Monday, September 25, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 24

Spanking uniforms? Tell us about them.

Wendel: We do enjoy costumes. The Misses has been spanked as a princess, school girl, pirate and many other characters. My favorite is when I get to spank Cinderella. 

I love when she wears the 1960’s housewife dress with white apron. It does not matter what I have on because my pants come down and I am given a sound paddling. 

Graham: Easy call for me. I just love seeing my wife in suspenders and stockings under various outer garments from nighties, to short skirts, to long skirts, etc. The suspenders can be a simple garter belt, OBG or corset. Strong preference for fairly wide suspenders as the spaghetti straps don't do it for me.

Bonnie: I have several uniforms that I wear, but the results are always the same. One I think might be Randy's current favorite is the bad ballerina. We just did this. I wear a white thong-style leotard and a white tutu. The tutu is smaller than a dancer would select because it rests almost horizontally atop my hips exposing the entire lower half of my bottom.

In his world, bad ballerinas need to be caned on bare skin. He uses our punishment cane to apply the necessary correction. This really, really hurts!

After I am sufficiently red and sore, my loving husband guides me to the bad girl corner so he can memorialize my visible discomfort with photographs. "Now lean slightly forward," he says. In my mental state of confused bliss, I misunderstand his command so he asks me if I need the hairbrush. This time I realize he has no intent to fix my hair. So I bend over as commanded.

"Now turn your head toward me. Good. Now rub your spanked butt. OK. Just like that. Smile like you love it all. Perfect." I comply.

finally, my uniform comes off and unclothed part of the evening commences.

Roz: Something we have only done rarely, though school girl was popular. Rick has though on a number of occasions stipulated how he wants me dressed e.g. skirt rather than pants sans bra, panties or both.

Jack: If I have really have crossed the line, my wife/Mommy has me put on my pajamas or jammies as she calls them. Does not matter time of day, if she waits for the morning, I'm already in my pajamas and will be in them the rest of the day if not longer, meaning several days. The spanking I get is a very sound spanking, facing the wall with my pajamas bottom down, no matter who might drop in. I know it will be early bedtime. An adult in his pajamas, with a very well spanked bottom, is the worst.

jpo: My wife insists that I be dressed full fem for a spanking. That usually includes panties, bra, stockings, heels and a dress or nightie. I'm sitting here right now in a pink knee length nightie, matching bra and panties, dark stockings and 3in heels, with a touch of makeup, including lipstick. I'm waiting to be called into the bedroom for the spanking, either with her paddle or her strap. She feels that by dressing me fem it adds to the humiliation of having her take my panties down and spank me to tears. She's very right. Have to go, just got the summons to the bedroom.

S: As a guy and a spanker, for a fun spanking, I would vote for yoga pants, if fact if I could I would make all women wear yoga pants most of the time. I love the way they look and feel. I love spanking a bottom with them up and I love how easy they are to pull down. I think a woman looks naughtier with her clothes on and her bottom bared them totally naked. That being said for a punishment spanking I would vote for a spanking skirt with the back removed to expose the bottom while she is standing in the corner before and after her spanking.
When I am to be spanked I have a t-shirt that says "naughty boy" on the front and says "spank me" on the back.

sub hum in phx: In our marriage, we have evolved over the years. In other words, we've "done it all", based mostly on what we thought was the 'right way' to do it, and that included preferences for how each of us would be dressed. We've always believed in the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid). As such, and since Mistress K. uses spanking for punishment/correction purposes only, she has one very simple rule that must always be followed: my bottom must always be bare to accept her spanking. If time and circumstances allow, I must be fully naked, with the only exception being my permanently attached cage. 

She always only wears what she has on, which is most often her regular everyday clothes and not fetish wear or uniforms.

Jean Marie: Wonderful question!
When I first came out as a spanko in college, informing potential suitors that I wanted/needed to be spanked for foreplay, I also corresponded with a pen pal in Europe. We found it fascinating to compare our cultures. She assumed that when I said I was into BDSM that my suitors all wore black leather, a hood/face mask, harness for a top and skintight leather pants and heavy boots. I got a huge laugh out of that! Actually, I'm a sucker for a sharp-dressed man. I LOVE it when my man is wearing a suit and necktie when he tells me that I'll be punished. I cream as he takes off a cuff-link and rolls up a sleeve, loosens his tie and unbuttons that top button, before draping me over his knee. I have never been punished by a man wearing a tuxedo, but imagine my arousal would be exponentially greater.

As for me, I like to be naked much of the time when home. But I like to be clothed before a spanking, just so my Top will have something to remove. I LOVE my skirt pushed up onto my lower back and my panties pulled down to mid-thigh. I like to think of my bottom being "framed" in this way.
I once saw a "spanking outfit" in a fetish shop. It was a vinyl dress with the ass area cut out and a buckle across the backs of the legs to hold it together. I've often imagined what it'd be like to be punished in this attire, for my sweat and jism to be making things slick inside as my bottom is warmed. But I would never buy such a thing in real life. A schoolgirl pleated skirt and white cotton panties are sufficient.

Barrel: As the spankee, I don’t have to imagine too much as we have performed this quite closely to my imagination. I will have been mentally prepared for a session for 3 days. The session begins with showering and shaving my privates. Upon exiting the shower, I see the large plug (1.75” in diameter), very sheer pantyhose, 3” high heels and nipple clips. My wife meets me to insert the plug which, given its girth, takes several minutes and deep breaths to insert. As I sit to on the bench to put on my the hose, the plug embeds into my being. The heels elevate my humiliation as my wife applies the nipple clamps, ignoring my moans. My wife tells me the burn from the clamps will only build until I bring her the cane. 

A.J.: If she is on the receiving end - a silk or light cotton, easily flip-upable (is too a werd) skirt while wearing panties any girl would be spanked for wearing. (But not for long as I love "unveiling" the target completely.)
Whatever else she is wearing, though, must come off quickly for the events that follow.

If I'm the target, a shower, a close shave, and then I put on one of my EXPENSIVE and beautiful SILK boxers that can easily be pulled down. Some women love it when guys - finally - wear GREAT underwear. A couple times, while her hand was on my tush before she begins, I have heard "Ooooh! Nice underwear!"

Feels sexy, too! Goes with the moment!

After that, I'm kinda' boring.

KDPierre: "Imagine a spanking uniform (to be worn by the spanker or spankee, as you prefer). How does it look?" I take from this that the question is not what we actually wear but a fun exercise in fantasy design, and in that spirit...

I would say mine would be for the spankee, and in my imaginings that would mean male attire. The uniform would come in three colors (purple for sexy spankings, black for play ones, and red for genuine punishments) and consist of a relatively form-fitting jumpsuit with the rear totally (and I mean TOTALLY) open from tailbone to mid-thigh. The opening would be framed with a modest ruffle just to add some embarrassment.

The lower legs would have what would look like cuffs but really be sturdy velcro straps that could be kept as is or undone and reattached to the opposing legs as a sort of ankle binder if some restraint is needed. The same would be true for the wrists. There would also be an optional thong strap for use when modesty, cheek-spreading, or plug retention, is desired but removable when total bareness is desired.

The crotch would be both pouched and lightly padded so that a male would be contained and not feel any frontal stimulation when OTK nor 'leak' anything embarrassing on their spanker's lap if too excited. There would also be a velcro patch for the lower back where the official number of smacks can be attached and displayed as a reminder to the disciplinarian and numerical footnote for any cornertime displays or photos.

I'm not tailor so I don't know what material would be best, but something breathable and hopefully stylish and maybe even a little flattering.

Hermione: My ideal outfit for the male spanker would be a nice dress shirt and tie. He removes his cufflinks and slowly rolls up his cuffs to just below the elbow. The female spankee is dressed in a white blouse, short plaid pleated skirt, knee socks and black shoes, but no panties.

Rosco: Our spankings almost always involve roleplay and are followed by sex.

Irene often dresses up, sometimes changing her clothes a couple of times. Flirty schoolgirl, strict teacher, nurse, equestrian, southern belle, flamenco dancer, hofbrau fraulein (yes I bought her a dirndl) British royalty etc. She does nice accents too.

Sometimes I’m naked, sometimes part of my punishment is being dressed in frilly pink panties or a lace nightgown. Recently she bought me a bra. She’ll tease me about embarrassing me in front of “all the girls”. This is a fantasy of mine that she always tolerated but adopted herself enthusiastically after more than 30 years. Go figure. (Maybe that’s a question, Hermione - what changes after a decade or more?)

Dress up, dress down, but play safely!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #506

Hey everybody, let's talk about spanking! In particular, the clothing you wear or don't wear when giving or receiving one. Our dear friend Bonnie suggested this take on spanking apparel.

Imagine a spanking uniform (to be worn by the spanker or spankee, as you prefer).  How does it look?

Get those creative juices flowing and tell us about your design. No AI allowed! I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to respond.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Go girls!

Kink Popularity

Here's an interesting chart, found on the subReddit r/redscarepod (thank you, Bonnie!) that shows the relative interest in 500 kinks based on age and gender. The data was taken from Fetlife, so there are some pretty out-there kinks, but what it shows is the majority of spanking-related kinks are favoured by older females. They enjoy riding crops, whips, paddling, bare-bottom spanking, flogging, and more!

Hairbrush spankings and otk spankings are equally enjoyed by older males and females alike, but older males are also into belt whipping, single tail whips, and whipping (do you detect a pattern here?)

To see the chart properly and find out what the 500 kinks are, click on it then zoom in to enlarge it. Or go to the original source here.

Slava Ukraini
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Monday, September 18, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 17

Slow and steady or rapid-fire - how do you like your spankings?

Graham: Depends on the scenario but generally slow at the start and faster at the end. 

Bonnie: Each has its place. A fast and syncopated spanking makes me feel a loss of control. I know I'm really in for it this time.

But the slow and measured approach can be even more intimidating. When he is completely under control and concentrating on systematically delivering a hard punishment, I know my butt is going to hurt.

Jean Marie: Bonnie answered this question with an eloquence that I cannot approach; she said it all perfectly.

Still, I have to be playful with some of the ideas suggested... I "prefer" a pace that is so slow one can hardly call it a spanking, more love-pats than swats, full of caresses and butt-busses. Most often, this will not suffice; wrongs must be righted, consequences faced (even though I'm face down and with ass upturned). I benefit from spankings that are measured not in minutes of length but in moments of barely contained electrical excitement, breathtaking in the spanking's duration and shocking in its severity. ("Surely he's wrapping this up, it'll all be over soon!" I tell myself, only to have it go on and on...) This brat needs her well-upholstered bottom blistered with frequency. I need to be marked, be brought to tears, to be brought low and humbled. 

I love that word the question used, "unrestrained." Sometimes I need to fear that I won't be left able to sit comfortably for a week, to be worn-out. "Safe, sane, and consensual" go out the window at such times. I need a maniac, a loving monster to thrash me, reset my internal gyroscope and set me on the straight and true path with a righteous butt-whupping!

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes because there is no one special in my life at present to give me what I want and need. Is a spanko worthy of the label if one is reduced to spanking one's own ass for stimulation/satisfaction? If you have a special someone in your life, count your blessings as they make you count the strokes out loud. 

Norse Cavalier: I spank hard and fast, but that's partly for practical reasons; the sub I play with has a really high pain threshold, so it usually takes an hour before she's had enough. I've given her three-hour-spankings in the past, but we rarely have time for that, so hard and fast it is.

It's also very fun to watch her squirm and moan as I strike her sit spots.

Roz: For me each has its place, depending on the situation. My preference though is slow and steady to start building up from there.

Rosco: Definitely slow and measured. I like it intense, but I like to be able to savor it and breathe between strokes.

Honestly while I appreciate her enthusiasm, when Irene goes too hard and fast with the whip, crop or switch it just hurts too much to appreciate.

Mary: The point of a spanking is for my wife to assert her authority. So it is not so much the pace of the spanking itself as the length of the spanking. So there is generally period of reflection in the corner during the spanking. Often there is a flurry of spanks, time in the corner, and then a stern lecture with me over her knee with each point accentuated with very hard methodical smacks with her paddle. By the end, I am very aware of her expectations in the future.

Jack: Who gets to choose? Not me. My wife/mommy depending on what I did, will start off slow sometimes, just to get my attention. Most of the time it is fast, rapid spanking, I'm soon kicking, squirming, which tells her she is getting through to me. When I start pleading, begging for her to stop, she applies the bath brush harder. The results she wants is a very red spanked bare bottom, a spanking dance, and seeing me facing the wall so she can enjoy her work. Bottom line, no pun, Mommy decides.

KDPierre: Slow and measured for sure. Too fast and my heart races and I can't catch my breath, which is scary and not the point of a spanking. Sore buns are the goal, not a coronary. LOL I wonder if fast is 'a thing' when the spanker uses their hand? I could see that being effective and have even administered spankings like that to others. But with a sturdy paddle? No way. I think it's just too much pain to process if delivered rapidly. 

Barrel: I think it depends on the implement, the more intense, the slower the pace. With a hand spanking, brisk is appropriate. Our hard plastic paddle and hairbrush are delivered at slightly slower pace. The riding crops require a more deliberate offering in order to be precise and intense, as is the tawse. When whipping with the single tail, patience highlights each stroke. Finally, our two canes are the most intense toys we have. Her pace with each stroke includes a measured pause, allowing the burning fire to sink in just long enough time to realize there is another one coming.

A.J.: OK; but before I put in my $.02; Jean Marie - What are "butt-busses?" (Do I have to get out more often?)

"What spanking pace do you prefer, slow and measured or fast and unrestrained? Why?

Which brings up another question: Is that question for the spankee - or spanker?
Cuz' I get a kick out of being on either side of the lap.

I'm going to assume spankee.

Since I only accept sensuous, hand-only, loving spankings, "slow and measured." To again quote Jean Marie, at "a pace that is so slow one can hardly call it a spanking, more love-pats than swats, full of caresses and butt-busses (What are they???)"

Start out like that, easy with loving caresses, then up the game to firm but not too hard swats, at a 2-per-second pace until a nice hot pink (not bright red) is achieved. A pause. Caresses. And then I properly thank her!! Whoo-Hoo!

Option - IF I WANT IT, and sometimes I do - is to end with a REAL spanking!

Years ago, after a WONDERFUL woman I was with thought we were done (and she had done a good job) I asked to go otk one more time, but this time - a real spanking. I asked her to imagine I was her BF and I had royally pissed her off. Told her to give me The Angry Girlfriend spanking.

She was "Really? You want that???" Maybe she really knew me.

Told her yes. I had never been spanked for real and want to try it.
"Give me the Grande Finale! So I could experience it.

She, a bit reluctantly, agreed. But then said she would cap it at 50.
Back otk, she put her left arm around me to hold me in place, and then let fly!!

After 50 she stopped, I got off her lap and on my knees in front of her, while rapidly rubbing my burning tush. And then she asked me, "Well...?"

Told her, "Wow!" Then, after we talked a bit, I asked, "One more time."

I got another 50 and then she said that was it. No more. And I agreed. Boy, did I agree!

Her opinion on why I took the first 50 so well was because of the 300-some moderate smacks prior to the Grande Finale!, I was, in sports terms, warmed up.

So, I got SPANKED! Capitals with an exclamation mark. I got to see what it was like.

I think what made it so wonderful was, on my multi-hour drive home, it was all I could think of! My tush still tingling, and all I could think of was HER!
How wonderful she was, and what a great spanking experience I had!

I was glad my bottom still tingled by the time I went to bed that night, soon lying on my stomach, imagining I was back over her knees. By morning that tingling was all gone. Shucks.

PS: We still keep in touch!!!

Wendel: Depends the implement. Whippings with the belt are slow and measured. The slower pace gives time for the pain to kick in after the initial smack. 

The paddlings can go either way but I typically spank the Misses at a fast pace. I love to see her squirm as her bottom rapidly turns red. Fast spankings also leads to tears. I love to wipe the tears away as I console her after the paddling.

When the Misses paddles me it will vary based on why I am getting spanked. She also likes to see the tears so I will get some very fast and hard spankings. I try very hard not to but once in a while the rapid-fire paddling breaks me down and I will let the tears flow. 

Hermione: I prefer slow, measured swats so I can savour each one. But as Barrel said, it also depends on the implement. Ron flicks the dogging bat very quickly from cheek to cheek, and that's a fun sensation.

Loki_Darksong: For spankings where I use either my hand, or a brush, I favor a mid pace. Fast enough to be effective but slow enough to not make me tired too quick.

For when I use implement such as a strap or a paddle or a cane, etc, I do favor a slow pace with varying strengths depending on the situation. With the option of speeding up that pace as necessity dictates

Slow or fast, spank on!

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #505

It's the weekend, and that means it's time for another spanking-themed brunch. I always welcome topic suggestions from my readers, and our dear friend Bonnie has come up with several or me to choose from. Here's one that I especially like:

What spanking pace do you prefer, slow and measured or fast and unrestrained?  Why?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to respond.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Ask Reddit

I confess, I'm a Redditor - a user and big fan of Reddit - and drop in daily to read a few of my favourite subReddits. I hadn't heard of r/AskReddit but Bonnie sent me a link to a fun topic. The question was "What really sucked as a kid, but is fucking awesome as an adult. Guess what? "Getting spanked" got 8.4k votes. Right on!

There were a few other mentions of spanking here and there, and this was the best one:

This was way back, but I saw Steve Allen as a guest on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson hosting and they were just a couple of dirty old men joking around:

Johnny: "I'm guessing you were the class clown back in your school?"

Steve: "Yes, but the problem was that I went to a Catholic school, and when you're a boy, being spanked by nuns every day isn't fun.

Johnny: "Yeah, but now you'd pay a lot of money for that."

Read the whole post here.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 11, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 10

What vanilla services could have spankings associated with them?

Sir RC: I would like spanking vicars (female), someone you can turn to when feeling guilty, depressed or just downhearted, perhaps in need of motivation.

Roz: I wouldn't mind train staff spanking unruly passengers. Perhaps an incentive to be better behaved as it would be public. 

Anon 1: Had a female primary care doc many years ago that I'm sure would have loved to have talk with me outside of office.

Wendel: Cashiers at the grocery store should be allowed to paddle customers that have more than 15 items in the express check out or unruly customers. “Clean up isle 9, Paddling isle 6”.

Bonnie: For me, the spanking would need to be a reward. Otherwise, I would be inclined to sabotage the effort just to get the spanking. I can picture myself happily bending over for punishment at the weight loss center after a week on the ice cream diet. Nope. Wouldn't work.

Anon 2: Little humor Hofbrauhaus in Vegas they got no qualms about paddling naughty big boys and girls if you ask.

S: Thank you for using my question this week. I am really interested in what everyone will write as their answers.  

For me since I workout at home, I would love to have an attractive female personal trainer make random visits to my house while I am working out to correct my form and provide additional motivation with a paddle. Also it would be great to get feedback on my diet in the way of additional whacks with her paddle.

It would also be nice if when getting a massage they asked if you would like a spanking with it.

Finally, I would love it if my female therapist finally said I am tired of your whining, what you need is a good spanking on your bare bottom and I am going to give it to you!

There are so many possibilities.

Barrel: I have a fantasy that my wife’s hairdresser is equally as kinky as we are. My wife shares how she spanks me. During a haircut, my wife tells the hairdresser how my behavior the last week deserves a spanking. The hairdresser tells my wife to call me and have me report to the salon. Upon my arrival, I am told I am to be strictly punished by my wife and then the hairdresser. The thought of all those hairbrushes makes me cringe.

Jean Marie: I've flown a lot recently and airline passengers are getting more & more unruly. I'd like to see stewardesses be able to discipline obnoxious passengers. It ought to be be public, like bent over the trolley cart used for the drink service used as a punishment horse. It ought to be harsh, like with implements, from paddles to straps to canes, and it ought to be on the bare bottom.

Conversely, some airline staff can develop sour attitudes, whether at the counter, the departure gate, or in the air. I'd love to see certain stewardesses taken over the pilot's knee for a brisk, bare bottomed tune-up. And there ought to be a rule that if you get spanked, you have to go bottomless the rest of the flight, to give everyone a good look at the damage.

Rosco: I once was driving across Utah and stopped at an empty gas station minimart to get a snack. Somehow I messed up how some drinks in the refrigerator were lined up. There were two young attractive albeit overweight women at the register. When I apologized one said I needed a spanking.

Sadly my wife and kids were in the car, so I treated the comment like a joke and went on my way.

Ronnie: Like Jean-Marie - air passengers who are out of order during the flight (they really annoy me) and airline staff as some are so unfriendly.

For me, a riding instructor. Me bent over a bay of hay and disciplined for not tending my horse properly.

Hermione: Like Ronnie said (and I didn't see hers first), a riding instructor who wields the crop mercilessly on a rider's behind if they fail to put their horse's comfort ahead of their own. There are also many politicians who need a good thrashing - televised, of course - for being idiots.

A.J.: Sorry I was late to this brunch conversation. I was going to skip this week but then caught correspondent "S" writing:

"It would also be nice if, when getting a massage, they asked if you would like a spanking with it."

Whoo-hoo! I actually did that!!! Only I did the asking!

On a business trip, a trade show. It was endless hours, little to eat, and exhausting. Headaches, back pain and neck pain, feet and legs in agony. Everything hurt. Hard to even walk.

The last day, conference over and my flight out the next day, I really needed a massage and the hotel had an on-site masseuse. Unfortunately, booked up. Not to worry, the hotel clerk pulled out a list of nearby masseuses who could provide.

Saw a woman's name, it wasn't too far...I called and booked an hour. In her suite she asked what ailed and I told he about the trade show agony.

"Got it!"

Then, what the heck; all she can do is say no. Or get out.

"Is there any chance you could...spank me first?"
"You want that? A spanking?"
"Yeah! Over the knee."

OTK I went and got SPANKED!!

Warning: I capitalized "spanked," for a reason. You ask someone who uses their arms and upper body every day, they have a lot of upper body strength. That goes from their strong right arm, to their strong right hand, and right to your bare bottom! She gave me one helluva spanking!

When it was over she laughed. And so did I! Then then massage, a hot shower, a hug, and I was out the door completely refreshed and cheerful - and still tingling back "there."

Never forgot it.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #504

Welcome to our weekly spanko brunch. It seems that fall is finally coming to our part of the world; the temperature here has dropped to a more tolerable level.

Our good friend and regular correspondent S sent me this musing.

"I am sure there are a lot of potential vanilla services that could be enhanced with the threat of a good old fashioned spanking. For example, a doctor who would spank you if you did not follow their advice. Or a personal trainer who would paddle you if you did not show enough effort when working out. Or even a golf instructor who would smack your bottom if you did not follow their instructions." 

So let's see what you think.

What vanilla services would you like to have spankings associated with them? 

As always, you may remain anonymous. Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to respond.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Cartoon Time

It's time for some cartoons that will make you think as well as smile.


Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 4, 2023

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 3

Who would you dread being spanked by?

Bonnie: This is where fantasy and reality diverge. I might imagine or even dream about what it might feel like to receive a good spanking from this person or that person, but I don't really want that. Randy and I are monogamous and spanking rests at the very core of our relationship. It would not feel right to share my body and my sexuality with someone else.

So I guess there are a lot of spankers I would dread. Nothing personal. It's just me.

hopelessy hot: Being a male and in California, Madonna. I heard you do not wind up over that woman's knee.

Midwest Reader: Serena Williams.

While to be spanked by Ms. Williams would be one of my "OK, I've finished what I need to on this plane of existence" moments, she is probably 3x stronger than me, 4x stronger than any partner I have played with, and has the arm strength and sweep to practice professional-level tennis for multiple hours/day. It would be a very...intense situation. 

Jean Marie: I fantasize about being spanked by MANY men and women (but that's a different question). What inspired this question was seeing three different men exercise their kinky craft on film.

First, there's Ed Lee; he's known for starting out spanking very hard and very fast and just increasing the intensity from there for long OTK sessions filmed by Nu West.

Next is Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard fame, who is infamous for wetting the target area and paddling it until it's red, raw, and worn-out.

Finally, there is Michael Masterson from Real Spanking Network/Institute. He's on tape demonstrating his proficiency with sorority paddle, switch, leather strap, burnishing the unlucky butts of a bevy of bottoms.

These three gentleman scare the pee out of me! Boyfriends have put on their VHS tapes or DVD discs to get me in the mood, but the opposite happens. Maybe sometime (if it hasn't been discussed already), we can address hypothetical spankers we have fantasized about getting it from.

Dan: The Pretenders have a song called "Bad Boys Get Spanked," and Chrissie Hynde just seems like the type who wouldn't hold back when spanking a bad boy.

Jean Marie referenced Michael Masterson. I imagine that if he wanted to spank a man, it would be one to remember.

Wendel: There really is not anyone famous I would fear getting spanked by. Hard to fear what will never have a chance to happen. 

I would dread getting a spanking from my mother again. Growing up she dished out some good spankings with her paddle. I could not sit down for a couple of hours after one of her paddlings.

Mark: Mrs Lion springs to mind. Lion's bottom usually looks pretty sore post spanking! On the definite I don't want anyone from Rigid Lupus East! Not nice.

Spankers to dread is not a subject that I have given a lot of thought. Many of Prefectdt's spankers have the opposite effect, thinking that I'd like them to spank me.

Roz: This is a great question. I have thought more about who I would like to be spanked by rather than who I wouldn't so I'm not really sure. Not in the kink world, but perhaps Jason Momoa as I think he would pack a mighty punch!

Prefectdt: Historically, Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar. She was known for being utterly ruthless with those who displeased her.

In contemporary times, Cassie Hunter springs to mind. I have enjoyed watching her canings on video more times than I can remember. She can go a lot harder than I think that this little amateur could handle. But if I ever got the chance to play with her, it would be hard to resist asking her to go full on (yes, I was the little boy who could never turn down a dare). Just to say that I had experienced her at her harshest. Luckily, she lives in Singapore now, as far as I know.

Jack: She is no longer alive, Maureen O'Hara. In her book she talks of a unruly child actor, that she had enough and gave him a spanking. She stated a very sound spanking. Just the look in her eyes, I would dread being spanked by her, for I would know very quickly she knew how to give a spanking and how long to give.

A.J.: I can't answer this one. Can't imagine someone I would dread that I would allow her to "do me."

But here's one - The 16th century British Navy. I'm just a few pages from finishing the book, "The Wager," by David Grann. I heard him interviewed on NPR and went out and bought the book.

The H.M.S. Wager is a ship of the line that left Portsmouth England in August of 1740. By March of 1741 it turned west to get around Cape Horn. The Wager managed to get around the Horn, but not the tremendous and infamous seas. Ten months out of Portsmouth in those mountainous seas, the ship began to break apart. The crew soon found themselves shipwrecked castaways on the Chilean part of Patagonia, on a small island with very few edible plants and no game except birds.

The men got hungry! Three got caught stealing food from their limited supplies.

"In reviewing the Articles of War, it was determined that "the crime did not touch life" and thus did not merit the death penalty. Instead each man was condemned to be administered SIX HUNDRED lashes - an amount so extreme that it would be administered in increments of 200, over three days. Otherwise, it would be lethal."

No kidding! Surprisingly, some of the castaways thought that insufficient! The sentences were carried out.

"(His) shirt had been ripped off, exposing his back; stones of ice struck him first. Then one of the men seized the whip and, WITH ALL HIS MIGHT began to thrash..."

Two hundred like that; another 200 the following day, 200 more the third day. The first to pick up the whip was so tired after 50 lashes, he gave up the whip to another, who also tired. And so on...

The last to be flogged, like the first two, after his 3rd and final flogging, was taken to a nearby island and left on his own. He died the next day.

And thus ends today's literary reading.

PS: Flogging was abandoned by the Royal Navy 138 years later as a method of ship discipline. But - it is still a legal punishment to this day. 

S: I would be very scared of a spanking from Miss Rachel from Austin. For me she is the deadly combination of a extremely beautiful woman who spanks really spanks really hard. I would be like a moth drawn to a flame. I am also scared of Miss Jenn from Seattle, but in a good way.

Hermione: There once was a blog called The Heron Clan written by the members of a polyamorous trio. In one post, Tom, the male member of the trio described how he spanked, and that anyone wishing for a spanking from him would not get off lightly. He warned that he was very extreme in his methods of discipline, and the spankee would get far more than they bargained for. It seemed to me that he would disregard any safeword, so I would dread being on the receiving end of one of Tom's spankings.

It seems that spanking is not all fun and games, depending on who is wielding the paddle.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #503

Welcome one and all! Two weeks ago we talked about places where we would dread being spanked. Our dear friend Jean Marie suggested a topic that springboards off that one.

Is there anyone (in our community or not, in pop culture, past or present) who you would dread receiving a spanking from?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to respond.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart