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From the Top Shelf - What to Do?

What to Do is one of my favourite school stories by GeorgieC. It is an excellent example of topping from the bottom, schoolgirl style.

Paul Morris looked with concern towards the cupboard. He hadn't really expected this problem to arise too soon. No one had told him what was expected, and he didn't really know how to deal with it.

It was now Wednesday, and he'd only taken over as Headmaster on Monday. The first Headmaster of St Helena's School for Girls in the hundred and seventy-five years of existence of that famed seat of learning. Miss Bannerman, who had been Headmistress since anyone could remember, had very inconveniently passed away part way through the Inter-school hockey final while yelling "Come on, gals, come on Saint…". The Director of Education, in his wisdom and drive for equality throughout the system, had appointed Paul, pro tem, as Headmaster of the school,despite the quite blatant opposition from certain female members of the Education Committee.

He looked anxiously at the cupboard though, for a task had come to him that he had hoped would not come his way. Mrs Fraser, the History teacher, had come to him just before lunch. "I have just discovered Susan Bailey, from form 6B, behind the gym SMOKING A CIGARETTE!" Although spoken, the last words were clearly in capitals. "I have told her to report here to you at two o'clock".

And with that she had turned on her heels and left. Paul had found the cane on the first day. In the cupboard. But how, or even if it was applied in the environment of a girl's school he had no idea. He had never even taught girls before, never mind being responsible for their disciplinary "needs". What was he supposed to do?

In fact, in his previous schools, all-boy affairs, even the cane wasn't used. There they used the slipper. If a boy had misbehaved, he touched his toes, lifted his blazer slightly to give a clear target of the seat of his trousers, and whack, whack, there you go. But what on earth do you do with girls?

There was a knock on the door. Paul glanced up at the clock. Two o'clock. Obviously Susan Bailey. He hoped, hoped beyond hope, that Mrs Fraser would be there, to give some guidance as to what was expected. She had sent the wretched girl to him. Was he supposed to tell her off severely, was he supposed to issue some form of sanction, was he supposed to award detention, was he supposed to…. He called out "Come in".

The girl entered and shut the door behind her. About 5'6" she stood. With a mass of blonde hair, bright sparkling blue eyes. She wore the school uniform to perfection, crisp white blouse with the school tie, maroon skirt terminating half-way between knee and…well, half-way up the thigh. Long, long legs down to white ankle socks, and black shoes. Paul found his mind wandering. This was far far different from any of the spotty, snotty-nosed little lads he'd come across before. He knew he should say something, something that would keep him in control of the situation, but no words came out. He didn't know what he was supposed to do. But she helped him out. Without knowing it. She guided him to the next step.

"Mrs Fraser's sent me to be caned, Sir. She caught me smoking, Sir, and she says I have to get the cane off you now, Sir". Ah well, that's a bit clearer then. No telling off, no sanctions, no detention. The cane it is.

He went to the cupboard and opened it. The cane lay there and he picked it up, trying to look as though this was the most natural thing in the world. What now? How many? And more importantly... how?

Again she helped. "Shall I get the chair, Sir?" He nodded and she marched off to the corner of the room, picked up a chair and brought it to the middle of the room.

He gave a perfunctory little swish of the cane to give him time to think, but he was halted in mid action.

She glanced round at him briefly, smiled a little fleeting smile, and with no more ado, lifted her skirt to her waist. Her white underpants covered but half of her round bottom cheeks, but the view was quickly changed, as with no further comment, she pulled her knickers right down to her knees, and bent over the chair.

Her bare bottom stuck up into the air provocatively, and as she settled into place Paul could clearly see what lay between her legs. She grasped the legs of the chair and her voice came filtering through. "It'll only be six won't it, Sir?" He tried to stay calm. "Yes, six of the best, count each one, please, Susan".

He laid the cane across the pale cheeks, and trying hard to concentrate on the job in hand, on the fact that this was discipline, punishment, correction, he raised the cane and brought it down with a resounding whack. "Ow, one, Sir".

A pale pink line developed, but again he raised the cane. Whack! "Ouch, two, Sir".

Two neatly parallel lines were developing. Whack! "Oww! Three, Sir…ouch!"

Whack!! "Ow…ooh, that hurts. Ow, er, four, Sir...ouch!"

Paul viewed the bottom before him. There was a distinct stirring in his trousers that he knew he should not have. But here was a Sixth Form girl, bent over in front of him, her knickers round her knees, having her bum turned red.

He realised he needed to get this over and done. Whack! "Yeeow! Five, Sir, oh Sir, five!"

She was now in tears, but there was one to go. Should he be lenient. Make it lighter? Even let her off? No, something in him told him that to do so would appear weak. Particularly in his first days. This caning would set the scene of the rest of his time at the school. He had to maintain discipline.

WHACK! Lighter? No, clearly the hardest. A loud yell came from the girl, as a bright crimson mark grew almost instantly across her cheeks. "Six, Sir!"

"Right, young lady, get up and get dressed". He laid the cane on the table. "I hope that has taught you the error of smoking".

She stood up slowly, her back still to him, her skirt still raised as she rubbed her buttocks. They jiggled in opposite directions as her hands worked up and down over the clearly visible ridges. She leaned forward, again briefly displaying a little tuft of hair between her legs as she reached down and started to pull her white knickers up, gently easing them over the glowing redness.

She turned to face him, her face pink. "Yes, Sir, I think I've learned my lesson".

"Right you can go".

She turned and walked towards the door. As she did so he noticed her skirt had still not resumed its normal place, and as she walked her hands rubbed away at the seat of her clearly visible white underpants. She opened the door, exited, closing it behind her.

* * *

Her friends gathered round. "Well, what happened? Did you get detention?"

"I got the cane".

There were disbelieving noises. "He's only been here two days." "Old Banners only caned three girls in the whole time she was here, and that was for stealing!" "How many'd you get?"


Again, gasps. "You can't have! Banners only gave four at the most… let's see your hands then… you wouldn't be able to write after six!"

"I got them on my bum"

There was now a growing hubbub. "The dirty old sod… What? He made you bend over in that skirt? Bet he tried to see your knicks, the dirty bugger".

"No..worse than that... he made me take them down. I got it completely bare-arsed!"

The group fell completely silent, open-mouthed.

"And he said that's how he's going to cane everyone from now on. Said we've had it too easy, and from now on, he doesn't even want to have to tell anyone what to do. If you get sent to him, you'd better get your knicks down sharpish, or he'll give you double".

The conversation became heated. Some girls were in tears. Many tried to come to terms with the new regime, and all that it would mean. Susan slowly drifted away, a contented smile on her face.
What a naughty girl Susan is!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 29, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 28

This week we discussed embarrassment during a spanking.

Simon: Years ago before I realised that I wanted to be spanked rather than spank, I spanked an number of lovely young ladies but would get embarrassed every time. I would worry that I was hitting them too hard and then worry that I wasn't hitting them hard enough. Was this what they wanted or was it a terrible imposition on my part. All of this would lead to some pathetic sessions which neither I or the lady in question would enjoy. Although they were all very understanding I would become red faced and almost unable to speak such was my embarrassment. These days though I and my Mistress are in perfect harmony so I don't become embarrassed.

Sam: We were on a cruise to Hawaii a few years ago with our best friends. At lunch one day I drank too much so back in the stateroom my wife spanked me with my belt. In the room I knelt ass in the air and took my own belt from wife till I was stifling sobs.

That night at dinner the husband of the couple we were travelling with whispered to me that perhaps I should check to make sure the sliding door to our stateroom terrace was closed. I blushed; he smiled.

Welcome, Sam!

Six of the best: Hermione., love that picture of a mouth watering Hot Dog. I would love to take a bite out of it. As for embarrassment. I have never really been in such a situation, for when I have spanked a woman, they all turned out to be 'spanking good times".

Sub hub: I was embarrassed the very first time I receive a true punishment spanking. Ritualistically, I was required to strip naked and present myself for punishment. even though it was something I wanted in my marriage, and even though my wife had agreed to accept my submission in our marriage, I was still embarrassed.

Dan: Only once during a spanking. Like Sub Hub, the first time she spanked me was very embarrassing. Taking my pants down in front of her for a spanking seemed much more humbling somehow than doing the same prior to sex.

There have been other times that I've been embarrassed about something related to spanking. The first time I shopped for a heavy spanking hairbrush, I was convinced the woman behind the sales counter knew why I was buying it. I also bought a paddle at a sex shop and the sales person asked whether I would be giving or receiving. I turned crimson. The very worst was when my wife talked to a mutual friend about our spanking relationship while they were attending an event together. My wife called from the car when they were driving home to tell me I was going to be spanked that night, and our friend was in the car overhearing the whole thing. Mortifying.

Minelle: Sometimes when he threatens in a more public place... usually when I've done something in a public way myself! Also at times I wonder how I look in that position. He loves how I look, but sometimes I'm embarrassed.

Dr. Ken: No, I never have. Then again, I'm a spanker, not a spankee-. I think there's less of a chance of my being the one who's embarrassed....

Arched one: Is it brunch time again already?
I have to say every punishment spanking I get is embarrassing. I don't get that many but they always start the same. She is sitting on a chair with a wooden spoon in her hand. I'm standing before her nude as she scolds me. I'm embarrassed and feel like a little boy that was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Then It's across her lap I go as she scolds more and spanks me. Then it's get up and head for the bed room where I'm again scolded and told how red my bottom is and then either over some pillows or bent over the end of the bed for more spanking this time with the hair brush, strop, belt. All the time I'm kicking and hollering she's still scolding me.

S: Once at a party, I met a man called Nigel, and we somehow got on to the spanking topic, and he said he had never spanked anyone. With several drinks inside me, I said 'Now's your chance', and led him into an empty room, sat him down, bared my bottom, and bent over his lap. For a novice he spanked well, and I was soon smarting roundly, when the door opened and D came in,Was I embarrassed - I don't know which of my four cheeks were redder. Nigel put me on my feet and fled, and I was soon bare bottom up over D's lap, but this time I got spanked with a large wooden clothes brush, which left me unhappy to sit for some time to come!

Pecan Nutjob: We have always tried to be discreet with respect to our neighbors, family, friends, etc. Yet, there have been times when we feared that somebody overheard our spanking. For instance, we once had just started playing in a hotel room and then we heard a TV and voices next door and realized the walls were really poorly insulated.

We've bought stuff in sex shops but curiously did not feel embarrassed - I mean, if you work as a cashier there you should not feel squeamish about selling a butt plug. It can be more embarrassing to go to a drugstore or pharmacy, e.g. to buy a rectal thermometer, enema gear (my wife once remarked in front of the cashier that I would get my treatment immediately once back to the hotel!), or suppositories (these used to be common in France for treating young children, but buying the adult kind sometimes surprises the pharmacist).

Of course, the most embarrassing episode in a store was when my wife asked me to buy a martinet (a flogger) from some kind of supermarket. They sold them in the pet aisle, supposedly for disciplining dogs. When seeing it, the cashier gave me a surprised glanced and said something like "excuse me... we don't sell that many of them" then remarked "somebody's going to feel some pain". I was red with embarrassment and answered something rather unconvincing about an unruly dog. I wonder whether she thought I would be using it on a child, on a companion or I would be the recipient.

Apart from that... embarrassment is one of the ingredients of our spankings. If the spanking is punishment for bad behavior, then surely the spankee should feel embarrassed, shouldn't he or she? So this is why we scold. We may also apply embarrassing treatments, like checking the temperature rectally (in case the acting up is due to illness!) or an enema (flushing out the nervosity). If the spanking is for erotic play, then one can embarrass the spankee by remarking that he is erect or that she is most or has an engorged clitoris. Even after all those years, my wife blushes when a probing finger notices her wetness. Isn't it shameful to get excited by a spanking?

Baxter: Probably I was somewhat embarrassed when I starting asking my wife, many years ago, to spank me and then maybe the first time she actually did. Like many others have written, a simple wooden spoon in a shopping basket can be embarassing. We bought one at a hardware store and it was not really congruous with the rest of the stuff in the basket, such as seeds, duct tape, mousetraps, but it was checked out without issue and no facial changes on th checkout person. However, my wife knew she was going to put it to work when we got home and I knew that my bottom was going to be severely reddened by it, but no one else knew. We were in a Sur La Table store recently and I saw lots of breadboards and wooden cooking tools. Of course, I was thinking spanking and was self consciously stealing looks at them. Why? I don't know because as far as anyone else in the store would know, I was looking for those items to be used for their original designed purpose. I was getting excited (read aroused) looking at them though.

Pecan: Baxter, me too! I cannot help thinking of spanking if I see a wooden brush (these are not so common these days, more often one sees plastic), or one of these cutting boards that can be used as a paddle... And sometimes, when seeing furniture, I think it could be nifty to bend or kneel somebody over it. I expect nobody notices, except my wife.

Surely the strongest embarassment I had in my adult life was when I was about 18, buying condoms. I looked younger than I was and the female pharmacist, though she sold them to me and did not make any adverse remark, was very cool and looked at me as though I should not be sleeping around at my age.

It's not really "during a spanking" but I've blushed when my wife pats me on the butt with an air "this is mine". She never does so when people could see her, but still that's something that I feel dearly. 

Dragon's Rose: Oh wow. So MANY emotions.
Before - fear, shame, nervous, excited, aroused. Sometimes all at the same time.
During - excitement, shame, fear, remorse, anger, embarrassment, arousal, euphoria.
After - forgiveness, relief, relaxed, euphoria, shame, giggly, tears, sexy and most of all LOVED.

It isn't ever simple. That is why we ALWAYS have safe words.

Nina: Hi Hermione, we have had spankings outside and they made me pretty self-aware and I found that embarrassing too.... and hot afterwards.

At other times it has always been more than enough when hubby threatened a spanking in a public environment. I don't want others to know about our spankings, so I am already embarrassed just from him speaking about it outside home.

Hermione:  My most embarrassing moment was when I was 16, and had just finished my first summer job at a printing plant that produced a variety of magazines and periodicals. There were always extra copies that we were allowed to have. I particularly wanted a copy of a magazine that wouldn't be ready for another day or two. My co-worker promised that when it came out, she would have her son deliver one to me.

Home alone in our apartment a few days later, relaxing before the start of another school year, I decided to pass the time by spanking my assortment of dolls. Yes, at 16 I still had dolls, although I seldom played with them. I got out my plastic ruler and was soon engaged in delivering lectures and administering very noisy spankings on their hard plastic bottoms.

Later, when the toys were all put away, I decided to go and get the mail. When I opened the apartment door I immediately spotted the magazine I had wanted. Sometime during the noisy spanking session, my co-worker's son had delivered it. Had he heard me? Had he knocked? I was so embarrassed, and very glad the job was over so I would never know.

Thank you all for sharing your blushing encounters. Have a great week!
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Spanko Brunch 2.0 #39

Once again, the weekend is here, and that means another spanko brunch. Spanking is such complex activity, causing many thoughts and emotions run through our heads before, during and after the event.

Have you ever felt embarrassed during a spanking? 

Leave your reply as a comment, and after everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of the responses o this topic.

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You Completed the Caption

What has this naughty girl done? You be the judge.

Sweet Pea: What do you mean my uniform isn't up to regulation standards?

Mitch: You want me to shower and be soaking wet when you paddle me? Why? I never heard of that.

Six of the best: "Bowl me over," she said. "After they take my sexy knickers down, they propose to give me 'six of the best' with a cane, on my bare bottom, for being very naughty."

sub hub: In position Mistress, but what are you going to do with that?

arched one: I'm sorry I burnt diner. Please spank me for it.

Ronnie: You call this skirt short - you should see my other one.

Sugar: "What's that? You can't find your keys? Why, I have absolutely no idea where they could be!"

Gracie: 'Umm...is it too late to say sorry for flushing your iphone down the toilet...?'

Vfrat25000: It jumped out when I saw this photo:
“I can’t believe I ate the WHOLE thing!

Mom, it’s horrible, just horrible!!!!
What is it dear?
I just saw Uncle Henry naked!
Jayne, be prepared for a few sleepless nights and a moderate increase in alcohol consumption but in time it will pass.

I have a Law Degree from Harvard, I’m a CEO of a multi-national corporation and I sit on the board of five other corporations. How the h*ll did I end up dressed like Paris Hilton with a nuclear grade hangover and I have a taste in my mouth resembling a 180 Proof Purple Passion Bathtub Concoction. Not to mention the fact I’m wearing the most hideously ugly, heavy shoes I have ever seen and I have 15 thank you notes from the Delta Ki Alpha Fraternity written on my ass?

Don’t bother with the lecture Dad, just go get the paddle. I know I deserve it this time!

Sweetie that must have been some bachelorette party last night, Homeland Security is at the front door to speak with you. They have questions about you, the air traffic controllers in the Atlanta Airport Control Tower and the song “Cotton Eyed Joe.”

Ricky: Oooh, excuse me, I think I'm in the wrong bathroom.

Jimisim: Perhaps putting cling film over the bowl wasn't such a good idea after all, he made me clean it up and is now fetching his belt. Mind you it was very funny at the time and as long as he makes love to me afterwards it will be well worth while.

Terri: When the 'baby' of the group acted up THIS seriously, there was no way she was avoiding getting that ultra-cute bottom of hers thoroughly wrapped with a hairbrush. Then again, according to their manager, the athletic one, the frightening one, the redhead and the upper-class one were also in the firing line for not keeping the infant out of trouble, and would be liable later for their own misdeeds as well.

(Apologies to fans of that particular British musical act!...and to the act themselves)

Hermione: Oops! I didn't mean to flush your new BlackBerry Passport. It just sorta slipped.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday FUN

Have you always wanted to be an artist, but lacked the necessary drawing skills? Here's how to draw butts of all shapes and sizes. It's so easy, even I can do it.

Don't forget to Complete the Caption.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Complete the Caption

This cheeky lass looks guilty, and knows she's in trouble. Why do you suppose that might be?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will print your captions in an upcoming post.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The latest in spanking fun

The fall catalogue from Hammacher Schlemmer arrived in the mail yesterday, and I just have to share two of their latest gadgets. In case you aren't familiar with the company, it stocks wildly original and unusual marchandise, and I've previously found various items that could be put to good use in a household where spankings happen.

The Posture Improving Saddle Seat
Its gentle forward slope shifts the pelvis forward and raises the buttocks above the knees, resulting in semi-standing posture that discourages slouching... The sides of the seat are also sloped, spreading the knees apart and keeping the pelvis upright...

Wouldn't that be a lovely seat for someone to be made to sit on, to receive a sound paddling. The only drawback would be the wheels. I can just imagine sitting on this saddle, when the force of a good hard spank from Ron's hand sends me whizzing across the room! Maybe it comes with brakes.

The Seated Backyard Zipline Kit

The attached seat reduces stress on arms and allows ziplining at lower heights since riders do not hang as close to the ground. A galvanized steel cable wraps around two trees at an incline and riders zip from one end to the other while holding the pulley with a bungee braking system that slows or stops the zipline... it enables riders to swoop up to 90'. The rope length and seat height adjust easily to accommodate zipliners of all heights. Supports up to 250 lbs.

The picture shows a child enjoying a ride, but since it supports up to 250 lbs, adults would also be able to zip along. Wouldn't that be a sight for the neighbours? The spankee seated on the plastic seat, being propelled across the yard by a spanker wielding a strap or paddle? It would be an exciting addition to the next backyard cookout or spanking party.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

From the Top Shelf - Daughter Swap

This is a short story by Simon Banks about how two fathers resolved the issue of dealing with 'grown-up' daughters. I hope you enjoy it.

Well, what do you do with an 18-year-old daughter who has got to the stage of telling her father that she's old enough to do what she likes? And what if that includes staying out all night with God-knows who? And not just one girl but two. Two close friends both still at school, Elaine Baxter and Tracy Watson.

What do you do if you are their fathers?

At least you can put your heads together, which is what Steven Baxter and Michael Watson, both in their early forties, were doing in the Pig's Head over a pint. Something had to be done - but what? It had been building up for a while but last night had been the end, when both men had waited up till after 1am before their daughters finally came home. And where had the girls been? "Just out, Dad," had been Elaine Baxter's answer while Tracy had informed her father, "You worry too much. I'm old enough to look after myself."

"We've got to do something," said Steve Baxter. He wiped the froth from his moustache.

"Yes but what?"

"Damn it, they both need a good caning!"

That was probably true. Tracy's father agreed but where were they going to get it? Certainly not at school, not the way schools were nowadays. "And, well," admitted Mike Watson, "I don't exactly fancy caning my own daughter. You know - properly."

He didn't dwell on what 'properly' meant but Steve Baxter knew exactly. He took another swallow of beer. He couldn't see himself caning his own shapely and decidedly nubile Elaine 'properly' either. It seemed sort of indecent somehow, though he'd be quite happy for someone else to to do it for him and inject some sense into her.

He suddenly looked up as if a revelation had suddenly struck him. "There is an answer of course. We could swap girls. You cane Elaine and I cane young Tracy."

Michael Watson's eyes gradually widened as the sheer beauty of the idea sank in. It was the obvious answer.

"Steven Baxter, you're a genius! You've hit on it! That's perfect!"

Steve Baxter grinned. "And of course obtaining parental approval won't be a problem."

"You're bloody right it won't!"

There was nothing like striking while the iron was hot when the offence was still fresh in the offenders minds. It was decided therefore that the next day, a Saturday, would be ideal. For one thing on Saturdays both wives would be out shopping, for the presence of their wives could well weaken the stern resolve this called for. And obtaining the necessary instruments of chastisement did not present a problem for, after leaving the pub, they went round to have a chat with old Jack Crabtree, a retired village schoolmaster.

The old gentleman produced a fine pair of nice, whippy rattans. It was about time, he said, that these two mementos of his teaching days came out of retirement and saw real action again. The three men laughed loudly. To two wayward girls it was all going to come as a very nasty shock.

* * *

Elaine Baxter first became aware that something was up when, after breakfast, her father told her he was taking her over to the Watsons'. Elaine, a very pretty blonde with a well filled out figure which this morning was on show in a tight pink T shirt and equally tight blue jeans, opened her eyes wide.

"But I'm not seeing Tracy this morning."

Her father simply said it was not Tracy she was to visit but Mr. Watson.

"Whatever for?" asked Elaine, mystified.

"You'll soon see," said her father sharply. "And remember whatever he tells you to do he has my full, unreserved authority."

That made it even more mystifying but she could get no more out of her dad. When they reached the Watsons house there stood an equally mystified Tracy waiting at the gate.

"What's all this about?" she'd wanted to know but got the same enigmatic "You'll see," from her father.

Very shortly Steven Baxter was driving back the way he had come, his passenger now not his own daughter but the equally attractive Tracy Watson.

"What's this all about, Mr. Baxter?" she asked yet again when the two of them were back inside the Baxter's sitting-room. "Is this some kind of joke?"

Steven Baxter gave her a thoughtful look. She was an attractive little piece all right, a gaminely pretty face framed by chestnut hair cut short, while down below her figure, fuller than his own daughter's, curved in all the right places in her pale blue sleeveless top and full black skirt.

"No it's not a joke, Tracy. It's about Thursday night. You and Elaine gallivanting about all over town."

"Oh that!"

"Yes, that. And for that young lady, you are going to get the cane. Across your bare bottom!"

Tracy stared at him..and a pink flush gradually suffused her cheeks. "You - you must be bloody joking!"

"No I'm not joking, Tracy. And I'd advise you not to use that kind of language to me. It's going to be six strokes of the cane. Six with your knickers down on your bare bottom. That's just the basic punishment. Then I shall want you to tell me what you were both doing on Thursday night and who you were with. If you refuse then there will be lots more of the cane on that undoubtedly pretty bottom of yours."

Tracy's face was now crimson. "No way! That-that's just ridiculous! Look if you try anything I-I'll tell my Mum."

Mr. Baxter laughed. "Your mother is not in the picture here, Tracy. This is a decision jointly taken by your father and me. And for your information he will currently be dishing out the same medicine to my Elaine. So please remove your skirt - and then slip your knickers down!"

"No!" she blurted, "I simply refuse!"

"Take your skirt off!" Steven growled, "Or I'll damn well do it myself. Or would you, on the other hand, like to be sent to an Approved School for six months because you are out of parental control? We could do that you know! And in those places they cane you twice a day!"

This was a product of Steven Baxter's vivid imagination but it sounded good. Or correspondingly horrible if you were the naive and gullible Tracy Watson.

"Look," she pleaded desperately, "isn't there something else?"

"No! It's the cane. Your Dad and I are quite adamant. You have to be taught a lesson."

Tracy looked at him, then up at the ceiling then down at the floor. And then, at last, cowed by his truly adult supremacy, her hands went to the waist of the black calf-length cotton skirt. Pops were unpopped. The skirt came down she she stepped out of it. Underneath, her ripely rounded hips and bottom were in a skimpy pair of brief blue knickers under transparent tights.

"Now get your tights and knickers down!"

"Look...this is just awful!" Her voice was cracking.

"Take them down!"

Tracy hesitated again, then turned her back but was sharply told to stay facing Mr. Baxter. Reluctantly the tights came down, to mid-thigh, and then even more reluctantly the brief knickers were slid down off the rounded hips. There was a well-developed bush of frizzy dark hair which she covered with her hand.

"This is simply awful!" Tracy wailed again.

"I know," he replied. "It's meant to be. Now let's see; let's have you over the arm of the big chair shall we?"

Tracy hobbled over to the chair and Mr. Baxter pushed her down so that her hips were up on the chair arm and the upper part of her body was down in the seat. The twin globes of Tracy's succulent rear were thrust sharply up to present a bewitching target.

Steven Baxter pushed one creamy thigh. "Open your legs!"

"No!" gurgled the half muffled voice.

"Yes! Do as you're told! This is a punishment, remember. And the more unpleasant it is the more you'll think twice about your behaviour in the future!"

He placed her feet as far apart as her lowered knickers and tights would stretch. It was a position which offered a very revealing view and Tracy knew it. She gave a groaning wail of embarrassment.

Steven Baxter now had Mr. Crabtree's cane in his hand. He gave it an experimental swish through the air, then tap-tapped it across the crests of the pouting bottom globes. There was an apprehensive hiss from Tracy. The cane was raised...


It struck with juddering impact, momentarily sinking into the soft resilient flesh before springing back again. "Aeeeeeooooooowwww!" Tracy's anguished yelp resembled the cry of a cat in heat, her hands coming automatically back to clutch at her burning bum which now displayed a bright red double-edged stripe.

Steven Baxter whipped the cane lightly across the backs of the clutching hands. "Hands away or you'll get extra ones! Come on!"

The hands were reluctantly removed, the jerking bottom became somewhat less agitated. Again the cane was raised an whipped down.

THWAAAAAAT! Once more it bit sharply in, an inch lower than the first pulsing line. Another banshee yell from Tracy and a renewed frenzied dance of her ripe, round bum. From the depths of the chair seat came desperate cries.

"Stop, Mr. Baxter. Please stop! No more, you're killing me!"

Steve Baxter drank in the splendid sight of the now doubly-striped bottom, relishing his power over the nubile half-naked teenager. "You're getting six - just like I said!"

THWAAAAAAT! "Aeeeeooooooow!"

He'd laid the third into the exact curve where bum cheeks become plump upper thighs, a splendidly tender region which produced a correspondingly desperate reaction from young Tracy. How that must have hurt! He waited until her violent motion had subsided somewhat, and then went back up to the full crest of her bottom for the fourth.


She was definitely sobbing now.

The final two Steve put in a nice cross, top left to lower right and vice versa. A cross on top of three transverse strokes, although he wasn't as accurate as he would have liked with the last of the six strokes. Then he let the cane fall to the floor. The girl's bottom, twitching and writhing, was an impressive sight and he felt he had done an excellent job. Gasping and sobbing, Tracy made no attempt to get up.

He reached out to pat the red-striped behind. "Come on, it's all over now. At least it is if you're sensible!"

He pulled Tracy to her feet, then put his arm round her. She was a nice kid at heart, or had been until this recent bout of teenage wildness. The sorrowful chestnut head reached his shoulders and her tear stained face was pressed into his shirt-front, quickly wetting it. He was conscious of a very full and warm pair of tits pressing into his chest too. Very nice! Steve Baxter patted her back, then one hand slid down to pat her bare and throbbing bum - at which she flinched and gasped.

"Now you're going to tell me what you and Elaine were up to."

She made a sound like "Nnngggghhh"

Steve Baxter backed towards the armchair taking Tracy with him. He sat down in the now vacant seat , as he did so twisting her round so she finished face down - and bottom up - over his lap. His left hand held her while his right slid softly and caressingly over the roasting bare bottom.

"You better tell me, Tracy, or I'll just have to continue your medicine!"

There was a silence and then, intermixed with sobs, it all came jerkily out. They had gone to a disco where two fellows had picked them up and taken them out in their car. Two horny young reps it seemed. According to Tracy's halting account nothing much had happened - yet. So they were planning to see them again, Steve wanted to know?


"No! Definitely not! You understand?"

She said nothing so he gave the bare bottom he had been stroking a sharp smack. "I said...understand?"

"Y-yes," she muttered, wincing.

His hand resumed its soft caresses. With a sniff Tracy whispered huskily, "You..you're awfully mean, Mr. Baxter..."

* * *

A little later Michael Watson arrived with Elaine. The two men had a brief private word. It seemed that things had gone just as well in the Watson household and soon Mike left with his daughter leaving Steve to talk to Elaine.

"Right," he said, "had a nice little lesson have you?"

Flushing bright red, Elaine pulled a face.

"Let's see what job he's made of it," Steve demanded, "take your pants down!"

Elaine tried to refuse but her father insisted. Reluctantly she slipped down her jeans and knickers as she had earlier reluctantly done for Michael Watson. Her bottom bore six transverse red stripes, not the same pattern as on Tracy's rear but the effect would have been equally painful.

"OK," he said. "That looks fine. Pull them up."

The two girls got together that afternoon at Tracy's house. It was nice and private for her parents had gone out. Up in Tracy's room the girls commiserated with each other over their dreadful experiences of the morning. They told each other how really terrible their fathers were as they contemplated the prospect of no more late night discos and the fact that they wouldn't be seeing their two young men again.

Then Tracy said, blushing brightly, "It was terrible...but it was a bit exciting, wasn't it!" And the two girls agreed that being caned by each other's father had been quite exciting, though very painful too. Awful and exciting all at the same time. Because men were men and both girls thought the other's father was rather attractive in an older man sort of way. And having to submit to them in that very shameful physical manner...well, the thought of it made a young 18-year-old girl feel a bit strange.

"Do you think," asked Elaine slowly with a shiver, "that they might want to do it again?"

"Crikey!" said Tracy, her mouth agape.

* * *

In fact the two men decided, a couple of evenings later in the Pig's Head, that a little reminder for the girls would be no bad thing. The short, sharp shock had obviously been excellent and a second dose could only improve matters. Indeed they were both agreed that more doses could, with advantage, be handed out at regular intervals for, although neither said so, each had found it a highly agreeable duty. For the second session though, it was decided that the cane could be dispensed with. A sound bare-bottom smacking would suffice.

Tracy and Elaine were both given prior warning this time of what was to take place on Saturday morning. There were looks and expressions of shock and indignation - while at the same time each felt a shiver of excitement. Indeed when the weekend arrived both girls prepared for their ordeal as if they were going out on a date; washing their hair the night before and, on the appointed morning, having a foam bath, putting on some scent, blusher and eye-shadow and, in Tracy's case, some pink lipstick as well.

Furthermore both Tracy and Elaine decided that if they were going to be forced to reveal what was underneath their skirts, then boring old tights would not be good enough. So they arrayed themselves in eye-catching nylons and suspender belts. Well if a girl was going to be forced into the indignity of baring her bottom for a man to spank it, then she just had to look her best!

This looks like a win-win situation for all concerned!

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 22, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 21

This week's topic was your spanking bucket list.

sub hub in phx: I have a spanking bucket list, like I'm sure everyone involved in spanking does. Mine is to be summoned to a punishment by my Mistress K., and in the room are other would-be Dominant wives seeking to implment a FLM of their own. I am wearing a chastity cage aunder my clothes and am ordered to strip naked to prepare for my punishment. Mistress is not happy with me and lets her "students" know that this is the punishment kind of spanking and not the sexy foreplay kind. My usual instinct is to get an erection but the thought of what is about to happen to me prevents what the cage would've otherwise prevented on its own. I am naked, standing in the middle of the room and told to put my hands on my head and not to move while receiving my spanking.

I don't know if I'll get to put a check mark next to that or not.

Simon: I have never had a bucket list as such indeed I don't think it was a term I'd even heard used in the UK until relatively recently. I did have a number of spanking wishes and desires and I have been lucky enough to have satisfied the majority. So I have been spanked by a number of ladies at the same time, I have been punished in front of a large audience (at a spanking party) and been caned by two highly skilled ladies (one left handed and one right) at the same time. I suppose my main wish years ago was to find the perfect Mistress for me and I was lucky enough to do so 15 years ago. With her help I have achieved all my spanking desires so now if we do anything new it will be a surprise to me and who knows if I will enjoy it.

Six of the best: On my spanking bucket list I would love to spank all my submissive female bloggers which would include Hermione, Erica, and Bonnie on their bare voluptuous bare bottoms, etc. One can always dream such a wonderful dream. For I sure would be in heaven.

Baxter: I guess my bucket list would be limited to being spanked by two women at the same time and those two would be my wife and her sister. Another bucket item is that I fantasize about being spanked by certain female coworkers OR spanking them.

mouse: While mouse has seen the bucket list thing going around many of the blogs she follows, it's never occurred to her to have one. Omega has given much more than mouse ever believed possible. He's honed the rough edges, and maybe she's done the same to him as well.

Can't even begin to think or consider what more there could be. Interesting topic to be sure.

Dan: I don't know whether I would describe these as a real "bucket list," because I don't know whether I really would want to do them if the chance did arise, versus just leaving them as "what ifs." With that caveat, a few would be:

-- Being spanked to tears
-- Being spanked outside on a hiking trail where someone might see
-- Receiving a disciplinary spanking at the place where I work
-- Receiving a disciplinary spanking from another man. (That one is definitely more of a "what if" than a "I would really like to try..."

Rose: I have a vanilla and a kinky bucket list. I am working on both.
*An outdoor spanking is at the top of my list.
*A punishment with a observer or two.
*Getting close to another dd couple. So close that he has punishment privileges.

Sir Wendel: Only one wish on the list:
To get paddled while another woman watches.

Arched one: I never thought of it as a spanking bucket list. Some of them have been crossed off. I've been spanked in every room of the house. I've been spanked outside by the pool and I've been spanked by the sea shore at night. And let's not forget the spanking in the woods. What is left is having someone watching me get spanked then being allowed to spank me too.

Ronnie: You know mine. Simple outdoor spanking in the woods and on a deserted beach. Though I'm sure I'll be adding more.

Anon1: Top of the list - there was once a photo in Playboy of Kim Kardashan, lying face down and bare, with her amazing white bottom arched upwards just waiting for me to spank it to tomato redness. Having achieved that one, which I never will, I would want to work my way through the 'Rear of the Year' winners' bottoms - Carol Vorderman, Fiona Bruce etc. A celeb bottom must be the ultimate but unattainable target?

 Dr. Ken: Top of the list would be to get into a relationship with a lady who is as much of a spanko as I am.

Next would be the chance to spank some of the wonderful spanking models that are out there--Amber "Pixie" Wells, for example, or Sarah Gregory, or Nyssa Nevers...the list goes on and on.

Anon2: Can we have a place for the Spanko Brunch 2.0 that has only women who want men to spank them? I find all of these men who want a woman (or more than one woman!) to spank to be just too "off-topic". The dynamic is so different. Also, years ago the Spanko Brunches were 99% women spanked by men, but now seem to be about 50% men spanked. The dynamic here has changed. I'm sure the replies to this request will be that we should be "inclusive" and that "It's all spanking", but I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like the relationship dynamics are simply not the same.

I don't even want to contribute my response to the Brunch question because it will be posted alongside posts by men who want to be spanked. To me (and probably many other anonymous lurkers), it is just not the same thing.

Anon2, everyone with an interest in spanking - male or female, top or bottom, dominant or submissive -  is welcome here. In the early days of Bonnie's spanko brunches, it's quite possible that the readership was mainly female spankees. But as time passed, her brunches (and now mine) were more well-attended by men, and that's a very positive thing. No one needs to feel excluded here. We all share a common interest in spanking. If you are not comfortable leaving a comment here, because of whoever else might also be commenting, then that's your prerogative. I hope one day you might reconsider. 

Katie: I've never given having a spanking bucket list a thought, Hermione! I saw Ronnie's post the other day and enjoyed reading hers. I will have to think about it.

Autumn: The spanko, exhibitionist side of me wants to go to one of these spanking parties people talk about (i.e. Shadow Lane, Crimson Moon).

The DD side of me wants to meet up with other DD couples, though that probably wouldn't include any spanking--just fun and conversation!

Hermione: I would like to try some of the furniture commonly used for spanking: a spanking bench, vaulting horse, stocks, and St. Andrew's cross. Also on my list are spankings in various historical sites, and a spanking in an airplane, train, boat, car, and other modes of transportation. Then there's role-play - being spanked by a headmaster, stern butler, executive chef or other male authority figure.

Thank you all for sharing your lists. I hope you fulfill your dreams.
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #38

This weekend heralds the arrival of fall, and with it comes a time for introspection. We are revisiting a topic that Bonnie introduced some time ago, then Ronnie wrote about it just this week.

Do you have a spanking bucket list? Will you share some of the items that are on it? Are there any that you have been able to cross off?

Leave your reply as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to find their lists and check them twice. Everyone is welcome to contribute, so if you haven't joined in a brunch conversation before, now's your chance.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, September 20, 2014

You Completed the Caption

You were really inspired by this picture:

Six of the best: "My boyfriend adores the way I look. Especially he loves my bare bottom, which he spanks with great enthusiasm. I am the luckiest woman in the world,"

Katie: "Sir called me up and told me just how I needed to be dressed and look when he got home. Best to pause and look in the mirror to keep the spanking to come in the fun zone."

Ronnie: Wish I could see how big my bum looks in my new knickers.

Rollin: "Charles, is that you? I'm still getting dressed, dear. Yes, I was late...what's that in your hand? I already have a hairbrush so you can put that away. Charles? Charles!?"

Autumn: "I wonder if this head scarf makes my butt look big."

Ricky: Is that really you, my darling?
Oh, Freddie, get out of here!

Mitch: "He called me a 'flapper'?" Might he have meant "I'm gonna slap her?"

Michael: Daphne was thinking of her husband, Clive, and their past kinky activities since he would soon be returning to London from the front now that the Armistice was just signed on November 11:

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who will have the reddest bum this fall? OH! I do hope it's me!"

Hermione: "Mirror, mirror on the wall, Who's the most spankable of all?"
"Why, it's you, my dear. Those bloomers make your bum a very large target."

Brunch will be served shortly. You are very welcome to come back for some good food and conversation.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday FAIL

It's time to pay another visit to Wally World, home of the Walmartians.

He loves that store SOOO much!

A little overexposed, don't you think? (Yes, that's a skirt!)

A slip would be a good idea under that sheer dress - or is it a nightgown?

I sincerely hope those are pockets made to look like cutouts. Yup. That's what it must be. Please.

Overexposed and tasteless, all in one garment

For even more silliness, Complete the Caption.

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Complete the Caption

This young lady has interrupted her dressing - or undressing - to examine herself in a mirror. What is she thinking? What is her reflection telling her?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will take you all through the looking glass in an upcoming post.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Down on the (kinky) farm

We live in a moderately large city that is surrounded by small villages and farms. There is a large farm supply store near the downtown area that serves the needs of the local farming community, and each week it publishes a flyer with the weekly specials. I took a look at last week's flyer in the free weekly newspaper, and this jumped out at me on page two:

All rubber tarp straps - save 40% 

It sent a tingle up and down my spine. Rubber straps - mmm! I looked a bit further and saw this:

All belts and suspenders - save 25%

and even better:

All attitude belt buckles - save 25%

Talk about attitude adjusters! Then there was as page of horse supplies, including stall mats, fly spray, buckets, and tack. Tack? We had to visit that store! I talked Ron into checking it out as part of a weekend shopping expedition, and I wasn't disappointed.

There was an amazing array of clothing, "camo clogs" which were Crocs in a green and brown camouflage pattern, John Deere ball caps, Duck Dynasty t-shirts, and sturdy but unfashionable jeans and overalls. Children's toys were also related to agriculture. There were realistic miniature farm animals, toy barns, and a ride on tractor "just like Dad's".

At the back of the store I found the equestrian gear. Bridles, girths, martingales, and a lovely wall display of at least 10 different styles of riding crops. Yum! I didn't linger too long since Ron wanted to move along and inspect the poultry display (he wants to keep laying hens in the back yard) but when he asks me what I want for Christmas, I'll be sure to send him back, and tell him to choose whatever he fancies using on me.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

From the Top Shelf - Erna

This erotic story of a teenage girl's sexual awakening through spanking at the hands of an older man is by Gerda Mundinger, supposedly a psychosexual therapist, although perhaps not, according to Pulp International. It's not the greatest literature, but a reasonably good spanking story.

Erna, at eighteen, was a young blonde beauty in the best North European tradition. She came to America as an infant, and when her father died a few months after arrival, her mother went to work as a domestic.

At that time, Fred, the son of her employer, was a young man fresh out of college, but things changed, so that when Erna was eighteen, he was lord of the manor, independently wealthy at thirty-eight, his money solidly invested so that he need pay no attention to it. Instead, he concentrated his attention on women, liquor, and tennis, more or less in that order. His tennis ability was such that he could have played at Davis Cup level, had he chosen to accept the strict training requirements. Rather than bother with the inconvenience of that, he chose to play the game for fun, and, for the want of something to do, he would, from time to time, coach young players with natural talent. Two of his protégés went on to win state championships.

Hoping for something better in life for her daughter than had been her own lot, Erna's mother approached her employer one day and asked if he would consider coaching her daughter. On a whim, he agreed to at least give her a trial. He had seen very little of the girl, who tended to stay clear of the main house, and so was surprised when the young beauty came to the court at the agreed time the following Saturday. Her crisp white blouse bulged excitingly with breasts which he estimated with his expert eye would be firm as apples and big enough to make many a mature woman envious. He saw the slim waist, swelling buttocks, and thighs that looked silken smooth and very firm.

Even before she got close enough to say hello, Fred had decided he was going to seduce the girl, and wondered if he would be the first. He suspected that to be the case. She had an expression of virginity about her, and that made her even more exciting to him.

He greeted her cheerfully and they began to play. She turned out to be much better than he had anticipated, with a natural feel for the game, and a strength and alertness that promised to make her a tough opponent for any woman. Fred let her see his enthusiasm, and they played for a long time before stopping to rest. When they did, Erna looked as fresh as she had at the start. Except for the sweat stains below her armpits, one wouldn't have known she had exerted herself at all.

Over the next week, they played often, and he noted signs of improvement that encouraged both of them. Depending on the weather and on his mood, they used either the big courts out on the back lawn or the smaller but more than adequate indoor court.

More and more, he favored the indoor court, since his plans called for the girl to do some playing there, playing of games other than tennis. There was a comfortable rest room adjacent to the court, with a couch and other items of furniture, as well as a small bar.

He had used the couch many times before, with a wide variety of young beauties lying between him and it. None had been as young as Erna, but he thought, too, that none had been as beautiful either. Taking his time, Fred lured her into an easy, relaxed friendship and worked her out of the "daughter of a servant" role she would have played...

Deciding it was time to start a more definite progress, Fred told the girl that she was entering the critical stage of her preliminary training. If she measured up, he would begin to train her seriously. Erna had already seen the glamorous life that could be hers as an outstanding tennis player. She would travel, meet interesting people, and enjoy a life of all play and no work. Fred had encouraged her in this line of thought. The more anxious she was to make it to her goal, the better the chances of making it to his, he reasoned.

During their next game, Fred kept count of her every misplay and pointed each out to her. At the end of the session, they went into the rest room where Fred poured himself a drink. Between sips of it, he went over the list of misplays with her. When he finished, he informed her that he had studied the matter carefully, and decided that she would pay a penalty of twenty-five spanks.

For a moment, the girl blinked in surprise, then shrugged her shoulders and smilingly accepted the sentence. Sitting on the edge of the couch, he helped the young beauty to lie over his lap. Before commencing the spanking, he smoothed out the wrinkles in her shorts, even where there were none, positioned her just the way he wanted her, then holding her strongly with his left hand, he began to spank. Each spank was moderately brisk, and each was just a little more than a spank as his hand closed just a trace, enough to provide him with a nice feel of firm cheek through the thin shorts.

When she got to her feet at the end of the spanking, Erna smiled as she rubbed the seat of her shorts with both hands and told him that she had gotten the message.

"How was it, Erna?" he asked with a little grin.

"Not bad," she told him with a poise which surprised and delighted him.

"Glad to hear it. Tomorrow you get it on your panties. No shorts."

"Then I guess I'd better be very careful how I play," she observed, a trace of a smile still playing around her full lips, lips which like the rest of her, he wanted to taste, in the literal sense.

The next day, they used the indoor court again. The entrance to it was locked, as usual. From the outset, Erna stunned him with the brilliance of her play. There were opportunities to score on her, with his superior strength and experience, but she made no mistakes. That puzzled him. He had guessed that she had enjoyed being spanked the previous day, and that she would make a few mistakes as a challenge for him to spank her on her panties.

The style and material of her panties would tell him a lot, he reasoned. Checking his watch as he waited for her to serve, Fred saw that they had less than three minutes to go. She double faulted on her serve, and after that, not one move she made was right. After the game she had played, it was obvious that she was deliberately earning a spanking on her panties.

On the way back to the rest room, Erna wore a look of sincerity as she wondered aloud what had happened to her game in the final minutes. He decided to tease her by pouring himself a drink, and a beer for her.

Thinking of what was ahead, Fred felt his penis surging to erection. He knew she could see the form of it through his shorts, but made no effort to hide it. He saw, too, that she made no effort to conceal her interest in it. The girl had him baffled. He was sure she was a virgin, and yet she was playing it with all the aplomb of an experienced bachelor girl.

Sensing that he was in danger of losing the upper hand, he put his glass down on the bar and walked to the couch. She handed him another surprise by walking to him before he called her, and standing in front of him, her feet apart, her breasts rising and falling excitingly with her deep breathing.

"How many spanks today, coach?" she asked without obvious concern.

"Well now, Erna, the mistakes came so thick and fast that I couldn't keep count. I think thirty should do nicely. Just fifteen on each cheek."

Standing close to him, she reached for the side fastener of her shorts, opened it and slid the zipper down. She stood straight and proud as she guided the shorts down her thighs. This time, it was his turn to blink. Despite knowing that she would be spanked on her panties, she wore a pair of sheer, black-nylon bikinis that were as brief as any he had ever seen.

Both through and around the scrap of nylon, he saw the curly pubic hair, a darker shade of blonde than the hair of her head, but no less beautiful.
With his hands on her hips, Fred turned her and saw that the skimpy panties covered little more than if she had tied a couple of ribbons around her.

"They aren't going to protect you very much, are they, Erna?" he asked in a low, warm tone.

"No. I guess not," she agreed.

"In fact, I guess I may as well take them down. They're only in the way."

Without waiting for a reply, he reached for the waistband and slowly drew them down to her thighs, revealing in the nude, a bottom that was without a doubt the most beautiful he'd ever seen. Testing all the way, he turned her around and stared at her with open admiration and equally visible lust.

"Did I ever tell you that you have beautiful hair?" he asked warmly, his eyes fastened on the honey-blonde of her pubic foliage.

"Thank you," she replied with a warmth that could not be missed. "Are you going to spank me very hard?"

"Just hard enough, Erna. Hard enough to warm you up."

"All right," she said simply, "but I'm quite warm now."

Again afraid of losing the upper hand, sensing that a seventeen-year-old virgin was actually seducing him, he took her left thigh in his hand and guided her to his right. A few seconds later, he felt the warm silk of her belly when she laid her firm, silken body across his thighs.

He pushed her blouse up a little higher to see more of her smooth, golden-tanned back, then, taking a firm grip on her with his left hand, he began to spank. There was not a trace of pretense about the first spank. It slapped with a brisk force across the apex of her perfectly rounded right cheek, then he squeezed the spot and held for a few seconds.

Again and again, his right hand rose and fell, making a thrilling sound each time it contacted a firm cheek, holding each time to add to the thrill of the contact. Only after a dozen spanks or so had been delivered, did Fred remember she had been promised a specific number of spanks. In no mood for counting, he just went on spanking.

Before long, she was sobbing and threatening to cry, but the writhing and heaving of her body on his lap told the man that she was in no hurry for him to stop spanking her bottom.
He had no idea whether she had taken the promised thirty spanks, or fifty, but when both cheeks glowed a warm red shade, he stopped spanking and, picking her up, placed her on the couch on her tummy. As he did so, he pulled her shorts and panties down her legs and off.

Bending over the sobbing girl then, he began to massage tenderly, the luscious nether cheeks he had spanked so briskly. He had felt a lot of beautiful, mature bottoms, but this was, he told himself, the one. The cheeks were beautifully rounded, well-fleshed, yet so firm that he was tempted to call them hard, until he looked down at the bulge in the front of his shorts and decided that was hard; her buttocks were merely firm.

While his right hand continued to fondle her bottom, he used his left hand to unbutton her blouse. He wondered whether she would make any protest, but she didn't. When the blouse was opened all the way, he slipped the hooks of her bra open. Pushing her blouse and bra straps aside, he had her whole naked back to admire. He brought his hands to her shoulders first, and began to massage the girl. The massage continued all the way down to her knees, then moved back up to her tingling buttocks. After fondling their silken perfection, he bent and began to kiss the warm cheeks.

Feeling the responding vibrations in her body as his mouth covered both cheeks with kisses and licks, Fred knew that she was his all the way, that there would be nothing in the way of protest from her. Standing by the couch, he removed his shoes. As he opened the top of his shorts, he saw that Erna had turned her face and was watching him. In her expression he saw warmth and excitement, but no sign of fear. He pushed his shorts and undershorts down together, and his big, erect penis thrust out toward the girl on the couch. He saw her eyes open a little wider, but still there was no fear.

Naked, he went to her. As he turned her over, she held her arms up so that he could remove her blouse and bra. As he drew them off, baring her breasts, Erna sat up, and he knew she had done it to display her breasts at their very best.

Their best was magnificent. Each was a handful, firm, silken-smooth, and warm. The nipples were an exciting pink, jutting boldly from the swirling aureoles. Although the formation of her breasts was almost citrus-like, they showed promise of more conical growth. As beautiful as they were then, he sensed that they would become much more so as she continued to develop.

"Are you sure you're eighteen?" he asked her.

"Yes, and I'm ready," she told him, her smooth young arms reaching toward him. He hadn't meant the question that way, but he liked her answer.

* * *

Hardly a day passed over the next year without their meeting in the rest room of the indoor court. Usually, they played tennis first, then after a brief rest, went to the couch, their bodies still wet from exertion and ready to become wetter from the ultimate exertion.

A year later, Erna won the state junior championship without losing a set. The glamorous life she wanted was within her grasp. She almost made it. A confirmed bachelor of almost forty, Fred gave up that status, and Erna gave up her tennis aspirations as they married shortly before her twentieth birthday.

They produced the three beautiful children they wanted, and now more than ten years later, they are still happy and very much in love.
I wonder if Erna's mother still works as a domestic, or if she has been allowed to retire.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, September 15, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch for September 14

Do punishment spankings really work? Here are your opinions:

Jan: Hi Hermione, well, I don't swear any more and I will never be impolite to him in front of company again so.... :)

Sub hub: Yes, they are definitely effective in changing undesirable behavior. I think a very important thing to consider is what the effective definition of a punishment spanking truly is. If the one receiving the spanking has effectively been able to manipulate the spanker into giving a spanking that amounts to nothing more than a fantasy act of kink, then there is a disconnect between the Dominant and the sub.

I don't want to get off on a rant here but... (channeling my inner Dennis Miller) Mistress K. and I recently had a similar discussion. One which I knew that I would regret having once I was punished again, but I felt an obligation to be truthful and tell her that the punishments that I was getting were nothing more than a minor irritant at the moment I was receiving them. As such, the spankings I was getting were not an effective deterrent to undesirable behavior.

The punishment aspect of a D/s relationship (FLR in my case) needs to be an actual deterrent in my opinion. It has been said by many in the lifestyle that a true punishment spanking doesn't even begin until the one receiving the spanking genuinely wishes it was over. I have come to believe in this as well, as much as it will (and does now) hurt my ass. I believe bruises are not only inevitable but almost necessary. True pleading to stop is also necessary, even if it produces tears. It is something that I crave, right up to the point when I am actually receiving a true punishment spanking, then I don't want it at all. Now, when I am punished, it hurts and hurts bad. I can tell you that now, the prospect of receiving a true punishment spanking, deters me from undesirable behavior.

There are so many aspects of this lifestyle that touch on the concept of symbolism I believe to be necessary as part of an acknowledged, loving D/s relationship... My Mistress will have me wear panties, but why? Does she want to turn me into a sissy? No, she doesn't but she does love the symbolic nature of my willingness to do so. We all have standing rules and rituals. Some have ritual for punishments, for worship, for humiliation, for devotion. All symbolic gestures intended to demonstrate each parties position in their relationship.

At the end of the day, it's either a real punishment spanking or it is a play spanking disguised as a punishment spanking. If it's real, at least for this submissive, it is very effective.

Dan: I am sorry to say that if you define "effective" in terms of long-term behavior modification, our DD relationship is effective only modestly. But, we've also never really achieved consistency. Also, over time I have come to believe that there are a least two measures of effectiveness. The first is modifying the recipient's behavior. But, often overlooked is the benefit to the person administering the discipline. DD can give them a very concrete way of expressing their dissatisfaction with their spouse's behavior, and that outlet can be significantly freeing and empowering. In that second respect, I think our DD relationship really is effective.

Autumn: They work for us...I think! I definitely watch my words more closely now, rather than rattling off my displaced anger and emotions in disrespectful torrents. I still have my moments though, so have they completely eradicated all disrespect? No. Have they helped? Yes!

Pecan Nutjob: I don't know if it is an effect of the spankings and scolding, but we both changed over time and largely dropped some bad habits. It may be also that with age and experience, we mellow.

Dancingbarez: On our end it works for most behavior and Daddy definitely notices a change.The bigger issues like snapping back when annoyed are more difficult. The episodes may be farther and fewer in between but it does still happen.

Abby: They work for me.When Master punishes me, it is a whole different set of events. No bear hugs, quiet chat, no warm-up, no permissions... and a spanking that I do not ever want repeated. He is super great at all the fun, good, happy stuff, but He makes a definite point with a punishment.

Anon: My husband is reasonably well-behaved (most of the time) but he still needs to be spanked at least once a week to keep him on the straight and narrow (and more often if he fails to perform the chores I have assigned, or if he doesn't perform them to my satisfaction).

River: This may sound strange, but must of my punishment spankings are not as long as my regular spankings, nor do they tend to leave me sore for long. The reason for this is that when I have screwed up and deserve to be punished, I feel terrible and am usually crying at the lecture even before he begins paddling because I know I've disappointed him. The spanking is really more of a punctuation mark on the whole event. The real deterrent for me is my love for my husband, and not wanting to cause him to feel unhappy with me.

Arched one: I'm a take control person and often times would lose my temper. That is the reason I get punishment spankings. Has it helped? Heck yes. It was two days after my first punishment spanking that I received the second. The third was a month after the second. Now I might get one once a year so in our case it did help. I also agree with some comments here punishment does not start until you wish it was over.

Dr. Ken: I believe they can be effective, yes, or at least have short term effectiveness. I don't give many of those, though, preferring to spank mostly for fun.

Six of the best: Hermione, I have always believed in punishment spankings. They can be given as maintenance spankings once a week. The severity of these spankings of course depend on the serious of the offence committed by the wife. The hand, paddle, hairbrush given light spankings. The cane or birch rod if the offence is serious. All spankings should be given on the bare bottom.

S: When I present my bottom to D, I get thrilling pleasure from the long hard spanking he will give it.
As a punishment it would in no way make me mend my ways, but probably make me re-offend to get another helping.

Nina: Hi Hermione, I think that punishment spankings do work well. I have lost bad habits, and the moments of back talking ‘just because’ have also become far less. The number of punishments has become less over the years, too, as I simply do less of the unwanted behavior.

Pearl: We don't really do punishment spankings, although, I have felt they would be helpful. It took me a long time to build up the courage to ask and to suggest that this might be a direction that would help us. My Man does not fully agree as he knows I enjoy them in play and for "release" too much. I have not agree'd until recently. I was in a horrible mood and let it be known that I would NOT be doing my dishes that night. He looked at me with absolute disappointment. Now, in my head I was already thinking that I didn't care how bad the spanking would be if he finally decided to spank as punishment. He could beat my ass for an hour and I would rather that then the dishes. As he stares at me with disappointment, and this thought runs through my head it hits me. Damn it. My Man does know what I need. His clear disappointment in me changed my behavior. I did the dishes. I did, however, act like an asshole throughout the entire night so I do still think that capping off the evening with a strong spanking may have just adjusted my attitude as well =) How's that for an answer/non-answer! Great question as always Hermione!

Mona Lisa: I do not believe in punishment spankings. Firstly, there is plenty of research showing that there are other and better ways to change negative behavior. This is actually in 2014.

I want to stop doing what is wrong for me, or my family because of the love of my family, not out of fear of punishment. As an adult, one can rationalize the problem, find the solution, apply it and keep it .. it is called adult responsible thinking.

And spanking, we can always have for fun. LOL

Anon2: In my home, my submissive husband understands completely that a punishment spanking is not intended to be fun for anyone involved. If one is to be administered it means bad behavior has occurred on his part. We have our ritual for this and it is not pleasant. At the very beginning he is required to masturbate to orgasm so that his punishment will be received in that lovely post orgasm lull that men have... He is secured (usually standing) and his bare bottom is wetted. He is then spanked to literal tears that include bruising and even sometimes welt that produce a tiny bit of blood.

When he asked me to be his dominant wife, it was on one condition ... that being that his punishments would be severe enough for him to truly regret his behavior.

So, yes, yes indeed. Punishment spankings are effective.

Ricky: It depends on what stage you're referring to.

None of us, I'm sure, are into severe abuse, and I know that's not what you're suggesting. But to playfully tease, and be teased back, is a wonderful thing, especially when it involves a consensual, intimate, relationship.

Ronnie: Can punishment spankings be effective - yes though I still have my moments so maybe they work only in the short term for me:)

Hermione: We don't use spanking as punishment because my husband knows I enjoy it so much. Being deprived of spanking would be a more effective correction for me.  I know that it works for some people, though, so if it does, and both parties agree, then go for it. We don't actually have any sort of punishment in our relationship. If there is something that I am doing or not doing that Ron disapproves of, he'll tell me, and I will adjust my behaviour accordingly, because I want to please him.

From Hermione's Heart