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From the Top Shelf - Karen is in Trouble

In the continuing saga of A Degree of Discipline, the focus has been on Lucy, who is writing her doctoral thesis on punishment, and to a lesser extent on Juliette, who is Lucy's primary subject. But today we learn more about another of the girls at Carstairs.

For a few days following their tempestuous introduction to Carstairs, both Juliette and Lucy maintained a low profile. Lucy found herself reminded of her interview with Miss Parkin every time she sat down. Nonetheless, her naturally good spirits did not remain depressed for long, and she soon began to enjoy the experience of being a resident at what was, to all intents and purposes, a correctional establishment for young women.

Although her encounter with the tawse earned her some respect from the other girls, Lucy quickly realised that her experience had a limited shelf life. Almost all the other girls' bottoms had been warmed by one or other of the various members of staff at some time or other, so it was only the fact that she had suffered a severe punishment so early in her stay at the establishment that merited any comment. The novelty value of Lucy's tender bottom wore off within a day or two, even before she was able to sit without being reminded of her first day at Carstairs.

For the next week or so, Lucy felt quite lonely. Although most of the other girls made her welcome, she was left with the feeling that she did not really fit in. Her background was different to that of most of the other inmates and her habit of spending an hour or two each evening thinking and scribbling notes made her stand apart from her classmates. Despite her feelings of isolation, once she had become reconciled to her enforced stay at Carstairs, Lucy decided that in order to organise her thesis methodically, she would concentrate her attention on just a small group of girls at Carstairs. She included Juliette as one of her central characters and she quickly found that there was a natural grouping of friends who were ideal for her study. The group consisted of Joanna, Emma, Samantha and Karen, with Karen as the clearly established leader.

Apart from Juliette, Karen was her nearest contemporary in age, and, although they got on well enough, Lucy had the distinct impression that Karen was out of a different mould to the other girls. She was obviously very strong-willed, and, as Lucy quickly found, this willfulness landed her in a number of scrapes. Indeed it was the frequency of these brushes with authority that partially devalued the status of Lucy's early encounter with the tawse as a topic of conversation.

After the initial induction on the first day, Miss Parkin reviewed the distribution of students in the various classes and both Juliette and Lucy found themselves in the class which included Karen and her friends. This was one of the reasons why Lucy decided to make them the subjects of her most detailed study.

By the end of her first week, Lucy became so accustomed to seeing Karen's plump curves being soundly tanned that she wondered if the girl had developed a leather bottom. Twice within a matter of days, Miss Edwardes found reason to call Karen to the front of the class.

About the same height as Lucy, Karen had a shapely hour-glass figure; she had a slim waist, with well-rounded hips and firm but not over-developed breasts. She bore quite a resemblance to Lucy herself. Had it not been for her hair, which was more auburn and curly, compared to Lucy's which was black and cut into a slightly boyish short style, they might have been sisters. The similarity made it easy for Lucy to visualise that it was she who was making the lonely walk to the front of the class instead of Karen, and to fantasise that Miss Edwardes was carrying out the threat she had made on that first day.

Miss Edwardes did indeed give Karen exactly the treatment she had threatened Lucy with. The slightly sheepish-looking girl was made to pull the low wooden chair out to the centre of the room , with its back to the wall. Under Miss Edwardes's stern glance and without needing to be prompted - for she had clearly enacted this routine before - Karen knelt on the chair, her back to the class. Then she bent over the chair back and, reaching behind her, flipped her skirt up over her shoulders.

Lucy wondered if she would ever have had sufficient bravado to be quite as nonchalant as Karen seemed to be, had their roles been reversed. She imagined how she would feel, knowing that all eyes were on her while she peeled her knickers down as Karen was now doing.

Karen bent further over the chair-back and took a grasp on the lower rungs of the chair legs. The action raised her bottom, causing Lucy to tighten the muscles of her abdomen in an involuntary spasm as she caught sight of the tuft of curly brown hair in the dark crevice between Karen's legs. Her panties, twisted into a narrow band of white, linked her legs at the knees. Lucy tried to visualise herself in that position and knew that she would not have been able to take up the pose voluntarily as Karen had done.

Miss Edwardes seemed to be in no hurry as she went to her desk and withdrew a wicked-looking strap from the desk drawer. Lucy's attention was divided between the strap and her admiration of Karen's deliciously plump curves, so prominently displayed.

Miss Edwardes pushed Karen's skirt a little higher, to ensure that her target was fully exposed, and placed her left hand on the patch of bare skin thus exposed at the base of her target's spine. The strap was drawn back and then those well-displayed haunches received six swinging slashes in swift succession. Lucy winced as the staccato of crisp whacks echoed round the room and realised that she had indeed been let off quite lightly with a hand-spanking, although it had not seemed so at the time.

As the gentle pressure on her back was removed, Karen straightened up on the chair, allowing her skirt to fall back over her now scarlet posterior. Her face was only a little flushed, and Lucy thought this could have easily been caused by her head-down stance on the chair. Karen eased herself off the chair and with an almost cheery "Thank you, Miss", bent over and pulled her panties up. Lucy noted that she was quite gentle as the garment was hoisted the last few inches, and agin wondered if she would have been as brave if her own bottom had been smarting, as Karen's no doubt was.

* * *

As her thesis developed each day, so did Lucy's realisation that her chosen subject was becoming more than just an academic curiosity. At first, she did not recognise her craving for what it was, and just felt increasingly frustrated at her inability to focus on whatever it was that was unsettling in the back of her mind. As the red welts across her bottom faded and then disappeared completely, she found it more and more difficult to cope with the images that haunted her.

Only a few days later, Karen was in trouble again and defiantly marching to the front of the class. As she once again took an almost graceful dive over the chair back, Lucy could plainly see the previous strapping had left a faint tracery of lines across the previously unblemished cheeks of Karen's pert bottom. Miss Edwardes was clearly determined to win the battle of wills between student and teacher, and reddened the girl's posterior considerably, this time giving her eight sound stingers, the sound of which ricocheted off the classroom walls like bullets. Even so, Karen seemed quite unconcerned as she hitched her knickers up after being released.

"I warn you, girl, not to try my patience too far. If I have cause to discipline you just once more this term, then I will send you to Miss Parkin with a strong recommendation that you be birched. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Miss Edwardes," Karen smiled.

"Go and sit down, if you still can." The teacher's frustration was obvious.

As she worked on her papers each evening, Lucy's imagination more than once savoured Karen's position, head down over the chair back, displaying her bare bottom to the watching class. Just as often, though, she pictured Juliette, bent over in a perfect curve across the table, her creamy-white bottom as yet unmarked by the strap. Sometimes, she also saw herself, in a kind of 'out of body' vision, placed in similar circumstances. Oddly, it was not her session under Miss Parkin's tawse which featured in this vision; the severity of that punishment was such that she wanted to blot it from her mind. As if from a point high on the wall at the back of the room, she saw herself sprawled across Miss Edwardes's lap. Her skirt was flipped up over her shoulders and Miss Edwardes had ensured that her panties offered no protection from the stinging slaps she administered. Lucy could still remember each one and shivered at the thought. She knew that every eye in the class had been on her quivering bottom and flushed scarlet. How many of them, she wondered, felt the same way towards her as she was beginning to feel, first about Juliette and now Karen?
Could a birching be in Karen's future? It seems to me that she invites punishment, so she is probably looking forward to one.
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 28

Here are your thoughts on what constitutes the perfect spankable bottom.

Bonnie: I don't spank anyone so my vision of perfection is pretty much irrelevant. My husband Randy, however, is a connoisseur of the spankable female bottom. His preferred shape is wide, protruding, curvy, and bubble-shaped. Through a fortunate combination of genetics and lifestyle, I possess just such a target for his cheek slapping endeavors.

Nina: I also can only relate hubby's point of view on spankable bottoms, which is like Bonnie's description. Hubby likes it when it is not too firm, a little bit wobbly, but not as much as jello. :)

Fred: The perfect bottom is one that belongs to a person who wants it spanked.

Six of the best: A voluptuous knickers down bare bottom, that is surrounded by a garter-belt and stockings. In other words a naked derriere, that turns me on.

Downunder Don: Fred said it beautifully...the perfect bottom is the one over the lap ready to be spanked.

Minelle: All I can add is that my husband thinks mine is the perfect bottom to spank! It's not perfect in my critical eyes...however, he loves it!

Roz: Well Hermione, your question just got me spanked! I made the mistake (or not :) of asking Rick, whose response was to pull me over his lap. He said my bottom (sweet of him). He also made a comment about there being just enough jiggle.

Baxter: I also agree with Fred. My wife spanks me so mine is the only bottom she knows. However, being the voyeur that I am of women wearing tight jeans, I have seen many sexy bottoms that I would like over my knee, but will never happen. I think just having a bare bottom, any size/shape, over my knee is perfection

Anon: I personally like the available hineys.

Ronjon: Any well-rounded bottom will do. I like these tight black pants these women are wearing these days. Many a well-rounded bottom in them, I just love to redden their bottoms.

Simon: As a male who these days is exclusively on the receiving end of a spanking I don't really have a preference for the shape or type of bottom. However I agree with the saying "variety is the spice of life" when it comes to looking at pictures of ladies being spanked. I will happily view many different sizes or types of bottom but dislike really small or really large ones.

Victor: Be it bouncy, firm, or in good tone,
The best butt is the one which i own.
It feels so divine
When i make it shine
By spanking making me moan and groan.

But, sad to say, i do this alone.
For, alas, i as yet have no one
To take me in hand
And on her command
Have her touch down in my red zone*.

* CFL football season has started and i get aroused seeing the players slap each others' butts as they score. See! They understand a swat on a tight end is something to cheer about.

D: Ample but not huge; firm and well musceled, so that it quivers when spanked, and also jiggles nicely beneath a tight skirt as its owner trots along; skin white and smooth to change to a healthy red as her spanking happens; a firm out thrust below her waist, known I think, as a Grecian bend; a well defined crease just below her cheeks - the succulus, I think. My S has all these, which is why she finds herself spanked so often.

Ronnie: P says I have the perfect bottom to be spanked, rounded with just a little bit of a wobble.

Hermione: I am also not a spanker, but I would imagine that spanking a bouncy, pliable, well-rounded bottom would be more pleasurable and more fun to watch than a hard, toned, flat one. 

There you have it, folks!
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #79

I'm glad you could make it to brunch this weekend. We spankophiles come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our bottoms. This week I invite you to consider that part of the anatomy that invites so much attention.

What do you consider to be the perfect spankable bottom? Is it large, small, or somewhere in between? Wide or narrow? Jiggly and soft, or firm and well-toned from the gym? Round as a bubble or flat as a pancake?

There are no right or wrong answers here. I want to hear your own personal opinion. If you have never joined in before, you are most welcome to do so today. Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion on Monday.

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

You Completed the Caption

This picture inspired some amazingly creative thoughts from my readers.

Six of the best: "Now, I kiss thy hand O princess mine. This evening before retiring, I will kiss thy voluptuous knickers down bare bottom with a cane."

Victor E:  A gentleman, a lady and lap dog
This picture seems to catalog.
He is saying, “Dear lady,
Won’t you lie o’er my knee
So your bare buttocks I might flog?”

She responded enthusiastically
"To that, Sir, I agree heartily.
But I must, I suppose,
Remove all my clothes
In happy harmony with Hermione."

It was the little lapdog's turn to yap.
He said, 'My Mistress needs a good slap.
I should be taken for walks
But she just sits and talks.
So please spank her, there's a good chap.'

Ronnie: Oh mistress. Don't take the cane to me, forgive me, let me please you.

Nina: Oh Ma'am, what a wonderful and strong hand you have. Just right to apply a spanking.

Baxter: You have just a nice arm and hand; please spank me well with it.

Sir Wendel: Oh Reginald, up off your knee and let us go inside. My bare fanny is not going to spank itself.

Hermione: Dear Archibald, I'm afraid you have a lot to learn about bondage. The knots in my scarf have all come untied.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday FAIL

Grabbing a bite of lunch during a busy workday can often be challenging.

Some of us brown-bag it and bring our lunches to work. Storing your food in the communal office refrigerator sometimes leads to problems. Have you ever left a snack inside, intending to eat it later, but then forgot about it?

The office fridge police do their best, but it's often a lost cause.

Then there are the pilferers


Some people prefer to head to the nearest coffee shop for a bite to eat at noon.

I didn't realize they were so sensitive.

The nearest food truck may be the cheapest and tastiest option.

Who could pass up these tacos?

Finally, a little fun with a cheese sign

For more naughty fun, Complete the Caption. You know you want to.
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Complete the Caption

A man on one knee in front of a lady. Could he be about to pop the question? But what might that question be? I think the dog has an idea.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your suggestions in an upcoming post.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Appointment with Miss Parkin

As we continue with selections from A Degree of Discipline, Lucy is pleased that her friends got Juliette into hot water, in return for Juliette's nasty prank that ended in Lucy's first spanking. But as you may recall, Lucy has an evening appointment with the Vice Principal, Miss Parkin. I don't think it will just be for a chat.

The remainder of the afternoon passed without incident. Juliette, Samantha and Emma were allowed to take an early shower after their punishment while the rest of the class continued exercising in the gymnasium. The image of the three girls making their way towards the shower room, Samantha and Emma unashamedly rubbing their still-naked bottoms and Juliette trying to retain some dignity by keeping her hands grimly glued to her sides, stayed with Lucy for some time.

Juliette's attempt at a dignified exit simply gave everyone a better view of her scarlet posterior, the blushing red cheeks wiggling suggestively as she walked rather stiffly away from the class. Lucy was sure she was not the only one who found the sight exciting. This was confirmed when the time came for the rest of the class to shower, and several of the girls showed more than a passing interest in the now partially faded prints left by Miss Edwardes on Lucy's own rear. Joanna, a bright sixteen-year-old with attractive dark curls, was particularly attentive.

"I know you have to see Miss Parkin this evening." She whispered softly so the others wouldn't hear. "If you would like, I have some really soothing balm which my mum made up for me when she knew I was being sent here. I could massage you, after your interview, if you need it."

Lucy did not need reminding that the outcome of her meeting with Miss Parkin might be a painful one and, having rejected the girl's offer, was unable to stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. Consequently, it was a far from happy student who made her way to the Vice-Principal's office at the appointed hour.

Having knocked and bidden to enter, Lucy found Miss Parkin standing in front of her big, old-fashioned desk, waiting to greet her. Lucy was surprised at this and even more surprised that Miss Parkin seemed to be smiling.

Astonishingly, Miss Parkin opened the conversation by enquiring about Lucy's day, and what she had learned, rather than going straight to the point. Suddenly, Lucy felt a tremendous relief. Perhaps she was going to come out of this unscathed after all. Shyly, she began her story. "After we spoke this morning, I went back to the classroom and gave Miss Edwardes the note which you had written, as I promised I would."

"And what was Miss Edwardes's reaction?" Miss Parkin nodded encouragingly.

"She made me bend over her knee and then she spanked me, quite hard."

"I see. And, after that, did she refer to the matter again?"

"No, Miss Parkin."

"So go on; tell me what happened next? How did you feel about being punished in this way?"

"I felt ashamed, I suppose. It hurt as well, of course, but really I was more upset at being humiliated in front of the class." Lucy flushed and looked down at her feet as she spoke.

"But once the spanking was over, did Miss Edwardes continue to torment you? Or was it all forgotten? Did Miss Edwardes treat you any worse afterwards?"

"No, I suppose she didn't, Miss Parkin. I hadn't really thought of it like that." Lucy relaxed a little.

"And did anyone else in your class receive similar punishment during the day?"

"Oh yes! In the gym, Juliette, Emma and Samantha got spanked on the bare bottom with a slipper in front of all of us."

"I see." Miss Parkin seemed particularly interested to hear that Juliette had also been corrected after misbehaving. "So now, Lucy, do you still feel that you were singled out for 'special treatment'? It doesn't sound like it to me. I'm sure you now see that others have made that painful journey before you and no doubt many more will follow in your footsteps."

Dumbly, Lucy nodded her agreement.

"Good...good. Now it's time we discussed your future." Miss Parkin fixed Lucy with a firm, but not unfriendly, gaze. "I have been doing a little research of my own, and I discovered - much to my surprise, I might say - that the story you told me does indeed have some considerable foundation. However I do assure you that there is no error. Your mentor really does want you to experience the regime at Carstairs, if only for a limited period."

She handed Lucy a sheet of paper. Lucy saw a familiar heading and realised that it was a fax from her university. "This arrived this afternoon in response to my enquiries. I think you will find it interesting."

Lucy's hands trembled as she read the single page. For a moment she could not take the words in. The fax was from Professor Jordan. It was brief and to the point:-

Dear Miss Parkin This is to confirm that we have given a one month leave-of-absence to one of our students, Miss Lucy Davis, to conduct independent private research. We expect her to conform to all local rules and we are grateful for your co-operation in providing Miss Davis with an opportunity for some practical, hands-on, experience.

The fax was signed 'R.Jordan' and underneath, Sebastian had scrawled, for Lucy's own attention. 'I'll be along to collect you in a month. Your thesis better be damn good!'

Lucy felt a wave of relief sweep over her. At least she knew her stay was for a fixed period of time. That bastard Sebastian! He had fixed this, knowing full well that dear old Professor Jordan had no idea of the relevance of the 'hands-on' experience he had so glibly referred to.

Miss Parkin was still speaking and Lucy tried to catch up with the flow of the conversation. "So, now that I understand a little more about why you are here, we had better come to some arrangement about how the rest of your stay is to be conducted, don't you think?"

Lucy did not know quite how to answer, but nodded anyway.

"Good. Good. I am sure that understanding that will make the rest of your stay at Carstairs so much more enjoyable. We do want you to get the most out of your time here, you know. Of course, much of that satisfaction will come from mixing with the other girls in a spirit of fair play - and, of course, shared experiences."

She smiled at the tongue-tied Lucy again and patted her arm reassuringly. "Since your professor clearly agrees with me, and wants you to conform to all our local regulations, that's really all I have to say to you on the matter." She smiled at the astonished Lucy who could not believe the interview was going to pass off so easily. As long as she was careful to listen and learn and not look for trouble, then maybe a month at Carstairs could be just about bearable?

"Thank you, Miss Parkin. I don't think I understand everything yet, but I will try to mix in with the others while I am here." There didn't seem much more to say, so Lucy, remembering her manners, meekly asked, "May I go now please?"

"No, you may not!" Miss Parkin's voice had re-acquired its harder edge. "I believe we still have some unfinished business, young lady."

"Miss Parkin?" Lucy felt those dreadful butterflies start to do aerobatics in her stomach again.

"I have explained to you the importance which I place on discipline and equity here at Carstairs. It should go without saying that I expect you to conform to those rules as well as to observe them."

"Yes, Miss Parkin." Lucy found herself using a 'little girl lost' tone.

"So there is still the matter of your refusal to accept Miss Edwardes's discipline and your precipitate departure from her lesson this morning. Whatever the provocation, those were still very public transgressions of the school rules. I would be very remiss indeed, and risk undermining the maintenance of good order at my school, if I were to allow such flagrant abuses to go unpunished."

With a flash of understanding, Lucy suddenly saw with crystal clarity the trap into which she had been led so easily. Miss Parkin stepped to one side and opened a drawer on her desk. She withdrew a tawse, a virtual twin of the one which Juliette's Great-Aunt Elspeth had so nostalgically displayed the previous evening. Holding it in both hands, she held it out towards Lucy and smiled grimly. "I am informed that you have been made familiar with one of these - and what it is used for!"

Lucy was lost for words, and simply stared at the smooth well-worn surface of the wicked implement; she wondered how many times it had impacted on taut bottom flesh to give it such a sheen. After an agonising pause, Lucy found her voice and whispered, "Yes, miss."

Miss Parkin's next words confirmed Lucy's worst fears. "Very well. Come over here and stand to attention in front of that chest. It's time I began your 'practical experience', young lady."

As she spoke, Miss Parkin stepped to one side and pointed the clear space behind her desk. In the centre of the floor was a very large old fashioned oak chest. Fully three feet high with a domed top and brass fittings, it looked just like something in which a pirate might have stored buried treasure.

Lucy felt sick, knowing that the chest was going to be used for a more sinister purpose that evening. She wanted nothing more desperately than to turn and run, but forced herself to take the few steps to the indicated position. She stood rigidly to attention, thankful that the instruction gave her an excuse to hold herself stiff, disguising the tremble which she knew would betray her nervousness.

"Now take your knickers right off and get yourself bent low over that chest!"

Red-faced, horrified and fumbling, Lucy groped beneath her skirt. At first, her hands clumsy with fear, she couldn't find the waistband and she began to shake in panic. Then her thumbs found the top of her panties and hooked over the band. She drew the slip of cotton down beneath her skirt, the elastic taut across her bottom and pressing against her pubic hair as the garment descended.

Oh God! Lucy's mind was in a whirl. She could still hardly believe she was to get that awful tawse on her bare bottom. Her groin tingled and moistened and for a moment the cotton gusset clung briefly between her legs, retained by the wetness there. Then the garment was free and around her ankles. She lifted her feet and kicked her knickers off.

"Go on, lie across the chest."

Lucy looked at the chest. It was lengthways on to her, the curved top bound with two broad brass straps and some lumpy looking rivets. Resigning herself to the inevitable, she did as she was told and bent forward, giving slightly at the knees as she did so. As her weight came down, the protruding brass studs dug into her, adding to the discomfort of her squashed breasts, Lucy felt a cold fury welling up inside her. She was only here because of Juliette. Both times Juliette had been thrashed, she had retained an impressive degree of dignity. Lucy was damned if she was going to have it said that she could not take her punishment as well as Juliette! Lucy's pride overcame her previous nerves. Even if there were no witnesses now, she would let Miss Parkin see that she could take it.

"Now pull your skirt up, right out of the way. Come along now, or we will be here all night!" Miss Parkin's voice was now behind Lucy.

Lucy bent her arms back to reach for the hemline of her skirt and, in one continuous movement, she drew the garment up over her waist, turning it inside out as she stretched forward across the chest again. She looked back over her shoulder, trying to see where the Vice-Principal had positioned herself, but all she could see was the ruffle of material of her bunched-up skirt.

"Of course, it goes without saying that you will not move until I say so." Miss Parkin's voice came from directly behind Lucy. "You should also know that I award two demerit points for every six strokes awarded - one less than the tariff we use here for the cane, incidentally. You initially refused a legitimate punishment from Miss Edwardes - for that you will receive six strokes. You also left the classroom in a temper and without permission, and that is worth another six strokes. So, with the point awarded by Miss Edwardes herself, your misbehaviour this morning has cost you a total of five demerit points. I hope the lesson is well learned."

Lucy's blood ran cold as the sentenced was awarded. It was much more severe than she had anticipated. Twelve strokes! That was worse than Juliette's judicial punishment. Lucy's imagination ran riot as she tried to guess the relative effectiveness of the wickedly split ends of the tawse compared with the flat strap which had been used on Juliette. True, the tawse was lighter than the strap - but would the strength of the officer's muscular arm be balanced out by the more subtle fingers of the tawse wielded by Miss Parkin? She lacked any yardstick on which to base an assessment.

Every sinew of Lucy's body was taut with anticipation. As if outside her own body, she saw herself, arms and legs out straight, hands clenched together in fear, feet as close together as she was able, her bare bottom at the apex of the arc formed by her body draped over the dome of the chest. Denying the discomfort of the pressures caused by the brass-studded lid of the chest,

She did not have long to wait. The tawse made little or no sound as it descended. There was no warning swish to prepare her for the meaty impact and the band of fire which suddenly burned a swathe across the centre of her upturned bottom-cheeks. If the hard leather made a sound then Lucy was hardly aware of it. In that instant, all she knew was pain, firstly in a wide stripe across her bottom, then in her knees as she jerked her legs in spasm and her kneecaps thudded into the hard wood of the chest. The breath whistled out through her teeth and every pointed stud on the lid of the chest dug into her with redoubled force. Lucy's arms flapped like windmills as she frantically grabbed at her bottom.

"Oh no. That won't do at all." Miss Parkin's voice was mocking. "I told you that you must not move and yet here you are after only one stroke, grabbing at your bottom like some little girl receiving her first spanking. I expect better from the senior girls at Carstairs, Lucy."

"I-I'm sorry, Miss Parkin," Lucy gasped. "It was such a shock. I've never experienced anything like that - ever." She was still rubbing her bottom. Miss Parkin had laid the tawse right across Lucy's rear, using the full length of the strap so that both bottom cheeks had received equal force. Lucy had spoken the literal truth; she had never experienced anything which remotely compared with what she was feeling at this moment.

"Very well, I will give you one more chance. Take your hands away."

Annoyed with herself that she had yielded so easily, Lucy removed her hands from her bottom and extended herself again, full length along the lid of the chest. The sharp studs bored into her body as she was now told to link her hands over her head. An additional torment for now she could not keep her weight off the chest.

"That's better. Now let's try again, shall we?"

Lucy clenched her fists so that her knuckles went white with tension as she tried to control herself. That single broad stripe felt just as if a red-hot iron had been laid across her bottom.

The second stroke felt hotter still!

Lucy howled. She simply had no control for it hurt so much. Miss Parkin had again used the full length of the strap and placed the stroke exactly parallel with the first and a little below it. Lucy, lost in her own anguish, had not heard the Vice-Principal grunt with the effort she had put in, but now she was in no doubt about the power in Miss Parkin's arm. As her bottom lit up for the second time, Lucy was, again, unable to prevent her arms sweeping back in a protective motion.

"This performance is totally unsatisfactory." Lucy heard Miss Parkin's voice only dimly as she gasped for breath and squirmed painfully on the chest top, rubbing frantically at the searing stripes across her bottom.

Two firm hands grasped her arms and removed them from her glowing bottom-cheeks.

"We will try something else. Spread your legs down each side of the chest and hug the sides with your knees. Right, now grip the backs of your knees with your hands." Lucy did as she was ordered and was aware of Miss Parkin's desk drawer opening and closing, then to her horror,a short strap was buckled round each leg and then each strap was looped around the attendent wrist, securing the wrist to the knee.

"That should keep you in position, my girl, now lean forward again and stick your bottom up!"

Lucy, blushing with shame, realised that whatever modesty the straight out position had allowed had been removed completely. She was now lifting and spreading the cheeks of her bottom as wide as she could, as exposed as it was possible for a girl to be. Everything was now revealed to Miss Parkin. Apart from the embarrassment of her display, Lucy's blood chilled at the thought of what was now available to the tawse!

"Now, young lady, we haven't started yet. I am going to begin again and you are going to receive the full dozen. You can yell, scream and shout as loud as you like, this room is pretty soundproof and I will turn a deaf ear to all your entreaties. I am going to give you cause to sing very loudly, Miss Lucy Davis, and I can assure you you will not be sitting comfortably for quite a while."

The next ten minutes were the most memorable in Lucy's young life. It was only later, when she realised that her poor bottom was only tanned red and stinging, not bloody or pounded to a massive single purple bruise, that she understood that Miss Parkin, apparently so merciless in her execution, had used psychological conditioning so skilfully on Lucy's frayed nerves that she had not actually need that much force when completing the punishment.

Lucy, secured and splayed so tantalisingly, was only aware that the Vice-Principal had switched from using the full length of the tawse right across her bottom. Now she was using shorter strokes, so that only the last few inches impacted, the split fingers and raw edge of the leather raising agonising weals.

Miss Parkin worked carefully, each flick of the wrist producing a meticulously aimed stroke. Twelve strokes were sufficient for her to ensure that every square inch of Lucy's quivering rear was well tenderised. Lucy howled and pleaded, wriggling and writhing in a vain attempt to reduce the sting as Miss Parkin worked to a steady rhythm, working down the slopes of her bottom, first one cheek and then the other, but to no avail.

The torment reached the tops of Lucy's legs, then stopped. Lucy gave a long sob. Could it be over? She felt drained, her throat sore from screaming, the pain in her bottom indescribable. The fingers of the tawse had curled round as Miss Parkin had attended to her left cheek. With her bottom so widely splayed, there had been nothing to protect her as the twin tail ends had sharply flicked the tender membranes of her anal bud, bringing forth a particularly heart-rending shriek.

"Have you learned your lesson yet, Lucy?" As Miss Parkin's voice sounded softly, just behind her left ear, Lucy felt a hand gently caress her bottom. The unexpected contact made her flinch and her buttocks wriggled under the tender touch. "I do believe I have made your bottom rather sore, haven't I?" Miss Parkin sounded almost sorry for her. Her hand stroked down Lucy's taut curves, exploring the ridges which the fingers of the tawse had embossed on the tender flesh.

"Oh yes, Miss Parkin, please it hurts so much. I promise I will give you no more trouble but please don't thrash me any more, please." All Lucy's determination to remain stoic was in ruins. She was fawningly submissive. The ignominy of her position, the almost homely nature of the room, and Miss Parkin's more personal approach had made the punishment so much more intimate than the cold, impersonal thrashing the law had doled out to Juliette. Somehow, being bound in that bottom-up, cheeks widely spread, position had been the final straw. Any rebellious spirit she might have retained had flown as the fingers of the tawse etched their scarlet journey across her bottom.

Miss Parkin's hand cupped right under Lucy's bottom, cool against the warmth generated by the tawse. "H'mmmmm quite warm -" her fingers moved lower as Lucy stiffened in shock "-and more than a little wet down here too." As Lucy sobbed in shame, Miss Parkin's gentle fingers probed between her splayed legs. "No need to feel ashamed, Lucy. Believe me, yours is a common reaction. Most girls experience some sexual feelings during a good thrashing."

The fingers were withdrawn but Lucy's hopes were dashed. "Yes, young lady, quite warm - but not yet warm enough. You have only taken eight strokes so far and you are getting the full ration. Will you take them on your bottom or on your legs?" Miss Parkin was tormenting her.

Lucy could hardly speak. The gentle probing of her pussy had added another dimension to her torment. She had, until now, been aware only of the stinging, atrocious pain, but now there was another, altogether more pleasant, warmth competing for her attention.

"On my bottom, please, miss." It was no good pleading to be let off, but instinct told her that to continue on the soft flesh of her legs would be more than she could bear.

"A wise choice. Although sitting down is going to be difficult for a day or so, I think."

As if tired of the game, Miss Parkin laid on the last four strokes without further ceremony. Concentrating all four in the same area, the already well-tanned lower curves of each cheek, she laid stroke on stroke in a rapid staccato. Lucy's cries merged into one drawn-out sob as her bottom danced and quivered under the relentless tattoo. At last the blows ceased and she felt the straps restraining her arms and legs slacken.

"You may get up." Miss Parkin was beside her, helping her off the chest.

Putting on her panties with trembling hands, an act Miss Parkin insisted on before allowing Lucy to leave the room, was almost as humiliating as being made to totally remove them in the first place. Having Miss Parkin watch, a smug grin on her face, as she pulled the knickers up and cried out at the first touch of the elastic waistband on her roasting rear, made Lucy wish that the floor would open up and swallow her.

Lucy emerged from the Vice-Principal's office, red-faced and walking with an uncharacteristically awkward gait. Stiffly, she made her way back to her own room, rubbing her bottom in an unsuccessful attempt to alleviate the smarting sting which ran from the tops of her legs to the base of her spine. As she regained the privacy of her own room, kicking the door shut behind her, Lucy could do no more than collapse on the bed. Her one thought was to let the cool air soothe the heat which threatened to engulf her lower body. Tearing off her knickers, she lay on the bed, face down, her skirt raised, and let the sensations flooding into her brain overwhelm her.
Lucy is experiencing that delicious combination of pleasure and pain. Wouldn't that be a good name for her doctoral thesis?
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 22, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 21

This week we discussed whether your partner had ever started talking about spanking to a complete stranger. I know there are some bloggers out there who have been in this situation.

Sir Wendel: Never with strangers. She did tell her sister once at a family gathering that I spank her with a paddle. I got a few odd stares that night. When we got home I took her to the kitchen and paddled her bare bottom as punishment for discussing it.

Roz: Hasn't happened in front of a stranger as such, but the topic has been brought up while out in public. I look trying to gauge if anyone heard. Looking for any strange looks lol.

arched one: No never, not only to strangers but also those we know. We keep my spankings to ourselves.

Ronnie: Not in front of a stranger nor to anyone we know. Same as Roz, the topic has been bought up many a time while we have been out in public and I am sure we've been overheard.

Nina: No not like that, I'd die from embarrassment if it ever did. But it has happened that we 'have to discuss' something later. That's one of hubby's euphemisms for me being in trouble. spanking in general has been brought up in public, but that was not meant to be heard by others, although knowing that someone could listen by accident made me nervous too.

Leigh: As with Roz and Ronnie, topic has been raised but for our ears only. I have no idea if anyone else listened in, I know I would.

A.J.: Years ago I was with my girlfriend shopping at a department store, in the women's department close to closing.  And playing the fool! Doing those little things I did to tease the heck out of her just for the fun of it. Come up behind her and kiss her neck. Tickle her. Hold up things in the store definitely not for her...etc.

She's given the female clerk her credit card to make payment and out of nowhere asks her:
GF:  "How do you control your boyfriend from constantly being a fool?'
Clerk:  "No one knows the answer to that one."
GF:  "Well, I think what I'm going to do is just give him a spanking as soon as we get home. Maybe that will work"
Clerk:  "Oh!"
Me:  (Whining & teasing voice) "Oh!  A spanking. I'm so scared."
Her:  (Alive, eyes wide open, and smiling with "that" look on her face) "Oh! All right! All right! Now you're gonna' get it. Wait 'til we get home!"

The clerk was laughing.

GF signs the receipt, takes my arm, turns to leave, pauses, asks the clerk over her shoulder: "Bare bottom?"
Clerk:  The-then equivalent of, "You go, girl!"
Me:  I don't say anything; I just give the clerk a look that said "What ...?"

I think we made the clerk's day and night.

None of this was planned in advance, my girlfriend just did it.  (Probably to get back at me for pulling something similar months before.) FYI, as soon as the front door closed I was dragged into the living room and bent over the back of the sofa.  And yes, bare bottom.

Hermione: Ron has never done anything like that in public. If I ever did, it would embarrass him no end.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this interesting question. See you all next week!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #78

Welcome, dear friends old and new, to our regular weekend get together. This week's topic was submitted by A.J.

Have you ever been someplace with your partner and he or she unexpectedly brought up spanking while talking to a complete stranger? How did you react at the time? Were there any repercussions after the event?

Leave you response as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of our discussion.

Happy Father's Day!
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

You Completed the Caption

My readers were especially creative in their captions for this picture.

Anon 1: That lout cast aspersions upon her.
So her lover defended her honour.
That lout would not budge,
But a nudge from the judge
Said don't ever mess with his honour.

Baxter: Woman: Yes, he was my first husband and while he was a good provider, he had an impetuous side to him that I should have recognized. My mother always told me that I should have spanked him and he might have not been such a jerk with his publicly embarrassing behaviors.

Man to her immediate left: Get away from us, you moronic lout. She is my wife and while she never spanked you, she spanks me and I am the better for it.

Six of the best: The gentleman says to the 'drunken bum' If my wife who is now beside me, ever got into your inebriated condition, "I would take down her bloomer's and CANE her BARE BOTTOM".

ricky: OK! OK! Your wife's bustle does NOT remind me of a horse I once had.

Dr. Ken: "Away with you, sir! No one smacks my wife's bottom but ME!"

Ronnie: Away with you Sir or I'll have the constable called. Pickpockets are not welcome in our town.

Anon 2: Yes, yes. I understand my young wife was very haughty and disrespectful, and you have every right to be angry at her impudence. She often thinks herself above others, despite my best efforts to correct her attitude. However, the fact that she is an arrogant shrew, she is my wife, and you do not have the right to confront her in such a rude manner. I agree, she does deserve to be severely chastised, and believe me, as soon as we reach our destination, she will find herself bent over a chair with her dress around her waist and her knickers at her knees while I cane her bare bottom until I'm convinced she understands that I will no longer tolerate such behavior. And no, you cannot come along and watch. Now away with you, before I take my cane to you, as well.

Kingspan: Don't be too hard on him, dear. He may not enjoy being beaten as much as you do.

Hermione: Charles, stop using your electromagnetic finger superpower on everyone we pass. A policeman is watching.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday FAIL

Do you want to take a trip to Walmart with me to check out the crazies bargains? Of course you do. Let's go!

We know where this motorcyclist is going by the way he or she is dressed.

You had one job. Oh well, at least it's better than Mal*Wart.

No empty spaces in the parking lot?

Trying out the fitness equipment, I'll bet they sell a lot of treadmills today.

Cleanup in aisle 7. Good thing the snow shovels haven't been put away for the summer.

Finally, you may have heard about the two women who were filmed brawling in an Indiana Walmart earlier this week. A woman in a motorized scooter shouted at an employee for blocking the aisle. Another shopper defended the employee then came back to taunt the woman in the scooter. Scooterlady got up and attacked the shopper. Soon they were wrestling in the aisle, assisted by the second shopper's son. Watch the video here

One of the women had been charged by police, not for fighting, but for involving her six-year-old son in the fight. This is the news article that explains it, and it also contains a slightly better, edited version of the video. If you ask me, both women need a good spanking.

For more unrestrained exuberance without the possibility of arrest, Complete the Caption.
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Complete the Caption

A Sunday stroll along the boardwalk has turned ugly because of an unwanted interruption. Can you fill us in on the details?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your articles in an upcoming post.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Retribution

Last week Lucy experienced her first adult spanking at Carstairs, instigated by Juliette. (Read it here.) Lucy wanted revenge on the girl, and she didn't have to wait long for it to happen.

After the brief respite of the lunch break, it was soon time for classes to resume and Lucy and Juliette discovered that the next class was a session in the gymnasium. Their instructor was a statuesque blonde who introduced herself as Miss Williams. She cut an impressive figure, almost six feet tall, with straight, almost silver-blonde, hair cut in a short plain style. She looked extremely fit, and her well-muscled arms and thighs, amply displayed by the brief shorts and sports white which she wore, only served to emphasise her slim waist, powerful hips and firm breasts. Her manner was very different from the cold Miss Edwardes, firm but not unfriendly.

The girls were all changing into just shorts and T-shirts similar to their instructor's and, as Lucy peeled off her panties and stepped into the shorts, she ruefully examined her bottom. The sting had largely subsided now, although she could still feel a slight warmth. Her bottom-cheeks were distinctly pink, however, and the backs of her legs showed clear palm prints which the skimpy shorts did nothing to conceal.

Emma glanced across and grinned as she watched Lucy's cautious self-examination. "You may think you had a tough time this morning, but if  'Whacky Wendy' had put you over her knee, rather than Miss Edwardes, believe me, your bum would be a lot more tender than it is now!"

There was no time to continue the conversation properly as the girls returned to the gym, but as they did so, Emma whispered to Lucy from the corner of her mouth, "Just stay out of this and watch the fun. We'll see if Juliette likes the attention Wendy is going to give her."

Lucy was mystified but had no chance to ask any more questions. The session began normally enough, with the girls being divided into groups and set to do various exercises. Lucy noticed that Emma had manoeuvred herself to be in the same group as Juliette, together with the girl who had made up a fourth at the lunch table, Samantha. While all the groups made a certain amount of noise, Lucy noticed that Juliette's group was particularly boisterous,a fact also noted by Miss Williams, who twice instructed that they should calm down.

Each group was required to perform for a set time on each piece of apparatus, before moving on to the next. As Miss Williams blew a whistle to indicate another change, Juliette and the rest of her little group moved to a long vaulting horse. Samantha moved to the side of the apparatus.

"This should be easy, even for you, Juliette," she chortled gaily. "Emma and I will stand at each side of the horse while you make the first vault. It's quite simple; you just take a good run, come down as hard as you can on the springboard at the end and you'll absolutely fly over."

This did not seem too difficult, so the unsuspecting Juliette did not feel too unhappy about going first. She did just as Samantha had suggested, and took a measured run at the springboard. Sure enough, she sailed over easily, although her landing on the padded mat beyond the horse could have been neater. Samantha and Emma dutifully stood on either side of the horse and lightly grasped Juliette's arms to steady her as she went over. Buoyed up by her success, Juliette skipped jauntily round the horse to replace Emma who then completed a very spectacular vault. Samantha's effort was less able and drew a caustic comment from Emma. As Samantha replaced Juliette at the side of the apparatus, ready for her to take her second go, Juliette was still smiling.

As she measured out her run, Juliette did not see Samantha lean across the horse and whisper something to Emma. Juliette reached the end of the run, turned, took a deep breath and began to sprint towards the springboard.

"Come on, Juliette, you are really going to fly this time," called Emma, encouragingly.

Juliette's approach was almost perfect and she sailed through the air, exhilarated by the sensation of power which the springboard gave her to take off. As her hands touched the horse, she felt Samantha and Emma grasp each of her wrists as if to steady her as they had done before. This time, however, her aides used only one hand to grasp Juliette's wrists and each, simultaneously, swung her free hand in a sweeping arc, ending in an open-handed slap on Juliette's bottom. The effect of the two stinging slaps, as she was in mid flight, completely wrecked Juliette's concentration. Her graceful vault ended in an undignified heap on the landing mat, and as she picked herself up, her face coloured with anger.

"That was a rotten thing to do?" she snapped, rubbing her bottom; it had actually stung quite sharply from the two slaps, which had landed fair and square, one on each cheek.

"What's up with you? We were only helping you to fly," Emma grinned wickedly. "Surely you can take a joke?"

The two girls had ensured that Miss Williams was supervising another group before their little skylark but now they made sufficient noise to attract the teacher's glance, unknown to Juliette.

"We'll see about that," Juliette muttered under her breath as she took Emma's place as helper.

Emma began her run-up to the vault. As before it was a good attempt. Juliette held back until her classmate was totally committed to the vault before she swung her right arm with a real hay-making swing, connecting with Emma's flying buttocks in a satisfyingly solid smack.

"What goes around, comes around," she laughed happily as Emma gave a whoop and staggered off the landing mat.

"Indeed it does," came the stern voice from behind her. "Just what do you think you are playing at?"

Juliette turned, horror-stricken. Miss Williams was standing right behind her and had clearly witnessed the 'payback' on Emma's last vault.

"I-I was only getting my own back," she began.

"Silence! Your horseplay could have had very dangerous consequences. I will not tolerate such behaviour and I have one very sure way of discouraging it. Go to the wall bars." Miss Williams pointed at the frame of horizontal climbing bars bolted to one end of the gym. She blew her whistle and gestured for the rest of the class to assemble around the area where she had told Juliette to stand.

"You and you." She pointed at Emma and Samantha. "Place that bench along the wall, and about two feet away from it."

Juliette watched, puzzled but fearful, as a very long bench, used for some of the weight-training exercises, was placed parallel to the wall. With a sinking feeling, she realised that she had been suckered into a situation just as easily as the one she had created for Lucy that morning, and that the result was probably going to be similar. She could not work out how the bench was going to be used, but she was sure the outcome was not going to be good.

She did not have to wait long to find out.

"Now, stand as close to the bench as you can, facing the wall bars. Lean forward, right across the bench and grip the highest bar you can reach."

Juliette did as she was told and found that the positioning of the bench relative to the wall meant that she was leaning forward at an acute angle, most of the weight taken by her arms, which were stretched uncomfortably. She tried to look over her shoulder to see what was going to happen, and caught Lucy's eye. Lucy was watching with interest and Juliette interpreted her look as one of quiet satisfaction. Whatever happened next, Juliette comforted herself, Lucy still had that interview with Miss Parkin to look forward to!

"I think we'll have these right off." Miss Williams was directly behind her. Juliette felt strong hands at her hips, then gripped the bar tightly as Miss Williams took a grip on her shorts with both hands and yanked them down to her ankles in one swift motion. Juliette cringed, knowing that the class would be avidly staring at her bare bottom. She wanted so much to let go of the bar in order to cover her nakedness, but knew that such stupidity would be futile and only earn extra punishment.

"Lift your right foot," Miss Williams tapped at Juliette's right calf. "Now the left one." Juliette felt her shorts being eased off her feet. Then a strong hand grasped her left ankle, holding her foot off the ground as her gym shoe was removed. There was a momentary tickle on the sole of her foot as the removal was completed and then Juliette's legs were free of all encumbrance.

"Feet apart, please, Juliette - wide apart - no, more than that - that's better." The instruction was emphasised by a gentle tapping of the gym shoe on the inside of Juliette's thigh. Juliette's face was burning. Everything she had must be on show! She looked down over her shoulder. With her body angled as it was, she could see the double curve of her bottom cheeks, thrust out and parted by the splaying of her legs. Miss Williams was standing back at arm's length and testing the suppleness of the gym shoe, a stout leather-soled moccasin, and was also staring keenly at Juliette's bottom.

Miss Williams reached forward and gently twisted Juliette's head around. "Face the bars, young lady!"

Juliette reluctantly did as she was told, registering the attentive look on Lucy's face as she and the rest of the class watched Miss Williams completing her careful preparations. Juliette swallowed hard as she felt Miss Williams's warm hands on her rib cage, gently easing her T-shirt up until it was allowed to settle just below the curve of her breasts.

She felt her heart pumping. She had several times relived the events of her judicial strapping, with a certain amount of ambiguity, but somehow this setting was more intimate and personal. Her body was forced into a gentle curve, her bare bottom thrust out, ready to receive what she was now certain would be a good slippering with the gym shoe.

Unknown to Juliette, however, her bottom did carry the two prints of an open hand, plainly defined in red against the white background of each plump cheek, and those prints did not escape Miss Williams's eagle-eye.

"I see that you were not simply trying to cover your own misdemeanour when you said that you were returning what had been done to you" Emma and Samantha, standing with the rest of the class, both visibly cringed as Miss Williams's glance was directed at them. "This does not excuse your behaviour one little bit, but it does mean that I now have three bottoms to tan instead of just one."

Samantha and Emma stared at each other in dismay. This had not been part of the plan at all.

"I am sure you will not mind waiting just a moment while your friends take up their positions alongside you. You will, all three of you, of course receive one demerit point for this chastisement."

Samantha and Emma were taking their places on either side of her, Emma on her left. Miss Williams kept up her gentle banter all the time she was arranging her two new victims. Juliette did not look at either of the other girls, but kept her eyes to the front as she had been told to do. When she heard Emma take the first slap from the gym slipper, she closed her eyes tightly and gripped the bar above her head as hard as she could, hoping that her whitened knuckles would not show.

Closing her eyes was a mistake. Shut off from any visual perceptions, the sound of the whacking being given to the girl alongside simply stimulated Juliette's fevered imagination all the more as she anticipated what her own punishment would feel like. She had experienced the same thoughts while watching Lucy's spanking earlier in the day, but the absolute certainty that she was going to be beaten revived all the horrors of anticipation she had experienced before her judicial strapping.

Six times the sound of the leather sole of the slipper impacting on Emma's tender rump made Juliette flinch. She could feel the wooden bars moving and she visualised Emma's grip shifting as she wriggled and twisted, trying to reduce the impact of the slipper. Emma was also suffering audibly, her first sign of distress beginning as a sharp intake of breath but changing to pained squeals as the punishment continued. Then there was a pause. It was her turn next.

Juliette tried hard to reassure herself that she had already received a full-scale judicial punishment, administered by a strong, fit man. After all, that had not killed her. This childish classroom spanking could not possibly be any worse.

Juliette kept her eyes screwed tightly shut. Whack! The leather sole of the slipper struck Juliette's right bottom-cheek directly over the centre of the earlier palm print. The stinging slap on her rear was painful enough to make Juliette yelp sharply. She opened her eyes and looked at Miss Williams. The teacher returned her gaze and Juliette tried to interpret what she saw, but could not. Anger? Possibly. Excitement? Lust? It was impossible to tell.

The slipper descended again. Juliette's left cheek felt as if it had been branded with a hot coal.

"It will be much better for you if you just lean forward and relax." The voice in her ear was soft and husky. "You have four more to go and it will hurt more if you try to pull away each time."

Juliette felt a tear beginning to form. Her mental anguish was worse than the smarting in her bottom. She did her best to follow the instruction and dipped her chest still further. As the slipper landed again, making a crisp sound which echoed around the gym, she was able to resist the temptation to jerk her body upward. She tried hard not to scream as the fire in her bottom spread a little further.

A jumble of thoughts flashed through her mind. Juliette was sure that Miss Williams was stronger than Miss Edwardes and that Lucy had not suffered as she was having to. The slipper was being carefully aimed and Juliette knew that her poor bottom was being tanned red all over. She could feel the warmth spreading right across her seat. It was quite a different feeling from her legal beating. Then she had been bent right over, her bottom tight and the strap had been so heavy and unyielding it had felt as if the bruising was going right to the bone. She could not prevent a little cry escaping as again the slipper found its mark. Now the pain was sharper, not so penetrating perhaps, but more of a sting, with this strange warmth which seemed to spread right through her.

"Aaaaagh!" Juliette's voice was shrill. The slipper was striking lower now, just above the tops of her legs. She jerked upwards in an uncontrollable reflex. There must be one more to come. Juliette remembered how she had found the last two strokes of the strap on the under curve of her bottom the most painful of all. This must be a particularly tender spot. She must try not to jump again or that sadistic bitch would really hurt her.

"Aaaaaaahh!" The final smack was certainly the hardest of the lot. Juliette kept hold of the bar and tried to pull herself up into a slightly more relaxed position as she sobbed for breath. She opened her eyes again, not conscious of closing them when the last two smacks had landed, and looked to her left. Emma was in a similar position to herself, arms outstretched over her head, very red in the face.

Juliette looked to her right. Miss Williams was now on the far side of Samantha, one arm raised. As a pink-cheeked Sam wailed under the first impact of the slipper, Juliette turned and looked at Emma again. The other girl tried to smile, managed a very anemic grin and then hung her head as if the effort had brought back all the pain she must also be feeling.

Juliette became aware once more of the smarting in her bottom. God, how her bottom stung! She looked over her shoulder and saw Lucy staring at her. The rest of the class were more intent on watching Samantha's noisy penance - she had just wriggled her bottom and howled a response to her fourth stroke - but Juliette was sure that Lucy was watching her. She held Lucy at least partly responsible for her present state, and swore she would get even somehow.

Lucy made eye contact with Juliette and blushed. Watching the three girls receive their virtually nude punishment had aroused Lucy to a degree that would have made Juliette run a mile had she been given any inkling of it.
Lucy might be feeling smug now, but has she forgotten her appointment with Miss Parkin? I am cartain that you, dear readers, have not.
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 15, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 14

Have you ever experienced a broken implement?

Minelle: Never. Maybe that is because I am whimpy or he is not spanking hard enough.....
Actually though we don't get enough private time for longer sessions...so that may be the reason.

abby: Yes, a light wood paddle, snapped in two a long time ago. I laughed and Master continued to spank. More recently the end of a crop broke off. This time, i was sad, as Master laughed, i loved that crop. He promised to replace it. He did, but it took a few spankings, to 'break it in' :).

Wilma: At the start of ttwd we had this little silicone spatula. The end was shaped like a cupcake. I used to joke around...buns meet cupcake. Anyway it was pretty useless I felt. Barney was whacking away one day and the cupcake came off the handle, flew across the room and hit the wall on the opposite side. The handle was throw right after it."Useless thing!" I heard from behind me. Yes the spanking continued with something else, and irritation.

We have had a few real spanking implements break since then. But that was definitely the most memorable.

Ricky: A light wooden spoon broke during our play. I was not aware of it at the time, as she just continued with her hand. I thought she was providing variety....hmmm....
When I found out afterwards, it made me realize I was tougher than I thought. (Even though I still have to ask the cashiers to open the vegetable juice bottle-caps for me.)

Simon: I've had a few implements break during my sessions with my Mistress. She used to have a sort of crop with a leather cat's head at the end of the whippy shaft and the head flew off during a session. I've been looking for a similar one for ages without success. I've had a few canes break on my bottom as well which always gives me a brief moment of satisfaction, aha I think I'm tougher than your cane, but then she picks up another one and continues to beat my poor bottom. Bits are continuously breaking off the thin whippy birches she sometimes uses which means that following the strokes I am to be found picking up the pieces with my still bare bum sticking up which of course leads to her encouraging me in my task with whatever other implement she chooses.

Roz: We have had this happen a couple of times and the spanking continued. The most memorable was when the end of the cane snapped during a semi-serious spanking. The spanking continued and we were both trying not to laugh but did laugh about it together afterwards.

Jan: Yes, a wooden hairbrush. We both fell about laughing, he continued though with something else and later we bought a proper unbreakable wooden paddle :(

Bogey: Broken paddles happen. The time that is most memorable is when we were trying out a new Sheriff's paddle. Mean looking, long, wide and full of holes. We were with another couple. She had given him the paddle for his birthday. He gave her several pops and then it was Bacall's turn. She braced for the impact, heard the whoosh and felt nothing. The paddle had cracked at the handle.

Florida Dom: Haven't had one break. My two favorites are a six inch leather paddle and a riding crop. She can take a lot more swats with the paddle. The crop really stings. The crop, though, is very effective in bruising her boobs and I like to mark them that way. She also likes hand spankings. That hasn't broke either, LOL.

Ronnie: Yes. Once the little flap (or whatever you call it) flew off our crop, we both laughed and didn't carry on.

I've had a hairbrush break, didn't feel it break but it did. Posted about it.

Also had a cane break, P wasn't amused. Got a paddle and carried on.

Baxter: No implements have broken. We were in Ross Stores today and they had packages of wooden spoons, probably six or eight in a package, and I said to my wife, "see packages of wooden spoons in case some break during use," She said, correctly, I have a one track mind. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Dan: We have had canes break multiple times. The spankings continued. Her use of canes did not.

Hermione: We have broken several implements, but the funniest time was when Ron used a wooden spoon on my bare bottom. Afterward, we were in the middle of some erotic activity when we heard a loud "Crack". Ron had left the spoon on the bed and he had lain on it and broken it. He said there were plenty more in the kitchen, and we carried on, giggling.

He has also split a hairbrush and broken a rattan carpet beater while spanking me. The spankings didn't stop; he merely switched to a different implement.

Anon: Yes, It was a paddle with holes that had cords strung through it. We'd just received it and it broke on swat #3.

Thank you all for your responses. Remember, if you have an idea for a brunch topic, please email me or leave it as a comment. I always welcome suggestions.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #77

Welcome, one and all, to our weekly spanko brunch. You're just in time for what I hope will be a lively discussion. Today's topic is one I found down in the vault where the archives of My Bottom Smarts are stored. I dusted it off and it is just as timely today as it was in 2007.

Have you or your partner ever had an implement break during a spanking? If so, how did it happen? What were your reactions? Did the spanking continue?

Leave your reply as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart