Saturday, November 30, 2013

MBS Spanko Brunch #411

Bonnie is away this week so brunch has been relocated north of the border to Canada. The topic for this week's discussion came to mind after Bonnie introduced  33 new spanking blogs in her latest In with the New post.

Does your spanking partner share your interest in reading spanking blogs? Does s/he have a blog too, or contribute to yours? Does s/he encourage your blogging experience and read your blog? Do you ever discuss what topics you may or may not talk about on your blog?

Please feel free to join in the discussion by leaving a comment. You may remain anonymous if you wish. I will publish an edited version of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to contribute.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday FAIL

It's Black Friday, so let's go shopping at Walmart and see what bargains we can find.

 This cake was on sale, and nobody will notice the spelling if I cut it real quick.

 Close enough!

 Orange? Blue? Who cares! They're still a great bargain.

 Which package is the better buy?

How can they afford such huge discounts?

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Work Around

Last week I told you about our interrupted spanking. Well, it nearly happened again.

Ron was using the dogging bat quite energetically, and I was loving it. Suddenly he stopped. I thought he had paused to switch implements, but the pause lasted too long. He tapped me on the bottom, said "look" and showed me the end of it.

"What's the matter? Did you break it?" I was only joking; the supple leather was unbreakable, as was the stiff nylon core.

"Look. Blood." Ron showed me the tip, flecked with red dots. We had only started, so I couldn't see how he could have done any real damage to my posterior. Besides, our spankings are never severe enough to draw blood. That would be a big no-no.

"Did you do it with the hairbrush?" That was the first implement used in our session.

"I don't know, but there's a blood blister on your butt."

"Where?" He touched it with his finger, and I could feel that it was on the inner curve of my left cheek, quite near the cleft. It seemed to be in a spot rather out of harm's way, and not at all sore, or at least not any more painful than any other part of my bottom. Oh, dear, was he going to atop before we had even started?

"Never mind," Ron said. "I'll work around it." So he did. I was paddled high and low, and on the outer curves of my bottom, but no implement touched the marked spot. Ron's aim is pretty accurate when he tries.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday WIN

Strolling along a street lined with restaurants, pubs and coffee shops provides some mid-week entertainment.

Happy hump day!

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This caption found on made me smile, but yours had me laughing out loud!

DelFonte: Wow! Your ass groove lines up perfectly with your ponytail!

Prefectdt: OK you stay in that position. I'll grease up my hand and we'll have that tennis ball out of there in no time.

Michael: -Touching toes
Check ✓

-Spine at 90 degree angle
Check ✓

-Crowd waiting in anticipation
Check ✓

"Okay, time for the penalty phase of your match to begin. Just let me lift your skirt and your winning opponent may commence."

Ami Starsong: The rules simply state "Knickers should not be worn"! Is that a thong I see?

Red: As you touch your toes, you wonder how severe this spanking will be to motivate you for the match! Instead of your trainer spanking you, your trainer is being spanked by the financier who pays for you to dedicate yourself to tennis, because of your previous inept performances. Soon, you will feel his wrath on your bottom.

Ronnie: This, what will happen. You bend, skirt will be lifted and he'll spank you. Simple.

Dragon's Rose: Do my marks show? I don't want anyone to know what we did last night.
Nope, the marks don't show. You are good.

Alex: "BAD EXCUSE! There is no such thing as a 'too soft' tennis ball when we try to reach perfection. Let me remind you how I always hit the ball or whatever is 'too soft' with FULL force, dear."

Oliver: You know my rules. You don't win a match, you don't get to keep your skirt or panties on for your spanking.

Welcome, Alex and Oliver!

 Vfrat25000: I see the TSA has taken over Tournament security.

Its brown, has about 8 legs and its crawling up your back. I’m not touching it!

Get me a Latte’, I’m hot, get me a wet towel, check my tan lines and make sure they are even! Give me 5 good swats on the butt with that paddle for motivation!
Her Assistant: I gave up a promising career at Bank of America for this? I’m an idiot!

Are you really a Chiropractor? The sponsors of this tournament have a history of being cheap. I’m pretty sure I saw you taking tickets at the front gate about 10 minutes ago!

What’s going on down there?
The Palm Beach Police Department is searching everywhere for the “Azure” diamond necklace that was stolen last night.
Oh! OK

Nope, no tattoo! It does NOT say NIKE on your lower back. I told you not to get your sponsor’s tattoo from a guy named Chuck who pushes his equipment around in a grocery cart.

Leigh Smith: Is that a handprint I see?

Six of the best: "I'll scratch your bare bottom, if you'll scratch mine."

Baxter: I love your upper buttcrack. Later I want to pull your skirt off and examine the rest of it over my knee while I spank your naughty bottom.

A. Lurker: "You may be a tennis pro but after that racket you are getting a spanking, young lady."

"You lost 15-love and I will love giving you 15 on your bare bottom!"

"Yes, she is wearing Spanx and no they are not regulation. Should we give her some regulation spanks to wear, instead?"

Sir Wendel: I told you the next time you break this zipper you were getting a spanking.

Bonnie: "Mixed Doubles? Is that what they call it these days?"

"Mindi's backcourt game has never been stronger."

Ricky: (The case of the missing tennis ball.)
No, it's not here.

GaryNTboy: 'No it's not true what the crowd says, you're not spineless.'

Thank you all for such creative and hilarious captions. Be sure to drop in next weekend for something completely different.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

From the Top Shelf - A Generous Offer

One of the first blogs I discovered and returned to regularly is Abel's blog, The Spanking Writers. I have featured one of Abel's stories here in the past; he's an excellent writer with a vivid and lively imagination, and has several published collections of his work as well as a website devoted to his stories.

Abel is now offering one of his books - The Punishment List - for his readers to download free. It's a charming collection of 16 short stories about spanking that will appeal to those of you who prefer M/f tales.

 Here is a short excerpt from one of the stories in the collection. It's from "A Maid of Two Masters" and concerns a young lady who is newly employed as a maid in a large residence. She is serving at dinner for the first time, and reminisces about doing so at her previous place of employment.

A Maid of Two Masters

It had been another dinner, if anything even more formal – not surprising, given the kudos associated with hosting their guest of honour at Delaware Hall. Prince Aleksander of Prussia. A tall, intense, serious, deeply dislikeable man – one born to privilege, to expect the very finest, and to scarcely notice when it was laid before him.

Everything imaginable had been done to pamper the Prince. The finest wines had been dug out of his Lordship's cellars, the freshest salmon brought twitching from the stream to the kitchens, the best stag on the estate persuaded to walk across the line of fire just as the Prince had raised his gun during the hunt.

Becky had been serving the wine: a red, she recalled, with French writing on the label. He must have been on his third, fourth glass. She'd leant forward to refill his crystal; he'd nudged her arm as she did. The wine missed him – thank goodness – but splattered the table.

“You should take care,” he bellowed.

“I was trying my hardest, sir,” she replied.

And then the table fell silent.




Every eye was looking at them.

The Prince turned to his Lordship. “I cannot recall being spoken to with such insolence by a servant girl.”

Her master looked pale. “Your Highness, I can only apologise. Butler – relieve the girl of her duties immediately.”

The Prince protested immediately: “And that is it?”

“Your Highness?”

“A girl who spoke like that in my palace would surely be flogged until she learned to hold her tongue.”

“I am sure the butler will discuss her conduct with her, Your Highness.”

“In Prussia, a true gentleman would avenge a grave insult personally, not pass responsibility to his staff to 'discuss'.”



“Then you may rest assured that I shall indeed punish the girl myself. But might I suggest that we leave that to the morning, and enjoy the rest of this evening's festivities.”

“But of course.” The Prince raised his half-empty glass: “To justice.”

“To justice!”

Becky fled to her bed, of course, inconsolable. What would happen to her? Surely her master would not… could not… He’d know she’d not meant to sound insolent. He'd leave it to morning until the Prince, placated by the splendour of the previous evening's meal, would be calmer; he'd have a quiet word; explain how things were done in England.

An hour, more, must have passed by the time the butler appeared at her bedside. No friend, he: the manner of her original arrival meant that the Prince was not the only one keen to see her brought down.

She stood, brushed down her dress, awaited his news.

“His Lordship will see you in his study after breakfast tomorrow morning.”

“Yes, Mr Watkins. Is he very angry with me?”

“That is for him to tell you, girl. But you should know that he has asked me to take a walk into the forest at dawn and to cut him a selection of the finest birches.”

If that  piqued your curiosity, you'll have to download the book here in order to read the rest.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Complete the Caption

Tennis can be a demanding sport, and the discipline required to reach expert level is often underestimated.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will score your round in a later post.

If you haven't played before, grab your raquet and join in!
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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Ultimate FAIL

If you are my age or older, or perhaps a bit younger, you will never forget what you were doing 50 years ago today, when you heard that John F. Kennedy had been shot.

I was in my classroom at school. The  day was over and we were all preparing to leave, excited about the weekend ahead. I was kneeling by my desk, looking for a book to stuff into my schoolbag. I heard our teacher ask, "Class, who's the president of the United States?" I thought it was an odd question because lessons were over, but a few voices piped up, "Kennedy" and "JFK".

"He's been assassinated," she said quietly.

I was shocked. JFK was a popular and well-known figure, even to children in Canada. We lived less than an hour from the American border and most of our television stations originated in the US.  I had a set of Jackie and Caroline paper dolls, with several matching mother and daughter outfits. On my bookshelf was a paperback volume of single page cartoons from a comic strip called "Caroline". The now-defunct weekly Look magazine had recently published a charming photo story about the President and his son. I still have that issue.

The assassination gave the teachers plenty of scope for creativity during the following weeks. We used the topic for classroom assignments, and the ability to write poetry and essays gave us a constructive way to handle our grief.

By the next day all the shops and businesses in the city had pictures of JFK posted in their front windows American flags were prominently displayed, and Canadian flags flew at half staff.

I remember the funeral too. Jackie and her children kneeling beside the coffin; the funeral cortege with the casket on a caisson pulled by white horses; the riderless horse with boots reversed in the stirrups; the the young John, saluting his dead father on his third birthday.

Over the past two weeks we have watched several television programs about the assassination itself, as well as about the president, his family, and his peccadillos. Would JFK have been so profoundly mourned and so fondly remembered if his wayward ways and seemingly endless sexual escapades had been public knowledge back then?

Maybe not. But I still prefer to think of him as he was then - a young, handsome, vibrant man with a strong passion for leading his country.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Family Style

This year there are several reality shows on television that make use of hidden cameras to find out what goes on when the owner isn't around to see for himself. My favourite is called "Restaurant Stakeout". The star of the show takes a no-nonsense approach in dealing with lazy, slovenly and unmotivated workers.

My mind began to wander as I imagined the possibilities, and I came up with this fictitious script for an episode of a similar program.

Restaurant Snoops

The stakout - Mama Bellini's family-style Italian restaurant serves great food just the way mama used to make it. The recipes were all developed by Joe Bellini's mother, after whom the restaurant was named.

The problem - online reviews give the food five stars, but there are numerous complaints about the service. Joe is losing money as customers stay away. Joe calls upon famous restauranteur and professional snoop, Billy Deakin, to help him determine why his once-popular restaurant is failing.

Billy and his crew arrive at the restaurant after closing and set up cameras in every possible location, then install monitors in an unused office next door. The next afternoon Joe arrives and is impressed with the ability to watch what happens when he's not around. He and Billy watch the evening service.

Camera 2 - the kitchen
The sous chefs are cooking. The head chef is washing pots.

Billy: "Who's that, doin' the washin'?"
Joe: "That's Gus, the head chef."
Billy: "Your head chef is washin' dishes? Who's the dishwasher?
Joe: That's Anthony. I don't see him."

Camera 5 - the servers' station
Anthony is flirting with the female servers, joking and having a fine time. When the head chef comes out and orders him back to the kitchen, he is disrespectful.

Billy: "That Anthony, he's got no respect. He ain't doin' the job he's paid to do."
Joe: "I fired him once, but I gave him another chance. He's like family."
Billy: "Yeah, that's what every failing restaurant owner tells me. 'I treat my staff like family.' Then they go out of business."

Camera 4 - the bar
Maria is on her cell phone while customers wait for their drinks.
Billy: "Why is she on the phone? Do you allow your bartender to talk on the phone while she's workin'?"
Joe: "I told her to leave her phone in her locker. That's the rule."
Billy: "So she's breakin' the rule and there are no consequences. No wonder your customers ain't comin' back."

Camera 7 - the floor
Clarissa, a new server, doesn't know what dishes are served "family style", leaving the customers at the table confused.

Billy: "Look at her, she don't know the menu. You say your staff is like family, but you don't train your staff. What's up with that?"
Joe: "I guess I was a little lenient with her because she's just starting out."
Billy: "If she was my employee I would be strict, not lenient."

After service, Joe calls an impromptu staff meeting.

Joe: "I called you all together because there are a few things we need to change..."
Billy walks in unannounced. "I'll take over from here, Joe. I'm Billy Deakin, world-famous restauranteur, and Joe here called me in because he's been losin' money. From what I saw of the service tonight, and the bad attitude of some of yous, there's gonna be some big changes. There will be rules, and consequences for not following those rules. I'm gonna meet wit' each of yous tomorrow and show you exactly how that's gonna work."

The next day, Billy sets about showing Joe exactly what "family-style" means. They are in the empty restaurant. Joe notices that Billy has brought a large wooden paddle from the kitchen with him. It's the one the chefs use for stirring the big pot of tomato sauce.

First up is Anthony.

Billy: "Anthony, last night I saw you jokin' around instead of washin' dishes like you're supposed to be doin'."
Anthony: "Yeah, so what, I would'a done 'em later."
Billy: "So from now on, your job is to wash everything that the chefs put in the sink, right away, and don't leave the kitchen until your shift is over.
Anthony: "Hey, man, that's not fair."
Billy: "It doesn't have to be fair. Them's the new rules, and if you don't follow 'em, there's consequences."
Anthony: Oh, yeah, what 'consequences'?"
Billy: I'll show you. Joe, are you watchin'? I'm gonna show you how to follow up when employees don't obey the rules. Anthony, turn around and bend over the table."

Anthony is nonplussed. He hesitates for a moment, but Billy outweighs him by at least a hundred pounds and has a mean look in his eye, so he complies. Billy picks up the wooden paddle and quickly applies six sharp, stinging blows to Anthony's well-padded posterior.

Anthony: Hey, that hurts!"
Billy: "It's supposed to. Now get up and look at me. Six for a first offense, six more for each additional offense. Joe here will be askin' Gus about your performance and he'll be keepin' track. Understood?"
Anthony (rubbing his bottom): "Understood."
Billy: "Now get outta here." Anthony leaves quickly.

Billy: "Joe, you get the idea?"
Joe: "Um, you mean I gotta spank them when they don't do their jobs?"
Billy: "Exactly! This is a family-style place, you gotta step up, be the father and do your job."

Next up for an interview is Clarissa.

Billy: "Clarissa, you been here six months and you still don't know the menu."
Clarissa: "No, but I can read it or ask one of the other girls."
Billy: "Not good enough. You go home and study the menu. Tonight, Joe is gonna test you on your knowledge. If you don't know the menu, he's gonna give you some family-style discipline."

Billy points to the wooden paddle, then looks at Joe. Joe flushes, looks at Billy who nods encouragingly, then looks at Clarissa and frowns. Clarissa gasps, then runs out.

Maria comes in, sees the wooden paddle, and her eyes widen.

Billy: You'll leave your cellphone in your locker or else Joe will be givin' you some family-style discipline.
Joe has caught on to the idea now, and smiles briefly, then puts on a stern face and picks up the  paddle.
Maria: "You mean you'll paddle me if I use my phone when I'm at the bar?"
Joe: "I'm afraid so. There's going to be some discipline here from now on. Now go put your phone away. This is your final warning."
Maria: "Yes, sir!" She scampers out.

Six weeks later, Billy returns for a followup.

Billy: "So the last time I was here, there was no structure, there were no rules and no consequences for breakin' those rules. Let's see how Joe has done. Hey, Joe, how's it goin'?"
Joe: "Things are great, BIlly. Anthony learned his lesson and he hasn't stepped out of line once. Clarissa knows the menu inside out. The only person I'm a bit puzzled about is Maria. She seems to be using her cell phone even more now, and I don't know what I'm gonna do with her. Last week I had to paddle her three times. Sometimes it's tough to be the owner but it's something I gotta do."

Billy looks over at Maria, who is standing behind the bar with her cell phone in her hand. She winks at Billy.

Billy: "There you have it, America. We knocked that one outta the park."

From Hermione's Heart

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday WIN

Last week the Wednesday WIN was pre-empted for the Love Our Lurkers celebration, BUTT it's back today.

What a lovely sentiment!

Naughty Mr. Apple likes what he sees.

Soothes flaming butts in an instant

Please don't squeeze the butts

Butt finger ice cream? I think I'll pass. 

From Hermione's Heart

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This photo proved to be a challenge, but many of you managed to decipher the hidden meaning.

Michael: The Queen Victoria Spanking Brigade practiced lap strengthening exercises while waiting for the countesses, duchesses and even princesses who had been naughty that week to report for their well earned royal spankings.

Geekie Kittie: The wheels on the bus go round & round.

Welcome, Geekie Kittie!

DelFonte: When the photographer asked them to be OTK, the group mistook 'over' for 'on'.

Baxter: From the guy on the left, "Yeah all of you are having fun, but I am the one that got spanked hard by my mistress last night and I am the one sitting on this wooden chair unable to squirm. Thanks a lot."

Leigh Smith: Knees ready and available for spanking. Maybe there should be a sign "Knees for Rent."

Bonnie: ...And so concluded the first meeting of the back scratchers club.

Ana: "Blast, George. Too many spankers and no one to spank."

Roz: Roll up, roll up. Choose your spanker.

Rollin: Lionel was quite uncomfortable sitting on Nigel's lap and feeling what was surely his rather erect member poking him in the crease of his trousers. It made him realize to his chagrin that they should have taken the photo first, THEN spanked the girls.

Vfrat25000: President Obama’s Healthcare Website development team celebrate their masterpiece the day before the nationwide debut of

George that better be a gun in your pocket!

Freddie "the Hands" Williams manages to mess up the first Porn Film Directors Association Group Photograph when he shaved his mustache and wore his blue suit instead of the gray one.

OK guys, this time Frank gets to make the sound like a train whistle. Next time it your turn, Charles.

A photograph of an ancient bachelor party before they invented strippers.

A. Lurker: Sausagefest?

Sir Wendel: Ed! That better be a cigar in your pocket.

Six of the best: Six of the best men, awaiting six of the naughtiest women, to give them 'six of the best, with a cane, on their bare bottoms.

Hermione: The earliest documented attempt at a human caterpillar.

Thank you to all who joined in. Have a happy and productive week, and do drop in anytime!
From Hermione's Heart

Monday, November 18, 2013

From the Top Shelf - The Card Sharp

Today I have a very special story, written by my blogging friend Rollin Hand. I've mentioned his blog here before, and I hope you have had a chance to visit Disciplinary Tales. It's chock full of exciting spanking stories, with something to suit every taste. This story is from Rollin's published book The Romance of Spanking Vol. 2. It's about a poker game that ends in an interesting and unexpected way. Don't worry if you've never played poker; you'll still enjoy it.
The Card Sharp

It was a mixed group of acquaintances and friends, a swinging young singles social club, who had planned the trip to Palm Springs. It was a late winter getaway from the wet and dreary Northwest winter. Palm Springs was great at that time of year—not too hot and really nice. The club picked a condo resort with a great pool for lounging and Natalie was going to make the most of it. Especially with the men. Especially one man.

Natalie wasn’t the best looking girl who had set her cap for new member Devin Cook. He was not only devilishly good looking, he was smart, funny and a very much in command type of guy. Other guys looked up to him, envied him. You could see it in the way they sought him out and included him. He seemed to be a natural leader. The competition was fierce, but she had an idea of how to snag

It was a big hill to climb for Natalie because every woman there who was not attached was naturally drawn to him. But Natalie noticed things. Little details that maybe others missed. Natalie had her own assets. First, although not gorgeous, she was very cute. She was petite and had a nice figure. Not so much on top, but she had a great ass. It was firm, but round and plump and wiggled delightfully when she walked. A pocket Barbie, someone had once called her. And that, she had figured out, gave her an edge because she had paid attention. Find out what the man likes, she told herself. So she had. She had noticed Devin’s eyes, and what she noticed was that they tended to follow shapely backsides as they walked by at the pool. She concluded that Devin Cook was very much an “ass” man.

The other thing she knew, because it came up in conversation all the time, was that he was a poker player. Texas Hold ‘em was his game and he was serious about it.

There had been a number of conversations, in the bars, around the pool, in which Devin talked about it. He wanted to try his hand at the casinos there in the Cochella Valley. And that had given her an idea.

“So how are you going to get him with so many hot girls around?” asked her friend Mandy.

Natalie grinned. “Devin loves poker. I’m going to challenge him to a game.”

She had already piqued Devin’s interest by being a little sassy with him. “It’s all just luck,” she’d said as he had waxed eloquent about the complexities of strategy. “It’s a stupid game. Anybody could win, it just depends on who gets lucky.”

“Luck?” he asked, astonished and a little bemused. “You think it’s just luck?”

“Sure,” she’d said. “You get the right cards, you win. What else is there?”

He had laughed, but the hook had been set. “Care to put that theory to the test, little girl?”

She smiled and said, “I might.” Then she flounced off, giving her butt a good wiggle. She could feel his eyes on her.

Later, she caught up with him at the pool and proposed the game. “I’m going to show you that it’s all just luck,” she said.

He looked at this cute pixie with narrowed eyes. “Care to put your money where your mouth is?” he asked. “If you really think it’s all just luck you should be ready to bet on it.”

“Ok,” she said with a sly smile.

So, what do we play for?” he asked. “You name it, I’m in.”

“How about…spanks?” she said with a sly smile of amusement.

“Spanks?” Devin’s brow shot right up.

“Yeah. Winner gets to spank the loser, bare butt for two minutes. We’ll get a stopwatch.” She had worn her tiniest bikini to the pool. It showed her cute rear cheeks to perfection.

“You’re not chicken, are you?” she teased.

That took him aback. She could see the wheels turning. He was so sure of himself. But this seemed to throw him off. Natalie smirked while he thought for a minute. The smirk must have done it. He fixed her with a serious look and said, “Ok. You’re on.”

Several club members had heard this exchange, and as the story circulated, the buzz was electric. It was all anyone could talk about. Natalie’s friends were aghast.

“What did you let yourself in for?” said her friend Mandy, incredulously. “Suppose he wins and gets to actually SPANK you? That would be so embarrassing. I can’t even imagine!”

Natalie just smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ve got a secret weapon. This is going to come out exactly the way I want.”

“Oh!” said Mandy. She could visualize Devin’s muscular bare butt being spanked. “This I gotta see.”

Then she told her friends.

* * *

They held the game in Devin’s condo. All their friends came to watch. Mandy knew the outcome and had assured her girlfriends. They were all going to get to see the hunky Devin Cook getting his buns roasted. Yeah! This was going to be some spectacle.

What no one knew was that Natalie had scored a marked deck. After an hour they were even. Devin looked worried. A new hand was dealt. Natalie peeked at her hole cards. She noted the marks on Devin’s two hole cards. It was what she’d been waiting for. She bet half her chips. Devin called. The flop came. Natalie bet again. Devin, now very worried, had to call. Both checked at the turn. Then the river.

Natalie smiled. “I’m all in,” she said, and moved all her chips into the pot.

Devin frowned. If she won…no that was unthinkable. He looked at his hole cards again. The odds were in his favor. He had to call, just had to. “I call,” he said. This was it.

The board showed jack, deuce, nine, eight. The river card was a four.

Natalie flipped over a pair of kings. A very strong hand. You could hear a pin drop as Devin slowly turned over a wired pair of aces. Bullets. Pocket Rockets. Call it what you will, it was the winner.

Natalie’s hands flew to her face. “Oh my God!” She whispered it, almost in shock, like she couldn’t believe it. The girls groaned. No Devin Cook bare butt spectacle today.

Devin eyed Natalie’s distress with a look of amusement.

“Looks like I win,” said Devin. He was grinning broadly and his eyes shone with excitement.

Natalie seemed tongue-tied, lost for words. “I, uh, I thought…gee, I had kings,” she stammered.

“I knew I had you. You bet those kings on the flop, but you checked the turn so I knew you didn’t have trips, and the four on the river could not have helped.”

Natalie nodded, eyes downcast.

“So you see, it is a game of skill. Believe me now?”


For a moment everyone was silent. Devin eyed Natalie. Natalie barely looked up. “I guess it’s time for you to pay up,” said Devin, arching his brow.

Natalie grimaced and stammered, “Uh….ummmm.” She looked around as if the Lone Ranger might ride to the rescue but all she saw were the grinning faces of her friends.

“Somebody’s gonna get a spankin!’” said one of the club members gleefully.

A girl whispered to a friend, “Are they really going to do this?”

Apparently, they were.

Devin dragged out a chair. Someone had thoughtfully put the egg timer on the table as a reminder of the fate that awaited the loser. Devin crooked his finger at Natalie and said “Come here little girl.” She bit her lip with worry and approached him with mincing steps. He held out his hand. She took it and allowed him to lift her up and deposit her face down over his knees. For the game she had worn just a tank top and white play shorts. Devin inserted his fingers and slowly peeled down the play shorts. Underneath Natalie was bare except for a butt floss thong. Her plump bottom cheeks were on full display. The boys whistled. Natalie blushed fifty shades of red.

Devin patted the shapely orbs. They wobbled, the flesh jiggling as Devin sized up the resilience of the seat he was to spank. “Ok, little sister, here we go. Are you ready?”

Natalie managed a muffled ‘yes’. “Someone start the timer.”

One of the watching girls picked it up and held it in front of her face. “Ok. Ready, set…go!” She clicked the timer.

Devin’s hands on her bottom had felt heavenly. She had almost swooned. Then the first Smack! brought her back to reality. It stung! Then she felt a second smack! on her other cheek. Oh my! This is real.

Devin began to apply spanks, alternating between cheeks.

Yow! Yow! This stings. It tingles….Oh ow! Now it feels hot…and stingy.

Devin was spanking her crisply, the sounds of his palm hitting flesh echoing off the room’s walls. After only twenty seconds or so his hand stung. Maybe this is too hard. I don’t want to hurt her. It’s just for fun, though she deserves a good lesson for making fun of the whole thing.

Smack! Crack! Whap!

Devin moderated his force a bit, but the spanks still stung plenty, enough that Natalie squirmed and fluttered her legs.

“Oh…oh…yow!” she yipped.

Devin was mesmerized by the gyrations of Natalie’s cute bottom. The flesh rippled and as he spanked, the jouncy bottom cheeks bounded like they had a life of their own.

Every male eye in the room was transfixed by the wildly erotic spectacle of Natalie, bare bottom up, jacknifed over Devin’s knee and humping up and down as his hand cracked down at a steady pace, turning the cute cheeks pink. Every female eye was transfixed on Devin and that strong right arm that rose and fell with such regularity as he pinned the squirming Natalie over his knee. More than one of the gawking ladies secretly decided that she would have gladly taken Natalie’s place, and several pairs of panties were becoming very moist.

It was coming to an end. The girl holding the watch said, “Thirty seconds.”

“Still think it’s just luck?” (Smack! Smack! Whap!) Devin chuckled as he placed a few sonorous smacks on her wriggling fanny.

“Owww…no!” yelped Natalie.

“Ok, last few,” said Devin and as the girl counted down( “10-9-8-7…”), Devin finished with a light but very rapid flurry of spanks that had Natalie arching her back in an inverted bow and yelping, “Ow! Ow! Ow!”

“Time!” She clicked the watch. Devin stopped. He rubbed the well spanked cheeks which were a hot pink. He had deliberately held back. Still, he was concerned that maybe he had spanked too hard. His hand certainly tingled. He gently lifted her to her feet, worried about her now. At the same time he had a raging hard on. This girl sure knew what he liked. She had the cutest, jounciest little ass on her and that sassiness made him want to spank her all night. And then kiss her. And then…He decided. Time to get rid of all these people.

“Ok, folks. Show’s over. Give Natalie and me some privacy.”

Everyone trooped out.

Natalie was wincing, rubbing her bottom furiously. Her eyes were red and a bit watery.

“Look, I’m sorry,” he said. “It was supposed to be in fun.”

She waved her hand. “No, no, it’s ok. You won fair and square. But whew! Do you have any lotion or anything? Maybe with Aloe in it?”

Devin stood there motionless then smacked the side of his head. “Yeah. Stupid me. Of course I do.”

He fumbled around in the bathroom then found it. “You want me to rub it in?” he asked hopefully.

Natalie smiled shyly. “Would you?”

* * *

The next day Natalie emerged well after noon, wearing a huge self satisfied grin.

“What are you so happy about?” asked Mandy. She recalled the previous evening. All their friends had watched as a triumphant Devin had dragged in the chips, had put Natalie across his knee and peeled down her tiny shorts. Someone had started the stopwatch and Devin had set about applying that brisk spanking to Natalie’s shapely behind. She had watched as Natalie had squirmed across Devin’s lap gasping. A lively lap dance. To Mandy it had looked like utter humiliation. Afterwards, they’d wanted to reconvene at the bar, but Devin had chased everyone out to comfort a tearful Natalie.

“So what happened after we all left?” said Mandy. “No one saw either of you all night.”

Natalie told her the whole thing. Last night, she said, had been everything she’d imagined. What a lover! Now they were an item.

“But Natalie,” protested Mandy, “I don’t understand. That last hand---how could you lose? You knew what his cards were. You knew he was going to win but you called the bet anyway knowing he’d get to spank you bare, and….” Then the great light dawned. “Oh you wicked girl!”

“That’s right” said Natalie with a wide grin. “I cheated.”

If you'd like to read the other stories in The Romance of Spanking Vol. 2, or for that matter in Vols 1, 3, or 4, go to Rollin's blog. All his books are available from Amazon, and are listed in his sidebar.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Complete the Caption

This photo commemorates a special occasion for a jolly group of spankers or spankees (take your pick!).

Please add a caption to their souvenir photo by leaving a comment, and I will publish them once everyone has had a chance to contribute.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday FAIL

Last year, November 12 was proclaimed National Smack a Bum Day in Dublin, Ireland.

It was meant as a joke, but some people took it seriously, and the Twitterverse was in an uproar. Read all about it here.

I wonder if it will be celebrated again this year. I'll go to Walmart, bend over and pretend to pick something up off the floor, and see if anyone smacks my bum. Come to think of it, I might have better luck if I try it at the local Irish pub.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013


Sometimes I wonder about Ron's priorities.

Take last weekend, for instance. I was bent over the bed and he was giving my bottom some very emphatic attention with a thick leather paddle. I was past the initial, ouchy stage and was settling in to enjoy the thuddy slap of leather on flesh.

All of a sudden it stopped. "Sonofabitch!" I heard Ron exclaim.

"What's the matter?" Was my bum turning a strange colour? Had the paddle broken? Was someone watching through the window?

"The other light's out." I looked up and saw that the bedside table lamp on Ron's side was off, while the one on my side was on. Let me give you a bit of background here. A week earlier, the bulb in my lamp burned out. Ron had taken the lamp apart in order to replace the bulb and had spent a good half hour trying to put it back together again. It was only after I came to his rescue that together we succeeded in reassembling the lamp.

"Never mind about that. We'll fix it later."

He then said some unprintable words, followed by "That makes me mad!" He illustrated his point with a rapid flurry of swats on my bare bottom. Then he tossed the paddle aside and headed over to the lamp.

"Well, I guess we're finished," I said to myself. As I rubbed my bottom Ron rushed past me and headed to the basement to get a new bulb. I had to rub soothing lotion on my own bottom and put the implements away.

I dressed, went downstairs and busied myself in the kitchen. A few minutes later Ron appeared and proudly announced that the crisis was over and the bulb had successfully been replaced.

"It didn't even take you an hour and a half this time. I'm impressed." This last remark earned me a couple of hard swats. It was the least he could do after so rudely interrupting our session.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Love Our Lurkers VIII

For the eighth year running, we spanking bloggers invite all our silent readers to come out of the shadows and leave a comment. Thanks to Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts, the spanko community has united in its efforts to encourage our shy lurkers to speak up.

All blogs have more visitors than commenters. Each and every one of us started out as a silent reader. We know you're out there, reading and enjoying, and maybe wishing you could be part of the fun. Today is your chance to take the plunge and leave a comment. You may remain anonymous if you wish, or give yourself a wacky screen name.

What should you say? "Hello" is fine. But here's an idea. I would welcome any and all suggestions on how to improve this blog. What features do you like best? Which ones do you like least? What would you like to see more (or less) of? What can I do to improve Hermione's Heart?

Don't be shy. No one's going to spank you (unless you want them to!)

Be sure to visit My Bottom Smarts to see who else is participating today.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

From the Top Shelf - Emily's Turn, Part 2

Here is the final part of the S.T. Rogers 'Victorian' trilogy. Last week, Emily began "doing the rounds" as her initiation into the household. Now the final test begins.

At ten minutes to three, Emily reported to the master's study. She rubbed her glowing bottom with one hand and knocked timidly on the door with the other. "Come in, Emily." She recognised the master's voice and he had used her name for the first time.

He was sitting behind his desk when she entered, reading one of his numerous ledgers and making notes therein. He looked up and noticed Emily standing by the door. "Come over here, girl - don't be shy."

Emily shuffled over to the desk, still rubbing her bottom and avoiding his eyes. Master Grimes told her to sit down and smiled gently when she did so, noting her discomfort as she rested her weight on her tender behind.

"I see you have visited Mrs Dickens and Mr Balfour," he said.

She raised her eyes momentarily and looked at his face. She thought she might swoon; his handsome face was creased into a wicked grin and there was a twinkle in his eye. She stared at her hands which were clasped in her lap.

"Do you enjoy working here, Emily?"

"Oh yes, sir," she replied, "very much."

"And do you want for anything?"

"No sir, I have everything I need." She found the courage to look him straight in the eyes. "This is the best job I've ever had. I hope my duties are performed in a satisfactory manner, sir?"

"Yes, Emily, I am very happy with your contribution to the household. I shall tell the rest of the staff so when they arrive shortly. You are exactly the type of girl we need here and the fact that you were willing to do the rounds today is a testament to your suitability. Now, you have only one test more to undertake. Are you willing to undergo this final hurdle?"

"Yes, sir. I hope I may please you in whatever duty I have to perform," Emily said firmly.

"That's the spirit," Master Grimes said enthusiastically and rose from his seat. "I want you to stand here," he said, indicating the middle of the floor.

Emily stood where she was told.

"Now I want you to bend forward and clasp your ankles. That shouldn't be difficult for a healthy nineteen-year-old girl, eh? And one as pretty as you."

Emily returned his smile and did as requested. She found the position somewhat awkward initially and had to adjust her stance several times in order to maintain her balance.

A knock at the door was followed by the entrance of Mrs Dickens and Mr Balfour. They exchanged pleasantries with the master for several minutes and then took their places at the side of the room. Master Grimes undid the buttons at the back of Emily's pantalettes and pulled apart the seams of the garment. He stroked the exposed cheeks of the girl's bottom and admired their angry red hue, complimenting the housekeeper and the butler on the thoroughness of their handiwork. He then went to his desk and took a short thin whippy cane from one of its drawers, brandishing the implement by its crooked handle and swishing it through the air several times with perfunctory coolness.

Susan knocked, entered and apologised for being late as the master approached Emily and stood directly behind her. He seemed unhappy with the position of her legs and ordered her to move her feet further apart which, with some difficulty, she managed to achieve.

"Well," he said eventually, "now that we are all present and Emily is in the correct position, I think we should get down to business."

Susan watched Emily closely as she awaited the kiss of the master's cane. She was reminded of herself when she first arrived at the Grimes household; a naive eighteen-year-old with a lot to learn about life. She was sure that Emily would cope as well as she had four years previously; she certainly had the right attitude to do so.

"This is a test of discipline, Emily," said the master, stroking the cane over the surface of her already reddened rump, "and I must ask you to be silent while punishment is administered. Any sound you make will detract from your performance of the test. Do you understand?"

"Yes, master," said Emily, apprehensively.

Without further ado, the master began to cane Emily's pretty bottom with firm, but not excessive, strokes; steadying her with his hand on the small of her back. Susan, Mrs Dickens and Mr Balfour looked on impassively.

To her credit, Emily did not utter a sound, even after about five minutes of punishment. The master paused and rested his arm.

"You are doing well, Emily," he said.

Emily was determined to please Master Grimes; she held her leather ankle-boots tightly and when he continued her chastisement, she remained silent - apart from the occasional muted gasp or groan.

"The final six strokes, " said the master. "I want you to count them out loud and clear."

Susan and the others had a perfect view of Emily's well-decorated bottom as he administered the final blows. Her fiery cheeks were delightfully framed by the parted seams of her frilly white pantalettes.

With a final righteous stroke of the cane, Emily's punishment ended and she was allowed to stand and rub her scorching bottom. Master Grimes turned to the others.

"You may leave us now. Emily has passed the final test with flying colours and she deserves to be soothed."

Susan gave Emily an encouraging smile as she left the study behind Mrs Dickens and Mr Balfour. At last Emily was alone with the young master. Her heart leapt when he put his arms around her and gave her a sympathetic cuddle, stroking her bare bottom with his free hand. She had often asked herself when it would be her turn. Now that time had come, and when the master produced a bottle of soothing oil, she hoped that her job in the Grimes household would develop into a long and satisfying career.

Sadly, that's all, folks.
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