Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday FAIL

Just one FAIL for you today, but it's a doozy!

We all know how popular kitty videos are on the internet. Have you ever taken a picture or a video of your cat, only to be dismayed at the sight of its little butthole showing up so prominently in the finished product? No? Me neither, but it seems that some folks are.

Now there's a product to camouflage that unsightly kitty butt. The Twinkle Tush is an ass-cessory that turns your cat's butt into a glittering jewel.

It's a gag product, meant to be used only for brief periods of picture-taking (thank goodness!)

Here's the full story:

For more silliness, why not Complete the Caption? It's free, and comes with a ten year warranty!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Complete the Caption

A portrait of a gentleman lost in thought, contemplating his life, his estate, his favourite hunter, his mistress, his voluptuous parlourmaid, the naughty stable lad....  He's very fortunate indeed.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and see all captions in print in an upcoming post.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From the Top Shelf - A New Friendship

Will Lucy ever get her thesis written with all these spankings going on? I hope so. Meanwhile, Karen and Juliette strike up a friendship that Karen hopes will work to her advantage.

Although she had feigned to be unaffected by her second strapping in the same week, Karen did, in fact, keep herself out of trouble for a while. After Juliette and Joanna had made their unconventional pact of peace, Karen even seemed prepared to offer an olive branch to Juliette.

Although they were kept pretty busy during the week, the girls were allowed to please themselves how they spent their weekends, provided they were not rowdy. Even the dress rules were relaxed, and jeans and T-shirts replaced the traditional uniforms. The Carstairs staff simply made it their business to wander around the place unobtrusively to keep an eye on things.

On her second weekend at the establishment, Juliette decided to enjoy the fine weather on the Saturday afternoon and sat watching a hockey match being played between two rival classes. The game held no interest for her, but there was nothing else to do. Lacking any companionship, Juliette allowed her mind to wander as she gazed at the playing field. She wondered where this chapter in her life was taking her. Her encounter with the judicial strap had been traumatic, but her brief spell at Carstairs had already unlocked a side of her personality that she had not suspected existed. She would never really enjoy being punished, although she recognised that the act of submission did hold some excitement, even for her. What really got to her was how she felt when the other girls were punished and especially the incredible sensations she had felt as she wielded the cane across Joanna's pert bottom, and what had come afterwards. That had really hit the spot in a way she had never previously experienced.

Deep in her own thoughts, Juliette sensed rather than saw another girl approach. Her feelings were too intense to tolerate interruption and she did not look round, hoping the intruder would go away. To her surprise, it was Karen's voice which broke her train of thought.

"Mind if I join you?" The tone seemed friendly enough; in any case there was little Juliette could do to prevent it, so she gestured at the grass beside her. Karen sank down beside her and turned towards the games field. For several minutes there was silence, but Juliette could tell that Karen had something to say.

"You know, you and I are pretty much alike."

"I don't think so." Juliette was not in a very conciliatory mood.

"We are, you know." Karen persisted. "I watched you when you thrashed Joanna and I think I know what makes you tick."

"I don't know what you mean," Juliette protested, a little too quickly for the words to carry conviction.

"Oh come on, Juliette, I watched you. You enjoyed beating her. You can't deny it."

"What if I did? Are you telling me you wouldn't have liked to have been in my place? I think I was entitled to teach her a lesson, after what she did to me."

"Well, maybe I wouldn't have minded putting a few stripes across that pretty little behind. But if it comes to changing places - if you really want to know, it was Joanna I would have traded with."

Now Juliette really was stuck for an answer. "I don't follow," she mumbled, rather lamely.

"Oh, come on, Juliette, don't be so dense. Different strokes for different folks - literally in this case. I told you, I've watched you. You don't much like taking a tanning, but you certainly love dishing it out. With me it's the other way round. I get my jollies when someone gives me a good thrashing, hadn't you guessed? It's just that, for it to work - work for me, I mean - the person dishing it out has to be really strong. Not just physically strong, but in control. I get such a high, knowing I have to submit and take whatever I'm given. So you see, we are alike, in a different sort of way." She stared at Juliette almost defiantly.

"I don't know what to say. Why are you telling me this?"

"I want to be friends, silly. Don't you see? We are complementary."

"You mean you want me to spank you? Eugghh that's vile. I won't! Go away and leave me alone."

"No, no I don't mean that." Karen was really concerned. The last thing she wanted was to frighten Juliette off. "I just want to be friends. You must feel lonely here, I know I do."

"Lonely? You? Why should you be? All the other girls look up to you." Juliette felt a pang of jealousy as she realised the absolute truth of what she had just blurted out.

"That only makes it worse. Most of them are so weak and none of them understand. Surely you can see that?"

Juliette thought for a minute and grudgingly conceded that perhaps Karen did have a point. "Well, what if that's true? What do you expect me to do about it?"

"I just thought it would help to have someone who understood, that's all."

"But I don't understand. You said you enjoyed being beaten. I don't understand that for a start."

"Don't you? Don't you see that how you feel and how I feel are part of the same thing?"

"No." Even as she spoke, Juliette knew that she was being very unfair and perhaps Karen was not so far off the track which her own thoughts had been leading her to, just a few moments before.

"Look, I know you think I was rotten to you when you first arrived. Perhaps I was, although you did deserve it for what you did to Lucy. But will you just trust me? Let me show you something and then perhaps we can talk."

"What do you want me to see?" Juliette was unsure of herself and even less sure of Karen.

"I want you to come and see something; perhaps it will help you to understand. Come on, trust me. It won't do you any harm, I promise." Karen got up and held out a hand to Juliette. "Friends?"

Juliette was only too aware that she could use some friendship to help her over her present unhappy state, and against her better judgement accepted the offered hand. Karen began to lead her to the back of the main building. It was an area that Juliette had not explored and she thought that only the domestic staff ever used it. As they rounded the corner of the building, the view seemed unremarkable. There was an area of gravel forming a square bounded on one side by the kitchen garden, which also partly encroached on the side facing the back entrance to the main house. The rest of the side facing the house was taken up by the rear drive, which twisted back through an area of woodland and dense undergrowth. The far side of the square was taken up by some old brick buildings which must have originally been stables. It was to these buildings, the walls heavily festooned with ivy, that Karen led her.

"These old stables are only used for storage," Karen explained. "Except for the end one, which is the carpenter's shop. Have you met our carpenter?"

"No, why would I?"

"Oh, let's say most of the girls have, at one time or another," Karen said with a grin. "He's not really a carpenter, Mr Parry-Jones. He's just an odd-job man they keep on to do the maintenance around the place, and a spot of gardening. He's a bit of a bad-tempered old goat, though, and the girls like to tease him.

They arrived at the side door of the building Karen had indicated was the carpenter's shop. Trying the door, Karen found that it was not locked. She had not expected that it would be. She opened the door slowly, peering inside to see if there was anyone about. Seeing that the coast was clear, she opened the door wider and went in, motioning Juliette to follow her. Once they were both inside, she shut the door behind them.

The workshop smelt of freshly cut wood, which made Juliette want to sneeze. It was a large room and, as she looked around, Juliette could see all kinds of tools laid out neatly on the benches which lined the walls. In the centre of the room was a large wooden frame which was clearly in the process of being worked on.

"That's what I wanted to show you." Karen pointed at the wooden structure. "Wouldn't you really love to use it?"

"I don't know what it is." Juliette examined the structure. It consisted of a sort of trestle, the top rail of which was heavily padded. Half way down the legs on the side nearest to her, the cross-bar which linked the two legs had been turned on its edge to form a shelf about six inches wide. Extending out towards her from the outer ends of the shelf were two bars, terminating in short leather straps. These two bars projected right through the trestle and stuck out a similar amount on the other side, again terminating in leather straps.

"It's a birching bench, silly! Miss Parkin had had Parry-Jones do it up for this term. It hasn't been used for ages but I think she believes I am going to give her the excuse. I'm not sure even I'm brave enough to take a birching!"

Juliette felt a spark of excitement ignite within. "How does it work?" she couldn't resist enquiring.

"I knew you'd be fascinated," Karen stepped towards the apparatus. "It's called a birching bench but of course it can be used with anything - the cane or the tawse perhaps, but generally, for those, people can stay in position and don't need to be restrained. That's the theory, anyway. With the birch, it's different. It takes longer for one thing; the strokes are counted in dozens not sixes; and even I wouldn't be able to hold still for two dozen of the birch on my bare bottom."

Karen took hold of the top rail and lifted her legs so that she was kneeling on the shelf-like plank. "The idea is that you kneel like this, then your ankles are secured in those straps." She looked over her shoulder and pointed at the straps on the outriggers, which Juliette could see would just come about level with her ankles if she spread her legs.

"Of course, the birch covers a much wider area of your bottom than the cane, each time it strikes. The idea is to hold your legs well spread so the little twigs at the ends can penetrate right into your botty-crack." She laughed, seeing Juliette's horror-stricken features. "Just in case you feel like putting your hands in the way or anything, they are held in front by these straps." She leant forward and grasped the outriggers on the far side of the bench. "Do you think I will look all right when my time comes? Is my bottom big enough and curvy enough?"

She was teasing Juliette now, and Juliette began to wish she had not allowed herself to be persuaded to come. True enough though, Karen did fill out her jeans very nicely; the material was pulled very taut as she mimed the birching position. Juliette could clearly see the line of her panties under the denim and the thought suddenly came to her that she would like nothing better than to bare those plump cheeks, then watch them turn red as she applied a nice whippy cane.

Suddenly there was the sound of gravel crunching outside. "Oh, hell, someone's coming!" Karen's voice was hoarse. "Quick, we must hide. If we get caught in here, we're for it!" She leapt off the frame and dived to the far side of the room.

Juliette did not stop to think that if Karen was so entranced with the idea of being put across the birching block, the best way she could experience it for real was to have stayed where she was and let herself be found by a figure of authority. It didn't in fact occur to her until quite a while later, by which time she was in no position to suggest it.

She looked around frantically for somewhere to conceal herself. Karen dived behind a big rack at the end of the workshop, but the only place Juliette could reach as the door handle began to turn was the work-bench next to the birching frame. She got down on her knees and tried to curl into a small ball, but she knew as she did so that it wouldn't be good enough. To make matters worse, she stumbled as she made her dive for concealment and knocked the leg of the bench heavily enough to dislodge a large squeezy bottle of glue from the work top. The container fell with a squelchy sound and began to ooze glue all over the floor.

The door swung open and a middle-aged man wearing old-fashioned bib-and-braces overalls entered. His eyes instantly alighted on the fallen glue bottle and from there were drawn to the terrified Juliette, who was barely shielded at all by the frame of the bench.

"Come on out, you little wretch, I can see you." His voice was deep and rasping, with no hint of subtlety. As Juliette stood up, she could see that his physique matched the voice. Not very tall, he was, nonetheless, quite broad in the shoulders and he did not look to be carrying an ounce of excess weight. He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt which revealed muscular arms covered with thick dark hair. His hands were raw-boned with veins in the back which stood out like knots. His square jaw was set in an angry frown and Juliette was reminded very much of the ogres she had seen in childhood fairy-tale books.

"Just what the 'ell do you think you're doing in 'ere?" He gave her no time to answer. "What a bloody mess you've made of my workshop. It's nothing short of vandalism, that's what it is. Come along, my girl. You and me are going to see Miss Parkin and I'll make damn sure she tans your arse for this, you see if I don't!"
We know Miss Parkin is a stern disciplinarian, so the girls are in for it now. But what about the birching bench? When will it be used? Stay tuned and you will find out.

If you would like to re-read the entire story, go to this post - From the Top Shelf - scroll down to A Degree of Discipline, and you will see all the posts from the story, in order.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 26

This week we discussed our favourite implements, and here's what you said:

Baxter: I will answer for me and for my wife.

For me, I like the bread board paddle we bought at a local cooking stuff store. it is a couple feet long, probably 18 or so inches of that the actual paddle part and is six inches across and 3/4" of an inch thick. I just like the feel on my butt when my wife spanks me with it.

For my wife, she likes the plastic riding crop I bought on Amazon. The whole thing is plastic, nothing to break off or wear out. She likes whipping my butt with it, especially when we are having sex as she likes to say "ride em cowboy" and hits my butt repeatedly.

Nina: Hi Hermione, which implement I like best depends on the situation. We have a round black leather paddle which I love because it can be as intense as I need it. The other one is a rather soft leather flogger with lots of leather ends which feels awesome. They are the ones we used between my last pregnancy and the current one. We have other implements, but these two are my favourites. Wishing you a great weekend.

Downunder Don: I have always liked using the cane but her favorite is an old leather riding crop; both stingy and thuddy at the same time.

ricky: I love the wooden paddle used slowly, discreetly, and compassionately. I just love the thud, the pause, and then its glorious frisson, and another pause to absorb the full benefits of its wake. And then, I will plead, "Please, may I have another?"

Arched one: Actually out of all the implements we have there are two that I love to be spanked with. One is an old belt that delivers a wonderful sting. the second is a leather ridding strop about 3" wide and 1 1/2' long. It's stiff and really sets my bottom on fire.

Jan: Hi Hermione, My favourite is his wide leather belt, although I quite like the pink silicone spatula, decisions...

His favourite is an eighteen inch long wooden ruler :(

Dr. Ken: The vast majority of the time, I spank using just my hand--that is my absolute favorite. On the very rare occasion when I reach for an implement, my favorite is a hairbrush--actually a clothesbrush--that I bough many years ago from Nu-West. Overall, it's about a foot long, with 7" of it being the handle and the other 5" an oval, flat wooden spanking surface. The handle length makes it easier for me to use, and the flat back delivers a good solid wallop. I've gotten some very different and interesting verbal reactions--mostly incoherent, I might add--when I start to apply that to a deserving lady's bottom.

Ronnie: Without a doubt the rose leather paddle.

We've had it for ages. Because it's cuddly and really well made and I love leather and I love the rose on the front and even when it's hurting I can still think of that rose being applied to me--lovingly--and it makes me feel good, if a little sore:)

Roz: My favourite is pretty much anything leather. The leather paddle which can be as light or intense depending on its use and his wide leather belt.

Anon: To put it differently - what sole implement would I choose for the rest of my spanking career ? It must be the palm of my large right hand. Hand spankings can vary from light sexy pats, which hardly pinken her skin to a really hard prolonged one that leaves madam with a very sore bottom indeed. Your hand is always available to be deployed at very short notice, and does not cause comment from non spankers, unlike canes, paddles or tawses, which would, if noticed about the house, and may not be available at short notice. Hand spankings are usually given OTK, a comfortable and intimate position for both parties, and I get added pleasure from my palm contacting her ample smooth bottom. At the end her bottom should be smarting roundly, but she should be able to sit on it after a short while, unlike after a caning, which can cause sitting problems for days !

I like that variation on the question!

Six of the best: Because I chose the 'nom de plume' of 'Six of the Best', naturally it would be a CANE. This pliable swishy corporal punishment implement has always felt good in my hands. And it is a delight when I land it on a naughty female's knickers down bare bottom.

Bogey: Over the last decade we have both slowly come to relish the sting of a particular wooden paddle. I like a few more licks than she does, but she seems to be gaining on me.

Leigh: Pretty much anything leather, but I think the dogging bat would have to be my favorite.

Enzo: Without a doubt my favorite implement is my bare hand. There is nothing comparable to flesh on flesh. I love the contact, the sting and the warmth I feel not only in my own palm but also that radiating from her bare bottom. You don't get that experience, in my opinion, when using actual implements. It makes the biggest "connection" in my experience. That is why my hand is almost always my first choice.

Second would be a leather belt. I usually save this for stricter occasions as it tends to leave marks easily. The belt is also more of an added psychological discipline due to the association I and the young ladies have of it, plus the lecturing that accompanies it.

Loki Darksong: Myself, I am a cane fan. I have always had a fascination with them since I read about them in Victorian erotica decades ago. While I own several, I have found that thin ones have more of a bite than the thicker ones. And they are easier to give those beautiful welts you see in pictures and movies.

For those times when I bottom, a cane is one the few implements that can get a reaction out of me.

Hermione: Like Ronnie, I love the feeling of the leather rose paddle against my bottom. It hurts too much for the first few whacks, then it becomes a lovely, solid reminder of my husband's lone for me.

Thanks, everyone, for your enthusiastic contributions. Have a safe, sane and consensual week!
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #83

It's been a busy week, so now it's time for some relaxation and good conversation over brunch. This week's question came to mind as I was hanging up some of the implements that we hadn't used for a while, and had stored away in a drawer.

What is your all-time favourite implement? Please describe it and tell us why you love it so much.

Leave your reply as a comment, and I will publish the results of our discussion when the weekend is over.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

You Completed the Caption

Some days just don't go according to plan, as you have pointed out:

js666: Being a whistleblower sounded so exciting. Just stay late, sneak some incriminating files out and copy them. No one will be any the wiser.

The boss stayed late too? That just adds to the thrill. Have to be really quiet.

Oh @#$%! How did that happen? Glad no one's around to see my skirt hike all the way up as I turn around to try to free it. Oh @#$%!, the boss!

"Yes sir! I can explain, sir! Why are you taking your belt off?"

Baxter: Oh no, not again, that darned fan blew my dress up and it caught in the file cabinet, which at 5pm is automatically locked. Oh what shall I do if the boss catches me like this? Should I rip my dress out of the cabinet or take my dress off and then what, go home in underwear? Should I call for my boss who will again spank my tender little bottom? Hmmm. "Mr Jamison? Mr Jamison? I need your help." I love when he spanks me.

Six of the best: Up went her skirt with the greatest of ease.
Down came her bloomers, down to her knees.
I spanked her with cane, and "Ouch", her refrain.
Because this naughty secretary, was truly in pain.

Minelle: 'How do I get myself into these pickles? I Bet I get spanked again!'

A. Lurker: Here's a preview of what's coming up next on The Spanking Network. What will happen to this poor secretary when her boss comes back from lunch? Stay tuned for The Secretary starring James Spader! (Viewer discretion is advised)

(Hermione, when I Googled The Secretary to check something, I learned that the boss was named Edward GREY! Could he be the real father of Christian Grey?!!?!)

Could be!

Ronnie: I do hope someone comes in soon and releases me. Oh please don't let it be Robert, I'd be so embarrassed.

Sir Wendel: Oh darn. My bottom will be the same color as my dress if I don’t get Mr. Carlson’s speech to him right away.

Hermione: I hope my Marilyn Monroe impression gets me that raise I've been hoping for.

For a break from the office, join us for brunch, being served on the patio soon.
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday FAIL

It's only July, but the back to school sales have begun at Walmart. Let's see what we can find there.

 Employees can wear any colour they like, as long as it's Walblue.

 Obviously, employees don't need to take a written communications test to be hired.

Wait. They sell guns at Walmart? 

 Give me a dozen pairs of those socks!

Yep. Looks like a first class product to me.

You may have been wondering what these photos have to do with spanking. Nothing actually, but here's someone who really deserves one. A man was seen running through Walmart naked, pouring milk over himself and shouting that he was on fire. The original video has been deleted from YouTube, but a news report provided its viewers with this censored version:

This man and the accomplice who filmed it both deserve a good spanking, doncha think?
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Complete the Caption

Some days nothing goes right at the office. What has upset this young lady, and who might have been the reason? What happens when it's time to leave at the end of the day?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will present your reports in a future post. Let's have fun with this one!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mental Math

Ron and I are avid collectors of Air Miles. We each have an Air Miles card for the same account, and every time we shop at specific stores we get Air Miles when the card is scanned. Our Amex cards are also connected to our Air Miles account, so when one of us uses it along with the collector card we get double points. The points add up quickly that way. Air Miles can be used for a variety of things besides travel, and we use them to get free groceries at a nearby participating supermarket. That always gives me a big thrill. The last time we shopped for groceries, a full shopping cart that rang up at $130.25 only cost me .25 because I used Air Miles for the rest. How cool is that?

Last Tuesday we went to the drugstore that is associated with the program because there was a special offer: 80 Air Miles when you spend $40 before taxes. That would be easy. I took my list and off we went.

First, a box of antacid tablets for $14.99. Call it $15. Then some low-dose A.S.A. on special at 2 for $7.99. I mentally calculated the total at $23. Half way there. Then on to the paper goods aisle, where I picked up a giant pack of triple roll bathroom tissue for $11.99. It had gone up since our last visit, but never mind. That brought the total to $35. One jar of my favourite hair conditioning mask at $8.99 put us over the $40 minimum by $4. We headed to the checkout counter.

The cashier scanned our merchandise, and when I presented her with my Air Miles card she asked if I was trying for the 80, and if so I was a little over $4 under.  Really? I thought I had added up correctly in my head. I must be slipping. The cashier told us we could go and find something else to add to our order and she would put our transaction on hold.

Ron thought I was slipping too. As we turned around and went toward a battery display Ron asked me if my BlackBerry had a calculator function, and if so I'd better use it next time. Or bring a calculator from home.  If I was going to do mental arithmetic maybe a spanking was in order to sharpen my skills.

 Ooh! Did he really say that? I agreed that a spanking might do the trick, and when did he plan on the remedial session?

"Not now, but soon," Ron assured me as he chose two packs of batteries that were on sale for $3.99.

We returned to the cashier with the batteries, got our 80 Air Miles, paid and left. In the car, I was excited about the prospect of a spanking, but still mystified how I could have been out by so much when I had thought we were over the required amount. I pulled the receipt out of the shopping bag and looked at the prices. The hair conditioner was rung up not at 8.99 but at $6 something (I forget the exact amount). Ditto for the bathroom tissue and the antacids. Why were the prices on the receipt so much lower than the prices on the shelf?

Then I remembered that Tuesday was Seniors Day. Seniors got a 20% discount on all regularly priced items. The cashier had assumed I was a senior and automatically gave me the discount without asking my age. That was courteous of her, because I hate asking for a senior's discount. I hope I don't look like one, but I guess I must, although the definition of senior can vary from age 55 through 65, depending on the store. I hope she thought I was 55, not 65!

Anyway, it was all to the good, because I got some bargains, a hefty dose of Air Miles, and the promise of a spanking. What could be a better way to spend a morning?
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Joanna's Turn

Juliette has just received six of the best from Miss Williams, and was told to go to the locker room to get dressed, then to hurry back because Joanna was waiting. Waiting for what? Let's find out.
Lucy was puzzled by the succinct 'Joanna is waiting', but she was almost relieved to see Juliette rise stiffly from the hurdle and, without stopping to pick up the towel or her T-shirt, walk towards the changing room. Lucy, frantically trying to fix every detail in her mind so that she could write up her notes later, knew that this would be a day she would not forget in a hurry. And, she thought, observing the bold red stripes crossing Juliette's shapely buttocks, it will be a long time before Juliette forgets today, either.

As soon as the dressing room door was safely closed so that the class could no longer see her, Juliette's hand went to her stinging bottom and she began to massage the tender flesh to try and reduce the throbbing. Looking round, she spied a face cloth hanging on a locker door. Quickly, she drenched the cloth in cold water and applied it to her glowing posterior. The relief was considerable and she realised that she had better do as she was instructed and get dressed quickly, or she would be in line for another dose of the same medicine for keeping the class waiting. As she ruefully pulled on her panties, easing them gently over her throbbing bottom, her thoughts were a jumble.

Funny, I heard the swish but I didn't hear the crack! It hurts though, sharper and more intense than the strap and certainly much more than any spanking, but it's bearable - just!

She fumbled with her bra straps. Damn! She had left her T-shirt in the gym. She'd just have to go back out as she was. Must hurry, Wendy said to be quick. Wonder why she wants Joanna to wait? Still if it means I get to watch the little minx take a good caning, then so much the better. She deserves it a damn sight more than I did.

She pulled on her skirt and quickly splashed some water over her face to cool it down before returning to the gym. She wished she could have cooled her smarting bottom-cheeks the same way, but there was no time.

Wendy raised an eyebrow when she saw Juliette enter wearing only her bra and skirt, but soon realised what had happened and made no comment. Juliette saw that her classmates were still sitting exactly as she had left them a few moments earlier. Joanna, looking very downcast, was still standing near the hurdle, clad in her towel. Obviously her punishment had been delayed expressly for Juliette's benefit.

Wendy Williams beckoned Juliette to come to the front of the group. As she approached the teacher and pupil standing by the hurdle, Juliette became aware of a curious change in the demeanour of the other members of the class. There was a tension in the air which had not been there before, but Juliette could not quite define why.

Miss Williams broke the silence. "While you were away, I had a most interesting discussion with the rest of the class on the subject of justice being seen to be done. The general feeling was that I had been too severe in awarding you a caning."

Juliette, surprised, did not know how to reply, so said nothing.

"I do not agree, of course. You were caught red-handed in some noisy horseplay and that sort of disruptive behaviour cannot be tolerated at Carstairs. You do understand that, don't you?"

She looked Juliette straight in the eye. Juliette wondered what this was leading up to. Surely she wasn't going to be punished further - that wouldn't be fair. Was she mistaken, or did Wendy have the glint of a twinkle in her eye?

"I asked you a question."

"Er, no, miss, I mean, yes I do." Juliette was confused.

Wendy was definitely smiling. "In any case, as I am sure you realise by now, your caning was by no means a severe one, so you can hardly claim to be hard done by."

If that was not a severe caning, I'd hate to experience one that was, Juliette thought to herself; the turn of the conversation focusing her mind back on the six throbbing lines of fire which still burned across her bottom.

"However, the feeling among the majority of your classmates -" Wendy gestured at the assembled girls "- was that perhaps you were provoked. That shoe-print on your derriere did rather indicate that Joanna here had been particularly vexing."

Juliette looked across at Joanna, who was shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other.

"So although you deserved your caning - I have no doubt about that - natural justice would seem to indicate that you be allowed something by way of compensation." She held out the cane to the astonished Juliette. "Take this and listen. Joanna has something she wants to say to you."

Juliette felt she had no option but to grasp the cane which was thrust at her and took it gingerly in her right hand.

"Please, Juliette," Joanna was gasping out the words, almost choking with the effort. "Please, I'm sorry I got you into trouble and please would you give me the thorough caning I deserve?"

The last few words tumbled out as if the flood-gates had suddenly been opened. To Juliette's amazement, she saw Wendy Williams take the younger girl by the shoulder and turn her towards the hurdle. With one swift jerk of the wrist, Wendy whipped off the girl's towel and pushed her naked body forwards.

"Well said, young lady, now over you go."

Joanna did exactly as she was told and presented an astonished Juliette, whose mind was still reeling, with a clear view of her pert bottom as she bent over the hurdle. The youngster's rush to bend over suggested that perhaps she found baring her bottom less embarrassing than having to look Juliette in the eye and asking to be caned.

"You may give her six of the very best," continued Miss Williams. "May I suggest that you do not make the mistake of striking too hard. You are a novice, so concentrate on accuracy. Aim only for the fleshy part of her bottom. You will find that the rattan is quite pliant and springy enough to inflict all the damage you want without undue effort."

Juliette's mind was in a whirl. Was Miss Williams serious? Was she really being given the opportunity to obtain some natural justice. She stared at the perfect globes of the unblemished bottom thrust out submissively before her. Desire and natural caution were in conflict. "I-I don't know, miss, I'm not sure I should," she stuttered, but simultaneously thinking there could be nothing more satisfying than to give this little minx, the author of so many of her own recent misfortunes, a good taste of her own medicine.

"Of course you should - and you will." Miss Williams's voice was now sharp and authoritative. "For several reasons. One because you know she deserves it, two, because I know you really want to do it and three, most importantly, because I am ordering you to. If you are telling me you wish to disobey me, then, of course, I will punish Joanna myself, and considerably harder than you are likely to. But after that I'll have you back over that hurdle and you'll discover what a real caning feels like. Is that what you want?"

"No, miss," Juliette replied hastily. That warning had made her mind up. There was no way she was going to martyr herself on Joanna's account, that was for sure.

"Very well then. Let's get on with it; it's cruel to keep the poor girl waiting in suspense." As she said this, she gestured at the unfortunate Joanna, thrusting out her bottom, silently awaiting her fate.

Juliette stared at the shapely globes displayed before her and suddenly received a rush of excitement. She would like nothing better than to stripe those gorgeous tight little buttocks. It would serve Joanna right. She took a deep breath. Her own bottom stung and this little pest was the reason for that. The cane began to rise, then suddenly, with no conscious effort or thought on Juliette's part, it was whipping down again.

More by luck than good judgement, Juliette planted the first stroke fairly and squarely across the teenager's tight bottom. As if in slow motion, she saw both cheeks distort and flatten under the impact. A red weal appeared as if by magic. Joanna gave a shrill cry and her curly head jerked up then flopped forward again as Juliette drew back the cane for a second stroke.

It was as if the shock of the first impact, transmitted up the cane to Juliette's wrist, had unlocked all her inhibitions. She felt a joyous exultation as the cane slashed down for the second time, bringing forth another pain filled yell from the hapless Joanna. The youngster's feet drummed a tattoo on the wooden floor of the gym and her whole body was tense as she fought to control herself.

"Don't get too excited and watch that aim!" Wendy's voice cut through the red mist that was clouding Juliette's vision.

The second weal was a little below the first, but not quite parallel with it. Juliette had not struck quite square and the two lines converged on Joanna's right buttock to give a deeper red bruise where they overlapped. Juliette paused and took a deep breath. She would concentrate on her aim. She laid the cane softly across Joanna's wriggling bottom as if to steady herself. She also remembered the strokes which had caused her the most discomfort, both during her caning today and during her official strapping just a few short weeks ago. Oh yes, she'd give this little madam something to wriggle about.

With an almost relaxed sweep and follow through, just as her tennis coach had taught her, Juliette laid the third stripe across Joanna's bottom, right into the under curve at the top of her thighs. The response was a very gratifying shriek and a wobbling of Joanna's hitherto firm bottom. Juliette knew beyond doubt that she had ensured that Joanna would not be sitting comfortably at breakfast the next morning. Whatever the state of her own rear end, and there was no doubt she was also going to be uncomfortable at breakfast, she felt that revenge had a very soothing effect.

She examined her handiwork carefully. Joanna was only slightly-built and her bottom presented only a small canvas on which to work. However there was still a sufficiently large untouched area for Juliette's purposes. Crack! Crack! In quick succession Juliette applied two more stripes. Her haste spoiled her aim and the lines criss-crossed her squirming victim's bottom in an almost random pattern.

"I told you to be careful!" Wendy had to raise her voice to be heard above the shrieks and sobs of the unfortunate Joanna. She grabbed the cane from Juliette and pushed her to one side. "This is how you keep control; it's all in the wrist, do you see?" With an effortless flick she applied the sixth and final cut to the curly-haired teenager's squirming rear, overlaying Juliette's third stroke to the top of the thighs.

"Now do you see?"

Juliette realised that it was not intended to be a rhetorical question.

"Yes, I think so, miss. Thank you." She looked at Joanna's well-striped bottom. She had certainly given the little minx something to remember. Juliette's heart was pumping wildly. The excitement of what she had just done was almost like....she could hardly have formed the word in her mind, but every screaming nerve told her that she was ready to orgasm. She hardly heard Wendy Williams tell Joanna to get up.

Her face as flushed and red as her victim's bottom, Juliette waited while Joanna tearfully stood up and stepped away from the hurdle. Then the reality of what she had done began to sink in.

"I suggest that you two go back to your rooms and find some cold cream to apply." Wendy addressed the two girls, each rubbing unashamedly at a sore bottom. "Perhaps it would be a reconciling gesture if you were to assist each other, don't you think?"

Shamefacedly, Juliette turned to face her younger companion in suffering. She had enjoyed giving the little madam her caning, but the price had been a high one. "Friends?" She gave a lopsided grin and held out her hand.

Joanna nodded ruefully and took the proffered hand.

"Come on then, let's see if I can cool you down, then you can help me too." The two girls began to head for the changing room.

I'll bet you weren't expecting that! Neither was I. What's in store for the girls next? Come back next week and find out.

If you would like to re-read the entire story, go to this post - From the Top Shelf - scroll down to A Degree of Discipline, and you will see all the posts from the story, in order.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 19

Our discussion this week was about spanking games, and here's what you said:

Simon: Nice looking cake, is it a marble cake? Anyway back to the point, we don't play games as such but we do do quizzes. She will ask a series of questions, sometimes geography, sometimes arts & literature and sometimes history with cane strokes for wrong answers. I always struggle with history as I always get my Kings and Queens reginal numbers wrong and this frequently earns me a very sore bottom.

Nina: Hi Hermione, we don't usually do that, but for fun we have had a few times when soccer results influenced how many swats I got. My team leading meant 10 less for each goal, hubby's team leading meant 10 more. It was fun and made watching a few matches far more interesting. :) Wishing you a great weekend.

madeha: We are both switches, and we don't use spanks as punishment, only for fun. For years we've played games where the bet is for spankings given and received. We started maybe 20 years ago with Trivial Pursuit, where a small number of spanks were on the line whenever one of us went for a little pie...correct answers would win a number of spanks on the other person's bottom; wrong answers were penalized with spanks on the answerer's own bottom. Then the number of spanks doubled when a player was going for the sixth, winning pie. Over the course of the game, we'd both enjoy lots of spanks, given and received.

Welcome, madeha!

arched one: Just a little South of you R and I play a game during football season. I pick a team then she sets the rules. For every rule my team breaks I get X number of spanks. If they are off side I might get 10 spanks. if they fumble I could get 20 and so on. By the end of the game I'm sporting a very red and sore bottom and a big smile on my face.

Anon: Just a dream - a group of friends have a tennis match; mixed doubles. When all have played all, the man from the pair which has won the most games gets to spank the lady from the pair who have won the fewest. She gets five times the difference in games, applied of course with a rubber soled tennis shoe, a very stingy weapon indeed! They all gather round to watch the fun, as the poor loser has to raise her short skirt, lower her tennis knickers, and offer her bare bottom nicely bent over a chair back, and often held in place by two others, when her cheeks get really sore. It certainly encourages spanker and spankee to play harder next time.

Sir Wendel: We have played a good old fashioned game of strip poker from time to time. First one with a bare bottom gets spanked. It’s a nice build up. You get both nervous and excited at the same time.

Ronnie: No, don't usually do that but a couple of times for fun, P had a bag of numbers and I had to pick one and whatever number picked I got that number of spanks.

Hermione: The only sport Ron enjoys is American football, and sometimes he says he will spank me if his preferred team for the afternoon doesn't win (and it rarely does.) Other than that, we play Red or Black, where I have to guess which side of the ping pong paddle is being used on my bottom.

Thanks to everyone who responded to this playful question!
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #82

Welcome one and all to our regular weekend spanko brunch. If you are new here, please introduce yourself, and the others will make you feel at home in no time.

The Pan Am Games are in full swing here in Canada, and they inspired today's topic. It was first posed by Bonnie in one of her early brunches nine years ago, and I think it's worth revisiting.

Do you ever incorporate otherwise vanilla sports or games into your spanking repertoire? If so, please describe how these competitions operate in the context of your relationship. If not, are there other spanking games that you play? Is this something that you would like to try if you haven't already done so?

As always, leave your response as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to contribute their thoughts, I will publish a summary of our conversation.
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

You Completed the Caption

You were truly inspired by this formidable four:

Ronnie: Right, which of you gentlemen is going to take his spanking first. Come along and don't keep us waiting.

Baxter: In an early version of the Olympics, the four women judged each others spanking ability and technique.

"Well Ernestine, we think you spanked him pretty well, but you should have concentrated the paddle more on the sit spots. Go back down and start again, will you? Maybe another 50 or so hard spanks? That should do it."
I agree. I will make up for my oversight.

Anon 1: Notice how all the women are sitting in a “side saddle” position. This is because their husbands just carried out their threat to spank them so hard they wouldn’t be able to "sit comfortably for a week." It seems their husbands had made the threat after overhearing the four talk about joining in a suffrage parade and explaining that such participation would lead to four very sore bottoms. The headstrong women decided to disobey their husbands’ wishes because they thought they were too old to be spanked and didn’t believe their husbands would carry through on the threat. When the husbands spotted the women marching down the street, they yanked the four out of the parade and proceeded to give them each an over the knee, bare bottom spanking right there on the courthouse steps. Afterward, the women were told to pose for this photo to serve as a reminder of the consequences they would face should they ever again consider disobeying their husband’s wishes. It was reported that the example set by the four husbands resulted in most of the other parade participants exhibiting similar sitting problems over the next week.

Anon 2: "Silly boy. You thought we would be satisfied with the right to vote? Bend over. We're ready for round two with our canes on your naughty bottom."

Simon: " Let's do something disgraceful. At the count of three we'll all remove our hats!"

Anon 3: These four woman of vintage years are looking sad, because their husbands have promised each one of them that their old-fashioned bloomers will be coming down to their knees, for a good old fashioned spanking on their bare bottoms. They will be caned. 'Six of the best', they will receive on their naked rear ends.

Sir Wendel: Vintage Drag Queens??

A. Lurker: The year was 1915 and these co-eds spent their Spring Break week getting drunk on raspberry cordials and showing their ankles on Girls Gone Wild. Now they are spending a week unable to sit properly after being severely disciplined upon their return to campus.

ricky: Remember, girls, no squirming for the camera!

Hermione: The Canadian rowing coach at the Pan Am Games had an effective way - well, four actually - of inspiring his rowers to do their best. Paddle harder, or get a hard paddling.

For more fun and games, I hope you will stay for brunch. It will be served shortly, and everyone is encouraged to attend.
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Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday FAIL

Let's see what's happening in the neighbourhood today. I must warn you, though, there will be no IFs, ANDs or BUTTs! (Well, maybe a few.)

We have a little rebel on our hands here.

That's one solution. Not sure it's for everyone, though.

A whole stuffed butt - delicious!

What a lovely card!

For more of what everyone loves, be sure to Complete the Caption.
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Complete the Caption

An old photo, found in an attic, of four very stern women seated in a row on some steps. At least they look stern, because back then nobody ever smiled in photos. Perhaps they are friendly and pleasant. On the other hand, they might be conscientious disciplinarians. What do you think?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your suggestions in a future post.
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Juliette Takes the Cane

Last week we saw some horseplay in the girls' locker room at Carstairs, which was interrupted by the appearance of Miss Williams. She sent Juliette off to fetch a cane from her office, and we can only hope that Juliette chose the right one.
Juliette had never seen a punishment cane before and when the word 'cane' had been mentioned, she had visualised something like the sticks of bamboo she had seen her mother use to support flowers in the garden, stiff and brittle. But the rods from which Juliette had made her selection were not like that at all. They were a darker colour for a start, and had a kind of oily sheen to them. The knotted segments seemed to be much closer together than on her mother's gardening canes as well. Perhaps this was what gave the cane in Wendy's hands its remarkable flexibility, which she was demonstrating at this very moment by bending the stick almost into a horse-shoe shape.

"My goodness, you did make a good choice," Wendy smiled at Juliette. "Have you ever been caned before? Either of you?"

Both girls mumbled that they had not.

"Well, let me explain, for the class's benefit as well. The cane which Juliette has selected is best Malayan rattan, my clear favourite."

She sounds as if she is describing a favourite toy, Juliette thought, feeling her bottom-cheeks tingle in anticipation of what was to come.

"As you can see," Wendy continued gleefully, "it is very springy - indeed one might also say 'whippy'. The last word carried a heavy stress and she chuckled at her own irony. Her point was emphasised by the whoosh of the cane as one end was released. "Come, Juliette, let us try it on you first."

Juliette's feet assumed a life of their own and propelled her the few short steps to where Wendy Williams awaited her, flexing the cane in both hands.

Wendy looked at Juliette carefully, as if she were a tailor measuring a client, then made a rapid adjustment to the height of the hurdle, raising it to just level with Juliette's waist. Juliette stood patiently, waiting to be told her next move. "You know the drill, I think," Wendy said grimly, "so don't be shy - assume the position."

Juliette looked down at the circle of faces around her. What could she read into those eyes, all watching her? Sympathy perhaps, but also a certain eagerness, a wish to see one of their own in a humiliating position, each one just glad it wasn't them. Well if they wanted a show, she wouldn't disappoint them. Better to go out with a flourish than a whimper, however embarrassing it was.

Juliette took a deep breath, inserted a thumb in the fold of material at her waist and, with a flourish, as if removing a cloak, whipped off the towel. With all the bravado she could muster, she stood directly in front of the hurdle and slowly folded the towel, making no attempt to hide her nakedness.

Slowly and carefully, she placed the folded towel on to the top rail of the hurdle, forming a thick pad across the rough-looking wood. Then she paused, as if trying to come to a decision, her lips pursed. Although there had been no instruction, she crossed her arms in front of her, grasped the hem of her T-shirt, and in one swift movement pulled it up over her head and flung it in front of her in a gesture of defiance as she bent forward across the hurdle completely naked. If her classmates wanted a show, she'd damn well give them one!

Head down and doubled over, she looked through the open vee of her own legs and found that she was looking directly at Lucy, sitting in the front row of the audience. Reaching down, Juliette took a firm grip on the lower rail of the hurdle and shifted her feet slightly to achieve the most comfortable position she could. The hurdle had been adjusted so that she had to extend her arms to full stretch and rise up slightly on the balls of her feet to get a good grip.

Juliette allowed her weight to come down more onto the makeshift pad of the towel. It was not very comfortable; the blood was rushing to her head. Her breasts were not very comfortable either, as she hung in this inverted position. Trust Lucy to get the best view of her bottom under punishment. No doubt she'd had a pretty good view when Juliette had been judicially strapped too. She wondered if the sight of her bare arse turned Lucy on. The thought gave her a little frisson of excitement. She hadn't thought of it like that before.

As if in subconscious self-defence, Juliette allowed her mind to be distracted from her current predicament. Why shouldn't the sight of her body excite the other girls? she thought. After all she had a good figure. Her breasts, though not large, were firm and very nicely shaped. The rest of her was very trim, with a slim waist and a very flat stomach. It was not exactly a modest train of thought, but Juliette was suddenly excited by the fact that she had every reason to be proud of her body. In a sudden fit of bravado, she looked Lucy straight in the eye from her inverted position, and winked.

Wendy Williams stood square to the hurdle, and laid the cane very lightly across the centre of Juliette's taut curves. The feather-light touch of the cane, cold and hard and knobbly, right across the centre of her bottom-cheeks, brought Juliette's wandering thoughts back to reality with a jolt. Here it comes, then, she thought, closing her eyes. She sensed Wendy adjusting her position slightly, so that one knot in the rattan was centred exactly over the crack of her bottom.

There was a tense silence for a few seconds. Juliette wanted to scream; what on earth was Wendy waiting for?

"Joanna," Wendy spoke softly but the single word carried an undertone of menace.

"Yes, miss?"

"I see that you have left your calling-card on your friend here." She was referring to the single imprint of a gym shoe which stood out scarlet on Juliette's otherwise creamy-white skin.

"Miss." Joanna could not deny the evidence, plain for all to see.

"When the time comes, in a few moments, for you and Juliette to change places, will we observe a similar marking on your bottom?"

"No, miss."

"I see. Yes, indeed, I do see. Very well then."

The cane came back slowly and Juliette's bottom visibly clenched. Lucy noted that Wendy did not seem to lift the cane terribly far; the action was all in her wrist and in the natural whip of the cane.

There was a swish and crack! of rattan against flesh. A thin white line appeared instantly, bisecting the scarlet shoe print, turning almost as quickly to a darker crimson. There was a sibilant rustle from the class as several girls realised they had not drawn breath since Juliette had first begun to fold the towel over the hurdle. Juliette had not made a sound, but somehow her entire body posture had changed, relaxed, although the actual movement was imperceptible. The cane was already drawn back, ready. The swish and crack! were repeated. A second line formed below the first. This time Juliette reacted with a little sound, midway between a gasp and a groan, and visibly rocked. Lucy could see the points of Juliette's nipples hanging down between her splayed out arms, and they had definitely shuddered.

The third stroke landed and Juliette let out an "Oooohh", her buttocks wiggling up and down as she did so. Wendy rested the cane very softly across Juliette's bottom, below the three closely-spaced lines of red, and waited until the movement ceased.

Wendy did not seem to need to put much effort into her stroke; she just pulled the cane gently back from its resting place on Juliette's tense moons and flicked her wrist. Lucy saw the rattan curve back, away from its target, then whip back with lightning speed and a whoosh of parted air.

Juliette's yell drowned out the sound of the cane impacting on taut flesh.

"I do believe the lesson is beginning to sink in," Wendy observed wryly, and loudly enough for the class to hear. "Am I correct, Juliette?"

"Yes, oh yes. Oh please don't cane me any more, Miss Williams." Juliette gasped, seemingly in real distress.

"Oh I think you can manage a couple more," Wendy replied. "After all, that's only four; tradition rather demands six."

Juliette said nothing, just took a deep breath and gripped the bar even tighter.

"Now, I want you right up on tip-toe, please, young lady. That's it, really curled right over, bottom right up. Come along, try harder or I might be tempted to add a few for non-cooperation."

Lucy was aghast at this prolonging of the punishment, but Juliette had no choice but to stretch even further over the hurdle. At full extent, her calf and thigh muscles clearly defined, her bottom proffered up and boldly striped, she was totally vulnerable. Again the cane rested softly on a fresh white area of flesh, directly across the tops of her legs this time.

The two strokes came down, one directly over the other. Wendy, sensing that her victim could not hold the extended position for long, had been mercifully swift. Her aim was impeccable. Instead of the expected two red lines there was a single broader one, emphasising the shadow of a crease in the flesh where Juliette's bottom met her thighs.

"All right, you may get up now."

Wendy looked across the class, so attentively silent, at Joanna. "Go and get dressed, Juliette, and hurry back here as quickly as you can. You will find that Joanna is waiting."

Next week we, along with Juliette, will enjoy Joanna's punishment.

If you would like to re-read the entire story, go to this post - From the Top Shelf - scroll down to A Degree of Discipline, and you will see all the posts from the story, in order.
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 12

This week we discussed submission, and your thoughts were varied and intriguing:

Baxter: Certainly thought provoking. I am the spanko in the family and typically I am asking to be spanked. Now sometimes my wife will say that I am going to be spanked. I don't see it as submission or handing over control. I see it as an aspect of our marriage that works and I appreciate that my wife goes along with it, as she says, whatever you want, I will do for you.

A. Lurker: We play around with spanking to liven things up a bit. The thought of submission is hot but I can't see myself as a submissive.

What has worked for us for almost 30 years of marriage is more of a 50/50 when major decisions have to be made. We discuss, explain and argue but when push comes to shove we each have our areas of expertise and usually defer to the one who is more invested or has more expertise in that area. We also mutually respect each other's expertise and finding the best solution is more important than who defers to whom.

But in the bedroom . . .

Downunder Don: My darling wife is an absolute control freak; I am even convinced that she tells the sun when to rise. So the thought that she "surrenders" to a spanking or asks permission is hugely laughable...she gets it when she wants it, not a moment sooner nor later.

Erika's post totally resonated with both of us. Her immediate comment was "I will tell you when I am ready for a spanking". As she is still recovering from a hip replacement spanking life has been put temporarily on hold...but she has started to say "soon baby, soon"

abby: Submission is a part of our dynamic. I do not decide when, what position or what will be used. Occasionally i do get to suggest...and sometimes He humors me...

Leigh: I don't use the word submission and as such it's not part of our dynamic but I wanted to wish Six of the Best a Happy Birthday and tell him he can have my portion of the chopped liver.

Simon: Submission is an important part of my relationship with my Mistress. During a session of punishment she is apparently in control, deciding what implement to use, the number of strokes and positions etc. However it is just an illusion as we both know that at any point I could just say " no I don't want to do that" or "sorry my heart's not in it can we stop please?" It doesn't happen often but it can sometimes. Therefore it is basically just an aspect of role playing. Roles which we both enjoy playing but are exactly that, roles.

arched one: Submission can take many forms. Any person accepting spanking is submitting however submitting with consent. Without consent it's abuse. With that in mind yes I'm submissive to R. She will punish when she feels it called for. At present I receive 2 maintenance spankings a week on what ever day she calls for. In other matters we are 50/50. So why do I get punished? She might tell me to take care of a chore and I forget or just don't do it. If I'm rude to her or don't treat her properly. I also lose my temper over silly things and she won't stand for that. There are other reasons also that I won't go into now.

A.J. I do not want a submissive woman in my life. Just think of the work it would take. And how boring it would be.

Give me an independent, self-assured woman who likes to 'play' anytime.

Ronnie: Don't use the word submission though as Archedone says, accepting a spanking is submitting.

Happy birthday SOTB.

Sub hub: I think asking for permission is one of the basic anchor points of a D/s relationship. Yes!

ricky: Happy birthday, Six, and enjoy Hermione's treat--I love Ritz crackers too!
I think being submissive is the same as being consensual, for both partners, especially the Dominant; otherwise, where is the play?

Jenn: Oh, absoulutely. Submission is what it's all about. Giving up control is what makes it so wonderful and - ultimately - relaxing.

Hermione: I am definitely a submissive, and Ron is a natural dominant, so we complement each other. I usually ask his permission to do things like going shopping or making major changes around the house. He does not usually say no, but prefers that I ask rather than just go ahead on my own. As for asking permission to have an orgasm, or purposely being denied one, that idea has never occurred to either of us. An orgasm is a personal thing, and the more the merrier, I say!
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #81

Welcome back to another weekend spanko brunch. Today we are celebrating the birthday of our friend Six of the best, so help yourself to the chopped liver. It's one of his favourite treats.

Last week Erica wrote a thought-provoking post about submission, giving up control, and the need to ask for permission. Please take a minute to read it if you haven't seen it before. It made me stop and think, so I will throw out the topic for us to discuss today.

What are your thoughts on submission? Is it an important part of your spanking relationship? Is it necessary to hand over control to the spanker in order for a spanking to work? Is asking for permission a part of your dynamic?

Leave your thoughts as a comment and once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday FAIL

Help me to ASSess these FAILs.

For more sASSy fun, Complete the Caption.
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