wife will take pleasure in it, and it will be easy for her, and pleasant.
What was a flageolet-master? I envisioned a black robed flagellation expert giving his wife a flogging lesson. Then I looked up the term, and what Google surprised me with was the flageolet bean (see image above). Was the flageolet-master a cook? I searched further and discovered that the flageolet was a small, easy to play flute, now no longer in existence. Mystery solved. Except...

I still like my first interpretation, so here is today's discussion topic:

If you were able to have a spanking expert come to your home, what sort of lesson would you and your partner expect to have? Would you want to learn a new technique, have an expert critique your own technique, receive advice on implement care and use, or something else? What could an expert teach you?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, March 2, 2019

You Completed the Caption

Here's our cartoon with the original caption in place. Now let's see what you came up with:

KDPierre: Her: "Honey, when I suggested some kinky dress-up role play, I was thinking more along the lines of 'sexy cop & naughty bandit'. YOU however, seem to have been binge-watching WAY too many "Mad Men" re-runs!"

QBuzz: Well it doesn't really hurt on my panties, how about you try it on my bare bottom?

Katie: Well... I did ask for a fly swatter! I'll have to try that more often!

Anon 1: "Fred! That's not what I meant when I said you should learn to use a dustpan!" "Well honey, you use it your way and I'll use it my way!"

Anon 2: Here we control insects without pesticides; with the added benefit that the traditional implement is much more flexible, isn't it?

Rosco: I think he is just trying to improve his coordination with his left hand and couldn't think of a more fun way to do it.

Any serious spanking will be done from the right side. The hand might be sufficient if she just needs a little motivation to make a good martini or cook a proper dinner. If she's truly misbehaved, perhaps the hairbrush is in order.

Ronnie: But Henry dear, it's not my birthday until tomorrow.

NoraJean: I could do this all night (swat!, swat!, swat!) ... what do you think, dear?

js666: For anyone still in doubt as to what he's using, it's a paddle-ball. It's a light wooden paddle -- perfect for spanking -- with a rubber ball attached with a rubber band. The object of the game was to see how long you could keep the ball in motion, bouncing off the paddle. The rubber band usually didn't last too long, leaving the paddle for ... alternative uses.

There's a kinky scene involving Marilyn Monroe and a paddle-ball in "The Misfits."

Sir Wendel: Man / Woman : “You’re enjoying this way too much dear!”

I thought it looked like a dustpan too! 
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Complete the Caption

This couple is engaged in our favourite aerobic activity and both seem to be enjoying it. But that's a rather unusual implement he's wielding. Can you explain his choice?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your suggestions on Saturday. Thank you, Sir Wendel Jones, for the cartoon. Keep 'em coming!
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

From the Top Shelf - The Paddling Booth - Chrissy

We are back at the paddling booth today. As you may recall, a paddling booth was set up at the county fair to raise money for charity. Four pairs of fraternity and sorority members were going to paddle and be paddled, as is the custom in those organizations. Last week, Barry was the unfortunate victim, and today it's Chrissy's turn.

Two young middle aged looking couples strode up as Gary and Chrissy carried on an animated conversation. Chrissy found herself warming up to the handsome senior. Gary noticed them.

"Hi, folks, welcome to the paddling booth. Care to make a donation?" Gary smiled and patted his palm with the paddle.

The couples regarded Chrissy in her skimpy outfit with looks of interest.

"Whoa, Carla," said one of the women, "look at her outfit. A bit short, don't you think?" This last question was obviously directed to Chrissy

"Oh, this?" asked Chrissy, "it's my cheerleader outfit--for the know...rah, rah, rah?" And she gave a little wiggle.

With a broad smile one of the men laughed, "Perhaps she should be taught a little modesty." He pulled out his wallet. "I always thought those cute cheerleaders in school deserved a good spanking. What you say we all pony up. I'm in for $20."

"Ok, Jim. You got it. Carla and I will go $25," said the other man.

"Wow, 45 bucks," said Gary. "That's great, folks."

Chrissy was busy doing the math in her head. Yikes! That was 10 swats.

"Now this is real, right?" asked the woman named Carla. "Not little love taps or anything?"

"Absolutely," assured Gary. "Just like initiation night. Nothing held back. Well laid on, as they say." He swooshed his paddle through the air for emphasis. Chrissy cringed. Yikes!

"Well, ok," said the other woman, "sounds like fun--oh except for you, honey." All four of them laughed.

"C'mon, Ray, give him the money. I want to see this."

The men were clearly enjoying ogling Chrissy in the brief cheerleader outfit and the women wore hard looking smiles.

"Ok, folks, step right this way." Gary gestured for Chrissy to lead the troop into the tent.

"I always thought cheerleaders were snooty and too big for their britches," said Carla to her friend. "I know what you mean," said her companion. "Looks like this one's britches are going to be warmed up."

When they had assembled in the interior of the tent, Gary motioned for Chrissy to approach. "Ok, Chrissy, time for your paddling. Bend over hands on your knees. Stick that cute butt right out."

Chrissy nervously bent over. This was it! she thought. How embarrassing to be bent over for a paddling in front of four strangers. As she bent over her little skirt rode up, but not quite enough. Gary took the blade of the paddle and flipped it up onto her back.

One of the men jabbed his buddy in the ribs as Chrissy's adorable ass was unveiled. The brief green panties stretched and rode up into her bottom crease in her bent over posture, baring the lower parts of her cheeks. Chrissy had athletic legs and a well formed derriere. The presentation of the chubby bottom cheeks seemed to beg for some well placed swats.

At least this was what Gary was thinking as he tapped the resilient chubs with the paddle. What a cute ass, he thought. Chrissy gave a little flinch when she felt Gary rubbing the wood in slow circles on her ass.

"It's 10 licks, Chrissy. Are you ready?"

"Y-yes," stammered the luckless pledge.

Gary drew back and swung in an easy arc. The paddle connected solidly with Chrissy's bottom and made a loud crack! The cheeks of Chrissy's bottom flattened with the impact, then sprang back into shape.

"Oooh," gasped Chrissy. That had hurt.

Crack! Another solid swat made her cheeks wobble.

Chrissy waited nervously. There was a pause as Gary patted and rubbed the paddle across the seat of her thin panties. Smack! Crack! Whack! Gary gave her three swats right in a row that made her rise up on her toes and do a little dance.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" she cried. God! that had stung like blazes.

"Stay down, stay down," cautioned Gary. And he gently pressed her back with the paddle. "We wouldn't want extras for getting up now, would we?" He gave the enthralled quartet a broad wink. They grinned and nudged each other in the ribs.

"Oh oh, but it stung." Chrissy protested.

"You got to grin and bear it, honey," laughed one of the women.

"But it really hurts..."

"I know Chrissy, but hold on. Here comes three more..."

Gary drew back and landed another trio of fast hard shots right across the crowns of Chrissy's delectable buttocks making the plump cheeks quiver.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" shrieked Chrissy as the swats burned her bouncing bottom. She started to rise but Gary put his hand on her back and whispered, "Just two more. Be a brave girl, ok?"

Chrissy sniffled and nodded. Wow! It hurt!

Gary took his stance again and carefully measured the distance. Crack! She felt like her bottom was on fire. Oh, ow, ow, she thought.

"I think she felt that," said Carla to her friend who nodded in agreement.

Last one thought Chrissy. Thank God. Whack! "Ouch!" bleated Chrissy. That last one really got to her. It almost felt like she would cry.

"Ok, Chrissy, you can get up now."

She rose and rubbed her butt, grateful that it was over. She didn't care who was watching as she did a little dance, hopping from foot to foot.

The foursome chuckled and commented on Gary's prowess with the paddle and Chrissy's cute reactions.

"Sure lit a fire in her tail," ventured Jim. "That's one cheerleader who'll be eating off the mantle at the sorority house tonight," laughed Jim's wife. "Say, your panties could use some dusting off, dear," said Jim with a grin.

"Oh! Don't you dare!"

But she squealed, half laughing as Jim gave her a hearty wallop on the seat of her thin stirrup pants. Kidding and joking, the group said goodbye and moved on.

"Are you Ok?" asked Gary.

"Wow!" said Chrissy, still rubbing her delectable hiney. "That really stung! But, yeah, I'm ok."

"Good girl," said Gary. "We did good. That was a lot of money. You are not only cute, you're brave." And he gave her a big smile.

Chrissy's stomach gave a little flip flop. The handsome senior liked her. Gary's undisguised interest coupled with the heat in her fanny added to his command of her during the paddling made her feel all squishy inside--like he could do anything he wanted with her. With a slowly building wetness in her lower regions she followed him back out front.
Did you notice all the different words Rollin used to describe Chrissy's backside? What a creative writer!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, February 25, 2019

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 24

How do you get in the mood for a spanking?

Anon: Wake up!

Bernie: A few texts or carefully guarded conversations usually set the stage.

Rosco: We are often busy in the morning even if it is in the back of our minds.

Sometimes Irene will call me at work and ask about my behavior - if I have been following her rules etc. Once, when I was working at a larger place and had my door open, I answered on speaker phone and she said the S word plenty loudly. There was one office mate who might well have heard, but she would have likely kept it to herself.

Sometimes I will deliberately be just a little bratty. And sometimes I will get down on the floor and rub her feet.

Joe: I will ask for or she will tell me I am getting one, simple.

Roz: This is a great question. It depends on the type of spanking. We used to do role affirmation spankings, I can't say I was often in the mood, at least going into those spankings. If a fun spanking, sometimes it would be spontaneous so no getting in the mood beforehand as such. Otherwise, flirting, suggestive comments and maybe a bit of cheekiness on my part :)

QBuzz: If we need to get un the mood then dressing up in uniforms or just nice clothes usually does the trick!

Shell: Usually, all it takes is for Matt to use a certain tone of voice or maybe just silently use his finger to call me to him. It really doesn't take much to put me in the mood for any kind of spanking.

Yorkie: Oh, I’m ALWAYS in the mood for a spanking! My wife needs a bit of notice to get in the mood, nothing specific, just a bit of time.

Barrel: Almost nothing is needed although she will drop a few hints when she is planning to spank me.

When we plan a long and stern thrashing, I am required to wear hose and a plug to work, we go to a romantic lunch spot where she will describe her plan to punish me. She applies clips when we get home. I am required to lay out the implements she will use and prepare the 6 restraints for the bench at the bottom of our bed. When the preparations are completed, we enjoy a glass of very good Chardonnay. We don’t move back to the bedroom until I take her hand, look her in the eye and ask her to punish me.

Hermione: Since ours are regularly scheduled, I have seven days to get in the mood. Especially on "the day" I spend a lot of time thinking about what will happen at 4:00 pm.

Just reading your responses has put me in the mood!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #267

Welcome! It's always fun to see all of my good friends here for brunch. Today's question is one that Bonnie asked way back in 2007, and I thought it was high time to revisit it.

What do you and/or your partner do to get in the mood for spanking?

If you would like to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below. I will publish an edited summary of our conversation once everyone has had the opportunity to weigh in.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, February 22, 2019

Friday FAIL

Most of us do our best when working on a task, right? But then there are some who just don't care about the results. they just want to put in their hours then go home or to the pub. That's the only way to explain these major screwups.

 Legroom, anyone?

 The escalator to nowhere

 Cute balconies, but I wouldn't want to risk my life getting onto one.

 Let's hope there's no fire in this stairwell

 Peek-a-boo, I see you!

We've got the accessibility ramp, but where's the building? Hint: Turn around.

Paddlings all around, right?
From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Have you ever...

Brand-new blogger Shell created a meme that I know you will all want to try. Thank you PK for sharing your version of it.

Have you ever...

Had one of your kids unknowingly pick up or use one of your implements?
I don't have any kids, and when the  grandchildren come to visit, all implements are safely out of sight.

Hidden an implement?
I once bought a red stocking with 12 different implements in a post-Christmas clearance sale at Cane-iac. A few are simply too severe for use, and I don't know how to dispose of them. They are hidden at the bottom of a drawer.

Had an uninvited audience for a spanking?
Only the dogs.

Had an implement break while being in use?
Yes. Wooden spoons seem especially prone to mishap. Isn't it lucky that leather never breaks?

Stood up or walked out from a spanking?

Never. Why would I?

Purchased an implement yourself...for yourself?

I make all the implement purchases, although sometimes Ron points out something like a bath brush or spatula when we are out shopping.

Had a session where all the implements were used?

We have far too many implements for that. It would take hours and my bottom would be too numb to enjoy it.

Had to explain "weird noises" coming from your bedroom?

Not that I can recall. We are the only two in the house.

Been spanked outside of the comfort of your four walls?

Yes, in a borrowed apartment.

Spanked your significant other?
No. I once asked Ron if he wanted me to spank him and her replied, "you are the spankee; I'm the spanker."
Been spanked in a hotel room/resort?
No, but it sounds like fun.

Been spanked with your own belt?
No. My belt has little metal dogs on it and that would be dangerous. I bought a belt at a thrift shop for the purpose.

That was fun! Please feel free to share this one with your friends.
From Hermione's Heart