Monday, February 28, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 27

How old were you when you began consensual spanking?

Jack: Early 20's, a strong desire to be spanked, being a male harder than I thought. Dating an older woman, I was asked my sexual desire, and I told her I wanted a spanking, not really sexual, just wanted a traditional naughty little boy spanking. She smiled, said only on her terms, being when and where she decides I will do as told, and no matter what, will obey her. She was true to her word, it happened at her beach house, I admit I got carried away. She scolded me just like a naughty little boy and worse, her best friend was also spending the week there. Finally she told her friend of my desire, and when she undid my belt and pulled down my pants I looked at her, she quickly pulled down the underpants, my terms remember and I said nothing. Over her lap I went and when done she smiled, is that what you wanted, I was rubbing, all on display, and said yes.

Dan: I'm not sure of the exact year we started, but I think I was 39 or 40. It was pretty late by most spanko standards.

Roz: Thank you for sharing the recipe Hermione. We were in our late 30's - early 40's when we introduced spanking into our relationship. Although I had always had a fascination with spanking from a young age.

Bonnie: I was sixteen, but I looked older and knew how to act the part. I had an attractive high school boyfriend for a while. I was able to convince him to spank me, but he lacked the imagination necessary to make the experience fun for both of us. I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted, but I was certain that this wasn't it. This setback didn't squelch my spanko desires at all. It took two more years of searching to fulfill my kinky desires, but it was worth the wait.

Anon: About five. I was playing in an isolated area with a girl and a boy slightly older, maybe 6.
He said he would spank both of us and I eagerly agreed. We laid flat. He pulled down my pants and underpants and spanked me with his hand. Then I watched as he did the same to her. There is no doubt I already had the itch at the time.

Jean Marie: I wrote about this in my 2nd post on my blog; great topic! An abbreviated version:
I was in my first year in college, met an upperclassman who was well-read. Some of the books on his shelves were spanking-related (the "A Man with a Maid" series) and I asked him about these. As he answered, he put his hand on my (clothed) breast. It took my breath away, but I didn't take it away. We continued to talk, about his many spanking experiences, my interest but lack of experience. We both noticed that this made my nipples hard. He remarked upon it. I moved his hand from where it was (if you call this first base) to another, more intimate place (probably called third base). He called me "forward." I replied that I should be spanked for it. And then I was, and my whole life changed.

Barrel: In college. Maybe sophomore year, so circa 1976? Access to fraternity paddles spawned the first. Whipping with the riding crop was next after we got married.

Wendel: I have been fascinated with spanking since I was 13 but the first time I actually spanked someone was when I was 22. She was a coworker that I was dating and wanted a birthday spanking so a gladly obliged. The relationship did not last long, not because of the spanking, and 5 years later I met the Misses. We have been married and spanking ever since. 

Baxter: It was well into our marriage. When we were first married, I asked my wife for a spanking and she said no, it was perverted. But later on in the marriage, maybe 20 years ago (we have been married 38 years) she asked to read one of my spanking fiction books and I gave her a book by Fiona Locke. My wife read the book and understood and told me to bare my bottom and she gave me a spanking with a belt. She also said that she wished that she had spanked me from the beginning of our marriage as we could have had a lot of fun. I agree wholeheartedly as maybe a good spanking once in a while would have kept me from making stupid decisions. Oh well, now retired, she does give me a spanking once in a while. 

PK: Mentally by the age of five or six. Actually we dabbled a little when I was in my mid-forties . Then we really got into it when I was forty-nine. It made the decade of my fifties the best of my life.

Rosco: The first was at age 13, the second was sadly not until age 24.

With the first one, it wasn’t like we discussed it and agreed beforehand. We were flirting and wrestling when Martha kneed me between the legs - an aggressive escalation but not super hard. I turned her onto her back (it was night on a sandy beach) pulled her legs back and gave her several sharp slaps on her bottom (she was wearing loose short shorts). I stopped because I thought she might be offended or that the other kids not so far away might hear.

When I let go, she kneed me again, so I spanked her again - a little harder and longer this time. I let her go, she kneed me a third time and I spanked her once again. Then we made out - a first time for me. So it’s safe to say the spanking was consensual, but I was unsure when we started.

That was my only experience as a top. When I discussed spanking at 24 with my now wife, she said she’d give it a shot but only as a top. She’s more into it than I at this point.

Prefectdt: 18 years old in 1984. In had made contact with a small group of like-minded people, in my then, home town, when I was 17, but they refused to actually play with me until I was legally an adult. I feel that I was lucky to meet a group of responsibly minded Spankos, to introduce me to the joys of being consensually spanked.

Mary: 22. I woke my girlfriend in the middle of the night and we started to fool around. We wound up wrestling and somehow she was sitting on my back facing my bottom. Although we were about the same size, I was completely pinned. She started spanking. Eventually, she managed to turn around and lay down on my back with her cunt on my ass. She masturbated on my very warm ass until she came. I was embarrassed because I came too on the sheet. 

A.J.: Oh, wow! Memory Lane time!

"How old were you when you first engaged in consensual spanking?"

I'm not sure this counts but I'm pretty sure it was when I was 5 or 6, and in the 1st or 2nd grade. Simple kid games that ended in spanking. All of my spankee classmates - the girls!

The instigator of the games was "Ginni," a cute blonde and athletic tomboy. Who was a really fast runner. The game was basically tag, with the "tagged" getting a kid-like otk spanking. (NOT bare bottom!) My assignment was to catch the girls and apply the spanking.

Ginni the instigator being very fast was hard to catch. But, wouldn't ya' know it I always did. "Oh... Am I going to get spanked?" And otk Ginni went!

It was until years later and thinking about those game I came to think Ginni was "one of us!" A true spanko.

I'm 11 or 12. And puberty had REALLY hit. And I know that spanking girls was a turn-on for me. And realizing that, and thinking my desire to spank girls was perverted and worthy OF PRISON!

So I never spanked another girl, or even attempted to do so ever again.
Fast forward and I'm out of high school, out of college, and out of the Army. About age 25. And I'm dating this girl because she was:
a) Cute.
b) Saucy as she was fun!
c) Had legs to die for.
d) Did I leave out he had a great tush...?

She was a year younger than me. And like me, a closet spanko. She tricked me into spanking her. Bare bottom! That spanking led to wild "Who is this woman????" sex and her having an orgasm that would set a new record on the Richter scale. (THAT was something to see!)

The cat out of the bag, she admitted she liked to be spanked, and I admitted I loved spanking! A couple months later she decided, "Your turn!", and I got my first otk spanking. (And she got to give her first spanking! She was so proud! And pretty good at it, too.)

Love to see Ginni again!

Loki_Darksong: Looking back, I may have been either nearing or had turned 21 when the first spanking I had ever given was to a young lady at Paddles.

I was still very new to the scene and she was very experienced and could take a great deal from the scenes I watched between her and the club's owner.

What was really funny was the fact that I had no idea what was doing and wound up doing damage to my hand more than to her rear!

Rich Person: I was about 20 and it was winter. It had just snowed, and I was sitting in my girlfriend's living room talking with her and her mother, probably during winter break from college.

My girlfriend decided to go outside. She cam back with a snowball. I told her that she better not throw it at me, and she did.

I went right over and grabbed her by the arm. I pulled her back to the couch and turned her over my lap. I gave her a few smart slaps on her jeans.

We didn't go on to develop a spanko relationship, but we still had great times together, even without spankings. It took many more years and many more relationships to get into my first real spanko relationship.

Hermione: I played spanking games with my cousins as a child, but my first experience with adult consensual spanking happened when I was around 24. I asked my then husband to tie me up and spank me. He did, but felt funny about doing it and thought there was something wrong with me. We did it a few times. 

Fast forward to my relation ship with Ron. I was reluctant to initiate anything for fear of rejection, but he made the first move when I was 35, and we haven't looked back since.

We stand with Ukraine!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #424

Before we get started on today's discussion, Morningstar asked for the recipe for the peanut butter bread I described in my last post. Here's the link, and my loaf looked exactly like the one pictured above.

Now on to today's topic. It's an easy one.

How old were you when you first engaged in consensual spanking? 

Leave your response as a comment below. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion after everyone has had a chance to join in.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Baking Blues

Ron and I both like to bake bread, but in different ways. After binge-watching several seasons of The Great British Baking Show (name changed from Bake-Off here in North America) I was eager to try Mary Berry's and Paul Hollywood's recipes. No more store-bought English muffins for us, and I make a mean couronne, if I do say so myself.

Ron prefers a less labour-intensive approach. He loves to make basic white bread and Maritime brown bread in our breadmaker. Only five minutes of effort for a delicious homemade loaf. He always bakes a loaf for our grandchildren when they come to visit; in fact, that's usually all they will eat at dinner.

Our last breadmaker served Ron well for several years, then the baking pan developed a leak. We gave it away and bought a new, inexpensive one. The first batch of brown bread was okay, although the crust wasn't as dark as we would like. I decided to try it out with a sweet bread recipe, to see if I could duplicate our favourite supermarket bread - cranberry and hazelnut. I found a recipe that was close, loaded up the breadmaker, and waited.

The result was less than spectacular. The dough scarcely rose, the outside was pale even though I had set the crust setting to Dark, and the interior tasted raw. The Sweet setting on the breadmaker had 35 minutes less rising time than the Basic setting, which accounted for the heavy loaf, but why had the bread not been cooked through? When I sliced it, it had a marbled look, as if it had not been kneaded thoroughly.

Exit breadmaker number two. We found a more expensive one with great ratings, ordered it, and when it arrived (the next day thanks to Amazon Prime) Ron baked a white loaf. It was baked perfectly and was delicious! I made a loaf of peanut butter bread and made us toasted peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches for lunch.Yummy!

Scroll down for some fun kitchen mishaps, happily not my own.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, February 21, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 20

Do you have a favourite fantasy that you would like to experience?

Wendel: If we talk spanking fantasy then mine is to be spanked with the strap in the grand hall of a old time castle by the Princess.
 My non-spanking fantasy is to fly in space and orbit the earth. Maybe in years to come it might become reality. 

Rosco: I'd like to serve tea to my wife and her friends dressed in a pink petticoat and maid's outfit. Or be the towel boy for the women's tennis team. Or be a naughty college boy at a sorority initiation. Or taught to behave by my girlfriend's bitchy roommate.

In all cases, I am forced to serve and then spanked by all. At some point, I am tied to a bed with my hands over my head and the women come in one by one, whip my bottom again, then mount my face so I can lick them properly. Some get even more wild and vicious after an orgasm and thrash me yet again.

In the morning I make lattes for them all and cook breakfast.

Irene tells me stories about these events and plays the various parts herself, changing voices and often clothes several times over the course of our encounters. But it is highly unlikely we would ever involve someone else - possibly if we met a trustworthy stranger on vacation nut never with someone we know.

Roz: For some reason I had always wanted to do a cruise up around Alaska, though in recent years given the current situation that fantasy has vastly diminished, cruise ships being a hotbed of covid and other issues lol. However, in keeping with this fantasy perhaps a spanking on a cruise ship.

Another fantasy would be a spanking while on holiday to some exotic location.

Bonnie: Wow. We've managed to live out or at least try out many scenarios from our normal-to-weird spanko fantasy spectrum. One we have talked about lately is to go out somewhere with me wearing cutoffs that almost cover my fresh red marks. We've done something similar before, but never so deliberately. The biggest challenge, other than my sheer embarrassment at possibly seeing someone we know, is that we are still avoiding large gatherings due to COVID.

Fred Bloggs: I think fantasy is best left inside the head. On a couple of occasions I've acted out my fantasies and the reality does not match up. (There is an old joke that the scenery is better on the radio.) I suppose being into spanking and having a willing partner for many would be acting out the fantasy, so I am lucky really. 

Anon 1: I always fantasized about having my bare bottom spanked over the lap of a schooteacher. But I think the only way I could approximate that IRL would be with a professional. And I am deterred by Fred Bloggs's point: the fantasy may be a lot more enjoyable than the reality.

Jean Marie: Oh, so many! Let me narrow it down to one far-fetched one, and a more realistic version.
I'd say that a long-held fantasy would involve the happiest place on earth, Disney World. Everyone knows about Cinderella's castle just inside the front entrance. Many people are learning that private accommodations can be made if people are willing to pay for it, such as closing down the park for a private party, or eating in exclusive venues. I'd like to go up inside the highest turret in that fantasy-like castle. I'd like to bend over, to look out the window, lean out the window, look down on the crowds far below, as my lover bares my lower half, and spanks me, turns me on, takes me sexually from behind. That'd make me the happiest woman in the happiest place!

More likely, I've always wanted to safari in Africa. Don't know if that'll happen, so going to Disney's Wild Animal Park in a top-drawer manner, awakening daily to a savanna of wildlife below our balcony, being bared in the sunlight, spanked privately in a way that feels publicly, again enjoying uninhibited sex. I'd feel wild, would probably yell aloud like fictitious Tarzan brought to life!

Graham: Even when life is great, one can always have fantasies especially surrounding spanking. Mine generally involve being spanked before (very willing) witnesses. That's occurred a couple times at the big parties, but I'd like it to occur on a more intimate level. The couples' weekend scenarios at Aunt Kay's DWC particularly appealed to me. The men got passed around for some good spankings, then each got a particularly hard session for a "sin" confessed in private. This event could only happen with people that one trusted, and it could be a mix of male/female bottoms. I don't expect this fantasy to be realized, but it is recurring nonetheless. Best to All.

Fondles: We've talked about giving a spanking demo. The idea of it has me tingly. But I'm probably NEVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO IT. 

Rich Person: There are many women in the spanking world I'd like to play with. I'd like to bump into one of them somewhere and strike up a friendship. I don't think it's realistic for that to happen, but I'm happy just to have the fantasy.

On the other side, I sometimes fantasize about meeting a stranger who finds her own reason to spank me. I'm kind of on the knife edge of whether that would be a good thing or a bad thing. Would I like the results or would not? Do I even have the courage to take a real punishment from her? Perhaps this is another place where I'm happy to just have the fantasy.

Ronnie: Hermione, thanks

I'd loved to be spanked after a riding session, I would have to be correctly attired and so would he, I would have failed to impress in some way, or been disobedient or lazy not tending to my horse properly, something along those lines. It would perhaps have been a repeat offence for which I'd been warned and now I'd gone too far. He would deal with me firmly in the stable, bending me over a hay bale or something and giving me a good cropping. I'd definitely go through with it. Just need all the props.

Mary: I would love to spend a weekend as my wife's 50's era wife. No male clothes, cleaning the house and fixing meals. Getting the belt to remind me of my place and to punish me if I screw up. 

Jack: My wife has a older friend, the motherly type, since I got my first adult spanking from an older woman have thought about how I could get her to spank me. She knows that I'm spanked, tells my wife all males are little boys and need a sound spanking at times. She has looked at me in such a way that tells me she would enjoy giving me a spanking, even mentioned it a couple of times. There is just something about an older woman giving a spanking, that first time, boy do I remember it, would like to relive it.

Anon 2: If I had to pick one, it would to be locked in stocks while nude in public, perhaps at a lifestyle resort, with a variety of paddles, canes and straps available with an invitation to any passers by to give me what I deserve.

Barrel: I have two, but one true possibility.

The first, most likely, is to be spanked by my wife’s exercise instructor. Her name is Ann. She is strong willed, has been married several times, and a wild spirit. I visualize my wife sharing a hint at class that we had a tiff, but that she resolved it quickly. Ann picks up on that comment with a suggestive question privately, “do you discipline your husband?” My wife is not likely to answer truthfully, but if she were to pause or just smile, Ann would connect the dots, wherein Ann would offer her extensive experience with other lovers, to reinforce the lesson I had been taught by my wife. Ann would then push for a time to show up at our house, lecture me why I should be punished further, with my wife ordering me to prepare the restraints for the bench at the bottom of our bed. Once secured, Ann would severely thrash me with the most intense toys we have as my wife looks on approvingly.

The second is to somehow meet the girl I was dating in college, who wanted to spank me for drunken stupor during an pledge initiation. She told me I needed to be spanked with a hairbrush by her and her roommates. I was slow on the uptake and blind to my predilection for spanking.

The first is only possible if my wife takes another step out. She frequently tells me while we are out that something I just did is cause for me to be whipped. But I doubt she will ever take the next step to hint or share that she does spank me.

Great topic this week. Thank you.

Mark: My wife's two oldest friends are rather lovely. One is a beautiful "high maintenance" corporate lawyer's wife, the other is a divorced lovely strapping farm girl type. We are all in our mid 50s. My wife is slowly taking on the responsibility of advising what is acceptable around the house, and punishing me when I fall below the line.
I would love to be pulled up for a failing in front of her friends and be thoroughly scolded, and beaten before being ordered to the corner to display my red bottom. 

Prefectdt: So many fantasies, better choose one.... I want to be part of a Spanking Flash Mob. It would have to be a strictly F/m affair, to avoid criticism for promoting violence against women in public. Man thongs should keep us modest enough. I am thinking of five couples coming from different directions to a communal area of an indoor shopping centre (mall). Suddenly all five couples start arguing and then the female participants produce easily concealed spanking toys, de-bag the men and hand out simultaneous spankings for about 4 to 5 minutes. Then as suddenly as it started, it ends and all the couples go off in separate directions. Could it ever happen? It is possible, but highly doubtful.

Bernie: I'd love to come out of the shower in the morning and have my wife dress me in some provocative female attire. Bra and thong, thigh high stockings, short tight skirt, and a sheer blouse. Every once in a while throughout the day I'd be bent over some furniture, have my skirt pulled up and be given a good hard spanking. By late afternoon a butt plug would be put in and would stay that way through dinner. The evening's activities would be at her direction and total control.

It might actually be possible after all these years. I'd just have to find the right moment and courage to ask.

Thanks for asking, Hermione!

A.J.: Oh, boy.

Do you have a fantasy that you would like to happen in real life?

Nah. Who would have something like that?? Other than "everyone?"

Is there any possibility that it might?

OK. Mine:

Fantasy #1
This actually happened so the answer to your follow-up question is: "YES!"

Two women work in the same office and #1 complains about the poor behavior of her new boyfriend, and "I wish he was as well-mannered as your boyfriend..."

#2 says they have to be trained. What you need to do is spank him when he steps out of line.
#1 I couldn't do that.
#2 Sure you can. I'll show you. My BF is overdue; you can watch and learn.

#2 brings #1 home and tells her BF - A.J.!!! - that he is going to get it, and that #1 is going to watch and learn.
A.J. is going to be a teaching aide!

Protests ignored. Taken otk, bottom bared. Spanked.
As A.J. is spanked, #2 teaches #1:
"Do this, do it here, this hard or worse, not here, not this, etc. Then...
"Now you try it."
A.J goes over #1 knee and practices under watchful eye of #2.

A little more, then back otk of #2; than back over #1's knees.

Nice! And a bright pink bottom!

Then is is discovered that #1 and #2 aren't so pure, so they spank each other and A.J. spanks both of their bare bottoms!

It actually happened. All in fun.
I got spanked by them, spanked both of them, and watched them spank each other.
My fantasy: Oh, Gawd!! To do it again!

Fantasy #2
We go to a "relationship counselor" where my GF complains that I have been an inattentive and careless lover. (Told you it was fantasy.)
Shocked, the counselor says that had to be addressed with a spanking - right now!

OTK I go.

After a few minutes I am "ordered" to satisfy my GF right now and while under the counselor's supervision to be sure I'm "doing it" her with proper enthusiasm and vigor!

Fun, eh?

During the act, my decencies are immediately corrected with the counselor's strap, urging me on to new heights of performance.

When the counselor determines it may not be all my fault when she notices the GF - is not doing her share!
So in the Cowgirl position, the counselor's strap is applied to the GF's bottom urging her to "Put your ass into it!"
All leading to toe-curling orgasms you only read about in the best porn!

While the counselor as "instructing" us, she was also "paddling her pink canoe™", if-you-know-what-I-mean-and-I-think-you-do.

Post orgasms and seeing how the counselor is unfulfilled and in need of relief, her grateful students give her a 4-hand/2-tongue massage until...!!!!!!

Hey! It's my fantasy!

Fantasy #3
Just like Fantasy #2, but both are at fault and receive "instruction" from the counselor and her strap while bent over and cheek-to-cheek!

Bernie: Something there sounded pretty judgmental. I don't know where it was directed. If toward me I'm sorry I offended you. I thought this was a safe haven for folks of our ilk. I'm going to have that conversation with my life partner, tomorrow. I'll let you know the result, if Hermione will publish the answer.

Bernie, I'm not sure what's happening here, but yes, this is a safe place for you and everyone else. Please do send me the result, either here or by email.

Hermione: My real fantasies -- the ones that run through my head in order to orgasm -- are not achievable in real life because I am a different person in them. But a real fantasy I've had is that I be taken to a woodshed, bent over a big block, and strapped on the bare bottom. Maybe our garden shed would be a satisfactory alternative, but alas, there's no chopping block there.

Loki_Darksong: Where I work there are several female co-workers whose friendship makes the work day go by a lot easier. I do contemplate what type of spankings would suit them best to match their different body types and their personalities.

It's bittersweet because I know it will never happen. The only time that were possible was with one young lady who was curious about spankings, BDSM and domestic discipline. Unfortunately before any inroads occurred her other job schedule had changed and she was forced to focus on that and left the company. Whether or not another opportunity like that occurs well anything is possible. But some things maybe for the best to be left in the realm of fantasy.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #423

Come on in out of the bad weather that many of us are experiencing today, and let's talk about spanking. Our dear friend Ronnie suggested this week's topic, and I know you will have some interesting comments to make.

Do you have a fantasy that you would like to happen in real life? Is there any possibility that it might?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Going Green

Our good friend Fondles has a green thumb, and she  has introduced me to so many plants I was unfamiliar with, one of which is the money plant. I had to research it, and according to Google, there are a lot of different plants that go by the common name money plant.   

When I was shopping two weeks ago, I passed by the plant section on my way out and saw a big sign on a chalkboard: "Money Plants!".  I looked but didn't see a smaller sign near the actual money plants, just a sea of green and an amazing variety of small foliage plants, so I was still none the wiser. 

It seems that one of the plants that goes by the alternate name of Asian money plant is the jade plant. I've had jades in the past, and decided my garden window would not be complete without one. We have garden windows in the kitchen and dining room; they jut out about 18 inches from the outer wall and have glass shelving for plants. Very energy-inefficient but beautiful. So yesterday while grocery shopping, I stopped by the plant section and picked up a small jade plant.

I looked around but didn't see any of the bum-shaped plants pictured below.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, February 14, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 13

Would you ever consider making videos of your spankings available to the public?

Roz: No, not something I would do. Spanking to us is something we do privately, not in front of others or to be shown to others. 

Loki_Darksong: Yes both I and my wife would be interested in doing this as a means of an additional source of income.

I will point out that this is not exactly something new. Spanking couples and partnerships have been doing this since the VHS era and then since the early days of the internet. A number of spanking video productions, many of you know either by friendship or by reputation, started out this way so there shouldn't be an issue for those who do choose to do this currently.

Bonnie: We subscribed to various spanko content providers over the years and we may again. We have no desire to supplement our income in this way. Anything I offer here will always be free. We have some video, but it's just for us and has little if any commercial value.

Baxter: Why subscribe when you can simply go to and see all types of spanking for free? 

Fondles: I would just watch free spanking videos. And no, I wouldn't publish it on a media platform, no matter HOW much money it paid.

Jack: My wife response is, my spankings are not for entertainment, but to correct a naughty little boy. A few have seen him being spanked, but that is as far as it will go. 

Rosco: Irene and I watch various spanking videos from time to time, but mostly we’ve been underwhelmed. She mentioned we could do a better job, but we’re both too shy, we don’t need the money, and it would embarrass our kids to no end.

I do think often about plots that would work for me. I’d like a little bit of a story that’s remotely plausible.

Ronnie: There are a lot of free spanking videos you can watch (not sure of the quality though) so no, I wouldn't subscribe and definitely not publish it on any media platform.

Spanky53: I wouldn't post for pay. I did post videos and photos when I had my blog and I do have some up on Fetlife. Since I have taught a host of classes for local dungeons and privately they have been a little bit of a calling card for people looking to add spanking and impact play in their lives.

Morningstar: I never watch spanking videos - shrug - they leave me cold to be honest.

As for posting a video of me getting spanked for money?? OMG NO! I was videotaped once and the facial expressions I make are awful...... OMG! just NO ! I don't care how much they would/could bring in.

Bernie: Really no. Spankings are, in my view, very private, intimate experiences. I wouldn't want to intrude on yours, nor would I want to share ours.

Prefectdt: If the opportunity arose now, I don't think so. If this was possible in my younger days, I think that I would very tempted. Less body image issues back then. :)

Graham: Not interested in posting but happy that others do...some are very well done. :-)

Have been spanked in public at spanking parties but otherwise it's all quite private, as with most of the comments above.

Barrel: LOL, like somebody would pay to watch us oldies in a session!?!? I have recorded one of ours on my phone to see what it was like, and I can honestly say, it was a non starter. So, nope. Good thing we don’t need the income.

Alice: Definitely not, I'm a very private person and spanking for me is an intimate experience. I have no interest in viewing spankings either, though I enjoy reading about them.

Wendel: Nope. Not something we would do. The Misses’ fanny is mine to see and spank and she feels the same about mine. We will spank outdoors when hiking but those take place in spots where it is unlikely anyone would ever see. 

KDPierre: Watching videos can be as painful as a spanking itself. I prefer still photos or artwork. The money aspect also leaves an off taste in my mouth. 

If I did I would only do so with fun/sexy spankings and never punishments because that would ruin the whole point of them. But as such, I wouldn't charge because if the spankings shared were only of a more play/sexy bent, I'd feel like a prostitute charging for sex. In fact, since so many people who comment have insisted that spankings are always sexual (not something I believe however) I'd be curious as to whether

As for viewing? I prefer still photos or artwork. Videos rarely appeal to me unless there's some aspect to it that makes it 'different'. 

Hermione: Thankfully, that will never happen. We don't have the technology, nor do we need the money. Our spankings are private. As for watching videos, I really don't care for them. I prefer reading about them.

And that's it for another week. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #422

It's Superbowl weekend, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Let's take time out and discuss this topic suggested by our good friend Bonnie

Some spanko couples are now offering live video streams of their spanking sessions on a subscription basis. Is this service of interest to you? Would you ever consider doing this to supplement your income?

Please leave your response as a comment. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Once everyone has had a chance to join in the discussion, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, February 11, 2022

In the Office Kitchen

Ron and I are still isolating, so we don't need to worry about anyone stealing our lunch. But for those of you who are back at the office, here are some clever ways to ward off fridge thieves. 


Sandwich bags printed with mold.

I wouldn't touch those with a ten-foot baguette.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

From the Top Shelf - The Lights

GeorgieC has written another story and has kindly allowed me to publish it here. If you like school discipline stories, this one's for you. If you don't, then scroll down to read something else.


There were two girls already standing outside the door when she arrived.  The light glowed red, telling everyone to wait while some poor miscreant was being dealt with behind the closed door.  The sound of a slipper regularly and rhythmically meeting its target drifted through the door.  The noise stopped abruptly, and after a couple of moments the door opened.

The light turned to amber – wait in readiness – as the door swung to and a lad rushed out, rosy cheeked.  The rosy cheeks were not just on his face, as he almost ran down the corridor clutching his nether regions, seeking some cooling relief in a sink full of water in the boys' toilets.

"Oh God" said the girl at the front of the queue looking back at her companions.  "I've never had it before.  I'm scared."

The new arrival, we'll call her Hazel for the good reason that was her name, smiled gently at the girl.

"It's your first time?  It won't be too bad.  He doesn't go too bad on first timers"

She remembered her first time.  Something to do with messing about in class, if she remembered right.  It was such a long time ago.  A lot of water under the bridge since then.  The classroom teacher had enough and sent her to the Head.  In retrospect she realised that he would have preferred to deal with her himself, but wasn't allowed.  He was like that. He probably got a thrill just sending girls along.  He sometimes asked them with a smirk when they came back what they had got.

But off she went to the Head's office.  She too had felt trepidation about the unknown.  The trembling wait outside, the wait to see the light turn green.  And then in to face her fate.

He had been more understanding than she had expected.  He seemed to understand that girls would be girls, that messing about was part and parcel of school life.  But also that it cannot be tolerated and she would have to pay a penalty.

She was directed to his desk and told to lean right across it, her arms stretched out in front of her as far as she could reach.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw him extract his slipper from the drawer.  He walked round behind her, and with just the gentlest touch, he smoothed down her skirt. Just a gentle stroke, flattening out the creases. And perhaps just lightly checking there was no added protection. And then the first whack arrived.

She remembered how it took her breath away, and how the second and third arrived in quick succession.  And then that was it.  All over, stand up, and back to class.  First time offence dealt with.  It stung of course, and she had squirmed a bit when she tried to sit down back at her desk.  But it wasn't going to be life-changing.

The light turned green, and the first-timer girl at the front stepped inside and closed the door behind her.  Red now glowed brightly.  The "someone's getting it" light as it was known.
Vaguely muffled conversation could be heard, then a pause, then the sound of three solid whacks were heard.  And then again silence.

The door suddenly opened, and the girl exited rapidly, tears streaming down her face, firmly clutching her behind with both hands.  She too raced down the corridor, seeking solace in a sink of cooling water, but this time in the girls' toilets.  The light showed amber again.  They waited.

The girl in front of Hazel looked back at her.

"Wish it was my first time.  This is my fourth.  He's not quite so understanding after the first, is he?"

Hazel forced a little smile.  After that first episode she had been "dealt with" a number of times since.  Messing about, talking, smoking, a spot of truancy, missed homeworks, fighting, cheek to teachers … it was quite a litany. Certainly more than four.  Significantly more than four.
And after the first time the punishment was more severe.  As her comrade in front of her had said, it was less understanding.

Enter the study through the door, and those unfortunates outside awaiting their fate, both boys and girls, would see the light change from amber to red.  The pattern was a constant one.  A lecture pointing out why whatever behaviour it had been was unacceptable.  How he had hoped that she would have learned to behave better, but as she hadn't then she would have to face the consequences.

She learned the routine quickly.  In fact she always thought that maybe he could cut out the lecture and just jump straight to the action.  It would save a lot of time.

Over to the desk, but this time she hitched her skirt right up displaying her regulation white knickers to the Headmaster's gaze.  She was 100% sure that was what he wanted.  It wasn't now a matter of discipline. There were very few in the school who remained as "first timers".   

She wasn't sure what happened to the boys, but she was certain it wasn't pleasant.  But he had probably put his slipper across the knickers of pretty well every girl in the school over the years.  And while we use the word "pretty" in that context, it had been noted that pretty girls seemed to get the whacks far more frequently.  Hazel, in case I hadn't mentioned, was very pretty.

So, bend over the desk again, reach right out and look forward as he looked down on the knicker-clad bottom, and then six of the very best stingers on the bum.  She had at one time tried wearing thicker and fuller pants when she knew she was in for a whacking, but it only served to piss him off a bit and make him hit harder, so she abandoned that tactic.  He seemed to appreciate the gesture with slightly more controlled and less vigorous strokes.  Although the process took a little longer.

The light turned green and the girl in front took a deep breath, summoned up her courage, and went in.  The light glowed red again.

Hazel was now alone in the corridor with her thoughts.  All was silent except for the muffled conversation coming through the door.  The words "lift your skirt right up and bend over the desk" drifted on the breeze.  And then the rhythmic sound started again.  More measured than those given to the first-timer.  Not so rushed.  A slow rhythmic whack that reached a count of six and then stopped abruptly.

Another short pause and the door opened.  The girl appeared.  She was obviously more experienced than the previous two, and she just walked out sedately down the corridor as though she had just handed in a letter.  There was no trace of anguish.  No strangeness to the walk.  No hands clutching her rear.  She managed to maintain her dignity through the obvious discomfort.

Hazel studied the amber light.

Every time had been the same up to now.  Skirt up, over the desk, then six of the very best with that minimal protection.  And when he's finished doing what he had to do, and she had to wait a moment or two still bent over and exposed while he put his slipper away and walked around behind you again, stand up, push your skirt back down, and get out.  Every time.  Until last time.

Because when she stood up last time the Headmaster had a dire warning for her.  He had got "sick of seeing your face in my office".  She remembered he had said those exact words, because it occurred to her that it wasn't her face he usually saw.  She was wise enough not to say anything though.  But never mind.  He was sick of her repeated attendance in his office.  So he had issued a stern warning.

He made it abundantly clear what would happen if she ever found herself here again.  He was absolutely detailed in the consequences of continued bad behaviour.  She was left in no doubt.

But, despite the warning, here she was again.  Smoking may not be literally the death of her at the moment, but it certainly was a big challenge to her well-being.  A trap of her own making she fell into time and time again.  And she had fallen into the trap yet again.

So here she was and she knew that she was in big trouble now.  But she had no option but to accept her fate.

She was just going to have to grin and bear it.

Well, she may not actually grin.  In fact, she knows it certainly is not going to be a grinning matter.

But she knew that this time she was certainly going to have to bear it.  Well, actually to be literally correct, she was going not just to bear it, but to bare it. Big knickers or small briefs were not going to have any part to play in the tragedy about to be performed.  She was going to have to bare it completely in front of him.  He had made that quite clear.

This time they will have to come down, right down, down to her knees, and she knew when she bent over the desk and reached out that it's going to really sting like never before.

The light turned green.

With a sigh, she entered the study, closed the door, the light turned red and, dear reader, as promised she had to bare it.  With no sign of a grin.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, February 7, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 6

This week we discussed punishment spankings, and here's what you said:

Anon 1: For me Punishment is the correction for wrongdoing.

To punish me, the spanker must correct me by spanking or paddling past the point that I want it to stop. It isn't punishment if it is enjoyable. It must hurt.

I don't feel I've been corrected unless I am required to accept the punishment well past that point. If I'm not begging for the punishment to end it's still warm up.

Jean Marie: First of all, may I say that I LOVE your weekly brunch & its thought-provoking questions! Thanks for the umpteenth time!

Upon reflection, I've gotten playful spankings that got serious over something that unexpectedly occurred, got prolonged, and became quite painful. Conversely, I've been told that I was in for a hard punishment, and our mutual passion subverted it after just a short while into pure pleasure.

For me, I think it is totally the mindset of my Top at the time. If HE thinks it's punishment, he may choose to use wooden implements (which I hate), choose to lecture between swats, choose to make those swats harder or last longer to push my limits, choose to put me in the corner afterward (which I hate), choose to postpone reconciling lovemaking (which hurts my soul).

An impartial observer would probably have a difficult time sometimes telling whether I'm getting played with or punished; it all might be seen as "full of sound and fury, signifying" everything.

Bonnie: For me, a punishment spanking is far more about what's happening in my head than what my husband is doing to my bottom. It hurts a lot, as well it should, but the punishment aspect is mental. I envision myself as the bad girl who has misbehaved once too often and now faces my long overdue comeuppance in the form of painful corporal punishment administered forcefully upon my bare bottom. He can heighten these feelings through lectures ("Aren't you ashamed..."), lack of warm up, rapid fire swats, corner time, and taking pictures while I hold the implement or a "Bad Girl" sign. His latest favorite is interviewing me on video after the spanking while I am seated on a hard wooden stool.

Roz: Spanking nowadays for us is purely for fun. However, when we had an active dynamic it was the mindset and emotions behind a spanking that distinguished a punishment from a fun spanking. There was always also a lecture.

Rich Person: Thanks again for these brunch topics. They are always informative.

I think Anon 1 is on the right track saying it needs to go past the point where the recipient wants it to stop. Until then, the pain is for the recipient. (It's what they want.) After that, it starts to punish the recipient.

The way to tell if it's punishment is whether the recipient changes their behavior, or at least tries to change. If it has whatever characteristics are necessary to change behavior, then it's punishment. If it doesn't do that, in fact, it can act as a reward.

So, when the pain gets to the point the recipient really wants it to stop, then it becomes a punishment. That can happen because of intensity, or duration, or various other factors, like the type of implement. Someone who likes and fantasizes about spankings might not like the switch, even if the pain itself isn't as intense.

It can also be more than a punishment. If it's more than necessary to change behavior, then it becomes sadistic for the person causing the pain. And, of course, it can go beyond that to abuse.

On the receiving end, I want to be safely within the realm of play or punishment, although I'd consider going further for someone I really cared for.

Ronnie: Mindset and emotions. The spanking is always hard and thorough and always a lecture throughout.

Prefectdt: All the suggestions in the question sound like good fun to me. I'm pretty convinced that if a DD situation, involving myself, was to work, spankings would have to be a reward, rather than a punishment.

Otherwise, a punishment spanking would have to involve something that I find hard to handle. Perhaps a hard, cold caning or a paddling with a large, American style school paddle. It would have to come in at a seriously hard swing for me to regard it as punishment rather than play.

Jack: My wife decides when I need a spanking, it could be for attitude, behavior, talking back to her. I have learned that when my wife sternly says you're getting a spanking I do as I am told. Bath brush, always, and depending on how 'naughty' I was I will have my pants and underpants pulled down.

Anon 2: I agree with Anon 1 that there should be not the slightest bit of enjoyment in a punishment spanking. Only thing to add is, a punishment spanking in this household ends when I've been reduced to an incoherent babbling, uncontrollably sobbing mass of tears.

Brett: I don't have a desire to be spanked. It is punishment because I don't want the pain and embarrassment of these consequences for bad behavior. My desire is for the regime under which spanking is used to support fair and effective discipline. The disciplinarian holds, to the most substantive possible degree, a parental authority. If we're compatible and have the trust necessary, then I will respect that authority and, however a punishment is administered, it's real because it's not my call. Getting no punishment is not a disappointment but a relief. A spanking doesn't require any particular implement, level of intensity, or other activities, but the choices made by the one in charge certainly shape the experience in more or less effective ways. The fulfillment in this is its mental and emotional impact, and the right disciplinarian makes for an exciting relationship.

KDPierre: It is definitely (as many others have confirmed) the mindset and emotions involved way more than altering the mechanics in any way. The people who spank me all do so fairly hard, even when playing, so for punishment, how much harder can one go before it's irresponsible or cruel? No, the thing the changes it for me and the other party is the reason, the feelings of hurt, anger, or guilt, and what the intention is for the action.

Barrel: For us, spanking is always a prelude to intimacy. However, we do punishment spankings when my wife wants to make a point with me about disrespectful behavior which is almost always due to stress.

Our punishment spankings always include being restrained to the point little movement is possible. A long strapping or whipping with the crop sets the tone. She will lecture me about my failures, emphasizing her points with thirty to fifty strokes, alternating between the strap and tawse. My wife is quite adept at backhand strokes and prefers to land lashes where the strap or tawse will wrap around, and into the curvy parts of my backside and top of my thighs. Several of these volleys will go on for 20 minutes. When she sees me sweating and panting, I am asked if I have learned anything. I nod as I am usually equipped with a breathable ball gag. Thereafter, she will conclude the session with several rounds with her two delrin canes, almost always finishing with the 1/4” whippy cane as she reinforces her points. She likes to leave deep welts that she inspects for the next several weeks, reminding me how and why I am wearing them.

It sounds intense because it is. I willing accept and sometimes even ask for it when I feel the need for the deep, emotional release. I am allowed to gather myself after being released and we hug. Intimacy concludes these sessions.

Great question, so Cheers!

Wendel: We do give spankings for misbehaving or doing something the other considers bad. For us spankings are meant to be fun and arousing. There are no lectures, corner time or other things that may take away from that fun and excitement. The most said is for the other to take down their pants for a spanking, maybe a comment during about how red their bottom is getting. 

Rosco: It wouldn’t be the same without the lecture. Sometimes Irene will assign corner time - often in a wooden chair in her dark closet.

She’s got a boxful of implements, mostly leather, and sometimes I’m not sure which she’s using.

Recently, Irene has started slapping my balls. It hurts like crazy but seems to cause erections. Go figure.

A.J.: "If you have a desire to be spanked, what constitutes punishment?"

If you HAVE a desire to be spanked, then it's not punishment.

I don't believe in punishment spankings. Must be the romantic within me!

Alice: For me it's completely to do with mindset. I've had a punishment spanking that wasn't particularly painful, but I had no desire to repeat it.

I was dreading it, embarrassed during it, relieved when it was over and yet aroused thinking back to it!

The ritual and formality of it make it different. Even though I enjoy spanking, I don't actually want to disappoint and the ritual of a punishment spanking sets things right. I'm inclined to mentally beat myself up when I feel bad about something, Punishment helps me to let go of that and trust someone else to decide what is needed.

An interesting topic, with a great variety of responses.

Doug: My wife does not believe in spanking for punishment. but she regularly spanks me quite hard with a wooden paddle, and, in truth, I welcome it.

Hermione: A punishment spanking is for a real transgression and is preceded by a stern lecture. The punishment is always bare-bottomed OTK, and it is harder, slower and longer than a regular fun or erotic spanking. That's the theory, anyway. In real life, we don't do punishment spankings because, as Ron says, I would enjoy them too much.

Fondles: As you may know we don't do the punishment type of spanking, but once in a while I welcome (and benefit from) a 'reset' spanking, a way to reconnect and settle back into that submissive mental space.

Thank you all for a great conversation. Corner time begins NOW!

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #421

Let's talk about spanking! Rich Person suggested that we discuss the punishment aspect, and I like his take on it.

If you have a desire to be spanked, what constitutes punishment? Is it the type of implement? The intensity? Something emotional or mental about the situation? The other activity that goes with the spanking, such as a lecture or corner time?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Farewell Cane-iac

Yesterday I found a distressing email in my inbox. Cane-iac, the online emporium of quality spanking implements and accessories, is closing. Over the years I have purchased many ouchy high-quality items from them and had planned to do so again. Here is their announcement.


Yes, you heard it correctly.  After years of selling a vast assortment of affordable spanking toys we will be closing our doors by the end of the year or sooner.

We are going to continue to sell some of our most popular items and even have some new items we will offer.  But over time we will start to reduce the inventory and eliminate offerings.

So, if you see something you want, got to have, can't live without, we suggest you get it.  It could be the last time you ever see it again.  Also keep watching your emails for special deals and important announcements.

Hurry on over to Cane-iac and check out their stock before it's too late.

Or maybe you'd be interested in taking over the business. I Just spotted this at the bottom of the email.

Who wants to own a Spanking Toy Company?

Are you creative and like dealing with people?  Enjoy working with wood, leather and other materials? Maybe Cane-Iac could be for you.   If you have an interest email:

Any takers? Ronnie?
From Hermione's Heart