Sunday, January 17, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Sci-fi Part I

One of Sharon Green's novels in the Terrilian series - Terrilian IV The Warrior Challenged - contains a few promising references to spanking. You may enjoy them.

The action gets started on the first page. This book is one of a series, and the reader is expected to recall what happened in the previous volume, which I haven't read. The heroine seems to be crying but it isn't clear why. The alien lord tells her:

"Should it be your wish to weep, wenda, there are other means of achieving that," he said in that dangerous, deep-voiced way of his. "As my efforts in this manner fail to please you, it shall likely soon become my duty to fetch a switch."
[She replies] "Threatening the teacher isn't allowed."

So she isn't intimidated. But he doesn't let the suggestion go. On the following page he repeats:

"Perhaps, woman, it would be best if I were to fetch the switch after all," he growled angrily. The look in his eyes hardened as he began projecting that deadly promise effect...

What a way to get readers hooked on a story, even if they
don't understand what's going on. Unfortunately, the alien is all talk and no action until a few pages later when he tries again:

"There is no choice before you: you shall obey."

They verbally spar some more, and the big, strong, handsome barbarian lord is no fool:

"Truly do you sound as though you had been beaten, wenda," he said with a dryness that surely covered annoyance, taking his hand back to hang the arm on one broad thigh. "As you seem to feel the need so greatly, perhaps it would be best to grant it to you."

"Not all beatings have to be physical."

True. But he does go for the physical kind, although the punishment itself was buried within dialogue and narrative so that I had to go back and read more slowly to extricate it from the tangled sci-fantasy.

He'd waited to find out if I really had been trying to sneak ouit of the apartment, and once he'd known for sure he'd punished me for trying to disobey him...

"I gave you no insult...Merely did I weigh your words and find them unsubstantiated, and then did I strap you for disobedience. Insult was neither thought upon nor given."

The strapping he'd given me had been very short, but he'd made sure it would hurt; I wasn't going to be allowed to disobey him, and that's all he cared about.
The group, including our heroine, leaves on horseback:

I, of course, was on the saddle fur behind the barbarian, my arms around his body as I'd been ordered to keep them. The saddle fur was a lot softer than the saddle itself would have been, but I was still in a a good deal of discomfort from the punishment I'd been given. The discomfort was meant to be an extension of the punishment, an object lesson on the consequences of disobedience, and I'd been forbidden to use pain control to make the time any easier. I tried to tell myself that I didn't care about the beast any longer, but after only a few minutes I gave up the effort. It hurt to sit and rid like that, hurt in a way that was terribly humiliating, but I wasn't being allowed to avoid the sensations. I was being made to feel them and learn from them even if I didn't want to. I was a banded wenda being taught to obey her l'enda.

Sound familiar? There's DD even in outer space.

From Hermione's Heart


DJ said...

I read some of Sharon Green's stuff as a kid. It was originally more explicit than this and got better as she grew in confidence.

Unfortunately by the time she was out and proud - her publishers asked her her to tone it down because of feminst sensibilities.

She ocasional writes for Romantic Spankings now but her stuff isn't as good these days.

PK said...

As well it should be - to infinity and beyond...


ronnie said...

Somebody gave me one of her books but I just couldn't get into it. Maybe I should have persevered with it :)

Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Fabsterrant said...

Poor girl is still struggling against brutal totallity of his mission. Could his eventual love for her cause him to abandon his goal? No doubt but by then she'll keep wanting to get punished and will have to train him to continue.

Hermione said...

DJ - I know very little about her, so thanks for sharing that. I'll look for her on RS.

PK - Exactly!

Ronnie - This one was hard to get into, so I stopped trying and just looked for the good bits.

Fab - Yes, I expect you're right about that. There's another book in the series; we'll see.


DJ said...

Hi Hermonie

Her early books were a bit vague and heavy on implication rather than description.

I am told that her best books were the Santee books, but I never read those.

The early Midas and Warrior books about thinly disguised subDom realtionships.


Hermione said...

DJ - I'm with you now! I have some excerpts from a Santee book coming up soon. Yes, they're hot - full of spanking and more spanking!


Anonymous said...

Darn those barbarians and their straps anyhow!

Nicely extricated, Harmonica, er, Hermione. Green is no Robert Heinlein (but then neither am I) and I appreciate your hanging in there and bringing us the good stuff.

Mmm ... saddle furs. Reminds me of the 'sleeping silks and furs' of ancient Barsoom.


Hermione said...

Devlin - I must confess I did some speed-reading, but then I'm good at finding the hot parts.

Sleeping silks and furs - yummy!


Kessily said...

Sharon Green is an acquaintence of mine and I can tell you, for spanking, the best books are the Diana Santee books. They are awesome, she hasn't finished the series yet and the last book had very little kink in it, but all of the ones before that had many. She sells them through her website, and so does CF Publications.