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From the Top Shelf - The Tenant, Part 2

You may recall from last week that our landlord friend had an apartment for rent, but the prospective tenant could not afford to pay the extra fee for 'key money'. She agreed to allow him to spank her instead, so without further ado, let's find out how that goes in part two of The Tenant by Matthew Martin.

When she arrived at the flat she was wearing one of the shortest miniskirts I had ever seen; it barely reached to the tops of her tautly braced stockings. Her long slender legs ended in high heel shoes. A close-fitting blouse revealed her breasts as small but prominent beneath a bra which was clearly visible through the transparent material. She appeared to be calm but in her demeanour there was also something slightly apprehensive. I had left on the table a copy of our tenancy agreement which awaited my signature and I saw her glance towards it.

"Is that for me?" she enquired.

"No, I haven't signed it yet."

"When are you going to?"

"When you have paid off the key money."

"Which will consist of what?"

"Oh...spanking, some strapping, caning."

She blanched. "How much? I mean how many times?"

"That depends."

"On what?"

"My mood, your reaction, my judgment of what you can take."

She looked tentative. "It sounds pretty open-ended."

"Yes it is. Take it or leave it."

She hesitated. "And - and it's going to hurt me - a lot?"

"Well if it didn't it would be no fun for me. You can back out if you wish. There's still time."

She gave me a long look as if to measure my intentions. I went to a drawer and took out the cane I had bought for the occasion. It was a long, thin flexible instrument, as I demonstrated by making a cut through the air with it.

"Is that what you're going to use on me?" she asked quietly and I nodded.

"OK," she said between gritted teeth, "let's get it over."

I placed a chair in the middle of the room, sat down and beckoned her to approach. She stood beside me and I put my hand under her skirt, feeling first her smooth firm thighs, then sliding my hand between them where they joined at her crotch, lightly fingering the cleft between her buttocks, finally exploring their satiny surface under her snugly clinging briefs.

"Do you really have to do THAT?" she gasped in a strangled voice.

"Just a reccy. Examining the terrain before launching the attack. But we'll have these off."

Using both hands I grasped the waistband of her briefs and pulled them down to her ankles. Without waiting to be told she stepped out of them, leaned down and flicked them away.

"Right," I said, "Now over you go!"

Putting my arm around her waist I tilted her forward and she fell face down across my knees. Her miniskirt, which scarcely covered her bottom, fell with her, revealing the two plump cheeks of as sweet a little bum as any addict could wish for... With my left hand round her waist I then drew her towards me until her hip was pressed against me...

I began with my hand, but soon developed a sore palm so I took off my belt which I have used as a strap on many a bare bottom. It is actually an old stirrup leather about two feet long and an inch wide. Doubled in two it carries quite a bit of weight and can be wielded effectively with little more than a flick of the wrist.

With this implement I rapidly transformed the pale surface of Jean's moon into something more resembling the sun, rising or setting, streaked with darker tints where the strap had fallen. I didn't count the number of lashes I gave her, but just went on until I felt that enough was enough. Of course she struggled and kicked and cried, first in protest then in anguish, and tried to protect her burning backside with her hand, but I prevented this by twisting her arm behind her back.

Eventually, realising her helplessness, she resigned herself to the punishment, and the rest of it was carried out without resistance and to the accompaniment of gasps of pain and subdued sobbing.

When at last I finished and released her arm, she didn't try to get up but just lay there weeping quietly and gingerly feeling her burning buttocks. To help cool them I laid my hand on the hot surface and gently began to stroke it. This seemed to have a soothing effect and she stopped crying. After a while I turned her over, at the same time pulling her up, and sat her on my knees with one arm supporting her shoulders and the other caressing her flank. Her eyes were still swimming and her cheeks tear-stained, but the woebegone expression was giving way to one less lugubrious. Perhaps it was just relief that her agony had ended, perhaps some secret satisfaction in the way she'd endured it, perhaps some stranger sensation she didn't fully understand, but she seemed content to stay on my lap and feel my hand underneath her bruised and smarting bottom.

I changed the position of my hand and moved to the warmth of her crotch where my searching became more insistent. Her face flushed, her head dropped on my shoulder, then she lifted her face to mine and our lips met in a passionate kiss.

She withdrew her mouth, met my eyes with hers and whispered, "Have I paid the key money?" I nodded and smiled. "The rest is voluntary," I grinned and she curled up on my lap.

She glanced at the cane, which I had placed on the table beside the tenancy agreement and said, "What about that?"

"Oh that will keep until the next time," I replied cheerfully.

"And you'll sign the agreement?"

"Of course, but I may have to add a clause."

"Which says what?"

"That the tenant places her bottom at the disposal of the landlord whenever he needs access to it."

"I think I'll sign that," she whispered.

"Sensible girl!" I said and folded her into my arms.
Very sensible indeed. Something tells me she will not have to wait long for the landlord when her taps spring a leak or her water heater stops working.

From Hermione's Heart

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 29

Our topic this week was outdoor spankings. Here's what you said:

Simon: I've never been spanked outside. It's a fantasy of mine but I suspect it is unlikely ever to happen unless my Mistress or I suddenly gain a large secluded garden. The U.K. is such a crowded island that even in the remotest parts of it there is always likely to be a passing stranger. In my fantasy of course the passing stranger turns out to be another Mistress who joins in the al fresco punishment.

Dan: Not yet, but it is definitely a fantasy. If it were to happen, ideally it would be on or near a trail in the forest, where it was unlikely but definitely possible that someone might come along.

Abby: I have more than once, and yes there was the possibility of being seen... once it was an almost. It was always a switching, with me carrying the switch to a location that was mostly private.

Simcor: I have been spanked outdoors by three girls (I was fifteen at the time). We didn't really chose the location, there was simply an occasion for them to spank me there.

Sir Wendel: We tried it out on Charlie’s Bunion in the Smoky Mountains. It was cold with a bit of snow on the ground so the chances of someone being there was slim. Along the trail we picked a suitable switch to use on each other when we made it to the top. Once there we took turns whipping each other's bare bottom. A most exciting event but a painful hike back to our camp site.

Arched one: We love to walk in the woods and listen and look at nature. During those walks my wife will usually find a suitable place to spank me. On these walks the implement of choice is always the belt I'm wearing. There is always a chance the someone might walk by but not likely. However the sound of the belt making contact with my presented bare bottom does seem to echo and I feel it's a much better chance that someone will hear.

Nina: I have been spanked outside, in the woods, and I think it was a very safe place to do that. Nobody saw us and even though it is very exciting, it makes me more than nervous, because it could happen anytime that someone notices and that would be embarrassing.

D: It was a glorious sunny day. On Sunday afternoon, we went for a long walk on the South Downs. On getting to a high point, we sat down in the long grass to admire the view. Susan lay back, and then rolled over onto her tummy, her nice bottom thrusting up her thin cotton skirt. The invite was clear! I tossed up her skirt, took off her panties.
She grinned round at me, "Don't let my South Downs get sunburnt".

"It won't be sunburn", I said, and spanked her left Down smartly.A while later, her white Downs had turned into the Red Downs, and I was able to spread her legs, and finish our outdoor romp.

Sunny Girl: Hasn't happened to me.

Penney: Yes I have, a few times in the woods. It is very exciting to be stripped outdoors. One time I was blindfolded, stripped to just my panties and my hands were tied above my head to a branch. Mistress left me there while she went for a walk. When she returned in about half an hour my panties were pulled down and I was given a spanking with my own belt. On another occasion I was unceremoniously bent over a log, pants and panties pulled down and roughly hand spanked.

Welcome, Penney!

Six of the best: Hermione, although I have NEVER, spanked a lady in an outdoor setting, I have always fantasied, birching, caning, or whipping a naughty woman, at an outdoor whipping post, in a village, town, or city square.

Ronjon: Being outdoors naked has always been something I love. A gentle breeze caressing your whole body is  beyond words. We have a pretty private back yard. ON a hot and humid night, midnight or so, we turn on the sprinkler system and run thru it naked. We cut off a branch from a tree and spank each other.

Jenny: Never. I can imagine a quick swat in a secluded location - very casual and quick. I could not bare my backside in any public location. If I had access to a secluded, private place, then I'd say "maybe" to an outdoor spanking.

I should add that it's not so much about other people seeing my backside (not so thrilling, really - who cares?) but from others "discovering" that I am a spanko. 

Jean Marie: My college boyfriend stole the key to his parents' summer home so we could see the fall color change in the trees. The fresh air up North made us both horny, and we did the nasty three separate times the night we arrived.

Early the next morning, with Kyle still sleeping, I went down to the lake for a swim. The water was so cold, I was shivering and my nipples were rock hard by the time I got out to the swim raft. So I took my top off to enjoy the warming sun. I must have dozed off; next thing I knew, Kyle was on the raft, telling me I was naughty for public indecency and commanding me to pull my suit bottoms down for a spanking. We'd played "spanky games" during sex at my suggestion, but Kyle had never given me more than a swat or two. But this time where the neighbors could see, he made me take 10 hard swats. Sound travels well across the water, so I begged him to take this game ashore (I should have said inside). We swam in, the cold water feeling fantastic on my warmed butt, but then he marched me out onto the deck of the house, and continued my punishment there, even closer to the neighbors! It was so hard not to yelp loudly as he spanked me soundly.

We both got very turned-on, and so after really blistering my behind, he brought me through the sliding glass door and took me from behind over the back of the couch, still in full view of any prying eyes. This made me crazy with lust, and I moaned louder than I ever had as I climaxed.

I LOVE outdoor spankings!

Bogey: Bacall has always liked being bound and taken in the woods, so we try to do it when we can. Finding the right forest is critical. Who wants to be tied to a rough barked tree? In about two weeks we will be in the right place and she will be nude, blindfolded, bound and paddled. The backpack is already packed.

As for being discovered, we don't want to be caught, but we don't fear it either.

Dr. Ken: Only managed to do this once, although I'd probably do it again under the right circumstances (and with the right lady). We had no sooner finished the spanking and were walking back to the car when a couple of bicyclists went by!

Minelle: Yes, my Scotsman sat on our back yard stoop and pulled me over and smacked away. He has done variations a few times.

Ronnie: A real outdoor spanking hasn't happened yet but it's on my bucket list:)

Hermione: I have received the occasional swat outdoors, but never a full-blown spanking. My fantasy is to be spanked in one of those old-fashioned bandshells that used to be in public parks. The park would be deserted, and the sound of the spanking would be amplified by the curve of the bandshell.

I always welcome suggestions for future brunch topics, so if you have one in mind, please let me know, either in a comment or by email.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #26

Welcome back, dear friends, to another weekend brunch. It's summer here in North America, and a time to enjoy the great outdoors. How does our favourite percussive pastime fit in with our enjoyment of fresh air and sunshine?

Have you ever engaged in outdoor spanking? If so, how did you choose the location? Was there a possibility of being seen? If not, is it something you would like to try? Do you have a specific location in mind?

Please leave your reply as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to speak I will publish a summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, June 28, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This unlikely equestrienne inspired some amazing captions, and here they are!

Simon: Sally had got completely the wrong idea when her boyfriend suggested some pony play.

The director was not happy when he saw the cast playing around with his prized prop for the climatic scene of Troy.

Red: This is Hermione waving goodbye to Ron, trying desperately to escape from being spanked.

Ronnie: The shoot for the July edition of Horse and Hound hadn't quite gone to plan.

Sunny Girl: The saddle can definitely be put to better use, I can attest to that.

Helen of Troy revisited.

Anon: That is a dummy horse for practicing polo shots. However if the lady were to lean forward and clasp her arms round the horse's neck her nice rear would be well presented for her partner to practice his own shots on, but he might have to stand on something to get the angel right.

Cat: "Sitting wrong...face down, head on one side, feet on the other, pants down!"

Dr. Ken: "What do you mean, your boyfriend borrowed the riding crop?"

Bonnie: "Jen had heard about barrel racing, but lacked a couple of important details."

Anon2: Jane was never happier than when she got some wood between her legs and she could just ride all afternoon.

Six of the best: "Stop horsing around, and spank me on my bare bottom". said Hermione, celebrating her 2000 post.

Ricky: Heigh-ho, Silver, away!
It's OK, it's OK, I got it! Here it is!

Sir Wendel: “I could make a lot of paddles with this baby”
Hermione: Is it 'heels down, elbows in, bottom up' or heels up, elbows out, bottom down'? I can never remember.

Thank you all for the captions. Now do stay and have brunch with me.
From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday FAIL

Signs of the times

It was actually a bass fishing event

I bet they get a lot of tourists

Would that be the left cheek or the right?

Never mind the fill up. I think I'll take the bus instead.

No one wants to see your underwear - or lack thereof

It's not to late to scroll down and Complete the Caption!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Complete the Caption

This is my 2,000th post, so some sort of celebration is in order. Perhaps a canter around the field? Or might the horse and saddle be put to some better use?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your suggestions in an upcoming post.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The other evening Ron and I were discussing our neighbours and speculating on the nature of their relationship. They are a middle-aged couple I'll call Jerry and Donna. He is the head of a local industry, while she was a stay at home mom until the last child left the nest. Then Donna went to care her aging parents, whom she felt needed her to be nearby. We thought this was going to be a temporary arrangement, but after a few months we learned that Donna was attending college near her parents' home. Three years later she became a teacher at the college, and it seems she only visits her parents on weekends. So much for them needing her help 24/7 as we had thought.

Where does this leave Jerry? Pretty much on his own. Last year he had business dealings at a location near Donna, and moved in with her. Now he's back home, and we are wondering what will happen next. Will Jerry sell the house next door and permanently relocate to Donna's city? Or will they continue to live apart?

Ron thought that Jerry was being a wuss and should step up to the plate and order his wife back home.

"Who do you think wears the pants in that family?" he asked me.

"I think Donna has the upper hand," I replied.

"You mean spanking?" Ron doesn't miss a trick, and although I hadn't been thinking along those lines at all, I picked up on his implication.

"Well, yes. What do you think?"

"Okay, so who do you think does the spanking - Jerry or Donna?" Ron was obviously enjoying the way this conversation was headed.

I paused to consider. "Oh, I think it's Donna," I said.

"I think so too."

"Well, there's one way to find out. She's coming home in a couple of weeks, so we'll listen for telltale sounds."

Ron agreed it was a plan, and we both had a good chuckle over what we might hear while sitting on the patio. We'll be sure to keep the windows open, just in case.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

From the Top Shelf - The Tenant

This is a short story by Matthew Martin about a very manipulative landlord.

The Tenant

I could see that she was desperately keen to have the flat. Owing to the various rent control acts and the idiotic persecution of landlords by successive governments, there was an acute shortage of furnished accommodation in London, especially for young unmarried working girls. When I advertised the place in the 'Rentals' column of The Times giving only a box number as the address to write to, I had over fifty replies. From these I made a short list of twelve (you can tell a lot about people from the sort of business letters they write) with whom I communicated either by post or telephone to give more particulars or ask more questions...

In the end I arranged to interview the six applicants who appeared most suitable, taking into account social background, education, intelligence and earnings (which had to be enough to pay the rent). They were to meet me on the premises one evening arriving at half-hourly intervals. The last to appear was a girl I shall call Jean. Aged 25, as she had told me in her letter, she was a pretty brunette on the small side (which I prefer) and with a nice figure. She was dressed to kill in silk shirt and white linen trousers and used all her charms to convince me that she was the ideal tenant I was looking for - quiet in all her habits, very tidy, punctilious in all her money dealings, with excellent references - and also (though of course this should have played no part in any decision) she was very attractive.

"Oh do let it to me" she pleaded, "It's exactly what I want and you've done it up so well." As she spoke she fixed me with a sparkling gaze and the eager expression of a child begging for a sweet.

Other things being equal I usually reward the most attractive applicant - not only physically but with the pleasantest personality. I had been rather taken with two of the other interviewees, both of whom were keen to rent the place, but Jean's enthusiasm swayed me in her favour. It was as though she was trying to will me into accepting her as my tenant. Such determination, I felt, deserved to win - and might also perhaps, make her more willing to pay the price.

"All right," I said, "You've got it. I'll sign you on." It didn't take long to complete the formalities. I had two copies of the printed tenancy agreement with me and we filled them in together, sitting at a table with details of rent, length of lease, method of payment, etc. I made her sign one copy, and also write a cheque and a banker's order in my favour; the cheque for the first month's rent in advance and the order for the monthly installments. I had decided to charge no deposit for once. Jean followed the proceedings with mounting excitement and I sensed her mood of exultation...

She had done her part and it only remained for me to add my signature to the tenant's copy of the agreement which would entitle her to take possession.

With my pen poised I leaned back in my chair.

"Wait a minute," I said coolly. "There's something we've forgotten."

From joyful anticipation her expression changed to one of surprise and alarm. Was the prize to be snatched away from her grasp at the last minute?

"Forgotten?" she repeated anxiously.

"Yes, the key money."

"Key money? What's that?"

"Haven't you heard of it? In these days no furnished flat changes hands without the payment of key money."

"But what is it for?"

"Oh just a little bonus given to the sitting tenant by the one taking over."

"I see." She sat with eyes lowered, looking dejected, then raised them and asked how much it would be.

"Well it's usually about three months' rent on a yearly lease," I replied, "but I'd accept two from you."

"That's another four hundred pounds. I just haven't got it."

Her voice had dropped almost to a whisper, and the change in her attitude from jubilation to utter despondency was so tragic that my heart began to soften. However I had made my plan, it had worked so far, and I was resolved to go through with it - or at least put it to the test.

"Too bad," I said, " But perhaps we might come to some arrangement." At this her spirits seemed to revive but she looked at me curiously.

"How do you mean?"

"Well you could pay in kind, couldn't you?"

She looked at me, first in bewilderment, then with understanding, and finally with an expression of contempt.

"So that's the catch," she said angrily. "I suppose that was in the small print you told me I needn't read. But I wish you'd told me sooner. It would have saved me wasting my time."

She got up from the chair where she had been sitting, picked up her bag and, avoiding any glance back at me, headed for the door.

"No, hang on," I said, "That's not the catch. You're jumping to the wrong conclusion. I'm not trying to get you into bed with me, although no doubt that would be very enjoyable."

She turned and glanced towards me, her expression still hostile.

"Then what do you want?"

"Instead of paying me key money I want you to let me spank you."

I expected at least surprise, if not shock, but there was none. It seemed there were few girls who were not au fait with the erotic context of spanking even if they had no experience of it.

"So that's it," she said coldly. "Another kinky."

"Call it that if you like. Personally I consider myself a perfectly normal man. I have been happily married for more than thirty years, have four grown-up children and a loving relationship with my wife. Spanking is a hobby, that's all. If I spot an attractive bottom I like to explore its... possibilities, and yours has definitely taken my fancy."

"It seems I'm being blackmailed."

"Oh I wouldn't say that. After all, one good turn deserves another. I rent you the flat, which you're dying to have and you bare that lovely bottom which I'm eager to spank. A fair exchange don't you think? Incidentally has it ever been spanked before?"

"...I had a boyfriend who wanted to do it but I wouldn't let him."

"Why not? You might have enjoyed it."

Her nose twitched in distaste. By now she had become more relaxed again. "Well to begin with it would hurt. And's kind of degrading. I mean to be treated like a naughty child."

"Aren't you ever naughty?"

"I don't think so."

"Well haven't you been using your sex appeal to soften me up from the moment you came into this room? Aren't you wearing those skin-tight pants for effect, showing me every inch of that curvaceous bum? Isn't that selling yourself?"

She gave a smirk of self-satisfaction.

"Well, who doesn't - if you've got it, flaunt it. What's wrong with that anyway?"

"Nothing, from your point of view. But I think it's naughty and I'm going to punish you for it - and pretty severely."

"Now hold on. I haven't agreed yet. I'll have to think it over."

"OK but be quick. I promised the other two an answer in 24 hours. Each of them is ready to sign on the dotted line. So you can sleep on it and let me know in the morning."

"Have they agreed to pay this key money?"

I grinned. "I didn't ask them for it."

Her mouth dropped open and her cheeks reddened. "But that's not fair. Why not?"

"Their bottoms held no attraction for me. One was too skinny and the other was too fat. Yours is just right. It's a peach and I'm shameless I know. I can't wait to get my hands on it."

...She looked at me with an expression halfway between defiance and amusement.

"You'll have to wait. I haven't decided yet."

"Oh yes you have. You're not going to lose the chance of a flat you've been dreaming about for six months just to spare your pretty bottom a good warming up!"

She put out her tongue and nervously licked her lips.

"If I've got to go through with it, I'd rather get it over."

"No chance. Thinking of what is to come is part of your punishment and a hell of a lot of my pleasure. Besides you might change your mind. So ring me in the morning."

As she preceded me towards the front door I had a good view of her rear. Rather small, but plump and perfectly rounded, the two buttocks formed an undulating motion as she walked, alternately raised and lowered in a gentle rhythm. The temptation to touch her was irresistible. When she stopped at the door I laid my hand on the curved surface and let it rest gently. She turned her head sharply and glared at me indignantly, but her lips were trembling and, in a second, broke into a half grin. I knew then that it was in the bag.

The next day, as can be imagined, I didn't get through much work. As expected, Jean phoned me early to say she had accepted my proposal and that I would meet her in the flat that evening. "No trousers please and no tights underneath either," I told her. "Wear your shortest skirt, some nice knickers, a suspender belt and stockings."

For the rest of the day my mind could contain only one thought; that of the moment when the lovely girl would be prostrate across my lap, skirt up and knickers down, proffering her delectable little bottom for the attentions of my palm. However I had not yet decided how far I would go with her.

Although I had plenty of experience of CP it was always in a mild form. I am naturally a rather gentle person and never liked the idea of hurting anybody seriously. In any case the pleasure I take from flagellation derives as much from preparation as execution; overcoming the resistance of the victim, enjoying her act of submission, relishing the dread of the pain, then revelling in her humiliation as, with nerves quivering, she obeys the ritual commands; to take down her knickers, to bend over the table, to spread her legs, etc. Probably my pleasure reaches its peak when the last garment is removed and the luscious globes are left naked for my eyes to feast on.

Having reached this point of satisfaction I would usually let the girl off lightly, with perhaps a dozen hard smacks of my hand on each of her cheeks, followed by a dozen with the strap covering both of them, and ending with six moderate strokes of the cane. This would leave a hot and smarting bottom, coloured all over a bright pink, but only slightly marked and leaving no lasting discomfiture.

In administering beatings to submissive females I had always erred on the side of leniency, partly because of a fear of doing injury. I had been told in no uncertain terms by one lovely young lady that I was 'too soft by half' and that women were well padded enough to handle considerably more than I was dishing out, so I decided to try out my new 'hard man' approach on young Jean.
How will Jean react to the 'hard man' approach? You will have to wait until next week to find out.

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 23, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 22

Our topic this week was pain in relation to the size of a person's bottom. Here are your thoughts.

Smuccatelli: I think maybe a really thin bottom might feel it more. I saw a snippet of a spanking video where the spankee was almost painfully thin, nearly anorexic. On top of that her butt was really flat and all I could think of when seeing her getting spanked is how sorry I was for her. Other than that, the more generously padded the bottom is, the more there is to spank. Within reason of course... ;-)

Nina: I don't think that a less padded bottom makes you feel more, but I think that a less padded bottom bruises very quickly and more compared to a more padded bum.

Sunny Girl: I think a thin bottom would feel it more, however I wouldn't know. My bottom has always been well padded, sometimes more than others.

Bonnie: This is a question I've been asked a number of times. As the owner of a well padded (not to mention well paddled) posterior, people think I ought to know.

Having never been especially slim, at least not in that locale, I can't make a direct comparison. If we examine two different people, there is the tricky issue of sensitivity and pain tolerance.

I recall that Eva once described a spanking after a significant weight loss as hurting more.

On the other hand, my husband has told me that he gives me a hard spanking because he knows I can take it. He also seems to think that I need it, but that's a different conversation. Were I less curvy, perhaps he would ease up. All I can say for certain is that spankings hurt!

Simon: I was quite thin when I first started getting spanked and caned, now some thirty years later I have a bit more padding. Therefore I personally have found that the size of the bottom doesn't make much if any difference. Of course it may be that it does hurt less but that I'm being hit harder.

Beth: I think pain tolerance is such a subjective thing that varies greatly from person to person. I'm a fairly petite person but I think I do have a rather high pain tolerance in general especially when I'm enjoying a spanking. However, my boyfriend does not tolerate pain at all, which is one of the main reasons why he only tops and has no desire at all to be spanked.

That said, I prefer sting to thud (in terms of impact), and a friend suggested it's due to my lack of padding back there. Unless I have a specific headspace for it, thuddy implements make me feel like I'm being broken in half.

Sir Wendel: I did paddle a lady with a well padded bottom before I met my wife. She cried out on each whack and her bottom turned red just like a thin bottom. I’m guessing it must feel the same. There is definitely more ground to cover when spanking a well padded bottom which makes for a lot more fun and quite a workout of the arm.
The wife has an average-sized backend and it’s just as much fun spanking her.

River: As others have stated, this is an awfully subjective thing to analyze. I would think that a less padded bottom would feel a spanking more in the muscles, whereas a more padded bottom would probably feel a spanking more in the fatty tissues. But I suppose with a very light implement it may not even make a difference :-)

Ronnie: I would think a less padded bottom would hurt more and possibly bruise more but not sure.

Roz: Great question! I too would think a less padded bottom could bruise more easily and perhaps hurt more. It's hard to compare as other factors come into play such as individual tolerance levels.

Six of the best: Hermione despite the fact that some women claim they don't feel the pain, because they are well padded, I know that when I have used the cane on a female's bare bottom, their outcries of "Oooh" and "Ouch"  was sweet music to my ears.

D: No experience of receipt, but would think that a thin bottom would feel bruising and aching, rather than the hearty smarting that would build in a nice plump bottom.I certainly find that the latter is much more satisfactory to spank, with the bouncing and jiggling generated in the twin mounds.

Dan: I can't say for sure, because I've always been approximately the same weight. But, I will say that when I do something that stretches out my bottom over a wider area, thereby making each area "thinner," it hurts more. For example bending over the back of a tall chair seems to result in a spanking that hurts much more than when I am laying prone on a bed.

Jenny: My guess is that the level of perceived pain is about the same. As skin grows to cover a larger bottom, nerves grow with it. So it seems there would be similar distribution of nerve endings. Are there any doctors out there who can tell us more about the anatomical differences in the nerves in a large rear as opposed to a small one?

Hermione: The only way to say for sure is to have had at one time or another, both a plump bottom and a thin one. Long ago, when I was dieting to please my current boyfriend, I got my weight down to a low number that I hadn't seen on the scales since high school. I found sitting on hard chairs very uncomfortable, since there was little padding to protect me. Having a bit extra on the bottom makes sitting much more comfortable. But pain is a different variable. A person's pain tolerance would, I think, not vary according to their weight. The pain receptors are in the skin, and no amount of excess fat shields them from a spanking implement.

Thank you all for your contributions. I will close with a tribute to No Panty Day - June 22.

From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #25

Welcome to another weekend brunch. Yesterday I posted a video of a voluptuous woman listing the advantages of being curvy. One of the benefits was being spankable, and she said " can spank us as hard as you want and we won't feel it." But is that true?

Does the amount of natural padding on a bottom have any relationship to the pain felt during a spanking? Do thin bottoms feel it more than plump ones?

Leave your reply as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to contribute.

From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, June 21, 2014

You Completed the Caption

Whatever the sport, a nice firm bum is always a winner! Here is how you captioned the photo:

Ricky: Vive l'arrete, (the rest) n'est-ce pas?

Six of the best: "The gentleman who takes my red knickers down, and gives me six of the best with a cane. Will win the gold cup, and my heart, forever."

It's lovely to have you back, Six!

Sunny Girl: Ray would say that bum is just waiting for a spank.

Blondie: Now that is a spankable butt.

GaryNTboy: Coach had said that if they lost this game it would be smacked bottoms all round, but Suzi just couldn't wait any longer.

Clara: Geesh, don't have a caption but wish I had that butt!

Ronnie: Let the spanking begin.

Minelle: Hmmmm I'm spanking ready!

King Marshal: "I'm thinking we are going to bring a whole new meaning to Red Card"...

Simcor: If I fail in this match, I'll get a good ol' caning on my butt...

Bogey: If she is playing in the World Cup, what channel is it on?

1ManView: Mmm, when she gets home, I'm going to spank that lovely round butt until it's as red as those shorts she's wearing...

Vfrat25000: Husband: Oh, how I would like to spank that!
Wife: What did you say?
Husband: Uh, I said “The Tigers are going to win. You take that to the bank!"

I think the Cardinals have a guy masquerading as a woman on their team. The one in the red shorts!
Jim you need a vacation (a long one) and new glasses.

Wife: When did you decide to start watching volleyball on ESPN?
Husband: I don’t know dear! I just thought it was time for me to watch something beside baseball! Now move out of the way please, you're blocking the butt… Err I mean the TV!

Volleyball Commission: “How do we increase attendance at our volleyball games? Nobody is coming to watch!”
The Janitor Cleaning the Office: “May I make a suggestion?”
Volleyball Commission: “Certainly”
The Janitor: “How about dressing up all the players in skin tight panty size spandex shorts that emphasize their tight perfectly rounded bottoms!”
Volleyball Commission: “He’s a bloody genius!”

Patient: Doctor, what do I do? You said I can’t take Viagra due to the side effects?
Doctor: Here is the next best thing, an 8 x 10 full color glossy of a 21 year old volleyball player with her bottom proudly displayed in tight shorty-shorts. I wrote you a prescription for six more photos. Enjoy!

Cutiebootie: Assume the position! Oh, you're already there...

Enzo: So tempting and so worth the penalty for using your hands...on the opponent.

(In fairness though, I believe this may be a volleyball player and not a soccer player.)

I have no idea how you and Vfrat25000 figured that out, but then I'm not a fan of either sport.

Mr. J: "Externally motivated sportswoman - - bound to be champion."

Sir Wendel: Do these knee pads make my butt look fat?

Mandy: He always liked to make their bottoms as red as their shorts.

Dr. Ken: "Oh, I'm not wearing shorts. My boyfriend spanked me last night..."

Hermione: Clara was the team's secret weapon. She was always sent out to distract the opposing team at a crucial moment in the game.

Great work, team! Now hit the showers and be back for brunch in a few hours.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 20, 2014


I couldn't decide whether this video was a FAIL or a WIN. It's a humorous look at the benefits of being a curvy woman. It delivers a positive message, although there are some parts of it that rub me the wrong way. Although her breasts are the focal point of the shoot, this voluptuous lady does refer to her large bottom and yes, it's okay to spank it.

In order to balance the scale, here's a little clip that proves a little more weight can benefit men too.

Don't forget to Complete the Caption!
From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Complete the Caption

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing, there's plenty of action on the field, and plenty of lovely, muscular bottoms on display. Take this one, for example. I don't think I need to say any more.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish the final scores in an upcoming post.

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hot buns, anyone?

As I have mentioned before, I look upon cars as a convenient way to get from point A to point B without an interminable wait at a bus stop, followed by a half hour ride with the inevitable weirdos. Ron, on the other hand, is a connoisseur. He has been doing research on the internet for a replacement for our older car for over a year, and finally made up his mind which one we should have. I was happy he had arrived at a decision, so off we went to the local dealership to test drive his choice.

The only thing I care about in a car is the colour, and we were fortunate to find a car that was the exact model Ron wanted, plus a very unique colour that I loved. When viewed in the shade, it's a very ordinary dark brown, but in bright sunlight it sparkles like Edward the vampire in Twilight. It would be easy to locate in a crowded parking lot.

After a test drive, the salesman, who was sitting in the back seat, walked us through some of the features. There was a volume control for the radio embedded in the steering wheel. How cool is that!

Then I noticed two little round buttons on the dashboard. I pressed one and it popped up.

"Those are your seat heaters," the salesman explained. Then he chuckled. "I call them bun warmers."

That was exactly what I was thinking. I glanced sideways at Ron, who was trying not to react. I wanted that car!

To make a long story short, we bought it, but it is too hot right now to test the seat heaters. That will have to wait. But in the meantime we have other methods of getting hot buns.

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

From the Top Shelf - The Careless Maid

Today's story is an extract from the erotic novel The Housemaid by Deborah Ryder. Not every great house was as easy to work in as Downton Abbey. In many, the butler and the housekeeper ruled with rods of rattan. It was into one such home that a young woman, newly engaged to the Lord of the manor, finds herself.

"I trust that everything is to your liking, my Lady?"

It was hardly a question. It was inconceivable that any fault could be found with Mrs. Hetherington's impeccable housekeeping.

"Oh yes, indeed." Lady Anne hoped that she did not sound nervous, but this stately dowager, so unlike the cheerful housekeeper in her parents home, overawed her. "I understand you have run the household efficiently since..."

Mrs. Hetherington sighed theatrically. "Such a tragedy. Poor Mrs. Wallace. So young!" Yet the conventional sympathy was uttered with as little feeling as if she were reciting a script. She continued: "Mr. Wallace insists on efficiency. You will find no waste in this household, my Lady."

"I am certain there is none, Mrs. Hetherington. And I am very glad that you are here, to run the household in such an admirable fashion." Lady Anne had decided that she must arrive at a truce with this alarming figure. "Since Mr. Wallace honoured me by asking me to become his wife, I have found that the position will entail a great many social duties. I must also be a mother to his children. It is a comfort to know that I shall not be troubled with details of household management."

Mrs. Hetherington almost smiled. "You may rely on me, my Lady. Now is there anything else you wish to see?"

"Should I visit the kitchen? I do not wish to make a habit of descending below stairs."

"There is no need for you to trouble, my Lady. Everything is in perfect order there. The children particularly asked if you would visit the schoolroom."

"Of course! I shall be delighted to see them again!"

The housekeeper conducted the future mistress of the house to the schoolroom, where a governess was supervising the lessons of Mr. Wallace's two daughters...

They heard the sounds of Mr. Wallace's homecoming and Lady Anne hurried downstairs. He greeted her pleasantly before going upstairs to change for dinner. Lady Anne decided to wait for him in the sitting-room where she had earlier been served tea. The tea-tray was still there. She was about to ring for a servant to clear it away when the door opened and a housemaid hurried in. Seeing Lady Anne, she stopped dead, a horrified expression on her face.

"Whatever's the matter, girl?" Lady Anne demanded severely.

"I forgot - the tray - I'm-I'm so sorry, my Lady -"

"What is your name?"

"Emma, my Lady."

"Well, Emma, there is no need to be so upset. Try not to forget again. Take the tray away now."

The maid hesitated, her face drawn. "My Lady - please - are you going to tell Mr. Dickenson?"

Lady Anne was about to reply that she had no intention of reporting such a minor lapse to the butler, but the girl's evident fear disturbed her. The younger servants had to be beaten occasionally, to instill discipline and obedience, but surely a maid would not be punished for such a trivial piece of forgetfulness. She hesitated, then decided to ask no questions.

"I will say nothing, Emma. But do not let it happen again.!"

She wondered whether to mention the matter to Mr. Wallace but decided against it. Possibly the household was too strict but she was not yet in a sufficiently secure position to make alterations. Her own noble but impoverished family was too polite, and too grateful, to call Mr. Wallace 'nouveau riche', but she was well aware that his unexpected offer of matrimony was going to transplant her into a different world. A world of new gowns, fine carriages and gas lighting instead of candles. But also a world of unaccustomed manners and conduct.

When her father had first told her that Mr. Wallace had formally sought his permission to ask for her hand in marriage, Lady Anne had been frightened. There were strange tales about the man, not least the mystery of his first wife's death. But it was her duty to her family to accept such a splendid offer.

* * *

The butler frowned. The young housemaid trembled. The other servants watched passively.

"When you brought the tea-tray downstairs, Emma, Her Ladyship had already returned to the sitting-room. Does this mean that, when she entered the room, she found that you had neglected to clear away the tea things?"

"I-I'm sorry, Mr. Dickenson - her Ladyship said it didn't matter."

"It may not matter in her Ladyship's family home, Emma, but she will learn to expect a higher standard of service here. And you will learn that slatternly ways are not tolerated here. The lesson will be impressed upon you." He liked the phrase and licked his lips before repeating it. "Impressed in stripes across your bottom."

"Please, Mr. Dickenson, please not now. I'm still sore from the last time."

"Then perhaps the increased soreness will remind you to improve your conduct. Bring me the cane, Emma."

Tears were beginning to flow as she brought the cane from its place on the wall. He removed his jacket and rolled up his shirt sleeves, very deliberately, then took the cane from her.

"Prepare yourself, Emma."

Silently, she lifted her skirt and underskirt, pulled down her knickers and bent over the table. The exposure no longer embarrassed her as it had done at first. She had seen all the other junior servants thrashed in the same way on their bare buttocks. Mr. Dickenson punished the girls while Mrs. Hetherington beat the males in similar fashion...

Mr. Dickenson liked to prolong the agony of anticipation. He was examining the fading bruises which he had inflicted a few days earlier...

She heard the cane swish, and tensed in anticipation of a pain which did not come. He was only taking a practice swing. The next stroke would be across her trembling flesh; and it came. She tried not to cry. She wanted to be like Charlotte, the head housemaid, who stoically endured her beatings and said afterwards that she had won because she had not given the butler the satisfaction of seeing her sobbing and screaming as the other maids did.

The second stroke scorched across Emma's tender buttocks and her tears were flowing freely. She had not yet screamed, but the third stroke landed in almost the same position as the second, intensifying the pain, and she could not repress a cry. After the fourth cut of the cane, she was begging for mercy, promising incoherently to improve her conduct.

Her sobbing pleased the butler who, as he often observed to Mrs. Hetherington, liked to be sure that the punishment was having some effect. Charlotte's passivity annoyed him. When would the girl realise it only earned her a more severe flogging?

As the fifth stroke sent shivers of pain through her body, Emma screamed as loudly as she could. Of course the Master knew what went on in his household. He sometimes thrashed a servant himself. But the beautiful young lady he was going to marry seemed gentle and kind; if she knew what was happening, surely she would stop it?

The sixth stroke had been the most vicious of all, as if her scream had annoyed Mr. Dickenson. He knew that the Master and his future wife had already left, and he had been warned to make sure that Lady Anne gained no knowledge of the practices of the household until the Master finally owned her. But it was obvious why Emma was screaming for help and he made a mental note to confine her to the kitchen while Lady Anne was in residence, until after the wedding. Then it wouldn't matter.

Emma clung to the table, sobbing.

"Stand up!" the butler ordered.

She obeyed, pulling up her knickers and smoothing her skirt.

"Now, Emma, are you sorry that you have been so careless and forgetful?"

She sniffled. "Yes, Mr. Dickenson."

"And will your behaviour improve in future?"

"Yes, Mr. Dickenson."

He smiled grimly. "Ah, an easy promise to make - and break. I think you need considerably more instruction."
Will Lady Anne find out before her wedding? If she tries to interfere, how will her husband to be deal with her?

From Hermione's Heart

Monday, June 16, 2014

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 15

Our topic this week was switching.

Dan: I have never been the spanker. It not only doesn't have any attraction to me, but I have a real aversion to it. I know it may sound odd coming from someone who asks someone else to inflict a high degree of physical pain on me, but it is something I just can't do myself. Particularly in the context of "hurting" a woman. Just can't go there.

Sir Wendel: I am already on both sides of the paddle although I spank her a lot more than she does me. The first time I got it from her was not really by choice. She was going for a girl’s night out and decided that I needed a paddling to ensure I behaved while she was out. It was very enjoyable and kept her in my mind the entire night. I gave her a heck of a spanking when she got home.

Ricky: I just love the concept of both sides now, in which my partner's enjoyment as a giver, or as a receiver, is in the splendor of the moment.

Kevlar bottom: I have only ever been on the receiving end. I have no desire to switch ever.

Bob: I have never had the urge to switch or even try it; I don't see myself as a Dom or Master. I am a plain and simple top. I love to spank ladies that like to be spanked :)

Cutiebootie: I am a switch and have always enjoyed both. I have always been that way. My guy is not, though. He is definitely the spanker. I don't mind being on the receiving end and taking a breather from being the spanker, so it all works out nicely. =)

Simon: Ever since I was young I've known I had an interest in spanking. Then when I was old enough I tried spanking some ladies. It was fun but not as much fun as I had imagined and I found myself reluctant to inflict anything more than a very light spanking on even the most spankable bottoms. Eventually I realised that I had misinterpreted my desires and that I actually wanted was to be spanked. Since then I have been almost exclusively a receiver of punishment and have enjoyed it immensely.

Arched one: After 20 years of presenting my bottom to her, I can only think of 2 times I spanked her, and they were more gentle love taps. In our house she is the spanker and I'm the spankee and we love it that way.

S: It is always my bottom in the firing line, and even after a very sound spanking, with my bottom blazing, I don't think I would enjoy taking my revenge on D's muscular backside.

Rob from NYC: I am a top and do not switch with my partner. However, once a year, I "switch" so I can know what she is feeling. We bought a new implement and it did look a bit more intense then our usual play ones. That night was a good time to switch.

While I didn't enjoy this "session" (nor do I enjoy any being on the receiving end), it was not as fearsome as it looked. One side effect we noticed: for awhile after this switch, I tend to be less intense when I spank her. That's another reason why I only switch once a year.

For reference: we spank for fun and other non punishment reasons.

Ronnie: In the early days I suppose you could say we switched a bit but not in a determined way and really it just faded out, it didn't work for us.

Sunny Girl: We've tried it, didn't work for him, which is fine with me.

CurtisG: Finally timed it right to comment. Wish I had been timely on a few previous questions. I am a switch. In the mind I have always been since childhood, though only played as a top until college. Had a few switching relationships, though don't have a regular partner now. But my view of spanking is inflicting or receiving stinging pleasure and am not into discipline or punishment. But I find that I get enjoyment on both sides of the hand (my preference).

Jackie: I've switched with a few guys. Technically I could do it and please, but emotionally my head was not in it. I felt like I was play acting. Fantasies have always been about me being spanked.

Annapurna: Yes, you might say, I'm an alternating current, but prefer to be DC, dutifully compliant.

Bogey: I have always been a switch. I would not have it any other way.

River: I am always on the receiving end, and I have no desire to change that (except in those moments when he taunts me for not taking my spanking well, then I wish he knew how it felt). I have, however, thought about possibly spanking another female.

Hermione: When I was a child I was very toppy with dolls and teddies. They all got spanked for the slightest infractions. I even experimented on a few willing younger cousins. But as an adult, I have no desire to be anywhere but on the receiving end. That arrangement suits both of us perfectly.

Have a safe, sane and consensual week and I'll see you all next time!
From Hermione's Heart

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #24

Welcome, one and all, to our weekly brunch. Many of us identify ourselves as either a Top / Spanker / Dom or a bottom / spankee / sub. For others, it isn't as cut and dried. That leads us to today's topic of switching. Not the long, slender, whippy implement, but taking the opposite role in a spanking scene.

Have you ever tried spanking from the other side of the paddle? If so, was it something you enjoyed and would do again? If not, is switching something you would like to try? If you regularly take on both roles, how did that come about?

Join in the discussion by leaving a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of our conversation.
From Hermione's Heart

Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Completed the Caption

This photo from the Fifties inspired you with these captions:

Rollin: "Anybody ever tell you you look like Marilyn Monroe? Say, could you untie my hands from this post?"

Nina: I love when you wear my clothes!

DelFonte: That's one helluva belt you're wearing!

Leigh: I'm doing my best to keep my hands off you. I don't know how much longer i can stand it.

Ricky: He: I love you, kid!
She: Do you really love me, or just want me? It really doesn't matter, because I want you!

Mandy: Hmm, should I leave him here for one hour or two? I think two would work, that shop is awfully far away.

Welcome, Mandy!

Arched one: He: We will go to your home, you will strip to your panties, then lay across my lap for a good long spanking.
She: that sounds wonderful but it will be you stripping to your panties then laying across my lap for a good long spanking.

Sir Wendel: Hang on a sec. I’ve got something stuck in my teeth.

Vfrat25000: Hey Tammy, what color panties are you wearing?
How dare you, you pervert!
OK, OK, you’re right I shouldn’t have asked that! Are they bikini, thong or granny panties? Now is that better?

If you are willing to cooperate, I think I can get you a starring role with a movie production company called Punished Brats
Really… Super cool… What kind of part will I get?

My name is Captain Kirk. I command a really big space ship! Have you ever been teleported?

Hey Bobbie Sue, I just bought an Edsel. Now tell me you’re not impressed!

Betty Jean takes the walk of shame after a long night of partying with the entire Purdue Marching Band and Color Guard.

June Cleaver quickly realized her off-screen love interest in Eddie Haskell was a big mistake.

Hermione: Let's go parking tonight up on Spanking Point. You know you want to.

Well, that was fun! For even more fun, stay tuned for our weekly brunch, coming up next.

From Hermione's Heart

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday FAIL

English-speaking visitors to China sometimes have difficulty understanding the bilingual signs. Translators do their best to convert Chinese expressions to English, but the results are often humorous FAILs. A big thank-you goes out to Erica for finding these.

So you pull the pin and throw it at the fire

Also, no dogs, bicycles, or skateboards, but what is that fourth symbol?

Rogue body parts are everywhere

We can't have any of that

White males only

I have absolutely no idea what this means. Any guesses?

From Hermione's Heart

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Complete the Caption

A gal and a guy, hanging out on a street corner. It could be a scene from West Side Story. What is he telling her, and how does she respond? Or is she the one calling the shots?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment, and I will publish your submissions in an upcoming post.

From Hermione's Heart